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YES YES!!! magic I guess. wonderful. Alex doesn’t remember anything and has the mindset of a toddler too so when he first sees George when he’s a toddler he cries “PAPAAAAAAAA” AND GEORGE DIES BECAUSE HE CAN FINALLY CALL ALEX SON AND NOT GOT YELLED AT


after part 1 I a) am shook b) have fallen more in love with anto and Scorpius than I thought possible c) have cried about thirty times and d) love cursed child !!!n so much !!!

(p.s this is dress circle C seat 20 (premium aka £250 and it’s worth it !!! really worth it the view is immense everything is perfect couldn’t wish for better seats))

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Hamilton and Jefferson have each other's phone numbers (they only use it to insult each other tho). They work together, and during lunch break, Hamilton sent "happy birthday I left a cupcake on your desk don't ever bring this up or I will tell everyone you cried once when you dropped a bowl of macaroni" and blocked him for the rest of the day

a stupid hc thing for Michael Freaking MELL

• he! doesnt! drink! he’s the one friend thhhat drives everyone back home after all of them are drunk and when they wake up with a hangover he says “i told you so”
• he has to pull jeremy down to his height because he’s too TALL?
• he cries during a good song and i mean actual yeats he starts Sobbing
• he says yikes too much and everyone is confused by it
• he Refuses to talk about the squip ever ever he DOES NOT LIKE THE SQUIP HE DOES NOT LIKE THE SQUIP
• his vision is actually utter Shit so if some1 calls him a nerd because of his glasses, he’ll throw at them “well if you need me to blind i got you there”

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im so happy to know that touka and kaneki have repaired their friendship. of course it's not 100% comfortable, especially with the reveal of touka's feelings, but the fact that they'll act more comfortable and normal around each other from now and out is just so nice. and as much as i want peace, i am ready for kaneki to go batshit when whatevers going to happen to touka happens.

I’m soooooooo satisfied with their talk. I was scared that we might have a bridge 2.0 (Touka yelling, Kaneki not really hearing her words), but we have the opposite. I like how Touka made Kaneki see that all those feelings of “i’m afraid of losing you” are the same feelings she has right now, so both can understand each other because they’re sharing the same worry, they’re afraid of losing each other *cries* and I love that Kaneki understood that, and the fact that he asked her to come with him, it means that he understands that they can work together and protect each other TOGETHER, without leaving the other behind and make them feel excluded. 

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if i'm staying up all night to draw feels, then it's only natural for people to cry if they're awake to see 'em >B) i'm gonna go eat now. happy national TouKen day!


Please, provide us more great quality touken drawings
My heart were broken by it and i’m so grateful. Bless your beautiful and hardworking soul

I hope you had a delicious meal to compensate the amazing work you gave us


(actually, i have decided with myself that every day is touken day now hufgdyfuhijsdugfushdijfs)

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Hi! I just wanted to tell something really nice that happened to me, because I love you: Today I was talking with a friend and I told her that I'm bi, but my little brother heard me. When I called him to beg him not to tell our parents (yet), he just stared at me with a serious face and said: "Jimena, I am not treating you different just because you like girls like boys do. I understand it. Don't be afraid, I support you." I cried. He's 11. (Tbh, I didn't know he knew what a bi person was)


but honestly ahhh this is so cute and im so happy for you <333 children are honestly the best bc theyre so pure and im glad ur brother accepts you no matter what!! give him some reeses pieces he deserves it

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Lance comes into the kitchen with Lotor on the leash. ''I won him in a poker game'' \ Allura and Lance

OH MY GOD IM LAUGHING WAY TOO MUCH XD okay okay, this is too good to pass up holy shit-
Allura promptly spat out her tea when Lance walked into the kitchen the morning after the next Galran Moon Mall they had restocked at, toting a blown up balloon of Prince Lotor on a purple leash and collar. The merchandise had been everywhere in the mall since Zarkon was put out of commission, and it was quickly gaining popularity.
“Lance, what the quiznak is that?!?” The Princess cried, torn between shock, disbelief and possibly laughter. Lance shrugged. “I won him in a poker game. The guy would have probably slit my throat if I’d refused, so I figured having a pet balloon couldn’t hurt. Well, it’d hurt less than a slit neck.” He shuddered.
Allura raised an eyebrow. “And what do you intend to do with it, exactly?” She asked, sipping more tea. Lance grinned. “Make copies of it and use them all for target practice, of course.”
Allura smiled at him from the rim of her teacup. “Excellent idea, Lance. Save a few for me, I do believe my staff skills have gotten a little rusty over the years spent in that cryopod.”
Lance grinned. “Meet you at the training deck in 120 ticks!” He called as he jogged out of the room.
Allura chuckled and finished off her morning tea, ready to beat the shit out of some Ballotors on this fine space day.
Probably not what you were thinking, bit I like to know about a character before I attempt to write them :)
And imagine the rest of the team walking into the training deck to see purple balloon pieces scattered and burned all over the floor, floating Lotors getting shot down and stabbed by Lance and Allura :)
That, I would pay good money to watch.

Tagging game

I was tagged by @ravenheart-girl for this “Tag! You’re It!” game. Thank you! I was too lazy to type, so I recorded it. And I didn’t read the questions before. So… yeah… I probably should have…

Rules: there are no rules! at least not on this game! Just have fun! ;o)

These were the questions:

Who are you named after?
Last time you cried?
Do you like your handwriting?
What is your favorite cheese?
Longest relationship?
Bungee jumping or Sky diving?
What is your favorite kind of cereal?
Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Do you think you’re strong?
Favorite ice cream?
What is the first thing you notice about a person?
What color pants are you wearing?
Last thing you ate?
What are you listening to?
What is your favorite smell?
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Favorite food to eat?
Scary movies or happy endings?
Last movie you watched?
Favorite holiday?
Beer or Wine?
Night owl or morning person?
Favorite day of the week?

I tag (if you want to do that - typed or as an audio): @qbn-scholar@aboyningphotography, @tokarphoto, @woodsong, @jasonlowder

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What do you think yata was like as a baby? Or as a toddler?

I imagine baby!Yata as just being the cutest happiest sunshine child, like he was probably so chubby and smiling all the time (except that when he gets upset and cries he really cries, like his mom is already dreading the two year old tantrums this kid is going to have once he’s a little older). He was probably a really active baby too, like I could see Yata as one of those babies that as soon as he can crawl he’s scooting his little butt everywhere and checking out everything. His mom had to super babyproof the house because little Misaki was so curious and always trying to touch things or put things in his mouth or pull things out of the wall. Also I kinda imagine Yata’s mom had trouble getting him to fall asleep a lot, like it’s ten at night and baby Yata still wants to play, she has to sit in a rocking chair with him and hold him until he finally tires out and sleeps.

Toddler Yata was probably similar, like I’m sure he was always running around and climbing on things and just a big fan of exploring everything. That little bit we see of tiny Yata in his all characters story makes me think too that he probably had all these favorite toys that he loved to chat about to everyone he met, like look these are all my cars I have a red one and a blue one and this one with the flames is the best one. He would still have had his short temper though, I can see toddler Yata getting frustrated easily when things don’t go his way or when he feels he’s being ignored and he probably gets all red in the face. At first he maybe tends to break things too, like he gets angry at something and breaks one of his toys and then that makes him even more upset, which is when his mom takes him aside and teaches him that he shouldn’t break things or hit people because he’s mad. She can’t quite get his temper entirely under control though so there’s still a lot of crying and stomping of feet when Yata gets upset, but his mom also knows how to cheer him back up and then he’s all smiling and giggling and probably lots of hugs are involved.

I have this headcanon au that Mutsuki is a fallen angel, expulsed from the Garden of Eden due all of his sins, but he’s ashamed of that, so he wanders cold and creepy lands with his broken wings and he’s trying to find a home, until Satan (Furuta lmao) gives Urie (a demon) the order to go and kill Mutsuki, to punish him, but when Urie finds Mutsuki he realizes that Mutsuki isn’t thaaaat bad and he’s actually ashamed of his actions, and he falls in love with him and betrays Furuta and his orders in the name of love 

Cursed Child 23/04 thoughts !!!

This show is my third time seeing cursed child, second time in dress circle, second time premium tickets. Paid a ridiculous amount of money for the tickets (they were the £250 ones,,, I cried when the money left my bank account) buttttt the seats were amazing. Row C, aisle seats !!! amazing. Incredible. Best seats I’ve had so far.
Little run down of moments that made me smile:

Everything. He is a gem, a rare gem. This is the second time I’ve seen anto as Scorpius and (my first one was in August last year) he has changed COMPLETELY. He is so much more gentle and emotional, his voice is still squeaky and charismatic but he’s outgoing in a less obvious way. His movements and voice mean that whenever there is an exciting, funny moment- the audience appreciate it so much more. Everyone loved him today. He was so adorable ??? He kept wiping his nose, sniffing (I thought anto was sick but I’m pretty sure he was fine at stage door), fiddling with his hair. The library scene and staircase ballet ended me. I’m pretty sure he actually cried at the staircases. Therefore I cried. He was so sweet during the owlery scene. He and Sam kept bumping into each other during the show and in the owlery scene as Scorpius says “and wake up everyone at hog warts?” he just echoed “hogwarts warts warts warts” and everyone died. The whole yelling “help” moment was sweet as well. He ran across the stage and everyone lost it. He and Sam were also very sweet during a lot of the play. On the train anto knelt down and held onto sams leg, cute. In the church scene they side hugged and patted each other on their backs. Also as Albus reassured Harry he was fine, anto was sat on the floor and he shuffled over to gently squeeze Sam’s arm. Eeeeep! Special mention to the last scene- the two of them were soooo close, there was a nose boop, several pokes and it was adorable. He also repeatedly overexaggerated certain lines like “you can stand with me” as Albus got sorted into slytherin. I love anto, I can’t wait to see him in something new but I will miss him as my baby Scorpius.

Oh Sam. Sam is so under appreciated, today was a Sam day for me. I spent so much time just admiring Sam. He’s exceptional. His angst and emotion, facial expressions and movements destroy me. Even in the first few scenes as he sits on the trunk watching everyone stare he had me broken. His facial expressions…. gahhhhh!!!!! I told him several times today how exceptional he is and he’s responded to all of them so I’m glad he’s getting the love he deserves :’) he looked so sad during the ballet, as usual. And he and Jamie were on fire today during the arguments. Right up in each other’s faces, yelling and so overcome with emotion. He’s the kind of actor who doesn’t just learn what he has to do- he learns the lines but the lines become part of who his character is and it all feels so natural. He’s so talented. His interaction with poppy always makes me cry and his chemistry with anto,,, there would be no scorbus without Sam and it seems that people forget that sometimes. He is so talented and deserves love and acknowledgement of that. He was so incredible during the Delphi/Scorpius/Albus scenes. His face and voice when Scorpius was crucioed god I cried so hard. Sam always brings something new and fresh and I feel so honoured to have seen his Albus three times. He made Albus for me, he is Albus and I honestly appreciate his characterisation so much. Sam clemmett is an exceptionally talented actor and I will be front at the queue to purchase tickets to whatever he does next.

James Howard:
Have only ever seen Alex’s draco so this was a wonderful surprise to see James. And boyyyy he loved up to my expectation. Alex has a more humorous side, his lines have a hint of laughter and he makes draco funny while also sensitive. But James,,,,, god James took it to a different place. He took draco somewhere darker, someone trapped inside his own emotions. I felt the intensity whenever he was on stage. During the duel with harry, he sounded almost sinister on the “I want to hurt you” likes. It was immense. The office scene in part two with Scorpius,,, the way he speaks the line about Scorpius. I was so emotional during his delivery of the speech about Astoria. He built up all these sinister walls around draco and tore them all down in the really emotional moments. I am so glad he is taking over as draco because he is AMAZING. During the church scene he comforted Scorpius at the door, kept rubbing his shoulder asking if he was okay. I felt the malfoy love and he played dad!draco so well. During the next scene watching Lily and James die,,, he pulled anto into his side, comforted him with love while battling his own emotions. Breathtaking. Truly breathtaking. I’m honoured to have seen him perform.

As usual the rest of the cast were incredible. Noma always impresses, Paul was as funny as always. The polyjuice scene always brightens my day. Jamie was incredible. He was more emotional than I’ve ever seen him before. During fights and yelling and after the dreams he was so deep into Harry I had shivers down my spine. I also want to celebrate poppy because she is also lovely. I love her Ginny. She makes her the doting mother while retaining the independence and strength Ginny has had all her life. I also just want to appreciate her run- when she runs on and off stage it makes me happy. She has an adorable run. I wanted to tell her at stage door but it seemed like such a random thing to say to someone lmao.

The audience took a while to get into it today. There weren’t many laughs until the second interval of part 1. Which was a shame because the polyjuice potion scene didn’t get as much appreciation as it deserved. A lot of the funny lines also got overlooked (imo) but lord knows hannah was there laughing herself to tears at everything. By the end everyone was enthralled. Standing ovation, cheers and tears and happiness all around. The rightful response. This cast are immense. I love them. I love this play.


It’s funny how people get upset about the (hypothetical - I have yet to see proof that “lots of people” are actually doing this) possibility of someone wishing death to a FICTIONAL CHARACTER, but are completely okay with wishing death to actual real life people (shippers of ships they personally don’t agree with - and there is an abubdance of proof for that.) Some people seriously need to get their priorities sorted out.

Any hate directed at real life people is uncalled. I’ve had people wish me dead and I can tell you, I cried my eyes out. They didn’t even know me, yet wanted me dead for the silliest reason. I liked a different character more.
People place a lot of value on ficitional characters more so than humans. When America was voting for Same-sex marriage, some people made it all about Malec, not the people in America whose actual lives could be changed for the better now. 
It’s the downside of internet, we lose touch with real people and get attached to fictional people especially the ones that mean so much to us for their influence was great in our lives. 
But you should never ever send death threads or wishes to real people. And every account is run by a real person. 
Though if you strongly identify with Magnus for instance and someone wishes Magnus dead, I do understand how that can feel like a personal attack and that it hurts you.