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Yes, I was also excited. Michael was my idol when I was a child and he still is. Despite the statistics, he always will be number one. I remember when I met him: I did not even open my mouth because I was so excited/nervous. Then with time I learned to know the person besides the driver. In addition to that talent, the work he has done to bring Ferrari to the top is unbelievable. I think he is one of the few people I met in life with an answer to everything. I miss his advice. They were perfect: you could take them, apply them to your case and they always worked.
—  Seb about tribute for Michael Schumacher at the 70th anniversary show (x).


“I get it already, Grunkle Stan.”


“OW! Ow, ow, ow…”

Oh my biscuits, Gravity Falls fandom, I’m sorry. No, Dipper was not dead in that last sketch, and I apologize for all the feels but not really. If you need me, I’ll be hiding under my bed, drawing more shenanigans.

Preserving the Migration of Giants: Guyana's Arapaima
Conservation scientist Dr. Lesley de Souza is working with the people of Guyana to establish a new protected area. Their goal is to safeguard a watershed for...

The Brain Scoop:
Preserving the Migration of Giants: Guyana’s Arapaima

Dr. Lesley de Souza is a conservation scientist here at The Field Museum. Recently she’s been working in Guyana alongside the local people with the goal of creating a protected area.

One animal in particular, the arapaima, is a massive and threatened fish that uses flooded forests for breeding- but there was little known about where they go, and how they use these waterways in the rainy season. So, she decided to track them by inserting radio transmitters into the fish - and today, she and her collaborators are one step closer to establishing a natural preserve in the country. 

~*ngl I actually cried during this intervieeewwww, no shame, I love fish*~ 

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Can you do some Lance x s/o x Keith headcanons, please? I'm seriously down this rabbit hole.

same here anon, i love lance x reader x keith polyship stuff, it’s the good shit. (▰˘◡˘▰) ~ Mod Lyra

  • sleeping in bed was a bit of a challenge at first? neither keith or lance wanted to even touch each other on the bed even if their s/o slept in the middle and for the longest time they all simply held hands. After a while everyone got a bit more flexible on the bed, now a days Keith and Lance curl incredibly close towards their s/o, and sometimes there are days where they all spoon, their s/o feels like a pillow sometimes but everyone is comfortable and warm, so they welcome it. now it’s just one big cuddle pile and nobody really cares who is touching who. 
  • In hotter periods, they try not to stick to each other too much because it gets a bit too hot. Lance clings to the bae regardless because he’s a clingy sleeper, Keith won’t but he enjoys knowing they’re there.
  • Keith never getting used to Lance’s dirty jokes or innuendos, or the pick-ups lines directing at their s/o, like stop you heathen. but low-key asking Lance later like, your dumb jokes make our s/o laugh, so tell them to me, and Lance has a field day, because keith is asking him for help, haha, okay, bud, he’ll teach you the ways of the lance “love doctor” mcclain.
  • Keith still trying to deliver proper jokes to them but he fails upon delivery, his s/o still laughs and finds it cute when he tries and Keith thinks it’s a success because they smiled, so he considers it a win in his book.
  • Kisses !! good grief, Lance and Keith compete for kisses, Keith does it less because he is an awkward bab, but Lance gives kisses to their s/o at every turn, calls them sweet and showers them in affection. Keith tries to give his s/o as much attention when he can, when he feels comfortable, it’s very soft and subtle, sometimes his kisses feel like if he presses too hard then he’ll break his s/o. sometimes they both end up kissing their s/o on the cheek at the same time and they really love it, s/o erupts into a fit of giggles.
  • Lance enjoys doing skin care stuff with his s/o, they exfoliate and do those masks and everything, it’s a lot of fun, keith doesn’t understand the passion for scrubbing beads or face cleanser or scented shampoos but it smells really nice, so he’s kind of; “OK, sounds cool” about it. he won’t wear the masks and everything but he’ll try it for the heck of it. 
  • Lance gives Keith heck when he’s extra cuddly and affectionate towards their s/o and when lance sees…b o y. Lance likes to poke fun because keith is such an awkward baby usually around their s/o and everything. So it’s just prime time material for giving him heck. Keith gets irritated sometimes and will honestly threaten to kick Lance’s ass.
  • lazy mornings are fun if not a giant mess, but everyone gets lazy morning kisses and getting out of a shared bed is a task, who’s leg is that, who’s chest are they touching, and oh god that’s someone’s crotch. it’s a chore to drag everyone out of bed, because Keith likes to sleep in and Lance needs all of his hours of sleep sometimes, also they can be a bit clingy so sometimes when the s/o wants to get out of bed, they have to sit there and wait for the boys to wake up. 
  • pls wake up they have to pee….
My first day at school was terrible. I was some minutes late, not many, and the teacher was already calling the roll. I was number five or six, so I raised my arm and she asked me for my name. As soon as I spoke, the kids in the back of the room started laughing and making fun of my accent…

I was traumatized. I felt like a clown. I cried with shame. I called my mother saying that I could not stand it anymore, that the other kids were making fun of me, that I wanted to return home. “Go on, do not pay attention to what the others say,” my mother and the rest of my family would say. They always gave me the will to continue. I did not give up, thanks to them. Eventually, I became used to those episodes and my classmates also began to get tired, and to understand that it was not right to do all that mocking.

Today these memories make me smile. I’m very proud of my accent and I find it striking. It is funny, in my day-to-day life I speak in a more explicit way, but when I am in Madeira or when I am in the presence of my family I change my accent completely, but an unconscious way. To be with them is all it takes for me to speak like a real native from Madeira again. But as a child things were different.

Cristiano Ronaldo, describing being mercilessly bullied in Lisbon as a child for his Madeiran accent.

imagine, going from this kid to having 100 million instagram followers.


Somebody said you got a new friend
Does she love you better than I can?

And yeah, I know it’s stupid
But I just gotta see it for myself

I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her, oh oh oh
And I’m right over here, why can’t you see me, oh oh oh
And I’m giving it my all, but I’m not the guy you’re taking home, ooh
I keep dancing on my own

I just wanna dance all night
And I’m all messed up, I’m so out of line
Stilettos and broken bottles
I’m spinning around in circles
And I’m giving it my all, but I’m not the guy you’re taking home, ooh
I keep dancing on my own

And oh no
So far away but still so near
The lights come up, the music dies

But you don’t see me standing here
I just came to say goodbye
I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her, oh

And I’m giving it my all, but I’m not the guy you’re taking home, ooh
I keep dancing on my own
And oh no
Sit down in the corner, watching you kiss her, oh no
And I’m right over here, why can’t you see me, oh no
And I’m giving it my all, but I’m not the guy you’re taking home, ooh
I keep dancing on my own

So far away, but still so near
The lights come up, the music dies
But you don’t see me standing here

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324 and 370 Jensen x reader! (Or Rob if that inspires) *Crosses fingers*

“Whoa kiddo, where’s the fire?” Jensen asked, watching as your 4 year old son stormed through the house with his head firmly down, looking at the floor. He had no intention of stopping, stomping right by both of you and heading for the stairs. “Preston!” You followed behind, carrying Preston’s twin sister, Harper, in your arms, her face firmly pressed into your neck. “Rough day at school?” Jensen questioned.

“You could say that.” You chuckled. “Preston, tell your dad what you did.” Preston stopped and finally turned around, slowly raising his head up, only for Jensen to see the huge shiner he was sporting around his left eye. It was so bad his entire eye was almost swollen shut. You placed Harper on the couch next to Jensen and moved to the refrigerator to grab some ice, letting Jensen talk to Preston.

“Who gave you that black eye buddy?” Jensen questioned, motioning for Preston to come over. Preston approached and Jensen pulled him in between his legs, placing his hands on his shoulders. “Come on, dude, talk to me. What happened?”

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I have no shame in telling y'all I cried when I checked my Twitter this morning. Cried me some real Jesus tears. I’m so glad they’ve made this decision and that the accidental leak wasn’t false. Our bodies have much preparing to do before an actual date is set

So, let’s kick it, OsoFandom!

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“You are my extraordinary relationship” is the gayest thing I’ve ever heard.

Riley and Maya were soulmates and no one can convince me otherwise.

favourite books published in 2015 [7/?]

Willful Machines by Tim Floreen
“This stranger who could do handstands and quote Shakespeare from memory, this goof with the huge grin and inappropriately loud but nevertheless charming laugh: how like an angel, how like a god.
Me, a dud of a First Son with a robot obsession, poor social skills, and enough baggage to sink a freighter: how like a loser, how like a freak.”

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Hello, I'm a Russian Chinese girl who lives in the US. Lately, I've really been into other cultures, and not just interest, but trying to be like them. I've always been kind of ashamed of my russian heritage, with all the things going on right now. What are some things I can do to love my culture?

Hi! I understand you better than you think! There are very dark and shameful pages in the Russian history. Gosh, when I saw a Katyn memorial in my beloved Krakow, I wanted to burn my Russian passport! I cried of shame, really! The things that are going on in Russia now are very sad, sometimes astonishingly stupid, but mostly disgusting. This is true, and even though it will cost me a few followers, I should admit that there are shameful and humiliating episodes in the Russian past and present. 

Yet, there are some aspects in the Russian culture that I love. And those are the things that helped me to grow into what I am. 

I grew up on the society where there was a cult of science. Yes, this topic is more complicated than it seems, but generally, in the late Soviet Union, science was praised, and being smart was honorable.

I believe, Russia still doesn’t share stupid gender stereotypes that are widely shared in the North America. There are other stupid gender stereotypes in Russia, but they are different. Culturally and economically speaking, being a woman in Russia is not a horrible disadvantage. Stay-at-home moms with slim chances to make a good career - it is not common in Russia! It is rather a norm when both parents work in a family in Russia. 

Russians are sincere, sometimes to the extend when it becomes rude. But I like this feature of my culture. It helps to solve problems fast and efficiently. When somebody openly criticizes my work (constructively, of course), I can improve it. Otherwise, I’ll never learn what I’ve been doing wrong. Here in the North America, and in Canada in particular, people prefer to be polite, not helpful. This frustrates me a lot. I’m not a kid, I can stand your criticism - be honest with me! No, they can’t - this is against their cultural code. Sigh. 

It is deep in the Russian culture to be cooperative. I don’t mean formally, but in everyday life, Russians try to be helpful, sometimes too much. 

If you really want to take a more or less unbiased, rational look at the Russian culture, I would suggest to watch this course on Coursera: Understanding Russians

As of that overwhelming shame… At the Katyn memorial in Krakow, when I was crying of shame and anger, a middle-aged Polish guy approached me and quietly asked why I was crying. I explained that I felt burning shame. And he said, “you shouldn’t. You didn’t kill anybody. Most likely, you didn’t even vote for that idiotic KGB officer than is now the Russian president. It’s not your fault”. 

Somehow, his words helped me to make peace with myself. And here in this blog, I’m not promoting Russian nationalism. I would never say that Russian is the most beautiful language, or the most difficult language, or the most anything language in the world - this is pure stupidity and lack of education.  I just have been trying to help other people to acquire the Russian language and everything beautiful that was once said and written in that language. There are quite a lot of good things that were made in Russian. 

Probably, this is the most honest post in this blog so far. 

To Be Favored (Part 5, finale)

Hope you guys enjoyed! :) 


I stopped going to classes. I didn’t care about homework. I couldn’t focus on equations when the crows sat outside my window and watched me every move. I couldn’t care about attendance when they had emboldened and would sit next to me when I ate lunch outside. They would chirp and shrill, sometimes even land on my shoulder. Other students found it admirable and fun, but I knew what it was. I was a hostage. Theirs.

I stopped talking to Vector- I couldn’t get her involved. Plus, she wouldn’t believe me anyway. But, that was good. She was a Smart one. She would text me and I wouldn’t reply, avoiding all contact. It wasn’t worth it. Azriel looked at me with pitying eyes. She never told me what she was, but I know now that she was a Changeling, an ambitious one who had snapped up a young girl in the first week.

I began searching out the Gentry. To do this required going into the night much more often- but by this time, the darkness was the least of my worries.

Jimothy was useless- he didn’t care either way what happened. He wouldn’t even speak if I gave him beads- only ever gave me his teeth. I think he knew what the crows were doing, and whenever he saw them begin to flock around me, he would walk away slowly, onto the next thing. Smart creature.

Foxy Lady seemed amused at my situation altogether. I met her by a fountain under the moonlight, offering jewelry for information, or for help. She had laughed and said even she wouldn’t dare touch jewelry gifted by the crows. She had offered help in exchange for a name, though, in her lilting, sweet voices. I knew the value of a True name, and had promptly refused. She had smiled, and disappeared.

The Rose Prince was an asshole, and as soon as the word “crow” left my mouth he turned away.

Cat-Eyes wouldn’t see me again, no matter how long I stood at that damn tree. But, by trading bits of information with a few students who were Involved, I thought I had found some help. I went to every nook and corner on campus, talking to blind old women, tall men with 3 voices, things in the library (seventh floor) that only spoke in riddles, and in particular a creature that had eyes where its nose should be, and no mouth altogether. How it spoke, I can’t recall. At first, it frightened me, seeing this things, but I was becoming desperate. Universally, they turned me away. They told me that those who are Favored cannot be helped. They told me to leave. They turned me away in fear for their own lives. To wish for death as a mercy.

They had watched me do all of this. I had been aware, and they were no longer shy. They were in the trees, on the buildings, in the courtyards and all about the campus. They had heard my whimpers and pleads for help. They had laughed at them, but allowed it. They’ve always been so ruthless.

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Udah lama ga cerita-cerita. Mumpung coffee shop lagi ujan, gw jadi pengen cerita. Standar sih,,

Beberapa waktu ke belakang gw ngerasa kayanya banyak hal yang tiba di.. hidup gw, dan hal-hal itu memberhentikan beberapa hal lainnya di, hidup gw juga.

Things came up and stop the other things. Kayanya gw agak terkejut, dalam beberapa minggu gw tidur abis subuh terus. Bukan karena begadang yang disengaja, tapi emang kepala gw rasanya penuh banget. kadang gw mikir penuh sama anger atau penuh sama solusi yang lagi dipanaskan. Ya kalian juga pasti pernah ngalamin gabisa tidur karena mikirin beberapa hal. 

terus, buat ngantuk gw baca beberapa buku, nonton beberapa film juga. Ada 2 film yang menarik perhatian gw, Lion sama New Trial. Gw yakin kalian semua tau film Lion, starring by a slumdog millionaire guy. Kalo film New Trial, film korea. Lucunya, kedua film itu diangkat dari kisah nyata. frankly was, gw mewek even for a little nonton 2 film itu, bahkan berurutan saking gabisa tidurnya.

Beberapa hal yang gw pahami bikin gw keingetan juga sama obrolan gw sama temennya temen gw, beberapa waktu lalu juga, doi seorang psikolog. She said, i should stop deny things. Gw sangat setuju, bahkan gw gak tau kalo untuk accept things are easier than accept feeling. the difference, gw bisa menerima sesuatu terjadi, tapi mungkin gw gak bisa nerima perasaan yang tertinggalnya. Mungkin buat kalian hal itu semacam paket komplit. tapi engga menurut gw. hehe

Kaya, kalo kita disakitin orang, the feeling we got is hurt, pain, nah paket komplitnya adalah kita bakal benci sama orangnya. Buat gw, gw bisa baik-baik aja, i dont even hate the person, yang gak baik-baik aja adalah perasaan gw. Gw selalu beranggapan gw bisa handle semua jenis perasaan kecewa dengan tetap baik-baik aja. namun setelah gw pahami, ternyata gw menolak perasaan itu. i told someone, when im hurt, when im suffer, i’ll be ridiculously awkward, karena gw gatau harus gimana kalo lagi sedih banget. Karena, i couldn’t even cry. Sad, huh.

2 film tadi, ngebantu gw untuk menerima perasaan yang seharusnya sampe di gw. meski agak susah, ketika gw bilang i cried even for a little, it’s not a pride, it’s a shame, menurut gw. Karena ternyata feeling and thinking patterns yang ada di diri gw telah terbentuk dan bekerja seperti biasanya, always deny. Hingga akhirnya, gw merasa hal itu sangat mengganggu. Dalam kesehatan psikis, hal yang terpendam hanya merusak secara perlahan. Bahkan, harusnya seseorang gak lagi merasa bangga karena dapat memendam sesuatu. entah amarah, sakit, bahkan perasaan bahagia lainnya. Bukan berarti saat marah kita harus marah juga, namun mungkin lebih tepatnya mengeluarkannya dalam bentuk apapun yan sebisa mungkin positif. 

Crying, menurut gw adalah pelepasan paling positif dan menyehatkan. Gw ngerti mungkin kenapa orang-orang bisa sangat cape untuk nangis. Untuk ngeluarin hal yang dipendam lama atau banyak, kan gak mungkin ngeluarinnya cuma bentar juga. Bukan mau ngebanding-bandingin mana yang lebih kesiksa, tapi mungkin dalam satu aspek, orang-orang yang bisa menangis sepatutnya bisa merasa beruntung, karena orang lain belum tentu bisa semudah itu buat bisa, atau bahkan berani untuk nangis. Cuma bisa dipendem lalu jadi murka yang menggunung, gatau cara ngeluarinnya, bahkan malah ngeluarin semua hal yang dipendemnya dengan melukai orang lain tanpa sadar. Melalui perkataan-perkataan yang menurutnya adalah sebuah penyembuhan untuk dirinya, ternyata melukai orang lain yang mendengarnya.

those pains, should be released in a good way.