i cried when i was there

Finally getting to watch Raw with my best friends and my heart is bursting lol. Finally the Seth and Dean moments I’ve been dying for. My dreams are coming true. Give me my Shield boys back together again. I don’t even care if Roman joins in this reunion because those two are my favorites from the Shield anyways tbh. Sorry not sorry, I’m ambrollins trash to the max.

Soft summer boys~ :3c

With Steve, I always viewed it that he probably had been in love before and he probably did have a lady, maybe even had a family, and lost that to this awful conflict. The thought of falling in love is so painful for him that he could not allow himself to do it. It had to be about a mission, it had to be God and country, but it could not be him and what he wanted. He’s got a mission that, up until the very last, is his driving force. Along the way he happens to fall madly in love with a goddess. And he just holds off and holds off and holds off until he can’t bear to let her go.
—  Chris Pine, on Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman: The Art And Making Of The Film

i still think about boysbe a lot