i cried making this ; ;


so, can we be honest right now? some fans aren’t worried if taylor could stop doing the ss meetings or if taylornation could be chasing them because the all too well thing even them said: “something happened in the ss and taylor didn’t asked for silence but we decided to keep it”. so, they should stop trying becoming victims. the only thing that happened is that they haven’t nothing more to stand above of rest of our fanbase and no counting in the rude way they acting just because they’re being exposed.

the fans who went for the ss (i’m not going generalizes because i know that some nice people went and stayed being nice afterwards). Of course they’re having some kind of privilege abouve the rest of the fandom it and they know about it. everyone knows that happens in the ss stays in the ss, so when they start posting thing like “there’s a secret but we can’t tell anyone” it’s just because they want to be on spotlight and thus, feeling that they’re prevailing over us. no one do such thing unless they wishes make the rest of us curious. some of the ss fans are doing nice things and we stayed happy for them being happy, because we know how would be amazing meet her and spent some time with her. and we’re feeling they’re being honest with us. but now, we’re seeing those rude people acting like that, it’s almost impossible don’t feel attacked and hurt.

now excuse me i’ll make this  a little more personal: i cried A LOT because of it and you know why???? because in my country, taylor NEVER EVER did a tour, just a pocket show and never come back. while the usa/uk fans have the ss, the magazines, and are able to pre order the album. Here in Latin America we don’t have the pre-sale album yet. we’re trying contact the universal music for they change that but it’s  ard. no counting we can’t have the same treatment that taylor  gives for the fans from uk/usa. We want just a little bit of attention not a SS here. We just want feel inclued on fabase. So, i’ve gotten used with the fact that i’ll won’t meet her because my chances are really low. Now I just expect to go in her tour if i had a chance. because these day i’ve been feelings the so lowest person towards everyone, i’m here since 2009 going through all of this. i just don’t get why some people act so selfish towards the rest of fandom, seems they having that call for show us their favoritism.

yesterday taylor makes me so hurt with the 300 people know™, she’s make so sad and low that now even she’s saying she’s was ONLY kidding dont makes me feel much better. because i’m don’t feeling include on “many of you as humanly possible”. We don’t even have the pressure order for reputation here its a little impossible imagine a tour here when we without have pre-sale album. And now she said that she wants meet many os us as humanly possible but she brigs the same people who went into ss of 1989 to reputation ss? Look guys if you’re one of those peoples dont get me wrong this is nothing about you, but you see that its so controversial that what taylor said she isnt putting in pratice right? Please @taylorswift i love you and i’ll always love you but this kind of thing hurt so much

And for that rude people: i know you didn’t meant being so rude but please try be more careful with the words. try to think how the other people will feels towards it. and now you guys are trying putting the blame in @urineluv for talking that taylor played all too well on piano but she don’t spoke nothing wrong, she’s just trying to do the right thing and stopping the all these selfish. Because of course we’re happy for you meet taylor, i mean we thinking ‘ok when its my time?’ and maybe its dificult for us see the pictures and we have some kind of jealousy but dont considarete that as we were saying that you dont deserved meet taylor, you deserves truly, but the way some of you guys want show your prevail are hurting some fans and make us thinking that this is unfair, because maybe taylor doesent like to know that the some fans who meet her are acting this way with other fans.

Please guys stop with this now the people who went to a SS are fighting between themselves.  We need to come back with fabase united where we respected the opinion of others, where we talk to everyone and everybody was happy. We need start to unite this fabase that was ALWAYS  united and always respectful 

                                                                                       Love all of you Swifties,                                                                                                    Pamela


“She told me to be true, and kind, and confident in yourself. She raised me to not think of men and women as different. She raised me without gender. It’s kind of the reason she named me Billie. It’s not about being a strong woman, it’s about being a strong person. She once told me, ‘I never sat you down with a credo. It was more about leading by example.’” -Billie Lourd on her mother, Carrie Fisher.