i cried like a little girl

I think “I cried at the (reprise)” is the perfect summary of my life.


endless list of people I love (in no particular order) - [6/∞]
↳ Anthony Mackie

“When I first got this role I just cried like a baby because I was like, “Wow, next Halloween, I’m gonna open the door and there’s gonna be a little kid dressed as the Falcon.” That’s the thing that always gets me. I feel like everybody deserves that. I feel like there should be a Latino superhero. Scarlett does great representation for all the other girls, but there should be a Wonder Woman movie. I don’t care if they make 20 bucks, if there’s a movie you’re gonna lose money on, make it Wonder Woman. You know what I mean, ’cause little girls deserve that.”

just so many rogue one emotions, spoilers ahead:

  • i thought being spoiled would mean i’d be prepared but NO. cried my way out the cinema. thanks disney.
  • ppl calling jyn unemotional and detached and like???!? she puts herself in very immediate danger to save a little girl and probably feels so much all the time she eventually shuts down cause SAME
  • cassian andor is every sexy girl love interest that’s been in the shit so much longer than the chosen one and is capable and dangerous and so emotionally closed off she should honestly not grow attached to one person so quickly but goddamn he didn’t even feel her steal his blaster 
  • welcome home JUST FUCKING DESTROY ME 
  • poe dameron always wanted a pet robot cause cassian andor had a pet robot
  • …what is saw’s deal i want a mini-series about him and the fact that the rebel alliance considers him an extremist though he was the one trying to protect a baby girl from being a pawn
  • baze no longer believed in the force but he sure as hell believed in chirrut and i want to cry
  • baze is actually 25 
  • living around chirrut ages a person
  • bodhi’s reaction when face to face with saw’s breathing apparatus makes me convinced he had a terrifying run-in with vader 
  • speaking of bodhi this man was a born leader and i’m so pissed he never got to do that
  • krennic’s crumpled-ass cape was a disgrace. no wonder no one likes you
  • so okay vader’s corridor fighting was awesome but what i most enjoyed about his return apart from his dramatic sauron tower was that they kept his fucking dorky finger-pointing hand gestures
  • the hugging at the end destroyed what was left of my shriveled husk of a heart
  • people knowing the odds and choosing to sacrifice themselves because someone has to fight, someone has to resist, someone has to draw that fucking line in the sand is the surest way to wreck me 
  • so fuck me this movie has left me void

luv me some gay space robots………

I’m the girl who tries to be nice to everyone then gets taken advantage of. I’m the girl who tries to look pretty and it’s never good enough. I’m the girl who acts like she’s happy then goes home and wishes to be gone. I’m the girl who takes harsh words, acts like they’re nothing, then goes home and cries. I’m the girl who tries to get her point across and could never find the right words. I’m the girl who has more depth to her than everyone thinks. I’m the girl who hides from harsh eyes. I’m the girl who wouldn’t care if you gave me a shitty gift as long as you thought of me. I’m the girl who prays that someone will finally understand. I’m the girl who gets happy over the little things. I’m the girl that people misinterpret.

Today has been a hard day.

This morning we all got the news that Carrie Fisher passed away, and it seemed like a little bit of the light had gone out of everything. I admit, I cried for a while before I could pull myself together long enough to function.

Then I wiped my face, put on the makeup I rarely wear, foundation and eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, I did everything. I put on my favorite clothes and my best perfume, and my most comfortable shoes, and I went to work. Carrie, I felt, would have appreciated it. I put it on with the intention of forcing myself to not cry while I was at work, but it felt a little bit like celebrating her life.

I did it because, like a lot of little girls who were into Star Wars and other ‘nerdy boy’ things, she was my hero. She was the space princess I looked up to as a little girl, the one who taught me I could be badass and pretty, and still wear a dress, and the one who taught me that just because you need help doesn’t make you weak. She taught me that I could be a leader, and kind, and strong, and independent, all at the same time.

She carried that over from her character. Her advocacy and tenacity for everything she stood for helped so many people who needed it, me least of all, and her humor and intelligence was something to aspire to.

She was a phenomenal person, and a personal hero.

So when I put on my makeup and my perfume and clothes, I wasn’t thinking of mourning her. I was thinking of celebrating her, and what she would have wanted. I tried to be kinder today, to laugh louder, and enjoy what I have. I wanted her to be proud of the legacy that she left with me. Maybe she wouldn’t have chosen what I did, maybe she would have forgone the makeup, maybe this, maybe that, but she was part of who shaped me into a confident woman, and I hope I made her proud.

So tonight I’m having a drink. Just one. I don’t need to numb anything or get drunk to handle the news. But this is my toast to Carrie. For everything she was to me. I hope she knew that she was loved, and that she was an inspiration. I hope she knew that she made us all laugh, and she made us better. Whatever turns her life took, she inspired me as a little girl with her hair in buns, and she inspired me now, with everything she stood for and everything she went through to be standing where she was.

I’ll miss you, Carrie. Rest in peace.

Wherever We Go

A/N: Something I wrote on my plane ride to Texas. Kinda sorta cried the entire time. Enjoy xx

Word Count: 3.5k

Summary: You, Bucky, a Jeep, and an endless road. “Where to next?”

Contains: Call me the Fluff Lord. 

You never expected your life to be like this. Never did that little girl, so broken and hollow, ever fathom in a million years that she would ever be able to experience love; and yet here you were, waking up alongside it, all embodied in him with his soft snores stretching the limbs of the sleepy morning air in the way birds do when they sing. You, that little girl, had lived a life all within those safe arms that you found yourself instinctively nestling further within to block out the intruding sunlight poking through the curtains. Yes, you had lived forever and a day with this one - never had you been any happier.

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I never said that I was beautiful but I
thought that I was pretty
at least a little,
at least enough to save me the last sugar cube
leave the light on for me
at least pretty in that little orange
dress, and
under the yellow, red, green candy lights at the
roller rink
sweet, and lonely,
like a low hanging
and no summer ants eating me from the inside but
I have cried too much tonight for
me not to be a princess
with her nightdress dipped in
hot snail slime and her
cloud heavy head on
the chopping block,
the stars are
crying so all the girls rolled up their jeans
and ran beside the old sheep dogs
ate their silver lockets whole
dipped their hair into the magma heart of Mars and
melted like witches in Oz,
and fuck you,
get bent,
eat your heart out I will
never be a girl like
a girl is supposed to be.
—  the only butter face in Southern California
Monsta X reaction to your 5 year old daughter liking Kpop.

jen-jen-dragon said:Can I request a Monsta X reaction. Them reacting to meeting your 5 year old daughter for the first time and finding out she likes Kpop too (my daughter loves shownu and jooheon it’s so funny) Ps I cried a little with the BTS reacting to the child calling them dad/ appa reaction I need more reactions/ scenarios like that being a single mom and all 😍😍


Shownu: You told your daughter to tell him that she likes kpop, because she did, and you thought he would enjoy that about her. But, your little girl was a little confused and ended up telling him she like kpop…..but she said her mommy told her to say that. Him: *Looks over at you* “Did she eh?”

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Wonho: Him: “Who’s your favorite member of Monsta X?” Her: *Savage mode* “Well it’s not you, I can tell you that.” Him: *GIF*

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Hyungwon: “Awwwn am I your favorite member?” Her: “Yes….did you know my mom likes kpop too?” Him: “Really??..she tell you who’s her favorite member?” Her: “Well…It isn’t Wonho, Minhyuk, I.M, Shownu, Kihyun..I think it’s You-OH no that’s not right my bad.”

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Kihyun: He coaches her into saying he’s the best member, and giving her all compliments to say about him. It doesn’t go like he thought it would…Her: “Kihyun is the best member of Monsta X. (Whispers to you) I told him their all good, but he told me to say that mommy.

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Minhyuk: She comes running to him, with a piece of paper, he welcomes her with wide arms….but a hug, isn’t what she wanted. Her: *Fast talking* “Sign please, please, pleassssseeee”

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Jooheon: Him: *Rapping his part from one of their songs* Her: *Enjoys listening…but then takes over and starts rapping* Him: *In his head* Oh damn, well Ok.

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I.M: He was having a blast talking about it with her . You: “Sorry, we have to go now, she has to get to bed.” Him: *Gives her real nice hug before she leaves*  (Whispers) “We’ll talk all about it some more, when I see you again.”

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After watching Supergirl tonight, I sat in my room in complete darkness and cried for a good half hour. I cried for myself and how I’ve never related to a character so much. I cried for the little gay girls who’ll be watching this show with their parents and finally see someone like them. I cried because Alex has been through hell and deserves endless amounts of happiness. I cried because the last few years have been horrific for gay women in television and I finally have someone who’s exactly like me. I’m so content. 2016 had a tiny shimmer of light left. Chyler Leigh has made my year so special. Tonight, I am so proud to be a gay woman.

Exo Reaction to His Wife Giving Birth to a Girl Instead of a Boy and She is Worried Because He Wanted an “Heir”, But He Loves Her to Wife’s Surprise

Xiumin: He saw you happily holding your new baby girl and his heart swelled with joy. He’d be so I’m in love with the sight. When he saw you frowning he’d ask why. He’d laugh it off and tell you how much he loves you and your daughter.

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Luhan: He’d look down at her and notice the little things. Her nose scrunching when cried, her hard trying to grab onto something. He’d offer his finger and would sigh in content when she wrapped her tiny fingers around it. He’d look at you with so much love. “My girls…I like that.”

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Kris: He would be upset upon learning it was a girl but when she opened her eyes to him and he saw his own. He was taken. He’d hold her like she was fragile glass and tell her he would protect her at all costs. It was the most important day of his life.  He never wanted it to end.

Suho: He knew you were worried when you could barely hold a smile at your baby. He’d go and very gently pet her head. He’d tell you how beautiful she was and that as long as he was there nothing would happen to you or your baby girl.

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Lay: He would be so emotional when he sees his new angel. He would want to hold her immediately but didn’t want to take her from your arms. When you tried to apologize for not delivering a boy he’d laugh. “She’s perfect. Innocence that could even rival an angel.”

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Baekhyun: He would look at her like he just won the world. He couldn’t wait to protect and spoil her to death. He’d take her from you when you offered her up and would melt when she opened her eyes and looked at him, making her baby noises.

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Chen: Would become so happy. His whole body would shake with happiness. He knew he wouldn’t get his heir but now he had something better. A baby girl to come home to and a wife to help take care of him. He finally got a look at what he had and was so happy with it.

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Chanyeol: He was so in love with your daughter already he didn’t even notice your worry for it. He shook when he was handed her but calmed down and cooed softly at her. “My beautiful girl. I will always love you.” It would calm you down a bunch hearing his words.

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D.O: He was another one who was bitter at first, but it was gone fast as you bought stuff for her. He would get excited from every shoe or toy. When you finally gave birth to your daughter he would thank you for blessing him with the baby girl.

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Kai: Was so excited to meet your baby for the first time and helped you through birth. When he finally got his chance to hold his bundle he would smile down at her scrunched up face before looking at you. “She’s beautiful…Like her mother.”

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Tao: He didn’t care much when you said something about her as you held your daughter in your arms. He gently touched her and and smiled. “I don’t see what you mean. She is beautiful and we should love her.” You finally smiled at your baby and nodded promising him you did. “Good. She is our daughter after all.”

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Sehun: When he found out about his daughter he would be a bit upset. When you talked to him and explained it wasn’t your choice he would chill a bit, but his breaking point was looking at her in your arms. He knew his world was changed, for better or worse was up to fate.

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Thoughts On S9 Queens

Didn’t know if I should do this but here I am anyways…

Trinity Taylor: Interview was kind of forgettable, other than the fact that I remember she was looking like a traditional pageant queen. Don’t think she’s gonna go too far but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Nina Bonina Brown: I can tell she might be a little messy but it’s probably gonna be entertaining as fuck. She can literally paint anything on her face like WOW. Might go home first due to said messiness.

Shea Coulee: YAS SICKENING THE HOUSE DOWN BOOTS GAGA WERK. Definitely should go far. She’s so gorgeous, I cried. 

Kimora Blac: Seems like a fucking bitch but I’m living for it in a Gia Gunn type of way.

Jaymes Mansfield: I don’t remember anything besides that weird/annoying little girl voice.


Eureka: Really queen? You used 80 million things to describe a red dress?

Valentina: She’s pretty but kind of stupid. I like ha anyways. 

Charlie Hides: rat. and thats the t.

Aja: BIIIIIIITCH. LEMME FUCKIN TELL YOU. I’ve followed Aja for a looooooonggg time. She’s AMAZING. Funny, lip sync queen, excellent drag mother, makes like 90% of what she wears, smart, marketing genius, captivating. This is my winner. And y’all should check out the Haus of Aja if you wanna get snatched. 

Sasha Velour: I’ve also been following her for a long time! She’s so pure, definitely rooting for her, definitely gonna be Miss Congeniality. Also she’s Russian so get ready for that!

Peppermint: YES! Finally trans representation ON the show. She’s beautifulllllll. I hope she doesn’t get shafted by anyone or anyone says anything rude because I will cut a bitch over Peppermint.

Alexis Michelle: I don’t remember much from her MTQ video but I remember that she seemed really sweet and genuine.

sometimes i think about how lexa cried the last time clarke kissed her and i always end up wondering if it’s because lexa can’t believe this beautiful girl who fell from the sky truly wants her and loves her because wow what a crazy concept, or if it’s because she believes that this truly is the last time she and clarke will meet, and thinking about letting go of her blonde little ambassador is so much more painful then she cares to admit

already today I’ve cried twice like that little girl on YouTube who finds out they are going to disneyland. not even from happiness though just like purely overwhelmed with something you’ve wanted for so long and then you cry in the car as your parents film it on their phone and you’re like “WE’RE GOING? WE’RE EEALLY GOING”

sometimes I like to imagine Harry and Ginny have a 4th kid a few years after Lily Luna, it’s a complete surprise and unplanned pregnancy but they’re excited anyways. They have a little girl who looks like Harry (so dark hair, needs glasses and a goofy grin) but has Ginnys brown eyes. They name her Ruby Minevra Potter and she is precious.

Hagrid cries when she comes to Hogwarts.

wow.  okay, i’m gonna try to write this up without crying.

on saturday, we walked down the aisle to a piano version of metallica’s nothing else matters.  we said our vows, we said i do, and we were introduced as mrs. and mrs. for the first time.

we got photos with our wonderful wedding party, my grandma and my little niece, whose flower girl dress matched mine (<3), danced to beirut’s postcards from italy, and it was so exciting that i couldn’t even eat a donut from the donut bar (i heard it was awesome, lol).  the staff at our venue liked us so much they almost cried when we wrapped things up, and gave us three bottles of champagne to take home.

there were supposed to be thunderstorms the whole day, so i was kind of bummed that the photos might be a little hectic, or that we’d have to do them all inside.  however, it didn’t rain.  i mean, it did rain.  but … you guys.  it was sunny at the same time. so you know what that means, right?

that’s us!  and that’s our unexpected wedding guest, the rainbow!

everybody told me that something would go wrong, and we’d just have to shrug it off, but … nothing went wrong.  everything was perfect.  i wouldn’t change anything about the day.  everything unfolded like a story.  we are married now, like we’ve been planning for more than ten years.  every time i’m alone i get one of our songs stuck in my head and i just start crying, because it’s real, it happened, the words were said and everyone heard them, and no one can stop it or take it away!  our marriage is endorsed by a fucking rainbow!!!

okay, there it is.  we did it!  now for the honeymoon.  we’re gonna do whatever the fuck we want.  <3

Cassian Andor Boyfriend Headcanons

- He is the most flirty thing on the face of existence

- He never fails to make you blush. Ever.

- Protective of you

- K-2S0 is jealous af

- Cassian telling K2 to shut up whenever he wishes something bad upon you

- Jyn has a girl to talk to now

- You and Cassian are the only people to break Jyn out of her cold shell

- Cassian can’t sleep without you next to him

- He hugs you like your the last thing he’ll ever touch

- He’s not a morning person

- Neither are you, so…

- He cries a little bit whenever you or him have to go on a mission

- “Stop it, Andor. God. I’m just going to Bespin.”

- “Yeah, but I’m still going to miss you.”

- He’s like a puppy

- He gets attached

- But he’s so cute, you can’t help but love him to death

- If anyone else looks at you wrong, he will be the first to punch them in the face

- He loves you so much

- That boy refuses to go anywhere without giving you a goodbye kiss

- Loyal af

- No need to worry about him cheating

- Plus, he knows you’ll kick his butt if he ever cheated

- You made that clear on the first date

- He knew it was love when you punched a Stormtrooper in the stomach when you went on a mission together

- Nothing comes between you two

You’re fighting for your life inside a killer
Thriller tonight

So like I said, I’m kinda free for now :D Halloween is coming up and I wanted to do something special for it! Enjoy this little tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, as well as these two dummies we adore so much <3

(All my MJ/Zootopia fans, expect more stuff like this! :D)

Christmas With The Horan Family


Prompt- Christmas night and morning with Niall if he had a little girl? From Christmas pjs to santas cookies.. maybe singing along to Christmas carols to reading “twas the night before Christmas. What would Christmas morning be like? Would his daughter wake him up or would he be too excited to see her face when she realized Santa came.

~ 1541 words


“Daddy! Santa comes tonight!” Ava cries excitedly as she runs to Niall who had just gotten home from last minute Christmas shopping.

“I know baby girl,” he chuckled as he picked up the three year old, “where’s your mum at?”

“She’s making cookies.” Ava responded cuddling into Niall and played with his facial hair. He walked into the kitchen where you were making cookies. Looking up you saw your husband and your daughter, “There you are Ava, I thought you were helping mommy make cookies for Santa and daddy.”

She wiggled in Niall’s arms wanting to get down, “Dada is home mommy.” She said as if you couldn’t see him. Niall let her out of his grip and she ran to the chair that was pulled up to the counter and grabbed an angel shaped cookie cutter pressing it into the dough. “How was shopping, Ni?” You asked your husband, not looking up from the sugar cookie dough you were rolling out.

“It was okay, a lot of people.” Niall said with a sigh as he walked over to you and wrapped his arms around your torso pulling you even closer to him. The smell of his shampoo and body wash from his shower this morning still hung around on his skin, you couldn’t help yourself from cuddling a little closer to him. “Happy Christmas eve my love.” He said kissing your jawline before, much to your displeasure, he let go of you and walked over to where you daughter was concentrating on making different christmas shapes out of the sweet dough.

You watched your little family with a smile as Niall leaned over the three year old and helped her move the cookies over to the tray so they could decorate them before they went into the oven.


Soon the sun went down and Ava’s excitement seemed to grow by the second. She would not stop asking you guys questions: ‘Daddy, How does Santa fit down the chimney?’, ‘What happens if people don’t have chimneys?’, ‘Mommy, How does Santa eat so many cookies and not get a tummy ache?’, ‘What time is he coming?’, ‘How does he get in here without us hearing him?’. You guys were absolutely exhausted and there was still an hour until bedtime.

“Ava, baby girl, it’s time to calm down a little okay.” Niall finally said, opening his arms to welcome Ava in for a snuggle.

The toddler huffed but cuddled into her daddy’s chest regardless. You leaned over and cuddled into Niall’s shoulder and smoothed out Ava’s hair. “Do you want to read a story, sweet pea?” You asked your little girl. She nodded her head excitedly, Niall stood from the sofa to retrieve the story that he knew you had in mind.  He came back a short time later and you already had Ava snuggled into the side and wrapped in a blanket. You hoped it helped her calm down a little.

“This one okay?” Niall asked with a smirk already knowing that she’d say yes. And as expected she nodded her head enthusiastically, her bright blue eyes lighting up even more seeing the illustrated picture of Santa Claus on the cover.

Niall read the story in his soft, deep, beautiful voice. It was moments like this that makes you remember just how lucky you are. He cuddled his little girl and read the story slowly and quietly, he let her get a good look at every illustration on each page before he turned it to continue reading. Ava watched her daddy’s lips move as he read the words that was printed on his page, her eyes twinkling from the christmas lights that were draped over the tree branches. She was such a little daddy’s girl.

When the story was finished Ava had chilled out significantly and you knew by the time you put her to bed she’d be out like a light. “Let’s set out cookies for Santa then let’s get ready for bed.” You said taking her little hand and led her to the kitchen. She picked out the cookies she thought Santa would like the most and helped you arrange them on the plate. After setting it on the side table next to the christmas tree Niall picked her up from behind catching her by surprise, she let out squeals and giggles as he peppered her chubby little cheeks with kisses. “Alright petal, time for bed.”

“No dada! I don’t want to go to bed.” She whined, her happiness dissipating quickly.

“If we don’t go to bed then Santa won’t come.” Niall explained already walking to the little girl’s room, you followed behind watching him handle the situation. She fussed at the response and you could see tears start to build in her eyes, which was tell tale sign that she was in fact tired.

You arrived to the princess themed bedroom, you went to her dresser and pulled out her christmas pjs that had a picture of Rudolph and Clarice on the shirt with the same print scattered along the pajama pants. Luckily she got a little happier seeing the pajamas you had picked out for her. Niall helped you change her into them, brush her teeth, and get her tucked in. You both said your goodnights and your ‘i love yous’ to your little angel before leaving the room.

Deciding to wait a little bit before you put the presents under the tree to make sure that she was asleep you went back to the den to watch a christmas movie. Niall picked ‘Christmas Vacation’ while you went to the kitchen to get popcorn, a beer or Niall and a bottle of water for yourself.  Joining with him on the couch you sat enjoying each others company and the movie, it had become a rarity that you and Niall got alone time and were able to sit and watch a movie.

When the credits started to roll on the screen and you and Niall both groaned and sighed not wanting to get up. “Ready to play Santa Claus?” He joked helping you off the sofa. You carried the presents out of their hiding space, which was your closet, while Niall arranged them under the tree. After stuffing her stocking and sharing the plate of cookies with Niall , you were finally able to go to bed yourself.


“Mommy! Daddy! Wake up, Santa came.” She bounced in between you and Niall waking you from your deep slumber. Niall rolled over looking at his little girl before running a hand over his face and let out a groan seeing that the sun hasn’t even came the full way up. “Alright princess, how about you go wait in the den while me n’ your mum get ready.”

“Okay but don’t fall asleep again.” She warned scooting off the large bed and scurrying out of the room.

He chuckled at the little three year old before moving over to you and kissed your nose, he knew you were awake but was trying to act like you were sleeping. “We gotta get up beautiful.” He said making you groan. You both got out of bed, Niall slipped on his pajama pants and a t-shirt while you put on a pair of cotton shorts and one of Niall’s old t-shirts.

When you arrived in the living room you saw the little girl sitting by the tree trying to hold herself back from just ripping into everything she saw. “Alright baby girl, which one do ya want to open first.” Niall said taking a seat on the carpeted floor next to her, you following suit. And of course she picked the biggest one there was.  

She tore up the wrapping paper to reveal the dollhouse that she wanted for a long time. The morning went on like so. She got everything she asked for, of course Niall would spoil his little angel. Ava got dolls, doll house, baby dolls, dress up items, stuffed animal, basically anything a little three year old would want. After she was finished opening her presents you and Niall exchanged your gifts.

Niall got you the makeup palette you had talked about for months (Even though he couldn’t care less about the eyeshadows, personally he thought they all looked the same), new shoes, a handbag, and diamond earrings. He also got you some naughty lingerie that made you blush and hide it from the three year old that sat on the couch watching her parents while cuddling her new baby doll, Niall laughed at your reaction making you scowl at him playfully.

You got Niall a new Rolex, some new golf clothes, some memorabilia of bands he liked (which he was over the moon and so grateful for, he wouldn’t stop thanking you), and the crazy socks he liked making him chuckle and thank you before kissing you sweetly.   

“Can you help mommy clean up? Grandma and Grandpa are coming soon.” You asked your daughter as you and Niall started to sort out the trash and the gifts you had just received. After cleaning up all the wrapping paper, ribbons and bows Niall and you went into the kitchen to start to prepare the christmas dinner while Ava played happily with her new toys.

You were so grateful for your little family. 


Merry Christmas ~ S

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I loved loved the episode.

Darren did an extraordinary job. I loved to see him in this new role who he never played before and as I knew, he did amazing. He just blown my mind.
The song with Jeremy, Carlos and John just crushed me on to the ground.

His character wasn’t just the bad guy, but he actually brought love and he reunited the two main couple of the show and I think it’s beautiful and totally Darren.

His speech about love. Oh my God. I mean I know I’m a tinhatter, but I cried like a little girl because it was for other people, but it was totally for him. It was just perfect and his passion it was pretty visible and amazing. He totally put himself in it.

The rest of the episode was just amazing and I loved the last part. After Darren’s scenes it’s definitely my favorite part.