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post s4 finale fic rec

in order to get through this eight month hiatus, i’ve compiled a list of awesome post finale bellarke fics. word counts are included (unless they’re works in progress, and in that case they’re labeled wip and will be changed when complete), and any warnings that the author provides i also do. this will be updated continuously throughout the hiatus (hence the read more), so make sure to check back under the cut here every once in a while. if you find or write one that’s not on here, pm me and i’ll make sure to put it on the rec list.

happy hiatus!

So Much Closer by apanoplyofsong

There are three types of reunions for Bellamy and Clarke. — wc: 1669

the second hand unwinds by HawthorneWhisperer

A ‘what if the radio worked?’ fic (warning: depression/suicide mention)  — wc: 7803

tender is the night by twilightstargazer

a five year separation and everything that comes with it.  — wc: 7458

And It’s Like No Time Has Passed by Kacka

Bellamy is back on the ground, and he’s just how Clarke remembers him, if a little more grown up. — wc: 2769

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Thank you!!!

This has happened! Thank you so much for being here and supporting my writing and/or sharing my love for Haikyuu!! I loved taking drabble prompts when this blog hit 500 followers, but since I’m really trying to focus on my works in progress right now so I can FINISH them and share them with you, I thought I’d do something a little simpler this time! 

Send me a ship and a number (you can choose more than one number if you’d like), and I’ll ramble about these boys for you! 

My preferred pairings are DaiSuga, AsaNoya, IwaOi, KuroDai, and KuroKen…but I’m open to different combinations of these characters (AsaSuga or AsaDai? OiKuroo? Bring it). So go ahead and ask me who…

  1. Made the first move
  2. Hogs the blankets
  3. Gets up first in the morning
  4. Makes sure the other eats breakfast
  5. Cries at movies
  6. Suggests new things in bed
  7. Takes care of the other when they’re sick
  8. Gets jealous easiest
  9. Insists on couples costumes
  10. Kills/deals with bugs
  11. Gets more excited about holidays
  12. Is the most competitive while playing games
  13. Does the grocery shopping
  14. Sings louder in the car
  15. Laughs when the other trips
  16. Suggests they get a pet
  17. Brings up having kids first
  18. Is the lighter sleeper
  19. Is the bigger cuddler
  20. Is the biggest sap
Babies (Twice)

Pairing: Reader x All the members

Genre: fluff (?)

Note: I tried to include all the members but i think it got a little confuse in some parts??? Idk, this was crazy to write. Anyway, thank you so much for requesting it and im sorry it took literally an year to be done. Hope you like it. x.

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“No no, Nayeon unnie! You can’t go there!” Chaeyoung ran and carefully pulled Nayeon away from falling down a staircase. Her screams scared baby Nayeon and made her start crying. A loud cry. The most Chaeyoung tried to make her stop crying the most she cried.

When Chaeng finally calmed Nayeon down, and she was ready to put her to sleep, Nayeon started crying again. Chaeyoung quickly got Nayeon on her arms again and the cry stopped. Chaeng tried to put her in the bed again and she same thing happened. Chaeyoung sighed and looked at Nayeon that now was quiet in her arms.

“Well I guess I’ll have to carry you around then.”

So, Chaeyoung took Nayeon and started to walk around the dorm to check if someone could explain to her why Nayeon wasn’t her Unnie anymore. As she was walking through the hallways, she saw that the door for Momo’s room was open. She walked inside the room and the first thing she saw was a baby version of Momo sleeping.

“God, have everyone turned into babies?”

She walked closer to the bed and covered Momo’s little body with a blanket. When she was about to exit the room she saw Mina happily crawling after her.

“Mina Unnie… I can’t leave you by yourself.” She looked at Nayeon in her arms and looked back at Mina, sitting on floor staring at her. “I can carry two babies.”

She passed Nayeon to one arm and took Mina off the floor with the other one. Now she was taking care of two babies at the same time and damn, they are heavy.

While she was walking back to her room, she could hear high-pitched screams coming from down the hall. She followed the little screams, which were leading to the living room, and saw Tzuyu with Sana, Dahyun, Jungyeon and Jihyo. The taller girl still had her pajamas on and her hair was a mess. It seemed like there were babies everywhere. She looked lost. It would be funny if it weren’t almost tragic.

“Tzuyu!” She called and Tzuyu looked at her, which looked to be so relieved to see Chaeyoung. “Are we the only ones who haven’t turned into babies?”

“I think so.” Tzuyu looked happy to see Chaeng, it seemed like it’s been years since they saw each other. “What are we gonna do?

“I don’t know… call Y/n? Maybe she can help.”


After calling you literally 500 times, Chaeng and Tzuyu couldn’t feel more relieved at hearing you calling them at the door.

 “Y/n ah! Finally, we were about to call you again.” Chaeyoung opened the door for you and it was there; Tzuyu surrounded by all seven members, all turned into babies.

 “Jesus, you weren’t lying at all.”

 “So what do you think we should do? We were trying to put them to sleep for almost an hour but they won’t.” Tzuyu said putting Sana on the floor to sit with the others. Now they were all sitting on the floor, in line. 

“What happened?”

“We don’t know, we just woke up and they were like this.” Once again, you looked at all of those babies, that now were staring at you.

 All of sudden, while you were trying to think about a possible explanation to what happened, a really weird smell started to come up.

 “Uh, I think one of them needs to have their diapers changed.” Tzuyu said looking at Twice baby ver. You and Chaeyoung had just stared at each other. “What? No no, I’m not going to change them. Chaeyoung?

 “I won’t” Chaeyoung said and they’ve both looked at you. “Y/n”

 “No, not me. I’m-“ They looked at you with an almost pleading look and you couldn’t say no to them. These little demons. “Fine. Where’s the bathroom?“

 “There” Tzuyu pointed out and you painfully started walking with the stinky little member on your arms.

 “How do I change diapers?” The look on your face were hilarious, Tzuyu couldn’t hold back her laughter.

 “We have no idea.” Chaeyoung joined Tzuyu and now both of them are laughing of you. You turned around and started to walk to the bathroom again. You’re going to be mocked about this for, basically, the rest of your life.

 “Oh dear god.”

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badboy!jungkook 👀 what's the cutest thing you've done to make your girl happy?

Jungkook, sitting up in his seat: I’m so glad.

Y/n: please don’t get him started

Jungkook: I’m a good boyfriend, yeah? Really fucking good like I do all that tumblr shit with the string lights and even ask my mom to make picnic baskets and shit.

Y/n: AND I LOVED IT!!!!!!

Jungkook: you know I even bought her one of those big ass ikea bears do you know how embarrassing that shit was hauling up the stairs—ten fucking flights of stairs.

Y/n: I didn’t ask for the bear Jungkook—

Jungkook: do you think she cried any of the times I did that shit? Noooooo. You know when she cried? When I dropped her a fucking box of tampons to her job. Can you imagine? She’s a secretary at a doctors office. I stood in the waiting room trying to get her to shut up and everyone was glaring at me like I fucking killed her puppy because she just couldn’t stop crying.

Y/n: I said I was SORRY!

Send my muse “👀 + a question” and they’ll have to answer with 100% honesty.

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Hey! Can you do some Tomco fluff with the HTTYD plot with Marco as Hiccup and Half Dragon!Tom as Toothless? :D -Bunny Anon

Sure I can!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you like the story! I tried really hard and I loved making it! Enjoy!

This seemed like it was going to be long, so I split it up. Let me know when you want or if you want it continued!

“Get inside, Marco!”

“Move out of the way, Marco!”

“Stop messing everything up, Marco!”

Marco was shoved to the side by the other viking kids and watched them run off with their axes and battle cries. A dragon raid was common in Berk, everyone would wield their weapon to help fight off the monsters.

Everyone except Marco.

“I can help too…” Marco muttered. He watched the other vikings yell and throw their weapons. Marco made his way into the shed to continue sharpening weapons for the real vikings to use. He looked out and saw Star and Janna take down two Zipplebacks each, both using one throw. They were real warriors. And Marco was just the safe-kid who put rubber tops on the swords. They’re so sharp! People can get hurt!

“Sharpen this sword.” Heckapoo threw a sword at the small viking. Marco nodded and began to sharpen it on the large rock. “I was afraid the dragons had carried you off.” She heckled. Marco shook his head.

“Me? Oh now, they wouldn’t know what to do with all…. This.” Marco gestured to himself and Heckapoo raised her eyebrow.

“They need toothpicks, don’t they?” She asked. Marco scowled and she laughed and laughed. “Man the fort, they need me out there.” Heckapoo told him.

“Wait! Let me go too!” Marco cried, jumping up.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no.” Heckapoo shoved him back down. “I don’t need you carried off again. Last time I had to slaughter two dragons just to save you.” She grumbled. “You stay in here, and STAY INSIDE!” Heckapoo demanded. Marco huffed and she ran out of the shed. As soon as she was out of sight though, Marco grabbed his tiny axe and darted out.

“I’ll show them, I’ll show all of them. I can be just as good too!” Marco told himself as he made his way up the hill. And to prove it he would go after the biggest prize of all.

The night fury.

It was a tiny dragon, so small it almost seemed to be humanoid. It was lightning fast and zipped over the village like terror. It never stole food, never landed, and never missed. It would shoot down it’s horrific fiery blaze and destroy an entire herd of livestock. Nobody had ever seen one in the flesh and lived to tell the tale. And Marco was going to be the first.

He made his way to the top of the hill with the catapult he had set up last raid. He attached his axe and waited. “Come on give me something to shoot at…” Marco begged quietly. Everything was still in the sky, until a lightning blue lit up and zapped the watch tower. Without any further hesitation Marco set off the catapult and the axe flung into the sky. There was a pained animal-like cry and a dark figure spiraled out of the sky.

“I hit it… I HIT IT!!!!” Marco jumped up and down. “Did anybody else see that?” he asked, whirling around. Only to be face to face with a monstrous nightmare. “Well… anyone except you.” He added, before darting off screaming.

Star looked up and groaned when she saw Marco running in terror. She grabbed her sword and ran over to him, she jumped between him and the dragon and fought it off. It flew away injured and Star scowled, angry it got away. She whipped around and grabbed Marco’s arm. “What were you thinking!?” Star exclaimed.

“I hit a Night Fury!” Marco interrupted.

“Not this again.” Star sighed. “Marco, remember last time? You hit a racoon. And the time before that? A tree. And one time you hit old man Sven.” She motioned to the old man who still had a scar on his head.

“This isn’t like those times!” Marco insisted. “I really actually hit it! It fell off over by the creek!” He insisted. “I can find it! I promise I can!” He promised.

“Marco, this always happens! And then everyone gets mad at you!” Star reminded. “I don’t want you to have to go through that again. Just let it go and we’ll go inside, pretend it never happened.” She tried to protect her friend from the chief’s wrath but Marco shook his head.

“No, Star! I saw it go down! I can do it!” Marco assured. “I’m going to go out and look for it. Cover for me until I get back? Please? Don’t let people know where I went or they;ll try and stop me, thinking I only messed up again.” he grumbled. Star sighed.

“Me and Janna will cover for you as long as we can.” She promised. Marco grinned and ran off to go search the woods. But before he left Star grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Do NOT make me regret doing this for you!” Star warned him. Marco nodded and gave a thumbs up, before running off into the woods.

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Your art style is absolutely beautiful, I just wanted to pop in and tell you that! It gives someone such a warm feeling when they look at it, especially with the vibrancy of your colours. I hope you have a great day/night/evening/noon! x.

       You really think so! Oh my, thank you so much!
I love when I get feedback like this—makes me feel like I’m taking a good direction! I’m enjoying the color palettes I’m working with right now! They’re so much fun to play with, I’m glad it catches your fancy too! Come back anytime, okay!? I hope you have a good rest of your week!

10 Facts About Myself

Post your last selfie along with 10 facts about yourself. 

Tagged by @shiroiihime and @the-chois-is-yours!

1. I’m really not a selfie person so the best I can post is this selfie with my sister <3 I’m the human on the left.

2. My name is Shermaine! My friends usually call me Sherms, and the meaner ones call me Sherms Germs. T_T

3. My MBTI personality type is INFJ – INFJs make up 1% of the world’s population apparently lol. I’m a rare human. :P

4. C H R I S T I A N

5. Music is the love of my life. I’m almost constantly listening to music, and even when I can’t listen to it on my phone or laptop, a song is always playing in my head.

6. I have never cried from reading anything before. Not even webtoons. The closest I came to crying was “Orange Marmalade”, and I sat on my bed for a full minute trying to squeeze that darn tear out but it wouldn’t come. :) 

(My friend has dubbed me ‘heartless’ for that ever since.) 

7. Been in choir for the last six years, and I was the assistant student conductor hehe. ✌️

8. I speak English, Chinese and very very minimal Japanese.

9. I’m an angry crier. Which is pretty shit because crying in the middle of an argument is the most annoying thing ever.

10. Figure skating fan!! 

Tagging @lilydally because I don’t know who else to tag XD Don’t have to post a selfie if you don’t want to though <3 But I’d love to know 10 facts about you! ^^ 

When I’m alone, my mind takes a drive
Through chocolate religion and spirits alive
All I was brought up in this world 2 know
Is lost when a demon swallows them whole

There’s others here with us
There’s others here with us, I know

It’s strange how your mind works when Love is in power
One learns 2 care and appreciate a flower
What makes others want 2 change your mind?
All the things I’ve seen, life is so sublime


7-month-old baby died in her sleep
The parents went crazy and cried 4 a week
They swore they heard her laugh in the crib by the wall
They’re convinced she’s with us if she’s anything at all

There’s others here with us
There’s others here with us, I know (I know)

Bobby had an uncle who took a string
And wrapped his neck around it, a pitiful thing
If only we can turn back the hands of time
Except there’s others here with us, life is sublime

There’s others here with us
There’s others here with us, I know (I know)

All the things I’ve seen


Forgot about this one for the dark Prince song question….from 1985.

Made with SoundCloud

Everyone go home I’ve made the Best Character

Her name is Poky and she is always mad and works as a shitty superhero bc her nose is her super power (she can make it grow lol) and she’s always down to fight and also she is hella gay

Anyways this is silly but I love her feel free to inquire abt her lol 😂

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In PR, are you gonna change the wins? Since Viktor is on, if he gets gold in China, Phichit won't make it to finals so he would have to won stuff in America, but that means also changing who won there. Well, thank you for the hardwork as always! It was a really heart warming chapter ^^ I nearly cried when Makka kisses Maya. I can't handle it. Too cute.

Yes, the wins at China and America will be adjusted to accommodate Viktor’s unstoppable Force 😂


i’m scared! hold my hand, please? i’m scared. i’m scared… i’m scared!

You’re driving me wild, wild, wild
You’re driving me wild, wild, wild
You’re driving me wild
(Wild, wild, hey!)

Wild - Troye Sivan


Another humans are weird/space orcs idea that came to me while trying to drink water upside down:

Humans are apex predators. We’re unbreakable and relentless and legion and lethal. Nothing gets to us- except us.

It’s the stupidest little things that can stop up a human.

Many aliens have theorized about this. Perhaps with no natural enemies, the species tried to threaten them with themselves in a desperate search for some kind of challenge. Maybe it’s cosmic karma for being nigh unstoppable. Maybe they had transcended so much that the nuances of life were tiny and incomprehensible to them. Maybe it’s natural selection trying to thin the herd.

Whichever the cause, it’s a strange combination of disturbing and amusing to see a human be defeated by itself. It’s a little alarming to see the most resilient and powerful species in the universe be completely shut down with things that pale in comparison to their normal challenges.

Seeing a human function almost completely fully with several broken bones… but absolutely crippled and reduced to using one arm when faced with a large hangnail.

My dad broke his leg in a snowmobile accident in such a way that the bone was sticking out of his leg. He crawled a half mile in the snow to the nearest house to ask for help. But when he stubs his toe on the coffee table every few weeks, it’ll bring him to his knees.

I recently got a double conch piercing done- two massive needles shoved through the thickest cartilage in my ear, one right after the other. I’ve got 5 other piercings. None, not even the conch, hurt as much as getting a single hair yanked out of my head.

I see people eat some of the world’s hottest foods all laced with capsaicin which can kill things, and drink alcohol that’s literally poisonous, and break pen cases with their teeth. But a too cold slush drink? Unable to talk or move, head between the knees, for about two minutes, because brain freeze. Or, better yet, sometimes we literally choke on spit. Nearly asphyxiate. Because we regularly ‘swallow down the wrong hole’. 

Alien: Why did you say, last month, that your broken ribs and arm and massive blood loss was ‘fine’, but when you got a paper cut today, you cried for ten minutes and now still refuse to unwrap your wound? It is tiny in comparison to some things that you’ve faced without hesitation.

Human: Honestly it’s really stupid and I don’t really know, but I will swear up and down and until the day I die, a broken bone hurts way less than a paper cut.

Alien: But… no. It’s not worse. It… that doesn’t make sense.

Human: I know, right? But it’s true. 


hoseok birthday bonanza!

day 06 - dancing

A few more thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (yeah, I have a lot of them): while I totally get the rush of “galaxy’s best dad!/Yondu did nothing wrong in his life!” posts and fanart (I do! honestly! Michael Rooker did an amazing job) that’s just… not the story I think the movie is telling, or the story I really want it to be telling. James Gunn is at it too, what with him basically saying “Well, Peter wasn’t a great son either!” in that Q&A he did…

…Yondu was an absolutely abusive parent, yeah? He loved Peter a lot in his own equally-abused way, but he was. Peter even says it, when Yondu demands a prize for basic decency in the first movie “Normal people don’t even think about eating anybody else, let alone that person having to be grateful for it!” He doesn’t know Yondu was never planning to seriously hurt him, he just knows that he pretty much grew up under the constant threat of violence (no matter how ordinary that apparently seems to be for Ravagers.) There were presumably some nice moments every now and again, since Peter does have a clear, maybe rather begrudging affection for him, but yeah, the point: at the beginning of the Guardians films Yondu’s not even deserving of a World’s Okayest Dad mug, let alone a World’s Greatest Dad one.

But that’s why his storyline in GOTG2 is so satisfying, and hits all the tropes I love in a redemption arc, because it’s entirely about Yondu realising just how utterly, utterly he fucked up (with both Peter and the other kids he unwittingly delivered to their deaths) and setting out to try and make up for it, even if that means dying basically unmourned (as Stakar told him) and unloved. When he’s with the others on Ego’s planet, it’s obvious from his words to Rocket that he doesn’t intend to leave it at all, but rather stay and try to regain some remnants of his honour by helping to kill the thing that killed his adopted son’s siblings.

And I love the “[Ego] may have been your father but he wasn’t your daddy” line, I think everyone does, but those would have been terribly disappointing and selfish last words. I don’t think Yondu was talking about himself, it’s just a simple affirmation to make Peter feel better, what matters is the apology he makes afterwards. “I’m sorry I didn’t do none of it right, I was lucky you were my boy.” Not a plea for forgiveness, just a flat-out statement really: Peter deserved better than him. All he can do is die to keep Peter alive and hold his face when he cries and hope that that’s enough.

…..And that’s just, such a much more interesting story than “he was secretly good all along.”