i cried so much the first time i read it

So I just wanted to tell my story about going to see HTTYD2 for the umpteenth time and finding out I picked “daycare day” at the movies.

Okay so seeing HTTYD2 with a bunch of kids was actually really incredible. 

So the theater is completely packed, and I end up at the end of a row of daycare kids, right?

So we’re watching the movie, and I realize it’s enjoyable because these fresh faces are all laughing and experiencing the antics of dragon racing and seeing all these cool things for the first time, and it’s kind of fun to see a joke aimed for kids hit home with the kids - you’d hear the kids explode with laughter while the adults would just kind of chuckle inwardly. I don’t know, it was fun to experience it as a a child secondhand. 

But I’ve seen HTTYD2 before, so I know what’s coming. 

When the Bewilderbeast was killed, there was a little boy in my row who kind of whisper-asked if he was “really dead”.

And the little boy right next to me said, “Probably not”.

Probably not.”

Now that stuck out to me because, on screen, it’s so obvious that the Bewilderbeast is dead, and you see all the characters react to it. 

But this little 5-6 year old is viewing movies in a completely different way than I am. And it takes me a moment to realize that almost every movie this kid has probably ever been exposed to has been made “for kids” - which means that if there’s ever a “good” character that “dies”, they almost always come back through some miracle. Hence “Probably not.”

This little kid was recognizing the trope used in films directed for his age group, and as a result, he wasn’t affected by the Bewilderbeast’s death. 

Until the Bewilderbeast didn’t get up. 

It was weird, you could actually feel it in the room when the kids began to realize that the Good Bewilderbeast not only didn’t win, but died. 

And so, a few minutes later, you could hear a pin drop in the theater when Stoick was hit. 

One little girl in my row laughed really hard at the sight - I guess the blue-green ice piled on Stoick seemed comical?

But the minute Hiccup ran over and started pulling the ice off him, desperate and scared, the audience fell back into silence.

Valka rushed over to him, and put her ear to his chest and-

“Is he dead?”

The same kid from before, but this time he sounded scared. 

And the little boy next to me was far less certain when he said, “Probably not?”

And so, we go to the funeral scene. Gobber begins his eulogy, and I hear kids begin to cry. We see the boat, and the draped body, and the helmet, and a kid asks “Is he sick?”

And then the funeral pyre is lit, and the boat sails away, and I look around me and the kid next to me has tears streaming down his face, and the little girl who laughed is crying behind her hands. 

Of course, moments after Hiccup’s monologue, we see them flying on the baby dragons, and the kids are quick to laugh and move on from the heaviness of what they just saw.

And I realize that this is probably the first time that the majority of these kids have had to face death like this. In an animated movie with dragons and vikings, they expected a fairytale, and they got something much closer to reality. 

And for ten minutes, a theater full of children faced reality with Fun-Dip and popcorn. And they cried. 

Now I’ve read the article that claims HTTYD2 didn’t do as well in American theaters because parents warned other parents it “wasn’t for kids”, but I would argue that it was. Of course, I love the movie, so it’s for adults, too, but the target audience wasn’t me. 

Parents argued that the Death theme was too much for a young audience (and I respect parents choosing to shield their kids from death for as long as possible), but I saw with my own eyes kids realize that death was a thing that happened to everyone, not just bad guys. And they mourned when a good character died. And I think that lesson is important for kids to have. 

There were of course fantastic elements to HTTYD2, but those elements were part of a fantastic world that has always been anchored in reality. In the first film, Hiccup lost his leg because filmmakers decided it wasn’t believable that he went through that epic fight and came out unscathed. And so it was in HTTYD2.

Good people went to war, and good people died. 

And I think its a valuable lesson for children to have, especially delivered in animated form, when they can experience it with a kind of silver screen barrier between Death and themselves. 

- About kids, and grandchild for my parents, feeling guilty towards the ancestors, then about reproduction to maintaining the species, or about the fact that human evolution is gonna hit an impasse soon?

This scene is so precious to me. Truly. I remember when i first read it… I cried so much. Because I realized that is not just about the couple itself but Sajou thinking WHAT IF or HOW it would have been if he or Kusakabe wanted family/kids someday. I believe Sajou’s here questioning himself because he actually wants kids but knows he can’t. He needed some kind of confirmation from Kusakabe, because at that point he was doubting himself. 
And I love how Kusakabe handled whole situation. He’s being realistic but at the same time he’s offering himself to Sajou. You gain something but in order to get that you need to make some sacrifice. 


Kusakabe is thinking about Sajou’s happiness, that’s why he’s offering himself.

This scene IS SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME. We can’t get everything but we can do it TOGETHER!!! We can make each other happy :)

I guess the hardest thing is having so much love for you and it somehow not being returned. I develop crushes all the time but that is just misdirected need for you. You are a hole in my life, a black hole. Anything I place there cannot be returned. I miss you terribly.
—  Timothy Conigrave, Holding The Man

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do you read victuuri fanfics? i'm looking for new recs ^^"

I do ♡ I can rec you some, but they’re pretty popular, so a lot of people have already read them.

On My Love by RikoJasmine (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Ongoing)

Time Travel AU where after an accident, Yuuri wakes up in Detroit before his first GPF.

For the second time, the Sochi Grand Prix Finals arrive, and with it a reborn Yuuri Katsuki. “Viktor,” Yuuri thinks over the pounding of his heart, the crowd going silent as the music begins. “I’ll show the world what you meant to me.”

I have never cried so much in my entire life.

Masquerade by Ashida (Rating: Explicit, Status: Ongoing)

Mafia/Gangsters AU 

“Just say the word.” came the whisper as Victor stepped close, behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties, here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no.

I don’t think anything I say will do this fic justice.. It’s so beautifully written and so heart-breaking, it’s my favourite Viktor x Yuuri story. You can also find short side stories here.

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya (Rating: Explicit, Status: Complete holy fuck)

Rivals AU where everything changes the day Yuuri goes to see young Viktor perform and win his gold medal in the Junior Grand Prix.

“I’ll show him.” Yuuri vowed, hands still clenched tight around the pillow. “I don’t want to be like him anymore. I want to be better. I’ll beat him at his own game and he won’t be laughing at me anymore.”

a.k.a. the cause of my death and part one of the Rivals Series (the first chapter of the second part, titled Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts, will be will be posted on the 26th of March and I will f perish help me). Also my favourite fic.

centripetal force by braveten (Rating: Explicit, Status: Complete)

College/University/Roommates AU where Viktor Nikiforov, popular frat boy and Linguistics major, ends up rooming with Yuuri Katsuki, a shy Physics major (who happens to be the same person that Viktor hit on his skateboard).

“Oh,” the boy says from the bed. 

He looks surprised. 

(Obviously he looks surprised.) 

Victor can’t stop staring. “Hi.” Then he remembers that Bike Boy probably hates him. No, he remembers that there’s almost a zero chance that Bike Boy doesn’t hate him. “Sorry about this. I heard you were separated from the guy who was supposed to be your roommate, and so was I. So we can switch rooms, get it the way it’s supposed to be. They’re just a floor down from us.”” 

This is like, adorable and so funny, I read it in one go!

Stargazer by Fahye (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Complete)

Space/Royalty AU where Yuuri has been admiring the ‘sport of Kings’ from afar until His Royal Highness and reigning ballistic champion Viktor Nikiforov appears out of nowhere and together they reach for stars.

“Victor wore pink, that year, and his costume was cobwebbed with gold thread and amethysts. The jewels glittered and winked at the cameras as though even the lights were in love with him, were bending their heads to chase him as he moved, faster and brighter and grander and more breathtaking than anyone else had ever been.

That’s the image in Yuuri’s mind as he finishes his routine. There are purple sparkles and a gorgeous, carefree smile on display on the inside of his eyelids. 

So when he opens them to see the reigning men’s ballistic champion standing barely a yard away on the other side of the barrier, feet on the floor of the arena, close enough to the sealed-shut hatch in the transparent sphere that he could reach out and touch it–”” 

I read this a couple of days ago and I’m still speechless. There are wonderful illustrations in it, the story is incredible and the imagery really beautiful! 

premier dans mon coeur by aphhun (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Ongoing)

Canon Divergence/Danseur AU where Yuuri is the Principal Dancer of The Bolshoi and moves to St. Petersburg for a few months to help Lilia Baranovskaya choreograph a routine for Yuri Plisetsky’s Senior Debut in the Grand Prix Final.

“I’m Yuuri Katsuki. Wonderful to meet you finally, Mr. Feltsman.” 

Viktor fell on his ass, elbows slipping out from under him from how he had been lounging against the boards. He went down, not hard, but embarrassingly enough as he stared up at the attractive danseur from his spot on the ice. Damn.

Holy shit. Breathing - was he breathing? Did he still have to?

The kind of fluff you never knew you needed!

My fun fact is: by stillmadaboutpetra (Raring: General Audiences, Status: Complete)

After retiring, Yuuri goes back to the University of Michigan for a Master’s in education. What he fails to mention to his friends is that he’s a retired competitive figure skater.. and that he’s an Olympic medalist.. and that he’s pretty famous.. and that he’s married.  (based on this prompt

“But a big, cheek-busting grin bounces onto Yuuri’s face and he turns to them. “Would you like autographs?” 

Uh huh huh what now? 

A muffled scream swells in one girls throat, and the other bursts out “I knew it!” and the other one, closest, holds up her phone, eyes big. “We thought we saw you at the exhibition the other week.”” 

This is so funny, I’ve read it like, three times in a row and I still go back to read it some days. 

worth mentioning & my Marked for Later list:

Welp that’s all, I still have a lot of fic rec lists I have to check out as well (saved in my drafts) but I hope you enjoy these because I really did!


I just bought the soundtrack CD to The Book of Life so I could listen to it in my car whenever I had a bad day at work… or any time, really… and I was charmed when I read director/writer Jorge Gutierrez’ liner notes:

“Gustavo (Santaolalla) brought in his friend Paul Williams… to collaborate in writing two original songs for two HUGE moments in the film. The first time I heard his demo for “I Love You Too Much” I cried alone in my office. And when he sent “The Apology Song”, my wife Sandra and I had had a rough day on the film. We were driving home and we pulled over to hear it. We both cried. Our son Luka, four years old at the time, saw us crying and started crying too! But they were all tears of joy.”

“And my beloved Diego Luna, who had never sung on film before, poured out his heart and soul into the songs. You can hear all of Manolo’s vulnerability in his performance. Magic again.”

When I was a kid my Mum worked at a book warehouse and she was allowed to take home books that were damaged or unwanted and, let’s be honest, parents don’t really buy their kids poetry books so I had a hell of a lot of them. Because of this I wrote poetry from a very young age. The oldest poem I have of mine was written when I was four, I still have the original copy. But I have a hazy recollection of writing others before it, safe to say, poetry has lived in me for a very long time.

I wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and read, and read, and read, and when the warehouse closed and I didn’t get anymore poetry books (because poetry books are expensive in comparison to other books), I re-read the ones I had until I could recite them, the spines were cracked, the pages were full of post-it-notes, torn into strips, marking what must have been almost every page. One day one of my favourite poets, Paul Cookson, came to the library next to my primary school. I had brought my copy of “The Very Best of Paul Cookson” with me and I got him to sign it, he seemed surprised that it was my copy and not a library book (possibly because it was so beaten up from reading) and I told him I wanted to be a poet. He was the first adult in my life to really encourage me towards that most unlikely of careers, and I kept that book by my bed for years. I’ve still got a lot of his others, but that signed copy has vanished now. I can still describe the cover though, light blue, with a fish on it. 

Because of this encounter I kept writing, until, when I was in year six, my teacher asked the class what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said I wanted to be a poet, and he, a mean, proud man, one of those teachers that gave you the feeling that they never really wanted to teach children, told me that it was a “stupid and childish idea”. So, slowly, I stopped, my words running out.

Then, years later, in high school, we got asked to write a poem in class. So I did. And apparently it was quite good, because after that one of my teachers Rachel Hendra, took a keen interest in my work, and when, one day, I told her that I was stuck in a rut of rhyming, that I couldn’t write in free verse, she brought in her own personal copies of Ted Hughes’ “Birthday Letters” and “Crow”, and told me two things: One: They were incredible, and Two: If I touched the post-it notes, sprinkled liberally throughout the books, she would kill me. I read Birthday Letters in one amazing day. And then over the weekend I read it again. When I gave it back the post-its were still in place, my words had returned, and my understanding of poetry was forever changed.

That summer I was working at a festival, and I wandered to the poetry stage in the evening. It was the first time I had ever seen poetry performed and I was entranced. And then Joelle Taylor walked on stage and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. 

A few years, passed, I came out as Transgender, I struggled, and poured my struggle into the poetry, and kept writing. My hero, Anthony Head read my poetry, cried, read it again, and liked it so much that he agreed to write the foreword to my first book, and he was kinder and more encouraging than you can ever imagine.  Then, a few years, a lot of events, and a stupid amount of poetry open mic’s (which Hendra and a few other teachers would turn up to in order to -kindly- heckle me) after I had first seen her Joelle came to my hometown. The organiser of the gig asked me if I would perform as her support act, and of course I agreed. After my performance she asked me to apply for Slambassadors, the UK’s biggest youth poetry slam, and I was a winner. I sent a photo of my trophy to Anthony and he posted it all over his social media, he was so excited for me, more excited than any adult in my life had ever been about any award that I had ever won. 

When I was a kid I was always told to be something normal, something boring, something… less. I fought my way up. Past the expectations placed upon me. When I was young I was just a young carer. A trouble maker. I was the kid from the failing school, who got into fights, was excluded from school, the kid who always scrounged food from others, whose parents drank too much, whose grades never quite lived up to expectations, who wouldn’t ever, quite, allow themselves to be fitted into the boxes laid out for them.

Now I’m twenty. I’m the first member of my family to go to university. I have two solo poetry collections that have sold to fourteen different countries. I have won a national poetry award, and performed in the final of the Roundhouse slam. I am following my dreams, and doing what I was told by so many was impossible, because some people, these people, told me that it WAS possible, that the stars were within my reach, and thanks to them I am dedicating my life to reaching them.

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I see, there are a lot quest about kojima haruna so i see at her grad stage that aki-p write her letter,if u don't mind can u translate that?and there is vtr show some member comment for her like from paruru,izurina and the other can u translate that too

From the VTR: 

Yokoyama Yui’s excerpt from something she said to Kojima on her seitansai last year; 
“By the makeup-artists and the staff, we would always get told, “whenever you borrow and then give back something where there’s written “Kojiharu” on it, be sure to properly express gratitude to her”. Now, as a person, that’s just good manners, it’s obvious we’d do that, but I also realized that it is something maybe we don’t really always get the chance to do. But then,  by following those instructions for the past 10 years, and by seeing you doing just the same, I realized what an amazing person you also are not only on the outside, by showing off this cool attitude and beautiful looks, but also on the inside.”

Keep reading

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I finished Feedback last night. It was so gripping that I read it all in one go and was shocked to find it almost 4am after. Thank you. Thank you for fleshing out Senator Wagman. Thank you especially for Mat. I made it 12 pages in before I cried the first time, and I was crying because there was a nonbinary character using singular they being respected and understood without any issue or concern. It was important for me to see them, and helped remind me that I am not asking too much of people.

For me, the important part was that there were some issues about Mat’s pronouns–you have Ash saying “this was hard for me, I didn’t understand it, and you know what, I did it anyway, because I am not an asshole.”  I didn’t want to reflect a world where we had jumped straight to perfect understanding, because I felt like I needed to show some of the work.

You are not asking too much of people.

There is so much work to do.


The Book Thief is my all-time favorite book so I nearly cried when I found a signed copy in the bookstore

“When death captures me,” the boy vowed, “he will feel my fist on his face.”
Personally, I quite like that. Such stupid gallantry.
I like that a lot.”

I know a lot of people don’t like this book very much because it is “Boring” or “long-winded” but to me, it is a treasure. I first read it when I was 16 and I completely devoured it. I stayed up and read all night and into the next morning. I only stopped for school. When the final scene ended and all that was left was the blank page at the end I cried. I had fallen so in love with the characters that I wished it never ended. I hadn’t read anything that affected me so much. Still to this day it is my favorite book


Truth Pt.4

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Title: Truth

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Self Hate, Depression

Authors note: This Update is longer than the rest thankfully! I wasn’t going to do a part in Taehyungs’s POV, but I really thought about it and felt he as character needed it. Thank you for all the love and support you all give this story it really helps motivate me to write more. Thanks for reading!

This series will be updated every Friday. Drabble Game is now open and you can find it HERE - Admin Wei Wei

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4



 I heard the crash of bags hit the floor. I swiftly turned my head seeing (Y/N) standing there in tears.

 'She heard.’

 My heart dropped to my stomach. “(Y/N)?” I said. Everyone had stopped and looked. Horror filled their eyes as they too had realized that she had heard.

 "Did I really mean nothing to you.“ She spoke. You could hear the hurt in her voice which caused guilt to fill me. ”(Y/N), I..-“ I started only to be cut off. 

"Was I just a pawn in your sick game? Just some toy that you can throw away once you’re bored!” She spat, anger and sadness filled her eyes. 

The guilt I felt brought me a pain in my chest. I never meant for this to happen, but now that it has it seems like my world is crashing. 

“(Y/N)… Please! It’s just a misunderstanding..” I said reaching out towards her, but she pulled away in disgust. The pain in my chest increased. 

“How could this be in anyway a misunderstanding!” She said storming out.

 My ears started to ring my mind went blank it was if all me senses had just stopped working. I stood their frozen lost in my thoughts with one thing on replay.

 'I’ve just ruined the girl I love.‘ 

I was broke from my thoughts as I was pushed to floor. “What the hell did you do!.” Jin yelled furious. I laid there still, looking up at him. “I..I.” The words would not form I was still in shock and guilt that I couldn’t properly put together sentences. 

Jin only crouched down at my level pulling me up by my shirt. “One of you better tell me what the he’ll happened before I beat him.” He yelled. 

Namjoon and Yoongi walked in the door not being here before saw the situation in front of them. Both older boys came and pulled Jin off of me. “Hyung what are you doing?” Namjoon asked. He didn’t answer just continued to stare daggers at me. Namjoon then looked around the room for one of the younger boys to explain. 

“Around five months ago we dared Hyung to ask out (Y/N) and stay with her for a month.” Jimin said in shame. Jin still in the grip of Namjoon and Yoongi tried to reach out and attack me, but was thankfully held back.

“Are you stupid, do you think someone’s life is just something you can mess with!?” Jin yelled still being held back. I stood up off the ground. “I know what I did was wrong! It seemed harmless at first, but after a while I really started to talk to her I began to fall for her. I really do have feelings for her.” I said.

Jin took a breath eyes never leaving mine. “But you still had the decency to take the dare. Do you know how cruel and insensitive that is?” He said more calmly and somehow his words stung more that way. 

Tears fell down my face and I couldn’t bring myself to look at him or anyone. I was ashamed in myself because I had already knew everything he was saying to me, but I decided to do it anyways.

I continued to call and text (Y/N) religiously, hoping that she would text me back. I needed to talk to her. I needed to let her know how sorry I was and I really do have feelings for her. 

Weeks passed and still no answer. I needed to know if she was okay and she hasn’t done anything to harm herself. If she harmed herself because of what I did to her, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I knew there was only one person to get through to her.

I walked down the hall and knocked on hyungs door. “Hyung, please, I really need your help.” There was silence on the other side the door, but soon the door pulled open. 

“What?” Jin said pulling the door open. 

“Hyung, I know what I did was wrong and please you are the only person who can get through to her please I need to know she’s okay, that she hasn’t hurt herself. I really do care for her and my feelings for her are real I just had the wrong intentions to begin with.” Jin rolled his eyes at me and pushed me out of the way.

“I was on my way to see her anyways, but I’ll see if she’s willing to talk to you, but don’t expect anything.” He said not even giving me a second glance. 

Guilt still coursed through me and caused me what almost felt like physical pain. I hated myself for what I did. I know people where disgusted with me, but nobody felt more disgusted with me than myself. It made me sick. 

I know what I did hurt (Y/N), but I know I may have not have killed her physically, but most likely I killed her mentally. I closed myself off in my room not wanting to speak to anyone.

I got up the next morning to go to practice it was one of the last ones before we left on our promotion tour. I pulled on something easy not caring how I looked and got in the van to the studio.

I sat on the floor of the dance studio waiting for the rest of the guys to get here. Jin didn’t come home last night, so I’m guessing he stayed with (Y/N).

 The door to the dance room suddenly swung open. Jin came running in straight towards me, pushed me down and his fist rose towards my face. I didn’t stop him, he made at least two blows to my face before he was pulled off me by Jungkook and Namjoon. 

“You sick bastard, it was one thing to date her as a dare, but to take her virginity too!?” He yelled. 

He fought against the boys restraining him trying to come at me again. “Was that part of your sick bet too! To get into her pants! To take the one thing she was saving for the person she truly loved!" 

"Loved?” I whispered staring at him. 'Did (Y/N) love me?’ I stare at Jin in confusion at the words he just spoke. He pushed both Namjoon and Jungkook off of him “And I know what you’re thinking, yes she did love you and she trusted you.” He spat.

 "You destroyed her.“ He said lastly. 

The pain in my chest grew bigger and I couldn’t meet the eye of anyone. I was to ashamed. I lifted myself from the floor and fled the dance room.

I returned to the dorms moving straight to my room. I entered the bathroom looking at my reflection. I had blood on my lip and my upper brow. I started the shower, stripping my clothes and stepped inside. Tears began pouring from my eyes, I cried for the first in a very long time.

'I hate myself.’ 

Guilt is like something toxic to the brain, it allows for one to continuously relive their mistakes over and over. That’s at least what I have read, but honestly I feel it is so much more than that. Depending on ones level of guilt it can cause more things. The guilt I felt for ruining (Y/N) made me feel physical pain. I was not only reliving my mistake awake, but also every time I closed my eyes I saw the broken eyes of (Y/N) as she ran out of the dorm. The physical pain I felt in my chest I guessed was a punishment, if I felt like this I could only imagine what (Y/N) felt like.

Months passed by and I still haven’t slept well or even eaten well. While on tour I had to be taken to the hospital multiple times for dehydration, malnutrition, and exhaustion. They boys are worried and continuously watch me, but it’s something I can’t help and neither can they. 

We returned home and I prepare myself for the fans that usually stood waiting for us outside of the gate. I was feeling nauseous from the plane ride. Exiting the gate even with security I was still pushed around by fans. I felt my consciousness slipping, my legs grew tired, and my vision blurred. The last thing I heard was security screaming get back.

(Y/N) POV 

I dressed my self in comfortable clothing, some leggings and a long sweater. My baby bump was very noticeable, but it’s not like I could hide a 8 month baby.

 I hauled a taxi and traveled to the hospital where Taehyung was admitted. Jungkook gave me the floor and room number, so I had no reason to ask for help. I pressed the button to his floor and let out a breath I had no idea I was holding. This was it the secret would be out once I stepped out of this elevator. 

The elevator dinged open and I stepped out into the hall. In the hall chairs sat Jungkook, Yoongi, Jin, and Jimin meaning Hobi and Namjoon were most likely in the room. 

Their heads rose and turn towards me as they heard me approaching. Their eyes widened with shock as the saw my current figure. 

”(Y/N)..“ Jin said standing up. "Where is he?” I said ignoring his confusion. 

“His in the room, but (Y/N)..” Jin said grabbing me lightly. I knew he was referring to the pregnant stomach and wanted answers. “I need to see him first.” I said brushing him off me and entering the room. Hoseok and Namjoon had the same reaction as the other boys which was no surprise. “Can I see him alone please.” I asked them. They both nodded and exited the room silently.

I looked at the man laying on the bed. Taehyung was asleep. He had huge bags under his eyes and they were slightly sunken. His skin was an abnormal pale and he was much thinner than the last time you saw him. “How could you do this to your self?” I said to him. I took a seat on the chair next his bed and pulled close to him. “Tae, why did you do this to yourself?” I said again taking his hand.

Jungkook had already updated me on his condition and what has been going on with him the past few months. He said the doctor had told them that he is mentally punishing himself which is causing him to fall ill physically.

“Taehyung, you need to be healthy for yourself and your fans they would be heartbroken if something bad really happened to you.” I paused taking a breath and continued. “And if not for yourself or your fans, do it for me Taehyung I wouldn’t be able to live if something happened to you. If I’m still not enough, do it for your son.” I said lastly. 

“Son?” A raspy voice choked out. I jumped in surprise looking down at Taehyung. 

His eyes opened turning to look at you. The traveled from your face down to your stomach. Out of habit my hand began to gently rub it. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked. I let out a sigh looking down. “I didn’t want you to Force your feelings for the baby the way you did with me.” I said. 

Tears formed in both my and Taehyung’s eyes.

 "(Y/N) I know I hurt you, lied to you, and put you through so much pain, but my feelings were only forced at most the first week of the dare.“ He said. "I was supposed to only stay with you a month, but when the month passed I didn’t choose to stay with you out of pity, I stayed with you because I saw a future with you.” He said reaching for my hand. 

Tears fell down my face as he spoke these words. “The reason I’m hospitalized now is because I had been punishing myself because I hurt the one person I saw my future with. The one person I truly love.” He told me. 

'Love’ I froze at the word. While we were dating I was the first to tell him I loved him. Not soon after he told the same to me. Deep down I know he’s telling the truth, but still part of me questions his intentions.

“Please, (Y/N), forgive me.” He says squeezing my hand. “Oh, Tae.” I say looking up at him sniffling. “I forgave you the moment I heard my baby’s heart beat for the first time.” I said 

“Our baby’s.” I corrected myself.

 "I tried to hate you, I really did, but our son continued to change my mind because how could I hate someone who gave me the greatest gift.“ I told him. “(Y/N), if you let me, I would like to part of not only the baby’s life, but also yours.” He paused before continuing. 

“I love you, (Y/N)." 

you guys knk is so beautiful in person and so freaking talented their vocals are amazing and i cried when i heard the first note of knock my soul left my body and ascended it was amazing and they are all so sweet especially seungjun he was like so attentive to the fans the entire time, he kept waving to them and there was a Q&A board where fans had written questions on post-it notes and he was like closely reading all of them honestly he’s so precious i love him so much


Opening the door after a long day of work. She could smell the flowers before she saw them. Only one person knew the kind of flowers she liked. He was the only one who ever bought them for her.
Reaching for the light on the wall. The living room came to life. Covering her end table and her coffee table. Where dozen and dozens of orange roses.
You should have been scared anyone else would have. But you knew who these where from. You both stayed up late and would have conversations about this and that. You had told him about how no one ever gave you roses. He smiled and said you were worth so much more. When you broke up He said he would fight for you, but first he would give you time to figure everything out. You knew the minute he pulled out of your driveway he was what you wanted. You just let your pride stop you from running after him. He never hid anything from you about his life. You just got scared.
Walking up and picking up one of the roses you felt a tear run down your face. Picking up the card. You cried as your read it.

I know what I want, but do you. Turn around if your ready for a life with me.

Dropping the rose your turned around and saw Happy standing there. Running over to him and throwing your arms round his neck.
“They are so beautiful.” You said still hugging him.
“They don’t compare to you.” He said pulling up back to kiss you.
“I don’t want another day with out you.” You said kissing him again.

There aren’t enough words to describe the perfection of dentalfloss’s In Wade We Trust, only that I have squealed, clasped my hands in delight, and actually cried at least five times while reading this perfection of a fic. It’s Wade Wilson, and Clint Barton, and Phil Coulson, and the Avengers and shenanigans and angst and loveliness from the first page to the last and I am sincerely devastated that I’ve just finished it because I wanted at least fifteen more chapters. Do yourself a favor and read this fic RIGHT NOW.


“It isn’t until he’s half an hour away from Samwell, truck rumbling beneath him, that he wonders what in the world he’s actually doing. He’s driving but there’s no destination in mind. There’s just a burning need to get away.”

A month into his senior year, Eric Bittle leaves Samwell behind for beautiful Las Vegas skies.

posters for @shipped-goldstandard ‘s fic EASE (because I love this fic with all of my heart). I can’t stress enough how much I love this story and how it strikes such a chord with me every time I read it??? Tbh I legit cried the first time I read it. And there are so many great moments in it, it was so hard to pick just two quotes. 

Things That Make Me Love Magnus Chase

((Please note that I’ve Only Read The Sword of Summer)) @alexfierrno Thanks for convincing me to read this amazing book and for bringing me into this amazing fandom. I owe ya!!

• Our main character lived on the streets for two years.

• Annabeth literally hasn’t seen her cousin in years (and probably hasn’t thought about him much considering all she’s done since PJO/HOO) but she literally drops everything to find him in Boston.


• Blitz and Hearth. Just…Blitz and Hearth.

• Blitz being a MOC dwarf whos mother is a goddess and who loves fashion.

• Hearth being a deaf elf who taught Magnus ASL.

• Hearth only wears the red and white scarf because Blitz said it would look nice. (he never really takes it off)

• Natalie Chase being an amazing mother who I love and we’ve never even officially met her

• The occupants of floor 19

• Thomas Jefferson Jr’s mother was a runaway sLAVE AND NO ONE WANTS TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT?

• Gunilla being Gorilla

• Magnus being genuinely mad when he gets abs

• “A pen sword” (I see what you did there Rick, we see you)

• Loki. I’m so sorry, but I always imagine him as Tom Hiddleston.

• Blitz and Hearth falling out of the world tree.

• Sam being in an arranged marriage with Amir but being in love with. We have a consentual arranged marriage.

• “How many Arab American female pilots do you know?”

• Magnus’ inability to shut the hell up

• Huge ducks being the portal to different worlds.

• Sam turning her swan cloak into a hijab.

• Blitz and Magnus are technical first cousins.

• The fact that the dwarves put so much heart and soul into their creations, even if it’s just a cup.

• Blitz says on page 301 that he’s only 20. He was literally only 18 when he drank from the well. He was just a kid, and he spent 2 years taking care of Magnus.

• Blitz 👏 built 👏 Hearth 👏 a 👏 fricking 👏 tanning 👏 bed 👏 in 👏 his 👏 apartment 👏 Odin 👏 bless 👏 this 👏 dwarf 👏

• Otis is a small precious child who has a therapist oh my God I love that goat.

• Thor is such a fangirl I love him. (SIDE NOTE: In total, Rick has referenced The Mortal Instruments ((he dedicated this book to Cassandra Clare and thanked her for the use of Magnus. Cough cough Magnus Bane cough cough)) Doctor Who, Arrow, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, and Supernatural)

• Hearth is so fricking sassy around Thor oh my god.

• Apparently there are Norse zombies called draugr. Who knew.

• “[Blitz] crawled into the tent and muttered to Hearthstone, “Make some room you tent hog!” Then he draped his over-coat across the elf, which I thought was kind of sweet. “ - Pg.370. HOLY CRAP THIS PART I LITERALLY HAD TO PUT THE BOOK DOWN AND SCREAM.

• Hearth fucking putting Otis and Marvin’s heads in Thor’s arms. “Never let it be said that elves don’t have a sense of humor. ”

• OK, but how tf is Loki an 8 legged horses mother?? Could someone explain that to me??

•"He leaned against Blitz, giggling silently and making random signs like, Butterfly. Pop. Yippee. ” Pg.384: HES SO CUTE AND ACTS SO DRUNK HERE ITS ADORABLE I LOVE HIM.

•Hearth being hella confused since the sign for I Love You looks similar to drinking out a bottle.

•"“Here he is,” Sam called, brushing some rubble off the fallen elf. “I think he’s okay. ” “Thank Odin!” Blitz started forward but almost fell.’ Pg. 406


•Sam, Magnus, Blitz, and Hearth being a family of empty cups 😭😭💗


•Floor 19 letting Magnus go free I cry.

•"I felt as if I were seeing Hearthstone for the first time. He didn’t stumble. He didn’t faint. He strode confidently forward, flowers expanding before him like an unrolling carpet. Not only was Hearth immune to the wolfs voice, his rune magic was literally redrawing the boundaries of Fenris’ prison. “ Pg.450 - This was so beautiful. I cried so hard when I read this. He’s come such a long way and he’s developed so much I love Hearth.

•Frey looks more like Marvels’ Thor than Thor did.

•Frey realizes that Magnus probably isn’t ready for a father figure just yet.

•Magnus is the one to initiate the hug between them.

• Blades before Babes.

•The chapter title for Chapter Sixty-Nine is "Oh…So That’s Who Fenris Smelled in Chapter Sixty-Three”. Did he…Did Rick just break the fourth wall???!?1?!1


• ‘The screen changed. In Sam’s photo, she was standing nervously at the counter of Fadlan’s Falafel, her face turned aside, blushing furiously as Amir leaned towards her, grinning. “Oooooo,” said the crowd of einherjar, followed by a fair amount of snickering. “Kill me now,” Sam muttered. “Please. "Pg. 478.

•Halfborn and Mallory!!!!!1!!11!1

•"To us, the Chase cousins. Here’s to being less messed up. ” Pg. 487


All joking aside, this is a seriously good book and I can’t wait to check out the second book tomorrow. I can’t wait to meet Alex Fierro. This book made me cry, and laugh, and stay up way too late. I seriously recommend this to anyone who’s a fan of myths. Really, this book is a treasure.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any favorite bokuaka fics where they are well characterized? I was reading one that had a nice plot but they made bokuto a mentally 5 yrs old selfish dude and it was just no. I like their caracterization in The Roost, it's different and they actually gt pissed at eachother when they meet instead of the usual "akaashi hates Bokuto and Bo cries and ask forgiveness" they are much more equals in that one

this ask is hilarious to me. it’s like, half rant, half ask. i’m sorry you’ve had some hard times. despite my current thirst for bokuakas, i don’t… read fic that much? especially in fandoms i’m writing for. so like, keep that in mind. 

but here are some authors that write a fantastic bokuaka. i should add that i try to write akaashi differently in every story so i don’t have a standard characterization for him, although there are a few that i refuse to support.

if you want awkward/arguing first meetings in a sweeping larger narrative, @chosenofkagami‘s blood in the water is phenomenal. i mean it’s phenomenal in general but the bokuakas are top tier. if you like the roost, i think this might be a good one for you.

@livecement writes a lot of drabbles. their akaashi is a total weirdo in the best way possible. he’s authentic and real and the sex is well-researched and organic.

@dgalerab‘s akaashis are badasses dancing on the edge of dark, sometimes evolving that way, sometimes just starting off that way. basically, akaashi is a perfectly normal person who will kill you if he feels like it. bokuto is childlike, but not childish. again, we’ve got big projects here, so if that’s what you want here you go.

@risquetendencies wrote a bokuto who stood up for himself despite a huge amount of pain, allowed himself space and time to forgive, and basically told akaashi off. 

you probably know about norio. there’s a lot of almost exclusively one-shots, a very abstract style at times, and i’d say bokuto is more on the fragile side, but also surprisingly strong.

there’s probably other stuff on the first page when you sort by kudos, but i personally don’t like most of those characterizations. i’d recommend sorting by kudos and go straight to the middle. that’s where the gems are.