i cried so much making these

College really sucks for me right now. All of my friends transferred because of our university being too expensive, leaving me alone. I spend most of my time by myself, in my room, at the cafe, or in class. I have tried to join the free clubs and have not had much luck making friends. I almost 3 months into this semester and I have not made any friends. The other week I cried because I watched a video of people goofing their friends. It made me feel so lonely and sad.

Not In That Way | Hoseok

Summary: In which Hoseok wishes he did something before you took your life.

Pairing: Hoseok (BTS) X Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.5K

Muse: 13 Reasons Why

A/N: The GIF above was created by @/jhopies. Their gifs are so amazing and you should go check them out!

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Oso, hey, I know you're gonna brush all that off like it was nothing, but that's just to make sure you're brothers don't worry too much, right? Seriously.... you need to make sure you're alright mentally after something like That, yknow? I love you! - shy stranger

Osomatsu: Well….it brought back so many bad memories when he came back, and I just broke down and cried in front of everyone! That was so embarassing~! Aaaah, it felt so good to beat him up~! I’ve never been happier! Ahahaha, these pears are so good! ❤

B.A.P/Winner Reaction |Their S/o is crying because her braces are hurting her mouth| |REQUEST|

Yongguk:He tried his best to help you but no matter what your mouth continued to hurt.He gave you some meds that numb the pain for 2 hours but it went away earlier then he thought it would. “Stop crying, I promise i will try to fix it”

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Himchan:He would give you warm food if you couldn’t chew it he would just make you soup.You didn’t want the soup so he had no idea what to do next once you cried again.He rushed over with some meds. “They said if your mouth is hurting you have to take it, So please Y/n take it for me”

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Daehyun:He would be your teddy bear the entire day he would cuddle you and try to calm you down.You hated having braces because it hurt your mouth so much.He would try to help you. “I can order you some food and make sure you can chew it i’ll get you soft food and we can cuddle”

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Youngjae:He didn’t know what to do you cried in the pillow touching the inside of your mouth.He called people for advice he just wanted you to feel better.He did what he only could. “We can get them off, It seems to hurt to much for you”

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Jongup:He would try his best to get you what was needed you held the side of your face crying.He didn’t know it would hurt you so much it was nearly dark and you still cried.Once he calmed you down you closed your eyes. “Tomorrow we can get you something to eat and calm the pain in your mouth”

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Zelo:Being older doesn’t improve his thoughts on helping much it’s rare though when you ever need help.Today though was the thought he searched how to help.How to make the pain go away. “It says right here that if you take some sort of medicine that it will numb the pain so let me go buy it i’ll be back”

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Mino:It was no secret that you whined like a 2 year old over little things but this time you had a reason.You walked out holding your face crying into Mino’s chest. “Don’t worry Y/n the pain will leave in a couple hours”

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Seunghoon:Whiny or not he still loved you and put up with whatever bothered you.This time he was 100% sure he knew what was needed and it was nothing.He just felt like you needed some rest. “Just go to sleep you’re tired” 

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Seungyoon:Well to him it was funny because you lashed out on anyone that tried to help you.He even tried but you lashed out on him and blamed him for the pain in your mouth. “Well you should’ve took care of your mouth”

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Jinwoo:As much as you loved each other he wanted you to be calm.He just numbed the pain in your mouth and tried to keep it from hurting.Once you started crying he felt bad. “I’ll talk to him tomorrow and see if he can loosen your braces”

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Taehyun:You knew how much he tried and how much money he spent on your mouth getting fixed.You didn’t want them so you cried because they hurt he smiled at you. “Come on love just leave them on for 2 more weeks i’ll get them off later”

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I just love your art, and they way you make you miqo'te look. Im so done with them being so freaken skinny, and i nearly cried with joy seeing the way you make yours. ;w; pls never stop.

Ahhh thank you so much! >u< If they’d ever add some little body shape slider in character creation I’d finally get to use my spider-webbed Fantasia :B


Part of me is like bring this bitch back because she’ll be going next week, I don’t fucking care. Regardless of what happened today, this week, whatever… I’m going to win. 


make me choosevilde and noora or jonas and isak? (asked by @orpheaus)

eres bonita como eres. you’re so cute, thank you so much ❤️ […] but hello, i don’t take spanish, what does it say? tienes que averiguarlo por tu misma, amiga.   


kuroo tetsurou ✩☾

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