i cried like a little child



Zenyatta: what a small hand he has… I must say he is truly adorable,just like you,Shima.

Shima: Mister Tekharta,please ////

Zenyatta: hahaha <3

Genji in the back,proud: You go master! //cries//



I just wanted something adorable between this two <3 and i need to make more of them cuz they are so cute! and the little boy name is Rahu,i drew hima few weeks ago with a little info of him. his Shima adopted child,he calls her mommy since she took care of him and he does not care what people say,Shima is his mommy and nobody will change his mind.


When I was a child, an uncle asked what gift I wanted for my name day. I begged him for one of you. “It wouldn’t even have to be a big dragon,” I told him. “It could be little like me.” Everyone laughed like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard. Then my father told me the last dragon had died a century ago. I cried myself to sleep that night. But here you are.

Can we talk about dad Draco?

A lot of people have been talking about Albus’ relationship with Harry, but what about Scorpius and Draco? Honestly from what I’ve read about the cursed child (I’m like halfway through) Draco is the best dad. Can you just imagine:

- when Scorpius is born, Draco promising he’ll try his best and insisting he’s the most beautiful baby he’s ever seen
- Draco always willing to wake up all the times baby Scorp cries and spends hours cooing and rocking him. Even spending nights sleeping in on the couch with Scorpius on his chest
- Draco teaching him an instrument
- Draco and Astoria making a little concert with their house elves so Scorpius can preform with an audience
- Draco feeling happy when the house elves calls Scorpius ‘master sweetie’ because he’s taught his son to be kind to everyone and humble
- Draco trying to get Scorpius to make friends with other kids his age so he isn’t lonely
- Draco getting heartbroken when the kids call Scorpius Voldemort’s son
- Draco constantly fighting with he ministry to stop the rumours because it hurts him to see Scorpius cries
- Draco being extremely worried when Scorpius goes to Hogwarts because he doesn’t want him bullied
- Draco pining the first letter from Scorpius that says he’s made a friend even though he’s a Potter
- Draco insisting Scorpius to invite Albus to spend the break with them
- Draco making sure everything is perfect when the Potters let Albus stay over
- Draco telling the boys cool stories about anything they want while making them hot cocoa
- Draco tucking them both in and wishing them sweet dreams
- Draco not only being there for Scorpius but being there for Albus because he knows what it’s like to feel like to not live up to your parents expectations
-Draco literally knowing everything about Scorpius because his son trusts him
- Draco and Scorpius bonding time is sitting in Draco’s office, with Scorpius’ feet on Draco’s lap reading in silence. Occasionally sharing lines in their books they find interesting/funny
- When Astoria falls ill, Draco makes sure she and Scorpius spends everyday of the summer together
- when she dies, Draco holds his son all night as he cries promising that they can get through this
- Draco never crying in front of his son because he just knows how hard it is for his son to loose his mother
- Draco taking Scorpius somewhere cool for Christmas so they don’t have to realize that it’s their first Christmas without Astoria
- Draco reminding Scorpius that no matter what he’s always there for him


Licca Character + Sappy Post by Star

Warning: Sappy post incoming
So honestly Licca and the characters in it mean so much to me. I didn’t really expect anything when I shared my idea on stream, and I’ve always wanted to make this game since I was a little child, so to see the outstanding amount of fanart and other things just touches my heart. Recently, I was describing to hawker a main character that I’ve always had in mind, Andromeda (I call her Ande for short), who is probably the character that I’ve put the most work into and the one I relate to the most aside from my son. Hawker drew this amazing piece of concept art for me, and honestly I cried for like 15 minutes about it. Hawker is an amazing artist and a very very dear friend and to see her create one of my characters touched me really deeply. SO I guess I’m making this post to just share another character of Licca, and to say please give love to hawker for being amazing. 

Seriously, it really means so much to me that you guys have even given any sort of consideration for my silly little characters. This game is extremely personal to me, so I just wanted to thank you all. Especially hawker. You rock hawk <3

For those of you who don’t know the legend of Andromeda, I recommend you go read it, it’s extremely interesting. Actually, I haven’t shared any other characters yet but hopefully I can do that soon, all of the characters are named for constellations, and each constellation has a story that relates kinda to the character. (Except Canis Major and Canis Minor cuz there’s not much to work with lol) Basically, Andromeda was chained to a rock as sacrifice to a monster, but saved my Perseus, who she weds.  Andromeda is a bureacrat, who is the daugher of a rich family. She had a really intense and fiery personality in childhood, but became lost in the later part of her life after battling issues with depression and a lack of any personal connection to her job, as well as a lack of meaningful relationships. Eventually, after an altercation with her boyfriend at the time, she realized that all she was was a cog in a machine, and that no one could ever truly love her for who she was, which drives her to suicide. Basically I wanted to mirror the myth of Andromeda, but Perseus never comes and shes devoured by her own self doubts. When Licca finds her in the game, she works in the galaxy as an extremely popular high-end singer in a jazz bar, as she rediscovered herself through music after her death. At first, Andromeda is extremely reluctant to join Licca, as she’s happy where she is, and refuses to join the others and become just another ‘cog in the machine again.’ I wanted to frame her redemption story to have her realize that there can be a lot of joy found in being with others, and that her music isn’t just for her but for everyone. After all, what is music if no one is there to enjoy it? Thus she realizes that instead of making music for dead people all by herself, she’d rather take charge of her life again and be reborn anew.
She’s got a bit of a rough personality, if it’s not obvious from her sketch, and is flippant and rude but has a soft spot for children, which helps Licca get into her life in the first place. 

Theres obviously going to be more to it than that and it is kinda cliche, but I wanted this whole game to be a love song to creators, and to encourage people that not everyone is a lonely genius, and that the some of the best joy in creating things is getting to share it with the people you love. Inspiring people is the best part of my job, and making things that touch people, so I wanted to share that joy with everyone through a game so I could hopefully make people happy. CALL ME AN IDEALIST IF YOU WANT I AM SECRETLY A SAP

SO YEah, sorry for taking up yalls time, I know I vomited my feelings all over this which is disgusting so please feel free to ignore this XD I just wanted to throw my thoughts out somewhere, and share hawk’s amazing work. Andromeda is my baby, even though she’s like 15 years older than me. I’ll shut up now.


When I was a child, an uncle asked what gift I wanted for my name day. I begged him for one of you. “It wouldn’t even have to be a big dragon,” I told him. “It could be little, like me.” Everyone laughed like it was the funniest thing they ever heard. Then my father told me the last dragon died a century ago. I cried myself to sleep that night. But here you are.

He’s my sunshine♡ _(┐「ε:)_

A Brief Summary of Me Fangirling Over YouTube Rewind

Trevor Noah trying to look at his own butt: 10/10


I see a red floof. Is that…

*Tommy Wiseau voice* O HAI MARK

I see a smol green bean

Look at this precious child. 

What the fuck are they doing?

Are they…

YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! (cries for 10 hours cause I’m still not over Hodor)

Hannah’s hair: 10/10

Also Hannah: 10/10

Where did that gay little bean go?

Oh there she is… so smol

Kingsley in a Hamilton costume <3 <3 <3

RIP David Bowie </3

John Green looks like he got lost in the woods with Leonard DiCaprio

(jk John you’re great)



Yay YouTube Rewind! Not as shitty as the rest of 2016 so that’s a plus.


Jack and his doppleganger

Utter heartbreak

Not the name of any of his channels #whereishank #whotheeffishank

And Joey Graceffa being as confused about the hot mess that is 2016 as the rest of us

Dhurke Sahdmadhi rushing into that burning building, trying to save someone, ANYONE.  But everything is collapsing and it’s so hot and there’s fire and smoke, so much smoke.  It gets into his eyes, his lungs; he can’t breath, he can’t see-

But then he hears the crying, the ear-piercing screaming of a baby, alone and terrified.

And he runs towards it, never mind his own danger or discomfort, and finds the single little bundle, dropped on the floor but swaddled so well he’s unharmed.  There’s rubble and burning wood next to the child, and from under the ruins he sees a hand, still and lifeless.

The baby is light in his arms but it still feels so heavy as he runs from that building that so quickly became a grave.

“I’m sorry, little one,” he says, holding the child close to his chest, rocking him gently like he knows always works for Nahyuta.  But the child still cries, and cries, and cries, like he knows he’s lost something he can never get back.  

He tries to find the baby’s mother, but there’s nothing, no information to go on, just Dhurke’s word.  “The baby’s name is Apollo Justice; I don’t know his father’s name he never told me- no, he didn’t live here he was a tourist.  No, I don’t know where he came from!  Everything burnt, everything is gone… there’s nothing else I can tell you!  Please, just help me find his mother, whoever she is!”

Nobody comes forward.

Dhurke won’t submit this child to an orphanage; there’s too many other little boys and girls who need homes, he can’t add to that number.  Without Amara, sweet lovely Amara, he doesn’t know how he’ll do it.  But he will, he decides, he will.

Gazing at the children, cozy inside of a crib made for one but now housing two, he thinks it’s as if they were always meant to be brothers.  He gathers them up in his arms, as always realizing how young and fragile they really are, how he is their sole protector, their barrier between this world and the Twilight Realm.  They slumber peacefully against him, oblivious of this, of the outside world, of the chaos and the evil and the deception that has so tired Dhurke now for weeks.  But they, in their innocence, are so young and do not know the difference between a palace and a hut, between the city and the mountains, between royalty and poverty.  It’s better that way, Dhurke decides.

“They’ve taken Amara away from me,” he says, “But I will not let them take you.”  Nahyuta suckles on his thumb.  Apollo yawns.  Dhurke kisses them each on the forehead.  “My sons.”

He always hit me in the sternum. Every time. He’d hold me against the wall, and punch me. “It hurts like hell, and doesn’t leave any marks.” That’s what he’d always “Jokingly” tell his friends.  I told my Mother it was happening. I told my Grandmother. I told my teachers, my friends, and the neighbors. Not one of them believed me. “Little boys shouldn’t make up stories.” “No one likes a liar.” “You remember how it went for the boy who cried wolf, don’t you?” That’s what they said when I asked for help. That’s why I don’t ask for help. I suppose I should be thankful. He made me the man I am now. He hardened me. Turned me cold. Because if him, no one can ever hurt me again. I left home the second I had a place to go. Years passed. We didn’t speak. Then one day, I reached out. He was surprised by my call. I told him I was ready to bury the hatchet. That I wanted to see him. He was reluctant, but he agreed. I met him at his favorite all you can inhale buffet. He always was a glutton. We spoke for a time, and then I invited him to meet my child. She was nearly four, and he’d never met her. He happily accepted. He’s been down there for years now. He definitely didn’t expect it. I unlocked the door, and let him inside. The side door leads to the kitchen. More importantly, it leads to the basement. The second he was out of sight, I put a boot in the middle of his back. He cried out, trying to catch himself. To no avail. He took quite the tumble. I still remember the look on his face. Shock. Horror. Anger. Pain. All paled in comparison to the realization I saw in his eyes that day. “Son… Wuh.. Why?” He managed. I said nothing, and put him out with a heavy shot to his jaw. He’s still down there. Tied to a chair. Morning, noon, and night I hit him. I hit him right where he always hit me. Wouldn’t want to leave any bruises. I’m going to keep hitting him until it doesn’t hurt anymore. Until he can’t feel it anymore. Until he never feels anything ever again. It’s ironic, really. I spent most of my life trying not to turn into my Father. Here I am, turning him into Me.
—  “Poetry, Memories, and Tales Dark as Night”
Doug Thrailkill Jr.
Reasons for Billy Batson to be an ethnic and or religious minority

Okay starting with reasons for him to be an ethnic minority
- [ ] Representation can mean everything to a child
- [ ] The culture shock aspect of a little POC boy afraid to go out on the street to being a celebrated hero
- [ ] Chance to explain a non dominant culture in a way that will reach out to more people
- [ ] Captain Marvel would be so much more understanding to the POC children he runs into, and would be less likely to be accidentally racist towards them.
- [ ] The white hero (Marvel form) telling another white hero off for accidental racism
- [ ] Please
Reasons for reasons for a religious minority Billy Batson:
- [ ] Representation is important okay?
- [ ] I cried the last time someone who wasn’t a member of my Faith mentioned my Faith in a public thing, which was a thing about religious diversity
- [ ] Really cool quotes
- [ ] “Um, violence is against my religion, but protecting people is my religious and heroic duty, what do I, Captain Marvel, do about this?”
- [ ] Captain Marvel going to a holy day
- [ ] “But-but- it’s the [insert name of a time of fasting here]!”
- [ ] “Oh come on, everyone celebrates Christmas!” “I-uh-I don’t, actually? Stop staring guys! I’m not Christian okay? We have people who worship the Greek and roman pantheons here, it’s not that unbelievable!”
- [ ] A whole ark devoted to him questioning his Faith after receiving the powers of gods he doesn’t believe in
- [ ] Please, I am begging you let me be able to relate to this boy wanting to do his daily prayers but never having time
- [ ] Not everyone is Christian, please! Even actively Atheist, please, something other than Christian confirmed!
- [ ] D.C. Has racebent before, religion bending shouldn’t be that hard!
- [ ] Let this boy be not-white and not-Christian. Please
- [ ] I have never seen my religion mentioned in anything I love I will cry for weeks with pure joy if D.C. Does this.

yeppers! i defos accept things for first gen, so just hit me up when you wanna~


  • literally cries at the sight of this little bundle of joy
  • he feels so privileged to have a child with you and cannot believe his luck
  • absolutely overwhelmed with so much emotions and is super glad that you’re perfectly healthy as well
  • vows to be the best father because he doesn’t want his child to grow up like he did
  • he’s so completely infatuated with his child


  • he’d be so emotional and overwhelmed with so much feelings
  • honestly would want to squeeze his child but would be so afraid because they’re so small and fragile ( he’s afraid he’ll break it )
  • literally cannot believe that he was willing to throw his life away and never get to see this moment when he has a child with you
  • would emotionally profess his love for tsuna and thank him ten thousand times for saving him on the rooftop and make him the child’s godfather ( it’s a mutual decision between you and yams because you’re so freaking grateful to tsuna )


  • he’ll see that huge smile on his child’s face and decide that absolutely no one will be able to wrong them and live
  • makes a decision then and there to not be so reckless in his actions because he wants to live to see the little animal his child grow up. he wants to live in relative peace and if that means subjecting himself to paperwork and getting out of the field then so be it
  • gets that little flutter in his stomach when he’s holding the child and treats it so kindly ( imagine hibird djsfljdlf )
Sherlock Finale!!

Sherlock had me like:

Originally posted by pinepizzalove

Incredible episode, completely terrifying. It had me on edge the whole time; I was screaming and crying at the TV. It was beyond my comprehension that Euros as a child murdered another little boy. Part of me does feel sorry for her though; her brain can’t deal with its own intelligence, so she goes insane. Makes sense. I’m worried that locking her away again will mean another attempted break out in a few years when she’s recovered from her ordeal. 

When Sherlock cried; when he found out about Redbeard, that broke my heart.  

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John and Sherlock and Mycroft were perfect the entire episode, and I thought it was adorable how Mycroft tried to make it easier for Sherlock to shoot him, because he knew that shooting John would completely destroy Sherlock. 

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Euros was terrifying and awesome, and Moriarty - brilliant. 

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I’m worried that Sherlock is over now, as the BBC usually leave it on a cliffhanger, and the scenes with Rosie provide quite a good conclusion. If that is so, my life is over, AGHHHH I NEED MOAAAARRRR! 

Hope you were mildly amused by my ranting (if you want to discuss, just PM me). Violet x

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P.S. Just to let you know, none of these gifs or edits are mine.

Happy New Year Everyone!

This year has had some devestating things happen, but we stuck together through it all. This site may be…not the best environment, but at least we have our mutuals and tumblr friends. And I’d like to tag my mutuals and say that, hey, it may have been a horrible year, but we made it through. So here’s to you guys, the people who pop up in my notes all the time and make my day a little brighter 💖

@zapplebrooks @cries-in-corn @pazkat @a-baka-fangirl @doodlefrood @anime4life4ever @chromasiac @leaping-lightning-rods @skleero @ikebird @yourfriendlyneighboorhoodllama @scruffysugarcane @some-fantastic-url-name @cloudygem @pearlrosetears @notquiteaisha @wavering-flower-child @adventurefatso @lemarshmallowsir @bucketofhomestucktrash @weirdfandomchick @thew4rden @preciouspuregarnet @erudiculous @eliphantlover @saranghaezz501 @lapis-cutie @gravity-defying-ponytail @jasphur @marbelpeople @periwithglasses @theautisticperidot @burning-rooms @jilltheamazing822 @abbisaurus1401 @fanny-pack-pack @squidkid-cyrus @i-eat-dragons-for-breakfast *sharp intake of breath* @riing @whatperidot @goopy-amethyst @bpd-amxthyst @faerism @mournclaw @trans-guy-reaper @comfortmemes @garnetsongs @weatherbomb @bpdsapphicmusings @mwellin(love your url btw) @siriusscribbles

Happy new year’s everyone! I hope 2017 is good to all of us 🍻

mizules  asked:

1/5 I apologize in advance for my incoherent rambling but I really need to dump my episode 13 feels on someone and that someone happens to be you because I love reading your thoughts on Goblin. Okay? Okay. Now obviously I was a crying mess after watching episode 13, but I also couldn’t be happier. So far the only scenes that made me cry were when the blind man was reunited with his dog and when that girl's mother went through her room after Eun Tak cleaned it up and filled the fridge.

2/5 And I really needed that kind of emotional impact from our leads as well, because personally I’m just so much more invested in characters that have made me cry. And hoOOoOOo boyyy episode 13 delivered. I mean I was already a wreck when Shin remembered their time together and cried over their contract because so far we hadn’t actually seen him cry so hard. And then that whole final scene just tore my heart out and made me bawl like a little child.

3/5 I was sobbing so hard my chest still ached long after I’d stopped crying. Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo were so good, my little heart couldn’t handle it. And can we PLEASE talk about that kiss, because it absolutely murdered me. JFC. I had hoped for something like that, but I did NOT expect it to actually happen. All the kisses so far had been really chaste and cutesy, but that kiss was on a whole other level and I’m going to rewatch it over and over until Friday.

4/5 Honestly it was about time for a certified Gong Yoo Kiss™. The way he clung to her and her dazed look afterwards were so… uugh *incoherent noises*. I’m hoping for another one of those kisses when they finally reunite. Since there’s still 3 episodes left I’m certain our couple will somehow get back together and get their happy ending. Maybe Shin won’t be in the next episode, but there’s no way there will be 3 more episodes without the leading man.

5/5 I’m sure he will be back for the last two at the latest. I can already see myself gross sobbing again when they reunite. Until then I’ll just listen to the OST and cry. And cross my fingers for no amnesia plot because honestly we’ve all suffered enough at this point and I don’t want Eun Tak to end up with some Shin knock off who looks like him but doesn’t have his memories. Nope nope nope. Okay I’m done rambling now and I’m SORRY for how long this was. I just had a lot of feelings lmao.

First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking your time to message me ^^ it was fun to read your messages. Also, I’m amazed how you asked your asks so quickly… unless you must have pre-typed it out (well this would make more sense haha). Plus, no need to apologize! That’s why this blog exists and what I’m here for! It’s actually quite an honor that you chose me >.<

Ah, I cried a lot too at those scenes you mentioned of the dog and his owner, the college girl… but I’ve cried the most so far with episode 13′s ending. The build up was executed very well: the way HOW THAT KISS occurred… the way HOW THE SWORD was drawn out… the way HOW EUN-TAK JUST HUGGED HIM so tightly… the way HOW THEY CONFESSED to each other… the way HOW SHIN DISAPPEARED into dust… and the way HOW EUN-TAK CRIED at the end just really sends a huge impact about how these two really care for each other and want to be together. You’re right, it was the first time we saw Shin cry so much because of someone else besides Grandpa or his sister. This episode really showcased how they’ve changed each other’s lives… Eun-tak taught Shin how to live while Shin taught Eun-tak how to love

Gong Yoo Kiss™… I like this! xD YES! LET’S TALK ABOUT THE KISS AGAIN! I can’t get enough of this kiss.. and I don’t get tired of talking about it! Like I’ve previously said in this post, this kiss was the definition of passion, longing, desire, and desperation… the wanting to hold that special person in your arms and never let them go. What’s most beautiful about this kiss is how IN NO WAY DOES IT EXHIBIT ANY ILL INTENTIONS BY SHIN BUT RATHER THE OPPOSITE! This man has been holding back 900 years of loneliness and the way how he came back, grabbed her, kissed her, caressed her, and gazed at her showed how he really respects Eun-tak as the woman he loves. It’s not a lustful kiss either… but a sexy kiss that sends chills down your spine as you watch how they both mutually respond with so much love in every of their movements and expressions. Kim Go Eun nailed Eun-tak’s dazed, but worried expression from the intensity of the kiss… but Gosh… it felt like his gaze pierced through the screen through my soul… like he was trying so hard to burn her image into his memory. But what killed me was when he said, “I’ll be back,” because he looked like he wanted to stay there forever by her side and never have to tell her to wait for him again. T.T 

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Honestly, I think he might at least appear once or twice in episode 14 because it’s been referenced quite a bit how Shin might approach God (God’s “fate” question and asking God to let him return on the first snowfall). BUT HE BETTER SHOW UP IN THE LAST TWO EPISODES!!! IT’S THE FRIGGIN END FOR PETE’S SAKE! But again, I’m still holding onto my theory that Shin will be reborn as a human because I’m a sucker for happy endings, lol. Plus, Grandpa’s letter about Kim Shin still gives me hope that Shin will return. Oh goodness… I honestly hope the amnesia card doesn’t get played in this drama… I honestly don’t want any of them to lose their memories… but there’s a possibility that Eun-tak’s memories might be erased by GR since he’s on probation anyways. There’s also the possibility that Shin’s memories might be erased if he’s reborn. But I have hope that the writer will do justice for the drama and for us… it would be terrible to have the ending with either one of them without their memories. However, I do think that even if one of their memories get erased there will be a way for them to remember (I’ve hypothesized that maybe Grandpa’s camera might come into play or even that letter that Eun-tak sent at the hotel in Canada). Either way, our characters have already suffered long enough and they deserve a happy ending. No worries… I’m with you on the gross sobbing and overflowing feelings. >.<

Please feel free to message me anytime; I’m always here to talk or even just give a hug cause I think we all need one especially with how this episode left us feeling. 

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Drunk STARISH headcanons

The boys have had a little too much to drink…Lets see how their doing shall we…


  • Is the one that giggles like a child slurs on all his words
  • Will randomly talk tell stories that have nothing to do with anything but believes everyone should listen because he finds it entertaining
  • Constanly sings the Piyo-chan theme over and over again 
  • Has an average alcohol intake- Can withstand a reasonable amount of drink


  • Is an emotional mess- he will literally cry at anything and I mean ANYTHING
  • Although he is very quiet compared to everyone else
  • Yeah he’s just in the corner crying over that one time he stepped on an insect 
  • Has an average alcohol intake- Can withstand a reasonable amount of drink


  • Thinks he is a cat again and will even purr from time to time unknowingly 
  • Is very clingy and doesn’t like to be alone
  • Normally is with Otoya because Otoya is the only one that doesn’t get annoyed when he flops onto someones lap like a cat.
  • Has a low alcohol intake- Is crap with alcohol and get’s drunk easily


  • Is the one who got everyone drunk….Thanks Ren
  • Chats up everyone- even fellow band members….
  • When he chats up someone chances are they will decline because:One he stinks of alcohol and has a dorky blush on his face and Two I don’t think his band mates are THAT fond of him
  • Gets depressed when he is turned down and joins Tokiya in his corner of shame
  • Has a high alcohol intake- Is extremely hard to get drunk


  • Hyper af
  • Can hardly stay still for more than 5 seconds
  • Is the first to pass out
  • When he is passed out Cecil then flops onto him like a cat so is always confused when he wakes up as to why Cecil is on him
  • Has a low alcohol intake- Is crap with alcohol and gets drunk easily 


  • Will pick a fight with anyone or anything
  • Seriously, if you even tap him he will act like you just insulted his whole life and demands that you fight him in order to for him to prove you wrong
  • Once almost sent Ren to hospital because of Ren “chatting him up” and Syo taking it the wrong way
  • Has an average alcohol intake- Can withstand a reasonable amount of drink 


  • One word- Sassy
  • Is mainly quiet like his normal self until he finds something to have a go at
  • All the sarcastic comments and short snappy insults that come out of this guys mouth is unbelievable. Stuff like “I would slap you right now but that would be animal abuse” or  “It’s not the sun that hurts my eyes, its your face”
  •  Has a low alcohol intake- Is crap with alcohol and gets drunk easily.

AU Time:

  • Kaneki died as a child when he was playing with Hide, he drowned and frozen to death
  • Hide planted sunflowers on Kaneki’s grave, because “It’s gonna warm up his soul!”
  • Little ghost Kaneki actually grew up alongside Hide, he also studied with him, that’s why Hide sometimes woke up to see a lot of books on the floor
  • Ghost Kaneki showed up to Hide when both of them turned 15, Ken just casually sat on his bed ad started reading out loud a book that he really loved back in the days
  • Since then, Hide was blessed with beautiful sights of sunflowers in his garden, Kaneki really loved them and planted them for his best friend
  • Kaneki was actually that kind of ghost, that let only people that he loves touch him, so it wasn’t a big surprise for him that Hide was able to hug him straight away
  • When Kaneki was faced with pleasure, he went transparent, so it kinda spooked Hide when during a cuddle session with his ghost bff he suddenly started to disappear
  • Their first kiss was so good that Kaneki went full transparent
  • Hide looked terrified when that happened, because he thought for a second that Kaneki left him
  • Ken had to tell him once again how his ‘body works’
  • Eventually Hide got used to this
  • Happy sunflower with his happy ghost bf

anonymous asked:

Sorry... what I had meant was: "Could you write Prompto as a father headcanons"? Again, I am so sorry for the confusion I have caused you. :(

Oh gee!
Well, I’ll write this plus I felt everyone wanted to know what baby Prompto’s papa was like

Daddy!Prompto (not that kinda daddy shhhhhh)
- teaches his child the Chocobo song
- tucks his child in at night
- volunteers in all the field trips
- teaches his kid photography
- totally the bragging parent in the playground (“oh really, susan? well MY little one did a sick kick on the skateboard so shove that up ya ass”)
- photographer at his kid’s prom night
- photographer at his kid’s wedding
- cries at his kid’s wedding
- however, doesn’t love his kid as much as he loves chocobos (he still loves his kid tho)

callmenaia  asked:

Parent ship!! Promptis


(When you know all my needs in life.)

  • Who cried when they brought their child home for the first time: This is a toss up. Prompto definitely cried the most, but despite the fact he doesn’t wanna admit it, Noctis did in fact cry just a little.
  • Who would wake up in the middle of the night to check on the kid(s): Prompto…Noctis sleeps like a god damn log. I don’t expect that to ever change with kids.
  • Who changes the kid(s) diapers: They try to pawn this job off to maids or anyone that’s willing. I’m not even gonna dance around that answer. They both hate this part of having kids the most.
  • Who makes the bottles: Noctis. This is in exchange for sleeping through the night when Prompto probably loses the most sleep out of anxiety.
  • Who stays up late at night to rock the kid(s) to sleep and sing them lullabys: Noctis, when he can manage to stay awake long enough to do it. Prompto definitely doesn’t take pictures or record it on his phone, cus he thinks it’s cute as fuck.
  • Who is guilty of spoiling the kid(s): BOTH. Noctis wants them to have a good childhood, and Prompto just can’t say no to the faces of his kids. Have you seen those kids? Do you honestly expect anything remotely related to Noct and himself wouldn’t have the power to make Prompto do what they want of him? You’d be wrong if you said yes. Ignis is the friend that steps in to make sure it doesn’t get outta hand with these two.
  • Who would give the kid(s) cookies in the middle of the night: Prompto. Noctis wouldn’t probably even be up at this time.
  • Who always takes the kid(s) side: Prompto, when Noctis gets a little bit like his own father. He has a hard time parenting when he just wants to love the kids and also be their friends…
  • Who would wake up early to make breakfast for the kid(s) before school: HAHAHAHAHAAA Prompto. Noctis might occasionally do it if Prompto isn’t feeling well or actually manages to wake up before the blond.
  • Who gets the kid(s) ready for school in the morning: Prompto. Really, this family it’s like he’s taking care of two kids and a really big kid. It’s cute though.
  • Who takes the kid(s) to school: Noctis. Prompto gets to nervous behind the wheel, so they came up with this compromise so nothing bad happened.
  • Who goes to parent teacher conferences: They both go, provided Noctis isn’t busy with work. They both share this responsibility, and Noctis only ever doesn’t show up if he really can’t put off work.
  • Who will be the first to suggest to have ‘the talk’ with the kid(s): …They will both put this off for a very long time. And I don’t have a doubt in my mind that it’ll be suggested when one of their kids brings up the topic out of curiousity. It will be painful. And it will be awkward.
  • Who would choose their child(s) prom outfit: They don’t. They trust their kids to dress themselves for prom and pick what they like. They aren’t really overbearing with that thought.
  • Who would cry when the kid(s) go off to college: No one has to guess at this one. Noctis would be extremely proud, so Prompto is the one left being highly emotional. It’s just the way he is.

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Hai! So, my Daddy is kinda new to the dd/lg community and I know him irl (he doesn't have a tumblr, i cri- But he says he might get one ^~^) but um, do you have any tips as to how I can help him how to take care of me as his little? Like, how to approach it? He does get it, and he's been doing so good with being my Daddy, amazing really, I just wanna know in case if in the future a situation might happen to where he doesn't maybe know what to do? I know this is kinda scattered >.< Thank you! <3

Well… ITS SNOWING AGAIN! Sorry I am smol child. Don’t mind that. Anyways, idk I think I would recommend looking it up on different forums, or even get him to ask Daddies for advice. Encourage him to get Tumblr tbh bc he can learn a lot off of here ☺️💕