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Kind and Goofy

I thank (and blame) @pixletta for this. This is based on a short story they gave me and I just- 


Au where your world is black and white until you kiss your soulmate

Jeremy had always thought of his life as simple. For years he only had to focus on three things: his music loving best friend, his obnoxious teenage bully and the love of his life - the main ingredients for a teenage boy. He had grown used to the black and white surroundings he had grown up in. However this all changed when he got the Squip. 

 The little computer in his head was adamant on him becoming more than his nerdy persona. He insulted him, manipulated him into getting what he wanted and soon Jeremy found himself rising above his ranks. He was talking to the popular kids, he was wearing more fashionable clothing and his once teenage bully was not practically his best friend. All he wanted now was her - his soulmate.

But apparently, that was too much to ask. 

 "What do you mean it might not be Christine?“ Jeremy questioned his Squip out loud in his bedroom where no one else could hear. His dad had gone out to get groceries (thankfully with pants) so the house was his for the time being. 

 "I’m saying,” the CPU stated, taking his physical form over to the end of the bed, “that soulmates are not the result of science, therefore I am unable to calculate who the particular human will be, given that there are roughly 7,500,000,000 people roaming the Earth at this given moment. It is very unlikely that your soulmate is Christine." 

 "But it has to be!” Jeremy interjected. “Soulmates have a bond, and I can feel that bond between us." 

 "You don’t even know her Jeremy.”

 "I don’t need to! When I close my eyes, I can picture us together, and we’re happy. Whenever I see her, I just want to kiss her and tell her how much I love her. I want her to tell me how much she needs me… I want to know that I’m her favourite person.“ Jeremy was soon lost in his own daydream and failed to notice that the Squip had suddenly taken interest. 

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Dog Days Are Over

Summary: You were already having a bad day, and then in walks Mr. Perfect and his best friend’s puppy. Oh, and he needs you to hurry because he’s got a blind date tonight, and he’s really nervous.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,993

Author’s Note: Do you know how long this has been in my drafts? Anyways, here’s more fluff. Sorry I’ve been the Ebeneezer Scrooge of fluff, but I can’t help it that I’m a cynical, angsty bitch who likes to make people suffer.

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There were certain rules to being a veterinary technician.

Number one, waterproof mascara and eyeliner always! When the customer cries, you cry. Number two, carry a lint roller on you at all times; it’s best to get the pocket-sized one, because Mr. Twinkles sheds a lot! Number three, iron your scrubs! And it’s probably best to keep an extra pair in your car, because Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell likes to pee on people.

Even though you knew these rules by heart, and you followed them every single day of your work-life, today was an exception. It was just one of those days that absolutely nothing- no matter how hard you tried- was going right. You were covered in fluffy cat hairs, Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell peed on your leg twice, and you had run out of waterproof mascara; so when Mr. Langley brought in his thirteen year old Labrador to put her down, he cried, and so you cried, and in the end you looked like the raccoon that liked to sneak into the office dumpsters at closing.

Today just wasn’t your day.

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Babygirl. (Gang/Dally Imagine)

This is for dallysgreasergirl she requested it plus shes just amazing and stuff ((: Hope you like it!!

The boys and I were going to the drive in tonight, I was going to see my boyfriend, I didnt know about the rest of the guys. Dally was the one that was always lookin out for me, well more than the others did. I was like Dallys guardian even though I was about as old as him, I took care of him when he was sick and made sure he wasnt gettin into trouble that could cause jail time. He always caught me and he decked every boy that he caught lookin at me sideways. Dallas loved me and everyone knew it. I loved him too, man when I found out Sylvia was cheating on him when he was in the cooler I damn near killer her. I went over to her house cause I had driven Dal there once or twice and it was the only place im sure id find her. I pulled a blade on her, I told her if she ever thought about gettin within an 100 foot radius of Dallas every again she better be askin for a death wish, I cut down her leather jacket and spit on her, she didnt do anyhting cause she knew if she touched me Dal would make her wish she went with my offer. 

We were just gettin to the drive in when I saw Kristy Cendell in the car in front of us. Man i hated that broad, she was with Mac before we were going together and she was a real looker so that added 10 to her intimidating factor.
“Okay guys I just want you all to know..” Two bit trailed off, he was already plastered. He started in again about two minutes of confused silence later. “that Im going to be causing trouble and anyone is welcome to join me.” He hiccuped and the started laughing hysterically, everyone laughed with him because Two just had one of those laughs that you couldnt help but laugh too cause he was so full of life and it just made everyone around him happy. Soda had one of them laughs too but he was so adorable it wouldnt matter if he was a bland as a brick you’d still smile just looking at him.
We picked our seats and I watch Darry go sit with old football buddies and Two, Steve, and Soda ran off to cause trouble. It was pretty cold outside but nothing i couldnt handle. I decided to go look for Mac.
“here take this (y/n), it’s gonna start gettin colder” he handed me his leather jacket and I went off.   

I sighed out of relief because I eventually I saw Mac sittin on his car hood with two cokes in between him. I smiled and walked closer to his car, my smile fell about two cars away from his when Kristy walked around the car and hopped on the hood. She snuggled into Mac and he wrapped his arm around her. My jaw clenched and i went to go buy a quick coke. I made my way back to Macs car after the extremely long line at the concession stand. I put a really cute smile on my face and walked around the front of the car to Mac. I sipped on my coke, “Hey babe, Hey broad.” I looked at the both of them. Macs mouth dropped open and he tried to explain. “Shut it Mac, I know you’re used to girls falling for your shit lies but unlike all your other broads im not birdbrained and I know when Im getting cheated on.” I smiled and leaned forward a bit, I threw my coke in his face. “wow Im real sorry for Mac.” I grabbed the coke off the snack tray hanging on the next car. I pretended to sip on it. I started to walk away but stopped by Kristy. I ‘tripped and slipped my coke in her face and down her shirt. “tripped man, ahh what a waste.” I made a mildly upset half smirk and walked off.  I wasnt going back to Dally and the dorks so i walked off to the fence surrounding the drive in. On the walk there I passed kids I knew and kids I didnt want to know it hit me that Mac and I were done for, after 8 months…who knows how long he was cheatin on me. I got to a part of the fence that was private enough for my liking. I slid down the chain link and my butt hit the ground. I pulled my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms tight around them. I didnt dare open my moth cause I knew all that would come out was whimpers. I didnt cry anymore, I wasnt just sayin that to sound tough either, i just didnt well more like I couldnt. Guess I just cried my self dry when I was young. 

Roughly thirty minutes later Pony came runnin up to me, I didnt notice until i saw the dust from him skidding to stop in front of me.
“(y/n) whatcha doin over here?” he knelt down and put his hands on my knees. “I dont wanna talk about it right now Ponyboy.” I said real quite, my voice cracking. He looked at me understandingly and sad like at the same time. He didnt say anything else he just sat beside me. I started to shiver from the decreasing temperature. Pony wrapped his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. I love Pony, he’s a real jem ya know. Like he just gets people and I admire him for always helpin someone when they need it. He really needs people to appreciate him more.
“thanks Pony”
“well no problem (y/n) you know I care aboutcha.” Pony looked at me smiled
”thats not what I mean Pone, i mean thanks for everything, thanks for helping people, thanks for taking the time to understand people, thanks pony. You’re genuine Ponyboy.” he kissed my cheek, we both knew it was just a friendly gesture. 
We didnt say anything else. 
After the first move was over Dallas found Pony and I. 
“Hey Ponyboy, go watch over Johnny all the others split again. Ponyboy jumped up without question and Dallas took his place. When Dal wrapped his arm around me it sent shivers down my spine. 
“(y/n) why ya out here all by your lonesome.” he looked down at me. 
“I had Pony..” I said quietly. I knew what he meant.
”You know what I mean.” Dal was the only person i could open up to without hesitation. I told him everything that happened with Mac. I started to making the noises that came with cryin but no tears came. After I had calmed down Dallas asked what kind of car he drove.
”Mustang, black, convertible. Real nice lookin” 
“You datin a soc?!” Dally was heated.
”no, I dont know how he got it. His family looks and sounds as poor as dirt,”
I sighed and looked away from Dally. he turned my head to look at him “You’re a real tough girl (y/n) real tough.” He kissed me, got up and walked away. He kissed me. Dallas Winston kissed me. I touched my lips with tips of my fingers and smiled ridiculously. 

Twenty minutes ago Dallas came back with his fists scuffed up and blood stained. We didnt say much until I asked him why he did that.
”Nobodies gonna get away with hurtin my gal” Dally smiled and picked me up. We met the gang at the Curtis boys car and everyone asked why I was gone the whole time and Dally was bloody. Neither one of us said anything I just squeezed his had.
After everyone decided to head to bed Dallas suggested I go to bucks with him tonight. He knew I couldnt take my sister yelling and cussing at me tonight. I said yes and we started walking. Dallas wrapped his arm around me. “Listen I really am sorry about tonight. Mac doesnt deserve someone like you” He smiled at me. 
“thanks Dal.” He pulled me closer as we walked into Bucks. He glared at everyone who set eyes on me, we both sat at the bar for a bit and drank a couple shots. We both needed about one or two or twenty. A dirty lookin guy sat next to me at the bar, Dally glared at him for ten minutes before the guy said anything. 
“Hey doll” he looked at me grinning. I just laughed at him and leaned back. Dallas threw his arm across me and into the guys nose, swear i heard a crack. “Look man I was jus-” the guys was holding his nose and blood was pouring everywhere. 
Dallas didnt let him finish. “dont even look at her pal, shes mine.” Dallas pulled me up and lead me to his room. There was no hesitation after the door was shut, Dallas grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. I blushed and kissed him back, Dally and I were both fairly intoxicated so i didnt think about this. He used his hips to press me against the door, I sighed out of pleasure. I wasnt one to admit things but I was in love with Dallas Winston and i knew it from the start. Dallas picked me up bridal style and carried me to bed when we agreed through slurred word and droopy eyes that we were getting tired and dizzy.

Dallas and I never officially dated, we just cared about each other endlessly and made out at Buck and at the drive in and at the Dingo and on the streets…I hung on Dallas and he hung on me but there were never labels, we both thought they just made things complicated and serious.
We both knew we were in love with eachother and we didnt want to ruin it. Sure the gang asked if we were dating a couple times but we never really clarified anything. 

When Dallas died I ran away to Arkansas and stayed with my aunt. I never knew Johnny died until I came back and Soda was gone too, drafted for the war. I stayed with the Curtis boys once I came back, I helped them with bills and slept with Ponyboy and comforted Darry when most people couldnt. We got the knock two weeks before Soda was supposed to return home, it was devastating and the only time the Curtis boys cried about it was when we were all alone together. I spent endless nights holding Pony and stroking his hair. We never really believed Soda wasnt coming back. Two had even forgot he was gone fore a hot minute and brought up the fact that Soda shoulda been home in two days. Pony and i left the room, Darry was at work, thank god. Two bit didnt mean it though. Steve and Pony got closer after Soda died and Pony took over half of Soda shifts at the DX. Ponyboy became a real ladies man. Soda was right, he just had to grow into it.   

  Wow okay I hope you guys liiiked it D:    

Jamie Benn #2

Requested by Anon:  Can you write a Jamie Benn drabble based on TSwift’s Mary’s Song (Oh my, my, my)? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

*Thank you so much! I love this song so I was really excited about writing this. :) I hope you like this. Also, I can’t believe this is just my second Jamie Benn request. :O*

Word count: 834

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You slid next to Jamie on the front porch steps of your childhood home. He smiled down at you and continued to watch the quiet street, not even offering you one of the three beer cans he had on his other side. You wrapped your light cardigan on your body tighter.

“Why are you all alone in this chilly night?” you smiled.

“Just thinking,” he shrugged, “you?”

“Wanted some alone time too,” you confessed.

“Want me to leave?” he asked.

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shameless-shinobi  asked:

Love your Kankuro and Shikadai headcanons!!! And that one about Gaara and Shikadai's photo is beautiful!!!

Thankyou!!! I’m really liking all the possibilities Shikadai brings to the table. The sand siblings dynamic will always be my favorite, but throwing Shikadai in there adds a cool variable too. 

I just headcanon REALLY hard that Shikadai is Kankuro’s little wingman. Like, they are just buddies, through and through. 
Kankuro is telling Temari how his charm is “a rare experience few are lucky enough to experience” Temari looks at Shikadai and he just points at Kankuro and says “premium”. 

Kankuro tells Shikadai he’ll take him to do something Temari usually wouldn’t allow and Shikadai mentions it AROUND THE DINNER TABLE. Kankuro is like “I never said that” to which Shikadai insists “yes you did you promised” “Well YOU said you would keep it on the DL so I guess everyone is breaking promises today” THEY ARE SO FUN ???

And with Gaara it’s like….wow. When Temari is pregnant he is really invested in her all of the sudden and Temari immediately understands why. She’s happy because she knows the child will be so good for Gaara, such a positive experience for him. When the baby starts kicking she immediately tells Gaara to feel her stomach like “COME FEEL THIS THING MOVING INSIDE OF ME”. Also Gaara cried when Shikadai was born, fight me. I actually once got asked what kind of uncle I thought Gaara would be and I wrote a huuuuge post on it but I never finished it so its still sitting in my drafts. I’ll probably edit it a little bit then submit it. 

And you know I haven’t even BEGUN to think about what relationship Shikadai and Shikamaru share, god help us all. 


“It means that though the Witch knew the Deep Magic, there is a magic deeper still which she did not know. Her knowledge goes back only to the dawn of time. But if she could have looked a little further back, into the stillness and the darkness before Time dawned, she would have read there a different incantation. She would have known that when a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor’s stead, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backwards.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 17th, 2016

Happy birthday to a longtime personal hero. Muhammad Ali is an inspiration and a role model.

“I ain’t got no quarrel with those Vietcong. They ain’t never called me n*gger”

“Frazier is so ugly that when he cries, the tears turn around and go down the back of his head.”

“I done wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale, only last week I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick. I’m so mean I make medicine sick.”

“I strongly object to the fact that so many newspapers have given the American public and the world the impression that I have only two alternatives in taking this stand [on his draft to fight in Vietnam] – either I go to jail or go to the army. There is another alternative, and that alternative is justice.”

“There are two things that are hard to hit and see. That’s a spooky ghost and Muhammad Ali.”

“There’s not a man alive who can whup me. I’m too fast. I’m too smart. I’m too pretty. I should be a postage stamp. That’s the only way I’ll ever get licked.”

“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”

“I’ve seen George Foreman shadow boxing. And the shadow won.”

“He found something to fight for other than money and championship belts. And when that person finds something like that, you can’t hardly beat them.” – George Foreman on Muhammad Ali

some really sad things you should not think about re: omgcheckplease

  • any of the hellish things that would have happened to bitty in high school (rural georgia…figure skating…football coach dad…)
  • bitty as a really small kid looking up to his dad so much, being such a good son, loving his mom and dad so much. i bet bitty never cried as a baby. don’t think about the moment when bitty started feeling anxiety about disappointing his dad, about when that started to wedge its way into their relationship until it got to the point where they only talk about sports
  • literally please never think about bitty in high school this breaks my heart
  • jack being in lecture when michael sam came out in 2014. shitty texting him, ‘google nfl draft news when you can,’ casual as all hell. jack checking on his phone after class. jack crying in the bathroom because he can’t believe it
  • and then when jack talks to his parents on the phone, his dad says, “did u see the news from the nfl draft? that kids the same age as you and his career is over”
  • jack resolutely not crying after that phone call
  • definitely do not think about the eventual strain that jack being closeted is going to put on his and bitty’s relationship. don’t ever think about them having fights over the phone where they both cry and they’re not really fighting about what they’re fighting about, they’re fighting about being apart, which neither of them want.
  • oh no oh god never think about that

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The war**

Bucky and Steve’s relationship before the war, you say. 

lemme crack my knuckles here. 

Bucky Barnes excelled at school, track and field, and was a great boxer. He was on track to be an Olympic boxer, even. But then his Dad got too sick to work and Steve’s Ma died and, like a lot of guys back before sponsorship and being a full time athlete was possible, he stopped training to work more hours. He didn’t mind, really. He was mostly doing it because he didn’t know what the hell else to do, with everyone out of work, but he hated the early mornings. 

Bucky never paid for any of Steve’s shit. If he even tried to pay for food or medicine Steve would try and clean his clock and the fallout just wasn’t worth it. So he helped his friend in other ways once they moved in together after Steve’s Ma died. Spare boots that didn’t fit his little cousin. Pencils some relative up in Jersey sent his sister for her birthday that she didn’t want. Pants his Ma tailored the wrong size, she thought he was skinnier now he’d stopped training so hard. 

Steve did a hell of a lot for Bucky that nobody ever saw. Bucky was only ever into guys, only ever went out with girls because it was the done thing, and sometimes it got too big for him to handle. Way before they were together, sometimes Bucky would come home from a date just feeling like the lowest sod of dirt in the field, and Steve would smack a kiss to his temple and box his ears and get him back on his feet because he needed it. There wasn’t room for him to go to pieces, so Steve got him back together when he had to.

They lived in a queer neighbourhood and while Steve was easier there, Bucky wasn’t. He felt unsettled about his own nature, a lot of things he never let himself explore (he wondered how stockings felt, he wondered how it would be to be Steve’s good girl), because he was bigger and stronger and it just wasn’t done. Steve was happy to kiss cheeks of the guys they knew and invite them to parties on the way home from work, but Bucky never fit his skin quite right. 

Steve only drank a little before the war, because it aggravated his stomach and a couple of beers gave him the spins (his father drank, his Ma said, he liked it so much that Steve was put off for life anyway). Bucky was a drinker. Steve worried about how much he put away before the draft, because he’s pretty sure his guy hated his proclivities enough to be drunk noon to night even when he was working, sometimes. If Bucky hadn’t had Steve he’d have ended up a drunk, Steve’s pretty sure. 

Bucky was drafted. He lied and told Steve he signed up and weathered the storm of his best guy’s temper, because he couldn’t stand for Steve to look at him like he was a coward. Bucky never wanted to join up, not when he knew they’d never take Steve and they’d be separated. The night the draft letter came he stayed out and got lit and cried into Steve’s shoulder when he came home. (Steve knows he was drafted, knows exactly why Bucky cried on him a week before he announced he signed up, he’s not stupid, but he knows why Buck pretended so he just doesn’t break the spell).

Steve writes Bucky before he goes into Erskine’s experiment. I’m coming to get you, he jokes. The letter never reaches Bucky, so they never realise how right he was. 

More Sarumi Feels!!!

Because we all crave for more sarumi after the end of K (*CRIES*) and the pictures at the credits were but a tickle to our discontented hearts, I shall share some thoughts on the possibilities that could have lead to sarumi’s date present relationship as seen in the credits.

-It was 2 weeks after the slates were destroyed. Both red and blue clans were taking it easy and allowed themselves a little R&R. It was when Misaki remembered the last thing he said to Saruhiko. “Let’s talk some more later” but never got a text up to now.
-Saru actually prepared a txt message for misaki. Only it was saved in his drafts for days and had to edit it every time he felt like it was lame. Finally he went with “Hey…” and headdesked himself after hitting send.
-After arguing on “what kind of greeting is that?”, they agreed to meet up in front of a fast food chain the next day and had burgers and soda for lunch.
-Saru included in their argument not to take with him any members of homra and went something like “I BETTER NOT SEE ANY OF YOUR HOMRA BUDDIES WITH YOU ESPECIALLY TUBBY -It was awkward at first but the silence finally broke when misaki popped open his soda and exploded in his face. Saru snickered and almost choked on his burger. (And there began their soda fight)
-the day ended with the two hanging out at the top of a building’s balcony. Saruhiko pulls out his PDA and opens his playlist. He gestures for misaki to come closer and holds out the left earphone to share. “You updated on the latest album of the band we used to listen to?” He asked.

Ooookaaay! So there’s a bit of impossibru there, but I just had to have more!!! OVA!!! Cmon people. Chant with me! OVA! OVA! OVA!!!