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“ I have known what you truly are since the day we met. Long may you reign. “

funny story

so when i was in like 6th grade, we were taking a test and the room was silent. well my pencil broke so i had gotten up to go sharpen it. but I, being the wierdo I am, had to sing on the way to sharpening my pencil. the tune I sang wasn’t an actual song, but it went a little something like “gotta get your hoes, go get your hoes, don’t forget your hoe hoe hoessss.” i’ll remind you that at this time i was an innocent little 6th grader (but the rest of the class wasn’t). after I had repeated that about 3-4 my teacher got curious what I was singing. when I told him and sang it to the whole class, everyone was laughing except the teacher. he immediately called the principal and i started crying. i didn’t know what was happening. when the teacher asked why I was crying, I said it was because I was confused. i was wailing because i didn’t know i could get in trouble for singing about gardening tools. so about 2 minutes pass and I’m balling on the floor with boogers everywhere. and the principal walks in (just great). about 5 minutes pass and no one is able to talk to me, they are sitting there interrogating me on why i would sing about such things. for some reason, i just kept crying even worse than before. so imagine that every time anyone said something, a little kid just cried louder until the voices would stop. so finally I stop crying. and the teacher/principal (I don’t remember which one) asks me why I cried so hard. and all I had to say was “i didn’t know i could get in such big trouble for singing about a gardening tool…” and that’s when everyone even the teacher started laughing their asses off. and that’s also when I started crying again…


Half Bad || Sally Green

sometimes I think you’re still a prisoner. you’re not free of this place in your head, nathan. and you’re definitely not free of those people. they haunt you.

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How did the other pony paladins react when they were given their Lions?

Princess Allura: Prince Silverwing, you will pilot The Black Lion, who requires a Natural-Born Leader. Someone who is in control at all times, and whose men follow without question.

Princess Allura: The Green Lion has an inquisitive nature, and requires a Paladin of intelligence and daring.

Princess Allura: Pigeon Catcher, you will pilot The Green Lion.

Princess Allura: The Yellow Lion is caring, and kind. It is the mightiest of lions, and cares for others before itself. Sunlit Honey, The Yellow Lion will be flown by you.

Sunlit Honey: Me?

Princess Allura: Now, The Blue Lion-

Azure-Blue: Wait, wait, hold up! Let me guess!

Azure-Blue: She takes the most charming, handsomest, and best flier of the group! Am I right or am I right?

Princess Allura: Er-

Princess Allura: The Red Lion is the most temperamental and pickiest of the Voltron Lions. It is also the fastest and most agile of them. It requires a Paladin who follows instinct above all else.

Princess Allura: Luxfite, you will pilot The Red Lion.

Well, since I decided to pile all of my seijoh 4 week art and writing at the end and post it all together, I’ll post this one first since I’m done with it. Based off the fic by daisuga on Ao3, What Beautiful Battlefields You Are. Please go read,it’s so good. My thing probably isn’t anywhere near historically accurate, but it was good practice for drawing backgrounds, skies, and flowers. I hope you like it!


So the second chapter of the fanfic came out Tuesday and I really wanted to draw more!

This is a scene where Bisky calls Killua prideful and Gon responds with 

“Killua isn’t too prideful”

ect ect 

read the second chappy here!: http://archiveofourown.org/chapters/21044150?show_comments=true&view_full_work=false#comment_89770547

this is for you @lattemika ! Hope you like it despite my messy sketching/coloring job ;P


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Compliments for his Majesty have left him flustered

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you know the love is real when you’re reading extremely detailed spoilers and you can feel your heart breaking, the sobs start coming, and the angry screaming works its way in