i cried when she won


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Guys. I just watched a Eurovision documentary on BBC 4 cause it was straight after the semi-finals and literally me and my flatmates ended up watching the documentary as well. And honestly I have a whole new respect for eurovision because I never took it seriously because it’s all glittery and sparkles but I didn’t realise how eurovision has actually shaped society too. It was such an incredible watch. I never knew that Ireland actually won 4 consecutive times in a row :o and they had some pretty good entries man. Also finally realised what the UK are always so shit, it’s because we don’t care enough.

They were saying in the documentary that the UK kind off just became a novelty act that no one took seriously because UK never took themselves seriously. And it was amazing to see how true it is, the moment we actually start caring about it we might actually win. And more than that I was watching how the commentators were saying how it has a huge impact nationally, take for instance Conchita. Graham Norton said in the documentary how all the commentators were saying how they wish Conchita would win but they knew it was impossible because of how the world revolves. And one country actually said that they didn’t want to show Conchita’s entry song in their broadcast, and the Eurovision people were like ‘Nope, you either show it all, or you show nothing’. And when Conchita actually won, Graham Norton said something powerful, he said that when Conchita won it wasn’t because of the goverments or their heads, but it was because of all the individual normal civil people, the people who went to the groceries and went to get their nails done yesterday, the ones who played xbox. It was every individual human who voted for her because there is goodness in this world and it exist and its there. And Graham and all the commentators cried when she won. 

And I realised that Eurovision is fucking awesome. And yea it’s a show that’s cheesy and little cliche but it’s also a show that brings about change and unity and peace and for one whole week it brings all the countries together. 

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Zuko anon, I'm so sorry I'm back but I felt like you needed to know this. My girlfriend and I were watching the election and she cried when trump won, but the next morning she poked me awake (I guess she hadn't slept?) and she just whispered "fuck trump Alka should be president and Jody would be a rad VP." She might have been drunk I don't actually know because she had to go home to her parent's house for a birthday but ????

alka would make such a good president. her legendary salt and hey gayness would do great to the country. make universe c great again