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RFA + Saeran's reaction when making MC cry. Heheheheheheeheheh thanks bae

But what they do?  Imma generalize, I guess?  Like, they’re in the middle of arguing, and they said something bad.


  • Mm, whatcha saaaaay…!
  • Much guilt.  Such sorry.
  • Kicks his protective side into overdrive.  “Please, let me fix this!”
  • Will let you automatically win the argument if that’s what it takes to make you stop crying.


  • Mutual crying.  Snot, everywhere.  Not enough tissues on the planet.
  • Argument takes a back seat until the two of you calm down.


  • When you cry, she cries.
  • Neither of you might have even said anything bad; it’s just the fact that the two of you are in a heated argument, and you hate that.
  • You fix whatever issue you had whilst crying.


  • *robot voice* Why is this human leaking?
  • He realizes belatedly that he was a little too direct/blunt
  • This happens uncomfortably often, but more with his employees than with you, so he feels like he should know better.
  • Apologizes immediately, tries to soothe you before getting back to the argument at hand.


  • Reflexively gets a little hard-hearted, like, “YEAH, you heard what I said!”
  • Watches you cry for a moment before softening and trying to hug you “…ok, I take it back.”
  • He has a sadistic streak, and sometimes he loses his temper.  He’s working on it.


  • Doesn’t believe you, at first “Oh, yeah, sure, cry.  That’ll get you what you want!”
  • Feels horrible when he realizes that you’re sincere
  • Starts to put down himself, disparaging his own shortcomings in the hopes that it’ll make you feel better
    • you cry harder
  • Finally, pulls you into his arms, waiting for you to stop crying before apologizing
  • “…I’m still right, though.”
  • “You SUCK at this!”
  • “You knew that going in!”

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Jamilton 122? “I may despise you with the burning white hot intensity of a thousand suns, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” Your writing is really good omf

I may have slightly tweaked the prompt… I was already half-way done when I realized I got the quote wrong… sorry! enjoy anyway!!

Word Count: 610

Warnings: GUYS I’M SO PURE

Alexander woke up with tears on his face. He choked on his sobs, the dream still circling in his head. Hearing the cries, Thomas stirred. He rolled over to look at Alex, and his eyes widened when he saw the distress he was in.

“Oh, baby, come here,” Thomas said, wrapping an arm around Alex and pulling him into his chest. He felt tears soaking his t-shirt as he soothingly rubbed Alexander’s back in slow circles. Eventually the distraught man managed to calm down.

“Thank you,” he mumbled into Thomas’ chest.

“What happened?” Thomas asked, still holding Alex to him. He knew how fragile he could be, no matter how tough he acted.

“Bad dream,” Alexander muttered vaguely.


“No… I don’t really want to talk about it,” Alexander sighed. Thomas kissed his head.

They stayed in bed for a little while longer, but then decided to get going on their day. Thomas went off to work while Alexander stayed behind to write.

The whole day, Thomas was worrying about Alexander. What had the dream been about? It clearly troubled him, but why wouldn’t he want to share it with his boyfriend? He wondered if it was about himself. Needless to say, Thomas was anxious to get home from work that day and make sure that Alex was alright.

When he did finally arrive home, it was to find Alexander on the couch with his laptop resting on his stomach, tapping away at the keys. He looked over at the door when Thomas entered and shot him a small smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. Thomas felt his worry grow stronger, trying to suppress the sick feeling he had in the pit of his stomach.

“Dinner?” Thomas asked after walking over to Alex and placing a quick kiss on his head. His boyfriend nodded, so he set about preparing some dinner. He figured they could just have leftovers from the night before.

Normally Alex would come buzzing around the kitchen and try to start a debate while Thomas was making dinner, but he stayed where he was on the couch. Thomas tried not to worry. Tried being the operative word here.

Eventually, Alexander came in to set the table, and Thomas couldn’t take it anymore.

“What was your dream about, Alex?” he asked, more panic in his voice than he’d intended.


“Just… you’ve been acting really weird, and I want to know if it has something to do with the dream, or if I’m just crazy, but please… talk to me,” Thomas begged, walking forward and taking Alex’s hands in his own.

Alex looked down. “My dream was that… well…” he flushed.

Thomas cupped his cheek and placed a soft kiss on his lips. “You can tell me.”

“Well… it was that you still hated me! Like before… but… we were still dating, you just… hated me. You yelled at me and told me that you were just in it for the sex…”

Alexander was finding it difficult to speak. He thought it sounded silly coming out of his mouth, but in his head, it had felt so real. That Thomas had just used him and didn’t care about him at all.

I may have despised you with the burning white hot intensity of a thousand suns, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you,” Thomas said, pressing his forehead to Alex’s.

“You… love me?” Alex said, a little smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.

Thomas smiled. “I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone as much… my only love sprung from my only hate…”

“I love you too,” Alex grinned and they brought their lips together again.

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I would love to be ur friend too but I'm too nervous and I'm not interesting I'm sorry (I say sorry a lot too and people get annoyed with that)

Cries// don’t put yourself down, I’m sure you’re great. TT TT When it comes to being friends, you have to realize that the people involved are treated as equals. Only assholes, who aren’t actually your friends, will treat you as if they’re better than you. I’m honestly just a regular person haha so you don’t have to be afraid– just treat me normally, and I’ll do the same. I remember back then I had the tendency to constantly apologize, but I realized, what am I exactly apologizing for? I didn’t do anything wrong… it’s as if I’m apologizing for the way I am and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. If they don’t like me because of how I am then… oh well??? So uh ya keep that in mind. ^^;;;

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im a libra moon and i'm so connected to animals. my kitten died yesterday and i was crying so hard -- and i don't even remember when i last cried. i'm not a crier, honestly, but today i woke up and looked for her bc we used to sleep together and when realization hited me i was destroyed. i'm sorry i'm sending this i don't want to make u sad but my family doesn't understand how important she was for me and i don't like them seeing me sad so we haven't spoken about it

im so so sorry for your loss 💞

Oh my god.
I had a dream where they asked me to play piano at Trump’s inauguration and I said I would and I got booked for 30 minutes and all I did was play “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and then flipped him off and then I left and everyone had to just sit there for 25 minutes until my time slot was over and when I woke up I almost cried when I realized it didn’t actually happen.

Little ADHD class time things

~taking a sip of water every 5-10 seconds

~clicking your pen repeatedly until you realize you’re doing it

~doing that pen shaking thing with your fingers


~more doodling


~tuning in in the middle of a sentence

~wait what was the professor saying about this right before this very second when I started listening again

~staring at the teacher without hearing anything they’re saying

~looking everywhere but the teacher and comprehending everything they’re saying

~looking around the room wait did I just see something looks again oh wait no that was something else looks at clock when is this class over looks at teacher looks lOOKS


I want Yuuri to cry.

Hold it! Before you get to my throat, I’ll explain why:

The scene in ep 1 where Yuuri cries alone in the toilet really got to me….because I could relate to it so well. The way he behaved like an emotionless robot when he was outside with Celestino, the way he made the fake voice while talking to his mother on the phone, and the most heartbreaking of all was when he cried…

Here are the things which struck me the most :

1) Yuuri’s own mother didn’t realize exactly how upset Yuuri was……this leads me to believe Yuuri never allows himself to cry even in front of his closest family and friends….Sure he whines when teased by others or cries when he gets physically hurt, but actual full blown crying just to let out his feelings? I don’t think he’s ever done that

2)Yuuri was trying to hold back his voice……as far as Yuuri knew, there was no one in the washroom, he could have been louder if he wanted to…but the way he choked back on his voice makes me feel this isn’t the first time he has cried like this….silently, so that no one knows. How many times must he have cried into his pillow? Just to muffle his voice and hide his tears?

Yuuri has subconsciously conditioned himself that crying in front of others is wrong, showing his vulnerability, even when with his own family , is wrong…….and now, even if he wants to cry his heart out to someone…….he won’t…no, he can’t
He just can’t bring himself to do it….

And I’m saying all this as a person who goes through the same thing……I’m starting to open up…..just a bit, enough to trust two friends to not look at me weirdly when I have a silent cry……but to this day I haven’t found someone I can trust myself to simply bawl my heart out to without being judged or being told ‘don’t be such a crybaby’ or ‘don’t cry over something so silly’

So just once….just once, I want Yuuri to cry.

I want him to stop holding up that dam he has built up over these years and just let his emotions out. And it doesn’t have to be over something great like losing a tournament……. it can be something as stupid as falling on the ice exhausted…..when he’s just practising, alone in the Hasetsu castle’s ice rink…

And when the dam does burst, I want Viktor to be there for Yuuri.

I want Yuuri to be able to break past his conditioning and trust Viktor enough to cry as loudly and messy as he wants to.

And I want Viktor to simply plop down on the ice next to Yuuri, give him a shoulder to cry on, to gently run his fingers through his hair and wait for Yuuri to calm down and just tell him,

It’s okay.


I’ve made my peace. Still… knowing this is it, and seeing you here, now, it’s… more than I can take.

…What can I say? You guys… are the best.

Okay so alot of people (myself included) are upset about not being able to see Lance’s reaction to Keith being Galra. But I realized when I was rewatching it, we kind of did?

It was very subtle, but Lance is going on abt how great all the paladins are, Keith included- which he seems to talk most about, affectionately as well. This is after the reveal. Lance still thinks very highly and well of Keith. Still thinks he’s awesome, cool, even though the universe hates him and his species to Lance he’s still Keith

When I went to middle school it got kind of awkward because I didn’t realize my mom was a big sex icon until I got to middle school. Then the boys started coming up to me and saying, “I think your mom is the hottest woman ever.” And at first I went in the corner and cried about it and was like really hurt, but then I came back at them. When they said it again the next day I was like, “Yea, me too.” And then they thought I was as creepy as they were.

luna’s scene with adria is so fucking emotional. i can’t get over it. she is literally there with her, every step of the way, talking about waves, reminding her of home so that she can die peacefully, holding her tightly in her arms. like, i dont think i’m able to express myself well enough… just look at this scene

that moment when adria stops breathing

when luna realizes that it is over

how she then turns to nyko, because this hurts

the way she puts her hand over adria’s face and kisses her hair while she cries and nyko says “your fight is over”

or when she grabs nyko’s arm and leans into him and he leans into her, like a goddamn rock, looking like a goddamn broken family

or when she hardcore caves and just cries and cries and nyko kisses the crown of her head

honestly, my brain responds to this moment like hypersensitive seismograph

good fucking bye.

one of my favorite moments at taylor’s shows is when she sings fifteen and she gets to the part where she goes “back then i swore i was gonna marry him someday but i realized some bigger dreams of mine” and the whole crowd loses their shit and screams and cries and she smiles and has to compose herself

Yuuri’s need to win certainties

– or how I cried like a baby when I realized this.

Watching and rewatching – something like twenty times – the last episode of Yuri!!! on Ice, I noticed a detail that had me completely dazed, and which I hadn’t been able to grasp in the overall excitement, anxiety and ecstasy during the first vision of the 12th episode.
I would like you to linger for a moment on this capture.

The director deliberately wanted to draw the attention of the viewers for five good seconds to Yuuri’s right hand – on which rests the gold glittering ring – while holding the silver medal he had just won.
In this moment we are shown the two precious metals: gold and silver.
In this caption, silver stands out for greatness, and represents the crowning of a career that Yuuri himself believed was lost; while gold stands out for brilliance, because it represents the achievement of an emotional and relational stability that Yuuri had never experienced before the disruptive arrival of Victor in his life.
Again in this caption, the two metals do not visually conflict: we usually believe that the one winning gold feels superior to the other competitors, and the one winning silver – apart from probably being envious towards the gold medalist – can’t help but feel inferior to him (the second one is always “the first loser”).
But in this scene we naturally feel no conflict, because in this scene there is anything but harmony.
In my very humble opinion, Yuuri’s silver medal here represents the certainty of being able to have still with himself – and for himself – Victor as a coach and competitor, while gold – and he didn’t need a medal to prove it – represents Yuuri’s certainty of possessing something that is worth more than a thousand prizes or medals– Victor’s heart.
Yuuri had no real need to win a gold medal, because his ring’s gold was already his biggest victory.
But Yuuri definitely had the need to win certainties.

I personally find this caption full of meanings and absolutely breathtaking.

Nice try, Malfoy
  • draco: you know what granger?
  • hermione: what do you want now malfoy?
  • draco: my father told me i can have anything i want in my life because i was a malfoy
  • hermione: i dont want to know any more about your selfishness malf-
  • draco: but then i realized it was all a lie
  • hermione: is there a point in this? you're seriously wasting my-
  • draco: i knew it was a lie because when i saw you, i wanted you but i never had you *stares intensely into her eyes*
  • hermione: *looks intently at him* nice try malfoy. no, i wont let you copy off of my potions essay. now will you please let me read in peace?
  • draco: dammit! i thought it would work. please? just this one time??
  • blaise: dammit guys, i thought that was for real
  • blaise: *cries silently in the corner because he ships dramione and was given false hope*

Na, fuck it! Here’s a line-up! From left to right: Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny, George, Percy, Charlie, Bill and Fleur. All the family is going to play quidditch in the garden.

You probably wonder why they are all in red, well, that’s because they’re FROM FUCKING GRYFFINDOR YEAH! 

Headcanon that George loves to wear Fred’s clothes so he can still be close to him and that sometimes, when he goes to the kitchen to eat his breakfast, Molly calls him Fred accidentally and when she realize it, she cries and George feels so sorry that he hugs her very sweetly because he knows she is the only one to have love him the most except him.
Oh, and I drew Hermione tan because I love the idea of a black Hermione and that considering she has french origins and that in France we have a strong black community, she may be tan because of one of her parents or grandparents.

I really enjoyed working on this one. Especially because of the lines and the shoes (good practice, good practice). Tell me if you ever want to see one of them from a closer look.