i cried in this part. everything was so pretty


If it’s really Bonnie dying Paul wouldn’t talk about her death like this. He was able to talk about it like this cuz it’s Stefan who dies.

The second article shows Bonnie has finally a peaceful life and so a happy ending, she ain’t dying.

Also, Ian said in his promo to took two fan with him to watch the finale.”8 seasons, 8 love triangles, 3 Bonnie deaths, 3 Bonnie resurrections and a lot of Damon ripping hearts out”

It means Bonnie won’t die anymore and since he talked about Bamon storyline only during the 8 seasons it can be seen as a hint that Bamon is happening in the finale and that’s Bonnie’s happy and unexpected ending. JP also said Damon’s happiness is in reach. 

Ian also stated in the same interview as Paul was talking about the main character’s death that there are some happy endings, but it is impossible to satisfy everyone, but what they have come up with will go part way into doing so.

I think each actor was talking about their character’s arc so Ian talking about happy ending and satisfying ending means he is talking about Damon and Bonnie since he hates DE and is pretty happy about the finale.

Paul talking about the main character’s death means he is talking about Stefan. He said he even cried reading the finale and he is a cold bastard lol so it tells us everything. Even Samantha who is a part of the medias and had the chance to be on set during the funeral hinted at Stefan dying. She said something along those lines “Even Paul of all people liked the finale.” Like he shouldn’t have since Stefan dies that’s how I understood it.

I’m done on this matter. Stop believing trolls especially since the one spreading false spoilers is a DE fan. Of course she wants Bonnie dead.

Brendon Urie x Reader : Adorkable

A/N: you guys always make me smile! thanks for all the love! as always, requests, questions, comments, etc., is accepted. you’re the best! hope you enjoy this one!

Anonymous said:
Hello! Is it okay if we get a part 3 to the Brendon Urie x reader for “ My dork” i really enjoyed it you write so well! Thank you and have a good day

part one date with a dork: http://thepatricktreestump.tumblr.com/post/149723249132/brendon-urie-x-reader-date-with-a-dork

part two you’re my dork: http://thepatricktreestump.tumblr.com/post/150382741932/brendon-urie-x-reader-youre-my-dork

“I already told you,” you laughed. “You have to go.”

“Nope,” Brendon shook his head, feet still stubbornly planted on the ground, and no matter how many times you leaned on him, shoved him, or tickled him, he would not move. “I’m staying right here with you.”

“What are your fans going to do?” you frowned. “Aren’t they going to miss you?”

“I’ll Periscope them,” he shrugged.

“Look,” you sighed. “I know, I don’t want you to go either. But you have a tour! You have prior arrangements! You can’t just drop everything for me!”

“But I want us to be together,” he whined. “It’s our three month anniversary.”

“Me too, babe. But we’ve both got jobs, we both have arrangements,” you reminded, wrapping your arms around him and kissing him on the cheek. “I’ve got a conference and you’ve got a tour. It’s only a couple months, come on, we can both survive this.”

“I don’t want to go,” he still complained like a small child. “I wanna be with you.”

“So do I,” you nodded, rubbing small circles on his back. “But you’re going to miss your plane if you don’t leave soon.”

“I don’t care,” he mumbled, hugging you tight. “I’m going to miss you too much.”

“I’m going to miss you too,” you admitted, pressing your head to his chest. “But we will have phone calls and video chats and texts, right?”

“It won’t be the same,” he argued, holding you tighter. “I can’t kiss you or wrap my arms around you. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be okay. I can’t go right to you if something goes wrong. I’ll be so far away. And I’m going to be heartbroken without you.”

“I am too,” you murmured. “I love you, Bren.”

“Love you too y/n,” he replied. He released the hug, wiping his tear stained face, taking a deep breath and trying on a weak smile. “To the airport, I guess.”

“Yeah,” you barely whispered. “Don’t forget me.”

“I won’t,” he reassured. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Stay safe,” you told him. “Have fun, smile, and don’t forget to sing your heart out. Please. For me.”

“Anything for you, sweetheart,” he kissed you softly on your lips, pulling away and staring into your eyes for what felt like the last time. “Goodbye. I’ll be back soon. I promise.”

When you found out that Brendon was going on tour the same time you had your conference, your immediate response was to freak out. You would be several countries away from Brendon, stuck in a fancy hotel room, answering questions for some of your fans, which you weren’t complaining, you absolutely loved them, you did, but you loved Brendon most. Three months into dating Brendon and you were both seeing each other almost everyday, going to bars, cuddling on the couch, watching movies, and cooking fun foods. You’d go to his concerts and he’d help you make videos. You both even attended some award shows together, your relationship was made public, and almost every one of his Periscopes had you in it. It was normal, and it was amazing, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, until this came along.

You didn’t tell Brendon until he figured out. He was going to book a vacation for you two in the middle of his tour, and you had to explain that you’d be out on conference, and his heart sunk into his chest. To think that you guys wouldn’t see each other in person for maybe a couple months was devastating. You spent all your time together, the big things and the little things, and so being without each other was almost incomprehensible. Brendon was your other half, and almost everyone else knew this as well as you two did. Your relationship was viral and famous, the two goofballs, YouTuber and rock star, put together for the perfect couple. You couldn’t have agreed more. While you did sometimes argue or fight about ridiculous things like what kind of sauce you wanted with wings or what movie to watch, you guys were perfect for each other. You were both easy going, light hearted, humorous and witty romantics, both deeply in love.

First week of the conference went great. You met a lot of your other fellow YouTubers and idols, such as Dan and Phil, Onision, Shane Dawson, Tyler Oakley, Tobuscus, PewDiePie, and even Troye Sivan. You smiled and laughed, a lot of your fans super caring and hilarious, asking questions that made you burst out into laughter or blew your mind, and it was so sweet to see so many people that cared. You signed a lot of things, ranging from posters to foreheads to even dogs, which you were a bit skeptical about at first, but decided there was no harm in it. The other YouTubers decided to make a compilation video of their favorite moments from the first week of conference, and you thought about it too, but as soon as you got on your computer and looked at the footage to edit, it all just felt wrong. Brendon was usually in each shot, making a silly face or singing a parody of a song, hugging you or giving you bunny ears, flipping the camera off or kissing your cheek while you were trying to talk. It was strange not seeing him in your edits, and it made you kind of sad.

It was starting the second week of conferences, and you had been texting and calling Brendon, who was extremely busy with tour, when you decided to video chat him. You hadn’t yet, and you decided now was a great time, relaxing in your hotel room and munching on your favorite snack. He picked up after a couple tries, and finally greeted you, his smile making your heart jump. Damn, you missed him so much. “Hey Brendon,” you grinned.

“Hey beautiful,” he responded. “How’s conference going?”

“Great,” you replied. “I met so many people, you’d love them.”

“Me too,” he added. “I have this hairstylist who is completely obsessed with you, he’s watched all your videos and knows almost every one of your Vines by heart, it’s great. He really wants to meet you, and I told him I’d make it happen. He’s super funny.”

“I’m glad,” you chuckled. “I can’t wait to meet him. I can’t wait to see you. I miss you, so fucking much.”

“You have no idea,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair. It looked like he was on the tour bus, sitting on a couch and drinking a beer.

“What are you doing?” you wondered.

“Uh,” he gave a nervous laugh. “Signing posters.”

“I don’t see any,” you smirked.

“Here,” he rolled his eyes, grabbing a poster and a marker beside him and waving it in front of the camera. “Do you see it now?”

“Yeah, yeah. Okay I see it,” you laughed. “How’s tour going?”

“It’s going great,” he smiled. “It would be better if you were here with me. I find myself looking on the side stage and forgetting that you’re not there.”

“Aw, I’m sorry,” you frowned. “I wish I could be there, babe.”

“It’s fine,” he shook his head. “I’m just glad you’re having fun.”

“I miss you,” you murmured. “A ton.”

“Well hopefully you won’t have to miss me too much…” he barely whispered.

“What?” you raised a curious eyebrow.

“How could you not miss all of this?” he joked, ignoring your comment and giving a sexy smile. “I mean, who wouldn’t?”

“Shut up, you flirt,” you giggled.

“So tell me a little bit more about this conference thing,” he sighed, leaning back in his chair. “What’s going on?”

“Well we had a question panel not too long ago, where fans could ask us things. We’re continuing it again tomorrow. Lately we’ve been doing some interviews and meeting other YouTubers, as well as making a compilation video. I wish you were here, you’d have so much fun,” you insisted. “You’d love it.”

“Would I now?” he asked.

“Yeah, you would,” you nodded.

“Well Dallon’s calling for me, so I’ve got to go. But hey, I’ll talk to you later, okay sweetheart?” he wondered.

“Definitely,” you agreed. “Love you.”

“Love you too y/n,” he waved goodbye before disconnecting. You closed your eyes, letting out a deep breath, and decided to go to sleep. You had a long day planned for tomorrow anyways.

You woke up, and surprisingly, felt something clinging onto you, or someone… You opened your eyes, coming to the reality of the situation, and looked down to reveal- what the actual fuck. “Brendon?” you widened your eyes.

“Hmm?” he yawned, releasing his embrace and sitting up on the edge of the bed. “Oh, hey.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” you exclaimed. “You’re supposed to be on tour! How did you even get in here? Why did you come? What the hell were you thinking?”

“You were dozed off when I arrived,” he shrugged. “I decided to let you get a couple hours of sleep in, I just sort of snuggled up beside you.”

“And you didn’t think to tell me you’d be coming?” you asked.

“Uh, surprise?” he gave a hesitant smile.

“Aren’t you supposed to be on tour?” you cried.

“I got a couple free days,” he chuckled. “Thought I might spend them with you.”

“Brendon,” you glared at him. “You know as well as I do that’s a lie.”

“Okay, fine you caught me,” he put his hands up in defeat, resisting a smirk. “I just missed you too much.”

“So you just dropped everything and decided to go get me?” you exclaimed.

“Yeah. Pretty romantic, huh?” Brendon raised his eyebrows. “Prince Charming move.”

“Asshole move,” you shoved him playfully. “All your fans are going to lose their minds!”

“You want to know the best part?” he questioned.

“What?” you widened your eyes.

“Zach doesn’t even know,” he beamed. “They think I went missing.”

“Brendon!” you shrieked. “You’re going to get in so much fucking trouble because of me!”

“It’s not your fault,” he shook his head. “Come on, relax, it’ll be fine. We’ll have so much fun together. Right?”

“What even?” you just stared at him. “What the hell makes you think it’s okay to just drop your job and commitments and fly a couple countries over to get to me?”

“You,” he giggled.

“You’re a fucking idiot!” you groaned. He still sat there, smiling at you. “Ugh, I love you.”

“Love you too,” he smiled.

“You’re stupid though,” you narrowed your eyes. “And they’re all going to kill you.”

“It’s fine,” he waved you off.

“How did you even get here?” you wondered.

“I bribed Dallon by upping his paycheck,” he explained. “We snatched the tour bus keys and headed out. Got an overnight flight at the airport. Then we both rented taxis. He’s going to go visit Breezy and leave me here. We’ll be gone for a couple days before we head back. Until then, we’re both ignoring Zach’s phone calls and texts.”

“Won’t people be searching for you?” you asked.

“They won’t care,” he shook his head. “I pull crazy shit all the time, they should know by now.”

“Yeah? But disappearing? What if they thought someone kidnapped you and Dallon?” you insisted. “You should’ve left a note or something.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about me,” he reassured.

“What about Kenny and Dan?” you still persisted. “What about the crew?”

“Y/n, you overthink way too much. Take it easy,” he sighed. “You’ve got a question panel later today, you don’t need anymore stress, babe.”

“So what do you want to do?” you inquired. “I’m afraid I’ve got a sort of busy schedule.”

“I can tag along, if that’s okay,” he suggested. “I just want to spend time with you. I don’t care what we’re doing.”

“You’ll get to meet a lot of people,” you grinned. “I think you’ll love the other YouTubers. They’re really funny, they’ve got your sense of humor, and a couple of them can sing too.”

“We could have a karaoke night!” Brendon’s eyes lit up.

“Yeah,” you laughed. “We could.”

“Do you guys throw parties and stuff?” he asked.

“Not yet, I don’t think,” you replied. “Then again, I wouldn’t know. I’m the socially awkward geek.”

“With the absolutely handsome boyfriend,” he added.

“Uh huh,” you rolled your eyes.

“So are you going to film a video soon?” he inquired. “I mean, you’ve got all the other YouTubers here. I’m sure they’re working on stuff.”

“Well I was having some difficulties with editing,” you admitted. “It’s actually harder without you. I’m used to you helping me with the punchlines and comic relief. You make people laugh better.”

“Are you saying you’re not funny?” he narrowed his eyes. “Because you’re almost funnier than I am.”

“No, I’m just saying that I’m having, I don’t know, the YouTuber’s version of writer’s block I guess. If that’s even a thing,” you chuckled.

“You’re in a slump,” he clarified. “It happens to everyone.”

“I was wondering if you had any ideas,” you invited.

“Well I do believe we never finished that sex tape,” he reminded.

“Appropriate ideas,” you glared at him.

“No, just think about it,” he went on. “We can involve some others, maybe get a threesome going-”

“Absolutely not,” you argued. “You’ll get me kicked out of here.”

“Fine, fine,” he giggled. “You’re right, it was a bad idea.”

“You’re smart, you should think of something,” you groaned, leaning on his shoulder.

“Just a couple minutes ago you were calling me an idiot,” he pointed out.

“You have your moments,” you explained.

“I’ve got it!” he decided. “We take the other YouTubers hostage, okay? We can sneak into their rooms in the middle of the night and just snatch them up. And we’ll make it into this huge movie, and leave clues and ransoms, and we’ll become famous. And instead of a YouTuber and rock star, we’ll just start a whole different business, and become celebrity kidnappers. Huh?”

“Definitely not,” you rolled your eyes. “No.”

“No?” he asked.

“That’s fucking crazy, Brendon,” you shook your head, kissing him on the cheek.

“Well you know what they say,” he smirked. “Crazy equals genius.”

“You’re adorkable,” you laughed.

“Is that good?” he frowned.

“It’s great,” you grinned. “It’s the best thing in the world.”

Post Traumatic ACOWAR Disorder

I apologise in advance if this upsets anyone because they may have the same feels.

Literally dying because I recently finished ACOWAR and now I’m severely suffering from PTAD because I’ve gotten so attached to the characters. The way Sarah wrote about her characters made me get to know them and fall in love with them and made me feel like they’re really real, but in reality they’re not (the devastating part)… Ughhhh how I wish the Court of Dreams and Velaris were real! How I wish I could live in a world of pretty Illyrian men *cries a little*, rivalling courts, magic, fae and everything in between. How I wish I could call Velaris my home, and the Court of Dreams my family. How I wish I could listen to Cassian’s cocky jokes and Azriel’s dry humour. How I wish I could hear Feyre telling Rhysand he’s a shameless flirt. How I wish I could see the sensitive Illyrian men constantly arguing whose wingspan is the largest. How I wish I could walk along the Sidra at night with everyone under the stars and feel that feeling that’s closer than family. How I wish I could wake up every morning in the town house in Velaris and savour every moment of my life as if it were the last. And Rhysand… Death Incarnate, Night Triumphant, and High Lord of the Night Court. How I wish I could hear Rhysand’s voice and laugh see his beautiful face everyday, and those starry, violet eyes… I wouldn’t even care if I were on the same continent as Tamlin the Tool as long as I was there with Rhys, Feyre, Amren, Mor, Cassian, Azriel, Elain, Nesta, and even Lucien (and a lot more people e.g. Helion <3). Rhys especially.

After I finished the book I looked at reality and thought how boring it was. And then I just cried and cried at the fact that my lil sensitive Illyrian babies don’t really exist (DEVASTATION) and I’ll never have a mate that will love me and that I can love, as fiercely as Feysand do (and possibly Nessian). And then I cried even more because I realised that Rhysand… is… not… real… I wish that I had a Rhys so that he could brighten up my day with his cheeky humour and I know it’s really weird but I really want to know what it feels like for his “talons” to caress my mind barrier like he always does to Feyre (that came out creepier than intended)… but you get what I’m saying.

But all in all, I am glad that I have the ACOWAR/SJ Maas fandom’s support and understanding of my traumatic situation like many others out there. I don’t mean to sound selfish, but it’s good to know there’s other people also enduring post-trauma of the ACOTAR series and that we’ll endure this together.

P.s. There’s no doubt that as soon as ToG6 comes out, I’ll be posting another one of these ‘the struggle is real’ posts.

Ellen Interview // Part Two

You sat in the car as you sighed deeply, trying to calm yourself down. You would have left and gone home but you and Justin promised your daughter you’d take her to the park after Justin finished his interview.

You knew Justin didn’t mean to hurt you with what he said, that boy was oblivious to everything, but it did hurt.

“Hey, baby.” Justin breathed heavily as he climbed into the driver’s seat. You jumped as you were taken out of your thoughts. “Why’d you leave?” He frowned, looking over at you.

“Just needed some fresh air, that’s all.” You chuckled, not wanting to have the conversation in front of your daughter who was sitting patiently in the back seat.

“Everything okay? You’re not sick are you?” His voice dropped with concern as he pressed the back of his hand against your forehead to check your temperature.

“It’s probably nothing, I’m okay.” You smiled at him weakly. “We’re going to the park now, right?” You turned to your daughter and grinned at her as she giggled and threw her arms up in celebration.

Watching her on the slide, you sighed as you sat next to Justin.

“What’s wrong, babygirl? Something’s bothering you, so don’t say nothing.” He mumbled as he looked down at his feet.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” You bit down on your lip because you did in fact, want to talk about it.

“[Y/N], you’re annoying when you do this.” He said in a warning tone. “Talk to me.”

“Okay, you wanna talk? Let’s talk about you and Selena, because your times with her were apparently your best memories of your teenage years.”

“You know she was a big part of my life, [Y/N]. Why are you so surprised?” He constantly looked over at your daughter, checking she was okay while he paid attention to the conversation.

“Who else was there when you were young? Oh, yes. Me. I was there too, I was there when everything went downhill with Selena, I was there when you cried over Selena, I tried my best to keep you happy. And what do I get? Embarrassment in front of everyone.” You scoffed, already feeling drained form the conversation.

“You were both a big part of my life.” He grabbed a hold of your hand.

“But you made it pretty obvious who’s the bigger part.” You mumbled towards him, watching your daughter.

“Maybe she was the bigger part.” Justin shrugged lazily, making you roll your eyes.

“I was there for you every single second! I tried to be the best I could be for you, and I always did everything you wanted because I knew you deserved it! Was any of it really worth it?” You exclaimed as you let out a shaky breath.

“Baby, just because she gave me some great memories, doesn’t mean you haven’t. These memories right now are my favourite, like the first time we were intimate together, or the time we made the most beautiful little girl in the world. Maybe she did give me the best memories of my teenage life, but you’re giving me the greatest memories as man. I love you so much, what we have is so much more.”

You sighed, knowing he was right. Right now was all the mattered, you had a daughter and a whole life ahead of you with Justin. What happened years earlier didn’t really matter anymore.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” You sighed, feeling stupid for overthinking it.

“Don’t apologise, babygirl.” He put his arm around your shoulder and kissed the side of your head lovingly.

Why I #standforthe100

I’ve avoided wading into the ‘war’ that has been raging within The 100 fandom for the last few months. I’ve avoided it because, frankly, I sink into fandom for enjoyment - not for a fight. I’ve avoided it because, honestly, I’ve always known that getting involved would invite anonymous messages suggesting that I kill myself. Really, I’d rather those messages come to me than to others - because I know I have the capacity to roll my eyes and ignore them. But that doesn’t mean that I want them.

So, I’ve not waded in. I’ve supported the show that I love by continuing to enjoy it, by continuing to write meta and reviews, by continuing to love the characters and the relationships that I have loved since S1. The 100 is absolutely my favourite tv show of the moment, and one of my favourites of all time. It is made up of the most diverse case that I have ever seen within a Sci Fi/Fantasy show (I have not, of course, watched every show in existence). For that alone, it is incredibly important to me. It has also gotten better and better as time has gone on. There have been missteps, of course, but overall it is one of my very favourite things.

So why am I wading in now?

It seems apt that as the 'antis’ mount their (hopefully, but probably not) last big attack on the show, that I should really contribute to the counter trend - #standwiththe100. Because while I do not believe for one second that these people have the power to get the show cancelled, I do believe that they are spreading falsities about the show, and that is enough to anger me. I also believe that some people have been sucked into all the hate due to a sense of comradeship and loyalty, and do still have good intentions. To those Clexa shippers, those that are reasonable, I really hope you read this to end and can at least appreciate my perspective.

In my opinion more people should watch The 100 for so many reasons, and they should at least be able to make a judgement of the show for themselves - without being made to feel like they are committing some sort of crime by a very vocal set of ‘fans’.

I love and adore a lot about The 100. I clapped like a seal in delight when Clarke was revealed to be bisexual. Just as I fist pumped the reveal that Lexa was the Commander. I will forever fangirl over how the love triangle in S1 was handled…namely, both Clarke and Raven ditched Finn and became great friends instead. I will flail forever over how Bellamy destroys the alpha male trope. Similarly, I applaud how Lincoln was introduced as a menacing figure only to quickly be revealed to be one of the most peaceful characters on the whole show. More recently, I was delighted to see that Christopher Larkin’s wish to not be desexualised - as Asian men in media often are - was fulfilled.
I could go on and on and on about ways in which The 100 is fantastic representation. I could also go on and on and on about how transparent it is that nobody is fighting so viciously for any other show to be cancelled, even though most have committed equal to or worse crimes than The 100, but I’ll save that particular rant for now. Hopefully anybody with a brain can see the truth of that without me having to draw it out.

No, I’ll focus my attention on how grateful I am for Raven Reyes, and the bullet she took to the leg. Yes, yes. I know #RavenReyesDeservesBetter but do you know what? A lot of people in the world deserve better. Life is that you don’t always get what you deserve.

Countless people in the world are impacted by chronic pain or illness, by disability. I myself have had a chronic illness since I was 18 months old, and I am sometimes disabled by it and always in pain because of it. I’ve seen people like myself represented a few times before, but most tend to go as follows:

1. Person is magically cured, and goes on to have a happy life.

2. The story about the person specifically resolves around their illness/affliction. It is, perhaps, a realistic portrayal, but it is not the sort of story that one would watch for entertainment. (We are pretty much NEVER repped in sci fi/fantasy/adventure…because how can a disable person be part of an adventure?)

Raven Reyes is RAVEN FREAKING REYES. She is a badass, ballsy Latina that is one of the most popular characters on a SCI FI/FANTASY show….AND SHE IS DISABLED.

It is everything to me. I am so so grateful to S3 of The 100 for showing Raven deal with the REALITY of having an affliction that will be with her for the rest of her life. Because that is what I faced. I cried when Abby told her 'she could still be useful’ at the start of the season, and Raven stormed away - because that is my whole life. I sobbed buckets when she finally gave in and took the chip, because she just needed that moment of weakness - because I have moments of weakness all the time, when I’m alone and there is nobody there to see me be weak.

And then? I continued to cry, but I also screamed and cheered, and rolled about on my bed when RAVEN CHOSE HER PAIN. I punched the air when Raven’s friends saved her, and she had her pain back. I sobbed buckets all over again when, at the end of 3x12, Raven acknowledged that her leg would slow her down BUT IT DIDN’T MATTER BECAUSE HER BRAIN IS WHERE IT’S AT AND SHE CAN STILL BE USEFULLLL.

And I absolutely cannot wait for her to be a hero in the finale, and then on into S4. Disabled people don’t get to see themselves be heroes, because how can a person without a fully functioning body be heroic? Well, Raven Reyes says fuck that noise.

So now, I am - for the first time - going to directly address the people that are behind the 'boycott’ of The 100. Only a select portion of you though - those that genuinely think what you are doing is right. 

(Those of you that spread lies, that only adopted #minoritiesdeservebetter when Lexa died and had previously been calling Jason ‘Daddy’, those of you that trvialise abuse, those of you that are racist, those of you that are biphobic, those of you that abuse and harrass the cast if they do not ascribe to your way of thinking. those of you that seem to think that oppression is the best way to fight oppression?.You can all send me your hate so that I can laugh and block you, because you’re ridiculous and disgusting and I won’t be bullied by you. Because let’s not forget, and let’s also not tiptoe around the fact, that a portion of the people that are so virulently determined to destroy The 100 -despite the fact that pretty much all of their claims have been disproven (all bi girls end up with men? False) are only doing so because of the ship war.

Yes, I said it. They are so angry that they lost Clexa, that they are determined to eliminate any chance of Bellarke happening.)

But, of course, not all of the people behind the boycott are of that ilk. And so I am faced with the fact that people genuinely believe that getting rid of the show all together is the best course of action. I struggle with this, obviously, but I have to accept it.

In which case, I want to ask…why?

Why is it okay to take away the representation that means so much to me, when you clearly know how much it hurts?

Why is it okay to bulldoze the countless others that are telling you the same thing?

Most of all…why are you approaching the issue with hatred and anger?

I understand that having a diverse case does not automatically mean that a show is good representation…but it’s a good step in the right direction. Take 3x08 for example…there was only ONE straight, white male character in that episode (excluding background characters bc I didn’t count them, sorry). The rest of the characters were women, LGBT+, or PoC. And none of their storylines were ABOUT being women, or LGBT+, or PoC. That’s…amazing? 

Why are you fighting to cancel a show that has shown it is willing to not only have token LGBT+ characters, but to have them in prominent roles? To have them be warriors and leaders that are NOT defined by their sexuality?

Why are you fighting to cancel a show that has shown it is open to including minorities of all kinds?

The newest craze is to act like The 100 is offensive because it is violent and dark, but it has always been violent and dark (this argument is transparent too by the way) and you know what? Watching the characters overcome that darkness and their trauma is important to a lot of people. Stories like this are important and inspiring. Jasper’s PTSD arc this season has been crafted wonderfully. Sure, I’ll be disappointed if it ends in his death…but that doesn’t take away from the fact that S3 has allowed Jasper to truly feel the impact of what he has been through, and at no point has he been demonised for it - which is IMPORTANT.

Why, most of all, are you focusing on destroying the show, when they have proven time and again that they are willing to listen to fans and make changes?
A lot of you joined the fandom because of CL, and you weren’t around during S1. So let me fill in a little bit of fandom history. Before Clexa became a thing, the Bellarke fandom was hugely dominant. People either shipped it, or didn’t mind it. There were some Flarke shippers (sorry guys) but it’s an accepted fact that the majority of the fandom was made up of Bellarke shippers.

Do you know what else? WE CHEERED WHEN CLEXA KISSED. Many of us multishipped to some degree, because we were happy to see that representation.

This often gets brushed aside by the crusade to make out that every Bellarke shipper is a homophobe, but Clexa in S2 was met with a wave of positivity.

(Quick note: I know that the Bellarke fandom has its share of absolute douche canoes as well, and would never deny that. If the situations were reversed and Bellamy was dead, I suspect that a number of people on this side would also be super gross about things - but that doesn’t mean we should all just sit back and accept it)

And do you know what we all did together? We asked for MORE LGBT+ representation. AND WE GOT IT.

We got Niylah, who is clearly going to pop up again.

While we didn’t exactly get Minty (I still believe) we did at least get Briller.

And, yes - I’m going to say it, IF Clarke ends up with Bellamy she is STILL bisexual and that is still great representation, because a bi woman ending up with a man is NOT lesser (nor is it the norm, as is so often spouted).

And looking beyond LGBT+ rep?

We asked for Raven to get her own arc dealing with her disability. WE GOT IT.

We asked for Monty to get his own arc aside from Jasper. WE GOT IT.

I understand that the writers messed up and hurt you. I also still cannot get my head around the way they wrote Lexa off the show in 3x07, and was highly critical of their choices in my 3x07 review. But mistakes get made. Rather than tearing shit down, why not ask for them to do better?

I assume that the response would be 'we don’t trust these writers to do it well’, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least ask them to try/give them the chance. They HAVE heard you (who hasn’t, honestly) and THAT is what positive change is about. 

And fine, if you really can’t do it. Then WALK AWAY. Similarly, if the show is too dark and upsetting for you, WALK AWAY. Feeling either of these things does NOT give you the right to say that the entire show should end.

Because there aren’t many shows out there that would be so willing as The 100 to embrace diversity.

Personally I am desperate for Octavia and Niylah to become a thing. So why not campaign for that? Why not campaign for Niylah as season regular? Why not campaign for MORE, instead of trying to tear everything away from everyone?

I can’t help but think, personally, that the reason you don’t want to do any of the above is because this isn’t actually about #LGBTDeserveBetter…it’s actually about Lexa, and Clexa.

It’s fine and understandable to be hurt and upset at losing that character and that relationship, but I’ve not seen a good reason why that means the whole show needs to be torn down. 

You raised a ton of money, which I donated to. You trended some great trends, which I contributed to. But since then you have gone down this path which is gross and horribly upsetting. 

I #standforthe100 because it means a hell of a lot to me, and to others. I stand for it because of the efforts of the cast and the crew. If you hate the show, stop watching. But if you TRULY believe that #minortiesdeservebetter then there are better ways to expend your energy.

I would LOVE to hear a good reason why taking away everyone else’s rep is a better outcome than asking for, and probably getting, Niytavia (it even has a super cute ship name!) or some other new f/f ship/s?

I would genuinely be more than happy to discuss this with you, even if you steadfastly stand behind the cause to get the show cancelled. We might never agree, but I am always happy to discuss things respectfully - to learn and to gain understanding. So please, drop me an ask.

If, however, you drop me an ask that is nothing but hate/an attempt to 'drag’ me…I shall simply laugh and block you.

At the end of the day, The 100 is a tv show that I love. I am forever grateful to the writers, to the cast and to the crew for making it what it is. I don’t want anybody to be hurting or sad, but I don’t understand why the answer to your pain in to cause pain to others. I sometimes tell myself it’s because you’re all very young, but then I know from experience that age really has nothing to do with maturity.

One final thing that I will say is that you have done good, and I will always stand by the importance of Clexa and the reaction to them (even though I don’t ship it myself). Things have taken a not good turn, and hey…maybe we won’t see the outcome of all of this anytime soon. But do you know who HAS seen what you’ve been saying? Do you know who HAS seen the reaction and the discourse?

The writers of tomorrow. And, hopefully, that includes me. Social media is full of the next generation, and through social media the writers that are only now beginning to hone their craft will take this experience on board. Hopefully, the writers of the future won’t need to be asked to include more diversity. It will just be the norm.

Despite the negativity that I will continue to fight, you guys have had a positive impact on me. You’d made me that much more conscious of the choices that I make regarding my characters, including the LGBT+ ones, and of how important those characters.

Thank you for that.

I only ask that you find a way to channel your passion and your energy into positive change, even if that positivity moves on to other shows and you personally drop The 100, rather than this misguided cause.

I’m not naive enough to believe this post will make a difference. I’ve seen countless fans of The 100 echo my exact feelings, in direct response to hate, and far more eloquently - and it has no impact. However, I figure that today was the day to at least make my stance clear.

I'll Make You Better: George Weasley One Shot {Requested By Anon}

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” Ron Weasley asked you for what was quite possibly the hundredth time.

“I’m fine,” you grimaced, not looking up from the plate of mash potatoes that you had barely touched.

Very recently, you had started to feel down. You couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason. Perhaps you were just being an average teenage girl – having mood swings and sudden spills of tears were, after all not uncommon with girls. Or maybe everything was just getting to you recently. The homework, the teachers (especially bloody Umbridge), the lessons, the homesickness. It felt like you were quite literally carrying a heavy weight on your shoulders. You just didn’t really know why you were so sad all the time.

“Are you sure nothing’s wrong?” Harry asked you over the sound of Ron’s furious chewing. “It’s not George is it?”

You shook your head. Of course it wasn’t George.

George Weasley was your boyfriend. You had been together since the start of the school year after he had asked you out, rather loudly, in the library. It was ‘romantically spontaneous’ as he said. And that was exactly what George was. He was both romantic and spontaneous. He may be two years older than you (yourself being in your fifth year along with his younger brother Ron) but you didn’t care nor did he. In fact, several girls had often questioned you on what it was like going out with an older boy and you always replied with: ‘bloody brilliant’. And it was. Not only was your boyfriend ‘romantically spontaneous’ but he was sweet, caring – though he liked to keep that side of him especially for you.

“I’m just tired,” you lied, giving Harry and Ron a convincing yawn. They, being boys who knew next to nothing about girls, shrugged and continued to devour their food. Hermione however raised an eyebrow just as Fred and George came bursting into the Great Hall, both grinning widely.

“What a beautiful day!” exclaimed Fred in his most cheery tone as he slid onto the seat beside Ron.

“Why are you two in such a great mood?” you asked, eyeing the redness of their cheeks and their heaving chest both which plainly told you that they had been running from something – or most likely someone.

George grinned and sat beside you. You felt the familiar feeling in your stomach – as though missing a step going downstairs – as George’s arm snaked around your waist and he placed a kiss on your nose. “We succeeded in giving Umbridge some of our Fever Fudge.”

“The dogey ones I must add,” said Fred, his grin even wider. “You know, the ones that give you massive pus-filled boils.”

“I thought you said they appeared in places one does not display to the general public?” Ron looked extremely amused, though rather sick at the same time.

“Exactly,” beamed George, who gave your waist a squeeze before releasing his arm to dig into his food.

You vaguely listened to the conversation that Fred and George were having. All you could think about was how you could not wait to get away from all these people. All you wanted to do at that moment was go to the comfort of your four-poster bed, curl up into a ball and cry. But then you remembered you had a twelve inch essay on bloody Goblin rebellions to do for Professor Binns and you felt completely drained at the thought.

Your head rested absently against George’s shoulder. He reacted immediately, as though he had been prepared for this, his arm returned to wrap around your waist and slid you slowly closer to him. Though you had both been together for a few months you could not help but still blush around him.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his thumb ghosting your cheekbone. “You seem down.”

“I have an essay on Goblin rebellions to do,” your bottom lip jutted out in pout. “I’m just really tired.”

George looked disbelieving. “I know when you’re sad (Y/N). Don’t bother lying to me. I can see right through you. C’mon, tell me what’s wrong.”

You turned your head so that he was now facing the back of your head. You didn’t want to talk to him – nor cry in fact – in front of the entire school during dinner.

“(Y/N),” George mumbled, his lips pressing against your cheek as both of his arms fully wrapped around your waist, pulling you even closer towards him. “Talk to me,”

“No,” you huffed, rather stubbornly.

“Fine,” he sighed. As soon as his arms were no longer around you, you felt their absence. It made your heart; if possible, sink even lower, to the ground far, far below.

The next thing he did surprised you – and startled several other students who were in close proximity. He had suddenly jumped to his feet, grabbed your waist and pulled you up from your seat. Your feet were dangling two or three inches from the ground as George carried you out of the Great Hall, the sound of Fred’s peals of laughter still ringing in your ears as you reached the bottom of the marble staircase.

“Didn’t need to bloody carry me,” you grumbled, crossing your arms and looking down at your shoes to avoid having to look at him.

“You’re clearly upset. It is my duty as your boyfriend to make you feel better when you’re being a miserable sod!” He cupped your face between his hands and titled your head upwards so you had no choice but to meet his gaze.

“What? Is there some sort of boyfriend handbook? Or was that something you read about in Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches?”

George’s brown eyes sparkled in the flicker of a nearby candle.

“You know that book is practically the reason we’re together. And besides, even if it wasn’t a rule I would still want to make you feel better,” he smiled at you before leaning down. You gasped as one of his arms hooked under the back of yours knees, the other wounding around your back. “So we’re going to my dormitory and you can tell me exactly what’s wrong.”

He carried all the way up to Gryffindor tower. You were rather thankful that everyone was at dinner or you would have received some strange looks and undoubtedly a few cat calls from Lee Jordan.

“Now,” said George as you almost threw you onto his bed. As soon as your back hit his mattress you felt that same warmth that George’s arms gave you. His pillows and blankets smelt like him and you had to control yourself from not completely ignoring George and going to sleep. “What’s wrong (Y/N)?” He slid onto his bed beside you, rolling to his side so that you were facing one another.

You bit your lip. You didn’t realise that you had been bottling up tears from falling down your face.

George’s smile disappeared as he noticed the tears cascading down your cheeks. “Hey… hey… don’t cry, it’s alright.” He kissed your head before encircling both of his arms around your waist, pulling you flush against him.

He let you cry into his chest for the best part of ten minutes. The thing was that it always felt so good to cry – just to let everything out. While you cried, George simply held you. He held you until he was sure that there were no more tears left.

“Everything is getting to me,” you told George, stroking the pieces of his red hair that had fell before his eyes as his fingers gently drew circles into your hip. “I’ve never had so much homework before. Umbridge is unbearable. I miss my family more than anything. And I’m pretty sure that this sadness is not because I’m a girl.”

George chuckled, leaning his head towards yours so that he could give you one sweet, lingering kiss. “You think too much (Y/N).”

“I know,” you mused against his lips as your wrapped your arms around his neck so that this time he could give you a proper kiss.

“I’ll make you feel better (Y/N),” George smiled as he kissed you back, his lips seeming to melt into your own.

“Was that something that  Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches taught you?”

“Shut up.”

anonymous asked:

I have this friend that's trying to date more cuz she wants a real relationship that will stay. I'm happy that she's doing it, but she has dated a few guys (normally for no more than a few weeks) and she says she loves them. She basically moved in with a guy a few days after she met him. They all ended bad. She blames herself (not all were her fault) she comes to me and complains and cries. I'm glad she can talk to me, but it's so often and I'm tired of it. (Part 1)

Continued: I’m so bad with advice. I’m more of a sarcastic comment or joke kinda person. She constantly cries to me and complains about things. Pretty much everything. I cared at first but now it’s just ‘what she does’. I have problems too. I won’t talk about them, even if someone asked, cuz I just don’t like talking about it. But it would be nice to hear “How are you doing? Are you Okay?” Once in a while. (Part 2) I don’t like bothering people with my problems. And I’m uncomfortable talking about it anyway. I just don’t like talking about my feelings. I don’t like feeling vulnerable around anyone. I’m the strong one. I’m the one who carries everyone’s problems along with my own. But that’s who I am. I refuse to cry in front of people or show those kinda feelings in any way.(part 3) I guess what I’m trying to say is that, do people talk to me just to complain? I mean, I always listen to them but the second I decide to open up just a tiny bit, they dont listen or just start talking about themselves. So that happens and I decide to never do that again. But I’m fine with it, like I said. I share just enough that people think they know me. But they really dont. I don’t want them to. (Part 4) I am alone, really. But I like it like that. I don’t trust anyone much. Well, I do, just not enough to share everything with them (thoughts, feelings, etc.) Wow I rambled. I’m so sorry. I honestly don’t know what happened. I hope you can understand kind of what I’m trying to say here… thanks in advance!! :) (Part 5)

Jennie: Something that I’ve noticed is that people who are very open about their emotions and their problems tend to find that their friends openly listen to them and support them. People who are very closed off and never talk about their problems tend to find that their friends stop asking, and don’t offer emotional support simply because they don’t have that kind of relationship. That may or may not be what’s happening here. But if you never talk about what’s bothering you, it’s possible that your friends don’t ask because they know you won’t answer, and there’s no point continuing to try and get you to talk. It’s also possible that you’ve found friends who don’t want to give much emotional support to anyone in the first place, and have gravitated towards you because they don’t want to be friends with people who talk about their problems all the time.

If you want people to listen, you need to share. Maybe you’ll find that your friends are happy to listen to you if you actually let them know that you want to talk about something. Maybe you’ll find that they’re not very supportive friends, and maybe you’d be better off finding ways to meet new people, to find people who might be more supportive. But either way, you won’t know unless you make an effort to open up. To a good friend, you won’t be bothering them. Sharing your emotions and your problems can be a positive experience for both of you.

“i’ve spent nights crying over that boy,” she says with a wry grin. her eyes are wistful, speculative as she watches him twirl around, her in a pretty black dress.

“i remember,” i tell her. “i had to live through it too.” she laughs slowly, and i hesitate, before asking, “how did you get over it?”

she looks at me, thoughtful.

“do you remember that night i laid myself bare in front of him?” she asks. “not naked, but… i told him everything. i cried. it was pretty ugly. i begged. and it’s like… when you give that much effort, that much time, that much thought. i don’t know, you just stop because it’s like, i did all i could. i did all i could.

"i had to kill the part of me that loved him so i could breathe again.”

—  getting over someone // lily rose.
I cried hysterically at his [Patrick’s, instagram] post. He nailed it. He got it totally. Everybody in our lives that cares about us that has had to share us with Pretty Little Liars has this mixed feeling about it being over. They’re so grateful that we get to be back and a part of their lives, but they also know that this has been our everything for seven years, so it’s like the death of a friend.
—  Troian Bellisario on Patrick’s farewell PLL instagram post
“I needed silence.”

Of course, that line was perfect in part because Euron’s ship is named the Silence. But it also immediately reminded me of this: 

She had made the mistake of speaking when Ser Gregor wanted quiet, so the Mountain had smashed her teeth to splinters with a mailed fist and broken her pretty little nose as well.

“I needed silence” is the abuser’s mantra. How many victims have stifled their own cries of pain or fear because they knew the slightest noise, the slightest change in environment, could set off their tormentor? In three words, we see a worldview: the world and everything in it is mine, so if someone displeases me, I break the part of them that dared disturb my equilibrium. For all Euron’s lofty metaphysical ambitions, his evil began with the sound of a door opening, the scream of a rusted iron hinge. 

We need asexual representation because you know how I found out about asexuality?  I stumbled across the asexual dinosaur post and it planted a seed in my mind.  And I ignored it for a long time because I was terrified to be anything but straight.  Eventually, after a pretty spectacular struggle, I did some research and almost cried because everything I was reading sounded so familiar and I finally didn’t have to feel like the one defective person on the planet.

We need asexual representation because I could have just scrolled past the post that helped me figure out part of who I am.

Troian Bellisario ‘Cried Hysterically’ at Fiancé Patrick J. Adams’ Post About the End of Pretty Little Liars
The Pretty Little Liars stars weren’t the only ones sharing emotional social media posts about the official end of filming. Troian Bellisario’s fiancé Patrick J. Adams also shared an sw…

“I cried hysterically at his post,” Bellisario, 31, told PEOPLE at a celebration of the show’s final season in Los Angeles on Saturday. “He nailed it. He got it totally. Everybody in our lives that cares about us that has had to share us with Pretty Little Liars has this mixed feeling about it being over. They’re so grateful that we get to be back and a part of their lives, but they also know that this has been our everything for seven years, so it’s like the death of a friend.”