i cried so hard during this scene

Confession:  My favorite character and moment in all of the Dragon Age series will always be the blonde girl in the boys apprentice quarters in the circle, during the mage origin story, who tells you that Cullen is in love with you straight to your face. This scene is basically just you walking up to her, then she says that and you just move on, straight faced without saying a word the entire time. It probably wasn’t even intended to be that funny, but the first time that happened I laughed so hard I cried.

“You… broke your promise…”
“We meet at last.”
“You’re late…”
“Yeah, my bad…
“Let’s go together.” - Final Dialogue [Ephemera and Player]

I cried at the end. Three years …  it feels like I just made this account yesterday. All the nostalgia is hitting me so hard right now. I remember back when I started in 2013, I expected this game to be mediocre compared to the main installments. Boy, was I wrong. I couldn’t stop myself from crying during this scene. I wish I could replay this over and over, the same way I did with KH1 and KH2. KHUX just can’t compare, the play style, the mechanics, the community – It was unique, something KHUX will never be able to replicate.I want to thank all my past party members and friends that I made over these 3 years.  I just don’t want to let go. 


The 100 Meme • [2/8] Scenes: Unity Day

Hey. The comms are still dead. They cut out during the pageant.
Best Unity Day ever.
Do you really think now is a good time to be having a party? I mean, the Grounder is out there.
Grounders. By now, he’s made it home. He’s probably putting together a lynch mob. Relax. I got security covered.

It’s not easy to be adored, you impeticuler you have a tougher time with it then most, I get that, but I want you to give it a try. Think of it as an experiment. I promise I will be very wonderful at adoring you Annie. It an area where, I think I got a great deal of talent. You’re worth the adoration Annie, your worth it, and the fact that you don’t believe it, has nothing to do with weather its true or not, it is true for me, and that is all that matters.
—  Happythankyoumoreplease