i cried when i was making this


I spent the entire day watching Q&As with steve blum then I felt like scribbling some jets at 4am it’s 5am now and I want the sweet release of death

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Just wanted to say your mermaid lance is actually beautiful and I love it so much :'^)

Anon:   You might be my new favorite klance artist     

Anon: i live for your mermaid aus :’) thank you            

Anon: hi!! i used to like you a bunch back in the good ol’ days when homestuck was still a thing ((like i think you answered one of my asks a while back and i literally fucking screamed i really liked your blog oops)) and now youre into voltron?? and i think thats super cool?? and you draw the characters really well and im alive??? youre a blessing thank u            

ur messages make me really happy I cri

thank you so much!!

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Can I just say this?? Oikawa is literally 6 feet tall and built like a monster (it's stated in both the manga and anime I'm pretty sure) and I just !!!! I hate it when I see him brought down to this whiney, feminized baby? I'm not saying feminine boys are bad, or anything of the sort at all. I know that fans also have their own headcanons about the preferred gender or whatnot... but I'm? Please don't ignore what is canon. Oikawa is a pretty boy, yeah, but he's also an athletic monster???

YESSSSSSSS. I made a post on my personal blog little while back about how it irks me so much when people paint him as this big ol crybaby when Iwaizumi has literally cried in the anime/manga more times than he has. Sure, Oikawa is bratty, a bit flamboyant and a little whiny but he’s certainly not the baby/in love with only himself/delicate little flower that fanon makes him out to be.

Where’s that post about Oikawa being 6 feel tall with a serve that could rip your arms off because I love it ಥ‿ಥ

I swear, I will protect you
that’s the one thought that crosses my mind when our eyes meet
because you have already been so harmed by the universe

and though you think your cries at night are whispers
to me, they are screams, drowning out everything in my mind

I wish I could kill the monsters that plague you with my bare hands 
I wish I could hold you, kiss your lips and stain the sheets with blood
I wish you could see how much of my heart you own

you ignite an inferno inside my soul, where the center is your name
and, my darling, I swear I’ll make the stars chart our story

—  It’s What You Deserve by Abby S

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Do you happen to know which episodes of avengers Assemble tony and steve shout out each other's names? I know cap does it a lot but are there episodes where tony shouts out? Or just in general being protective of each other. I'm trying to find the episodes for an edit I'm making and you know a lot about the show so I was hoping you might know a few episodes where they're being extra. Thank you!

*rubs hands together gleefully* buckle in kids, this list’s got ALL the receipts 

1. in which tony rushes to save steve’s life, cries out in agony when he fails, and reunites the team just to avenge him (1.1: “The Avengers Protocol)

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When I Needed You Most | BTS’s Rap Monster Imagine

and … i’m back to angst honhonhon

trigger warning: death of loved ones


Y/n, you have to come quick! Please!” Your best friend cried through the phone.

“What, what, what?” You ask in confusion as to why she was panicking. You put down the knife that you were using to make your lunch for when you go to work to focus your attention on her. You grab the phone from between your shoulder and ear. “Why, what happened?” 

Your parents,” She tells you, “They got into a car accident.” 

Your eyes widened at the news. Your legs suddenly grew weak as your hands started shaking. “Oh my goodness,” You mumble, stumbling your way into your room. “Alright, okay. The closest day I can be there is next week. I’ll tell my boss about the situation and I’ll apply for a league of absence and I’ll tell Namjoon and I’ll book a flight and I’ll pack up and—” You started rambling but you were able to stop yourself and take a deep breath. “How are they?” You forced yourself to ask.

It’s really bad, Y/n.” She sobs. “According to witnesses, the car flipped over twice and then they rammed into a tree. They’re in the hospital & they’re still unconscious but when I saw them, the injuries looked real bad.” She informs you. “Y/n, I’m so sorry.”

“Listen, give me three days. I’ll be there in three days. I’m sure my boss’ll understand and Namjoon’ll be there to help us and I’m sure every thing will end up okay, alright?” You reassured her, though you were really saying it to reassure yourself.

Your best friend was nodding even though you guys were on the phone. When she didn’t say anything in response, you took it as compliance and said, “Alright, I’ll see you soon. Text me if there’s any updates.” With that, you hung up. 

The first thing you did was open up your laptop and search up flights back to your hometown. You bit your lip as you scrolled and clicked to find a flight in three days time, but the more you focused, the more your vision clouded with tears. Then your breathing became short and heavy, and your heart started beating against your chest, and you were having a panic attack. You reached for your phone to call Namjoon, maybe he can help calm you down, but for some reason, the call went straight to voicemail. You put your hand over your heart and steadied your breathing as you slowly made your way back into the kitchen to get a cup of water. You then sat down on the floor with your back pressed against the wall to rest yourself and try to get yourself back to normal.

You calmed down for the meantime, and you resumed on getting back to work. You put away your lunch for today for you had lost your appetite. Before you left the apartment, you closed your laptop to save until later. When you went to talk to your boss in private, you tried to be professional and try to keep a straight face while informing him about your situation & requesting a leave, but before you could even manage a full sentence to him, you broke down crying which made your boss feel sympathy for you. He tells you that you can start your league of absence tomorrow and to take as much time as you need to take care of your parents. 

When you returned home from work that night, you tried calling your boyfriend again, but much to your dismay, there was no answer, not even a ring. Fatigue washed over you from the emotional roller coaster you just got off of this whole day. After taking a long, warm, and quiet shower, you changed into something comfortable and just collapsed on the bed. You wanted to sleep, to have this day end already, but tears couldn’t help escape your eyes. 

Later on, late that night, Namjoon comes home exhausted too. He takes a shower, changes into comfortable clothes, lays down next to you, and falls asleep, not noticing the pile of used tissues in the trash can beside the bed from your tears.

When you woke up, Namjoon already left to the studio, which made you quite sad because you still weren’t able to tell him about what’s going on with your family right now. You called him the second your eyes opened, but once again, the call went straight to voicemail. You sighed as you continued on your day. You didn’t have work now, so you went back on your laptop to search for available flights. Now it’s the afternoon and the only sound that could be heard from your apartment is the light clickings coming from your keyboard. Suddenly, your phone rings, and you were a bit surprised by how loud it was. You guess that you were too deep in concentration. When you check who’s calling, you answered immediately, unsure of what to expect from this conversation.

You have to come now, Y/n,” Your best friend said once you picked up.

“Did something happen?” You ask, your heart growing heavy and the blood in your veins turning numb.

Your father,” She starts off, “He’s dead.”

“What?” You barely even whisper, tears flooding up your eyes.

He went into a seizure and flatlined on the spot.” She tells you in a careful voice, fearing that if she were any more louder, then she would literally hear the sound of your heart breaking. 

Immediately, your tears built up in your eyes, your breath hitched in your throat, and a heaviness took over your shoulders. You didn’t even respond to your best friend; you just hung up. You bought the closest available airplane tickets back home & started stuffing clothes into your bag. During the process, you tried phoning Namjoon over and over again, but he never answered. Fed up with his absence & ignorance, you leave the apartment and off to the airport without looking back. 

After checking in your luggages at the airport, you cried your eyes out while waiting to board your plane. The reality of your father no longer being able to be in your life anymore suddenly hit you and you just couldn’t stop mourning over him. You didn’t care about the stares that the public was giving you, and the person checking your ticket before entering the plane didn’t say a word to you. You were on that plane for a long time, and all you did was sob the whole time. Namjoon, on the other hand, didn’t come home that night. 

Once you got off the plane and collected you luggages, you called your best friend to pick you up. The car ride to the hospital was silent, and you hated it. The first thing you did when you made it to the hospital was ask to see your father’s corpse. You had made arrangements to plan your father’s funeral and take responsibility of his will. When you asked to see your mother, though, the nurses wouldn’t let you through. According to the doctor, while your best friend was picking you up, your mother had a seizure and had to be put in the ICU. She is currently undergoing tests to find out the cause of the seizure.

The devastation that her heart was pumping through her veins gave her a little hair of hope to try and call Namjoon again, believing that this time, he would answer. Guilt washed over you and mixed in with the feeling you currently have about your mother’s situation because of how your left your boyfriend without leaving any explanation, but when he didn’t answer the phone again, that guilt was taken over with anger. You then decided to just focus on your mother and deal with him later. 

When the doctors finally let you see your mother, they inform you that she is currently in a coma, and that the test results came out saying her organs are starting to fail, so if she does end up living (and the chances are very slim), then she would have to receive surgery to replace those organs. Since she’s in a coma, you figured, like in most situations, that she can still hear you speak to her. The minute you stepped into her room, you brought a seat beside her body, held her hand, and sobbed out to her everything you’ve been wanting to say to her. 

Eventually, you fell asleep on that chair, still holding your mother’s hand. A little bit later, your best friend comes in and checks on you. She takes notice of a muffled vibration in the room and her first instinct is to check your bag. She finds that your phone has been ringing, the caller ID being ‘Joonie’. She recognizes the name to be your boyfriend so she answers it.

Y/n, please don’t tell me you left me because I wouldn’t answer your calls.” He says right after she answers. “Look, I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to be a proper couple lately but on the bright side, I’ve finished writing comeback last night! The boys and I had a little celebration afterwards at Jin-hyung’s place and I ended up crashing there, which was why I wasn’t home last night.” He explains himself.

“… I’m guessing you don’t know, then.” Y/best friend’s/name talked.

Y/n? This doesn’t sound like you? Who’s this?” Namjoon asks. 

“This is Y/best friend’s/name. Y/n’s childhood bestie. And you’re Joonie, her boyfriend.” She replies. “Lemme ask you, how many times has Y/n called you?” 

Um. 18 times. Why?” He answers but then questions in confusion.

Your best friend scoffs at your boyfriend, “And this is you first time calling her back? What the hell happened to your phone?”

Ah,” He gets a bit embarrassed, “I’ve had my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ for the last few days. I just turned if off today and called Y/n.” 

“Wow,” Your best friend rolls her eyes even though he can’t see it, “What a great boyfriend you are.” 

Namjoon ignores her comment and says, “Wait a minute, don’t know about what? Where’s Y/n?” 

“She took a flight back home,” Your best friend bit her lip at the sight of you looking so miserable. “Her parents were involved in a car accident a couple days ago. She meant to take a flight back here in a few days, after she told her boss and you what happened, but just yesterday, her father died, so she hopped on the next flight and came to her mother’s side.” 

Oh my god,” He whispers. “I’m coming over there too. Text me your number through Y/n’s phone and I’ll call you when I land to pick me up.” With that, he hangs up.

When you’ve awoken, you find that Y/best friend’s/name was gone, and you assume that she went back home to freshen up. You, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about taking care of yourself when your mother was unconscious in front of you. All you were doing right now was just staring at your mother’s body, how her body has been pricked on with needles connected to tubes that connected to machinery. “Y/n, sweetheart?” Your best friend pokes her head through the door of your mother’s room, the sound of her voice knocked you out of your trance and you looked over at her, not saying a word. “Someone’s here for you.”

Namjoon then walks in, and he expected you to run up to him and cry in his arms, but you just stare at him and then resume looking at your mother. He frowns as he pulls up a chair on the opposite side of your mother so that he can look at you. “Y/n? Baby?” He calls to you cautiously. 

“I called you about 20 times. Why didn’t you answer?” You ask him in a monotonous way.

“I had my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’…” He responds.

“For the past, like 5 days?” You pressed further.

“Um… Kind of, yeah.” He says shamefully.

“How’d you find out I was here?” You ask next.

“I called your phone last night but Y/best friend’s/name answered. She explained to me what was going on and I immediately took the next flight here and had her pick me up.” He informs you.

“Hmm.” Was all you could say to that. “I’m sorry, Y/n.” He says, taking a look at you. Your physical state made it obvious that you were feeling terrible, but he sees your pain the most in your eyes. 

“For what? Not answering any of my calls? Not bothering to bid me a hello when you arrive home from work & a goodbye when you leave? That you had to find out through my best friend about my situation instead of me? That my father died? That you couldn’t be there when I needed you most?” You respond nonchalantly. 

Namjoon was about to say something but you were quick to say something first. “Don’t even bother trying to defend yourself and make excuses. Please, just leave.” You close your eyes as you feel tears starting to build up again. 

He knows you’re going through a hard time right now, so instead of continuing the conversation, he gets up and leaves. But as he was about to step out of the room, your mother’s heart monitor starts beeping rapidly, and you stand up in concern. Namjoon calls out for a doctor and you start crying out of fear of the worst. Nurses usher you out of the room and you stayed at the door, looking through the small window that the door provides to see what the doctors & nurses were doing to your mother. 

Your heart drops when you hear the heart monitor flatline. 

Your eyes were wide as you watch the doctors & nurses look at each other before announcing something and then putting the bed sheet over your mother’s face. Warm tears were already streaming down your face as the doctor comes out to you and informs you that your mother has passed away. The remaining nurses leave the room for you to have a moment with your mother’s corpse, but you dropped to your knees. Suddenly, a pair of hands engulf you in a hug and you can tell through your blurry peripheral vision that it’s Namjoon holding you. You hold onto him too, and sob into his arms.



i’ve made a side blog purely for bts because it’s a mess having a personal, fivesauce, and bangtan tumblr all in one. if you want to scroll through my previous works without going through any non-bts related posts, then i suggest heading over to beyond-the-scene-what 

anyways, thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed this imagine as much as i did writing this

stay true & be you bc you’re fab af

~ kay


bts masterlist


70 Abbott Ave

feed me the eggshells I used to walk on
to make sure grampa didn’t get mad,
so his drunken screams didn’t wake
my grandmother and i up.
so he wouldn’t punch holes in the walls.
feed me the lullabies my mom would
hum to me over the prison phone
when I was 6, and then when I was 8.
(I still cried into my pillow)
feed me the lies all over again that I will
grow from this pain. That I will heal,
that we go through horrible things for
a reason.
because I’m 20 and still
I am grieving the loss of myself.
feed me the lilacs
from my grandmothers garden,
the only beautiful thing from this mess.
I want to taste my childhood one last time,
before my shaky body leaves.

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What's something that gets Jethro excited besides killing?

Jetho: “It’s not so much the killing, but the dying that really makes me feel alive. I experience life at it’s fullest when someone is scared, when their cries are muffled in agony, when they lose all hope and forget themselves for that moment. That’s the biggest adrenalin rush of all, and I feel it too along with them. It brings a great hightenging to their senses, and even to me. Their will to live is something I envy and want to feel from them.”

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what is your best memory on Tumblr? mine is when Jacksepticeye liked one of my posts on my third day of Tumblr (I legit cried I was so happy)

Awww that’s amazing! I don’t think I have one exact best memory but I would say every time I click with someone and make a new friend is probably the best part of Tumblr.

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You’re driving me wild, wild, wild
You’re driving me wild, wild, wild
You’re driving me wild
(Wild, wild, hey!)

Wild - Troye Sivan


maddie.santillan: Finally getting around to posting this!! Tb to when I had the honor of meeting Sean and Felix during the filming of scare pewdiepie! Unfortunately it’s cancelled so I can’t post videos but still I had an amazing experience helping out on set. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen it means a lot!!”


i’m scared! hold my hand, please? i’m scared. i’m scared… i’m scared!


✨ 🌸 mildliner inspired study playlists🌸 ✨

blue pack (cool)

  • mostly instrumental music for improved concentration
  • best for “chill” study sessions i.e. re-reading lessons, rewriting notes, making annotations, flashcards etc
  • of cool breeze floating gently into the room, causing the edges of curtains to flutter. you look up from your notebook and notice how quiet the world is, how clean your desk is. books are neatly stacked in a corner; the vase has fresh daisies in it. you can hear your soft breathing in the silence.
  • everything is so calm, and yet you’re crying.

pink pack (neon)

  • for when you have something due at 7am and it’s already 4am but you’re just 50% done RIP
  • no really why did you procrastinate???!
  • gotta have some power POP instead of power NAP
  • “I swear I will never do this again!!!”

yellow (warm)

  • nothing really matters in life anymore; you’re just numb™
  • but you still have to study because people expect so much of you; you expect so much of you
  • this is sitting in a room feeling tired and lonely, pale sunset light surrounding you. this is thinking you’re too old for your body; that everything good has already happened.
  • this is flipping absentmindedly through textbook pages, re-reading every sentence twice because your mind is elsewhere.
  • and maybe this is about remembering something to live for, even if it’s that one friend, that one tv show