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14 jikook.....i loved the last one you wrote me and it was emotional so i think a cuter prompt this time is fun :))

keila you always have my back, i lov u
(and i dont have enough words to express how much im squealing bc u loved the last one ajshdk)
i wanted a childhood/best friends au this time so i hope you like it!

First sentence writing prompts:
14. “What’s with the pigtails?”

“What’s with the pigtails?” Jungkook entered Jimin’s room, unable to hold back his smile when he saw the smaller boy sitting on the bed – arms crossed, a frown on his face and black braids on his hair.
He let his backpack slide from his shoulder to the ground before walking till Jimin to sit by his side.
“I lost a bet to Taehyung…” Jimin was talking while pouting, so it was a little bit hard to understand – and to hold back the urge of cooing at him, but he didn’t need to know that. “It’s your fault!” he suddenly shot a glare at a confused Jungkook, an accusing tiny finger pointed at him. “If you hadn’t agreeded with that stupid idea of pranking your brother I wouldn’t have to be walking all day with those ugly pigtails on!”
“Wait, what? Was that a bet?! Were you two making bets about me?!”
Jimin avoided his gaze with a little smile on the corner of his lips before changing the subject.
“Well… maybe… but, that’s not important, I’m the one suffering the consequences anyway!”
Jungkook laughed shaking his head and took one of the braids between his fingers. “I think it looks cute.”
It didn’t take a heartbeat for Jimin to furiously blush, Jungkook loudly laughing in response partially to annoy him and partially because it was adorable.
“D-don’t call me cute!” he stuttered, “And it doesn’t, it looks stupid! My mom kept laughing and smiling, she couldn’t even say anything! People on street wouldn’t stop looking at me and whispering too!” his pout grew bigger, “Jungkook-ah…” he whined throwing his head back and then turning to look at him with puppy eyes, “Please, help me…” Jimin shifted positions, getting on his knees to seat on the back of his ankles and grabbing Jungkook’s shoulder with his unsual small hands, so he could look him in the eye, “Please, please, pleaaase.” He cried, shaking his shoulders back and forth within each ‘please’.
Jungkook shrugged, a hint of a smile playing on his lips. “Hyung, what can I do? Why don’t you just take it off and lie to him, saying you spent all day with it?”
“Because I can’t! I need to send him a picture every half an hour with a clock by my side showing what time it is! Never make a bet with Taehyung, he is e-vil!”
The younger laughed, still caged on his hyung’s hold. He tilted his head a little bit to the side, and the sight may or may have not got Jimin’s heart to skip a beat. “So it’s a lost battle, I can’t help you, hyung… And maybe I don’t want to, I really think you look cute with it…”
“Aish.” Jimin released his shoulders and got up, his back to Jungkook to hide his red cheeks, “I only have useless friends!”
Jungkook layed on the matress, streching his back, a smile that wouldn’t go away everytime he was around Jimin creeping his lips.
He propped himself up on an elbow to find the older boy staring himself in the mirror, hands going from his hair to his forehead and then to his jawline. He had a strange look on his eyes.
“What is it?” Jungkook softly asked.
It took some seconds until he walked back to the bed, sitting in front of his best friend and taking his entire sight. Jungkook had to remind his lungs they had an actual function on his body: breath.
“My big forehead and my fat cheeks stand out too much with this hairstyle.”
Jungkook gave him The Look and Jimin already knew what was to come when the maknae sat straight, supporting the weight of his body now with his hand instead of his elbow.
“You don’t have big forehead or fat cheeks. And even if you had, what would be the problem?”
“I look ugly.”
“You don’t look ugly.”
“It’s easy for you to say! You don’t want to, but if you did, all the girls would be running after you!”
Jungkook rolled his eyes.
“Is this what this is all about? You’re only beautiful if they think you are beautiful?”
Jimin opened his mouth a few times to deny, but he could never lie to his best friend, not even about the little things. “Maybe…” he murmured in a small voice, avoiding Jungkook’s disapproving eyes.
“Mhm?” Jimin answered examining the little strand of hair on his arm.
“Hyung, look at me.” Jungkook’s tone was serious, so Jimin did, the frown from earlier still not having left his face. Jimin’s heart reacted to the proximity of their faces, closing his throat for a second and tingling his fingertips – but he didn’t back away, just gulped, knowing he was the only one who worried about stupid things like that. They kept eye contact, but Jungkook’s gaze was so intense Jimin had to try hard to not break it. “I think you’re beautiful.”
Jimin snorted annoyed, rolling his eyes just like Jungkook had done not even a minute ago.
“It’s not like tha–“ but before he could finish his sentence he felt the matress sinking by his left side as Jungkook placed his hand there, caging him between his arms, their bodies so close to each other Jimin could feel Jungkook’s hot breath on his mouth and nose. It made funny things to his stomach, all the butterflies in there writhing, wanting to break free.
“It is.” The younger whispered, his voice failing as his eyes landed on Jimin’s lips for a moment too long, before going back up to his eyes. “It is like that.”
Jungkook leaned in closer and Jimin’s heart almost stopped, antecipation bubbling inside his belly, but Jungkook’s face was now buried in the crook of his neck.
Jimin felt Jungkook carefully placing his soft lips on the skin where his ear and jawline met, forcing him to fist the fabric of his shorts in order to hold his body on place, mind dizzy, hovering in thoughts too unbelievable to be actually true.
He couldn’t find the strength to speak, too focused on Jungkook’s rhythmical breath hitting his skin to remember how to form real words.
Jungkook lifted his face up, brows slighly furrowed along with some unreadable thing hidden in his eyes – almost as if he was in pain, unable to hold back anymore. Jimin could hear his own heart beating on his ears, feeling it furiously knocking his ribcage.
He was about to open his mouth to stutter something out, when Jungkook’s voice surged, low and tempting.
“Hyung, if you don’t say anything and neither push me away, I’m… I’m going to kiss you.”
Jimin shut up without even having said anything, every mention of growing sentence dying in his throat. He shut up and for a second it seemed as if the whole world had shut up too, the silence wrapping them in a bubble too perfect to be broken.
But Jungkook turned it to dust the second he pulled Jimin’s face closer, a hand on his neck and a pair of lips kissing his mouth.
Jimin wasn’t already breathing ever since their mouths touched, but the instant Jungkook parted his lips and moistened Jimin’s bottom lip with his tongue, a nonexistent oxygen was kicked out of his lungs –out of his blood –, forcing him to cling on Jungkook’s shoulders so he wouldn’t melt. He licked back out of instinct and before he realized they were kissing – sweetly but eagerly, softly but greedily –, chasing each other’s lips with a thirst they didn’t know they had.
Jungkook was the one to pull away first, panting and blushing, lips red and shiny.
“I…” he started, but Jimin didn’t need to hear.
He knew.
“Me too. Kiss me.”
And so Jungkook did.
From that day forward, he couldn’t remember a single day he didn’t spend with Jimin by his side

Shoutan's Blog Update - 2015-12-15 - [Prince Kaguya] A Legend ...

*Do NOT repost*

*Cries as I struggled so hard to translate this* I really need to learn Japanese properly 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。Translations are NOT 1000% (sorrynotsorry)

First of all, everyone who came to the theatre and everyone who supported us.

Thank you so much.

This time, as of 13th December all performances of Stage Play [Prince Kaguya] was completed successfully.

It felt long, but it felt short.
This period of time was very strange.

I was think, practice had just started
the other day. Now we have finished all the performances.

To everyone who has seen it, how was it? The typical and contemporary Japanese arrangements of The Tale of the Bamboo-Cutter (Princess Kaguya).

Did you enjoy it? (*^_^*)

This time, Aoi Shouta is written down as the Protagonist role, but that’s not true.

All 13 of the casts are the Protagonist, I am sincerely grateful, to be able to star in such a wonderful play.

Reading the script, this, can I really do this…

Anxiety and pressure, the feeling of anxiety and pressure kept repeating.

During that moment, everyone supported me, encouraged me, and gave me the confidence,

I was able to play Kaguya, Luna, Aoi.

Above all, I needed to be pretty enough for a marriage proposals.

Appear invisible to the men (Kaguya pretended to be a girl)

During practice too, I covered my makeup-less face with a mask, practiced doing women’s makeup if I had time.

When I think about it from time to time it was really hard.

That then became natural, and Kaguya descended.

I wonder if it’s because Maa-kun’s (Saki Masato-kun) San was there (*^_^*)

Ever since then I can’t get San out of my head.

I’ve decided, I can never change in front of San! And also to cover my hands in hand cream  laughs

I became so engrossed with PriKagu then.

I am glad to have Nozomu-san and Akimoto-san as my Grandfather, Grandmother,
Fuuki-san as Sora

Also, really glad to have Maa-kun as San. If not then I probably wouldn’t have loved San this much.

If it wasn’t for this cast, PriKagu wouldn’t have been possible.

I am grateful to have met them.
I am grateful for this fate.

On a night of a full moon, please, look up to the moon in the sky.

At that time, Kaguya and everyone else will definitely smile at you (*^_^*)

We look forward to the day that we will meet again (*^_^*)

“I am always thinking about you
my beloved one…”

Until that day, everyone (*^_^*)

And … San (*^_^*)

Goodnight (*^_^*)

Thank you very much!

From Aoi Shouta and Kaguya.