i cried my way through this part

Fairy Tail is ending?!

I just heard that apparently Fairy Tail might be ending and yes, i legit cried. 

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Like a lot

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Fairy Tail has been a massive part of my life for a long time now and  has helped me so much through my loneliness and depression. I have such an unreal connection to it and it’s my escape. So, if i have to say goodbye. I will re-watch every episode, re-read every chapter and every side story and do everything i can before i raise my hand to the sky. 

Cry. And remember the people who have changed the way i view the people in my life and taught me to never say no to an adventure. Thank you Fairy Tail. I will never forget you. 

My BTS wings experience

I will start this off with saying I lined up at 2pm on Wednesday the night before. So yes I camped out & was number 35 in line

It was so cold I literally thought I was going to freeze to death and I would never make it too Thursday night to see BTS. Skipping all that I will say the line up process for so messy and people were trying to cut even when we were in numerical order. Let me tell y'all when they opened those doors. It was a fucking stampede and security was SCARED.

They let us in so slow. My friend got through easily. Then I got through easily. But my other friend they was patting her down We were stuck. When I tell you I grabbed her hand and dipped. I DIPPED. No one was getting in the front of me. But luckily we caught up to my friend.

Then they gave us a whole speech on no running but I was like no one is gonna listen. Which they didn’t. But me and friends got barricade 

They kept playing the songs and music videos over and over which I didn’t care because it’s BTS. When it started and the introduction was playing on the middle screen aka the sheet I almost shit myself. Then when not today started the sheet didn’t even fall all the way and Namjoon was so confused. It was stuck but eventually it fell. Then it got real! (Video)

For the solo stages Begin was first  and the choreography was so much better in person. He’s so talented. Then next was Lie I believe and I barely recorded it because Jimin is so unreal I was so shooked.

Namjoon stage was so cute and us shouting “We love you!” The smile on his face and his dimples. Lawd Then next was Tae. I almost cried tears of joy because he really did that. (Video).

Cypher was so fucking LIT

When they came through the floor with “Lost” I was blessed with Tan skin (Video)

Tae was standing there for so long. I kept making eye contact. He fixed his hat so I involuntary fixed my hat when he did it. He smiled @ me

This part almost made me cry (Video).

They’re cutest beans ever. Actual sunshine. (Video)

Look at how happy Jimin was to see my banner and I wasn’t expecting anything at all!



1st I’m just gonna say that me and my friends are like magnets to BTS.

After the show they pulled up next to us on the highway and we waved to them and I’m not sure who, but someone waved back

and it just so happens that today we were walking down the block and saw Rap Mon taking his picture.


Also Ran into JRE in Ktown. So sweet. Nice seeing him again


Barnes’ Books - chapter 10

I’m sorry. That’s all I’m going to say…

Barnes’ Books masterlist

I wasn’t well, that was true, and so that day I wasn’t up to thinking about Bucky or wondering why he’d come. After he left, I fell asleep again, a much healthier sleep. I’d eaten, drunk, washed, changed. I’d been cared for. It had been a long time since that happened.

I woke up the next morning to a soft warm body curled against mine. It had been a long time since that had happened too. I moved slightly, and the body moved with me. Then it climbed out from under the duvet and stalked off, tail in the air. Can’t have everything. I got out of bed gingerly, expecting to feel terrible, but I didn’t. Not great, but OK. Hungry, a little headachy, but human.  

I followed Steve into the kitchen, to find everything clean, laundered bedding folded on the side, dishes put away. Tidier than I’d left it for a long time. I felt a hot flush of shame at the thought that Bucky had seen how I’d been living. The depression I’d sunk into would leave me staring at dirty crockery, empty wine bottles, unwashed clothes, then just turning away, unable to even begin to deal with anything. While I’d been sleeping, Bucky had obviously been in and taken over. Even as I felt embarrassed, I felt a weight lift from me, that I could start afresh.

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S/C ficlet - As the Light Fades

Well, shit. I’ve written another one. Just a wee snippet. 

It was a good day. Fic inspired by our players, Sam & Cait

All my other work can be found here: http://archiveofourown.org/users/WanderingSummerBreeze/works

As the Light Fades

We raced for the light, like two kids on bikes in the height of summer, desperate for one more hour before our parents called us home. Cape Town had become our neighborhood, and the Audi, our Schwinn’s.

I had spent the day watching the sheer water of the pool, shimmer off her body, the droplets streaming along her skin like strips of wax, trailing a line down the stick, rolling over the curves and grooves of her body until they evaporated against her heat.

We had made love in the morning, with the wind blowing the sheers across our bodies, the Cape Town sunrise slowly revealing our nakedness to the world. Our climax came in unison, as the cool morning air tickled our skin.

We had drifted languidly by the pool, our lounge chairs pushed together as I gave into the quiet. With every weekend, thus far, spent in the mountains or at the gym, I had been ordered to relax. With a wicked smile and an appearance of her womanly whiles, I was more than happy to be brought to my knees.

Her back to me, she turned her head, and with a smile and a wiggle of her bottom in her silky white panties, she rose her hands to the sky. I watched as the yellow dress she chose, slowly stole her naked body from my eyes. I was jealous of the fabric and its delicate touch grazing her skin. But with little time to waste, I took her by the hand, and lead her out to her carriage for the evening.

The wind and the sun enveloped us, lighting the way as it glided us along our path. We had kept the music off, enjoying the therapeutic whistling of the passing breeze.

Her hand felt small, fragile, in mine. The callouses from the weights, scraping across her fingers as I held it within my grasp. I brought her fingers to my lips, kissing them, enjoying the moment. Enjoying my life.

She is light, and any darkness I may have held inside me, was broken apart and scattered into tiny pieces across a tiled floor, the moment she held my face to hers, kissing my lips softly, declaring her love for me. She had taken my hand, then, and made love to me in a way I never knew existed. Made my body ache and rejoice in her embrace. I was a man to her. I was a man for her. Gone were the days of bed-hopping and childish ways. I would make her proud of me. Proud to be a part of me. And in her pride, is where I would find my own.

I glanced down her body, the yellow dress dancing in the chaos of the wind. She grinned and nodded her head forward.

Steady Heughan. You’re driving, mate.

We awaited the sunset through whirls of dust and cries from the passing cars. I rested heavily against the car frame, her back pressed tightly against my chest, as we watched the sun’s glow descend into the ocean. The wind wept around us, and with feet firmly on the ground, it took us away. In that setting sun, we were lovers. Nothing more, and nothing less. I rested my head upon her shoulder, pulling her in tighter, her body sinking into mine. With her hair whipping to and fro, I kissed behind her ear, feeling her pulse speed up, and her fingers relax in mine.

There is a kind of sadness to a sunset. As the light fades, it seems to take a piece of you with it. The happiness and peace you felt as the pink and purple hues painted the skies, gets pulled beneath the waves, never to break the surface again.

There is no sunset ever the same. Such is our love. I had thought I had loved before. But nothing stole me away as she did. Nothing made my body ache, the way hers did, when we were parted. She was always my first thought before my eyes even looked upon the morning glow; and the last one that would steal me away into sleep.

Our love was a single, never-ending sunset. No other could be the same.

With a heavy sigh, we said goodnight to the light. I took off my over-shirt and wrapped it around Caitriona’s shoulders, as she turned in my embrace. I hugged her close, closing my eyes, feeling her breath against me. Her hands lowered, delving into the back pockets of my jeans.

I wanted to make love to her. I wanted to push her body across the hood of the car, her skin naked against the heated metal. I wanted to dive between her thighs and have cries of my name from her lips, carried off with the wind. I would claim her body and to hell with all those that passed us by. She would push her hands up under my shirt, and drag her nails across my nipples, calling me forth, and our passion would paint the stars in brilliant colours of pink and blues and it would be us that would slowly fade from sight as the light would, once again, claim the land from darkness, across the Earth.

But with a shiver and sigh, I was pulled from my thoughts. I kissed her lips, lingering in her sweetness, before guiding her back into the car.

She undressed before me, in the bungalow. The dress pooled around her ankles and the panties, with a flick of her foot, were sent flying across the room. She giggled in euphoric bliss, taking my hand and undressing me. I did not help her. She earned every inch of my nakedness as I let her peel away my clothes, with a smile across my face. She took my hand in hers, guiding me to the pool outside. I flicked off the outdoor light; and as the light faded, our bodies slowly slipped beneath the surface and out of sight.

Domestic Drabbles - 8: A Place For Everything (Part 2)

And now for chapter 2 :D 

Again, my amazing beta is @baz-n-simon! Love her!

And @eroticgropefest‘s drabble series inspired mine (:


I’ve been laying on the couch for about an hour, staring at the pile of Baz’s books that are still sitting on top of the bookshelf. I keep thinking about my conversation with Penny, wondering over and over if I’m supposed to be worried about Baz leaving his stuff here. I mean, I really haven’t thought about it before. Baz has been leaving his stuff here for months. He has his ridiculous posh soaps placed randomly all over my shower and a toothbrush that he keeps on the bathroom sink. There’s a pair of his shoes sitting out by my wardrobe and at least three of his shirts and a pair of trousers hanging over my laundry hamper. And two other places where he has books laying out that Penny hasn’t noticed yet.

I sit up and walk over to the bookshelf. I pick up the top book from the pile and stare at it. I can’t come up with a single reason why I should be bothered by this. When we lived together at Watford, I often got worked up over the fact that Baz hid almost all of his belongings. It was never that I wanted to snoop through them; his side of the room just always felt so empty and lonely without anything in it. A constant reminder that he never wanted to be in that room in the first place.

“Simon, have you noticed how Baz has so much stuff here?”

I smile and place the book down.

I walk into my bedroom, over to the wardrobe. It has four large drawers, and I open the top two and start pulling out all my clothes. Then I open the bottom two and shove the clothes into them, not bothering to organize any of it (the top drawers weren’t organized either.) I grab Baz’s shoes off the floor, then walk over to my closet. I only have one pair of shoes on the floor, but I push them over anyway and put Baz’s shoes there. I then notice that Baz left his coat laying on my bed, so I put it on a hanger in the closet.

I then walk into the bathroom and immediately put his toothbrush in the holder. I’m not sure why he never put it in there before, but then I remember that I wouldn’t even own a holder if it wasn’t for Penny buying me one. “Ew, Simon! You can’t just leave your toothbrush on the sink. It will collect bacteria!” I just rolled my eyes, but she bought me one anyway.

I pull my phone out of my (Baz’s) jeans, and I realize that Baz will probably be on his way over soon, so I decide to shower. During my shower, I rearrange Baz’s soaps so they’re not just placed wherever there’s an empty space. Now they have their own corner. When I step out of the shower, I grab the nearest towel from the back of the door, and I realize that it’s mine, but it smells like Baz. I look at the other towel, which is also mine, but it’s the one I normally use instead of this one. And I smile. Because even though Baz keeps so much of his stuff here, he still borrowed something of mine.

I put Baz’s jeans back on but dump the rest of my clothes in the hamper. I grab a shirt from my wardrobe, then walk back into the living room over to the bookshelf. I pick up the top book again and smile at it.

“I didn’t realize Sarah Dessen made you so happy, Snow.”

I turn around quickly, almost dropping the book in the process, and I see Baz sitting at the kitchen table, sipping tea out of his mug.

“Baz,” I say. ‘I- I didn’t realize you were here.”

He arches an eyebrow at me, then sits his mug down and walks into the living room toward me.

“Wait,” I say. “How did you get in? I have forgot I have your key.”

Baz stops in front of me and smirks. “I used my vampire abilities to walk through walls.”

I roll my eyes.

“Magick, of course, Snow.”

“Baz, I told you not to use magick outside the flat.”

Baz grins at me. He runs his fingers through my hair, then leans in and lingers his lips along mine. “Someone should stop stealing my key then.”

I smile. “Fair point.”

“So,” he says, leaning back a bit. “What are you doing with my books?” He pokes at the book in my hand, then looks over towards the shelf.

“Oh!” I turn around and move around a few stacks of paper around on the shelf. Then I take the books and place them in the empty space. “I was making room for them.”

Baz cocks an eyebrow at me but doesn’t say anything. Instead he walks over to the loveseat and grabs a book off the side table, then reaches under the sofa and pulls a book out from there. He walks back over and hands them to me.

“Can you find a place for these, too?”

I nod and shove the books onto the shelf beside the others.

“Snow,” Baz says. He slides his hand into the front pocket of my jeans. “Are these mine?”

I grin at him sheepishly and rub the back of my head. “Uh, maybe? I need to do laundry.”

He snorts and shakes his head. “Me too. Come on.”

We walk into my room, and I stop at the wardrobe. “Look, Baz,” I say. I pull open the top two empty drawers.

He arches his brow at me, then furrows both of them in confusion.

“What am I looking at?”

“These empty drawers.”

“Are you trying to tell me that you don’t have any clean clothes left?”

I laugh and shake my head. “No, Baz,” I say. “These are for you. For your clothes that you keep over here.”

Baz’s eyes go wide briefly, but then a slight grin forms across his lips, and he runs his hand through my hair again.

“Thank you.”

I smile at him. “By the way, I’m buying you a towel.”

(Part 1)

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Daily devotional

A Shepherd for Life

April 8, 2017

Read: Genesis 48:8–16

God … has been my shepherd all my life to this day. Genesis 48:15

When my son changed grades in school he cried, “I want my teacher for life!” We had to help him realize that changing teachers is a part of life. We may wonder: Is there any relationship that can last a lifetime?

Jacob, the patriarch, found out there is one. After living through many dramatic changes and losing loved ones along the way, he realized there had been a constant presence in his life. He prayed, “May the God … who has been my shepherd all my life to this day … bless these boys” (Gen. 48:15–16).

Jacob had been a shepherd, so he compared his relationship to God as that of a shepherd and his sheep. From the time a sheep is born through its growth to old age the shepherd cares for it day and night. He guides it during the day and protects it during the night. David, also a shepherd, had the same conviction, but he highlighted the eternal dimension to it when he said, “I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever” (Ps. 23:6).

Changing teachers is a part of life. But how good it is to know that we can have a relationship for life. The Shepherd has promised to be with us every day of our earthly existence (Matt. 28:20). And when life here ends, we will be closer to Him than ever.

Father, I thank You for being the Shepherd of my life. I praise Your faithfulness.

God never abandons us.

Jacob was the first person in the Bible to affectionately call Yahweh “my shepherd” (Gen. 48:15). The psalmists as well as the prophets celebrate God as a shepherd who leads, cares for, and protects His people. Hundreds of years later, Jesus said that He is the Good Shepherd who knows and loves us (John 10:11–14). And the apostle John envisioned the Lamb of God as the shepherd leading the sheep to springs of living water (Rev. 7:17).

Are you weary from life’s struggles? Refresh yourself with knowing that Jesus is your Good Shepherd who leads, loves, and cares for you.

By Keila Ochoa

Please Don’t Worry Part Three (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N (This is my first fic, so any suggestions are welcome!)

Warnings- Some swearing, self harm, mentions death of a loved one

Words- 1,295

You must have fallen asleep because when you open your eyes, Alex is sitting next to you on the bed, quietly talking to the other three, who are scattered across your room.

“You know, I wish I had hugged her more,” you say, basically whispering. “I’ve always hated hugs but you think I could’ve put that aside for my mom. I miss when I was younger and telling her that I loved her when I left for school in the morning. We always told each other, no matter how frustrated we were with each other. Every single morning. And yeah, I’m glad that it was the last thing I said to her, but if I had just stayed downstairs for two more minutes that night we could have talked about our day and I could have told her that I loved her one more time, and I will never stop hating myself for that.”

You rolled over onto your side, immediately wishing that you hadn’t said anything. You never thought you would share that with anyone, let alone four people at once, no matter how close you are to them. You just don’t talk about your mom with people because it just weirds everyone out and you get pity, and you hate it so much. But now you’re getting it from the people you thought you could escape it from. You ruined the one safe place in your life.

“We just don’t understand why. Why you starve yourself. Why you harm yourself,” John said hesitantly, breaking the silence.

“Why? Because I’m the one still here. I am such an awful person who doesn’t even want to be alive most of the time, but I’m still here. She loved life so much and things were finally going her way and she’s the one who’s gone. I hate it. I hate myself for still being here. I don’t deserve to be here,” you yelled, “Tell me why I’m still here!”

Alexander took you into his arms and rocked you gently, trying to calm you down, but you keep trying to push him away so he slides back to the other side of the bed. You try to calm yourself down but all of this is so overwhelming. You never thought it would be this bad but then it was all at once and you feel so angry. Not at them. At yourself for being so stupid, for letting them find out.

“I don’t remember the last night I haven’t cried,” you laugh bitterly, “Most of the time I barely make it through the day. Before I never cried. But now I cry at everything. Not to mention the anxiety. My hands are constantly shaking and I always feel like I’m going to puke, which is part of why I haven’t been eating. How did you guys want me to tell you that? There isn’t any way that I know of. You shouldn’t have ever found out, but you don’t give me any space. So I missed a few phone calls. I could have been sleeping. But you rushed home. I’m assuming you threw out my blades?”

“Why on earth wouldn’t we?” Hercules asked, returning the hostility that had crept into your voice by the time you finished talking, “So you can hurt yourself more?”

“It’s the only thing that calms me down. It doesn’t even hurt anymore!”

“And that’s supposed to make us feel better? That cutting yourself up, what, feels good to you? That’s better somehow?”

You began sobbing again as he yelled at you. You don’t even know why. This is stuff you had imagined someone doing the entire time you had been doing this to yourself. This was just that broken record repeating one more time.

“I don’t know!” you repeated over and over, rocking back and forth.

“Herc, calm down. You’re freaking her out, man,” John chided as he slid across the room to sit next to you on the bed, forcing you closer to Alexander. This time when Alex put his arm around you, you let him, and you tried to calm yourself down.

“I just feel so empty all the time. When I started, I finally felt something and it didn’t matter that it was pain. Pain is so much better than nothing. And I’m so tired but usually I can’t sleep, and when I do I’m even more tired when I wake up. It doesn’t matter what I do, I always feel the same,” you sighed. “I’m so tired of feeling like this.”

You take a minute to look at each of your friends, trying to figure out what they are thinking about. Worry was the most prominent expression. Herc had calmed down but he still looked kind of pissed. Laf was fiddling with a curl that had slipped out of his ponytail, unable to look at you. John was holding your hand, his brow furrowed in concentration, unusually quiet. And Alexander. You could tell he had something to say that he didn’t want to share with everyone.

“Hey,” you said hoarsely, “Can you guys give Alexander and I a few minutes? Please?”

“Of course,” replied John, squeezing your hand before getting up to leave behind the other two.

When all three of them were out, you shifted so you were facing Alexander and lightly kissed his cheek. He sighed and pulled you back against his chest, kissing the top of your head.

“I want nothing more than to make all of your pain go away. I wish you had told me when it first started so I could have helped before it reached this point. It’s my fault- I should have checked in on you more, I should have seen this coming. Oh god, it’s all my fault,” he gasped. “(Y/N), I’m your boyfriend, I’m supposed to always be there for you and I’m not. How could I leave you alone? I’m never leaving your si-”

“Hey, you are not putting this on yourself,” you interrupt. “This is my fault and no one else’s, okay? I did this. I’m the one who shut all of you out and I’m the one who starved myself and I’m the one who hurt myself. I would love to be around you more, but not if you are going to be feeling guilty for yourself the whole time. I am so sorry that you had to see this, but it is not your fault, do you hear me?” you asked, tilting his chin up and forcing him to look you in the eyes. Alex scanned your face, searching for a response. It was rare that you were this forceful, and he seemed taken aback.

“I’m sorry. You look so tired. I hear you completely, but before we talk anymore, do you want to try taking a nap? I can take the guys out for a bit if you want.”

“No. Stay here. I don’t want to be alone anymore. They look tired too. Have them come back in and we can all nap together, like little kids. That’s what I want.”

Alex left and came back with the other three, who started grabbing their own chair or piece of floor.

“What do you think you’re doing? I have this huge ass bed and I’m not letting it go unused. Get up here,” you commanded.

After quite a few confused looks, all five of you were laying on your bed. With your head on Alex’s chest, a hand in one of Laf’s, John and Herc somehow sharing the end of your bed, you begin to relax. You still have so much to talk about, but it can wait. For now, you drift off to sleep, the most at peace you have been in months. 


I don’t really believe in fate and chance and all that, but last night I saw Ed Sheeran and he coincidentally added my favourite song to the set list (just for last night as a dedication to a friend) and I sobbed all the way through. 3 years ago I stood in that same crowd, in the same arena and sang the same words but I’m a world away from the 14 year old girl I was then. I’m 17 now and my hair is half a foot shorter. I’m vegetarian. I’ve sat (and aced) my GCSE’s. I’ve been skiing. I’ve been to New York. I’ve been to Croatia twice. I’ve read over 80 more books. I’ve been to more concerts and theatre shows. I’ve had my first kiss. I’ve had my first relationship and my first breakup. I’ve had my first hangover. My mum is sober now. I have a baby brother. I’ve found new friends. I’ve found my passions. I’ve sang, danced, performed, laughed and loved. I’ve cried. I’ve lost my family’s trust. I’ve hurt myself. I’ve hurt other people. I’ve developed and gone through the worst part of an eating disorder. I’ve spent hour upon hour upon hour sitting in therapy sessions and waiting rooms and hospital wards. I’ve hit rock bottom. I’ve clambered my way back out of it. I’ve crawled for a really long time, but I’ve slowly got back on my feet and I’m starting to walk. Last night I stood in the same crowd, in the same arena and sang the same words and for the first time in 3 years I felt like I could breathe again.


I will not confess my feelings towards you.
I will not ever let you know how beautiful I think you are,
How wonderful,
How smart,
How utterly perfect you are for me.

It has nothing to do with the fact you are a girl, or the fact that you’re with him, or because of my religion. It’s because of how disgusted I am by my feelings.

Disgusted with wanting to be with my best friend.
To kiss you,
To hold you,
To make you completely mine.

Disgusted that I should not want to be with you.
My friend so close that you’re basically family,
The person who carried me through so many mistakes,
The person whose shoulders I always cried on.

I will never confess because it is my turn to be there for you. It is my turn to watch you fall in love,
To be hurt by it,
To make a mistake.

Except you are not making a mistake. He is so perfect for you in every way. He’s sweet, and goofy, and everything that I am not. He’s what makes you complete.

So no, I will not confess. I will always be disgusted by the part of me that wants to take away your happiness, in hopes that you’ll learn to be happy with me.

I will not confess because you can and have done better than me.

But mostly, I will not confess because I cannot accept these disgusting feelings I have for you.

Okay I really don’t get why people think Spencer’s attitude towards Veronica is unreasonable or harsh. Did everyone forget that Spencer’s entire original storyline was how she didn’t feel safe or accepted at home? In fact Spencer and Tobys very first time spent together was hiding out from their families because of the wars that were raging at home. Even though maybe Veronicas intentions were originally
good, she contributed to the favoring of Melissa, the unattainable pressure to be perfect, and the insistence that Spencer was just unruly and jealous when she was terrified of Ian (who was a pedophile and got off on filming young girls ). She NEVER gave Spencer the benefit of the doubt. All of that coupled with the fact that Spencer always felt out if place in her own life because she was being lied to pushed her into substance abuse at an extremly young age, even before anything with A happened. That kind of psychosis, even though it is heridity, does not manifest in a person without a severe catalyst. Veronica lied for Melissa to Spencer so many times and defended Garret without giving Spencer any sort of reasoning behind it. I don’t give a fuck that some of it was meant to “protect” Spencer. Veronica just kept feeding her lies, protecting Peter, protecting Melissa and always leaving Spencer feeling crazy and unhinged and completely alone. That. Is. Psychological. Abuse. They should have come clean when Spencer started catching on, but instead they denied her intuition until she didn’t even trust her own judgemnet anymore. I don’t care what anyone says, Veronica was just as bad as Peter. What does she say in 7x12? That all she ever wanted was for Spencer to feel safe and nutured and loved. You can LITERALLY see the pain, the confliction as Spencer turns away because, even though her relationship with Veronica is much better now and maybe she knows Veronica tried, that is just simply not what happened. Spencer knew on some level that Veronica loved her, but sure as hell did not feel nurtured ( at one piont she says to Peter with tears in her eyes “home? Thats a joke”) and absofuckinlutly did NOT feel safe (i.e. Toby was her ONLY safe place to land). No matter what the original intent of adopting Spencer was, the Hastings were selfish with her, not wanting the town to find out about all of Peter’s affairs. I honestly think she under-reacted to how aweful her finding out the way she did was and now her father wont even come home to face her. Spencer has every right to feel incredibly hurt by the circumstance because of how profoundly mental illness has affected her life and how much more bearable it might have been to understand the source. I almost cried when she said that she feels like part of her will never leave Radly. God honeslty people just always want to believe that mothers are exempt from everything and Veronica is just not; she doesnt get a saint card for adopting her husbands love child. On a side note, this is the reason I will go down with my spoby ship; they created the family that neither of them had. They were there for each other the way their parents should have been. Spencer has been through so much in her life all I want is for her to find peace and happiness but thats probably too much to ask from this train-wreck of a show.

“Who I Am Inside” Part 4

“Who I Am Inside” Part 1

“Who I Am Inside” Part 2

“Who I Am Inside” Part 3

We drove down to the local diner in town that was still open. It seemed like it was pretty deserted for a Wednesday night, but then again everyone was probably at the fire. Eric opened the door for me and Craig, and we sat down at the booth closest to the back. A waitress immediately came over to us and asked us what we would like to eat.

“I’ll take a double bacon cheeseburger with a nice cold one.” Eric said, as he checked the waitress out.

I watched as Craig gave Eric the death look. Shaking his head, he turned his attention back to the waitress.

“I’ll just take a coffee. 2 sugars and some cream” I said, not very hungry.

“Make that two, please.” Craig chimed in.

As she filled out our orders, she walked away to give them to the chef. My hands were in my lap, and I was looking straight down at the table. Still trying to wrap my head around of what just happened. There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes, until Craig cleared his throat and started in with questions.

“Y/n, would you mind on telling us what you saw tonight?” He said softly.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” I said in low voice.

“Try us.” Eric said, both of them staring intently at you.

I told them everything. While I was telling them I watched their expressions change. They looked at each other when I was done, and had a conversation through their eyes. As they were talking to each other my eyes went over the TV that was playing in the corner. An old, rerun of Drake and Josh was playing. I used to the love that show when I was younger.

Drake and Josh were talking to the two nerds that they were friends with and I softly chuckled to myself, remembering this episode. As I watched closer, I saw the teacher taking roll call. I froze where I was when I heard the teacher call the nerds names. “Eric Blonowitz? Here. Craig Ramirez? Here.”

I looked over at the agents, as they were talking softly to each other.

“Oh my god, they are phonies.” I thought to myself. Suddenly not feeling safe.

I glanced around the diner and noticed the waitress coming with our orders. She place all of our stuff on the table and gave us a warm smile.

“Here you go, guys! If you need anything else, let me know!” she smiled and walked away.

Slowly picked up the knife at the table and pointed it at them. Only high enough to where the waitress could see. Fake Craig and Eric looked up at me, they both raised their hands slightly.

“Y/n, what are you doing?” Fake Craig says calmly, trying to get me to put down the knife.

“You are not real agents, who are you?” I said trying to sound brave.

“What are you talking about? You saw our badges? Look Y/n, you’ve had a long nigh-” Eric says before I cut him off.

“Craig Ramirez and Eric Blonowitz. I knew your names sounded familiar. Only to find out that their the names of the nerds on an old tv show I used to watch. I mean like seriously, why did you pick those names to use together?” I spat, still holding the knife.

Fake Eric cursed under his breath and said,

“Damn it, Garth! I’m going to kill you!”

“Ok Y/n, you caught us we are not FBI agents.” He said, still trying to get me to lower the knife.

“Who are you guys then?” I asked, getting angry that they played me.

“Have you ever heard of ghostbusters?” fake Eric says with a smile.

Craig elbowed him in the chest and Eric let out a huff.

“We can explain everything to you, if you just listen to us” says Craig

“And why should I do that?” I questioned, pushing the knife a little closer at them.

“Because we’re your brothers” says Eric.

“I don’t have any brothers” I countered

“Do you know of a John Winchester?” Craig says

“No.” I said

“He is your father. My name is Sam and this is Dean.” Sam stated

I stood up from the table and tried to leave, but Sam caught my hand.

“My father’s name is Steven Greene and he’s a deadbeat. Him and my mom got divorced when I was 3.” I said trying get out of his grasp.

“Your mom never knew who the father was. She was in love with John, but she knew he couldn’t be a father since he was a hunter. So she told Steve he was the father. Steve wanted her to take a test to find out if you were really his, since you showed no resemblance to him. The test was taken when you were 2. He found out you weren’t his and that’s why they got divorced later.” Dean said, trying to explain to you.

You finally got your hand out of Sam’s grasp and slapped Dean across the face.

“You guys are unbelievable!” I said in the nastiest voice I could muster up.

I turned on the heel of my boot and stormed out of the diner. I made my way out into the cold night air. Trying to hurry so I could get as far away from as possible from them.

   As I ran inside my house, I slammed the door shut and locked it. They were still following me. I ran past the parlor and dining room to get to the kitchen, where the back door was located, so I could lock it.

While running, I felt something slippery underneath my boots. I looked down and gasped as I saw dark, red blood painted all over the floor. My hand went over my mouth, fearing for the sight I would see in the kitchen before me. I laid back against the wall trying my hardest not to let out my strangled cry. I slowly turned my head, and I didn’t even realize that I was screaming at what I saw.

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The whole kitchen floor was covered in blood. Scratch that. The whole room was coated in blood. I slowly made my way through the bloody floor, and past the counter. I dropped to my knees, and I felt every part of my body scream in agony. My mother and my sister laid dead on the floor. The sight overwhelmed me as I screamed bloody murder. I reached for my sister Nevaeh, holding her in my arms, trying to wake her up. When she wouldn’t, and I cried out


I saw movement from my mom and reached out to her.

“MOM! Mom, I will call the ambulance! I’ll get you help! Just please don’t die on me! I need you, Mom!” I begged my mom

She was barely breathing, but she turned to look at me.

“I should have to-told y-you. I-If I-I did things would have been d-different. P-Promise m-me t-this. P-Promise m-me that you w-will look f-for a man named J-John Winchester. He will e-explain everything! N-Now go! G-Go before it gets back! Now Y/n!” she said before her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“I’m not leaving you, Mom! I’m not leaving you here to die! Mom?” I said, before realizing she was gone.

There was big bang noise against the door. I glanced over, still holding my lifeless sister tightly in my arms. The door made another loud bang, before it opened. I saw Dean and Sam appear at the doorway and take in the sight. The horror on their faces was evident. Dean eyes finally reached mine, and he came over towards me.

“Y/N, we got to get you out of here before that thing comes back.” he said in commanding tone.

“I can’t leave them, Dean. Their my family.” I said

“Y/n, I’m sorry, but they are dead. The thing that killed them wants you, so we got to move now. So, you and Sam are going up to your room and packing your stuff while I hold this thing off. Got it? Good. Go! Now!” Dean said trying to sympathize, but also trying to get me hell out.

   He took Nevaeh out of my arms, and gently laid her down next to my mom. Sam rushed over to me and took my arm and dragged me upstairs. I could barely function, let alone pack my own bag, so Sam helped me. He grabbed my two huge Victoria secret bags out of the closet and basically threw my whole wardrobe in there. I grabbed my make up and threw in the other bag and shoes.

I saw my photograph album and grabbed it as Sam dragged me downstairs. When we reached the bottom my eyes spotted Nevaeh’s pink quilt. I pulled out Sam’s grasp and grabbed it. Then we ran out the door as Sam yelled for Dean.

   The three of us made a mad dash for the impala, and as I went to open the door, I saw the flames. My home and my family. Gone. Just like the Library. All I could do was stare while Sam and Dean talked. I held Nevaeh’s pink quilt to my chest tightly, inhaling the scent of what used to be my sisters.

“Where should we take her?” Sam said, trying to figure out what to do.

“Home.” Dean said matter of fact

“But I thought you-” Sam started

“She’s our sister, Sammy. We’re taking her home.” said Dean.

“Everything is going to be ok, Y/n. We promise. We will protect you.” Sam    said in a soothing tone

“You said our dad was a hunter. Are you both hunters?” I asked

“Yes, we are.” Dean responded

“Is dad still alive?” I asked curiously.

“No, he died a few years.” Sam replied

“Do you know, what thing was? That killed my family?”

“We think it might be a demon. Don’t worry, Y/n. We will kill whatever it was that did this to you.” said Dean

“No” I said

They exchanged looks again, and Sam asked


“I don’t want you to kill it, I want to. It killed my family. I want it to be the last thing it sees before it bites the bullet.”

   I saw Dean give a wide smile. It almost looked like he was proud me. Then he said this

“Saving People, Hunting Things, It’s the Family Business. Welcome to the family sis.”

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it’s complicated | mark pt.5

word count: 2.3k

genre: angst, fluff



I sat in the car, Jinyoung driving, Youngjae, Delilah and Ebony in the back seat. My fingers tapped against my leg, something I do when I nervous. If Y/N was here she would grab my hand and stroke it, telling me I was stupid and I needed to calm down. If what Ebony and Delilah said was true then I would have so many more questions, like why did she lie? Why did she push me away? What have I done wrong?

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I Remember.

Request: Hi, could you please make a Bucky imagine where reader and Bucky get married or something?? I love your account! :)

A/N: This is a short one. I’m not really sure how this turned out so let me know how you liked it. 

Word Count: 604

Warnings:Fluff, sexual references, angst

I remember the day I met you. You were in the training room in the middle of the night beating the shit out of a punching bag. Right when I walked through the door it split open spilling its contents.

“God dammit. Steve is gonna kill me.” you said under your breath. You were beautiful even all sweaty and your hair in disarray. You picked up the bag careful not to spill the rest of it and carried it to the garbage can. You noticed me sitting in the doorway probably looking like a creep and stopped.

“Uh who are you?” you asked.

“Uh Bucky. I’m new here.” I said. You eye widened in realization.

“Oh well I’m Y/N. I thought you were gonna be here next week. Umm… if you have any questions just let me know.” you say with a smile.

I just looked at you. Most people just gave me dirty looks and said some snide comment. But not you.

“Why are you down here so late?” I asked. Your eyes darkened and you gave a sad smirk.

“Why are you?” I nodded in understanding and made my way to weight racks.

I remember the day that I asked you out. I was so nervous I probably sounded like an idiot but you said yes and we went out to dinner. Then one date turned to two and three and four, next thing I knew we were dating.

I remember the first time that we made love. It was intense. The way you felt and tasted, it was like a drug that I knew I would be addicted to forever.

I remember the first time you told me you loved me. I almost cried. I spent the better part of 70 years thinking that no one could love a monster like me. But there you were sitting on the couch with your head on my lap while I comb my fingers through your hair, you tell me those 3 words.

I remember the day I asked to to marry me. When I got down on one knee your eyes welled with tears. I didn’t even make it through my little speech before I choked up with emotion. You save me. You are my light in the darkness. You are my everything. You said yes.

I remember the day you almost died. In all the years of torture from Hydra, I have never been so scared in my life. When I saw you in that bed hooked up to those machines. I sat in that chair and I cried. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t leave your side. All I could do was sit and look at your beautiful face and pray to god that came back to me.
So that leaves us to today. The day that I will never forget. The day I married you. As you walked down that aisle I was so overcome with love and joy. You were so beautiful in your dress. The way you teared up when you said your vows and how my heart fluttered when you said ‘I do’. The way you attacked my when it was time to kiss the bride, and how the world fell away and our lips touched and all I could taste was both of our tears. I have never felt more content then when we were dancing and I had you in my arms and your head on my chest. I rested my head on top of yours and let the music sway us as I closed my eyes.

I will always remember you.

Coliver Intimacy Prompt--Kissing different body parts, tickling


Oliver found himself looking in the mirror and sighing at what he saw more times than he’d care to admit.

That’s not to say that he hated how he looked; but rather he would look on as if to ask: is this it?

Growing up gay and nerdy and being the only Asian person in many of his classes, he learned to develop a thick skin and learned how to not let people’s words affect him too much. That did not mean he still had low self-esteem that he was getting over day by day. Connor helped a great deal in this, giving Oliver compliments and telling him how amazing he was, but there were times where Oliver wanted to shout and tell Connor that the low self-esteem wouldn’t go away overnight. As much as he would like them to, no one gets rid of their baggage that easily.

All these thoughts caught up to him one night after getting out of the shower. Still dripping wet, he caught his reflection in the mirror and stared. He reached up to trace his finger along his hair line, which he noticed as a few centimeters farther than it was a couple of months ago. And, did he see a few silver strands in there?

He took in his arms, which weren’t as hard muscled and lean as they were over the summer. Being in IT didn’t necessarily require one to have arms of Adonis, and were regressing back to their softer state, not as defined. His eyes traveled to his belly, which was developing a squishy spot near the middle, that he could pinch and wiggle in his hands. He dropped his hands.

Is this it?

A soft knock on the door snapped him out of his thoughts.
“Everything okay in there?” Connor asked from the bedroom, his voice a little muffled by the door.

“Y-yeah, everything’s fine,” Oliver stammered, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist before leaving.

“Can I ask you a question? It’s kind of weird,” he said, standing in the threshold of the bathroom.

“Weird questions are the best questions. Shoot,” Connor said, closing his book and setting it to the side.

Oliver grew suddenly very interested in the floor. “What, uh, what’s your favorite…what do you like most…about my body?” he asked.

“That’s an easy one. Everything,” Connor said flatly, confused that Oliver would even ask.

Oliver rolled his eyes, “Okay but like, why?”

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metabalaba  asked:

I'm on break and one of my students is sitting next to me, watching me cry over the Finn Bálor documentary. She just brought me chips and water and gave me a hug. 😭❤️️

God be with that student oh my word. I literally suffered my way through that whole doc, man. I cried even during the happy parts because Ferg is the love of my life and he deserves the whole universe.

The things I want to say are lost in the laughing days

Cry have I cried to long to be fine n gone
Lonely at the place wjete I need something
On the run with my shadow closing in
So much to say with winds blowing hard

The feeling of losing part of yourself
Today I feel a luster of sadness days passing
Bye to the face of the day of loneliness
Finding a way to be great through smog

We die with a thoughtless truth knowing not
Having a sad heart for losing my soul
Nothing to lose with death on Hold
Come back at sometime place when Im down

A tune played one day for no reason
A window held the breeze of loneliness
One tears for the days being in solitude
Life in a laughing dream does anything really mean to me

The Good Sugar Daddies

Let me open this by saying that lots of SDs aren’t great guys. A lot of them are cheaters, a lot are disrespectful to women. For every prince there are a thousand frogs, but I want to take a moment to talk about one of the good ones, one of the ones who touched my life and who continues to touch it to this day.

A little while back I had a SD originally from Switzerland and so for the purpose of talking about him, that’s what I’ve always called him. From the day I met him, he was one of the warmest, most generous and giving, most laid back people I’ve ever met. He gave not because he wanted something in return but because he had so much to give and simply enjoyed the act of giving. No matter what we went to, he was always armed with donations or gifts and didn’t so much as ask for a thank you in return.

With me, he gave me more than just shoes, bags, etc-which he did give me a lot of. He gave me freedom from debt by paying off my student loans. He gave me a car. He gave me a (very pricy) condo-when we broke up-because he wanted me to “be taken care of”. He gave my niece the money to cover her rise in tuition and paid for her books for three semesters. He gave my parents a trip to Mexico for their anniversary. He gave me more advice that I’ll hold dear to me both in business and for my life. He gave me access to his contacts that will be invaluable in my professional life. He bought me health insurance, he paid my dog’s veterinary bills, he paid for physical therapy after I suffered a running injury. 

And he gave me friendship. Yes we had a sexual relationship as well, not that it ever felt forced because I truly adored the man, but I would say our relationship was 90% friendship. He found me at one of the hardest and darkest points in my life and supported me through it. We made good memories together, we laughed together and cried together, and we got to know each other the way best friends do. 

We ended things when he decided to move back to Switzerland, although the offer to go with him always stood. But we kept in touch. Then, a few days ago, Switzerland got into an accident. His son knew I was an important enough person in his life that I should know. Part of me wanted to jump on a plane so I could be at his bedside, even when I got the news he’d be ok. Miraculously I got to talk to him and he assured me he was fine. 

I was texting him last night to check on him and here’s an excerpt:

Not only was he being his usual sentimental self, but he was thoughtful enough that while he’s still in the hospital he remembered that Ramadan is coming and I’ll be wearing the hijab so he sent me a new headscarf, and gifts for my dog-while he’s still in the hospital. 

The worst part about breaking up with Switzerland was that I was terrified another woman would find him and not treat him well, that all she would see was dollar signs and miss out on all of the extraordinary things Switzerland can offer that money can’t buy, not least of all his warm and loving presence.

So please, ladies, fellow sugar babies, please stop looking at men as just wallets and payouts and ATM machines. They’re human beings-just like we are-and should be looked at as such first and foremost. And yes, obviously Switzerland is not the norm and there are a lot of ass holes and salt daddies, I know. Believe me I know. But there are good sugar daddies out there, and let’s celebrate them a little. 

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I cried and screamed my way through most of the episode and @cutiepanser will attest to this because she was skyping me while I watched. I could feel the gay literally exude from my laptop screen, and it blew me the fuck back. With that, I’m gonna say that KanaMari might as well be canon at this point. 

I have never seen two characters who seem more in love with each other than these two. I mean I’m definitely exaggerating the ‘never’ part, but like you catch my drift I’m sure. I truly believe it is indisputable fact there is a bond between them that transcends any other bond in this series. Lemme explain my thought process:

Initially, I was furious at the implication that Kanan basically told Mari to go. I allowed Sunrise to play my ass because I believed Kanan and Dia wanted to get rid of their last link to idols by telling her to leave. And I owe my sincerest apologies to Mari for thinking that she left her friends behind because the real answer was much more complex than I thought, and I truly wasn’t prepared.

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Tell Me I’m A Bad Man – Part 1

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 889

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Request: Could you do a fic alternate universe in which dean was a evil demon and he is the head of a evil demon cult? he is really intrigued with this women he meets and shes a hunter and hes trying to track her down? she starts having visions/dreams about him and he is trying to lure her to him and its starting to work. she meets Sam in this universe who is trying to keep her away from demon dean? somehow the reader has fallen into this universe and she is trying to get back to her dean? - Anonymous

Author’s Note: Here is the first part of evil Demon!Dean! I hope you all like it! The title is taken from House of Wolves by My Chemical Romance, let’s face it, evil Demon!Dean would listen to a song about someone going to Hell. I’ll probably keep the request up on all parts like a small summary. – Haley xx

Your name: submit What is this?

I woke up with a start. My heart was beating against my chest and I felt sick to my stomach. For the past week, I’ve been having really strange, almost crypt dreams. They all start out the same, me looking out the motel window and seeing Dean across the street, watching me, but in every dream, he’s a little bit closer.

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Baby- Part 6 (Impala’s POV)

A story of true love- all types of true love. The Impala helps narrate this Dean x reader story about fighting the Darkness and finding the light.

Prequel Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Summary of Part 6- The Impala watches as the gang makes some major decisions about The Darkness.

Word Count: 1550ish

Warnings: Canon divergence, season 11 spoilers, major character death, angst, I’M SORRY GUYS

A/N: This series will alternate between the reader’s point of view and Baby’s. I will let you know each part who is narrating :) Don’t worry, the story isn’t over yet!

“It’s not gonna happen.” Dean was angry, driving carelessly, my engine whining as I tried to keep up with his harsh commands.

“I know you don’t want to think about it, Dean, neither do I. But if it stops The Darkness, then I have to do it-“ Sam was exasperated.

“I’m just supposed to sit back and let you sacrifice yourself for me?”

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