i cried so much in this movie

Moana Rant

Y’all, I just have to get this off my chest:

 My mother is full-blooded Hawaiian, and my father is the whitest man I know. My sister and I are both, respectively, half Hawaiian. We both have the thick, black, curly hair; the gold-toned skin; the big Hawaiian nose; we’ve been taught the folklore and some of the language…so when I saw that Moana was coming out, my heart filled with so much joy, I cried. When I saw the movie, I wept the entire time. FINALLY, a Polynesian princess (and I have to repeat that: POLYNESIAN princess, not just Hawaiian). However, there was this looming dread at the fact that this amazing cultural movie about my people was finally happening. And gotdamn wouldn’t you know I was right to be scared? 

While it fills me with so much happiness to see people love this movie, y’all gotta stop trying to make Moana look like every other disney princess because she ain’t. I respect artists and I understand that there is some leeway in the way you draw, but stop taking away what makes her Polynesian for the sake of your aesthetic. Please. I am begging you. Stop taking away her big beautiful wide nose. Stop taking away her dark golden-undertoned skin. Stop taking away her voluminous, curly, DARK hair. Please just stop. I have waited my entire life to see someone who looks JUST LIKE ME be important in media, and now y’all taking away what makes her Polynesian? Are you serious? 

And another thing: Moana is about the Polynesian people, and all their diversities. The people on Moana’s island are not all one type of Polynesian people (i.e. Maori, Hawaiian, Samoan, Tongan etc.) , they make up all of us. This movie mixes demi-gods and goddesses and folklores from all of our societies, and shows how truly diverse, magical, and sacred all of our cultures are. Please do not act as if you know everything about Poly cultures just from seeing this movie, and do not think that because this movie is out it gives free range for you to have lu’au or wear those cheap grass skirts and flower crowns; LEARN your Polynesian cultures. With this movie becoming influential and important, please let it remind you to be respectful of all Polynesian culture and to educate yourself on all the wonders our different cultures have to offer. Give this space to those of us who are finally having representation and finally get to enjoy our culture being on the big screen for everyone to enjoy and become a part of. 

E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe (May blessings ever be with you)

My personal hero of Episode 11?

There is so much love, so much passion.
And with this, seemingly small move, she helped JJ to not fall into the depression that is often followed by a severe anxiety attack.
Because let’s face it, that’s exactly what he had. A panic attack.
She snapped him out of the moment… The moment he would probably have drowned himself in self doubt.

She showed him that for HER he is still the best.
And then others join in. Because for THEM he is also the best.

And it’s so pure and speaks to me on so many levels. I cried.
Like a baby. And I’m not scared to admit it.

And that’s what I love so much about Yuri!!! on Ice. It’s so real on so many levels. It shows so many struggles other anime (or shows, or movies) rather hide from because they don’t want their watchers to feel down.
but YoI shows it. It shoots right through our hearts… but then it also shows that there is always light at the end.
Always someone to stand by you.
Always a way to overcome things.
Not alone, but with the people who love you.

I LOVE Yuri!!! on Ice.
Because it’s pure emotion.


television meme: [1/30] OTPs → jess mariano & rory gilmore
“You just have to let it happen. And then, probably when you’re not looking, you’ll find someone who compliments you. Someone who likes what you like, someone who reads the same books or listens to the same music or likes to trash the same movies. Someone compatible. But not so compatible that they’re boring. I mean, you respect each other’s opinions and you can laugh at the same jokes, but I don’t know – there’s just something about not quite knowing what the other person’s gonna do at all times that’s just really exciting.”

*clears throat*

The characters are AMAZING.
The animation is BEAUTIFUL.
The story is FANTASTIC.
The voice acting is SOLID.
The music is PHENOMENAL.
Humor. Diversity. Adventure. Representation. Strong female lead. All that good, good stuff!
I strongly recommend watching it omg :)


I am not technically Māori, but I am from New Zealand. I grew up in an area with a high concentration of Māori people. I have Māori friends and whānau and honestly the culture is engrained in us through school, through te reo, if you are from New Zealand, it is a part of you in some way. 

Moana was the movie I’d been waiting for. 

When that first fucking note hit, my sister and I just turned and looked at each other. The looks on our faces, man. The music was beautiful (I love you, LMM). The story was beautiful. I grew up reading books about Maui and his legends - Maui and the Sun? I must have read it dozens of times. Hell, the word ‘moana’ literally means ocean in te reo Māori! When Maui did the haka facing Te Kā, when Moana did a hongi with Te Fiti, there were so many parts that reminded me of the Māori culture. 

And I loved that it wasn’t just Māori, it was like a mash-up of many different Polynesian cultures? New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, and so many others, no matter where you were from, if you were Pasifika, you could identify in some way????? 


Look, basically, when the lights came up, I was literally crying. I loved this movie so damn much, I LOVED IT. 

When it happened, I cried a lot.

The next morning, I didn’t get out of bed.
Neither did I do so in the afternoon.

Two days later, my bestfriend came to visit with a carton of vanilla ice cream in her hands.
I didn’t eat much of it, because my new favorite flavor was pistachio because you had gotten me hooked on it.
We stayed up late watching my favorite movies and she spent the night on your side of the bed.

Six days later, I took out our old pictures.
I spent hours looking over them.
I wanted to rip them apart, but I couldn’t.
I stored them in a drawer I rarely opened, instead.

Two weeks later, I finally left the house to go for a walk.
I passed by the coffee shop that we had our first date in.
I paused, debated it.
Then, I stepped inside and ordered myself a caramel macchiato instead of an espresso. The first drink I had shared with you.
I always hated the bitter taste, but I drank it anyways because you had already ordered and I was too shy to change it.

A month later, I got myself a haircut.
You liked my hair long, but I always wanted to have it short.
I always struggled with managing it.
When the stylist was done, he smiled at me and said,
“It looks lovely. You look amazing.”
I didn’t go home and cry myself to sleep that night.

Six months later, I went to the beach one early morning to watch the sunrise.
I remembered resting my head against your shoulder as we waited for the sky to burst into different colors.
You always yawned numerous times, because you hated waking up early, but you did it for me anyways. I remembered teasing you about it.
I smiled.

A year later, I met someone new.

I don’t regret what happened.
There is no point in doing so.
I am happy now,
and I hope you are too.

—  Moving on

I watched Moana on Nov 22nd in my theater and How Far I’ll Go has been stuck in my head since then.

I haven’t been moved this much by a Disney movie to the point of crying in so long. I think I cried like realistically, five times. But it felt to be more like at least 20.

Moana is beautiful. And reminds me so much of my homeland in the Philippines.

My mother doesn’t like animated movies much, as English is her second language. So they can be hard to follow. But when she saw the island culture, I know she was moved too and comforted to see something so beautiful yet familiar on a large screen.

Please go watch Moana. You won’t be disappointed.

So I just saw Hidden Figures and I am so happy I did. This is a movie that EVERYONE needs to see. This is important. This is history that we should’ve acknowledged so long ago and it’s so disappointing that we’re only shedding light on it now. At least I’m only hearing about these women’s stories now. I wish I was eloquent and intelligent enough to say what I want to say about the movie. But I was educated, not only on the history of events but how these women had to prove themselves twice as much because of the racial prejudices put upon them. I cried during the movie because of how unfair the situation was, how happy I was for them and how inspirational the story was. I’m also very happy because I’ve been hearing a lot of reviews and they say this was an accurate portrayal of these women’s stories. There’s a lot to say but I really don’t know how to put it in words. Please if you haven’t seen it yet, see it.

  • Me: I'm fine.
  • Also me: *Cries a lot thinking about the two new otps J.K. Rowling gave me in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them*

Fujimaki-sensei Q&A thing from Jump Festa: full version!

Q. I’m really looking forward to the movie next March. During middle school, what movie did Kuroko and Momoi go see on a date? I’d love it if you could tell me what happened after that, too. 
A. It was the kind of movie where the dog waits forever for his dead owner. After they watched it, Momoi cried so much it wasn’t really a date anymore. 

Q. What nicknames did Kagetora-san give to everyone on Vorpal Swords? If he had them for Momoi and the players on the bench, please say what they were, too.
A. Kise –> Flashy Guy
Midorima –> 7:3 Part
Aomine –> Tanning Salon
Murasakibara –> Long Hair
Akashi –> Rich Boy [”Obotchan”]
Momoi –> Satsuki-chan
Wakamatsu –> Yankii
Takao –> Middle Part

[T/N: the “part” in Midorima and Takao’s names is in the sense of a hair part. A 7:3 part is considered a nerdy hairstyle.]

Q. I have a question for Midorima-kun. Up until now, what was your biggest and smallest lucky item? If possible, I’d also like to know the most expensive.
A. Biggest & most expensive –> copy machine (forcefully borrowed from school)
Smallest –> single grain of rice (when left on the bench, it blew away)

Q. There’s a rumor that Kise can’t draw, but how bad is he? I’d love it if I could actually see it. I’d also like to know how well Aomine can draw, since he’s in the top two dummies of the Generation of Miracles. 
A. [See above for drawings. Left is Kise’s drawing, a dog, and on the right is Aomine’s drawing, a cat.]

Q. The Kouhaku Singing Competition is a big part of New Years, so of the Kuroko no Basuke characters, who’s the best singer? Please also tell us who’s as terrible as Gian
A. The best –> There’s only Himuro. The worst –> Nebuya. 
These characters didn’t sing as expected at karaoke–>
surprisingly good –> Furihata, Hayakawa
surprisingly bad —> Miyaji, Nijimura

Q. How many layers are in the osechi in the Akashi family, and is there some kind of really expensive food inside? Also, does Murasakibara’s zouni have chocolate or something else sweet in it?
A. 4-5 layers, and pretty much any expensive ingredients you can imagine are in it. The zouni is normal. What’s crazy is the amount of shiruko. 



Mom cried. I admit I nearly did.

This movie is fun, the characters are great, you won’t see the ending coming either! The animation is gorgoues. So much color. (Not a single white person either.) Moana’s hair asdfgjdFHSKSHS HOLY HELL.

The sound effects are great and so smooth. The music is beautiful. I’m turning on the soundtrack as soon as I get home.

Go see it.