i cried during the trailer

4firey1  asked:

What are your top 3 zelda games and why

1. Breath of the Wild. 

Because I love true open world games. This game will kill my ass. I will spend all my free time getting every little side quest and bit of story I can. AND VOICE ACTING! YES!

2. Twilight Princess

The amount of fucking details in the environment were insane. The character designs were unique, the world was large, and the fact that your companion had a backstory and you wanted to help her while saving Hyrule made Twilight Princess AMAZING!

3. A Link Between Worlds

Yo…FUCKING YO! THE MUSIC!!!!!! The music is insane for a 3DS title. It sounded fully orchestrated! The characters were awesome. The story was neat. The mechanic of becoming a painting to travel past obstacles never got old! 

I just realized that all of these Zelda games have made me cry. (Yeah, I cried during the Breath of the Wild trailer for the Switch)  

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Omg no take it back I've never cried so much during a trailer than I did for the civil war like my heart just fucking drop when he said "so was I" like is marvel trying to destroy me like I am so emotionally unstable right now I should be in a mental place that trailer got me fucked up right now I'm happy I don't have school I might've Just either died or killed someone after seeing that
paper towns review

To begin, the Paper Towns book is very personal to me. I read it several years ago (when the Nerdfighter community was so small! I’d never dream of days as these!) in a time where the thought process behind it was very similar to mine and it really changed my outlook. The book, the character Margo, and the themes have been close to my heart ever since.

Naturally when the movie was announced, I had mixed emotions. I was thrilled, mostly. Scared, yes, but thrilled. The same time they announced it, they revealed Nat Wolff would play Q and I was ecstatic. Nat has been my favorite actor since I was a child. 

The movie came along. I went insane when Cara was cast. I went insane when the first set pictures arrived. I cried at the trailer. I’ve watched, wondered, and waited during the entire process. So now, the 23rd of July arrived and it was finally time.

The moment Nat started his miracle speech, it became real. This is happening! I kinda screamed inside. The entire movie was a lot of inside screams. It was a lot of what I expected, especially since I followed production so closely, down to the changes. I knew they were leaving out Seaworld, included Angela more, made Q go to Prom, etc. I knew the movie company and how the movie would paced. So I wasn’t disappointed like I might’ve been if I had not known those things. 

The whole was brilliant. The jokes were hilarious. The Pokemon part and the pee scene both killed me. Radar and Ben were well-acted and the characters mastered. Nat, of course, played straight-laced Q to a tee. Cara was Margo - attractive, mysterious, and at the end - a paper girl (get it, it’s my blog name hehe). Halston was a perfect Lacey and even got a bit deeper with her (my favorite character). The dialogue was good, stayed a bit glued to narration/book narration at times, but as a fan, I was sold. The simple, artistic cinematography was captivating. The soundtrack was amazing, perfectly put, and included all of my favorite artists. 

Overall the only negative that really hit me was the ending. I wanted Margo to be found in the barn, her book to be included, and Q and Margo to bury it, and the movie end with them starring at each other. But it’s a movie, a different kind of art, and I understand things must be changed.

Despite this, they kept the idea of Margo. Despite the changes at the end and throughout, the theme was clear. Q learned his lesson. She wasn’t the manic pixie dream girl who solved everything. Her mystery had cracks like a vessel, the strings inside her broke. Even in Q’s dream, there were cracks in the mini mall walls. But sometimes you need cracks to let light in.

 And it was pretty something. 

The fact that I cried during the new Civil War trailer probably isn’t a good sign. Maybe I should wait to see it until it’s out on DVD, so I can watch it in the lonely darkness of my safe bedroom, where no one can see me dying on the inside.