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After watching Supergirl tonight, I sat in my room in complete darkness and cried for a good half hour. I cried for myself and how I’ve never related to a character so much. I cried for the little gay girls who’ll be watching this show with their parents and finally see someone like them. I cried because Alex has been through hell and deserves endless amounts of happiness. I cried because the last few years have been horrific for gay women in television and I finally have someone who’s exactly like me. I’m so content. 2016 had a tiny shimmer of light left. Chyler Leigh has made my year so special. Tonight, I am so proud to be a gay woman.

This weeks video

I just watched this weeks video and let me tell you, I cried. I cried because I can 100% understand what they’re feeling, I can u sweat and the feeling of the anxiety attacks Grayson has because I get them, I can understand how Ethan tries to make everyone happy because that fulfills him, I can understand how overwhelmed they are with everything that’s going on. This made me so sad because they are loving boys that deserve all the happiness in the world, when Grayson told us about their dad having cancer I felt my heart breaking, their eyes were emotionless, they looked tired and filled with sorrow, sometimes I thought they were going to break down and start crying, Grayson’s voice even cracked at one point. I just hope this just goes by and they get all the love and happiness ever. They opened up to so many people in a huge platform and that’s brave, they’re very strong boys and it makes me sad seeing them this way. I just want to give them a huge hug right now and tell them everything is going to be alright. Like I don’t Know how to explain what I’m feeling but I’ll always have their backs. I fee like they need a break from tour at this moment, we know how much they love us but I feel like they need to be with their dad at this moment, family comes first, their health comes first and God forbid seeing them in the hospital because of exhaustion. I just love them so much and want the very best

Woah this is the first transparent image I’ve ever done!!

So, I put off watching the Gravity Falls finale for a while because I didn’t want to face that it was over… But when I did watch it I was glad, because it was perfect. I will miss seeing new episodes of this show that has been both created and received with such love. But I’m so happy Hirsch and his team got to end it right. I may have cried, but at the end I was smiling!! 

Watching this again got me so emotional but then this came up and I was torn between either starting to cry because he was crying or laughing because Lee “I’m not cute” Jihoon was covering his face with his hand and he was pouting and seriously look at him how is he not cute??

Alec and the Mute w/ Alec Lightwood x Reader

Request: Can you write an Alec x reader where she is a Shadowhunter but she is mute and is dating Alec. Then during a mission she gets hurt badly and almost dies and after she recovers she finally talks and Alec like cries because he’s so happy to hear her voice and can you make it with lots of fluff please?

A/N: At the anon who requested this, I hope it does match your expectations

I am a loner, not because I don’t like people, but because I am afraid of losing them. This is not an unreasoned fear, I lost my parents when I was little and I had to stand by and watch it. They died protecting me and my older brother, but no one knows that, because I don’t talk. With no one, not even my own brother, I just forgot how to. After witnessing my beloved parent’s death I shut down completely and stopped talking. And because now everyone thinks I am a mute, I don’t bother to change that, at least no one forces me to talk. I and my brother Jonah were both sent to the New York institute after our parent’s death, due to our uncle working there. Life was hard, but we had to learn to cope with it, a Shadowhunter never shows weakness. At least it brought something good, the Lightwood siblings whom were now my best friends, even without verbally communicating we understood each other perfectly, especially me and Alec, there is such a strong connection between us, that I sometimes wonder if we are really just friends or if there’s more to that. Anyways how you can probably guess, I am not really a fan of working together with other Shadowhunter on mission, not that I don’t think they’re not capable, but not talking makes some situations difficult, so I only go on solo missions, no talking more doing. Well, and that is exactly the reason why me and Alec are fighting at the moment. “Y/N, you are not going on this mission!” Alec said a bit aggregated, I pulled my eyebrow up, as if to say ‘and why’s that?’ “You know exactly why! It’s a suicide mission even with a partner, I wouldn’t let you go, it’s too dangerous and you can’t even shout for help, so my decision is clear and as the head of the institute you have to obey or else it will have consequences even for you!” HE said getting louder and louder towards the end, trying to bring his point of view across of me. Reacting to Alec’s outburst I threw him a sarcastic smile, turned around and left. Alec knew me well and understood that I was beyond pissed. This was definitely not the first time this happened, he knew that I was one hell of a fighter and had my priorities set, so why wouldn’t he let me do my job? Even Jonah, who was more than skeptical to let me off alone, accepted it at one point and let me do my own thing, but Alec wouldn’t get it in his head that I can take care of myself, sure I may not talk, but that doesn’t mean that I am weak, who does he think he is. My thoughts making me angrier than I already was, I didn’t consider Izzy’s words of wisdom, maybe Alec liked me and doesn’t want me to get hurt, but I consider that bullshit, Alec doesn’t like anybody, at least in the romantic way, “Shadowhunters’ don’t show feelings, or else it gets them hurt” those were Alec’s wise words. While my mind was running wild with angry thoughts I geared up for the mission I was not supposed to go one, indeed it might be a suicide mission, but I know I can handle it, there’s a reason I didn’t die on any of my hundred solo missions. Sneaking past Alec who stared intently at one of the monitors in the main hall, I quickly made my way out of the institute and of to find the rouge demon clique. As soon as I got there I understood why Alec wouldn’t let me go alone, there were way more demons that I thought.

Meanwhile at the institute

Alec was focused on one of the monitors in the main hall, at least it seemed like it. “What’s going through your head, bro?” Jace asked his Parabatai, who experienced a near heart attack from the sudden noise. “Don’t do that, Jace!” “Well than, what’s going on with you?” “I and Y/N fought, again… and now she is pissed and I don’t know how to fix it. She just doesn’t want to understand why she can’t go on this mission!” Alec said frustrated. “Dude, you know that she didn’t listened to you, right?” Alec gave Jace a questioning look “Alec, she went on that mission, I saw her gear up like an hour ago” “What?!? Why didn’t you tell me this earlier??” “How the hell was I supposed to know that you told her not to?” After that being said Alec dashed out of the room, went to grab his bow and quiver and went to find Y/N in the fastest way possible.  Jace was right behind him, not letting his Parabatai do this alone.

As the two Shadowhunters arrived at the fight scene, it was already a big mess. There were at least twenty demons and Y/N was still standing strong at least that’s what the boys believed, the second Alec cried out Y/N name, she got distracted and missed the demon she was supposed to slay. From this moment on everything went downhill. The demon took advantage of the very moment and got Y/N bad and Alec watched in slow motion how the silent girl he adored so much cried out in pain and made contact with the asphalt ground. In this moment of blind rage Alec took nearly every single demon out and the ones he didn’t kill he left for Jace to take care of. As soon as the area was cleared out of demons Alec kneeled down next to Y/N and his heart died a bit. His mind was still working in overdrive, he drew a healing rune on her body and took her in the quickest way possible back to the institute.

33 hours later- Y/N POV

Darkness was surrounding me and I didn’t understood why, I don’t remember going to sleep, so why is everything so dark? I tried opening my eyes but they wouldn’t budge, was I dead? Is this how being dead feels? Weird, it feels kind of nice, sure my body hurts, but it’s so comfy and warm, my hand is a bit sweaty too. As I try to wipe my hand off, I fell some pressure there and suddenly hear a voice. “Y/N?” it calls, still trying to force my eyes open the voice keeps on talking “Come on, I know you are in there, please just wake up, I can’t live any longer if you are not here with me. I love you, please wake up!” The voice actually sounded a lot like Alec, but why would he say such things? What the hell happened? Having enough of the darkness I pulled all my strength and will together and pried my eyes open, only to see white blinding light and a tearstained Alec. I groaned, trying to get his attention, him still holding his monologue. The second he looked me in the eyes a grin slit across his face, but vanished as fast as it came. “Y/N, I am so sorry this happened, I was the reason you got hurt, if I hadn’t distracted you none of this would have happened…” I waved a hand in front of his face again gaining his attention and pointing to the water on the bedside table. Man, was I thirty. Alec, being the sweetheart he is holding the cup to my mouth and enabling me to drink, clearing my throat I spoke my first words since at least 10 years “I love you too” The look on Alec’s face was priceless, he looked so shocked, either because I talked or because I told him I felt the same or maybe both, but I didn’t care. Those were my first words ever to him and I don’t regret them. “You… you can talk, I mean you just talked… and you love me” Alec was flabbergasted, his one true love was feeling the same way.  His dream finally came true. What happened next, I would’ve never thought that mister shy-pants would ever make the first and final move. You wouldn’t believed me if I told you that he kissed me, like in on swift unexpected move his lips where on mine and we were both moving in sync. And let me tell you this was definitely not my first kiss but it was by far the best, there was so much passion and love in just this one simple kiss. As the oxygen got less we both pulled away and it was as if the time stopped moving, we were just staring at each other and trying to realize what just happened and while doing so it happened again and again, it was like some magnetic force was pulling us together. In the end I scooted over to make room for Alec in my infirmary bed and all we did was cuddle and talk, well Alec was talking and I was listening, because you can’t just go from ten years without even muttering a word and then suddenly hold long conversations, so I stuck to listening and even sometimes answering, which still is a weird feeling. But with Alec by my side I would master this mission of finding myself again too. There sure was a lot more to come for me.

The End

Companions react to Sole dying.

Because I honestly received at least 50 of these :D I shall try to make you sad, only so some of my next, super fluffy reaction can make you more happy :D

Super long post, though, so click ‘Keep reading’ or this link :)

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so I finally watched Finding Dory last night and I was not aware of how much it was a people-with-mental-illness-can-fucking-do-anything story and I cried a whole lot because that’s such an important message for kids (and adults tbh) and seriously kudos for wrapping that up in a really pretty Pixar movie I’m so happy it exists.

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aaahhhhhh i’m so happy for you!!


also like if i seem like i’ve been, like, really disproportionately insane about sherlock, please understand now that i’ve been really disproportionately insane about everything

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Thank you for the Ask? ^^” I’m going to assume that by “musical” and “Toustage”, you’re referring to the Touken Ranbu musicals and stage plays because I’m in sword boy hell right now and that’s the first thing my brain immediately links those two words to xD

I have watched the Touken Ranbu stage plays. I actually cried so much watching them because because: [1] tears of heartbreak and [2] tears of laughter (war council scene! xDDD). That said, I won’t compare the stage plays and the musicals because they’re two completely different entities in my mind (I feel that it’s like me comparing my honmaru with another person’s honmaru, and commenting on whose I like better), but I would certainly be more than happy to gush about why I love the musicals. LOL!

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I can hardly stand looking at this page.

just look at how fucking excited diane’s face is when king comes back, she’s crying she’s so happy.

and king looks so happy yet heartbroken that he has to do this, he has to erase every memory of him from her mind, and worse yet, he has to break his promise to her.

and then precious brownie king has to watch her and suffer for years because she doesn’t remember him, and he’s the one who’s at fault.  

my children are so fcuking tragic somebody h elp

Okay so I’ve just finished watching Carmilla with my sister (she’s 9) because she wanted to know what it is that I talk about so much… This is some of what happened.

-During the waltz scene, she looked at me and smiled and asked ‘Are they going to kiss?’ And when they didn’t she pouted and said ‘They should have.’

-She literally cried when she thought that Carmilla was dead.

-When Danny carried Carmilla’s body into the room, she literally jumped off the couch shouting ‘YEAHHHHH!’

-During episode 36 when they kissed, she was smiling so much and she squealed with happiness. She looked at me and asked ‘So are they lesbians?’ And I smiled at her and said ‘Yeah,’ and she smiled back and just said ‘Cool, I’m glad they’re girlfriends now.

-When ‘Thank you Creampuffs’ came up on the screen, she asked what it meant, and when I told her, she shouted ‘DAD, I’M A CREAMPUFF NOW!

-She loved the Christmas special a lot, and keeps on randomly shouting ‘MURDER HER FOR CHRISTMAS!

-After watching the latest episode she’s very worried about Perry.

-I talked to her about Laf’s pronouns, and although she was slightly confused at first, she just totally accepted it. She said ‘Is the person who plays them the same?’ And I said ‘Yep, Kaitlyn’s the same.’ She said ‘I love them.’

Sorry for the long post, I’m just really proud of my little sister and I love her a lot.

I started off my day with a terrible dr appointment because I had to get this custom brace thing made and it is THE WORST and so ugly and uncomfortable and conspicuous and apparently can only be worn with shoes made for women over 70? Anyway I maybe cried on the way home.

Then I thought about how it’s Valentine’s Day and even though that is a dumb fucking holiday, in some ways I feel like it marks time for me in a “oh look another entire year has passed without me dating anyone or even a single guy being into me” kind of way that is so depressing.

Anyway, I’m going to watch episode 11 of bunheads (possibly more than once) and cry because it just feels like that kind of day, and at least that will start with sad crying and finish with happy crying.

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Okay well then here it is again: on Monday last week I was rewatching the Super Bowl with my dad and out of no where I just told him that I would rather bring a girlfriend home instead of a boyfriend (geez I was so scared because I had no idea how he would react) but his reaction was so super great!!! He was like yeah sure everything is fine with me and he wanted to meet my (unfortunately nonexistent) girlfriend 😁 I was so so super happy that I just cried and he hugged me and (1)

(2) We just continued watching like before. Then on the next day I wanted to tell my mum. Well I knew she was okay with people being gay and therefore it wasn’t too hard to tell her so when she went to bed I kinda just said it and she was also so accepting and she told me again “well you knew I wouldn’t have anything against that right?” And then we hugged and I’m so happy now that they know! 😊


HOORAYYYYY!!!! Honey I’m SO PROUD AND SO HAPPY for you! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🍾🍾🍾🍾🎉🎉🎉🥂🥂🥂💚💙💚💙💚💙

Congratulations love that’s so amazing. ♥️

I can’t believe Hansung had to die in Episode 18. He was the purest, most precioust character of all of them ㅠㅠ I really really DON’T understand why they let him die. I know he’s a support character and therefor is more likely to die like the main characters but NETHERTHELESS Hansung’s story didn’t even really start to begin with.

Still, I’m happy that Taehyung got more screen time this episode & WOAH, how INTENSE ㅠㅠ By far FAR the most emotional moment so far in the drama. His acting. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HIS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT ACTING?!! For his very drama. And he improved SO MUCH through the episodes, woah. I’m so blown away. I literally cried my eyes out while watching. Of course, I’m more emotional with Hansung because it’s Taehyung playing, but regardless of that his acting was so intense. I LOOOOOVED the cute, cheery Hansung throughout all the episodes, Taehyung is a natural cutiepie but oh god, I squealed so much watching his parts >.< But in that Episode Taehyung showed everyone that he could do FAR more than just acting cute. It seemed SO REALISTIC. How his voice trembled and when the poison began to spread through his body… it seemed so real. NO WONDER I WAS CRYING SO HARD I REALLY WAS I COULD START JUST EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Conclusion: I’m thankful that Hansung got more screen time, tho I’m so SO MAD that he had to die. God. Okay.


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Imagine unrequited love between Prompto and Noct. Noct marries Luna and Prompto has to watch and suffer. He cries and everyone thinks he's just emotional because he's happy for Noct. Prompto, Iggy and Gladio sing Stand By Me when Noct and Luna are at the alter and the lyrics of the song is everything Prompto wanted to say to Noct if they were together instead

Ah oh my god! That’s so painful and I can 100% see it happening!
It honestly makes me think of the song “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran through Promptos eyes.
Okay these lyrics are so deep and I can see Prompto singing this to himself because of his feelings for Noctis that he never confessed. He just wants Noctis to be happy and honestly I can see him giving Noctis a photograph of either them with a selfie or of all the boys before they part ways after the adventure.

Ah so many feels! I can’t handle!