i cried and i was in the jaeger

pacific rim: i guess if we give one of the jaegers a sword to rip a kaiju apart at some point of the movie it’d look cool as fuck my guys so do it

pacific rim uprising: bitch we gonna have double swords in a single jaeger, a spike hammer in another one and also we gonna give one of the jaegers a motherfucking whip like indiana jones is piloting this shit bc why not now make them square tf up. amazing.


Attack on Titan Cake

For my little brothers 13th birthday and also for the hype of season 2, I made an Attack On Titan themed cake.
Everything in the pictures are completely edible. (except for the candles duh lol)
The top part with the legion logos are sugar cookies. Following under that is a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. And finally under that is a strawberry cheesecake pie. 
Eren and the colossal titan are made out of sugar and are edible as well. For the chains i used fondant.

Hope you guys like it! <3

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Can you do 4B Eren and Annie? Thanks for the Eremika one btw I loved it. Thank you C-:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

This was supposed to be warm and fluffy and instead ended up as angsty vent art *sweats* Hope you still like it, I ship these two pretty hard so ill prob make a softer piece some other time.

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why is karina horrible?

cracks knuckles

I am of the opinion that Karina Braun might be the most horrible parent in Attack on Titan. And when you consider the number of horrible parents in this manga, that’s saying a lot.

My main issue with Karina Braun is this. She’s a lonely single mom who’s been rebuffed by her lover, but rather than owning up to the rejection and moving on, she burdens her very young son to fix it.

She basically guilts her baby boy into becoming a Marleyan Warrior Hero for her own selfish desires. I find it to be  one of the most disgusting things in the manga. 

I’ll compare it to Grisha Jaeger. He too was a terrible parent. He also burdened his children with his own twisted desires, but at least Grisha felt some remorse. He cried while injecting Eren and he never blamed Zeke for his betrayal. Grisha knew he screwed up and he accepted his role in that. 

Karina has shown no remorse. She turns a blind eye to Reiner’s obvious pain. I believe she knows in her heart the Marleyan Kool-aid they’ve been drinking is poison, yet she continues encouraging Gabi’s blind patriotic fervor. She’s more than happy to give her niece the same 13 year death sentence that plagues her son.

In chapter 99 it’s clear to me that it’s all centered on pride. She feels pride in her position and has allowed it to overwhelm any sense of compassion for her son, her niece or others. Her words to Mr. Leonhardt in chapter 99 were tactless bordering on cruel. Her words about Bert’s parents were equally lacking in any real emotion or sympathy. 

Since I’m on a roll, let me bring up another person in the Terrible Parenting Hall of Fame. Rod Reiss abandoned his daughter at a young age and only came for her when he needed something. It’s hard to find anything redeeming about Rod Reiss, but here goes. In the end, when Historia refused the serum, Rod took it himself. He lived and died by his principles.  I have a modicum of respect for the man because of that.

We haven’t seen Karina in a position where she’s needed to live by what she preaches, but I feel pretty confident if they put a call out for mindless titans for the next attack, Karina wouldn’t volunteer. 

In summary,

Thank you for the ask!


The world is merciless, but beautiful

“這世界是殘酷的  卻也如此美麗”

“You are my family, my wife, my child’s mother ”

continue this art →Eremika manga(Adult)

BGM with this art :  Hiroyuki Sawano - From Sunset to Sunrise 

you can also listen to  this BGM with  this art > <  

cried when I drew it and listened to the BGM  TAT


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and then~~ Happy New Years ^^


I received something really special today! (人´∀`)♡♡.

Lena sent me this ereri poster and postcards with her beautiful artworks on them!

The poster is amazing, it’s so big and really well done, very high quality, and same with the postcards!

I swear I almost cried when I finally had all of this in my hands… I feel so lucky! I always loved her art so much, and wanted to own something physically, but she doesn’t sell her stuff often so it isn’t easy. So I’m very grateful for this opportunity!  She is so dedicated to her fans, and has done a great effort to send her goods across the world so that even foreigners could enjoy them too, I really appreciate it!

Now I need to decide where to put the poster… hehe (♡´艸`).


More punk!au, very casual punk au… It was just supposed to be a sketch but I wanted to practice some polaroid effects

Let Me Optimistically Theorize

Because this chapter hurts, goddammit (it’s my favourite in quite awhile though).

I still am not very worried about Urie. Quite possibly that’s foolish of me, but unless Ishida is suddenly veering down a very nihilistic route I think there’s been too much build-up over his frame-out for him to just die after being swallowed by Roma like that. We might have to wait a few chapters while we return to the Mutsuki-Aura-Yomo showdown, but I think he’s pretty likely to frame out and attack Roma from the inside (pull an Eren Jaeger essentially), quite possibly killing her.

Additionally, I think the elephant in the room (Shirazu) is plot armor for all of the three original Quinxes. And oh look, the elephant was brought up this very chapter and I may or may not have cried at my desk at work.

Anyways, the Quinxes are all scattered now. Mutsuki and Aura are off committing atrocities for Furuta–but what Mutsuki really wants is to bring them all back to that house.

What Saiko really wants is for nobody else (of her family/friends) to die.

And what Urie really wants, as he seems to have finally realized, is his family. The Quinxes.

I think it’s possible that all three of the original Quinx are going to be separated after this–Urie as a prisoner or a rogue ghoul, Saiko may decide to defect (but I think thematically it makes more sense for her and Urie to be separated but who knows), and Mutsuki with the CCG (I’ll add that given Urie’s situation the fact that Mutsuki and Urie’s arcs mirror each other in some ways, I would not be surprised to see Mutsuki frame out and/or reach his lowest point here). But at their core, they are a family, however dysfunctional.

I strongly believe Shirazu is going to come back sooner rather than later, and his reappearance in Urie’s memories seems to foreshadow his return too. He’ll return, however himself or not he will be, and find that the Quinxes are scattered and frankly, all a mess. I do wonder if what makes the three original Quinx–and maybe even the new Quinx–finally come together will be to save Shirazu from Furuta and/or Kanou (though saving him will likely mean letting him die again). They may also need to work with Kaneki to do this.


Erejean week day 2 : 

april 1st : pranking

dumb boy who sends a text about him “ suffering from a really bad poisoning ” as a april fool’s joke and then dumb boyfriendkun comes over to save him

dont do that as a april fool’s joke okay ? it’s mean.

Okay. {Levi Ackerman x reader}

Originally posted by uttsukushi

Summary: Y/n gets a letter one day that breaks her heart into pieces. So Levi feels he has to clean it up <3

Requested?: No :(

Paring: Levi x Reader <3

Word count: 

Warnings: Sad af!!

Levi disliked you very very much. Not because you were rude. Not because you were too big for your boots. It was because you were too happy. Everything life threw at you, you approached it with positivity. And that erked Levi very much. You weren’t supposed to be happy. Especially with situations such as the Titans, who killed innocent people every expedition.

Levi knew about your dying father who was currently in hospital. You had joined the scouts just so you could make your father proud before his time was up. Everyday, Levi would see you in the courtyard, long after everyone had left, still training. He would sometimes watch you and realise how good you actually were at fighting. Your reflexes were fast and the strength of your fists were intense. 

Although Levi disliked you, he also admired you very very much. You were strong on the inside and the outside, which he found quite attractive. 

However, he knew that when your father passes away, you will break and Levi wanted to be there for you when the time did roll around.

Unfortunately, the time came around sooner then both of you thought. 

It was a Thursday and dinner time for all the cadets. You were nicely sat and laughing with Sasha, Mikasa, Eren and the rest of the gang when suddenly you felt a light tap on your shoulder. Looking up, you came to face to face with a pair of blue eyes. Those eyes belonged to Erwin Smith, the 13th commander of survey cops. 

As if it was a reflex, your back straightened immediately and you raised your fist to your chest.

“Commander Smith, is there anything I can help you with” You said, a broadening smile accompanying it. Erwin took hold of your hand and put it in your lap. “Y/n, I need you to come with me for just a second” His tone was soft and calm, which shocked you as you rarely ever saw his restful side. 

Slowly, you got up from your table and followed Erwin to his office, where Levi and Hanji were waiting for you. At first you thought you were in trouble which scared the hell out of you, particularly if it involved Captain Levi as he was the most strictest.

Hanji was sat down on the sofa, to which when you entered, she beckoned you to sit next to her with sad eyes. Once you had sat down, your eyes went to both men that were staring at you. Erwin was the one who spoke up first.

“Y/n, I’m afraid we have some bad news” He said, looking over to Hanji. As if on cue, she put her arm on my shoulder. “We received some news earlier on and it turns out that your father has sadly passed away” 

Levi watched as your smile drained from your face. Your face went pale and fists clenched in your lap. Hanji also noticed this and quickly got up to hug you tightly. In her arms, you sobbed and sobbed until you had no more tears left. Erwin and Hanji helped you to your room while Levi walked behind. He was shocked to find himself missing the happiness that radiated off of you. 

After Erwin and Hanji had gone, Levi waited by the door and listened to your cries. He imagined your face riddled with tears. His heart broke at the sight and he felt he had to mend it by helping you. Without knocking, he entered your room. 

“Captain?” You said, wiping your eyes quickly “Is there anything I can he-”

Suddenly, Levi pulled you into a tight hug where you stayed for a good 3 minutes. In that three minutes, you managed to reproduce your tears, which left a few tear stains on his leather jacket. However, Levi couldn’t care less. All he wanted to do was to mend you and your broken heart. 

“It’s all my fault!” You sobbed loudly “I should’ve been there!” Levi held on tighter to you. 

“This is certainly not your fault!” He said “You didn’t know, this was going to happen, no one did” 

You cried for a few more minutes until you finally calmed down. However, Levi didn’t leave your side for a second. He promised himself he wasn’t going to leave you until you were fully mended. 

“Never forget that I am always there for you, whenever you need me” He whispered into your hair “I love you y/n”


Hope you enjoyed! Requests are open!!!


Part 2 of the Jock!Eren x Nerd!Levi prompt by ererifanatic. [Part 1]

I drew the tutoring prompt (well kinda) with a shitty flirting because it’s Valentines. Levi is teaching Eren about hormones and Eren didn’t miss the opportunity to prove he was paying attention.

I couldn’t draw more because my wrist isn’t proper healed yet but hopefully I’ll be able to draw the last prompt later.

Five Stages of Love - Stage III

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Word count: 1000+
Pairing: Tony Stark & female!Reader
Warnings: swearing, slight angst
Summary: Series: There are five stages of love, most couples get stuck at stage three - you felt like it would be the same for you and Tony.
Intro - Stage I - Stage II
A/N: Well, this took some time. I’m sorry! Enjoy! 💕

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