i cried looking through your photos

little horizon zero dawn things:

– Aloy leans forward when riding her horse (sorry, strider) up a hill and back when riding down, like youre supposed to, despite never having ridden or even seen a real horse in her life

– the mount machines all have properly animated gaits, two-beat trot three-beat canter four-beat gallop etc

– the little smile she makes when it’s snowing or raining and she puts her hands out you complain about the rain but i know the truth

– the pine saplings near pitchcliff

– studious pallas

– the poetry inside the metal flowers

– aloy’s little comments to herself when she’s picking herbs/climbing ice/the weather changes/she slides down a hillside/etc

– if you ride right up to the cutscene trigger while tracking dervahl the game animates her dismounting and patting the strider’s side as part of the cutscene

– tallnecks, esp. how they’re totally oblivious to you scrambling all over them

– the fact that you don’t need the focus to track because the environmental clues (footprints, blood smears, cart tracks, etc) are actually there

– sylens sends you a bunch of information and then there’s about a second’s worth of pause and he just sends you the definition of corporation as if that’s the only thing that might be confusing

– those two mysterious named rabbits up above devil’s thirst seriously what’s the deal with them

– the really gorgeous sunsets

– the crouch idle where she rocks back so it looks like she’s sitting

– going back to visit Rost and you actually can tell him about your journeys (i cried SO hard)

– npcs comment on what you’re wearing

– the little surprised hop-jump-look animation the watchers make when you throw a rock near them

– overridden ravagers rumbling and following you around

– the fact that overridden machines have unique animations for fighting other machines as opposed to you


– the sound the metal flowers make

– Aloy’s little shrug when she drops the safe through the floor

– aloy shutting down all the dudes who try to flirt with her

– seriously she’s so blunt i love it the world needs more blunt pragmatic heroines

– “it’s a door”

– the hair physics and the way the sun catches in the edges of her hair

– big machines knock over trees when they go into forested areas and it’s terrifying

– the way the fog moves over the ground in waves

– aloy’s crooked teeth and bushy eyebrows and slightly chubby face and she’s stocky but also ripped from years of hunting like she looks like a person shes perfect

– the fact that the mount machines have the same base body but slightly different sounds and idle animations

– did i mention studious pallas? i love him he is Trying his Best

[BTS-Reaction] When You Pass Away Unexpectedly (A/T)

Helloooo~ It’s been awhile since I’ve post anything due to me being busy, BUT! I wanted to post this reaction that I wrote awhile ago but never got to post on here! It is quite a bit long, I was wondering if I should just put it under each individual member but then I thought, fuck it! Lmao, I hope you all enjoy! 

P.S. Congrats to our boys for their BBMA win! Truly inspiring and a big step for K-pop! I’m so proud of them for chasing their dreams and not giving a fuck about what those haters got to say



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She’s gone… She’s really gone…” Jin thought as he laid in his bed. The faint smell of your perfume lingered on his pillow and he couldn’t help but bury his head deep inside the pillow, as if the more he smelled it, you would come back. Jin closed his eyes as he remembered;

“Oppa! Aish~ I bet you don’t even miss me when I’m not here with you because you have Namjoon-oppa to keep you warm! I bet when I’m not here snuggling with you, Namjoon-oppa keeps you good company,” you had pouted.

“Thats right. Namjin is better than Y/N & Jin,” Jin had chuckled while pulling you into his arms and snuggling you closer to his chest. Kissing you lightly on the forehead and whispering love words only for you.

Jin opened his eyes, tears welling up. He missed you so much. He missed the way you mimicked his windshield wiper laugh and the way you cooked for him, even though most of the time they weren’t even edible. He missed the way you took care of him, looking after him. He was the eldest in the group and was used to taking care of the other members, he’d forgotten how it felt to be taken care of. The tears fell down as he closed his eyes, holding in the scream he wanted to let out. “How could you do this to me Y/N? I loved you so much, I thought we had forever….” Jin wondered thoughtlessly.


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The living room was dark, the only light source was from the lamp lit besides the bed. The Daesang trophy sat on the dresser across from Suga who was on the bed,  the trophy sat staring at him, as if taunting him. “We won an award today Y/N…. We got Daesang….” Suga thought staring at the gleaming trophy. The other members were out celebrating with Bang PD-Nim and the other staff while he had opt to come home, saying that he was too tired to party. Everyone knew it was lie, they knew he was hurting, but what could they say? Jimin had offered to come home with him but Suga had told him to go celebrate. He didn’t want anyone to suffer with him.“Why… did you leave me like this?!” Suga thought angrily as he stared at the trophy. “Why…” he thought as he closed his eyes tightly, suppressing the anger. 

~Flash to the past~ 

“Oppa! Let’s go out to eat! We haven’t gone out in so long! Just one dinner and you can come back and work on your song,” you had pleaded going full-on aegyo mode. “Maybe another night, I’m busy Jagi, I really like the way this song is coming together,” Suga had replied not even turning to look at you from his computer screen. “Just one night, I swearrr,” you pleaded. Giving in, Suga turned to look at you, sighing and telling you, “okay fine, just let me save these lyrics and this beat and transfer it to my phone.” You had shot up from your spot on the sofa in the Bangtan Room and started dancing for successfully making him cave in. Suga smiled at your silly dancing, grabbed you by the waist and lightly resting his forehead on yours.Later at the dinner, Suga had ignored you, his eyes only on his phone, his lips wordlessly murmuring lyrics. The whole time, you stared at him, willing him to look up and smile his gummy smile at you and at least start a decent conversation with you. He never did. The only time he looked up was to order and to eat. When you arrived home, you had let him have it, complaining about him working all the time.“You didn’t even talk to me! We just ate- in silence! Because you were too busy writing down lyrics. Dammit Yoongi! You’re making me go crazy, I just wanted a nice evening out with you to catch up and eat and you couldn’t even do that. Am I not important? I understand your music and career is important but could you at least make a little time for me? Is 5 minutes too much to ask for?” you looked at him, holding back tears.

Suga had looked at you with annoyance in his eyes and shot back “Jesus Y/N, you are important, but you know I live for music and I was… I don’t know, I just had to write it down before I forgot it.

Yeah, I guess so, I guess I’m always the last thing on your list of things to-do,” you had said before turning away from him.

~Flashback to the present~

Suga opened his eyes, gasping for air. Yeah, he was a piece of shit. He should’ve showed you he loved you when you were still around. Now you were gone. You were dead. 6 feet under the ground, laying in a coffin that had been nailed shut. He had always pushed you behind, focusing on his music, forgetting about dates and text messages. Forgetting about you while you were at home anxiously waiting for him to come home or at least shoot you a text. “I’m a piece of shit,” Suga thought glumly. Looking at the trophy, Suga thought to himself in the stilled darkness. “All I wanted was a Daesang… All my life, I just wanted to be a successful artist, producer, and rapper. I was so focused on making music and winning that Daesang that I forgot I already had the best trophy with me. That trophy was Y/N. Now I lost her, I can never hear her voice nor listen to her snoring besides me. I got a Daesang. But I lost my one true love…” tears streamed down Suga’s eyes as he realized what a fool he was to lose you.


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Just smile. Smile, you can do that. You can do it,” J-Hope recited in his head as he smiled to the cameras. “C'mon, you do it better than that!!! I’m J freaking Hope!” he screamed internally. As the whole BTS moved on from the cameras, a reporter screamed loudly “J-Hope! J-Hope! How are you feeling?! How is life like after Y/N?” He froze dead in his track. “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…. My precious Y/N…” J-Hope held down the urge to attack the stupid reporter. “No comment,” said Suga, as he glared daggers at the reporter making the reporter shrink back. Suga grabbed onto J-Hope’s arms and dragged him to the van, taking them to their photoshoot.

Arriving at the location of the photoshoot, every member had their individual shots for their upcoming album, as the photographer was taking pictures of J-Hope, the photographer suddenly stop, looked at J-Hope and said loudly, “Sir, your expression looks too dull, please, be brighter.” J-Hope smiled, well, grimaced actually. After a couple of shots, the photographer told him that it would do for now. J-Hope walked away from the set, too tired to even look at the photos. Once in the break/waiting room, he plopped himself down in the nearest seat and closed his eyes. “You know, holding it in isn’t going to do you any good, talk to us Hyung.” J-Hope heard Rap Monster say. J-Hope shook his head no. He wasn’t going to talk about it. He didn’t want to. “Leave it, don’t bother him,” Suga said somewhere from the room. J-Hope opened his eyes to see every member looking at him. He made eye contact with each individual one and lastly saw their manager walk into the room. He stood up and walked over to the manager. “Manager, am I done for the day? May I head back to the hotel?” J-Hope asked. The manager stared at J-Hope’s face before finally giving him the okay to leave.

Once alone in the hotel, J-Hope took a long hot shower and sat done on the armchair staring out into the night view of Hong Kong. Ah, Hong Kong, he loved visiting Hong Kong. The way the skyscrapers stood tall, as if they grew from underneath the ground and were reaching towards the skies. Reaching into his pant pocket, he took out his phone and opened up his iPhone. Your photo appeared and his heart did a double take. “I miss you Y/N. I miss you so much, why didn’t you wait for me, at least wait for me to see you one last time…” J-Hope cried. He glanced through all the photos you had once took on his phone, silly ones, laughing, sticking out your tongue. He clicked on a video he had taken of you, turning up the volume.“Look, look, look, I said look!!!” you screamed joyfully. You were dressed up as a horse for Halloween and were dancing to Dope. “I’m J-Horse, J-Dope!” you laughed maniacally as you did  messed up the tricky footwork and tripped over the ridiculously long tail of the horse costume. “Aishhh~ My Jagi is so adorable!” J-Hope heard himself say as you continued to dance pretending to be J-Hope.The tears were coming out too fast now, his vision blurry, the video ended and he started crying, bawling his eyes out.

“I miss you so much Y/N. You were my happiness, with you, I didn’t have to pretend about being happy. With you, I was truly happy. I could be my true self with you, tell you my deepest secrets and you didn’t judge me, you helped me through my depression, even with antis attacking me and sending me hate through the internet, you had always been supporting me, loving me even when I couldn’t love myself. You accepted me the way I was when others couldn’t, and now you’re gone. I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you,” J-Hope lamented as he cried into the night, your photo smiling back at him on his phone screen.


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***The song mentioned is Leona Lewis’s song “Yesterday” please go listened to it if you haven’t heard it, its a beautiful song!

~I just can’t believe you’re gone,

~Still waiting for morning to come,

~Want to see if the sun will rise,

~Here without you by my side,

Leona Lewis crooned in the background as Rap Monster sat in the kitchen eating cold leftovers. All the members were out doing there own things, with the exception of Suga who was sleeping as usual in his room. Rap Monster rarely listened to love songs. He was often listening to the latest rap song by his favorite artists and getting inspired by daily life to write his own beautiful lyrics. But on the occasions that he did happened to come across a meaningful love song, such as this particular song, he listened to it on repeat.

~When we had so much in store,

~Tell me what is it I’m reaching for,

~When we’re through building memories

~I’ll hold yesterday in my heart

Rap Monster slammed his chopsticks to the table, breaking them. He pushed the plate of tasteless food away from him. He didn’t have any more appetite. Not after everything that’s happened. He ran his hands through his hair, finally resting his head in his hands, covering his eyes. He let the music wash over him.

“I’m so tired Y/N… I’m so tired of fronting… Tired of acting like I’m fine.. I’m not fine. I miss you,” the unspoken words rung in his head. He gritted his teeth together as he reminisce about you-


“You know… To be completely honest with you, I don’t even see you as RAP MONSTER or Namjoon… I see you as… you. I don’t know if that makes sense,” you said catching him off guard.

“What?” Rap Monster had chuckled at you. “What do you mean you don’t see me as Rap Monster or Namjoon? My name is Namjoon, silly girl.”

“No.. I mean like, I know we are all given names from our parents, dumbass. But like, you know, when you’re RAP MONSTER, you’re tough and manly, not that you’re not manly now, but like you have this vibe around you. When you’re RAP MONSTER, you’re the leader of BTS, you’re the fierce don’t-mess-with-me-or-i’ll-cypher-you-up guy. When you’re NAMJOON, you’re the you that everyone in your close private life knows. The one your parents know, you’re childhood friends know. When you’re Brain Monster, haha, IQ148. Your members get to know both RAP MONSTER & NAMJOON. But for me… What I mean by being you, I mean that I know you. Well I think I know you. You let your guards down and you’re just being you… silly, full of aegyo, dorky, and kind of a sarcastic asshole at time, but caring and lovable. You’re a different Namjoon. I think that this side of Namjoon isn’t seen by everyone. Sorry, if this doesn’t make that much sense, i’m all over the place,” you had laughed at the end.

Rap Monster had sat there looking at you, processing what you had said. Sure, you didn’t make sense a little, but thats what he loved about you. You said what was on your mind even if it didn’t make any sense. What you said though, was right. He was a different person with you. With you, you made him feel exposed. Naked even. Although you were a little quirky, you made him feel so comfortable and loved that he soon let down his walls for you. You got to see the side of him that nobody else had seen. The one where he could be his true form, without having any worries. He could confide in you. Talk to you about anything, even if it was touchy subjects, he knew you would listen him out. You didn’t see him as Brain Monster with IQ of 148. You didn’t see him as Rap Monster. You saw him as a human being. As a delicate fragile person.

~Flashback to the Present~

~You always used to say I should be thankful for every day

~Heaven knows what the future holds or at least how the story goes

~But I never believed them till now

~I know I’ll see you again I’m sure no it’s not selfish to ask for more

~One more night one more day

~One more smile on your face but they can’t take yesterday

~I thought our days would last forever

~But it wasn’t our destiny

~‘Cause in my mind we had so much time

~But I was so wrong

~Now I can believe that I can still find the strength in the moments we made

~I’m looking back on yesterday

The tears he held inside for so long slowly made their way out. Snaking down his cheeks, dropping onto the wooden table. He laughed. Laughed out the pain. The laughing only lasted for about a couple seconds before he was gasping, clutching his side, shaking with sadness, crying in despair.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N,” he whispered your name over and over again as he continued to cry softly.


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“Jimin! It’s kick, kick, spin, arms out, left foot, turn and jump!” the choreographer exclaimed as he ran his hand through hair.“I’m sorry,” Jimin replied. He hated when the members couldn’t get the choreography right and when it was him who was the problem, he hated it even more. He despised making mistakes. “It’s getting too late,” the choreographer said looking down at his watch. “Let’s all just call it a night and go home, get a good nights rest and we’ll do this again tomorrow.“ The rest of the BTS members nodded their head in unison and the choreographer left the room, leaving the members alone to gather their things and go.

"Jimin-ah, let’s go,” V said as he came up to Jimin. Jimin shrugged V off.“You guys go first, I’ll come home soon,” said Jimin.“It’s almost 3 in the morning Jimin-hyung. Let’s just go home,” Jungkook persist. “No. Just go, leave me alone,” Jimin said turning his back on them. “Whatever then,” Suga said shooting Jimin a worried glance but since he was so exhausted, he exited the room going home. “You better be home by 4,” Jin said sternly. Jimin nodded curtly as the other members stared at him for his reaction. “I know you’re upset, but don’t overwork yourself, you’ll just end up fried from it and it won’t be good for your health. Y/N wouldn’t want that for you. Just so you know,” Rap Monster said resting a hand on Jimin’s shoulder before heading out. Jimin locked his jaws. He so wanted to hit Rap Monster for mentioning your name. That caught him by surprised. He wasn’t a violent person. But with your passing, it had taken such a toll on him, his mood swings were out of control. Jungkook and V gave you a glance and without a word left.

“Want me to stay and help you?” J-Hope asked. He was also the Choreographer leader and the ever helpful hyung. “No Hyung, you go home and rest, I promise I’ll get it down by tonight and I’ll be back at 4am,” Jimin said hoping to persuade J-Hope. “Well, if you insist…” J-hope said as he gathered his stuff, giving Jimin a quick one arm hug and leaving the room. Finally alone, Jimin turned up the music and started dancing to full capacity. As he danced the new moves, your past comments about his dancing made their way into his mind. 


“Oppa, don’t try so hard! You look good enough as it is!” you had said.FLASH!“Jiminie~ look at that jibootayyyy~” you had playfully teased.


“Omo, look at that little tummy! I like what I see! I like those cinnamon rolls better than those chocolate abs,” you had said smiling making Jimin laugh out loud.

Ugh! Jimin collapsed to the bare empty floor of the practice room, the music cascading over him. He laid on the floor, covering his eyes with his arms. He could feel the sweat rolling off of his body and he could hear his heart thumping loudly, as if it was trying to break out of his rib cage. “I hate this. I hate that you left me, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!!” he screamed. “I hate you Y/N! Do you hear me? I hate you so much! I hope you can hear me wherever you are?!” he continued to scream.Jimin crawled to the music player, turning it off and laid back down on his back. He had so many questions for you, why you left him in this world by himself. He thought he would get to be with his first love, he thought he would get to marry you and you would have his kids. He wanted you to be the mother of his kids. But now you were gone. You left without a word, and he never got to see you. He had been overseas promoting his new album with group when word got to him that you had gone back to the heavenly. Just thinking about it got him angry. “Why God, why?! Why did you have to take her back so soon…” he thought as he laid drenched in his own tears and sweat.


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5 months. 5 months since you had left him without any warning. 5 months since you had died. Wasn’t it suppose to get better? Wasn’t the pain suppose to subside? Each day seemed harder than the last to V.

V took a swig of beer as some stupid love song played from Jungkook’s room. “Kookie-ah! TURN IT DOWN!!!” V yelled angrily. The music continued to play as V took another impatient gulp of the bitter beer.

~Flashback to the past~

“Oppa, do you know that drinking 2 or more alcoholic drinks each day can shorten your life at about 23 years? Please don’t drink! I want you to live with me forever!” you had exclaimed.

“Okay, okay, Y/N, I promise I will only drink on special occasions, other than that, I will try not to do it so much,” V had promised you.

“Pinky promise oppa?” you had said.

“Pinky promise,” V said as his pinky finger entwined with yours.

~Flashback to the present~

“Pinky promise my ass. Pssh. Yeah, live with forever, what a lie,” V thought angrily, downing the beer bottle, throwing it away and reaching for another one. “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” the accusations continued in his clouded mind. As he was about to open the new bottle of fresh liquor, Jungkook snatched it out of his hand, throwing it across the room.

“HYUNG! YOU CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS!” Jungkook screamed at him. “I know you’re hurt, but that doesn’t mean that you have to waste your life away. I understand Y/N is gone, but what?! You drinking is and getting drunk is going to bring her back?!”

“Go away you pest, sheesh, always in my way of things,” V slurred. Yeah, he wasn’t in his right mind. But the thing that was as clear as day in his mind? You. You were. He would try to sleep and you would invade his dreams. He would be drunk out of his mind, and all he could see were you scolding him, laying out drinking facts to him. “I know what I’m doing kid, just leave me be,” V said as he reached down again to grab a new bottle.

“This can’t go on any longer,” the harsh sound of the leader cut through the air like a knife. V looked up to see Rap Monster glaring down at him. V smirked and said “Wah? Wahcha gunn do?” Rap Monster glared at him and was about to say something when J-Hope stepped in. “V-ssi, go take a shower and go to sleep, go sober up. You look like shit.” With a last glance at Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Jungkook, V got up and slowly made his way to the restroom, knocking over things and laughing all the way.


A little sobered up, V walked the lonely cold streets of Seoul, drowning in his thoughts. “Maybe a shot of whiskey would make me feel better,” he thought. He looked up to the moon and swore. “Y/N… I just can’t believe it. I thought you said you wanted to live with me forever, but you were the one to leave me first. How can you say things and not mean them. What are words if you don’t mean them when you say them? Y/N…”

He walked the lonely streets, lost in his thoughts before walking into the park that he had taken you on your first date together. He walked until he saw the bench that you both had sat on, where he first had asked you out, then had proposed to… He sat down on the bench. Looking to his right, was your spot. Memories invaded him as he sat there motionless. You laughing there, you smiling and cracking stupid jokes. You feeding him strawberries, you just holding his hands and resting your head on his shoulder. God he missed you. He missed you so much.

“Y/N…..” V whispered your name as he sat on the cold wired bench letting the tears flow freely.


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Jungkook sat against the walls, looking at the only picture he had left of you. A single polaroid of you sleeping peacefully with his jacket covering you, your hair splaying out in different directions. This polaroid, the only memory he had left. This picture, he took everywhere with him, stuffing it in his wallet, and looking at it whenever he missed you.

“I’m so sorry Y/N… If only I had made it in time…” he weeped silently. Some people say that he didn’t know what love was. Being the maknae that he was and his young age, people often assumed that he didn’t know anything. “You don’t know what love is- you don’t know this, you don’t know that-” the comments from strangers.

But god, did he know. He looked at your picture once again hearing your last words ring in his head; “Kookie-oppa… I… I love you so much. And I miss you. Please tell me you love and miss me too,” you had said.

“I love you and miss you so much baby, when I get back from tour, I promise to take you to eat at your favorite restaurant and we can come back and play Overwatch!” Jungkook had said excitedly not knowing you were on your deathbed.

you had chuckled faintly and told him, “I’d love to… Promise me to always be happy okay? And work hard, and love deeply.”

Jungkook had been confused at the time, not knowing why you were saying what you were saying but he had agreed. Then, you told him you loved him one last time and before he knew it, all he could hear were the sounds of muffled cries. “Whats going on?!” he had thought. “Jungkook, my daughter has passed away. She just wanted one last phone call with you and not let you know that it was her time. I’m so sorry son.” your father had told Jungkook chilling him to the bones.

With the news of you dying, Jungkook had frozed. You? Dying? When were you ever sick?! He was your boyfriend and he never once knew of anything, any diseases, illness that you had had. What kind of boyfriend was he?!

Jungkook continued to weep as he remembered your funeral, you had laid peacefully in the coffin, not one trace of worry on your delicate face. He had ran home, cried his heart out and yelled at himself for being a terrible person. His hyungs had tried to comfort him but it just made him feel worse.

I’ve failed you Y/N… I’ve failed you. I loved you, I still love you. I love you, I love you, please just come back,” Jungkook cried as he stared at your photo.

mi alma, mi sol 

How was dinner at your abuela’s?

The smile on her face was telling. Ever since he placed that flower behind her ear there was a wishful feeling in her fingertips and stomach.

Her mother was right, he was a flirt.

Uneventful, she typed, talking and eating, a typical de la Rosa get together.

While that had been mostly true, she had to admit that the topic of her liking a boy hadn’t come up in a long time.

Do the de la Rosa’s get togethers typically end in friending Harry’s on facebook?

“What.” She nearly screamed, her heart hammering against her chest. She had friended him weeks ago, that was old news. It meant that someone had friended Harry during the dinner or as soon as she walked out the door. “La mato.”

She scowled as she typed.

No…not typically. Who was it?

She didn’t even need to ask, opening a separate message to her mum and sending multiple expletives with how could you friend Harry on facebook in the middle of it all. “Esa mujer,” she hissed under her breath when all she got as a response was a winking emoji and a kissing emoji.

Maria? Your mum right? I accepted it. I’m now looking through her album labeled baby valeria.

“No,” she cried out. There were definitely photos of her naked and in a bath in those albums.

You were a cute baby. Big brown eyes, though you have those now too. Guess you’re pretty cute now too.

a story about a full-time nanny and a part-time tutor filled with crazy kids and even crazier families

disclaimer: this story was going to be a part of the 4 month challenge but unfortunately that never worked out so there will be a portion of this fic that was completed by @nebulastyles​ and that will be indicated in the story. 

also; major thank you to @arharry​ and @courtesyofmj​ for helping me out with Spanish translations. 

Close As Strangers // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 1106

Request-  Hey, since your a 5SOS fan, could you maybe do a Conor imagine based on ‘Close As Strangers’? -O |PS: hope you had fun at 6Flags :)

A/n- i wrote this is like an hour haha. this was sooo fun to write


Touring wasn’t anything new to Conor. He knew how long it takes and how difficult it can be.

But this tour. It’s the hardest one yet.

Because this tour is the first one he’s been on since dating you. He’s never been this sad while on tour, and it’s only been six weeks.

“Babe,” he said, trying to stop you. “Babe, please listen.”

“I just think everything’s changed since you left,” you cried.

His heart stopped.

“Don’t say that,” he closed his eyes and squeezed his phone tighter. “Please don’t say that.”

You two had been together for 2 years. He knew he loved you. And he couldn’t lose you.

“I’m just so alone,” you said, voice hoarse.

“I wish I could be there, I really do.” Conor was trying so hard not to let the tears fall.

This isn’t the first time you two had had this conversation.

Every night when you two call each other, it’s the same conversation. But the feeling changes. Every night you two get further and further away from each other.

You were silent on the other end, but he could hear you crying.

“I don’t what to say, love.” He laid down on his bed, trying to get comfortable. But nothing could comfort him when he knew you were sad.

After a few more minutes of silence you spoke.

“Are we worth it?” You said, hoping he’d say no.

Conor sat up and he bounce his leg. It was a nervous tick of his.

“What do you mean?”

You began pacing, “I mean, are we wasting time? Is this worth it?”

“Yes! Of course it is Y/n! I love you. Just because I haven’t physically seen you in a while doesn’t mean I have stopped.” He began pacing as well. The thought of losing you burning in the back of his line.

“I just,” you paused to pull yourself together. “I just feel like we’re as close as strangers. Hell, I think I know your brother better than you nowadays.”

“I’m not giving up on us,” Conor whispered. He was now sitting, his back against the bathtub. If this call ended badly, he’d need some where to throw up.

As the first tear fell down his cheek, he thought of your face.

Of course Conor remembers what you look like. But since he’s been on tour, he’s seen so many faces and it gets hard to remember the most important ones.

One night, about a week ago, Conor was scrolling through your Instagram. And when he clicked on a photo of you and a few friends, it took him a solid 3 seconds to figure out which one was you.

He cried himself to sleep that night.

“I just hate only being able to call and text you,” you sighed. “I want to hug you. And kiss you. And just be with you.”

“I know.” Was all Conor said.

“Is this as good as it gets?”

He sighed, “While on tour? Yes. But afterwards, you’ll never have to let me go again.”

You sighed again, “It’s getting late.”

“It’s only 3 in the afternoon.”

“Not for me.”

“Oh right. Okay well, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I love you Y/n,” Conor said, hoping you would hold on for just a little longer.

“Yeah, love you too.” You said shortly.

Then, you hung up.

Conor just sat there.

Until it was 5 pm and he had to go to sound check.

“Dude, what are you doing?” Anth appeared in the bathroom doorway.

“She’s leaving me,” Conor said, eyes focused on a random tile.

Anth froze, but then sat next to his friend. “Are you sure?”

“No, but she’s not happy. And I want her to be happy.”

“C’mon man, you know she’s worth it. Don’t lose her.”

Conor chuckled, but there was no humor.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do that I’m not already? It’s not like I can do so much since I’m a bloody ocean away!” Conor spat.

But Anth took it. He knew how much Conor cared about you.

“Show her how much you love her, don’t just tell her.”

They sat there for a few more minutes before Anth continues, “C’mon we’re gonna to be late for sound check.”


Everyone could tell that Conor wasn’t in it tonight as he has been for the rest of the shows. He wasn’t dancing, he wasn’t trying. The only thing on his mind was you.

Not the dream that he was literally living. Not the lights shining on him.

Nothing but you.

He couldn’t lose you.


But if you did decide to leave him, you knew he would wait.

As you lay in your bed, trying to sleep, the only thing on your mind was him. You didn’t want to lose him, but you couldn’t live like this. You were alone. Everyday. You needed him. Physically and emotionally. He’s your anchor, he keeps you grounded. And without him, you’re literally losing your mind.

You knew he was trying, you did. But you guys were just drifting, further and further away.

You were losing the love of your life and you didn’t know what to say to stop it.


Conor left the stage that night and immediately went to his dressing room. He grabbed his essentials and threw them in a bag.

“Bro, what are you doing?” Anth said.

“I’m going to her.”


“Now,” he zipped the back and started for the door. “Can you have tomorrow’s show cancelled? I need to leave right now if I want to catch a plane.”

“Sure bro, go get your girl.”


As he sat in the airport he called you. It was 11pm in LA which meant it was 7am in London. Conor knew you wouldn’t be up yet.

As the phone went to voice mail he said, “I know this is hard. And I know you want to move on. And I know I probably shouldn’t have gone on tour. And this is all a big mistake. But I don’t care. I don’t care if we’re wasting time. I don’t care if I haven’t seen you in a month and a half. I don’t care if we’re as close as strangers. I don’t care about any of it. Because I won’t give up. It hurts like hell, but I won’t do it. I won’t lose you Y/n. Please,” his voice broke. “Don’t let go of us.”

It had been 6 weeks, and Conor knew that everything he had changed. But tomorrow he’d be coming back to you.

He just hoped you hadn’t given up yet.


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If you look closely enough, outside Y/n’s bedroom window you will see what you expect. A lovely brick house that belongs to the Blossoms. If you look closely enough, to the other window you might see Cheryl Blossom. Doing what? If you look closely enough you will notice that the telescope she has in front of her window, isn’t pointed at the sky to watch the stars as they shine across the night sky. It’s pointed right across the street to Y/n’s room.

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Foolhardy - Hansol (M)

Suggested: scenario some kinda of angst/smut. Where you guys are dating, but his friend says something bad about you and he believe her not you so you guys broke up but his team member found out she was lying and you tell the truth. So he trying to get you back. The forgiveness lead to make up sex. Btw love your reaction and scenarios a lot.

A/N: Maybe this sounds stupid, but basically you two have a shared apartment, but he also stays at the dorm.
I didn’t want to name the friend who a girl, who Hansol went to see after the fight, so she’s just ‘she’.
The story’s a lil dicey srry kek and there’s not ‘penetration’ smut, just sum oral.

Warning: themes of past sexual harassment

Word Count: 1,711

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Married to a Monster - nine

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Paring: kaiXreader, minseokXreader

Word Count: 4.7k (damn ya’ll I’m sorry it’s so long)

Summary: You are forced into a marriage with your once love/childhood best friend. Although, you don’t love him anymore and are disgusted with having to marry him. After driving yourself to suicide twice, you know you can’t ever fix things with him but even though, you push forward for the happiness of your parents who are still grieving the loss of your older sister.

Notes: This series will contain talk of suicide, self-harm, abuse, death and possibly more. This series will also have smut, but chapters will be rated [m] accordingly.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

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anonymous asked:

Could I please have the rfa plus unknown reacting to finding a picture of their s/o when they were a teenager and going through like a hardcore emo/punk phase and their s/o is really embarrassed about it?

Ahhh yes…We can all relate to the angsty bean phase of our teens.

**Gazes past laptop screen in remembrance of her own. The black hair…the MySpace photos. MCR piano keys play in the distance…

~Ahem. Anyway…Yes. Here you go!


  • Often likes to look through old photos and one day suggested you do it together
  • It was all well and good until a family photo popped up
  • There you were, clad in black looking angry between your parents
    • “M-MC?! What?!”
  • You snatched the photo away from him but the damage had been done, he was snickering
    • “Yoosung, you dye your hair blonde you have no right to say anything to me right now”
  • Your look of death made him swallow his laughter
  • He had no idea someone like you went through such a phase
  • Wondered what else he didn’t know about you
    • “MC, I’m taking the day off tomorrow. Let’s stay up late tonight! I want you to tell me all about yourself before I met you. I want to know these things!”


  • Has no sense of privacy so of course he was rummaging through your things when he found the photo
  • He thought you looked ridiculous, he didn’t understand the fashion at all
    • “MC, what is the meaning of this?”
    • “OMG JUMIN HAN. How many times do I have to tell you to stay out of my stuff?!”
    • “We shouldn’t have secrets between us, though I can see why you tried to hide it…”
  • This ass
  • You ripped the picture from his hands
  • He immediately felt bad, he could see that he upset you
  • In all honesty he’s not the type of person to care about the past or dwell on it
  • It’s a waste of time in his opinion
  • Tries to come up with something to say to apologize
    • “What I really meant was that you look much better now. I’m glad”
  • It was the best he could do lol
  • Eventually you forgave him


  • Selfie king who loves photos
  • You were both looking through a mess of them, putting together a collage for the wall of the apartment
    • “Woah! What’s this?”
  • He had a smirk plastered on his face
  • It was a photo of you and an old friend, you were wearing a punky shirt and lots of black
    • “No don’t look!” You cried
  • You lunged and rolled away with the photo
  • Laying on the ground clutching it to your chest and feeling like curling into a ball of embarrassment
  • You feel his hand on your back and open your eyes to find him holding a photo of himself as a teenager
  • Of course he still looks good
  • But he’s wearing a biker jacket and a scowl
  • He went through his own rebellious phase so he doesn’t judge you at all
    • “The guy in this photo would have been crazy for that girl, if he knew her then.”


  • Let’s be honest he was stalking you online for fun and had been tracking your old social media accounts when he found them
  • He lost it when he saw the pictures
  • He was laughing so hard as he clicked through the albums
  • Curious to see what the hell was so funny you snuck behind him, freaking out when you saw what was on the screen
  • You smacked him in the head
    • “Turn it OFF SAEYOUNG!” You fumbled to find the power button, completely mortified.
    • “Nooo I want more goth MC!” He pouted
  • Still laughing
  • For the rest of the day he kept cracking jokes or calling you ‘Elvira’ and didn’t stop until you threatened to make him sleep on the couch
  • A few days later though you found a black corset and a new black lipstick waiting for you in the bedroom


  • Was helping you move the last of your stuff in with him when he found a shoe box in your closet filled with pictures and some old letters
  • Curiosity got the best of him and he decided to look through some of the stuff when he saw it
  • Thick eyeliner and tight pants with a black tattered shirt
  • You found him on the floor of your bedroom surrounded by pictures
  • You literally just screamed and rushed to scoop them up from the floor
    • “Omg no don’t look at these I was such a dork!”
    • “No…I, uh…I kind of like it”
  • When he looked up at you finally you realized he was blushing
    • “Do you still have this outfit, MC?” He held up the photo.
  • He was definitely diggin’ it wheeew boi
  • After that day you added some more edgy clothing to your closet
  • Secretly kept the photo and carries it around with him everywhere

browntiger15  asked:

aight finally got something your prompt requests. How about a PIdgance magical girl/superhero au?

Man this ended up way longer than planned!  Just for fun, I decided this takes place in the same setting as my Kallura Superhero AU  Thanks to @isabeau25 and Hubby I got other headcanons for this AU which I’ll probably post in a separate post.  For now, the fic!

Title: Caught You

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters: Pidge and Lance

Summary: The last thing Lance expected to find on his way home was a superhero caught up in a tree.

Lance’s brain desperately needed a reboot.  It could be the only logical explanation for what he was seeing.  Running into the local super hero Evergreen after finishing his practice at the pool?

Naw, that wasn’t so odd when Lance thought about it.  Evergreen was a common sight at the university.  It was a popular theory among the student body that he either worked or attended there.

Seeing Evergreen hanging upside down from a tree with his cape caught in the branches?  Yeah, that was a bit bizarre.  The guy was suppose to be a huge plant lover, and a natural for climbing trees.  It was like watching a cat attempt to land on it’s feet and completely screwed up near the end.  Lance discreetly took a photo because frankly it was funny.  It was an opportunity he just couldn’t pass up.

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EXO Reaction to you being adopted

~I didn’t know exactly how you wanted it, so imagine you’re their S/O~


You guys were at a family dinner when you asked your parents’ why you looked nothing like them.  He didn’t understand why they were so blunt about it, and he definitely didn’t understand why they were just sitting there when you left the table crying.  He would run to you and hold you close to his chest and comfort you while placing small diligent kisses on top of your head.

“Shh, it’s okay love, I’m here.  Cry it out now because I don’t want to see those tears later.”

Originally posted by yixingsosweet


He was checking the mail when he noticed that your parents sent you a letter.  He would hand you the letter and sit next to you rubbing your back.  Once you opened it and read it, you started crying.  He was so confused, but he pulled you into his chest and let one hand rub your back while the other one was holding the letter.  When he read it, he immediately felt his heart break for you.  He couldn’t imagine what it was like, but he supported you and wanted you to know that you weren’t going to go through this alone.  He kissed your forehead.

“If you want to try to find your real parents, then I’ll help you.  If not, that’s cool too.  As long as you’re happy, and know that I support any choice you make.  I love you.” 

you’re Sehun

Originally posted by crazykxl


He knew something wasn’t right when you came back from your parents’ place.  He sat down and asked you if everything was alright, and asked about the trip.  You looked him in the eyes and broke down, in between your sobs you made out that you were adopted and he held you even tighter.  He didn’t understand why your parents hid something like this for so long.  He would lift your head up and wipe away your tears.

“I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry you have to go through all of this.  If you want some time to process it, I’ll let you have some space, but please don’t shut me out completely.  I love you baby.”

Originally posted by andyswarhol


He could see the change in your face when you’re mother told you that you were adopted.  He would grab your hand and trace little circles on the back of hand and give you a kiss on the forehead.  He hated seeing you upset and would do anything in his power to see your beautiful smile.  When you guys got home, he would cook you your favorite meal and reassure you that he was going to stay with you no matter what happens.

“Jagi, you do realize that this changes nothing between us?  I still love you, and I always will.  Wait, does that mean we have to re-do the ‘meet-the-parents’ thing?  I was terrified the first time.”  He would let out a small chuckle. 

pretend you’re Sehun

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This boy here would become the fluffiest person ever after hearing that you’re adopted.  He would make sure that you were still acting like yourself and wasn’t letting this take control of your life.  He was always having Momma Suho cook a little treat for you every now and then.  He wanted you to be happy, so he would go out of his way to try to find your biological parents.

“BAABYY!!  I’VE FOUND THEM!!  YOU’RE GOING TO MEET YOUR REAL PARENTS!!!” you would both scream and cry together.

Originally posted by co-kai-ne


You had a feeling that you were adopted considering the fact that you looked nothing like your “parents.”  During a family outing, you asked your dad about it, and he told you the truth.  Baekhyun was shook at first, but once he realized that you weren’t bothered by it too much, he would start becoming himself again.  He was always curious about whether or not you wanted to meet your real parents, and how you would approach them.  He showed his love and support to you no matter what you did.  You looked at him one day and told him that you wanted to meet your real parents, he became your little cheerleader.

“Y/N IS HER NAME!  AND SHE DOES NOT HAVE SHAME! WOOOOH!!”  he wanted to be apart of your journey to find your parents.

Originally posted by chanyeolaconda


Chen and your mom was going through old family photos and he asked why you looked so different than her.  You nodded your head curious to know why, and that’s when she dropped the bomb.  You instantly cried out and ran into your old room, Chen quickly followed.  He blamed himself for bringing it up and wants to help you connect with your biological parents.  He goes into your room and sees you curled up on the bed, he walks to you and lets his hands play in your hair.

“I’m so sorry Jagiya, I didn’t mean to bring any of this up and I feel like crap because you wouldn’t be crying if I kept my mouth shut.  I’m sorry.” he would cuddle up to you and hold you close whispering he’s sorry.

Originally posted by sooranghaes


Chanyeol didn’t know how to react when your parents told you that you were adopted.  He was shook, upset, yet calm about it.  He was so lost in his own world he didn’t see you get up crying; he told your parents goodbye and followed you to the car.  He pulled you into his chest and let you cry it out while he was kissing the top of your head and whispering how much he loves you.

“Hey, you’re going to be okay.  Everything will be okay, I promise. I love you, now cry it all out so we can cuddle when we get home.”

you’re Baekhyun

Originally posted by cheabuay


He would be upset with your parents because a secret like this shouldn’t be kept for so long.  After finding out, he was always making sure that you were okay, he was making you your favorite dishes, being extra cuddly, and showing more affection.  He knew that this was hard on you, and just wanted you to be happy again.

“Jagi, you know I love you, right?  Like have I mentioned how much I love you. because I do…  like a lot.”

Originally posted by topfied


He was meeting your parents for the first time and the family history came up.  You became curious as to why you had black hair and brown eyes, and your parents had brown hair and green eyes.  When you asked, your mom took a deep breathe and said you’re adopted.  Tao didn’t comprehend at first what had happened, but when he did he found himself by your side, hugging you tight and pressing little kisses over your face.  He didn’t know what to do in a situation like this, so he did what he thought was best…  Ice cream, movies and lots of cuddles.  When y’all got home, he made you a bowl of ice cream and played the movie, while cuddling, he kept telling you how much he loved you and that he supported any decision you made about meeting your real parents.

“Love, I know that tonight didn’t go as planned, but don’t let it take over, we can still have fun!  Also, I don’t want to push you, but we can meet your real parents if you want, if you don’t want too we don’t have too.  I love you.”

Originally posted by zitao-vevo


He was always affectionate with you but once you found out about being adopted, he showed more affection than usual.  Your parents told you during a fancy dinner, and he thought their behavior was ridiculous; they watched you run out crying and they just sat there, they didn’t try to comfort you at all.  Kai excused himself and found you outside on a bench crying.  He sat next to you and offered you his shoulder to cry on.  You guys sat out there for at least an hour just talking (you said goodbye to your parents) and he calmed you down by humming “Baby Don’t Cry,” he carried you to the car and you fell asleep on the way home.

“I love you baby, sleep tight…  Don’t think about them, just dream about me.”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


You knew that you were adopted, but Sehun didn’t because y’all just started dating (about 1 month.)  You figured it was about time to tell him because you didn’t want secrets between you two.  You sat down with him and told him that you were adopted and at first, he was shooketh, but about 10 minutes later, he was fine.  He saw that it didn’t bother you so he wasn’t going to let it change anything; he was curious and always wondered about your real parents and if you wanted to meet them.

“So Jagi, like is meeting your actual parents something you want to do?  I mean that would be cool, and all that.  You don’t have too though, just a thought.  I think it would be great though.”

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“Caught.” A Barry Allen smut

It was only one day till Halloween and you were struggling to put together a costume. Everything in the store either showed it all or was too complicated to wear. You and Iris and Caitlin were doing last minute. They already had their costumes, but came along for the ride. 

“Oh! What about this?!” Iris held up a ‘sexy cop’ outfit that showed little cleavage. A little cleavage wouldn’t kill you supposed. Maybe you should let loose a little bit. 

“Hm…I’ll try it on.” You smiled as you skipped over to the changing room. You put it on and opened the door as their eyes widened. 

“Holy hell! You look great!”
“(Y/n) you have to get it! You look amazing.” 

“You look great in it!!! And I think a certain speedster might take notice of that.” Iris giggled with a wink. 

“Okay…I’ll do it!” You grinned. You thought the outfit would be perfect for the club you were all going to go to for a Halloween party. 

The next day you went to work at STAR Labs and you refused to tell Barry and Cisco what your costume was. 

“You’ll just have to find out tonight boys.” You giggled with a wink. Barry sighed. He had a massive crush on you and was dying to know what trick you had up with your sleeve. Night time rolled around and you arrived to the club with Caitlin and Iris as your noticed them. Barry saw you first as his eyes widened at the showing of your cleavage. Cisco followed his line of vision. 

“Dude,” he snorted “you got it real bad.” Barry gulped as he quickly shook his head. 

“Ladies, looking amazing tonight.” Cisco smiled as he sipped his drink. Barry made eye contact with you as you both blushed. 

“U-Um you look nice (Y/n).” He said nervously as you smiled. 

“Thanks Barry!”  You giggled as you pecked his cheek. 

“Alright! Pictures before we get hammered.” Caitlin said as she pulled out her phone. As everyone was crammed together for a picture your ass was pushed into Barry’s crotch as he bit his lip.

“Sorry Bar!” You apologized as he nodded.

“It’s fine.” He said over the loud music. You pulled out your phone after the group picture and snapped a photo of you and Barry. You previewed it and smiled. 

“You like it?” You asked as you handed him the phone. His eyes immediately fell to your boobs that were protruding. 

“Y-yeah! Looks great!” He spluttered. “Hey send that to me okay?!”

“Of course!” You stated as you walked up to the bar. 

Several shots, and drinks later you were all blissfully drunk. The night drawing to a close and Barry still neglected to make a move. He couldn’t find you and walked over to Cisco. 

“Where’s (Y/n)?!” He asked over the music. 

“Caught a cab home with Caitlin.” Barry groaned as he face palmed. 

Guess he’d have to wait till tomorrow. 

“Fuck Barry you’re so big.” (Y/n) cried as Barry thrust into her mercilessly.

“C’mon baby. Cum all over my big cock. You’re so tight.” Barry moaned as you rocked back and fourth on his bed. 

Barry shot up as he heard his phone make a sound. He groaned at his morning wood as he picked up the phone. Opening it and immediately being greeted by the photo from the night before. His eyes again meeting to your boobs. He whined as he ran his hand over his face. Was he really going to resort to this? 

Barry felt sleazy as he slowly reached into his boxers as he made sure to keep quiet. He already felt bad but there’s no way ‘it’ was going away anytime soon. He grabbed his cock as he hissed at its sensitivity. He ran his hand up and down his cock as he held his phone in one hand and started to jerk with the other one. 

“Mh…(Y/n).” He moaned quietly. Little did he know you were coming up the stairs with coffee. You were surprising him as you waved by to Iris who tip toed by his room. 

“Still sleeping?” You whispered. 

“Hey we had fun last night.” She whispered as she went down the stairs. You were approaching his room when you heard an airy moan. Looking through a crack in the door your eyes widened. 

Barry was jerking off. You took a shaky breath as you set down the coffee. You watched him a little longer till you heard your name come from his mouth. Your eyes widened again until you took a step closer. The floor board creaked as you placed a hand over your mouth. 

“Who’s there?!” He shot up, still painfully hard as he dropped his phone. 

“(Y-Y/n),,,tell me that isn’t you.” He groaned as you slid through the door. It was quiet until you both asked at one time.

“Why were you watching me?”

“Why were you moaning my name?” You asked. You both looked at each other before you slowly leaned down and picked up the phone. The photo of you both from the night before was up. 

“I-I made you horny?!” 

“Of course! Look at you!”  He cried as your jaw dropped. 

“You like me?” 
“What made it obvious!?” He snapped. “Sorry I just…need to…” 

“How about I help?” You smiled innocently. 

“I mean…you were imagining it. Why not make it a reality?” You whispered as you sunk slowly to your knees as you slowly tugged at his boxers. He let out a moan as you took him into your mouth. 

“Holy shit (Y/n).” He cried as he threw his head back. You bobbed steadily as you swirled your tongue around his cock head. 

“I-I’m close.” He moaned as he twitched in your mouth. His hot load shooting down your throat as you moaned around him. You swallowed as he grabbed your shoulder. 

“Does this mean…”

“Yes Barry. That’s what it means.” You chuckled as he pulled you on top of him with a smile. 

Day 1: I led in my bed listening to sad music looking through our photos and I cried. I never ever cry.

Day 2: My parents were worried about me so they didn’t leave my side, I had to skip school. You didn’t text me once.

Day 3: I surrounded myself with friends and alcohol, a girl tried to talk to me. She was wearing your perfume, so when she sat down I had to run away. It took me 3 hours to walk home that night and I called you once every hour, you didn’t pick up once.

Day 4: I cried the entire day, it was okay in the morning but I scrolling through my social media and your face was everywhere. I couldn’t stop crying, that was the night everything fell apart and my dad had to sleep outside of my door. He misses you too.

Day 5: I was listening to our favourite songs, I wore the clothes you bought me too. I took a nap and I dreamt of you, I always dream of you.

Day 6: I saw a dog that looked just like yours, I couldn’t help but run over and stroke it. Flashbacks of us walking your dog played over and over in my mind for the rest of the day.

Day 7: It has been an entire week and we haven’t spoken any longer than 5 minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore so I booked a flight to come and see you. I have to try and fix this fucking mess.

Day 8: I started packing for my flight the next day, I called you and I told you. You told me that we were never getting back together and I didn’t know what to do. I got so drunk that night that I forgot my own name.

Day 9: I couldn’t bring myself to go to the airport, I couldn’t face you telling me that it was over. I cancelled my flight and lost the money, it was all that I had.

Day 10: Today I had an anxiety attack and nobody was here to calm me down, I tried to call you and you blocked my number. Everything has fallen apart now that you’re gone, I think that it’s time to end it all.

—  day 10/10 (ten days after my break up)

The Power Of Love - Part 4

Ok next part ;) enjoy! 

Y/n – your name

Y/m/n –your middle name (if you have one, if not ignore)

Y/n/n – your nickname


You rushed back inside grabbing your phone, you dialled Gen.

“I’ve fucked up Gen, he told me he wanted to be with me, and I just sat there! I was so scared! He’s gone Gen. He’s gone! I ran after him but he wouldn’t stop. Gen what am I gonna do?!” you cried hysterically down the phone, dropping to your knees in the middle of the living room, your eyes trained on the sofa where he sat. 

“Y/n, we’ll find him, ok? We’ll find him!” she calmed as she told her husband what had happened. You hear them talk in the background and your brother moving around. 

“Y/n/n? Jared’s going to find him ok? Everything will be fine, I promise” you shook your head even though she couldn’t see you. You’d really messed up. 

You sat there in the floor clutching your phone tightly, looking through your photos of Jensen. Why didn’t you just tell him? You always did this, thought about the worst case scenario instead if just being happy.  Another bout of tears poured from your eyes.

You’d had everything you wanted right there, wrapped up in a pretty little bow and you blew it. Now you’ve probably ruined the one thing that made you happy.

It was hours later before you heard any news, your phone rang making you jump. 

“He’s safe, he’s here.” You let out a breath, knowing he was safe made you feel a little better.

“Can you drive or am I coming to get you?” your brother asked

“No I’m not coming Jared, I’m a mess and he’s not going to want to see me after that” you hear your brother growl as he moved to another room for some privacy. 

“Y/n Y/m/n (your middle name) Padalecki! You need to stop doing this! For once, let yourself be happy. I’ve never seen the two of you happier then when you’re together! He’s hurting yes, but he’s crazy about you. He wanted to come straight to you after he calmed down, but I convinced him to come here. I figured you could both use the time to think.”

Another tear fell as you listened to your brother. 

“Can…can you come and get me?” you sniffed into the phone. “give me like 20 minutes though Jar’ I’m a mess”

Jared agreed, leaving you to clean up a little. You went to your bathroom and washed your tear stained face, you tidied your hair a little and changed your top that you’d cried into.

You were on your way down the stairs when you hear your front door open, you knew it was Jared as he had a key. You see him come into view, he holds his arms out for you and you launch yourself into them letting you big brother comfort you. 

“What if I’m too late Jar’?” you ask, your head still buried in his chest.

“It’ll be fine, come on” he pulls you towards the door. 

You get into his car on auto pilot, your mind wondering. You worry at the sleeve of your shirt as your sit there quietly. Getting more and more worked up the closer you get to Jensen. 

“Y/n, calm down” you brother orders, but you can’t. You need to see him, but at the same time you don’t want to. What if you’ve really messed up?

Jared pulls up and get out of the car. You on the other hand don’t move. You shouldn’t have come. It was pitch black outside, you hadn’t realised how late it was, it was getting on for midnight by now. Your brother, sensing your reluctance walks around your side of the car and pulls you out, literally. 

“Don’t be a coward Y/n/n” you glare at him as he walks past, he always knew how to get you to do something.

You followed him to the door, Gen standing there to let you in. she pulls you into a bone crushing hug and whispers that it’ll all be ok. 

“He’s out back, we’re going to bed. Try not to make too much noise, crash here too ok?” you nod at your brother who kisses you on the head as he makes his way to the stairs waiting for his wife. 

“Go and get him girl” she whispers in your ear as she kisses your cheek goodnight.

You wait for them to be out of sight before you make your way to the patio doors. The doors were open; Jensen sat on the grass, beer in hand with his back to you watching the stars. The only light in the garden was coming from the house windows. 

You lean against the door watching him for a few minutes, you know he’s waiting for you, he just hadn’t realised you were here yet. You see him check his watch and look back towards the house. As soon as his eyes fall on you, he’s on his feet. 

You take a breath before pushing off the door frame and making your way over to him. Your eyes don’t leave him as you make your way forward. You could see he’d been crying too, you feel a stab in your heart as you see his red bloodshot eyes. Even in the dim light you can see the sprinkling of freckles on his nose. You stop just short of him, neither of you speak. 

Jensen shuffles a step forward, you echo his movement. 

“J…” he puts his finger on your lips to stop you

“You need to listen to me” you comply, standing still listening to your fate

“I know you, I know everything about you! I know you bite your lip when you’re nervous, I know you love lilies more than roses, I know your favourite colour is (your favourite colour) and you practically know every line in (your favourite film)” he laughs

“And I know you’re scared and worried because you always see the shit in everything. But not this time Y/n. I’m not going to let you, not if there’s even the slightest chance that we will work out” he takes a breath, grabbing your shoulders

“I’m fucking crazy about you Y/n, I have been since the second I saw you.” You smile lightly at the memory at first meeting J, you remember your breath being taken away when you first saw him.

“But if you can tell me you feel nothing, not the slightest thing for me, I will walk from this garden and we will never speak of it again” you feel a tear fall from your eye. 

You reach your hand to his face, resting it there. You know you can’t say that, you’d fallen harder for Jensen than you had for anyone. 

“I can’t” his shoulders slump thinking you’d rejected him again so you quickly correct yourself

“I can’t say that J” his eyes are suddenly brighter and there a ghost of a smile on his lips. 

His hands shift from your shoulder to your face, pulling you forward and kissing you forehead. You see a shadow appear on the lawn, coming from the light in one of the bedrooms. You roll your eyes

“He’s watching in the bedroom window isn’t he?” you ask closing your eyes 

“Yep…” J answers, his lips grazing you head as he speaks, you laugh to yourself thinking, when did your brother and his wife become your biggest shippers?

You step forward leaning into J’s arms mumbling sorry’s against his chest as he wraps his arms around you. He hushes you pulling your tighter.

“We’ll take things slow, ok? There’s no rush yeah? We’ve waited this long.” he says pulling you back to look at him. You smile nodding. “How bout we go and watch a movie?” 

He throws an arm around your shoulders, leading you inside. You glace up at the window to see Jared looking almost unhappy that you hadn’t appeared to make up. What was he expecting?  For you to make out in the middle of the garden?  You snort shaking your head, you look at Jensen, seeing him smiling down at you. You rest your head on his shoulder,  letting him lead you inside.


To be continued…

Part five

Nash Grier - Accidental message

It started as a usual Sunday. My plans included wearing my pj’s all day, eating takeout, and watching series all day while Nash was on set. I wasn’t expecting him to come home until late night, so I was quite surprised when the front door opened and he walked into our apartment.

I stuck my head out of the kitchen and pushed my glasses up on my nose making sure my vision was correct.

“What are you doing here?” I asked maybe a bit ruder than I intended to sound.

“Thanks for the love, baby,” he chuckled, but it was anything but happy.

“Sorry,” I smiled walking out and watched as he kicked his shoes off and ran his fingers through his hair that was starting to get long again. “What happened?”

“Well, as I can see you didn’t even draw the curtains out today, so I’m letting you know that it’s raining and it’s hard to shoot a summer themed movie without sunshine.” He leaned closer and kissed my forehead. “And there is something else too…” he added nervously.


We both sat down to the couch, I lifted my legs up and he immediately pulled them to his lap, it was something he always did when we were sitting next to each other. He looked worried and a bit afraid maybe and he was starting to scare me.

“Nash, just tell me what happened!” I pleaded.

“But you have to promise me you won’t get mad,” he said looking at me.

“I’m not promising anything. Tell me!”

He sighed rolling his eyes and then taking a deep breath he finally started speaking.

“Okay, so remember those pictures you sent me when I was in Europe for three weeks?”

I smirked at him knowing exactly which pictures he was talking about. I got horny and he wasn’t here, so I thought I would show him what he is missing and sent him a few quite erotic selfies.

“Of course I remember!” I giggled. “What abo-… Wait. It’s not what I think it is, is it?” I asked with wide eyes as I realized what would go wrong with these kind of pictures.

“Well…” he started and I moaned in embarrassment.

“They leaked out??” I screamed burying my face in my hands.

“No! I mean, they are not on the internet!” he quickly said and it somehow made me feel better, but then he continued. “I just accidentally sent them to the groupchat with the guys.”

“YOU DID WHAT?!” I screamed again.

“I’m sorry! I swear it was an accident I just-“

“YOU FUCKING LOST YOUR MIND!” I shouted jumping to my feet. All of his damn friends saw my nudes and the fact that it was an accident didn’t help me. “How can I look them in the eye again?” I growled running my fingers through my hair nervously.

“Babe, if that helps, they found the photos very hot,” he said and I swear I was about to kill him right there.

“Don’t say things like that now, Nash. It doesn’t help,” I warned him with wide eyes and he immediately got that it was not the time to joke. “Who saw them?” I sighed.

“The Jacks, Sam, Hayes, Tez and Bryant,” he enumerated.

“Your brother too? Jesus, Nash, I won’t be able to go to any family events anymore,” I cried thinking how awkward it would be. And maybe the worst thing that Hayes used to have a crush on me, so it was even better. I wished I could just die right there and then.

“It’s not that bad, they’ll forget about it in no time!” he said trying to make the situation better, but there was nothing he could say to me.

“Nash, that’s literally the second worst thing. The first would have been if you fucking uploaded them to the internet.”

“I’m sorry baby, it was an accident,” he sighed standing up and putting his arms around me he pulled me into a tight hug.

“I hate you so much right now,” I sighed hugging his waist, because even though I wanted to murder him for being so stupid he was still my man.

“I know. You can hate me all you can. I deserve it,” he mumbled into my hair and we just stood like that for long minutes. I had to put things into place in my head and tried to move on although I was curious about something.

“So, what did they react?” I asked making Nash laugh, but he pulled his phone out without a word and showed me the groupchat. “Oh my God,” I laughed seeing the messages of the guys.







I’m glad you did tho



Y/N is gonna kill me for this omg


I’m showing these to mom




Hahahaha lol chill, I was just joking. But I always knew she was hot.

Jack J

I’m saving these for later, thanks bro!


Fuck you guys. It was an accident.


This body is no accident dude


LOL I’m with Tez!


Just call me if she needs a nude photoshoot, bro, I’m all for it.


I hate you guys. Srsly.

Jack G

I’m happy Madison wasn’t next to me when I opened this message. Damn dude!


Okay, you can all stop. And don’t you dare use these photos for anything. I’m serious, don’t be disgusting, remember this is MY GIRLFRIEND!!!

“Oh my God, this is crazy,” I laughed handing him back his phone. “I’m deeply embarrassed but at least they liked what they saw.”

“Anyone would like it, but it’s all mine. I’m sorry baby,” he said again kissing my temple gently.

“I hope you know that you are doing the laundry for the next ten years,” I told him.

“I knew something was coming. But I deserve it,” he sighed smiling at me playfully.

anonymous asked:

hey, have you watched SVT's star show 360 episode? If so, can you write a little angst based on Mingyu's acting. ☺️☺️☺️ pls and thank you admin

Word Count: 763

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Excessive lying, crying, dealing with problems alone, harsh break-ups, guilt, throwing things, cliche flashbacks. 

Mingyu left the doctors office and sighed, sinking to the floor, the first thing he thought about was you. The apple of his eye, the love of his life, his sweets and he would never want to leave your side but sadly he was being taken away too quickly. Curling into himself, he weeped softly and thought of ways to confess his recent discovery. 

“I can’t tell her/him,” he weeped. “I don’t want (Y/n) going through this pain with me, I’ll just break it off.” He said aloud, crying much louder than he was before. “I can’t leave, I just can’t,” he cried.

“(Y/n), can we meet up,” he asked in a low voice as soon as you picked up the call. “Meet me at the cafe on fourth street around noon tomorrow, see you there.” Ending the call before you could even reply, you nodded your head slowly to yourself and looked at his contact, smiling childishly at his derby contact photo. 

The following day Mingyu arrived at the cafe half an hour earlier than needed and sat down, ordering a small coffee so he wouldn’t get kicked out. He sipped his coffee without emotion, not feeling the rush of energy he used to get when he drank it before the news, not feeling as happy as he did before, barely smiling anymore… 

Lifting his head, he saw you walk into the cafe, a rush of emotions as you smiled lovingly at him, knowing that he’d be the one to cause that smile to fade, maybe disappear for a while. It broke his heart knowing he’d have to break yours. 

You sat down across from him and smiled once more, leaning in for a kiss, he pushed you away. “(Y/n), let’s break up.” He suggested with no emotion, it broke his heart when you sat back in surprise, he could tell you are hurt. 

“W-why? What did I do?” You asked, “Mingyu, you said you loved me.” 

“Yeah, I do, or at least I did,” he stuttered, trying to stop himself from crying before you. “(Y/n), I think it’d be best if we ended things here,” you sunk in your chair, feeling like you hit rock bottom. 

“Mingyu can you at least tell me why?” You pleaded, desperate to hang onto the man who made your days brighter. 

“It’s just work and I’m always busy,” he made up, knowing well his schedule was never going to be busy ever again. “(Y/n), don’t make this hard on yourself,” he added coldly. “Let’s just break up.”

“Mingyu, we- we can try harder to make this work. I know you love me,” you practically yelled, placing your hand on his arm, he pulled it away and glared at you harshly. “Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me, Mingyu…” You pleaded, praying to everything you knew of. “Mingyu please,” tears fell down your cheeks as you both made eye contact. 

“(Y/n) what do you want from me?” Mingyu snapped, causing a scene. “I can’t do this anymore!” He yelled, “it’s suffocating.” Taking out his wallet, he brought out the money for the drinks and threw it on the table, “give these to the waiter when they ask. Get home safely (Y/n), goodbye.” 

Mingyu cried in his room, sitting against the wall on his bed, photos of you spread before him, videos of your dates on loops. Wiping his tears, he sobbed gently as he picked up a photo of you, one from when you had first began dating. The memory flashed on and off in his head, “Mingyu put me down!”, he laughed bitterly, his angry emotions leaking out. 

“No, I’m not putting you down until you kiss me,” he puckered his lips jokingly and motioned them towards you. 

Grabbing his face, you pulled it towards you and kissed him, the camera’s timer going off as soon as you did. “Aww we missed it! Mingyu!” you whined, slapping  him on the arm playfully. 

“It’s fine (Y/n), we can come back tomorrow, I bet it’ll be even more beautiful.” Bending down, he cupped your face in his large hands and brought your face closer to his, “I love you.”

 Mingyu angrily pushed the photos off his bed, not wanting to see them. Throwing his laptop against the wall, he yelled angrily and then screamed. Holding his head in his hands, he thought of you, wondering how you were going through this. 

“(Y/n) I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” he cried. “I’m so sorry.”

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For your next fic may i suggest in-law!Tom and newlywed!Adrien BONDING AND BEING FAMILY LIKE THE ONE ADRIEN DESERVES?

I could write a million fics like this but this is the one I have chosen.  Forgive me.

Marinette picked idly at the bouquet in her hands.  She really didn’t want to ruin in, but her patience was wearing thin.  She had been standing in her heels for hours, she had been poked and prodded and pushing into the dress, and she had been standing in the heat in the yards and yards of fabric, and they couldn’t stop crying for five minutes.

Her father and her fiance – wait, no, now her husband – had their arms draped around each other and were both positively bawling.  They had managed to make it through the ceremony, but barely; Marinette had seen Adrien’s eyes grow misty as they turned to each other and she had heard the sniffling from behind her.  But now that they had stood in the receiving line and were trying to take pictures, both of them were losing it.

“Honey,” said Sabine, placing a gentle hand on her husband’s arm.  “We really need to start on the photographs.  We’re going to miss the daylight.”

“You’re right,” he hiccuped.  “You are so right.”  He seemed to squeeze Adrien more tightly.  “My wife is always right!  She keeps me on track and she is the best thing to ever happen to me.  Family is a gift!”  And they both broke out in renewed sobs.

Marinette smacked a hand to her face before remembering it was covered in a thin layer of makeup.  Wincing, she pulled it away, but it didn’t seem like she had smudged it.

After another few minutes of tears that seemed to have no end in sight, she decided it was time for drastic action.  “Okay!” she cried out, elbowing her way between them.  Her dress expanded enough to separate them.  “We need to pose for pictures so we can go inside and get the dinner started.”


“No buts!”  Marinette turned to look into her father’s slightly swollen face.  “Papa, it means so much to me that you’re so excited–”

“It’s all so beautiful–”

“–but I need you to look nice in the pictures.  What will your grandchildren think when they look through the photo albums and you’re a mess?”

He took a deep breath through his nose.  “You’re right,” he said again, patting her shoulder clumsily.  “Yes, okay.  Okay!”  His wife led him away a few paces to pull out her handkerchief and dab at his face.

Marinette turned to Adrien and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek.  “You’re the sweetest man I’ve ever met,” she whispered, and he allowed a smile to creep across his face.  “And I love that about you.”  She pressed a hand on each shoulder, draping her bouquet down his back.  “But if you don’t let us get through these pictures fast so I can go and eat something before I eat these flowers, I will punch you.”

Adrien gave a watery chuckle, and pecked her on the lips.  “Sounds good, My Lady.”  And the matching rings twinkling on their fingers agreed with his words.

cocky nash {mature fluff: n.g.}

bad ass nash turns me on byE
“YN! YN, guess what!?” Your best friend, Nash screams, running into your house. “Nash! Nash, what?!” You ask, mocking him. “She said yes! Madeline said yes!” He screeches, his face breaking out into a giant smile. His smile would be heartwarming, if you had a heart left. You heart just started into a million fucking pieces. “Oh.. That’s um, that’s great, Nash!” You said, trying not to sound to crushed. “I-i’m gonna go uh study.. For um that test we have next week.. Um, l-let yourself out.” You said, your voice breaking as you turned and ran up the stairs before Nash could see the tears about to fall. You knew this was stupid. Crying over a boy, especially one that would never love you back. You two were strictly friends, and always have been. You two grew up together. You know more about Nash than you know about yourself. You tried and tried to keep yourself from falling in love with him, but every single damn time you looked into his beautiful blue eyes, you fell more and more in love. You knew this day would come, the day where he finally asks out Madeline but still. You sat up on your bed and cried. You looked through pictures, remember the memories behind them. And now this one; your first broken heart, what a joy. You sniffled and wiped your eyes, putting the photo album back onto your bedside table. Why were you even having a break down? He’s just a dumb boy. ‘Yeah, a dumb boy that you’re I love with.’ Your subconscious added. You sighed shakily, trying to collect yourself. “YN… Please don’t cry..” Nash spoke from in front of the door. “Ah!” You jumped. “Wh-when did you get in here!?” You said looking up at him wiping his face. “Uhh, 2/3 minutes ago maybe?? But that’s not the point, what’s wrong, YN? Did I say something? Did I do something?” He questions. You sigh. Now or never, YN. Now or never. “Yes! Yes you fucking did.” You say, standing up now with anger. “You with your dumb blue eyes, and dumb soft hair that I just wanna run my fingers through, and your dumb cute personality, and now your dumb cute girlfriend! In case you haven’t noticed, I’m in love with you, okay?” With each thing of his, you stepped closer. Nash takes a moment to soak in what you’re saying and how close you’ve gotten to him. You poke him in the chest, “I love you so much, and you don’t give a dam about me.” You whispered harshly. Nash scoffed and took your finger off of his chest. He grabbed your hips and pulled you to him. He then pressed you against the door, “Do you have any idea how I feel about you?” He questioned, he smirked and shook his head, you reached up and moved a piece of hair out of your face. “I hate you, I hate how you look so beautiful effortlessly, how your lips are so pretty, how you make me think of you at all hours of the night. How you’re what I think of while I’m jerking myself off. I hate how much I fucking love you.” He says through gritted teeth. You two are now dangerously close, noses touching. “Fuck you, Hamilton.” You whispered. “Please do, YN.” He said cockily, pressing his lips to yours. You gripped onto his shirt, pulling him closer. His hands on either side of your face as your tongues battled it out. His hands traveled down to your ass and squeezed it roughly, making you gasp out a moan. He smirked and pulled away. “You like that?” You blushed and nodded. “Well, I could give you something that I know you’d like, princess.” He said smirking, rubbing your ass. You groaned, the pet name throwing you over board. “You still have a girlfriend, mister.” You said pushing him off of you. “Aw, let’s forget her for a moment. I really wanna make you feel good, babygirl.” He smiled, “Oh no, Hamilton. I’m not a side hoe. Check your priorities.” You said pushing him back, he laughed. “I’ll call Madeline tonight and end things. Then I’ll definitely, be back over and we will finish this.” He said smirking. “Bye, Hamilton.” You laughed. “Bye, YN.” He said, shaking his head and walking past you.