i cried making this ; ;

u know what i love about clarke though.. she’s a ~strong kickass heroine~ in a way that i don’t usually see. she doesn’t have to break boards with her fist, or be able to build something out of a pile of scraps, or make hilarious jokes ever 5 seconds  to be an interesting and lovable female character. and I’m NOT knocking those types of female characters AT ALL (because lordy knows i love those!), but I hardly see characters like clarke griffin. 

she’s a good female character because she is a complex person. because she’s uptight but likes to have a little fun now and then. because she makes difficult choices and cries about them later. because she is good at getting what she wants, but can also be swayed herself. because she’s a quick thinker but doesn’t have all the solutions. because she’s analytical and logical but also loves people so deeply that it tears her apart. because she’s ultimately a good person who sometimes makes bad choices. she’s been through a lot and yet still somehow finds it in herself to smile at a dumb joke and even make one herself now and then.

clarke griffin is a female character who is not a super genius person, or a super physically kickass person, or a super sassy person. but she is still powerful in a quiet, understated way that usually only male characters are allowed to be. i love That


→ Beginners (2010) dir. Mike Mills. “We didn’t know how we learned the stories in our heads, but sometimes they stopped running, and I can really see Anna’s eyes in 2003. Her ears. Her feet. This is what it looks like when she says, ‘I love you,’ in 2003. This is what it looks like when she cries. When she tells me there’s always a new empty room waiting for her. They used to make her feel free. Now they make her feel the opposite of free.”

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does dead poets society make you cry? the first time i watched it i cried for about an hour straight after it ended lol

oh god yes, but yeah I only at the end, I die, I cry for a solid hour as well xx

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Why do you like SasuSaku?

This pair grew on me the same way their relationship did , slowly but firmly . Sasuke became sakura’s strength ,he made her grow up inside and outside  as a shinobi speaking while sakura slowly made sasuke’s frozen heart  shake from her warmth . To see the broken boy who sees love as a weakness and the girl who grew up  because of love  makes me hold them dear . This  couple’s devotion showed  how the different circumtances and the pain are just temporary if the feelings are authentic.

That’s part of it , I’m not really good at expressing my feelings in words but I hope this answer is able to convey even 50% of how much emotional weight this pair has on me . Actually the firstand only  time I cried out of happines in my life was when the spoiler of the last chapter leaking out confirming sasusaku was canon

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Season 12 feels

Me watching season 11:

Oh my Chuck. The pain. The feels. What are they doing to me.

I know, I’ll make myself feel better and imagine an AU, maybe where…

Mary is alive.

Sam and Dean aren’t mad at each other but supportive and working as a team.

Sam gets to be the one to kill the bad guy.

Cas is told and really believes he is part of the family.

Dean calls Cas devastatingly handsome and Cas tells him he loves him, cries a little and shows real human emotion.

Cas also tells Sam he loves him and is his family.

Crowley is kind of a good guy and part of the team while still being, heck, Crowley.

Ditto Rowena.

The colt is back.

Oh don’t be daft this is way too far fetched!

Me now: a flailing pile of human emotion.

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3, 7, 11, 19, 38, 44

I assume these are for me so here we go~!

  • 3. Crush?

Don’t have one. I think I’ve only had two crushes in my life to be honest… And they were a long time ago. Not even sure how crushes work heh.

  • 7. Best Friends?

There’s a heck of a lot, too many to tag yo

  • 11. Last time you cried?

mmmm last week

  • 19. If you had one wish, what would it be?

ohhhhh boy I don’t even know uh… To find happiness? Or at least to have the ability to make anyone happy

  • 38. Someone I can tell anything to?

I have a hard time expressing my feelings to other people so I just kinda…. Don’t? I don’t really like to bring others down with me when i’m sad

  • 44. Selfie?

Does it have to be recent? I don’t really have anything uhhhhh-

Here’s an embarrassing pic of me from last year licking a sans balloon at a party okay- you’re welcome

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I have never cried so much over a cartoon, but it's so unfair! Splinter, a man who loves and gives and cares dies, while a monster like Shredder, someone who never loved, never gave and never cared lives. WHY! Thanks for uploading all the episodes everytime for us Reddy, you work so hard.

It’s always a pleasure! Being the provider of the episodes, promos and clips ASAP is nowadays like my thing xD

Although see Splinter dying (for real this time) is SO sad, I’m actually cool with that. Because it makes the show being less childish and more darker, and that’s what I like. 

But yes, it’s still unfair after all what Yoshi has passed through the years …. but thinking of something good …. he’s with his beloved Tang Shen again :,)

But don’t worry, I believe in Karma, so in Owari for Shredder …. 

an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth


I woke up today feeling awful and stressed out about everything that’s going on at the moment and yes I cried but in the midst of my tears it was like I had this moment of being in a rainstorm and thinking about the fact that this will make me clean , it will make me a better person. So… I decided to put on the t-shirt Tay hugged me in and to put on a smile. Thank you Taylor for being the thought of reason when I feel defeated. Thank you for still being the one keeping me sane and motivating me to work harder and to never give up!

Content Creators Don’t have to be Perfect People

I don’t expect every single person who makes art or content for people to enjoy need to be upstanding moral people. That’s an unrealistic thing to expect.

However expecting everyone, including content creators and artists, to not be actively bigoted or defend bigotry “as a joke” is not a high expectation of anyone. Any content creator that cries about how they or their peers aren’t “respected” after they say/do something bigoted are being immature and defensive. There are consequences for your actions and it doesn’t matter how popular you are on youtube or any other platform. 

there’s a comfort in sadness when it sticks around long enough, i mean, when all i can see is the dark, after a while, i’m not afraid of it anymore. maybe there are no monsters under the bed, maybe
the only monster was ever me. when you were a child. didn’t you think anything you could touch was yours? i think i lost some wild wanting along the way, that fearless claim of everything, no matter how much it hurts to hold. now, all that’s left is this starless dark,
this heart, this beating thing in my chest that cries out for something i could never give it, says here, take this bleeding ache and make it yours, take this sorrow and make it safety i mean, god,
didn’t anyone ever tell you that to be loved is to take something that was never yours and call it home? that want is just another word for loss, and i, who have always been so good at losing, cannot help the desire that claws at my chest. maybe it will take
a hand drawn map and a decade to take back my heart, but someday, i will look up
and see only stars.
—  a.s.w.

Korean ONCE surprised Twice with an FMV of some of their most memorable moments (Sixteen, debut, wins, etc.) and Twice are bawling T.T Everyone’s alternating between chanting “saranghae” and “don’t cry” and I can’t take it… Dahyun was a mess again, Momo talked about Sixteen, and even Tzuyu who rarely ever cries is choking up

update: everyone is a crying mess and everything hurts. Twice keeps talking about how they’re still lacking in many aspects and how hard trainee life was and how they never thought they’d make it here and… *waaaahhhh* I see captures of Mina and Nayeon bawling and I’m sobbing too

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HI FRIEND!! I hope it's okay to ask for some hcs about Lami (let's say she survived flevance) as a Heart Pirate? Thank you so much!! (The Trafalgar siblings are literally the cutest thing ever)

Lami another Will of the D. girl, you’ll never be forgotten *cries*

  • Oda said that Law was the one to beat up Shachi and Penguin before they pledged him loyality, if Lami were with him he would have let her do it tbh
  • Totally 10000% loyal protective to/over Law, her goddamn captain
  • Their relationship is as strong as a diamond more than ever
  • Did I mention badass?
  • Prolly fights with guns, she seems like that kind of gurl
  • She is the sunny, exctroverted person to make up for her brother’s absolutey graceless social skills
  • Luffy and her would get along well
  • She’d TOTALLY LOVE Franky and Carrot on top of that
OTP Parent’s Meme: KuroDai edition

who’s the one to wake up the kids: Kuroo does. He calls their name softly at first, and lightly shakes them. When he sees that they’re already coming to, he starts tickling them.

who makes the breakfast: Daichi. It’s actually the reason why Kuroo is in wake up and bath duty, so he could get started with the meal preparation.

who’s the one to cry for everything: Nobody cries for everything, but they’ll both have tears on the sides of their eyes when the emotion gets a little too overwhelming.

who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one: Daichi is the more discipline parent (just because he wants the kids to learn about responsibility at a young age). Kuroo is cool about letting the kids be kids. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t talk to them when he sees them do something that is not nice.

who helps with the science fair: Kuroo (which is a given, really because he’s a nerd). But his method won’t actually be straightforwardly helping, or doing the thing for his kid(s). He’s more of a facilitator, asking questions, or wondering aloud, then lets the child(ren) figure it out.

who does baby talk: Kuroo did, with their first child, to Daichi’s horror because he has read that it’s better to talk normally to babies, because it would help facilitate their language development. Kuroo learned his lesson, but still does it to tease his child(ren) and Daichi.

who wakes up for midnight feedings: Depends on who got woken up first, but it’s mostly Daichi, since he’s the one who prepared the bottles and all before they went to sleep, so he knows where to get them.

who’s the one who always worries: Daichi, especially at the beginning. But it’s not about their child, but more of them being parents, because he wasn’t confident with having their own then. He’s more relaxed when they had their second child.

who picks up the kids early from school for some fun: Kuroo does, when his schedule allows for it. He takes them to the playground, buys them ice cream/sweets.

who’s the competitive parent: They both are, but Daichi is more obvious, the way he cheers for the kids, and the way he gets overly excited about winning.

who kisses the ouches: Neither. At least, not the ouchies in particular, but Daichi does kiss their temple/cheeks, with promises that they’ll be fine, while Kuroo musses up their hair, and congratulates them for being brave.

who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes: Kuroo. He’s weak to Daichi’s, so of course he’s weaker when it come to his kids. (Daichi can more or less control himself, but now he has this sort of understanding now of Kuroo’s plight.)

who makes the “dad jokes”: Daichi, and Kuroo groans along with their kids, because Daichi actually thinks they’re funny.

who embarrassed their kid for fun: Kuroo is a button pusher by nature, and his kids are not exempted from his playful teasing.

who’s the over protective one: They both are, but not to the point of being ‘over’. They’re protective enough, but still let their kids do their thing, with their supervision and guidance.

who’s the “take a sweater!” parent: Kuroo, because the kids take after him, in that they easily get cold, unlike Daichi who is blessed with a sturdy constitution against the cold. He would even go as far as making sure they have mittens and beanies. 

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you should write a second part to the super hero thing and this time with smut ha ha

+ Jungkook and Jimin went to the hero house that night to undress and do some foreplay.

+ Once they got horny enough and Jimin practically begging, Jungkook scoops up the younger boy as they fly out of his window.

+ Sadly the moon wasn’t full and it was cloudy but Jimin like how no one would see them.
+ Of course it was kinda scary but Jimin trust Jungkook and also liked how his adrenaline made him hornier.

+ Jungkook fucked into Jimin like a hero does and Jimin was so loud.

+ “Oh fuck! Jungkook! Jungkook! Yes!”

+ Jungkook  would switch their positions while in the sky, making Jimin scream between fear and pleasure but damn was it sexy.

+ “H-Hyung! I’m, i’m, i’m going too-”
+ Jungkook jolts his hip up and Jimin cries as he cums.

+ When Jimin cums he squirts and when Jungkook saw the white substance fly Jungkook came into the condom.

+ Jungkook holds Jimin close, switching so Jungkook was “laying on his back” while Jimin laid on his chest and face in his neck.

+ “That was awesome.” “Glad you liked it Minnie.” “Can we go snuggle in your bed now? It’s kinda cold up here.” “Sure thing baby.”

+ Jungkook smiles when his super hearing picks up the sound of a man cursing about bird poop.

Dear Jack

I am begging you, please do not take your video “Let’s Talk!” Down. You are the only youtuber thus far who has had the guts to speak on behalf of us who were upset by Felix’s actions. You didn’t make jokes about being “triggered”, you didn’t try to justify, you were just factual.
These past few days, the scandal has hurt me personally. I am a Jew who has had my home defaced with swastikas, who has been called a k**e more times than I can count. You were the only one to point out how bad the culture around anti-semitism has gotten due to reccent events.

Jack, I have cried a lot over how my friends and heroes have reacted to this. Last night was the first time I felt that any of my heroes had my back, an it was you. Please don’t back down! At least don’t take down that video.


there’s a headcanon i have where in any of the pmd games, at a certain point in the plot the hero snaps and has one of those “why me” moments
like they just vent out how they don’t understand why they’re the “chosen one” or whatever and why they’re in the pokemon world and the ones trying to save it
“why me? what makes me so special? there’s tons of better humans out there, i’m sure of it! i don’t know what i’m doing, i don’t understand everything, i’m doing my best but i just don’t get it?”
and then after they’re finally done and quiet, partner just hugs them (or leans against them in the case of no arms) and just says “well, i think you’re pretty special”

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Hannah who are your top five Harry Potter characters?

This is really hard because I’ve fallen in love with Barty on my blog which makes me want to say him but that’s just my version of him so….

He doesn’t make the top five *cries*

1. Regulus Black

2. Sirius Black

3. Scorpius Malfoy fhsdkfhdyoikdsuyikjhgtfyuiokjhgfrt67y8u09i0opll;lklnytyouijkn (I think you may be able to tell I like him like a lot)

4. Newt Scamander

5. Remus Lupin