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So I’m not entirely sure if this is how their first kiss would go since Hinata’s tsundere af, but the idea of him being comfortable enough with Komaeda to be the one to initiate it makes my heart melt c’:

I can imagine Komaeda, whose self-esteem and sense of self-worth is practically nonexistent. being so surprised by this predicament that he just sorta stands there and looks at Hinata like:


“Tell me you do”

Tom and Y/N have been seeing each other for a while now and it is obvious that they have mutual feelings for each other, however Y/N is scared because Tom still seems so far away and she doesn’t want to get hurt by him. Will she allow this love to be?

Warning: sadness overload
Tom Holland x Reader
A/N: I have no clue what this is, honestly but I’m posting it anyways. If you want, you can listen to the same song as me while I was writing this. (x

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I have too much dark inside me, I could scream all night and
                                                     still the smoke wouldn’t clear.

I’ve cried blood, bled tar, spat salt water into the sink; 
all this grief and nowhere to put your hands but on me.

I want to take you apart like a castle in the hands of God
                                                                                  you say

and now dreams are the only place I hear your voice. I sang
myself to sleep behind the bathroom door, my feet propped up

on the porcelain bath. I don’t know what to tell you about the
rain and why it falls. there is nothing common sense in collapsing.

there’s nothing left but the railroads and a plug without a
socket. this is a metaphor for something too painful to talk about.

                                                   I missed the last train home
                                                                                    you say,

but I’ve never heard anything that mattered less. once again
I gave you all the speaking parts and you never learnt your lines.

I gave you all the speaking parts but you never know when
to come in. you’re unrehearsed. love is a distant act at the

end of a script you never planned to read. you’re falling apart
and even dawn has never broken like you. for safety, you have your

conscience locked in a box. your soul is a child you trapped in
the basement who never cries, just knocks very politely on the

underside of the trapdoor. you always do this. it always has to
end like this / with you stretching out your hands but I won’t take

anything you’re willing to give away for free. barefoot I’m scaling the
fence,  i’m running down the street; the red footprints in the snow

are the latter part of a telegram about mortality. i’m turning
over the body in your bed and seeing that it’s mine. here is

my blood in a wineglass, my heart on a stake:
                                                       if you must, be lot
                                                                            be orpheus
                                                                            be herakles.

maybe hylas thanked the waves for drowning.

Yves Olade, So Close to the Light You Catch Fire
response to the @nepenthenet prompt  “two faces”

Will You Stay With Me? - Dick Grayson x Reader

Originally posted by lovetheworldlife

Requested by Anon -  The reader has a miscarriage due to a blood disorder. Their ex leaves them during the hemorrhaging. Dick find them during his patrol, and vows to stay by their side.

Dick was swinging through the city on patrol. So far, he had only come across two robbery and one mugging. In definition, an easy night for Nightwing. 

It started raining around eleven o’clock, an hour into Dick’s patrol. He grimaced as a few raindrops slipped under his domino mask, sliding straight into his eye. Temporary blind, Dick landed on a roof to wipe his eyes.

“Every time,” he mumbled to himself, making a mental note to make his new mask watertight. Dick was about to fire his grapple gun to continue on patrol when he heard a soft cry for help.

Freezing at the sound, he strained his ears only to hear a sob following another cry for help. Dick followed the sound, switching on his infrared vision to detect a heat signature in the alley below. 

He peered over the edge of the roof to see a figure lying on the payment below with a pool of dark liquid surrounding them. Dick jumped down, sliding down the fire escape before landing next to the person. 

“Are you alright?” Dick soothed, kneeing down beside one of the most beautiful people he had ever seen. It wasn’t until he felt the warmth of the liquid surrounding the woman did he realize it was blood.

“Help me,” you whispered, feeling your life being drained away. “I’m losing my baby.” Dick checked your pulse while glancing at your lower half. You were still bleeding quite heavily. Your pulse was weak, almost non-existent.

“It’s going to be fine. I’m here to help you,” Dick answered, ripping your shirt in order to press it between your legs. “What happened?”

“I have a blood disorder,” you gasped, suddenly very tired. “My boyfriend was supposed to take me to the hospital when I started bleeding, but he freaked out and left me….” Tears slipped down your face, mixing with the rain.

“Shh,” Dick hushed, reaching his free hand to stroke your cheek. “Calm down.” He made sure you looked him in the eye before continuing. “Listen to me, I’m going to get you to the hospital, but I need you to stay awake for me, okay?”

“Okay,” you promised as he pressed your legs together to attempt to stop the bleeding. He scooped you up gently in his arms, frowning when your head rolled limply against his shoulder.

“Still awake?” he asked, his heart skipping a beat when you didn’t answer right away. 

“You won’t leave me, will you?” you mumbled against his neck. Securing you in his grip, Dick took out his grapple gun and the two of you were off. He didn’t answer your question, not wanting to make a promise he couldn’t keep. After all, dressed as Nightwing, he couldn’t stay with you, could he?

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Carl Grimes// Take Me Back To The Start

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Just because that’s such a cute gif of Chandler… Take a good long look. Also this is my first Carl x Reader insert because I normally pair him off with my OC, but here you go! Please enjoy!

Requested By Anon: You and Carl were best friends when you went to school together before The Turn. When the end of the world came raining down, you sought out protection with his mother Lori because much to your displeasure, your family could not be contacted. When you grow up so close to one another in a world that has no hope.. You allow your feelings to run your heart. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

  “Hey Carl!” You cried out, laughing wildly as you kicked your legs higher and higher, causing your swing to raise further into the sky. Up. Up. Up. “Look at what I can do!” 

Carl smiled as he closed his eyes to listen to the sound of your laughter. The two of you had been best friends since Kindergarten, having grown up a block away from one another. You were never much for typical girl things- so you spent most of your time getting dirty with the child of Lori and Rick Grimes.

  “I bet I can go higher then you y/n!” He yelled victoriously, joining you on the opposite swing. Before you knew it, he was swinging back and forth in sync with you at the same height. 

Up. Up. Up. 

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“Serpent Slut”

Hello, loves!
If you still didn’t watch the season finale than I would recommend to now read this one, but if you don’t mind spoilers go ahead. Enjoy reading this. Feedback is always appreciated. xx

Also,‭ ‬please note that my mother tongue isn’t English so there might be some mistakes.‭ ‬Feel free to correct me if I made mistakes‭!

Requested by Anon:‭ ‬Hey,‭ ‬could I have an imagine you’re dating jughead and the‭ ‘‬serpent slut‭’ ‬was written about you and he comforts you because you get really shaken up about it‭?‬

Pairing:‭ ‬Jughead Jones x Reader
Warnings: none except some spoilers from the season finale ?
Words: 808


‭As I walked into the building, almost the entire school were crowded in front of my locker. I pushed my way through the crowd to get to Kevin and Betty, a confused look on my face. “Hey, guys,” I greeted my two friends, whose backs were turned towards me. They turned around quickly, still blocking my view. Their faces were full of pity, but within a second it was replaced with a smile. They act odd, I thought, noticing that the smile were forced. “Oh, hey, Y/N,” Kevin said a little too enthusiastic. “You two act weirder than usual,” I laughed and made my way through them so I could reach my locker.

‭The smile that was on my face faded immediately at the sight of what Betty and Kevin were trying to hide from me. A sign were put on my locker, a terrifying message on it. “We’re so sorry, Y/N/N,” Betty whispered, grabbing my arm lightly.  She tried to pull me away, but failed. My body refused to move. I just stood there, staring at the sign. I can’t even describe what I felt in this moment. The only thing I remember is that I blocked everything out, not taking my eyes off of that thing.

‭‘GO TO HELL SERPENT SLUT’ Those words burnt themselves in my mind, I couldn’t  get rid of them. My vision got blurry as they kept repeating themselves inside of my head. I could feel how someone was talking to me, but all I could do was focusing on my breath, which got heavier and my throat, that’s gotten dry. The tears, that filled my eyes, were forced to stay inside of my eyes, since I didn’t want to cry in front of entire school.

‭After what felt like hours I got pulled out of my thoughts by a familiar voice, blinking the tears away. “Y/N,” it said. “Y/N, hey, look at me,” this time it sounded more desperate. My eyes wandered to the person, who was talking to me. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth at the sight of Jughead, being more than glad that he’s here. “Juggie,” I murmured, falling in his arms. “Let’s get you out of here,” he whispered lowly in my ear. I nodded, letting him lead me away. I could hear some people laugh, and whispering; I could feel how some looked at me. Some looks were full of pity and some were laughing at me.

‭A sigh was heard next to me when we exited the building. “What is it, Juggie?” I asked quietly, looking up to him. He just looked away, completely ignoring my question. I stopped in my tracks, making it clear that I won’t move until he gave me an answer. The boy, stubborn as he was, still refused to talk to me. Sighing I took his face in my hands, my eyes were focused on him. “It’s not your fault,” I said softly. The look of guilt was still present on the face of his.

‭“I’m serious, Jughead. I don’t blame you for it and you shouldn’t either.” His eyes finally decided to meet mine. They were full of pain and guilt; it made my heart ache. “But it is my fault, can’t you see? As long as you’re with me, trouble’s gonna keep coming at you from all sides,” sadness lacing in his voice. “It not that bad, it was just one jerk,” I noted, trying to convince him that it’s fine. He took a deep breath before he responded, “It’s not just one jerk, Y/N. It’s Mayor McCoy, it’s Sheriff Keller. It’s Weatherbee, it’s Social Services. It’s the entire multiverse telling me I don’t belong here. So why don’t I just do everyone-”

‭“Stop it, Jughead,” I cried out. “You belong here as much as everyone else. This is your home. You know that, right?” I asked him, still looking in his eyes, trying to show him he’s loved and wanted. He didn’t answer right away, so I raised an eyebrow while smiling a little bit at him. “Yeah,” he mumbled, taking his eyes off of mine for a second before looking back to me. He still sounded unconvinced, so I gave him a loving smile. “Yes,” Jughead repeated, a tiny smile on his lips. It was obvious that he still blamed himself for all of this, but I would make sure that he will stop. I took his hand in mine, starting to lead him to my house. “Come now, I have some leftover at home waiting for you to eat it,” I winked at him. A small laugh escaped his mouth. “Sounds good.”

Behold French!Graves

Or, that one AU in which Grindelwald erased Graves’ memories and dumped him in Europe, leaving him alone to rebuild his life from scratch. Everyone believes him dead. Newt and Credence run into him in France by accident. 

They’d been staying in Paris for a couple of days, trying to find the wizard Newt was searching for. Another supposed expert when it came to magical beasts. Newt absolutely wanted to talk with him about the Beast of the Gévaudan, and other legendary creatures he’d heard originated from France.

There were staying at a Hotel in separate rooms, a cheap but nice place to be with everything they needed. America was far behind, now. It had been two years since the debacle with the Obscurus in New York, and a year and 9 months since Newt Scamander found Credence residing in his suitcase, occupying the freezing landscape in his Obscurus form.

He’d taken Credence with him, refusing to tell anyone about his discovery, and offered to teach Credence magic. With Newt at his side, Credence had grown. He’d learned to raise his head higher when he talked, had learned to be more confident when he expressed his opinions, had learned to say what he liked and disliked and most of all, he’d learned to control the dark force within him and now managed to do actual magic. Sure, there was still a lot to accomplish yet, but Credence was a far cry from what he’d been a few years ago. He’d let his hair grow as well, getting rid once and for all of the horrible haircut Mary Lou gave him. It was still short but it curled around a bit, giving his face a gentleness he thought didn’t resemble him.

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There’s Something in My Attic

(Part 2)

There’s something in our attic, but my parents wouldn’t tell me what it was. To be more accurate, they have constantly denied there’s anything up there and have since I was a child and first mentioned it.

Why haven’t I gone up there to see for myself? Aside from the general fear it’s always instilled in me – for reasons I will get to – however much my curiosity makes me want to see for myself, I couldn’t. Our attic door is locked and I had no idea where my parents kept the key. Believe me, I’d looked several times over the years and have never found it.

Until now.

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Sober (Part Nine)

Genre: Angst

Characters: Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon), Song Mino 

Word Count: 5,560 

Part One I Part Eight

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Originally posted by i-wonwoo

Genre: Fluff

Warning: Mild, like really mild, like this is 5th grade bad words mostly

Author’s note: I just have a really soft spot for Wonwoo okay. Like look at his dumb duck face. pls stop being cute pls

#guess who didn’t proof read again bc she’s lazy and had this idea at 1am. 

“What do I text her?” Wonwoo stares at his phone, his fingers hover over the keyboard in hesitation. He writes ‘Hi’ before changing his mind and backspacing.

Mingyu on the other hand was beginning to grow bored of this typing and backspacing routine, “Just ask her out for coffee or something.”

Wonwoo hesitates once more, “I don’t know. Here.” Wonwoo pushes his phone into Mingyu’s hands, “You write something and don’t make it stupid.”

Mingyu grins widely. His fingers begin typing away, when he finishes, Mingyu reads it happily, “Dear Lovely Y/N. Its Wonwoo and I spent 2 hours debating what to text you because I really really like you and want to date you but I’m too scared to do anything. Also Mingyu is the best person in the entire world. He’s my best best friend.”

Wonwoo shot up from his seat attempting to get his cell phone back only to have Mingyu giggle as he runs out the door, waving the cell teasingly.

“Kim Mingyu I swear to god if you send that I’m locking your ass out.”

Mingyu slows down his pace, laughing loudly, “Oh come on. You know I wouldn’t send it.” Mingyu holds the phone, getting ready to backspace the entire paragraph, only, his finger brushes against the sent button and the text flies out to be sent, “Uh oh.”

“Uh oh what?” Wonwoo stands with his hands on his hips, as he breathes heavily from the chase.

“I may have sent the text by accident.”


Mingyu uneasily laughs, “Maybe she’ll find it funny.”

“Or maybe she’ll find me a creep and never talk to me again!!”

“Oh!” Mingyu jumps quickly to Wonwoo, “Look, she hasn’t read it yet.”

Wonwoo grabs his phone, hope filling in his voice, “That’s right! She’s in class. She never looks at her phone in class. Okay Okay. You know what, Seungkwan is in her class, I’ll just tell him to get her phone and delete the text.”

Seungkwan idly taps his finger on the table. He was growing bored and the many attempts to distract you weren’t working anymore. His eyes perk up when he sees his phone come to life.

Wonwoo: Get Y/N’s phone and delete the last text I sent her

Seungkwan remains puzzled for a moment.

Seungkwan: why?

Wonwoo: Just do it before I tell Jihoon you’re the one who broke his guitar

Seungkwan jumps immediately in his seat. His actions gaining your attention. You give him a concerned look only to receive a very nervous expression from him.

“Hey Y/N. Can I borrow your phone?”

A skeptical look appears on your face, “why? You have yours right there.”

“I…..I wanna play a game.” Seungkwan whispers.

“No!” You protest, “We’re in class Seungkwan. Pay attention.”

Seungkwan sits nervously for the rest of the class period. His eyes dart continuously towards you, his nerves becoming more agitated. Once the teacher announced the end of class, Seungkwan was quick to his feet.

“Hey why don’t we go to lunch together.”

You smiled, “Sure why not.” You casually pulled out your phone, turning it on to check for notifications, “Oh Wonwoo texted me.”

Seungkwan panics. His hands wrap itself around your phone, ripping it from your grasp before he darts towards the door.

“What the. BOO SEUNGKWAN!” You quickly move after him.

“I’m sorry Y/N but I can’t die by Jihoon’s hands today.”

Seungkwan begins to run out of breath until his last line of hope steps out of a class room.

“Hansol!” Seungkwan slams into the boy, he places your cell phone into Hansol’s hand, “Run!”


Seungkwan breathes heavily, hardly getting the words out, “Go find Wonwoo. Give him the phone. Quick! Before she kills me.” Seungkwan shoves Hansol’s back when he hears you shout once more, “GO!”

You ran out of breath as you caught up to Seungkwan, you watched as Hansol dart away with your cell phone, “HANSOL IM GOING TO KILL YOU THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU!” You turned to Seungkwan, grabbing him my the neck of his shirt, “You better have a really good reason for this or else you’ll be seeing Hansol in hell.”

Wonwoo sits biting his finger, it had been almost an hour and he hadn’t heard back from Seungkwan nor had he heard from you. Just as he was about to call Seungkwan for an update, the pounding on the door shook him.

Upon opening the door, an exhausted and out of breath Hansol trudged in, slapping your phone into Wonwoo’s hand before crawling onto the nearby couch.

“I never want to run again.” Hansol mutters before his face slams into the cushions.

“Isn’t this Y/N’s phone?” Wonwoo earns himself a grunt and a wave from Hansol, “What the hell. I told Seungkwan to delete the text not commit a crime.”

Hansol waves once more and Wonwoo realizes he won’t be receiving a respond from the boy for a while.

Wonwoo activates your cell and immediately a smile crosses his face. Your home screen displayed a picture he distinctly remembers Jihoon capturing for his photography project. Your lips spread out into a large smile, your body leans closely to Wonwoo, his eyes focused soley onto you as you laughed. Wonwoo’s heart swelled at the imagine.

“JEON WONWOO!!” Your voice boomed in the apartment, a whining seungkwan cried out as you dragged him by the ear. You noticed Hansol sprawled on the couch, “I’ll deal with you later. Where’s Wonwoo.”

“Here.” Wonwoo states as he exits his room.

You let go of Seungkwan and he rubs his ear to lessen the pain, “what the hell. Did you really send Seungkwan and Hansol to steal my phone.”

“I wasn’t in on this.” Hansol shouts from his laid spot.

“What’s so important about this text.”

Wonwoo rubs the back of his head sheepishly, “It’s…..” Wonwoo hands you your phone slowly, “It’s better if you read it.“ 

You’re cautious as you grab your phone, unlocking it, you pull open Wonwoo’s text message. A few seconds pass before laughter erupts from your mouth. Wonwoo’s cheeks heat up tremendously with your cackle.

You hold your stomach, containing the laughter, "this is it? Mingyu used your phone to send me a text. What’s so wrong with that that you had these two idiots run around with my phone.”

Wonwoo begins to play with his fingers nervously, “It’s more than that. I really did spend 2 hours wondering what to text you.” Wonwoo watches as you stop laughing completely, “I….I like you. Go on a date with me sometime. Maybe?”

Your heart flutters and you smile widely, “O-Of course.”

“That’s it!?!” Seungkwan screamed, “I was threatened, ran like a mile, and got my ear dragged over here just so you could get a date.” Seungkwan dramatically falls next to Hansol, “I hate everyone.”

Perfect(ly) screwed up 2 || D.H.

A/N: Wow look at this! It’s a part two. 

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Dan(ny boy)


Originally posted by masochistphil

Y/N took a shaky breath as tears kept streaming down her cheeks. It was heart-breaking to watch her like this.

I rubbed her lower back in order to calm her down. She was still clinging onto me and I just held her as tightly as I could.

“It’s Lucas.” She then muttered after her breathing had slowed down a little bit.

Lucas. It usually just pained me to hear that name. But now, now I also got furious. My hands turned into fists at the thought of him being the cause of Y/N’s miserable state.

‘You can’t get angry now, Dan. Your best friend doesn’t need that right now.’ I told myself and could immediately feel myself relax as my eyes met Y/N’s sad ones.

“What did he do?” I asked her softly and ran my fingers through her hair at the same time. I was scared as I waited for her answer.

“We just had this massive fight. Lots of yelling and ugly words.” She explained.

Y/N was the strongest person I knew. She was a rebel and a fighter and seeing her like this, so shattered and fragile, hurt.

Lucas her oh so pretty and perfect boyfriend did this.

“Hey it’s okay.” I whispered against her hair as I gently kissed the top of her head. It was a friendly gesture something I would only do in times of need, times like this.

“Dan…, Lucas and I – “

We were both still standing in the middle of my drive way, right in front of her old, red car. As soon as Y/N started that sentence her sobbing got heavier, but before she could even finish it we were interrupted.

“Daniel your mum wants you to come inside again.” Katrina was walking towards us.

She stopped in the middle of her tracks as her eyes met Y/N. They immediately turned cold. Colder than what was normal for her.

“I’m kinda busy here.” I told her, gesturing to my best friend who was cuddled against my chest.

Katrina didn’t look very amused or understanding. I told her that I won’t be able to go to prom with her because I was already taking Y/N. Kat hadn’t liked her before that, they were way too different to get along, so I bet she must hate her now.

“You should go, Dan. Don’t feel obligated to stay with me. I think I can manage myself.” Y/N whispered, looking up at me. She wasn’t paying any attention to Katrina.

It was absurd how incompatible her words and actions were. Her eyes were still filled with tears and I could tell by her body language that she had no intention to let go off me. She was trying to be strong and suffer through this all on her own.

“She is right, Daniel. You should definitely not miss your parent’s wonderful summer party or else it would be so rude.” Katrina snarled.

I totally ignored that.

“I’m not leaving you here alone, silly.” I told Y/N and lightly pinched her left cheek. She was going to protest when I shut her up.

“That decision is final.”

“Daniel, you can’t take her inside. I mean, look at her.” Katrina interfered rudely.

It was true that Y/N didn’t really fit in with all of our other guest with their expensive dresses and Rolex watches. She was actually wearing a wrinkled t-shirt that she had definitely slept in before, but still she was better looking than any person at my mum’s party. She didn’t need money to feel good about herself and she certainly had a better personality than all of those people.

“Oh, I am not taking her inside. I really want to spare her from that.”

Kat looked outraged. She gasped loudly and looked at me like I had just lost my mind.

“Dan, what are you-“ Y/N was about to ask as I took her hand in mine.

“C’mon we’re leaving.” I told her and dragged her along with me, leaving a startled Katrina behind in my drive way.

“Oh and before I forget, tell my mum I couldn’t make it.” I shouted over my shoulder mid walking with a smug grin on my face.

At first Y/N didn’t say anything she just walked next to me silently. We were still holding hands and since she didn’t let go I didn’t either.

I knew exactly where to go right now, there was a place that was perfect for times like this. My old treehouse. Our garden was followed by a huge forest that I used to play in when I was younger. Y/N and I had been there a lot in the past but I was sure that she had forgotten that it existed by now.

Once we had reached the forest, my best friend took the scenery in with wide eyes. The last rays of sunlight danced on the lush green leaves. This place brought back a ton of memories and she was so overwhelmed for a second that she forgot why we were here. She forgot that her heart hurt and that she had just cried her eyes out.

We sat down on a knocked over tree instead of climbing the old tree house and Y/N leaned her head against my shoulder.

“He made me feel so small.” She whispered vulnerably and played with my tie in order to distract herself from her own words.

We were talking about her boyfriend Lucas again. I wanted to say something but she just kept talking.

“I don’t even remember how the fight started. Everything happened so fast and we just yelled at each other. I’m not proud of the things I shouted at him, but he really hurt me.” Her voice was flat while her eyes stared into the distance.

“I’m so sorry.” I breathed and wrapped my arms tightly around her body, holding her close.

“The things he said made me feel so unwanted, useless and ugly.” She admitted quietly.

I could believe my ears. Was she for real?

“Y/N..” I almost shouted, the look on my face made her sit up straight in surprise.

“Don’t ever say that again.” I pleaded and intensively stared at her. My heart was racing in my chest.

“Dan, what?” She asked, confused by my reaction.

“You are the most amazing person I know, I don’t want you to ever feel like that. You are head strong and adventurous and you are sweet and kind and god you are so beautiful.”

“Dan, stop!” Y/N was blushing like crazy.

“I’m not gonna stop until you realize how flawless you are. Lucas is a complete prick for saying otherwise. “

“That’s why I broke up with him.”

I froze. Why didn’t I even consider that they might have broken up?

I knew Y/N, she wouldn’t ever let anyone treat her like that. Still the thought that she could be single sounded way too good and foreign to me.

“You broke up?” I asked her unbelievingly and swallowed hard.

“Yes, it hadn’t been that great between us for a while now and after the things he said I knew that we didn’t have feelings for each other anymore.” She explained, resting her head on my shoulder again.

“After it happened I just…somehow, I just needed to see you, Dan.” She added so quietly that I almost didn’t hear it.

We weren’t that far away from my garden where the summer party was being held. We could hear faint music and our guest that were lightly chatting with each other.

Some of my mum’s beloved fairy lights, that she had wrapped around every tree, even shimmered through the branches that shielded us from my garden.

“I’m glad you came.” I whispered while my heart was rapidly beating.

She turned her head so she was facing me. Our eyes met and we were still so close to each other that I could barely breath. I intensively looked at her and examined all the details of her to me flawless face.

“Y/N?” I then carefully asked, my voice low.

“Yes, Dan?” She answered immediately.

“Can I kiss you?”

The corners of her lips twitched and curled up into a genuine smile for the first time today as she slowly nodded.

Jerome Valeska X Reader / Please Don’t Hurt Him!



Originally posted by weeniehut-jerome

Your P.O.V.

Gotham city was going crazy tonight. People who swore to stick to the law were committing crimes and criminals went wilder than before. Not even the police could control the city tonight. This all thanks to the one who woke from the dead, Gotham’s worst nightmare but also one of the most admired criminals, Jerome Valeska. For some, he was an idol but for me, he was even more.

I loved Jerome. We had been friends for years and I could tell that his life with his mother was taking it’s toll on him. I had tried to help him but it didn’t take long until his mind just snapped. His mother’s dead didn’t surprise since after all we had planned it together. The biggest surprise was that he didn’t tell the police about me at all. For years we had been close and we had this thing going on where we flirted with each other and we acted like we were a couple. Too bad we weren’t.

Once he went to Arkham I was all alone. Losing the only friend I had was hard and it surely did something to my head. Damn, I was ready to break him out of that hellhole. Before I got into action, he was already outside. I heard of the Maniax and that inspired me to go out and find him. I needed Jerome! I had to se him. I wasn’t scared, not at all although I should be. I saw what he had done to people. He was a murderer. I didn’t mind. 

My mission failed badl. I simply didn’t find him. The worst part was when he was announced dead. It broke my heart. I cried for days and weeks. I didn’t take care of myself. I felt completely lost and that’s when I though my life ended. Jerome’s resurrection was a miracle and after a long period of loneliness I’d finally see him again. Right here tonight.

The carnival was full of people both happy and sad. Most were here with someone but I was walking around alone.I had come late which wasn’t bad because Jerome’s big event would start any time soon. People were already heading to the big tent and I could feel how excitement made my heart flutter. I fixed my black skirt that matched my black crop top. I had some heels on and I had done my make-up real nice. Hopefully Jerome remembered me.

I got inside the tent where I saw a boy tied to a pole. As I walked closer I recognized Bruce Wayne, the rich kid whose parents were killed. As I looked a little further from Bruce I saw someone with white pants, a red jacket and a hat. My heart jumped to my throat. That was Jerome! My entire body froze and I just stared at him. It felt unreal. His face seemed strange and that’s when I realized he had stapled it back on. Poor thing.

‘’GCPD!’’ I heard someone yell and the next thing I knew was that the police came inside with guns and people went crazy. Shit. ‘’No no no’’ I muttered and moved out of the way so I wouldn’t be stepped on. People were all over the place and soon I lost sight of Jerome. I couldn’t lose him now! A big bang made everyone shut up for a second. I tried to see what had happened, but the mass of people was literally forcing me out of the tent.

‘’Let me go!’’ I screamed but my voice drowned underneath the chaos. I heard gunshots and police officers yelling at us to back off. I gritted my teeth and I tried to break myself free, but it was impossible. A huge guy was in front of me and as he backed away, I had to back off too. Before I knew it, I was standing behind a line of police officers. They wouldn’t let us go.

Tears stung my eyes and I wanted to attack someone but that would be useless. I just waited anxiously with my heart beating in my throat. Would Jerome come back? ‘’Did the boy blow up?’’ Some spoke behind me. I turned around to see two clowns dressed in dark clown costumes. They were laughing now. I was surrounded by idiots! I had to get Jerome!

A few gasps made me look towards the tent again. I couldn’t believe what I saw. The fucking boy was alive and he was bloody. The famous police officer Jim Gordon walked closer to bruce with an older man. Bruce ran into the man’s hands and Jim just watched. Where was Jerome?

My thoughts were answered quickly. I saw Jerome walking hazily towards the boy. He was ready to kill Bruce. ‘’Jerome!’’ I screamed in horror as I realized that Jim Gordon noticed him too. Then I lost it. I kicked the people in front of me and then I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t have to think twice. Every muscle in my body forced me to run to Jerome. I would die for him if I had to!

I gritted my teeth and ran even faster. Jerome’s eyes moved from Bruce to me. I didn’t come a second too late. Just before Jim Gordon could attack Jerome, I stepped in between.’’Don’t!’’ I screamed loudly. I raised my arms and I stood in front of Jerome, shielding him from the police officer. Everyone were looking now..

Jim Gordon stopped and he looked at me with confusion. I doubt anyone expected this to happen. Tears started rolling down my face and my entire body was shaking. ‘’Step out of the way miss’’ Jim told me angrily. Bruce Wayne was staring at me too with the other guy who I thought was his butler. ‘’I can’t’’ I told Jim sadly and then I stepped a few steps back so I was closer to Jerome’s body. ‘’I said move!’’ Jim yelled now and he grabbed his gun.

‘’No! You wouldn’t do that if you were me and Jerome was Lee!’’ I whimpered and let more tears roll down my face. Suddenly Jim’s anger faded and he looked shocked, nearly sad. An arm draped around my waist and I flinched because I startled. It was Jerome. ‘’Yeah Jim you wouldn’t let anyone shoot dear old lee although you’re not a thing anyone’’ Jerome teased the armed police man. His voice and touch made me want to hug him, but I had to stay like this. ‘’Don’t talk about Lee’’ Jim growled. This turned truly dramatic.

‘’Yes I will. You need to understand Jim! I saw how you looked at her when you were at the circus that night. You would never let her die like this! Why the heck would I let Jerome die?’’ I raised my voice and now I got angry and frustrated. Jim loaded the gun and I knew he tried to scare me away. ‘’Shoot me fine I don’t care just don’t kill Jerome’’ I begged sadly. My arms started to feel heavy since I was still holding them up.

‘’You can’t kill me Jim. You’d break her heart’’ Jerome growled now. I shut my eyes for a second and I tried to keep myself together. Just as Jim was going to open his mouth, Bruce Wayne put his hand on Jim’s shoulder, catching his attention. ‘’Don’t’’ I heard Bruce say which surprised the hell out of me. Why did Bruce do that?

Before I could think too much, some of Jerome’s supporters broke free and they attacked the police. Some stepped in front of us and that was our shot to escape. ‘’Come on Y/N we need to go’’ he giggled with a weird voice, probably because his face was almost loose. He grabbed my hand and started running, dragging me with him. It didn’t take long until I started running too and adrenaline took over my body What the hell was happening?

‘’Whe-Where are we going?’’ I asked Jerome with my heart beating faster than ever. Jerome slowed down and pointed at a white van. ‘’Away’’ He replied simply and then opened the car door for me. ‘’Get in’’ He barked and I did exactly as told. I wasn’t sure if he had any feelings towards me anymore but I had hope. Together we got inside the van and Jerome started the engine. The police tried to catch us by running, but Jerome was really quick to get on the road and before I knew it he was speeding away from the chaos. I was silenced by shock.

He started laughing loudly while driving. I got a better look of him now. He was bleeding a lot and I doubted that his vision was great. Luckily he stayed on the road. ‘’You are full of surprises!’’ He snickered and glanced at me. At least he remembered me. ‘’I couldn’t let you die Jerome. Jim was going to knock you out. You should have seen his face’’ I explained with a shaky voice. It made him sigh.

‘’I always have a way to come back. This time my life card was you’’ He spoke mysteriously. I wonder what death had done to him. ‘’Hey’’ He suddenly gasped and seemed surprised. I nodded and waited for him to go on. ‘’Since you compared us to Jimmy and Lee..does that meant you have a crush on me?’’ Jerome asked me slickly. My eyes widened and I felt a little embarrassed. So I didn’t know what to say. Would he kill me? I wasn’t scared of that but I was scared of losing him.

‘’Silence is a sign of consent’’ He reminded me. ‘’Okay Jerome I like you. You’re the only friend I ever had. I wouldn’t die for anyone’’ I shrugged and wanted to sink into the leather seat. He just kept a smile on his face that seemed like it hurt like hell. His silence was killing me but I didn’t complain. At least I was by his side again.

‘’Do you wanna guess why I didn’t snitch of you to the police?’’ Jerome suddenly suggested strangely. ‘’Um..because snitches get stitches?’’ I guessed lamely. It made him laugh. ‘’Oh Y/N you’re still yourself. I thought you’d be terrified of me’’ He admitted with amusement in his voice. ‘’But the reason is because I like you and I didn’t want you to go to hell with me. I kinda had this feeling you’d come back sooner or later’’ Jerome admitted and made me feel tingly. Was he serious?

‘’Wait..so are you saying that..um..I mean..’’ I started blabbering something. Jerome hit the brakes and I squealed, holding onto the seat-belt so I wouldn’t fly through the window. No words were changed. He cupped my face and pulled me close to him. The next thing I knew was a shocker. Jerome pressed his bloody lips against mine, making my heart flutter like a butterfly on fire. I shut my eyes and let the moment control me.

I kissed him back gently and enjoyed the thrill I got. Although his face was almost falling off and he was bloody, I could enjoy the kiss because he did. Then he pulled back and looked into my eyes. ‘’is that a good answer for you?’’ He wanted to know. ‘’You bet it is’’ I giggled and suddenly I felt happy again. It’s like my sadness washed away and I could enjoy life again.

Because I knew that I had Jerome again and this time I wouldn’t leave his side no matter what..

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do you read victuuri fanfics? i'm looking for new recs ^^"

I do ♡ I can rec you some, but they’re pretty popular, so a lot of people have already read them.

On My Love by RikoJasmine (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Ongoing)

Time Travel AU where after an accident, Yuuri wakes up in Detroit before his first GPF.

For the second time, the Sochi Grand Prix Finals arrive, and with it a reborn Yuuri Katsuki. “Viktor,” Yuuri thinks over the pounding of his heart, the crowd going silent as the music begins. “I’ll show the world what you meant to me.”

I have never cried so much in my entire life.

Masquerade by Ashida (Rating: Explicit, Status: Ongoing)

Mafia/Gangsters AU 

“Just say the word.” came the whisper as Victor stepped close, behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties, here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no.

I don’t think anything I say will do this fic justice.. It’s so beautifully written and so heart-breaking, it’s my favourite Viktor x Yuuri story. You can also find short side stories here.

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya (Rating: Explicit, Status: Complete holy fuck)

Rivals AU where everything changes the day Yuuri goes to see young Viktor perform and win his gold medal in the Junior Grand Prix.

“I’ll show him.” Yuuri vowed, hands still clenched tight around the pillow. “I don’t want to be like him anymore. I want to be better. I’ll beat him at his own game and he won’t be laughing at me anymore.”

a.k.a. the cause of my death and part one of the Rivals Series (the first chapter of the second part, titled Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts, will be will be posted on the 26th of March and I will f perish help me). Also my favourite fic.

centripetal force by braveten (Rating: Explicit, Status: Complete)

College/University/Roommates AU where Viktor Nikiforov, popular frat boy and Linguistics major, ends up rooming with Yuuri Katsuki, a shy Physics major (who happens to be the same person that Viktor hit on his skateboard).

“Oh,” the boy says from the bed. 

He looks surprised. 

(Obviously he looks surprised.) 

Victor can’t stop staring. “Hi.” Then he remembers that Bike Boy probably hates him. No, he remembers that there’s almost a zero chance that Bike Boy doesn’t hate him. “Sorry about this. I heard you were separated from the guy who was supposed to be your roommate, and so was I. So we can switch rooms, get it the way it’s supposed to be. They’re just a floor down from us.”” 

This is like, adorable and so funny, I read it in one go!

Stargazer by Fahye (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Complete)

Space/Royalty AU where Yuuri has been admiring the ‘sport of Kings’ from afar until His Royal Highness and reigning ballistic champion Viktor Nikiforov appears out of nowhere and together they reach for stars.

“Victor wore pink, that year, and his costume was cobwebbed with gold thread and amethysts. The jewels glittered and winked at the cameras as though even the lights were in love with him, were bending their heads to chase him as he moved, faster and brighter and grander and more breathtaking than anyone else had ever been.

That’s the image in Yuuri’s mind as he finishes his routine. There are purple sparkles and a gorgeous, carefree smile on display on the inside of his eyelids. 

So when he opens them to see the reigning men’s ballistic champion standing barely a yard away on the other side of the barrier, feet on the floor of the arena, close enough to the sealed-shut hatch in the transparent sphere that he could reach out and touch it–”” 

I read this a couple of days ago and I’m still speechless. There are wonderful illustrations in it, the story is incredible and the imagery really beautiful! 

premier dans mon coeur by aphhun (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Ongoing)

Canon Divergence/Danseur AU where Yuuri is the Principal Dancer of The Bolshoi and moves to St. Petersburg for a few months to help Lilia Baranovskaya choreograph a routine for Yuri Plisetsky’s Senior Debut in the Grand Prix Final.

“I’m Yuuri Katsuki. Wonderful to meet you finally, Mr. Feltsman.” 

Viktor fell on his ass, elbows slipping out from under him from how he had been lounging against the boards. He went down, not hard, but embarrassingly enough as he stared up at the attractive danseur from his spot on the ice. Damn.

Holy shit. Breathing - was he breathing? Did he still have to?

The kind of fluff you never knew you needed!

My fun fact is: by stillmadaboutpetra (Raring: General Audiences, Status: Complete)

After retiring, Yuuri goes back to the University of Michigan for a Master’s in education. What he fails to mention to his friends is that he’s a retired competitive figure skater.. and that he’s an Olympic medalist.. and that he’s pretty famous.. and that he’s married.  (based on this prompt

“But a big, cheek-busting grin bounces onto Yuuri’s face and he turns to them. “Would you like autographs?” 

Uh huh huh what now? 

A muffled scream swells in one girls throat, and the other bursts out “I knew it!” and the other one, closest, holds up her phone, eyes big. “We thought we saw you at the exhibition the other week.”” 

This is so funny, I’ve read it like, three times in a row and I still go back to read it some days. 

worth mentioning & my Marked for Later list:

Welp that’s all, I still have a lot of fic rec lists I have to check out as well (saved in my drafts) but I hope you enjoy these because I really did!

they squirm gently, trying to wake up. i cared for them all last evening, during an unfortunate breakdown. i did what i could to help- hugs, food, movies, the works -but nothing did the trick. their heart still ached from the stress of their life.

i pulled out my last resort- a trip into me. after all, it’s the perfect place to cry. no one but me can hear them, and if they want me to ignore their cries, i will.

and here we are the next morning, them beginning to stir as they wake, and i beginning to become more awakened myself. and to them, i whisper.

“good morning, my love. are you feeling any better?”

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“Will you marry me?” From the prompt thing!

thanks! hope you like it xx

I’m miserable all through our date night and Harry notices. “Love, do you want to talk about it?” He asks, hand reaching over to cover mine, but I pull my hand away.

“We’ve already talked about it, unless you’ve changed your stance—“

“Try to understand where I’m coming from—“

“Oh, I understand perfectly that you don’t want to marry me, Harry, don’t worry.”

He shook his head, “That’s not it and you know it.”

“We’ve been dating for five years. Five. Years. If not now then when?”

“I’m waiting for the right time.”

I sighed, “Just forget it, Harry.”

I’m not one to complain about material things and this wasn’t about the ring. I was insecure in our relationship and I always had been. Maybe that was my own fault. No, it was my own fault… But Harry sure wasn’t helping. I started thinking about getting engaged to him after our first anniversary. Harry? Didn’t even cross his mind until four. At four, almost once every three months at least we had the same argument over and over and here we were; anniversary five and still no ring.

Harry loved me and I think deep down I knew that. Who needed a ring and a piece of paper to prove that to me? That’s what I told myself on most days. But after watching friend after friend pair off and attending wedding after wedding for people who had met long after Harry and I… I was tired of fending off questions from well meaning strangers asking when our wedding was.

“Love, come on.” Harry’s voice was low and when I looked at him he was giving me that pout he knew I couldn’t resist, “It’s our anniversary, can’t we celebrate our relationship without fighting tonight?”

I bit the inside of my cheek, “I have to use the bathroom.”

My phone vibrated while I was standing by the sink with a text from Harry.

I love you. It read. I didn’t answer. Less than a minute later: I miss you. I smiled despite myself and headed back out to the table. The rest of the night was better. Harry did everything he could to get my mind off engagements and weddings; talking about stupid things we’d done, like Harry giving me a piggy back ride down the red carpet after my heel broke one time.

As Harry and I were laughing about some memory we had as Harry signed the check, there was suddenly a commotion a few tables away from us. I turned to look in time to see someone kneel in front of their significant other and pull out a ring. I knew Harry’s eyes were on me, waiting to see how I would react as a ring was slid on someone else’s finger and the restaurant erupted in applause. I swallowed past the lump in my throat and stood up, quickly pulling on my jacket and storming out of the restaurant.

“Y/N!” I heard Harry call behind me as I walked to the car. There weren’t many paparazzi out tonight. In fact, Harry had flown us to Nashville to have dinner because he knew we weren’t likely to be followed. “Babe, come on!”

“Leave me alone.” I called over my shoulder.

“Can you just turn around, please? Look at me.”

“Harry, I don’t care, it’s fine let’s just go home.”

“Will you stop walking and turn around?!

There was something in his voice that I couldn’t quite place that made me stop walking and slowly turn to face him.

Harry was on one knee in the middle of the parking lot, a small velvet box in his hands. “I know you’ve been waiting forever for this, and the truth is I never asked because I was scared. Scared you’d wake up one morning and realize you deserved better than me. And so I thought I was sparing myself the humiliation of rejection. That was stupid and selfish and a waste of everyone’s time because the truth is I knew I was going to marry you on our first date when you asked me to come with you to get a tattoo because you had made the appointment thinking our date would go awful and you’d end up leaving early and make it in time.” I laughed here, tears brimming over as I remembered vividly telling Harry that it would be rude to cancel the appointment and he had to come with me. “I bought this ring two years later and held onto it for another three because it didn’t quite make sense to me that you were still here.” Harry quickly swiped at a tear on his cheek before continuing, “Every moment by your side has been an absolute gift and I never want the moments to stop. I want to hold your hand through the hard times and cheer you on through your accomplishments. I want to start a family with you, starting by making you my wife. So… Y/N… Will you marry me?

I cried, nodded, “Yes.” I choked out, “You idiot, do you even have to ask?”

And then Harry was standing, hands shaking as he tried to slip the ring up my finger, and once it was on we were sobbing in each other’s arms. Kissing one another, repeating frantic I love yous over and over between kisses.

And suddenly it didn’t matter that he had waited five years to ask me, because no matter if he had asked me when he first bought the ring or not, our story always ended here; with Harry’s arms wrapped around me and the feeling in my heart that I was home.

send in a four word prompt

Un-break My Heart
  • "Don't leave me in all this pain"
  • "Don't leave me out in the rain"
  • "Come back and bring back my smile"
  • "Come and take these tears away"
  • "I need your arms to hold me now"
  • "The nights are so unkind"
  • "Bring back those nights when I held you beside me"
  • "Say you'll love me again"
  • "Undo this hurt you caused when you walked out the door"
  • "I cried so many nights"
  • "Take back that sad word good-bye"
  • "Don't leave me here with these tears"
  • "Come and kiss this pain away"
  • "I can't forget the day you left"
  • "Life is so cruel without you here beside me"
  • "Come back and say you love me"
  • "Without you I just can't go on"

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Can u please, please, please write a MareCal cuddling fic? Pretty please? Love all of your fics btw omg they're so good:)

A/N- Sorry this took so long, I’ve been pretty busy! I’m catching up on all my requests right now! Hopefully *fingers crossed* that they will be done soon!


Cal’s POV

She was crying again. I could hear the small whimpers from her room. I was trying to get comfortable on the Barrow’s issued sofa, but their blankets were thin, and the cushions were worn down from years of large old men sitting around telling war stories. I tried to tell her and her family that she would be much more comfortable in the palace, and that they could customize the rooms any way they had liked. Mare refused, of course. Wherever Mare went, her mother, brothers and father followed. And I guess I could be added to that list too.

She didn’t know I was here. Apparently she had been sleeping days and nights, plagued by memories of Samson, of Shade, of everyone she’s lost and everyone she’s almost had to part with.  I could be included on that list, since our parting and my choosing of the crown. But as soon as I had it, I gave it back. I showed up to her door rain soaked and expecting her to jump into my arms. Her mother opened the door, and gave me a sour look at first, but soon it softened into a hug. I never met my mother, but this one, this one was treating me like her own son. I thought you had to be blood related for that sort of kindness.

Mare’s parents and brothers fed me, and we talked for a while on my decision. Mares father had looked me straight in the eye and said “Son, this is what your giving up. Your giving up your future, your country, your family and life, for our daughter.” And I nodded, sealing the deal. Sacrifices had to be made. I now had permanent residency in the Barrow household, and Mare still hadn’t been downstairs to notice. I had debated on telling her, but kept stalling. Sooner or later there would be some crackles of lightning, and I couldn’t work up the courage to fight them.

But her crying, her crying took me back. I tossed off the blanket and ran towards her room. I could her her low sobs echoing even louder in my brain. I pushed open her door to see her slumped over, her head in her hands and a look of pain and agony plastered on her face. This needed to be fixed and I was pretty good at fixing things. Gently, I sat on the bed next to her weeping form. I ran a hand down her back, and remember the mud covered floor surrounding us. This was nothing like that needy day. She was in pain.

“Mom?” She said horsely. I debated whether to tell her, of wait for her to figure it out. Minutes went by without any words or looks at each other. I decided it was time for a gentle hint. I let some of my hand warm up, softly filling the cold room with heat. My hand seeped warmth into her back, and she lifted her head softly.

“Cal?” She asked and her face contorted into a snarl. She backed up and I reached out towards her, beckoning for her to come back.

“Please, Mare I need to talk to you.” I pleaded and her face softened slightly.

“What for? For breaking my heart? For dragging me into this mess and making me finish it?” She cried, and her tears started to make their way down her cheeks again. I sighed, knowing she would be filled with anger, but not with this kind of pain.

“I’m so sorry. I have ruined you, along with my whole family. I’ve been here for days waiting to talk to you, waiting to hear your voice again. Mare- Mare I’m afraid. I’m scared and terrified of losing you and everything I love. But I have lost them all, and that crown, that crown was the only thing that held me to my father, my mother and the brother I used to have. They were my first home, the  first place I felt safe and loved. But they are all gone now, and I am too. It’s time to move on and I know that Mare. I can move on, but I need you. I need you more than I’ve ever needed anyone. Please, your all that I have.” I started to tear up a bit, and shamefully wiped my eyes. I wasn’t supposed to cry. Boys don’t cry, that’s what my father used to say. But here I was confessing my feelings to a girl who hated me, sitting on her bed sobbing. How pathetic.

Slowly I felt arms come around me, pulling me into a hug. I melted into it, grabbing her and holding her tight. We hugged for minutes, maybe even hours. I didn’t know how comforting Mare was, she had never really needed to comfort me. It was always her that needed help, and who could blame her? What my family did to her was horrible, and I tried my hardest to make it up to her. But I still betrayed her. I didn’t deserve her comfort, I didn’t deserve to be with her. But if her arms around me right now made me a selfish man, then consider me sinful. I couldn’t let her go, not again.

I heard her soft voice come from my neck.

“Cal.. It’s okay to be upset. It’s okay to feel sadness, and to cry. Cal, I-“ She sighed and let me go, looking at me in the eyes

“I forgive you.” She said and then whispered the three words I needed to hear to dry up my tears of guilt.

“I love you”

I crushed her to me again, and we slowly lowered onto the bed together, laughing and smiling. I clutched her face in my hands and she seemed to beam. This is what I had always wanted. Someone to hold onto. We talked for hours and hours about our lives, about what happened to us, and about what we wanted to happen to us. She laid in my arms, and we held onto each other like we were going to die the next day. She asked me about my mother, and if I remembered anything about her. I took a deep breathe and spilled out facts that I had acquired over the years. Facts that I dared not to utter around anyone.

“My mother’s name was Corinne. She had auburn hair, and she wore gold for her house. She was kind and gentile, but she was weak. Her weakness was her greatest downfall, but also her greatest courage. Her weakness was me. I didn’t cause her death, but I couldn’t save her. She was kind and good and I couldn’t save her.” I let it out and Mare held me closer, and I felt the pang of weakness come back from my previous crying session.

“You are the strongest of them all Tiberius Calore. I couldn’t save Shade either. We have to start over or we will fall again. I don’t want to fall again.” She said and I could see her bottom lip start to tremble. I grabbed her face again, taking it gently in my hands.

“I’ll catch you Mare Barrow. Because I promise myself to you. I promise not to fall out of love with you ever, I promise to give you the things you didn’t have growing up, and give your family those things too. I promise to protect your people. I promise to never let you feel alone again. I promise that my security will be with you forever.” I said to her and she nodded.

And that promise would be the same promise I recited the day I married her, and the day she finally accepted the crown with me. It would be the promise I told my children the day they were born. It was never broken, and we were never broken again.

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24 Hours - two.
  • Got7 x Reader
  • Fluff
  • Word count: 2785

Description: You arrive at the cabin that you’ve been waiting to see. You finally get to have a vacation with some of your best friends, but everyone seems different. You are forced to realize that you aren’t just having a vacation with childhood friends, but full grown men.

A/N: This is longer than I expected it to be. I had most of it written up already, my to-do worklist keeps getting longer and it’s my own fault. Please be patient with me. x3

one. // two. // three. // four. (soon)

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This is honestly one of the deepest imagines I’ve ever written and posted on here. This broke my heart like I’m still not over it. I’m really proud with how it turned out and hope that you guys will enjoy it as much as I did. xx

Inspiration : I suggest you listen to the famous song called “You Found Me” by The Fray while reading this. It helps with the emotion, I mean I cried multiple times while writing so, yeah haha. 

Disclaimer : This is fiction. Do not take by words what is written in this story. 

Jack stepped into his apartment, confusion and a slight hint of curiosity itched across his face as he kicked his shoes and jacket off. “What’s up?” His older brother Conor called out, watching TV into the living room. Jack made his way to the kitchen and let out a sigh for tiredness before grabbing a beer from the fridge as he joined him. “What’s happening next door?” Jack asked, letting himself fall down onto the couch. “They moved out so they need to find someone to rent the flat. Apparently, they started the visits yesterday.” Conor explained, eyes fixed onto the football match that he was watching. “Well, that was quick.” Jack scoffed, eyes locked onto his phone.

Once the match was over and the boys were finished with their beers, Jack got up, heading to his bedroom. “Don’t you wanna eat?” Conor asked, frowning at him, a slight wave of worry flashing his body. “I’m not really hungry.” Jack admitted, shrugging as he gave his brother a small smile before walking down the hallway and closing the door of his bedroom behind him.

Jack let out a long sigh, passing a hand over his head. It was another day of failure. Still no results. No hints. Nothing. Jack was disappointed. Once again. He sat down on the edge of his bed, feeling the disappointment crash him for another night. His eyes were darting over his arm and fell on the tattoo. The tattoo that meant everything to him but was silly to others. He darted his fingers over the black ink imprinted in his skin where his birth date was written in Roman numerals. It was simple and childish and useless for people. But is it really when you share that date with someone that you lost? Jack snapped the thought out of his head and stripped down his clothes, climbing into his bed, turning the lights off. Jack put his phone away, wanting to be lonely. Because that was what he had been for a decade. Lonely. But he wasn’t alone though. Jack had been trying his best the past 15 minutes to fall asleep but his mind was wandering through the endless possibilities again. So he opened his eyes and rolled around on his other side. And he was about to close them again when they fell on the picture. The picture that reminded him of everything they had and hadn’t been through together. The memory was now crystal clear in his mind and he couldn’t wave it away. He could almost hear the loud voices and laughter from the day the picture was taken.

Wait up!” Conor called out to his brother, followed by his parents. “We should do this one first!” Conor pointed out excitedly to one of the attractions. “No, let’s do the pirates one. It look fun.” Jack suggested as his eyes darted over the different options to start the day. “Yes, I wanna do this one too!” A smooth girly voice affirmed as the three looked up to their parents, the two amused by the situation.

Calm down, kiddos. We have all day to explore the whole park.” Their dad spoke, a smile appearing on his face. “But there’s two against one. Sorry Con, we’ll go for the pirates.” Their mom said, smirking at the older one before passing a hand through his hair. “Yes!” The twins exclaimed, high-fiving each other as Conor rolled his eyes and they all started walking towards the attraction. “That’s not fair! They basically are one person in two different bodies!” Conor whined, looked over to his parents. “Stop moaning. Aren’t you supposed to be the oldest?” Jack teased, nudging his shoulder with his brother’s. “Oh, shut up!” Conor exclaimed, throwing his hand sin the air as he tried to hide his own smile. “Hey, language.” The other sibling teased as the twins exchanged a laugh.

Wait, turn around, look at me, don’t move.” Their mother said, earning some groans from the siblings. “We just arrived, mom.” Jack stated but did as told. “Shush, let her capture the moment.” Their father now ordered, pointing over at them. The three siblings rolled their eyes but got close to each other. Jack wrapped his arm around her shoulder as Conor put his on the small of her back and they all gave the camera their biggest, truest smiles. Once the picture was taken, the three ran off to the attraction as the parents linked their arms together, walking after their children.

Jack’s eyes were now closed and he couldn’t quite define if he was still reliving the memory or dreaming. His eyes opened again and this time, he reached for the picture, darting his fingers over the three happy young and innocent faces.

They were the happiest family at that time and as cheesy as it sounds, it meant a lot to them. But the week that followed this cheerful memory had changed everything. And in the blink of an eye, their parents were gone and they had been separated and now, ten years later, he was determined to see her face again. He had been broken for too long and had been spending the last years looking for her. But he had no idea what she looked like, if she had changed her name, maybe she had died her hair blond, just like him. He had so many questions without answers and it tortured the hell out of him. Conor had been feeling like that too, for a while, until he started to realize that the chances of them being reunited again were getting lower and lower as they grew up separately. At least, Conor and Jack had had the chance to stay together and Conor cherished that. But he knew he couldn’t blame his foster family for that, they wanted two children and she had already been put into another family that wasn’t able to have their own children. And Jack was still thankful that someone had been there for them for all these years. But Jack was 22 years old and was determined to find her, even if it took him many years. He simply wanted answers and was daring to do anything to get them. And Conor couldn’t know that or he would think he was insane.

“Where the hell in the world are you?” Jack mumbled to himself as he watched the face that he wouldn’t be able to recognize today. And he tried to find sleep, he really did but his mind was still wandering that night and he stood there, laying in bed. The silence over the flat hit him like a brick wall. It reminded him of that silence, that hole that he had been feeling and his way to sleep was now far far away.

Y/N climbed out of the Uber, thanking the driver before looking around the London streets. She looked down to the address written down on her phone and already felt lost but the excitement was so big that it didn’t matter. And so she started walking, she was only a few streets away. A smile appeared on her face as she waved at the real estate agent waiting for her in front of what could potentially be her new home. If she could ever feel at home again. And her smile slowly faded away as it hit her once again but she waved it off before following the agent into the building.

She had had a home but it seemed far gone. She often wondered why it had to be them. It was like these old stories in the moves when the inseparable twins never get to see each other again. And she often also pinched herself, maybe it was just all a big dream and none of this life was real. But it bloody was. Y/N was one of those who believed in faith and hope more than anything but after 10 years, what were the odds? She had this way of always finding the good and believing in everything despite all that she had seen. Her undying hope was pure magic. But slowly, the magic started to disappear as her hope was getting lower and lower. She was angry. Angry at the world. For taking them. For keeping them so far. And she had been keeping that anger for so fucking long. Every time that she looked up to them, fires were in her eyes. They did not have the right to keep everything that she had away. She knew she shouldn’t blame them but she couldn’t help it, this anger was consuming her. And when she was old enough, she decided to leave this home that never really felt like home for her. Sometimes, she found herself crying in her room, wishing to go home. Then she realized, she was home. But she was not happy there. She had been so fucking homesick but homesick for a place that didn’t even exist. So where do you go where your house isn’t home? She couldn’t stop living despite that and decided to move, far away from this and London had became her first choice. They all had always been obsessed by this city. And it was her new start.

After walking around the empty apartment, she was still a bit hesitant. It was perfect but a bit far from central London and it bothered her. But it had everything, it was spacious and she could picture herself having drinks with the new friends that she would quickly make. And it made her smile. She was now standing in front of the flat, the agent holding out his hand to her. “I’m really interested in this flat, I’ll give you a call for my final decision tomorrow. Thank you.” Y/N said, shaking the man’s hand. “No problem but be quick if you want this one, a lot of people would be keen to sign up for it.” The agent replied, smiling over at her before walking down the building to greet the other visitors.

Y/N stood there for a while, watching the closed door of her potential new apartment. And she was suddenly thrilled by the idea of living somewhere new and fresh and she was getting so close to that goal. She smiled to herself as she stepped in and out of the elevator. She was about to cross the hallway to get out of the building when a man around her age was looking down to his phone, not paying attention to his steps. “Careful there.” Y/N exclaimed, letting out a small laugh as the man stopped, looking up to her. She frowned as the man dropped his phone to the floor, a hand over his mouth as she could notice his whole body shaking.

The world suddenly stopped spinning. Jack was suddenly deaf as he couldn’t pay attention to any sounds. His eyes looked up and down to the body standing a few meters away from him. The same exact brown hair, the same similar smile, the same amused tone in her voice. He couldn’t believe his eyes and wanted to pinch himself so hard. But he was motionless in shock, fear, surprise. The grip on his phone felt loose and he let the object fall to the ground. He had no doubt. It was her. It had to be. Maybe Jack was blinded by this obsession of finding her or maybe it was the tears in his eyes that blurred his vision. Jack noticed the confused look on her face and that’s when he knew. She either didn’t recognize him or it simply wasn’t her. And it was more likely to be the second option. Jack let out a sigh, wanted to kick himself for believing that it was actually her in the same room, breathing the same air. Jack wiped his eyes quickly, bending down to grab his phone, putting it in his pocket. “I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.” Jack apologized to the girl, giving her a small smile before walking around her to wait for the elevator. The girl simply kept walking, confusion still itched across her face until she stopped and it was Jack’s turn to frown.

Y/N stopped her steps as it suddenly came to her head. And she wanted to hit herself so hard for not recognizing him sooner. But they were adults now and not the innocent children that they used to be when they lost each other. She turned around, her eyes darting over the frowning familiar face in front of her. “Jack?” She asked. And their identical eyes met across the room. Y/N was now the one putting her hand over her mouth as Jack’s face suddenly lit up. 

They didn’t have to say anything. She felt weak at the knees and let herself fall to the floor. Jack couldn’t describe what he was feeling at that moment. But there were straight tears coming out of his eyes. And within a second, he closed the distance between them, bending down next to her, wrapping his arms around her so tight that her bones could probably break. Y/N snaked her arms around his neck, their sobs filling the room. Now that their tears had started to fall, they weren’t sure it was going to end. They stayed there for a moment, feeling each other’s presence, each other’s heartbeat. “You found me. You bloody found me.” Jack managed to get out, mumbling in her neck, never wanting to let go. “No, we found each other. I knew we would.” Y/N replied, inhaling his scent. 

They both pulled away at the sound of the elevator arriving at the basement, someone walked out of the engine and instantly stopped at the sight in front of him. Y/N got up, mesmerized by the fact that he hadn’t changed at all compared to Jack. “Oh my god.” Conor exclaimed, his own tears forming as Y/N ran up in his arms whilst Jack was still sitting on the floor, trying to process what had happened for the past 5 minutes.

And at this moment, everything was perfect. When she told them that she wanted to move to the apartment that turned out to be facing theirs, they didn’t hesitate to ask her to move and she, of course, couldn’t say no to that. 

They may have gone their separate ways, against their will, but it didn’t mean their paths wouldn’t ever cross again. And suddenly, Y/N felt something that she hadn’t felt in a while. She felt at home, her real home.