i cried jfc

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Would Dipper make breakfast for Bill? though i see Bill as more of a morning person, so maybe Dipper is the one who wakes up to the scent of pancakes, and he sound of Bill singing along to the radio. Dip folows the sound of sizzling griddle cakes and off key katy perry and finds Bill there wearing a kiss the cook apron and not much else. 'Morning pine tree' *wink* Dip just sits down at the table and tries to hide his *ahem* excitement.

I first read this in the morning and I cried tears of want jfc! Honestly same though, I think Bill would be a morning person but mainly bc he’s not much of a sleeper. I LOVE THHIS IT’S CUTE AND WHOLESOME 

y’all photoshop wouldn’t let me save this file because of an error no matter what i tried and it only worked after i named it “please” 

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( mother ) do you think i could do better in taking care of ari?

ask ari’s mom a question ; accepting

               Her gaze is curious for a few moments, as if wondering why he would ask her this. The green eyes focused on him are a trait all her children mirror, a crinkle coming forward from her brow as she really does think this through. If Melia is going to give him an answer, she doesn’t want it to be a half-formed idea.

                “Seung-ho, I will say that you’re not someone I would have pictured Ari ending up with, but that hardly means anything when I ended up with Conor. Frankly, I think the best things can come out of the unexpected.”

               That also meant that worse could, too, but that’s something from her own story. A tale that’s already been written out and passed by now. She won’t load him down with depressing stories of promises broken and a faded love. It’s not what he’s looking for and it’s not what she’s looking to share.

                 “I think you take as much care of them as they’re likely to let you, and that you know how. Anything I would say could improve, I’m sure Ari’s already made that point clear… at least as far as their boundaries go…. but do I think you could do better? There’s always ‘better’, nothing is perfect, that’s just part of life and I think you do a fine job as it is.”

                  A pause comes and there’s a smile that spreads over her face, flushing her skin a peachy color in response as she reaches forward to take his larger hand in both of hers and squeeze it. When she looks back up at him, the impressions of age and laugh lines is more noticeable. The slightest mark of her age surrounding energy filled eyes.

                 “Just do me one favor —- and don’t make a promise you won’t keep. And don’t break those you do make. As my Conor had. That’s all, because I think you both… are rather well suited. I’m glad they met you.”

imagine romulus opening the front door in hopes of watering the grass & flower beds, but instead ends up catching lovino & antonio right in the middle of a making out session on the front doorsteps & before romulus even says anything, they pull away & immediately antonio blurts out, “i-i was checking for cold sores Mr.Vargas..”