i cried every time i saw her

Journal of a New Graduate:

Day 1:

I’m a new grad, I went to a great school, didn’t miss a clinical, a good study group, focused prep for NCLEX, passed with relief at only 75 questions, accepted into the first position applied for - the position I’d dreamed of all through nursing school. It just seemed too good to be true. I’m excited to be here in nursing orientation, excited but nervous about what the next twelve weeks will bring.

Day 7:

I’m a bit confused with what I’m supposed to be doing. My educator seems to be disorganized, giving me the wrong packet, one that’s supposed to be for another nurse, and vaguely waving her hand she’ll get it to me “at some point”. That was two days ago, I’m in the Library, doing some online learning that I happened to find out about from a fellow new graduate. I hope that’s what I am supposed to be doing. My educator waved me off again, saying she would catch up with me at some point.

Day 12:

I’m on the unit. Gulp. I completed the online learning, mostly in my own time, since the modules I was doing wasn’t actually what I was supposed to be doing. I completed the work on my own, as my educator emailed me a packet late Friday, stating it needed to be completed by Monday. I was two days late, despite staying up late every night to do it. Today I’m on the unit, I’m shadowing my preceptor, who wasn’t told I was coming. I’m beginning to think I chose the wrong place. My Preceptor seems really annoyed, muttering to another nurse that she was tired of orienting new nurses. I feel like I don’t belong.

Day 18:
I’m tired, and It hasn’t even been a month yet. My preceptor yelled at me for fumbling with an arterial line set up, saying I would have to do this on my own someday, and I shouldn’t be expecting her to be right next to me every time. I sat in my car on my lunch and cried, so no one would see. Fine. I can take the yelling, except I haven’t ever actually seen an arterial line before, just on the computerized learning module. I haven’t practiced with one yet. I don’t belong here.

Day 24:
I saw my educator today. I’d forgotten what she looked like. She pulled me into a mid point evaluation with the nurse manager and preceptor. They all looked grim. I wasn’t progressing in the way they’d hoped, or expected by this point. They wrote up my error in levelling the EVD, when I had never seen one before, despite my asking my preceptor for help, only to hear the same, “You have to learn to do these things on your own.” They wrote a verbal warning that I wouldn’t make it through orientation with my slow time management skills, and I just sat there and nodded. They didn’t ask me how I was feeling, and I didn’t want to tell them. They already wrote me off a long time ago.

Day 30:
I asked my preceptor today what her experience was like as a new graduate. She said I had it easier than her, then she turned away. Whatever.

Day 40, last day orientation:
Today, I met a patient who probably saved me (even though we’re supposed to be saving them, I suppose). She was young, maybe 21, s/p cardiac arrest r/t overdose on red bull, Her family and friends perched on seats at her bedside, praying. “Get them out,“ barked my preceptor, “you always spend too much time talking to the families. Just another young punk overdose.” So, after 40 days of following her instructions, today I did the opposite. Today I closed the curtains in the little corner room of the ICU, and I sat with the family, and asked them to tell me about her; tell me about your daughter, tell me about your sister, tell me about your friend. Tell me about how she’s been feeling, tell me about what she did the night before the ER. “She was quiet, she wanted to be a nurse, but she just kept failing all her exams. We think she might have tried to take her own life, but the doctors breezed through all that. They just assumed she was some wasted teen on a Saturday night trying to get high.”
And I knew, it wouldn’t matter what my preceptor had said about taking too long with patients, some day I would speed that up, it wouldn’t matter that I had fumbling hands with A-line, someday I would get it, someday I wouldn’t be so nervous. It wouldn’t matter that every day I felt abandoned by my educator or preceptor, or apologetic for the disappointment they thought I was, as one day I would have the confidence to not look for that validation. It would matter only that I could listen, and maybe use what little skill I had, not learned from any textbook, not garnered from any preceptor, something that would remind me to keep fighting for the patients who couldn’t fight for themselves. Someday I would be faster at that, too.
And so, on the very day I planned to quit, the very day I “graduated” from my preceptorship, I survived. I survived orientation, and it wasn’t because anyone had fought for me. It was because I fought for myself, alone.

~ As told by a graduate nurse, 6 years before she became a preceptor, a mentor, and a charge nurse who remembered what it was like to walk in a new orientee’s shoes.


Can you do an harry imagine where the reader is shy and always wants to be around harry because she feels more safe and he loves it when she does that and he calls her cute nicknames that always gets her blushing like crazy and they cuddle a lot? Love your work xx

^Trigger Warning^

Y/n was tiny, petite, and so often times, she got forgotten and trampled. She wasn’t too bothered by that fact, as when she got forgotten, she had time to work on her uni work. When she got trampled, though, it was a completely different story. 

“Y/n!” One of Harry’s friends, Jeff, called from a car outside the lecture hall she was exiting. And of course, at that moment, a bunch of students exited at the same time, and had no respect to the fellow classmate, nealry running her over as they traveled out to their cars. As they left her in the dust, she huffed out and regained herself, walking over to the car that Jeff had pulled up to the curb. “He’s in the back.” Jeff told her, and she slid in the car next to her favorite male. 

“Well hello, kitten. Are you okay?” She blushed at the little nickname Harry had acquired for her, and his worried expression at the fact that she was almost run over. 

“Fine, thanks.” She replied quietly. 

“I missed you, pet.” He commented, and Jeff smiled at his younger friend’s affection. 

“I missed you too.” She whispered, and Harry grinned at her shyness. “I didn’t know you were back in town.” She spoke, and he shrugged. 

“Wanted to visit you.” He answered, and she turned bright red. “You have any plans tonight?” He inquired. 

“No.” She answered hesitantly. She knew that Harry probably had plans that he would invite her to, and even though he knew how hard it was to push her out of the house, he still liked to persuade her. “But I have to study for my statistics exam for tomorrow.” She added quickly, and Harry rolled his eyes.

“I am not going to let you hole away in your stuffy little dorm and study for your statistics exam while I’m in town.” He poked her arm, and she squeaked. 

“Please H.” She begged. “Please, please help me study tonight?” She offered.

“If I help you study tonight, then I’m forcing you out for only an hour.” He bargained. She frowned, but nodded, and he cheered childishly. 

“Alright, get out of the car. I’ll pick you guys up tonight at eleven.” Jeff told them, and they slid out of the car. 

“Thank you, Jeff.” They both chimed, and he nodded in acknowledgment before speeding off. 

She led him up the familiar route to her dorm, and he slipped his arm around her waist as she took out her keys and unlocked the door. They stumbled into the room, Harry refusing to take his arms off of her, and the connected bodies fell onto her bed. He finally let her waist go, and propped himself up above her. She gazed up at him, imagining a few months prior when he did the same but his long curls made them a veil from the rest of the world. She reached her fingers up to the nape of his neck, scratching at the short hair, making his eyes close in the feeling. 

“I miss it.” She commented, and he nodded in agreement. 

“I’m growing it back out. Liked my ‘greasy’ hair.” He joked, and she smiled. “I missed you so much, sweetheart.” He told her, making her turn a bright shade. 

His nose nuzzled into her neck, moving away the hair to see a purplish-yellow bruise on her skin. He just examined it for a moment, and when she realized what he was staring at, she froze. He kissed the tender skin, and pulled back to look her in the eye. His eyes were sad and extremely light, staring into hers.  

“He visited a week ago. I thought that would be gone by now.” She whispered. His eyes closed in pain, and he rolled over to the side of her, covering his eyes with his hand. 

“I hate that you won’t let me hurt him.” Harry said, his voice shaking with calm anger. 

“My brother has that covered.” She replied, and he shook his head. 

“He’s in Iraq now, and your dad is taking advantage of the lack of consequences when he hurts you.” He sighed. 

That was really how they became close. Harry knew her brother, Cole, and Cole introduced them because he could trust him, and as soon as the two met, Cole knew that Harry would protect her while he would be overseas. Y/n had a lot of trust issues with men, and when Cole saw that she was more relaxed with Harry than she was with any other man, besides himself, he knew that he would depend on Harry. 

“Cole wanted me to take care of you. How am I supposed to do that when you won’t tell me what’s going on in your life?” He questioned sadly. “I don’t want you to be hurt, kitten.” 

He pulled her onto his chest, and got flashbacks of a incident that happened a few months after he met her. 

There were sirens, and lights flashing, and it was horrible. Cole had called him in a frenzy, and there were so many things that Cole was spitting out on the phone, that Harry could only catch the address and that something bad had happened. Harry immediately dashed out of his car, and into the house where Cole was on the floor next to his sister, who was barely breathing. Cole didn’t even glance over at his father who was sat against the wall, unconscious. 

“What happened?” Harry cried, slumping down on the floor next to Cole who was sobbing over his sister, waiting for the ambulance. 

“He-he hurt her and I caught him doing it.” Cole spluttered out. 

“Holy shit, that’s a lot of blood.” Harry whispered, looking at Y/n’s shoulder where Cole was pressing a wet towel against the wound. 

“I don’t know what to do, I don’t- I can’t lose her.” Cole whimpered, and that was one of the only times that Harry saw Cole’s vulnerable side showing, and every time he did, it was because of his younger sister. 

“What happened to your dad?” Harry asked, and Cole looked in spite over at the figure sat on the wall.

“He’s a bastard, and I made him pay.” Cole spat before looking back down at his sister. His fingers ran over her forehead, feeling the burning of  fever. 

The scream of sirens ran down the street, and Harry went to the front door, unlocking all of the locks and opening the screen and the door. The medical team ran through the door with a gurney, and assessed the situation quickly, lifting Y/n from the floor and onto the gurney. Cole was clutching on her hand, still holding the towel to her shoulder as the medical team escorted them into the ambulance. Harry grabbed a guy’s shoulder from the medical team, and showed him to Y/n’s father, and told the stranger that her father was not first priority. 

Harry rode right behind the ambulance, his mind running wild as he followed them. There was so much blood, and Harry was just hoping that she would live. 

She ended up living, and after she woke up from a four-day coma, and recovered from her stitches, she was free to go. She convinced Cole not to tell the authorities that it was her father that did it, and Harry was by them the whole time, and that was when he started caring for her more than a friend would.

“I can’t lose you again, I can’t watch you get hurt.” Harry whispered. She looked up at him and his eyes were already on hers. The expression he wore was one she had never seen before. 

“You won’t.” She assured him, his eyes never falling from hers.

“Kitten, I think I want to kiss you.” 

“Then do it.” 

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I don’t care who reads this, I treat Tumblr like a journal, like as if I’m telling this to a close friend, but I can’t tell people things, that’s why I remain anonymous. But I need to let some things out.
A portion of my childhood, was growing up with a severely depressed mom. A year after we escaped our abusive dad, she fell into that deep depression.
I was young, 5-11 years old.
I remember, she would lay on the couch all day. In our dark, small apartment. That’s what I remember most, was how dark it was. She barley spoke, she just stared at our broken, blank tv screen, without emotion, with a dead look in her eyes. Being a kid, I never understood why she would lay their for hours, and only get up 3-5 times a day.
Sometimes she would just lay in her room and not come out for days.
At night, I would hear her cry. I used to think it was a ghost until I worked up the courage to run into her bed for protection, and realized that the crying was coming from her.
Sometimes her crying would keep me up, but I grew used to it.
My mom would sometimes get very angry and annoyed. Those were the times she was most verbal and less mute.
She would sometimes hit us with hangers. Or shoes, kitchen cooking utensils, or just anything in her hand, mostly with her hand, sometimes with a closed fist.
It wasn’t abuse, she was just very upset. And I understand that now.
I remember she sent us to live with our granny, and a couple days before we left, we took our photo album and cut out all the pictures of us, and made a collage that she could keep if she missed us. We tried giving it to her before our Granny picked us up.
She got really pissed and told us that she won’t miss us at all, and that she was going to start over and forget about us forever.
I cried for an hour, because being a kid, I thought that was the last time I was ever going to see her…
But of course I saw her again.
She struggled with getting jobs and keeping the rent up. She struggled with depression, and ptsd. She struggled with her self worth. She struggled with keeping hope.
Sometimes i look at the past and then the present moment.
How depressed she was, and now she’s 40, currently in university studying law.
She’s helped hundreds of women cope with abusive boyfriends, she’s had several good paying jobs, she put food on the table every night with no worry, she was once a youth program coordinator and sat on a couple Board of directories, she’s a focus therapist, and spoke about domestic violence, and intergenerational trauma at a few conferences.
She’s a strong, confident, motivated, proud, happy, humble, beautiful and inspiring woman.
If that isn’t proof that things really do get better, then I don’t know what is.
SBC Story Time

-Christen Press is so beautiful in real life like my skin is clear and my crops are watered wow
-Christen Press also ran the damn game and the entire tournament
-our player of the tournament no doubt
-Tobin Heath is so amazing in real life like holy shit and she was right in front of me i was living
-She tries so hard to bring that team together she is literally every where on the pitch
-Her skills and general badass-ery is unmatched by anyone else and dream to witness in the flesh
-she was warming up and it wasn’t really at me it was at a kid behind me but it looked like she was waving at me and i cried
-sonnett is 100% a known dork
-i saw nothing wrong with Horan’s goal??
-kr*shlyn is so real i saw it with my own eyes
-the pre*th connection™ is so great??? like every pass to each other was on point
-lynn is still very new to this team and was a lost puppy at times but idc i still love her
-becky is the true captain of this team
-carli did not play well at all
-the ref made some of the worst calls

in conclusion
i love Christen Press and Tobin Heath and also this entire team i hope Jill chokes

Happy 20th Birthday, Buffy!

When I was seven years old, my mom was channel surfing and left the TV on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had never seen an episode but something about this show spoke to me immediately.
It was “Helpless,” the ep where Buffy loses her slayer abilities, but still manages to beat a vampire and save her mother. I was in awe– a young girl, kicking butt and using her wits? Fighting monsters to save the people she loves? Sign me UP.

I asked my mom if I could start watching and thus began an entire summer of bingeing five seasons of Buffy (which was a feat back when episodes only aired on UPN and FX) so we could watch the premiere of the sixth season. I can still remember the final days of the show, when they began a countdown for how many episodes were left before the finale.

Even now when I’m watching fifty shows at any given time, Buffy speaks to me as a girl, as a woman, and as a person living in this world. It saw me through years of depression and of feeling lost and alone. I’ve seen the fandom grow and change and I’ve loved every moment of it.
I love that there are still debates about ships and character analyses and so much love for this world.

Over the past sixteen years, I have watched every episode at least a dozen times (except for “The Body,” which I’ve only sat through once. Seven year old Kayla cried for a week after). Its meaning for me has changed as I got older.
It taught me a girl can be strong on her own. It taught me it’s okay for a girl to rely on friends and family. It taught me what it means to be an older sister. It taught me to not be afraid to forgive and love with every fiber of your being.
And even now, one of the most important lessons resonates with me:
It has taught me the world can be cruel but that doesn’t mean you have to be.

Happy twenty years, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thank you for everything.

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hi, i'd like to say to that anon and anyone really that try to argue your point of islam being portrayed properly, as a muslim woman, i literally cried watching sana pray, every. single. time. an islamic prayer is showed on media it's always with a comedic undertone, just a few days ago i was watching weeds and they just showed a non-muslim character show up at a masjid, place a yoga mat, and hiss at the guy next to him where to get illegal passports.... anyway ily thank u for existing <3



Yeah, I .. got goosebumps, when I saw Sana pray her Salah, especially when we could hear her pray Surah Faatiha and Surah Lahab. Like, you could actually HEAR what you she was praying, and that was …… that sent chills down my spine. 

It is so important that Skam are taking this seriously and showing it like this.


because i am now a tedoire (teddy and victoire) shipper, here are a few headcanons i have

  • the first time they kissed, teddy’s color hair changed every second
  • at one point in their relationship victoire dyed part of her hair bright pink
  • teddy almost cried when he saw that
  • while they were at hogwarts, victoire liked to borrow teddy’s scarf
  • she never gave it back
  • teddy was a very protective boyfriend
  • the hair color of teddy always was victoire’s favorite color
  • when she understood that she liked to tell him ugly colors, so his hair was now that color and he looked stupid
  • when someone told him she was pranking him with all these odd colors, he said he knew it but he did it anyway so he could see her smile and laugh
  • teddy’s favorite thing in the world was victoire’s smile
  • and victoire’s favorite thing in the world was teddy’s laugh
  • teddy asked victoire to marry him when they were 19
  • everyone told them they were too young
  • but they’ve been together for so long so it felt right for them to marry
  • they both cried at the wedding
Stay With Me - Part 8

Word count - 3311

Warnings - Killings, blood, guns, abuse, smut.

Requests are open. 

Part 1      Part 2      Part 3      Part 4      Part 5      Part 6      Part 7 

Hey! Hope you like the new part and so sorry for updating late, real life is getting a little bit busy but I will upload the requests and thanks for being patient with me. Thank you so much for reading! 

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Harley fell to the ground from the impact of the bullet, you tried to go towards her but his men stopped you. “Oh calm down, she’s dead and there ain’t much you can do about it.” Joker said, starting to laugh. “NO!” You said, bursting in to tears, hearing Joker laugh and you looked at him, seeing in red, you grabbed the guards wrists and turned them, yelling in pain, you put them down at your height and knocked both of their heads together, you grabbed one of their guns and shot them both dead, you laughed at the blood that was pouring on the ground, from their skulls. “Your turn.” You said, pointing the gun at both of the guards that held Harley and you dropped the gun at seeing her, you ran towards her as fast as you could and you realized that the bullet went to her shoulder, not to her head, making you sigh in relief, you lifted Haley’s head a little bit and kissed her forehead but you saw Harley whimper and you looked at her wound, blood was pouring out, you put your hands and added pressure, seeing Harley start to have tears in her eyes. “Puddin’-“ Harley said, and you shook your head, crying but still putting pressure on her wound. “Don’t you dare say goodbye, you aren’t going to leave me, not today baby, not today. Just stay with me.” You said and she giggled. “I love you puddin’ you know that right?” She said and you nodded, crying in her shoulder. “I know, but no, don’t give up on me.” You said, and she smiled, you caressed her cheek, accidentally and staining her white, pale face with blood. “Call Ivy, get me a private doctor, do not call an ambulance, or they are going to send me to jail.” Harley said and you nodded, grabbing her phone and trying to dial. “Hurry up Y/N!” Harley said and you managed to get Ivy. But then you realized Ivy? “What do you need her for?” You said raising an eyebrow. She rolled her eyes and grabbed the phone. “Hello?” You heard Ivy from the other line, you grabbed Harley’s phone and called Drake, your private doctor. “Done.” You said, hanging up and looking at Harley. “Y/N” Harley said, looking at your eyes, as you saw her, tears brimmed at your eyes, you were so afraid of losing her. “Don’t worry, he’ll pay.” You said, kissing her lips, being afraid that it would be one of the last times that you could taste her sweet lips. “Don’t.” She said, you looked at her and she smiled. “Don’t do it, he’ll kill you, if you do it and I survive I’ll leave you.” She said, you looked at her blankly and she swallowed, hissing in pain. “But, he did this to you.” You signaled at her, laying in your arms. She shook her head. “But you aren’t a monster, you saved me from him, you are my savior and that’s why I love you, that’s why you are the one for me.” She said, crying and becoming paler. “But, I don’t know what I would do without you.” You said, as you felt more tears dripple down your cheek. She smiled and you kissed her again. “You are so strong, I’ll fight, but you don’t need me.” She said and you heard cars, your doctor and Ivy went running, grabbing her neck and putting her in a bed. (A/N I forgot how they are called, so sorry.) You looked at her and she giggled weakly as she saw Ivy. “Red! Are you gonna enjoy the show?” She said, laughing but crying at the same time. “My little maniac, you’ll never change.” Ivy smiled at her and Harley grabbed her hand, pulling her closer and whispering something, Ivy nodded and you saw a few tears escape her eyes. You were on the ground, sitting down, Harley’s blood starting to dry up and you sobbed, you have never cried like this before, you felt a pair of arms starting to soothe you and you saw Ivy, smiling weakly at you. “She’ll be alright, she is a fighter.” Ivy said, looking at the doctor hurry as Harley passed out, losing blood every second. “I don’t know what I would do without her.” You managed to choke out, Ivy started to cry too and you hugged each other. “Me neither.” Ivy said, sobbing in your shoulder.

You both went towards the hospital, Ivy driving, of course. You hugged your knees looking at the road, when you got to Drake’s house, you stayed in his living room, waiting for them to stabilize Harley.

“Drake said that you can take a shower, I’ll go towards your flat and get some clothes. What do you want?” Ivy asked, looking at you painfully. “A black top, black and red sweater and what ever pants.” You said, looking at the ground, looking up you saw Ivy nod and go. As you looked at the floor you thought about Harley, looking at the floor, you remembered the first time that you told her that you loved her.


You heard screams from J’s apartment, smiling about one of his other victims. You entered his apartment, smiling at frost as you looked for Harley.

“Y/N! What a nice surprise, what brings you here?” Joker said, entering the room, taking off his purple gloves with blood, you smiled. “I’m looking for Harley.” You said, confident that he didn’t know about both of you. He growled, smashing a pot on the wall. “Harley’s busy, she’s getting her punishment right now.” He said, pacing in the hall. “Why?” You asked, worried by the inside but trying not to show any emotion on the exterior. “One of my men told me that he heard her moaning in the woman’s bathroom, she’s been cheating on me while I leave the city. Can you believe that! The nerve on that little slut.” He said, growling and looking angry, you heard screams, now recognizing that they were Harley’s. “Can I see her? I mean, who else is punishing her?” You asked, nervous, playing with your fingers. “Well just me, I mean, she’s mine. You can join if you want, you are straight right?” He said smiling and opening the door, you entered and saw Harley, lying down, her body exposed and full of recent cuts. Joker grabbed a whip and hit her, she screamed, looking tired and as you got closer you saw blood coming down her sides, she was sobbing. Joker hit her again but frost called him and he excused himself.

“Baby.” You said, rushing towards her, untying her and putting her on her feet. She threw her arms against your neck, trying to support herself. “Puddin’.” She said, sobbing and trying to walk. “Let’s go.” You said, trying to take her towards the door. Before Joker stepped in, smiling and applauding.

“I knew it! Harley always talked about you Y/N, it was obvious, now let’s get things going.” He said, grabbing Harley and she screamed, crying and being held by Jokers men, as same as you. “You shouldn’t have done that pumpkin.” He said, slapping her hard against her mouth, she cried as Joker went towards you. “And you, little bitch.” He said, grabbing the same whip as he used on Harley. He hit you uncountable times, you hissed in pain, starting to feel the tears well up in your eyes. “No please Mr J, I’ll stop talking to her!” Harley screamed, trying to get herself free, Joker started to hit her again and you sobbed looking at Harley. “Listen, I’m gonna give you a chance to leave.” He said, shooting the men that had apprehended you. “I won’t leave, not without her.” You said, standing up. And grabbing the mens guns. “What? Something wrong?” Joker said and you looked at him in disgust. He grabbed his whip and started to hit her, she was screaming in pain, crying and looking at you, pleading you to go home. You saw that blood was starting to stain the whip and you shot his men. “Stop it.” You said, pointing your gun at him and he smiled. “Go Y/N, stay away from him.” Harley said, tears streaming down her beautiful face. “No, I can’t-“ You said, Joker looked at you, cutting you off and you gave in, you outstretched your hands at him. “Take me, leave her alone.” You said, looking at him with tears in your eyes, he smiled and looked at Harley. “Don’t do anything! I promise that you can take me!” Harley said, trying to go with you. “I’ll be good, I’ll be yours Mr. J, just please don’t hurt her.” Harley said, she went towards you and hugged you as hard as she could, Joker looked at both of you and smiled. “I need one of you, who will it be?” He said and looked at both of you. “I can’t lose another person that I love, please Harley, live.” You whispered and she let out a sob. “I love you Harley, remember that.” You said, burying your face in to the crook of her neck, smelling her for the last times. “You love me?” Harley said, and pulled away, looking at Joker.

“Stop it, J, you ain’t gonna get one of us, you don’t own me now this is what we’re gonna do we’re gonna leave and you will leave us alone got it?” Harley said, grabbing a gun, looking at him, challenging him. “What are you gonna do dollface, kill me? You’ve tried it before and it hasn’t worked.” He said smiling, Harley looked at the ground and smiled. “But I’ve changed puddin’, you can’t hurt me. What, are you the devil?” She said, shooting the Joker in his foot, he yelped in pain and Harley grabbed your arm, pulling you towards the door.

You got out and Harley smiled at you.

“What you said was true puddin’?” She asked and you nodded, she put her hands around your waist and pulled you closer. “Say it again.” She said, almost whispering, her voice husky and low. “I love you Harleen Quinzel, I’ve been in love with you from the first time we met, from the first time that we kissed, I love you and all your insecurities, I love you and all your imperfections, I love you.” You said, she smiled and you grabbed her neck, you were desiring her lips on yours, she smiled and pushed her pink lips on yours, you smiled in to the kiss, you enjoyed the moment and the taste of her lips. “I love you too.” She said and pecked you once more.

End of flashback

You gripped your cup of coffee, feeling one tear come down another, you looked at Ivy and she was with a pack of clothes.

“Here.” She said, handing you your clothes and smiling. “Thanks.” You said, quietly you headed towards the bathroom and started to change, the night was cold and you didn’t have a Jacket so you could only live with it and try not to freeze.

“Harley is okay, you can go in and see her, she is still sedated but she will be alright.” Drake said as you walked out of the bathroom and you went towards Ivy, she smiled and you smiled as well, you didn’t even have to talk to know what was going to happen.

You entered Harley’s room and it broke your heart to see her connected to all the machines, you let out a sob and ran towards her, you hugged her or at least tried to and Ivy sat down. “I think I’ll be going to my place and fresh up.” She said, looking at you and you nodded. She got back up and left the room.

“Oh Harley I’m so sorry.” You said, sobbing in to her one more time. You went to the side of the bed and laid down, next to her, her heat was low but at least you were perceiving it. “I love you.” You said and started to fall asleep.

As you were in a ‘peaceful’ slumber Harley woke up, she was afraid, not knowing where she was. She felt something, someone warm next to her and she turned her head, looking at you asleep, she smiled and kissed the top of your head, she moved her right arm towards you, hugging you. You went closer to her and put your arm against her waist, she smiled but her smile faded as she saw your face, it was stained in tears and she couldn’t help but be sad too. She scratched your head gently, then caressed your cheek, she thought of such a beautiful girlfriend she had and that she didn’t know what she would do without her.

“Good to see that you’re up.” Ivy said, towards Harley and walking towards her. “Did you do what I ask?” Harley said, curiously and gripping your tighter, smelling you and smiling. “Yes, gosh you should’ve seen her waiting for you.” Ivy said, annoyed but Harley smiled, she kissed the top of your head once again and smiled. “Did you give it to  her?” Harley asked, serious but feeling the need to smile because her heart was fluttering of the warmth that you gave her. “No, I left it in her car.” She said, sitting down at Harley’s bed. “Look at her, red.” Harley said, smiling and looking at you, Ivy looked annoyed but Harley ignored it, everything is alright as long as you’re there with her. “Looks like she really loves you.” Ivy sighed and grabbed something. “I know red, gosh I love her so much, she’s my other half, she’s the best girlfriend that someone might ask for. I don’t know what I would do without her.” Harley said, nuzzling next to you and smiling “Here, put it on, everyday, actually let’s start right now, I’ll put it on for you.” Ivy said, removing Harley’s shirt and smiling at her, once she put it on, Harley felt better and Ivy started to look in Harley’s blue eyes. Ivy started to lean in towards Harley, her breath and heart beat accelerated as she got closer to Harley. Harley didn’t know what to do, yes, she had to dodge Ivy but something felt right and Harley just stayed, closing her eyes. Ivy felt Harley’s lips graze hers and she pushed in closer, kissing Harley and savoring her lips, Harley started to move her lips in sync, Ivy started to pull away but Harley didn’t want to, Harley left your embrace and pulled Ivy closer. Once Harley realized what she was doing she pulled away, going back to you.

“I’m in love with you Harls.” Ivy said, and Harley shook her head. “No, you can’t be, I’m with my puddin’, I love her and she is the only one in my life, she saved me from that monster, she’s the only person who has loved me properly.” Harley said, shaking her head. “But Harley if it weren’t for her you’d be fine.” Ivy said and Harley shook her head. “If it weren’t for her I’d be with that monster.” Harley said and looked at Ivy. “I’m happy with her, let me be with her.” Harley said and Ivy nodded, she left her and Harley put her shirt back on. “I love you and only you puddin’” Harley said and leaned in for a kiss. That’s how Harley knew that it was you and that it will always be you, when both of you kissed, she felt fireworks in the pit of her stomach, she could feel electricity throughout her whole body and she felt warm.

Her lips were pushing against yours and she smiled, all those feeling coming back.

You started to open your eyes, looking at Harley and you smiled, you were kissing and that’s what made you feel better. You started to get up and you separated from the kiss. “You’re awake.” You smiled, cupping Harley’s cheek in your hand, nothing could be better. “Of course I am silly, you wouldn’t get rid of me that easily.” She said and you smiled, kissing her again. “I love you.” Harley said and you smiled, pulling her closer to you. “I love you too.” You said and you both kissed, nothing was wrong, you had each other and that was enough.

“I was so worried that I wouldn’t kiss you again baby.” You said, grabbing her hands, hugging her again. Harley tilted your head again and kissed you, slow and passionate, she cupped your cheeks and smiled, you smiled at her and caressed her arm. “Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore puddin’.” She said and smiled. Harley grabbed a T.V remote and started to flip through the channels. You started to suck on her neck, leaving kisses and little bites. “Come on Y/N, I don’t think that we can have sex.” Harley said and you smiled at her. “Maybe we can.” You smiled and Harley turned off the T.V, you sat on her long legs and started to kiss her neck again. “Puddin’ please, you’re gonna turn me on.” Harley said and you smiled, your hand travelled towards her pants, that Drake put her in so that it wouldn’t feel such as a hospital. “That’s my goal baby.” You said and stood up, closing the door and the curtains.

You walked towards her and pulled down her pants, smiling at Harley in lust. “Puddin’ no.” Harley said but you didn’t answer, you started to kiss her. She whimpered and bucked her hips, you grabbed her hips with your hand, and you started to suck on her, Harley was moaning slightly. She rolled her hips with your mouth and started to moan a little bit louder. “Baby, don’t make to much noise.” You said, against her and she moaned. You licked her again and she grabbed your hair, starting ty pull you closer, you shoved your tongue inside her, your hand went towards her and you started to rub her. “Fuck Y/N, don’t stop.” She moaned and you sucked on her once more. She moved her hips and you kept them still with your hands. “I’ll stop when you want baby.” You said, sucking this time harder and shoving a finger inside of her, she moaned and clenched, you knew that she wouldn’t last longer so you smiled and bit her, she grabbed your hair, pulling it once more and moaning. “I’m gonna cum.” She said, before panting and moaning out your name until her juices were on your tongue and you cleaned her up.

“Want to cuddle?” You said, smiling and looking at her, climbing her up. “Of course puddin’!”Harley said outstretching her arms, pulling you in to a hug and you lied down, next to her chest. Harley started to scratch your head gently and hugged you even closer. “I love you Y/N.” She said, sighing and kissing the top of your head. “I love you too Harley. Please stay with me.” You said, nuzzling next to her and enjoying the moment, the silence, the peace, the love, everything was perfect. “Where would I go? You’re the only one for me, you’re my other half.” She said and you smiled as she made your heart flutter. “Just don’t replace me for anyone or anybody.” You said and she chuckled. “Are you going bananas? Nobody is better than you, nobody compares to you, you’re the best person that someone can ever ask, now shut up, I want to enjoy this.” Harley said and kissed you, you felt her soft, plump, pink lips against yours and she took your breath. As your lips moved in sync with hers nothing could molest you.


*Philip × Reader

* Hamiltime

* Requested by @gottagetmyrighthandmanback

* Request: it’s Hamiltime and reader has offered to stay with the Hamiltons’ to help Eliza through the heartbreak of Alexander’s affair and she wakes up heating Eliza crying and singing “burn” and then there’s a knock at her door and Philip just rushes into the room crying, not being able to console his mother is killing him, his anger to his father betraying him and he just cries into her lap as she tries soothing him and saying she there for as long as they need her.

A/N: ok @gottagetmyrighthandmanback you always have the best prompts for me. This one was fun. A little heartbreaking but still fun. And bonus, this is the first if the uploading of three different stories!

Word Count: 1,953


You were home alone when there was a frantic knocking on your door. You pulled it open to see your courter standing there. “Philip?” You asked. He pushed past you, you really hoped if anyone saw him enter that they didn’t know your parents weren’t home. It wasn’t as if you and Philip did anything improper, but people talked. “What’s going on?” You asked him.

He was pacing back and forth and racking his hands through his long curls. You closed the door and stepped closer. “Y/N. It’s-but he-my pop he-” He stuttered out. He spun to look at you. He had tears trailing down over his freckles. He just lurched forward and clutched onto you, sobbing loudly. You stood stunned as sobs wracked his body. You cautiously wrapped you arms around him. You whispered soothing things and shushing him, threading your fingers down through his hair in slow motions.

“Philip. Take a deep breath and explain the situation to me.” You instructed after he’d calmed down.

He took a deep breath, a shuddering and shaky one. “My pop cheated on my mom.” He said, is voice full of the emotions he was feeling. You’re jaw dropped in astonishment. Alexander loved Eliza, he was hooked the moment he laid eyes on her. How did this happen? You didn’t say anything. Instead you wrapped your arms around Philip once more. He leaned into the embrace, desperately needing the comfort. He stayed all day, only leaving as it grew dark.

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Edmund x Reader: You Know I Love You, Right?

Anon asked: Hello! May I request something? An Edmund x Reader where the reader is always saving him from increasingly dangerous situations and slowly gets more fed up with it until he is almost killed and she’s super upset and feelings are shared? Thank you! You’re the absolute best! 😊♥️


Edmund braced himself for cold glares and silence when he saw (Y/n) in the corridor.

      She seemed like she was going somewhere, until she saw him. She immediately pivoted on her heel and headed in the opposite direction.

      “(Y/n), wait,” Edmund said, jogging to catch up with her. She wouldn’t stop, so he stepped in front of her. She rammed into his chest, obviously not expecting his actions. This gave him a chance to grab her arms and hold her in place. “Will you talk to me?” He exasperated. “It’s been a week since I–” he stopped short.

      “Since you almost died?” She finished. The edge in her voice made his stomach twist.

      “I didn’t–”

        “Don’t you dare tell me you didn’t almost die when I was the one covered in your blood, waiting for someone to come and help,” she snapped. She yanked herself out of his grip and tried to walk past him. Edmund stepped to the side again.

      “Look, I did what I needed to do,” he tried.

      (Y/n)’s jaw tightened, and her fists clenched. “Hmm,” she grunted. Her eyes were fixed on the ground. There was no warmth in them at all.

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Dear Dad,
Mom was missing for a while. Ever since you left I could only seem to find half of her roaming around the house like a ghost. She cried every night after you left. I’d hardly ever see her but on some nights when her tears were more painful then others I’d go into her room and crawl into bed with her and she’d hug me, kiss the top of my head and continue crying. Instead of lullabies I fell asleep to the shallowness of her breath as she tried to stop. Do you know how many times I wished you’d come back if it’d stop mom from crying? The answer is two many. Last time I saw you, you spent most of the time we had together talking about your other family, a family you looked for when you already had one at home but according to you, you leaving had nothing to do with us but we both know that isn’t true.

Dear Dad,
Did you know I let myself feel something for someone new? He unlocked something in me, like my soul was a prisoner to my body until he came to me with the key. Despite me thinking that hope was for suckers I fell for a nice guy from Texas who could never hurt me. But then I got scared because of you, because of everything you put mom through and I refused to put him through the same because of course apples don’t fall far from their trees so I backed off and now he’s dating my best friend. I can still feel his fingertips on my face from the time we almost kissed and I’m scared that feeling will disappear soon. How was I to believe that he could love me when my own father couldn’t? Maybe we’ll meet again, when he and I are slightly older and our minds less hectic because then I’ll be right for him and he’ll be right for me but right now I am chaos and poison to his heart.

Dear Dad,
Mom’s married. A man named Shawn Hunter fell in love with her for all the things you never saw in her. He makes her laugh and they’re happy. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even think about you anymore. You’re like a distant memory now the ones you’re never sure if you made up or if they truly happened. I hope it stays that way because she deserves to be happy. I wish you could of seen the way her eyes lit up when Shawn asked her to marry him and how quickly she said yes. I think he healed her by being there as she fixed herself. She’s no longer a body full of jagged edges because now she allows herself to be held without the fear of cutting the hands of the person who wants to hold her.

Dear Dad,
I think when you’re young you don’t expect it to hurt as much as it does but what would you know about abandonment until you watch your father leave to go buy milk and never come back. But I trusted and I hoped that you’d walk right back through that door again and everything would be alright but you didn’t and now I’m 15 ripping myself to shreds and trying to pick up all the pieces of myself at the same time. You were one of the few things in my life that was supposed to be guaranteed but now I’ve realized I no longer need you. I found a father who loves me and this time I gave him hope, this time I know he will love us with all he has and this time I know he will stay.

—  Maya’s journal entries that she wished she could say to her father but can’t 

(So my friend recommended me to someone to write a fanfic. Crosshares to be exact. And Crosshares is amazing. As much as I ship WhiteRose and Bumbleby, Crosshares is right up their with them. Out of the prompts I’m going with the hospital one. *because angst*  The person’s name was sketchhungry  I’m not the best writer but I’ll try! Hope you like it! :D)

Two weeks.

It had been two weeks since the accident during their mission that left Velvet stuck in the hospital, and she hadn’t woken up yet. “ It’s all my fault.” Coco mumbled to herself again for the umpteenth time. She hadn’t left Velvet’s side at all, save to eat and go to the bathroom. The nurses and doctors had suggested that she go home that if she woke up that they would contact her. Even Fox and Yatsuhashi tried to get her back, but Coco wouldn’t leave.

She sighed as she leaned forward and put her head in her hands, adjusting her sunglasses to go over her hands. The beeping of the heart monitor would drive her mad. It was as if each beep she could hear Velvet’s heart beat. She couldn’t stop thinking about it. She was their leader and she mad such a stupid decision!

“Damn it.” She muttered to herself as she moved her sunglasses back to properly fit her face, and leaned back. “ Damn it, damn it, damn it!” Coco hissed under her breath.

It was supposed to be simple. Just clear the area of two grimm. Two. That was it. For their team it should have been simple. But each time her mind brought her back to the incident. It should have been so easily avoided.

The fangs of the King Taijtu, biting down onto Velvet. It made Coco’s heart break. Coco turned the chair as she faced Velvet’s bed. They were lucky that it didn’t puncture any major organs. But it’s venom was a whole new demon to fight. Coco took Velvet’s hand in her own as she hung her head. 

“ Please Velvs… Just wake up.”

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requested: part 3 of jon hating your child with ramsay


as requested by an amazing anon: Hey can you do a part 3 to the Jon hating ur (& Ramsey’s) child thing? Maybe where the girl becomes sad, quiet and eventually eats very little bc she feels like she’s no longer good enough? Then her son goes to see Jon about it calling him father - which he snaps at - but ur son doesn’t back down and yells a Jon ‘Mummy is not well! She doesn’t eat and she always cries’ You can choose whatever ending. Sorry if it’s long a complicated 😁

hope yall appreciate it xx

part 1 ◇◇◇ part 2


Weeks has come and you haven’t slept beside Jon. You stayed away from him after that night, and you always beside your son. The servants saw this pattern and willingly laid your food for you to eat in your chambers, and they would leave it for you and pick it up in the morning even if it’s untouched. Erik came up and down to be with you and sometimes quietly follow Jon everywhere he goes. Erik would sometimes fill the room with his stories about his day with Jon. 

He laughed, as you stroked his hair. “Then, Father would make jokes around Tormund, but he would always find me laughing the hardest,” he said. “But sometimes Father would ask me to go away. Ghost sometimes comes with me, but Father doesn’t let him.”

You nodded softly and kissed him on the forehead. The night was dark and cold, as always. “It’s getting late, my love. Why don’t we sleep?”

He looked at you, his eyes big. “But, I’m scared, Mother.”

“Nothing to be scared of. Guards protect your room, remember?” You brushed his face, your hands thin as ever and your body weak. “I’ll see on the morrow.”

He left you and you walked to the open window, the cold air familiar on your skin. You feel tears fall again, night after night. Jon hates my son, you thought. No matter how hard you bury that thought to the deepest core, it always digs its way through your mind. You weep your tears and turn your attention to the table with honey and stale bread. They have brought it up, but you have no appetite ever to eat. Swallowing some ale did you good, a sip for the day. You went to sleep with tears painting your face and your bony hands feeling the empty space beside you.


Jon woke up through the chilly nights with a soft and repeated bangs on his door. He stood up groggily, sleep still evident on his moves. He pulled on his robe tighter around his body. He opened his door and saw no one until a small cold and wet hand enclosed on his bigger hand. Erik stood before him and his eyes, red. “Father.”

He held his hand and released it. “Go to sleep.”

“Father,” he repeated that word over and over again until it annoyed Jon.

“What?” Jon snapped at him and he saw, Erik’s scared face.

“Mother,” Erik tugged at Jon’s hand harder this time.

Jon was irked by the boy and he flicked the boy’s hand away and pointed to the stairs. “Go to your room. Your mother is at her room.”

The boy stomped his foot and cried. Ghost woke up and immediately took the kid’s side. “It’s mother!” Jon was surprised the the boy screamed at him. He was going to shout at him, but he didn’t. “I’m scared! She doesn’t eat her supper! She cries every time!” he spat. “And I know.”

“Know what?”

“You’re not my father,” he started, his eyes becoming red again. “You hate me.”

He crouched down at his level and saw Erik’s blotched face. His voice softened, as he remembered when he came into this world. How his wails annoyed him, but he cherished them. He was always the one to be there to calm him down while you go rest. “I don’t, Erik.”

Erik cried louder, “Yes, you do! That’s why Mother isn’t happy anymore.”

He soothed Erik and took him in a warm embrace. He let go of him again, and he suddenly saw the baby he loved. He saw Erik when he was still near his wife’s breasts. His wails annoyed Jon but he cherished them. Jon caressed his face and wiped his tears. He carried him and to bring him back to his room. Going up further, Ghost ran quick and stopped at your room. He scratched the wooden door and gave out the lowest and saddest wail. Jon laid Erik down, “What is it, Ghost?”

Jon opened the door and saw you sleeping. Ghost leaped on the mattress and licked your face. You didn’t awaken. Jon scrambled next to you and kneeled to your level. He laid his head down between your breasts and he listened to your hollow breaths. Erik started sobbing and tugged Jon’s clothes. “Get Maester, my love.”

Erik ran out of the room and woke the castle with his screams. A guard turned up, “Is something wrong, Your Grace?”

You pointed at the door while the other propped you up. “Get Maester, and guide Erik in the dark.”

Jon cradled your body and let a few soft tears. He saw the untouched food, and how skinny you got.

“My queen,” he sobbed quietly, “I’m here.”

He sobbed some more until the scholar went in with some servants. He asked Jon for space, and space he did give. He saw Erik crying and he swooped him up for an embrace. He swayed his son, back and forth just like how he used too. It always calmed him down, together with a little hum. He hummed for his kid and carried him to walk around the hallways. Erik held tight on Jon, and embraced him tighter. “It’s alright. Mother is going to be okay. She’s strong.”

“Is she?”

Jon looked at Erik, and saw none of Ramsay. He saw an innocent child, like he was when he was younger. He saw love and kindness in the kid’s doe eyes. He saw gentleness, and Jon sobbed. He felt guilty for how he felt for him before and the pain he inflicted to his other half. “She’s the strongest,” Jon said. “You both have my heart. Remember that. My whole heart.”


The morning was bright and warm. You saw Ghost sleeping next to your feet, and Erik beside him. His tousled curls, covering half of his face. You felt stronger this time. You looked at the open window and how the sunlight entered the room. You felt the weight of the mattress shifted when you saw Jon beside you. He smiled down at you, his eyes hollow and red.

“Are you okay?” he asked quietly.

“Why are you here?”

He laid closer to you and held you close to him. You smelt his familiar scent, his favorite lavender oil, mixed with earthy smell. He closed his eyes, and you saw a tear fall. You wiped it with your hand and he quickly kissed it. He sobbed more, when he felt your bony hands around him. He never saw you this thin. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry,” he sobbed. “I’m sorry.”

“Hush now,” you croaked out.

He held your hand against his lips and kissed it. “I should’ve been with you. I regret everything I said. I regret every thing I have said about Erik,” he nodded. “I will raise him, just like as if he was my own.”

He continued on and rambled incoherent words, his cries muffled his voice. “I’m sorry.” He kissed you on the forehead and on your lips.

You kissed him back. “I’m sorry too,  Jon.”

You smiled at the sight after you, your husband and Ghost, and the sleepy boy. You kissed away his tears., and hugged him. “It’s a nice morning.”

He laughed, “It is,” he said. “It really is.” He looked at you again, deeply. “You have my heart, always.”

“And you have mine, always,” you whispered. “I’m so sorry too.”

“Let’s put it all behind us,” he breathe out. “I want to have you and Erik beside me. Let’s start a family, again.”


thank you so much for reading xxxxxxxxxx i hope you liked it!!!!!

requests are closed for now xx

Junkyard Blues Part 15

A/N: Sadly we have reached the end…and its hard saying bye to this series but I hope this ending is the perfect way for you all to say goodbye !!


Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warning: Crying, yelling, fluffy ending

Word Count: 1386

Summary: Being Bobby Singers daughter can be difficult; especially once he becomes paralysed and your stuck looking after him, the house and the junkyard. This wasn’t exactly the way you saw your life going but when a handsome stranger turns up for a job things don’t seem so bad. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14

“Wha…what are you doing here?”
“I think we need to talk”
“You came all this way to talk?” I asked incredulously, one eyebrow cocked.
“Charlie Called”
He looked at his feet as he talked, never quite meeting my gaze; his hands shifting uncomfortably by his side.
“Of course she did” I muttered, “Look…whatever Charlie tried to guilt you into don’t worry, I’m fine”
“She didn’t guilt me into anything y/n, she just told me about what happened and that you weren’t doing great with it all…despite what you think I still care about you”
“I’m telling you I’m fine” my voice cracked slightly, giving away the brave face I was trying to keep.
“Y/n…I know you better than that”
“Dean…I…I can’t deal with this right now” I wiped away a few unshed tears, motioning with my other hand for him to come inside, “Just…you can stay here tonight and we’ll talk in the morning”  
He followed me inside a little hesitantly, standing awkwardly in the doorway while I grabbed an extra blanket from the linen cupboard. If I wasn’t so tired right now I probably would have felt just as awkward about the whole thing; but having Dean back in the house felt strangely comforting.
I placed the blanket on the couch arm; turning to face Dean again. He hadn’t moved from his position, his eyes scanning the room around him, anywhere but at me it seemed.
“Right…ah well I’ll just…see you in the morning…I guess” I stammered pathetically, my cheeks flushing crimson.
“Goodnight y/n”
Without a backwards glance I jogged up the stairs, trying to put as much distance between us as I could. Dean showing up here had done nothing for my already conflicted feelings; half the time I felt like I could just get over him…that I should just get over him, whereas other times I felt like I was sinking in a pit of despair over the whole situation…I was just so confused.
I knew I missed him; I’d missed him since the day he walked out, but even if we talked it all out it wasn’t going to go back to the way it was before…ugh! No I couldn’t think about this right now; I just need a good night’s sleep to process everything, start fresh in the morning.
Stripping off my clothes I slipped into one of Dad’s flannels; crawling into bed and letting his scent wash over me completely, lulling me to sleep within a few minutes.


The first thing that registered in my mind the next morning was the smell of food…really good smelling food. Something that had definitely been lacking; having no energy meant no proper cooked food. Mostly I ate microwave meals…if I could be bothered to eat at all really.
Licking my lips slightly I threw the covers back; stretching my arms up above my head before making my way down stairs, the smell only getting stronger the closer I got to the kitchen.

I stopped in the doorway, one hip leaning against the wood; watching as Dean moved about the kitchen, humming an old rock song under his breath. Somewhere deep down I felt like I had dreamed all of last night; but seeing him now, it was like nothing in the last few months had happened. I smiled a little when he started singing the lyrics instead of just humming, his deep voice belting out the song in quiet whispers.
As he turned around he froze, the tops of his ears turning red as he smiled at me sheepishly.
“Sorry…you were still sleeping and…I guess I thought I should make…breakfast”
“its fine really Dean, thank you”
I moved over to the table, letting him pile my plate up with bacon and pancakes; the sight of it making my mouth drool a little.
Dean sat across from me, digging into his food straight away. Something’s never changed I guess.
“So” He said after a moment, “I – “
“What are you really doing here Dean?” I cut in; the smile I had on my face a few minutes ago long gone.
“I told you. Charlie called and she was worried about you”
“Did she ask you to come?”
“No y/n” He stated firmly, “I’d been thinking about coming back days before she called…to talk about how we left things”
“How we left things? Are you actually kidding me Dean?!”
“Excuse me?”
“There was no ‘How we left things’, you just left…you were just gone!”
All the emotion I had been bottling up for weeks had suddenly boiled over, my anger quickly getting the best of me. There was a part of me that knew taking it out on him wasn’t going to fix anything but I couldn’t stop myself. The pain of him leaving me was fuel for the fire.
I watched though as his features dissolved from shock into irritation, his lips set into a fine line.
“What did you expect me to do?!”
“Give me a chance to explain maybe…how about even just trusting me?”
“I did trust you y/n! And that was thrown back in my face when I got those photos…do you even realize how that felt seeing them?”
“I didn’t kiss him back”
“You…you just don’t get it” He sighed, running a hand back through his hair, “I have never had a relationship like the one I had with you…hell the only other one I’ve ever had was in High school and honestly that was never going to work long term” He paused, taking a breath, “Y/n it was hard for me to let you in like I did, I was so terrified of liking you that I second guessed myself on every decision I made that involved you…and when I saw those photos I shut down…I know It was a dick move leaving like I did and never calling but every time I dialled your number I couldn’t think of one thing to say to you”
The whole way through his speech I felt like I couldn’t breathe; my hands covering my mouth as I silently cried, all of my anger slowly disappearing.
“What about that other girl then?” I whispered.
“What other girl?”
“I saw you with her Dean…at the park”
“I’ll admit that my coping methods weren’t the right way to go about it but she means nothing to me past that…nothing compared to you sweetheart”
“Dean…” I murmured, chuckling slightly through my tears.

In a couple of steps Dean was next to my chair, pulling me to my feet before wrapping his arms around me; nose nuzzling against the shell of my ear.
“I’m not saying this isn’t going to be hard…we have to learn to trust each other again, but if there was ever a person I wanted…needed a second chance with it would always be you y/n…I love you and I’m not scared of it anymore…I love you”
“I love you too Dean” I replied, sniffling against his shirt.
My chest felt lighter than it had in weeks, the gut wrenching feeling in my stomach long gone. Everything was just Dean; his hands, lips and words leaving me truly peaceful.
I hummed against his chest as his finger tips brushed over my jaw line, moving my hair back over my shoulder gently; his face finding home against the hollow of my neck, hot breath fanning over my skin. I shuddered when I felt his soft lips press against mine, the kiss taking me by surprise. It was slow and gentle, as though we were getting to know one another all over again; his tongue barely brushing across my lower lip. After we parted I looked into the beautiful emerald in his eyes, finding nothing but love in their depths.
It was going to be a fresh start from here, complete and utter forgiveness for all the things that had gone wrong. Stepping out of his embrace I thought back to the very first moment we met; a smile stretching over my lips as I stuck my hand out towards him.
“Fresh start right?” I stated, “Y/n Singer”
After a moment of confusion Dean broke into laughter, realization over what I was doing dawning on him; he clasped his hand back into mine, shaking it gently.
“Dean Winchester”

We were back were we started…

strangers under the same roof | part one

part two

ashton + reader
word count: 1088

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: you and ashton live together but don’t talk


I find myself wanting to stay out of the house as much as possible when you’re back home.


I checked the clock on the wall. It read: 6.03pm.

Wiping my hands on a cloth, I hurriedly brought a brush through my unruly hair, before grabbing my bookbag, phone and wallet, and heading out of the house.

As I rounded the corner and stepped out into the street, I spotted Ashton’s car going into the building from the front.

I’d stayed a little too long that time.

A little while more and he would’ve seen me.

I made my way down the busy street to the cafe and my usual hideout when Ashton was home from tour.

Plopping down in my usual seat in a booth at the back of the cafe, I signaled to the waitress who smiled when she recognized me.

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Cliche (2)

Part 1

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Y/N
Reader Gender: Female
Requested: Yes
Warnings: some swearing
A/N: I’ve rewriting this like three times and I still think it may be shit but oh well. 

Originally posted by gigimygr

For the rest of the school year Fred and Y/N avoided each other. Neither of them intended to ignore the other, it’s just Fred and Angelia eventually started dating and Y/N started hanging out with Lee more often to get her mind off of Fred. While it hurt to stand and watch her friendship with Fred fade away there wasn’t much she could do about it. He was the one pulling away, he was the one who was giving up on their friendship, and she couldn’t help but think this was her fault.

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Trauma counselors organized an event in her honor. They decided it was a good idea to hold it at the pool house. That is, 20 feet away from where she was murdered …the previous week. Most of Megan’s friends turned up, as well as her parents. And Keith’s. Who thought they, of all people, should be the ones to speak:

“We all know that if Megan was here today, she’d forgive Keith for what he did,” said his mother. “He was not a bad person. It was the steroids that did this to him …” (He took a lot of steroids, and the possible effects of this became a major point of debate.) “It wasn’t his fault. The important thing is that they’re in heaven together now.”

Megan’s parents didn’t speak. Probably because they were speechless.

"He wasn’t that bad of a guy” was a common refrain.

“It was an intense relationship,” others would say, whatever that means.

He was a popular, athletic kid. This was how they justified his actions.

When I went back to school, my classmates asked if it had been gory (it was) and what it felt like (I didn’t know). My French teacher knew Megan and wanted to hear my story. So I sat after class and told her while she sobbed. The first time I really felt anything was when I was assigned a textbook for English class. They had us open up the book and sign our names, as did every previous owner of the book. The last name I saw there was “Megan Ridgeway.”

She was the last one to hold the book. She took it home with her, she flipped through its pages. It felt personal, real. I cried for almost a week.

I Watched My Friend Get Murdered, Right In Front Of My Eyes


I was 8 years old the first time I saw a girl with a mo hawk. I was at some mall with my mother when I spotted her. I remember being so envious and intrigued. Girls can cut their hair that way too? That’s an option? I then ask my mother if I could do it, to which she responded “you will not cut or dye your hair to look like a punk.” I cried and threw a fit over it every time I asked, which was several because I’m persistent af.

So yeah favorite hair style I’ve ever created for myself. Just having some self love over here.