i cried for about ten years

I love you, Jughead Jones

 Anon prompt: “can i request something like reader has been bestfriends with jughead forever, reader was there through jellybean and jughead’s mom leaving and every other dramatic thing, and reader falls in love with him but sees that he’s with betty? thanks!”

A/N: Most definitely this is a song based fic, the title is a song by Nevershoutnever
called “I love you more than you will ever know.” From this point on I’ll be writing all future fics in first person. 

I had been friends with Jughead Jones for ten (10) years, three (3) months and twenty-two (22) days. 
We were in the same pre-school class together, we’d shared lunch and talked about our favourite books. 
Our friendship was strong, it was like diamond in some circumstances; nothing could break us. 

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I Want My Wife Back

“I want my wife back.“

There was a quiet force behind the words, that surprised me as I spoke them. I had agonized over how I would plead my case, what meandering, trembling story I would spin when the time came. But now that it had, I knew exactly what to say. Not a letter wasted. Not a syllable carelessly uttered. The product of all my desperation and conviction burned in a crucible and cast into a sentence.

The words cooled quickly in the silence. The young man opposite fixed me with a calm stare. I forced myself to meet his eyes, all too aware of the large metal suitcase, clasped shut on the floor beside him.

I’d already lost a son before. My boy Joshua disappeared whilst on a holiday to Rejyavik. The whole affair was a blur. Missed calls. Missed flights. Missing person posters. Then, after three years of silence, simply missed.

Five years on I gave up all hope. But my wife never stopped searching. She said she knew he was alive, that she felt something only a mother could feel. All our money went to private investigators, she spent every hour of every day in our study calling up the faintest leads. And she would cry almost every night or, worse still, slip into a state of numb quiet, entombed in a place I could never reach.

A decade after his disappearance, Josh was found.

Our son stumbled from a fishing boat in Denmark, muttering our names. The day we found out was our first joyful day in ten years. We met him at the airport, now almost a man, looking so different yet so familiar. He cried in my arms when we took him home.

Two weeks passed, and harmony returned to our house. Josh was quieter, reluctant to talk about his disappearance and distant from his friends. But he was happy to be home and to me and my wife, that was all that mattered.

Except this young man isnt Josh. Yesterday, one of the private investigators contacted me, saying that he suspected this new Josh was an imposter, exploiting our desperation to attain the family he’d never had. It wasn’t an unheard of situation. I sent swabs from his toothbrush to a private firm. The results arrived this morning, but Josh saw me as I picked up the letter. In that panicked moment I knew he wasn’t my son, and he knew that I knew.

Now he’s about to do the unthinkable.

We stare at each other a while longer. My words hanging in the air. The silence is broken as my wife calls from downstairs

"Boys! Dinner’s ready!”

In quiet understanding, Josh drops his hastily packed suitcase and walks past me. I know that what I’ve done can’t be forgiven, but I’ve served a preemptive sentence. A decade with a dead son, and a wife lost to despair.

God forgive me, I cant return to that silence.

I want my wife back.

It’s been 400 years since... ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Hey :) It’s my birthday in three days I’m excited ahah! :D right ok, could you do a Kol smut where the reader is a badass vampire, bitten in like 1509 and is best friends with Rebekah. Kol meets her once, back in the 1600’s but they meet again at the Mikaelson ball, after the party, Kol leads her upstairs and they have rough, vampire, sex :)))))) (66)

Pairing: Kol x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warning: kinda long

TAGGED: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @jwowwluv

P.S Happy early birthday ANON!


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anonymous asked:

May I request an ambw mafia boss au with jhope where you run away and stay at your guy friends apartment only for him to find you? Smut with spanking, anal play and slight choking? Also thank you so much for writing for us! Your writing always cheers me up, and it's great to find scenarios for WOC. I really appreciate you and everything you do for us! <3

|This story is literally having me feel some type of way because ugh fuck hope, my bias list is shaking and I must be faithful to Yoongi!!|


Cheater. Your mind yelled out so loud that you thought it was coming from the room, hands gripping at your things shoving them into your bag one by one. Pacing around the room to place small amounts of clothes in your bag as you prepared to leave. How could he? How could he just throw away the last four years of your life like it was nothing? Utter bullshit that’s what it was. Angry tears dripped down your cheeks, your nose becoming flared with the anger that took a toll on your body. Moving to throw the bag in the closet under dirty clothes you moved to get ready for bed for the night sighing as you heard the door open. It slammed lightly and you could hear him, setting down his keys and taking off his shoes. The very breath he was taking you let your senses make note of it.

The fucking dog, cheating on you with that woman. It was a shock to you, but you had to know it was coming, right? You were the lover of a man so powerful and dangerous just looking at him and someone thinking it was anything less than friendly and you were dead. Jung Hoseok, he owned a lot of business in Seoul, drug houses underground, clubs and hospitals. He had an empire passed down through the family landing on him while his father retired and went into hiding from the police still wanted for over fifteen counts of murder. The police tried to take Hoseok down but they had no evidence to pin him like always. And it also helped Hoseok that he had lawyers and judges who worked under his belt, anything to keep a few dollars in their pockets. The life for him was lavish. He was a typical spoiled kid with good looks who got whatever he wanted when he wanted. He was praised by everyone. That was the reason he fell for you, hard. You hated Hoseok through school. His smug face and cocky attitude. Many times, you told him off in front of people who didn’t care for you but as far as you were concerned the feelings were mutual. Many days you were caught up in people trying to jump you or take you on and though you didn’t win every single fight you were still good and handling your own battles. Hoseok never knew at first that you were getting into fights behind him. But once he found out he made sure that if anyone messed with you they paid for it. He enjoyed the banters between the both of you, and you were something different. Not the typical girl who thought she was privileged because she was foreign. You were a goddess to him and he wanted to explore everything into your world and culture. He couldn’t help but fuck with you, grab at your skirt in front of people just so that he could say he was noticed by you in front of people. How aggressive you would get when he even looked in your direction. It carried on for years and he was so shocked to watch you grow up. You developed into a curvy cutie that he couldn’t stop fantasizing about. He had to have his skin pressing against your brown skin, he wanted to slap your ass pull on your hair bite on your skin and leave bruises. Countless days he had to go home in frustration from the boner that you had given to him by not even trying. And when he found out you were dating he was full of rage.

No one else could have his chocolate thick thigh and perfect minded fiery beauty. Never in a million years. He knew he started to develop in looks but still you shot him down in his school and even some in college. He had enough of it, seeing you start to fall for yet another man after your ex left you in a pit of tears. He was so full of rage he tried to kill the male. He hadn’t even given you a week to grieve before he was close to knocking down your door and pressing you against the wall taking you roughly not once but twice and claiming you as his. You loved every second of it because you have never been done like that before and he gave you so much passion behind it. It swept you off your feet. Of course, you still fought him on it but he had you in his grasp in less than one month. But what you saw today made you regret every muttering his name. You had taken him lunch, getting up at six am in the morning to make sure he was fed well, walking into his office no one guarded the door because you were his girl, and they had simply forgot to tell you not to come in to see him. It was too late, pushing open his door you saw them, her in his lap head thrown back moaning while he rocked into her. Hoseok didn’t even show remorse while catching your eye contact he just fucked her harder and smirked like he was proud about it. The thought alone, the look of pleasure on his face twisted in your gut. But you couldn’t think about it, he came into the room starting to undress his clothes. One look at his blonde ass and you were ready to attack but instead you moved to crawl into the bed.

“You’re sleeping early.” He commented watching you slowly through the mirror.

“Mmm, I’m really tired today, drained but I guess it was because I had a really early start.” You admitted a somewhat truth shutting your eyes.

“You don’t want to cuddle tonight?” He asked softly and you looked over your shoulder, his warm smile stopping your heart once again and you felt like a fucking fool, breaking yourself at the cost of his smile.

“Sure, baby let’s cuddle.” You gave a smile that wasn’t over the top trying to seem genuine. Hoseok was quick to remove the rest of his clothes and climb into bed with you, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist he watched you through his eyes making sure you were trapped against him. And even though you tried to play it off he could feel the little tension in your body, watching as you slowly gave into sleep before he himself slept the night away.


It had been a few months since you escaped from home leaving with the little clothes that you had brought not trusting to wear anything Hoseok owned and even then, you were wearing your best friend’s clothes half of the time. Hoseok had went to work the next day and while he was gone you grabbed your one bag even leaving your phone on the bed. Not wanting him to contact you in any form. Fleeing across the town to Daegu you made sure to leave no traces behind you. Your friend was woken abruptly with you pounding on his door.

“Where is the fire?” Jay asked you rubbing his eyes. You frowned at him, eyes red again and outfit dirty from how much you ran. He knew from just looking at you something was up. “I told you, I told you he was a fucking jerk.” He repeated for the ten thousandth time that day.

“You can’t do nothing about it Jay. He would kill you. And I don’t think I could be left on earth without my only friend.” You had crawled in his lap letting him comfort you as your body shook with tears, the last few years seeming to escape from your body the more you cried.

And that’s how it went, you stayed with Jay while he worked and brought the food and in return you cleaned the house and cooked the food because it was the least you could do. You wanted to get a job but Jay knew that you wouldn’t be to not be spotted. He wanted to buy you clothes because you were stealing all his and though he loved it, he didn’t want the smell of you to be on him while he was out in public, trying to keep you both safe. You switched over to his shampoo, his axe soap. Everything to keep your ass from your lying lover. And it was going great! You were happy, doing the things you wanted to do you just hated that you had to keep Jay in all the time. He had other friends but he worried about you so, he only stayed around the house after work. And as every day passed by you could feel yourself healing getting over Hoseok and even falling for one of Jay’s friend. He would make you feel loved and special, something that Hoseok did before all of this shit. And in no time, you were giving things to this man but you never went past oral wanting to be sure this time the one you gave your body to was the one. You were certain that Hoseok had forgotten about you and moved on, perhaps he was even with the girl that he was fucking in front of you, it should be easy to move on and start over right?

“I will be back by tomorrow morning. You will be okay, right?” Jay asked you squeezing your cheeks and you nodded your head.

“I am not a chilllddd sir! Let me have this moment it will be fun to walk around your house in nothing on.” You teased licking his finger and talking with squeezed cheeks.

“Alright, just for that I’m going to tell my boy to come through.” He teased clapping his hands. “Don’t break the guest bed that’s for me only.” He smiled pressing a kiss against your forehead walking away. Smiling softly, you snuggled into the couch getting comfortable as you were left in the silence.

A couple of hours had passed by of you doing nothing, eventually resulting in you falling asleep. Letting your body be swept away by the blissful darkness you were out like a light bulb, until you heard knocks on the door. At first you rolled over not even minding the light taps until they got harder by each passing second. Frustrating washing over you, you moved to stand up marching towards the front door wrenching it open. Your hair fell everywhere a beautiful mess and you were ready to tell off whoever was standing at the door. Your eyes opened wide seeing Hoseok standing there with a smug grin on his lips. Fear gripped you so hard that your knees shook. You didn’t know what to do. Your body felt like jelly.

“You shouldn’t have run away kitten.” Hoseok rasped slightly. All he had on was a tank top and baggy black skinny jeans, a choker around his neck. You looked off to the side taking a step back.

“I’m not your kitten anymore..” You whimpered moving back a few more steps.

“You will always be mine! Now you can either come the easy way or the hard way.” Hoseok inched closer to you. Without thinking it through you tried to slam the door, his strength overpowering you. Taking off running you made a dash for the stairs only for him to catch you by your ankle and pull you back down to stairs. You flailed hands moving to push at his shoulders, trying to get him to loosen his grip and get off you.


“I love it when they scream.” Hoseok said grabbing at your throat cutting off all sounds from escaping your lips as he squeezed down on your windpipes.

“Just how she did the night I fucked her when you came in.” And just like that you were broken, all the fight that you had in your body was gone, replaced with angry tears. Hoseok was never a man of much emotion and not wanting that to change now he grabbed at you throwing you over his shoulder with a growl. Walking out of the house he looked at one of his men head jerking towards the house. “Collect her things and make sure not to damage this place since she loves him so much. I need a few hours alone with my girl.” Hoseok cooed dragging you towards the car.

He strapped you in before he got in driving back towards his running domain.

“I love you. You should know.”

“I fucking hate you with everything inside of me.” You responded balling up your fist into the large shirt that you were wearing.

“Oh?” He asked chuckling before doing a double take looking at you and smelling you for the first time. Gritting his teeth his hands clenched on the steering wheel.

“Why are you wearing his things? Why do you smell like him? Why did you even run to him instead of talking to me about it?” He demanded answers. Smirking you looked at him, tilting your head.

“You didn’t know? I stopped wanting you the moment I fucking left. You were a waste of time Jung Hoseok and at the first chance I got I fucked Jay hard into the mattress.” You winked at him causing the male to try to damn near tear the wheel off the car. He looked forward slamming his foot down on the gas not saying another word. Seeing the anger take over his usual so composed and stoic face made you feel like you were in high school all over again.

As soon as the car got into the parking lot of your house you hopped out taking off seatbelt and all trying to run into the house while he was still parking. Fumbling over your feet a bit, you had almost twisted your ankle, getting a few feet from the car before Hoseok was picking you up and slamming you against the hood.

“What are you doing?!” You asked him, Hoseok growled cupping your cheeks.

“Trying to calm you down and get sense into you!” He yelled back at you.

“I don’t need sense because I’m not the one who cheated! I didn’t get bored of us! I was happy! And you cheated! You ruined it, you ruined this family!” Your hands balled up hitting on his chest repeatedly as you two fought in daylight the other neighbors were sure to have a show. Hoseok rolled his eyes crashing his lips against yours.

Fighting back, you tried to pull away from him wanting to squirm from his grasp because he was making your heart stop with his lips. His hips pushed into yours as he pinned you against the car biting roughly on your bottom lip. His tongue escaping into your mouth into a heated kiss. You bit down on his tongue trying to get him to loosen up his hold, his body pushed yours down against the car, his hand sliding up and under the large shirt that you had on. You could feel his lips twitch into a smirk as you focused on getting his hands to move, his body easily slipping in between yours. His hands managed to grip at your breast squeezing them roughly he pulled back from the kiss groaning as he rutted his hips against yours licking across your neck.

“That’s right baby fight me, fight me like our first time. I know you hate submitting.” He husked biting down harshly on your earlobe, causing a groan from you. You hated how your hips pushed back against his, your hands moving to fist at his shirt instead while he dry humped you against the hood of the car licking all over your neck and jaw sucking hickeys into your skin. Your head was swimming with thoughts and you felt yourself slowly becoming submissive, pulling him closer to your body your fight was becoming little to none as your panties started to become damp from the wetness sliding from your folds.

“Is this fight dying down little girl?” Hoseok growled his bulge pressing against your core as he ground his hips against yours.

“Fuck you.” You groaned moving around a little more, Hoseok smirked yanking your bra down ripping it.

“With pleasure.” He picked you up and tossed you over his shoulder walking into his house. Opening and shutting the door he walked down the hallway towards his favorite room. Opening the door, he threw you on the large bed, shutting the door behind him before he walked to the walls that were decorated with many toys. Looking around the room you whimpered feeling your stomach tighten.

“Oh yes kitten. I hope you didn’t think you were off punishment just because you let me turn you on? No that was part of my plan to get you where I want you. I told you we could do this two ways and you decided to do this the hard way. Such a naughty girl like always.” He shook his head, his blonde bangs getting into his eyes. Grabbing at the items he needed he pressed them on the bed looking down at you. “Now, are you going to strip or do I need to do it for you?” How he said it, you knew if you would’ve let him do it then that would have been more punishment for you. Standing up, you stepped close to him slowly taking off your clothes one by one until you were naked before him. His eyes greedily drank you in and he let out another low pitch growl. Turning you around he pushed you into the bed slapping your ass with his hand. “Hands up towards the headboard.” Obeying his commands your hands went up towards the headboard. He walked around you tying your wrist to the bed before he moved to get back behind you. Hoseok spread your legs wide licking two of his fingers before he slowly slid them together inside of your tight pussy. Crying out you arched your back at the slow dull pain that was setting inside of you. It had been so long since you had been stretched out, your walls tightened around his fingers. He groaned softly knowing all he needed to know from how tight you were but of course he wouldn’t lighten up his punishment. You ran from him and made him feel things no other woman had before. “Count.” Hoseok gripped at the belt on the bed starting to slap it against your ass.

“O-one!” You choked out brokenly the sting shooting up your back, his fingers not moving inside of you just staying as a place holder. Hoseok groaned starting to spank you again, not pausing between each hit just giving you licks back to back until he was at twenty. Your ass was sore, the pain slowly crept into your limbs, your fist was balled tightly as you tried to cope with the feeling. Hoseok rubbed your ass slowly letting your sniffles stop leaning down to kiss on your ass cheeks as if he was done. And the moment you calmed down he was back at it, slapping both of your cheeks a bit harder giving you twenty more licks until you were shaking under him and fully sobbing. Dropping the belt on the floor to signal that he was done, he slipped his fingers from inside of you placing you on your knees. He undid his clothing sliding it off one by one. Leaning down he spread your warm ass cheeks apart licking up and down your asshole with a strip. Getting it wet and watching you whimper in pleasure, he knew how much you loved having him play with your ass and he was happy to give it to you. He slid his tongue inside of you slowly thrusting it in and out of you, coating your walls with his spit. He made sure to push his tongue as deep as he could thrusting it in and out rapidly circling it around your ass, one of his hands moving to rub at your clit slowly, your body was shaking under him from pleasure as the tears dried onto your face, your ass was hurting like a bitch and you knew you wouldn’t be able to properly walk for a while and let alone sit down. Hoseok was pulling back all too soon your hips trying to rut, against the air and feel some form of pleasure. Hoseok smirked aligning his hardened shaft with your pussy slowly pushing inside of you causing you both to moan in pleasure.  He slammed his hips forward not giving you a chance to adjust as he snapped his hips against yours. His goal was to fuck you into the mattress one hand gripping at your hips while the other hand moved to cup your ass cheeks. Hoseok spread your legs wider with his, using his thumb from his free hand to slide into your tight asshole. He moved it in and out slowly his hips circling and pounding into yours. Pushing deeper each time he made sure he was fucking against your spot. Your head rolled forward onto your arms as you cried out for him, begging him for more. He listened to you pushing himself to push even harder inside of you. The bed creaking under your bodies from the force of him fucking you, your pussy wrapping around him dripping a mess onto his shaft and the sheets below. Hoseok moved his hand up your body slowly scratching you with his nails until he was pulling your head back by your hair causing you to arch.

“Are you going to cum for me?” He asked lowly as he watched himself slide in and out of you, his hips meeting your ass for every thrust. Barely nodding your head, you gave into him arching your back and sticking your ass out more as he pounded into your insides.

“Daddy.” You choked out as he slammed his hips forward.

“Fuck Y/N!” Hoseok couldn’t believe it pushing you down into the bed with his chest against your back he slammed himself into you over and over, the rope causing the headboard to make more sounds of protest. Hoseok filled you up with his cum moaning against your ear as he kept his body pressed against you. Slowly he pulled out untangling his hand from your hair and moving his finger from your ass. He untied the ropes laying you down on your back. Getting up he put on his boxers sighing as he sat on the side of the bed beside you looking at the wall.

“I hope you know this doesn’t make you forgiven.” You muttered out as your heart hammered into your chest. Hoseok slapped your thigh giving you a crooked smile not looking at you.

“I cried when I thought I lost you.” He started with a heavy sigh. “I had to find some way to tire you out or you wouldn’t have listened. I know you too well for that.” He admitted shrugging his shoulders. “Let’s talk about the truth because I know you want it. How did I find you first. Well, it took a lot of searching because I guessed a lot of places and the trail got cold, but then I remembered you had a best friend. It made sense why you wouldn’t take your phone or message him. But this was just a theory so I sent men to follow Jay and low and behold he told one of his friends about you who I’m guessing..” He trailed off biting his lip and you wanted to sit up and comfort him but you knew you were in the wrong too. “I let them watch you for a few weeks before we decided on what days I would get you.. I waited this long not because I wanted to hurt you but I wanted you to leave. That girl who was in my lap. I fucked her for us.” He said softly looking over at you. “She knew where my father was and had evidence. She also knew where your father was. She was going to turn my father in and have your father convicted as an accomplice since they did know another. It wasn’t ideal but that girl knew us from high school. You fought her once and she was so mad that I didn’t chase her like I did you. And I knew if she saw you or heard of you catching us it would create the perfect illusion. I’m not a saint and I know I shouldn’t have done it but at that time my only priority was keeping you safe even if I had to hurt you. I love you that much I’d set you free from me if you truly didn’t want this life.” He smiled softly rubbing his fingers up and down your thighs. Your hand reached out to grab at his, smiling softly through teary eyes you kissed his fingertips pulling him to you.

“It seems I’ve been wrong about you once again Jung Hoseok. But you still get your own punishment for fucking her. And I will make sure that next time you come to me about it first, especially when it involves both of us.” You growled lightly getting up only to push him down. He smirked wrapping his arms around your waist lightly tapping your ass.

“Then punish me now.. If you think you can.”

Ok so I am freaking the heck out right now about this book 10 business.

Skulduggery Pleasant is my series. Sure, the writing’s not the best for the first few books, and there are things that I thought needed more tying up or development, but it’s my series. Like, this series got me through some hella rough times, and I had read it over ten times within two years because that was MY series, a second home and an escape. Book nine came out right around the time I moved out of the nightmare land. I literally cried during the last hundred pages due to all the character deaths, and then I cried again because it was over. My series was over. It was dead. I went through the whole five goddamn stages of grief over that series. But the ending sort of punted me into a whole new world, somehow… I don’t use the move as the marking point in my ascension out of hell. I use the ending of Skulduggery Pleasant because it so profoundly impacted me.

Book ten’s announcement was like an promise of a dead, beloved friend’s reanimation. For the past nine or so months it’s been reassembled and polished. But will it be the same? Will it be better than the same? Or will I only see it as Frankenstein’s monster? The cover and title only add to the suspense. I can’t wait. I’ve never been so excited for a book in my life, but I’ve never been so scared for a sequel.

From This Far Away

|| a zimbits fic || hurt + comfort || ~2k ||

Bitty sobs in the kitchen. Messy sobs that tear out of his throat and involve his whole body in shakes and twitches. He presses his face hard into his arm to try and muffle the noise.

He needs to stop and go back to bed and to Jack, but it’s so hard when he has dreams about distance and lost time and a million complications. Dreams where he breaks apart; little flakes of confetti scattering down the sidewalk.

The kitchen light flicks on and Bitty cracks his head up, surprised. He squints against the sudden light.

Jack is silhouetted in the doorway. Seeing him brings back all Bitty’s horrible nightmares and daydreams, and the thoughts he tries his best to chase away but that are engraved right up under his ribcage and in the muscles of his hands that shake when he touches Jack’s face sometimes.

Bitty looks away from Jack and curls his legs up toward his body, hunching himself into a ball. He cries into his knees and gasps and apologises to Jack over and over for waking him.

Jack doesn’t say anything. He joins Bitty on the kitchen floor, sitting beside him with creaking knees, and wrapping his arms around Bitty to bring his torso around the curve of Bitty’s bent back.

Bitty feels Jack’s love with him in the room, and it doesn’t stop him from crying. Because love, that’s what the problem is, the big root of all his damn problems. It’s why he’s crying and why he hates crying. Because he loves Jack. So, so, so damn much.

Jack strokes his hair, the shell of his ear, his shoulder. He shushes, and rocks, and is there, dependable and warm.

“I can’t do this, Jack,” Bitty gasps out, shaking his head back and forth, back and forth against Jack’s chest.

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2 | No Escape

Genre: Apocolypse AU / Fluff / Future Angst / Future Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,525

Warnings: Mentions of dead bodies and blood, gory

“How the fuck did you manage to do that!?”

Masterlist ♥︎


Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

A/n: Wow thank you everyone for the feedback, I’m glad you like this new series :)

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“Paris is good. Nice call, Monsieur.”

“De nada, muchacha.”

Thank you for 100 follows! Needless to say, I miss these two real bad and I have for around six years. DC writers are pretty sadistic ya know that? Then again, I guess I might be too.

Because who has time or money to read almost 30 years of relationship development…

Under the cut: Look Over Your Shoulder, a monologue recap Fanfic: Fluff/Humor/Angst. DC Rebirth. Wally’s POV. Warning: Mention of the grief typically associated with Alzheimer’s. Also I cried while writing this. Story set to this song.

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A World in Which You Don’t Exist (Part 4)

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I’ve done it. I’ve finished this beast of a series. I hope it was good for all of you like it was good for me. Hats off to the anon who started this fiasco, I bow to you. 

I purposely wrote this last one, Prompto’s, as a conclusion of sorts. I still can’t decide on which one is my favorite. Argh. The sadness. ;_;

{1,872 words}


“So I’ve been doing some thinking— I do that a lot now— think— and I… I understand now what you meant when you told me what you did.”

Prompto sat against the weathered stone, gazing across the plains of Cleigne and to the mountains of thickets in the distance. He twirled a small yellow feather in between his fingers rhythmically, around and around.

“Before, I don’t think that I— wanted to understand, you know? But now… now I do, and that’s why…” he let the words trail off his lips, evaporating with the breeze. A loud chirp echoed in the distance and Prompto’s mouth curved in a small smile.

“Chichiri is here to see you,” he said as a chocobo rounded the copse of trees. It ruffled its feathers at the sight of him, excited to see its rider and gave another chortle. Prompto reached out a gloved hand, running his fingers through the scruff of its neck as it leaned into his touch.

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ok so I can honestly just imagine pidge getting REALLY UPSET that shiro isn’t taking care of himself like

  • shiro gets sinus infections and shit pretTy often bc he’s got a huge lump of scar tissue hanging out in his nasal cavity, and the first time it happens with team voltron he tries to hide it until he FUCKING PASSES OUT LIKE A DINGUS
    • hunks like “woah pidge chill” but pidge is just: (ง °`Д´°)ง
  • pidge makes shiro PROMISE that if he starts to feel sick again he HAS to tell them–and they tear up a little bit–and shiro’s just like OH GOD I’M SO SORRY PLS DON’T CRY I’M SORRY
    • and pidge is just: (ಥ﹏ಥ) “…ok”
  • so a few months pass and shiro DOES get sick again and he’s like “…shit I gotta tell them but I don’t want them to worry ahhhhhhh fuck”
  • so he DOES tell pidge but really downplays ALL of his symptoms and pidge side eyes him SO FUCKING HARD like
    • (¬ ¬) “…ok. I trust you shiro. but you GOTTA tell me if it gets worse, ok? like if you develop a fever. ok?” and shiro’s like yeah sure no problem
    • (but he’s ALREADY got a fever, like a JACKASS)
  • and later that day pidge calls him down to their workspace all “shiro I want to test the levels of brain wave compatibility between paladins and their lions to better understand blah blah blah you’re most connected to your lion blah blah let me put these things on your head”
    • shiro’s sick and spaced out so he’s like “uh sure, that’s fine”
    • but PSYCH it’s a fucking THERMOMETER and the screen lights up “102.47″ and pidge just SCREECHES
    • and shiro’s stunned and apologizing, but also chuckling cuz it’s funny how upset pidge is getting about a little cold and saying, “pidge, really, it’s not that big of a deal, I just didn’t want you to worry over nothing.”
    • and pidge stops screaming really suddenly, almost crying, still obviously furious, just staring at shiro in silence. then just shouts “HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TRUST YOU?!” and storms off

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Harry looks over and sees that fierce, determined look on Malfoy’s pointy features, and he allows himself to recognise, in that moment, how much he really, really does want him, how much he wants to back him up against the railing and tangle his fingers through that snow filled hair and kiss him. But he can’t do that, so he says, “I think it was brave of you to leave home. Maybe I had it wrong, about you running away.”

i was looking for fic recs and wonkymythology sent me some Good Drarry and now i’m having trouble reconciling my ten year old self who hated draco with the person i apparently am now, who almost cried on the bus this morning about “here’s the pencil, make it work”. just take this from me. don’t look in my direction.

There are so many things I wish Taylor knew like the fact that I used to walk around listening to her CD in a neon yellow WALKMAN and in fifth grade I cut my face open because I was trying to dance to Our Song while wearing Heelys and it didn’t go so well. That I printed and sent a copy of the Mean lyrics to this girl that used to bully me and didn’t put my name on the letter and that I cried my eyes out the first time I heard All Too Well and once listened to Starlight on repeat the whole flight to Florida. That sometimes I put on heels and strut around to Style and I lost my voice for three days after the 1989 show in Detroit. I wish she knew she has been my role model for the past ten years and is the reason I am who I am today. But most of all I hope she knows that I will never forget her and I hope she never forgets about me. 

Another weird thing I’ve heard from trans guys about T is them complaining that it has made them unable to cry, which is jist so strange to me because for the like ten years between puberty starting and me beginning to take antiandrogens, I cried a lot. It’s another one of those scenarios where I wanna suggest that maybe the cause isn’t the T, maybe its just you being a boy?

Not long after we started spending time together, he came over one night and said he had something very important to tell me, something that might change my opinion of him. Shaking with nervousness, he told me that he was illegitimate. His mother gave birth to him in a home for unwed mothers in the East, he said, and they moved to Tacoma to live with relatives when he was very small. Then she married Johnnie Bundy and had four more children. Johnnie Bundy had adopted him, but Ted knew nothing about it until he was a teenager.

It had come as a terrible shock. A cousin had been teasing him about it, and Ted had refused to believe it. The cousin had taken Ted up to the attic and showed him proof: his birth certificate. Ted was upset by his cousin’s cruelty and furious with his mother because she had left him unprepared for humiliation at the hands of his cousin. “She never even had the decency to tell me herself,” he said bitterly. He asked if I thought he should confront his mother about it.

I told him no. I could sympathize with her. She had made a mistake when she was young, as I had, but had overcome it and had gone on to make a life for herself. It could not have been easy that many years ago - harder, I was sure, than it was for me when I was pregnant with Tina. “I’m sure it’s a source of a lot of pain for her,” I said, “and that’s probably why she didn’t talk about it. It’s not important anymore. What’s important is that you’ve got a lot going for you. I love you because you’re wonderful.” Ted put his head in his hands and cried. - The Phantom Prince : My Life with Ted Bundy by Elizabeth Kendall

Hugh Aynesworth : I talked to Liz. (….) She asked me, very frankly, “Does Ted want to live?” and I said, “Hell yes, he wants to live. You bet he wants to live. Why shouldn’t he?” I don’t know why she asked the question. She did say something that was interesting, though. She said that when you told her about being illegitimate, you cried. Do you recall that situation?

Ted Bundy : I don’t recall it. I could have been emotional about it. I can’t say for sure. I wouldn’t say… I wouldn’t….

HA : She said she thought it really bothered you, more than, you know… Naturally you’re going to say it doesn’t bother you, but she claimed it bothered you - and deeply.

TB : Well (long pause), that’s just her… that’s just her opinion. I just, uh, I can imagine it being something that, uh, you know, was and is of a certain amount of concern to me - although not as much now as it was ten years ago even.

HA : She told me, also, that you had mentioned that you’d been disciplined… or that you were, as a small child, disciplined rather harshly. Do you recall that?

TB : I wasn’t disciplined harshly as a child. I can’t imagine I told her that!

HA : You’ve never had any harsh discipline?

TB : Oh, I mean spanking, or like that. But that’s, I didn’t consider… I would not now, and did not then, consider it to be extreme.

HA : Maybe she’s reading too much into a lot of things.

TB : She’s probably looking for some way of saying, “Well, why?” you know. And who knows? - Ted Bundy, Conversations with a Killer by Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth

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I'm not even the biggest jughead fan, but every time i see someone talk about how Betty didn't deserve to be yelled at I lose ten years of my life. What she did was the equivalent of knowing someone is allergic to apples, but still going out of her way to get that person an apple and then expecting a thank you for her trouble.

I’ve seen a lot of posts mad at him for getting mad at her and yelling at her lmao 

Hetalia Characters Reading Gutters
  • Sealand: N,,no.. WhAT is this hell
  • Denmark: pff i would've survived this shit NO PROBLEM
  • Norway: *sobbing* i swear I’m not in love with den wha t
  • Iceland: *doesn't stop hugging den for ten hours*
  • Sweden: *holds back tears* i..don't care about den
  • Finland: *cries for years and hugs den at every opportunity*
  • Netherlands: *apologises to denmark and gives him 100 krone
  • Belgium: *refuses to talk to ned for 48 hours*
  • England: i... fukcni g vikings why am i crying
  • France: non Danemark let me love you sil vous plait you helped peter i must repay you with love
  • Canada: *bakes pancakes for denmark every day and gets pissed off at ned*
  • Russia: this is sad. but i wouldn't be so hurt that i'd ask amerika for help..
  • Italy: *uncontrollable sobbing*
  • Romano: *refuses to finish the story once he hears he's dead*
  • Spain: *hugs everyone that got hurt in the fic and reassures romano that he wont ever let him die*
  • Poland: um am i like a bad person in this..? i swear i wouldn't just leave mathias in the ocean aha hm

I reread “Nothing to make a song about” yesterday, where John couldn’t forgive Sherlock after the fall. Ten years and a divorce later John returns to London and he and Sherlock eventually get together. - This was the first time I reread the story after S4. And I cried through the whole story. S4 John and Sherlock probably wouldn’t even get together 10 years post S4. Or I rather didn’t want them to. S4 is unfixable for me.

Oh, Emily

Summary: In which Dan and Phil haven’t come out to their viewers yet but have a daughter, and she basically outs them accidentally during a live show.
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 1,208
Beta: thank you the wonderful phangirlingforphan for beta’ing this <3

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AKA, this is a game of “who the fuck are you.”

I wrote a guide for my characters because I’m trying to lead a campaign with 3D characters, and there was some interest in seeing it? So here it is. Of note: The main city in this campaign is led by a duchess, who in her youth slayed a dragon- the previous tyrant of the main city.

Choose a race and a class that provides an interesting story- one you want to be part of, one you’d be interested to read, one you’d be interested to play with. You’re going to be spending hopefully a lot of time with this character, make them someone you’d like to meet. This is not a combat-driven campaign, it’s a character driven campaign. If you don’t have an interesting characters, this campaign won’t work. Your character should be at least willing to work with others, but you don’t necessarily have to like or even trust one another to begin with. That can come later. On that note: I encourage you to have secrets. Your character should not be immediately discernible. If you’re playing a half-orc barbarian, that shouldn’t be the extent of your character. Why did you leave your barbarian group? Are you still on good terms with them? You are entirely welcome to hide your backstory behind traditional fantasy tropes though. No one’s liable to question the massive half orc who claims they’re a barbarian and carries a huge axe- even if the blade of the axe is simple tin hiding a magical core, and is secretly a wizard’s staff.

Also- You’re looking for work. I don’t know how or why you are looking for work, that’s something you can decide (you have  to pay off a debt, you’re a refugee trying to settle in the city after fleeing a plague/war, etc). All I know is- somehow you ended up in the main city of this continent looking for a job. (also, feel free to borrow some aspects of your character from a favourite book, TV show, movie, or game. If you want to use Mulan or Inigo Montoya or Captain Jack Sparrow as jumping off points for your character, go for it!):

What follows is a pair of sample characters and a breakdown of why I like them as characters to toss into a campaign. Example characters and starting points under the break. This got pretty long, sorry

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Turtle index

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NAME: Turtle, also known as ‘Maveric’, or ‘what the fuck’ depending on the situation.
GENDER: boy turtle.
EYE COLOUR: Danchou blue.
HAIR COLOUR: ‘i can’t choose a shade’ brownfuck because i’m tryin to cosplay or something
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Been with this one fag for like ten years but i don’t know if we’re soul mates or just can’t stay away from the butt jokes
ZODIAC:  Sagittarius.
FAVOURITE COLOUR: Blues, grays and emo blood red.
FAVOURITE PLACE: Amongst waterfowl.
FAVOURITE VIDEO GAME: Animal Crossing    Various Final Fantasies, World of Warcraft.
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: what all can I say about a sweaty gayass terrorist with a staring problem and sixteen anxiety disorders? I fucking cried in the bathroom for four hours after his death
WOULD YOU DATE YOUR MUSE?: I think he’d be a great wife honestly but I don’t want to pro-wrestle Reiner.
WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE KINDS OF THREADS?: I really love bonding threads, the little interactions that we’ll NEVER get to see in the series that show just why everyone was SO VERY UPSET when the traitors turned out to be our baes, that give us little insights on why some of the relationships canon-wise say ‘very good friend’ even though we’ve like never seen them speak to each other once, I think it helps with characterization on all ends, the kind of stuff we’ll never be allowed to be privy to.
DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE MUSE?: Bertlbaby is one of my top muses, for sure, there are a few others that I can just BOOM write no matter what day of the week or temperature it is, but they’re from series WAAAY over there.
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?: trauma. No but lifehell made us watch/read this hell and I already had 560695404859 other blogs from other series, and I JUST LOVED. BERT. SO. MUCH. and no one was really playing him at the time and I JUST - I WANTED EVERYONE TO UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM ?? ? AND TO - LOVE HIM AS MUCH AS I DO?

Tagging; @kyojinnikuya @aecedia @vasiliissa @combxtxnt @l-promised-him  @glxtzy @delincuenta @armingelion  @steelmemory @polishedforsurvival and literally anyone eLSE WHO WANTS TO JUST STEAL IT? I DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW WHO ALL HAS DONE THIS SO JUST IGNORE ME IF YOU ALREADY HAVE.