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You’re My Savior

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Title: You’re My Savior

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,093

Warnings: Suicide Attempt, angst

A/N: I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I had to write this. I just had a lot of Sam feels lately and everyone needs a Sam. I hope you all love this. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much <3 <3

It was a breezy summer night.  The wind whipped through your hair as you walked along the sidewalk that was next to the bridge.  You started coming here at night more often.  Life was hell in a hand basket.  You were being watched and followed, but no one wanted to believe you.  It was driving you insane.  You had lost all of your friends and your family didn’t even want to talk to you anymore.  You even lost your job.  You had nothing left; nothing to live for.

You took a step onto the bridge’s metal beam, overlooking the river.  You never thought about jumping before.  Then again, you still had something to go back to in the past.  You weren’t sure if you had the strength to keep going.  You looked up and down the bridge; there was no sign of a car in sight. 

Sam turned off of the wrong exit a few miles back.  Now he had to use the bridge to get to the other part of town.  If Dean wouldn’t have left without him to go save his friend Benny, Sam wouldn’t be in this situation.  

As he was crossing the bridge he could see a silhouette in the distance.  He let his car coast as he squinted his eyes to see if there was actually a person standing on the side of the bridge.  He pulled to a stop, turning the car off.  Sam wasn’t sure if you were a spirit or not.  He had to proceed with caution.

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Annon requested: Could you please do a Cameron imagine where you’re best friends and you have a nightmare so you go to his room and he calms you down and cuddles with you. And in the morning when you wake up all the other guys tease you for sleeping in the same bed as Cam. Sorry for the long description!!

“You deserve this” my father yelled, “deserve what? I didn’t do anything to you” I cried “you did everything, because of you, i’m dead” he said pulling out a gun “that wasn’t my fault, the driver hit us, I didn’t even see him” I cried, “because of what you did to me, I’m taking away something that means a lot to you” he smirked, “what are you talking about” I cried, “this.” He walked away, to a separate room. A few seconds later, he emerged with a blindefolded boy. He threw the boy to his knees, “who is that” I yelled. “The one person you love more than yourself” he smiled widely. He pulled the blindfold off, and I came face to face with a gaged Cameron. “cam!” I yelled, trying to fight through the restraints, he mumbled my name through tears. “Please don’t” I cried out to my father, “should have thought about this before killing me” he pointed the gun to his head. “I didn’t know, please, I didn’t know!” I yelled. He ignored me, and in that moment time slowed down. He pulled the trigger, and with a blink of an eye, the love of my life, my best friend Cameron, laid dead on the floor. “NOOOO!” I screamed turning away. My father smiled demonically, before pointing the gun at me. I took a breath in, letting tears fall as he pulled the trigger.

“BOOM!” I jumped up in my bed, my body covered in sweat, my sheets thrown everywhere, and my hair a mess. My heart thumped fast, and tears made their way on to my face. I jumped out of my bed, and ran down the hall to Cameron’s room. I swung the door open, causing cam to jump. “y/n..?” He questioned rubbing his eyes. “Cam… Your okay” I cried. He got up from the bed quickly making his way over to me, “y/n.. What happened?” He said bringing me into a hug “my dad, he came back, and made me watch him kill you” I sobbed. He rubbed my head, “shush, shush, there, there. It was a nightmare babe” “I thought I lost you” I cried. He led me over to his bed, “loose me? That easy? I think not” he said lying me down “stay with me” he tucked me in his bed. I layed down, and he slid next to me. He brought my head to his chest, as he played with my hair. “Promise you’ll never leave” I said pulling myself closer to his chest “I promise I’ll never leave you, your too special for me to leave. If you thought I’d be out your life that quick, you have been fooled. I love you y/n, and I’m always gonna be here.” He said kissing my forehead “thanks cam. I love you too” he rubbed my hair, just the way he always did when he would always make me fall asleep.

The next day I woke up to murmurs, “stop, your gonna wake the love birds.” “Romeo and Juliet AF” “you think they fucked?” I hit cam, thinking it was him. But I was mistaken, my eyes fluttered open, and I came face to face with Aaron, Grayson, and Ethan. “Dammit they’re up” Grayson laughed a bit “fuck you guys” I flipped them off, “had fun making babies” Aaron teased “we didn’t have sex” I rolled my eyes sitting up, “you guys “Netflixed & Chilled” Ethan laughed, “leave her alone” cam said sitting up, “oh look at bubba sticking up for his girlfriend” Grayson laughed “I’m not his girlfriend” I smacked him, “then why are you in his bed?” Grayson smirked “she had a nightmare” cam shrugged “yeah sure” Aaron smirked while air quoting “fuck y'all” I said “nah, you did that with cam” Ethan laughed. I rolled my eyes and layed back down, “we are gonna go get some pizza” Aaron said leaving the room. “Their such asses” cam laughed, cuddling next to me “thats how you are on a normal basis tho” I laughed “wowwww fake” he rolled his eyes “yup, that’s me” I laughed “and here she goes with the that’s so raven references” he flipped over to his back “ you love it tho” I smirked “yeah sure” he smiled to himself.

Request - Barry Allen “New Beginning”

You were holding his hand, like you had done almost every day over the last nine months. You had to force yourself to keep talking, to keep believing that he would wake up, even when you knew not a lot of coma patients did after such a long time.
“Come on Barry… I don’t think I can do this all by myself…” You put his hand on your belly, the belly you barely managed to fit in your shirts anymore.
“It’s not just me waiting for you, you feel? This little one wants a daddy who can carry her around…” A tear was rolling over your face, and you wiped it away, aggressively. You cried so easily lately. Everyone blamed it on the pregnancy, and maybe that was true, but you had a hard time imagining being left alone, living on without Barry. You could still remember your panic after the lightning had hit, just when you had gone downstairs to check something. The stairs back up seemed to be endless, and the moment you found Barry, lying motionless on the floor, your world seemed to have stopped. You knew you had somehow called 911, you knew you had gotten to the hospital, and you knew you had moved along with him to Star labs later on, but if anyone would ask you how you had done that, you wouldn’t have been able to tell them. The test you had done a few days after the accident had been a shock as well. You and Barry hadn’t been planning on becoming parents, and here you were, with a Barry in coma and a baby growing in your belly. Maybe the last thing Barry would leave on this earth. You smiled when you felt the baby kick, exactly where you had put Barry’s hand.
“See Barry? Your daughter wants to meet you. You just need to wake up…” Then you held your breath. You couldn’t have felt that, could you? The baby was kicking inside of you, you had imagined the hand on your belly stroking it. You slowly looked up at his face, not wanting to be disappointed again, like all those times before.
“A daughter?” The voice startled you. You hadn’t heard it for far too long, had actually almost given up the hope of ever hearing it again.
“Barry?” He smiled, and you had to push back the tears that wanted to come out again. You didn’t want him to see you crying, immediately after he came back. He nodded.
“How long have I been out?” He looked at your belly in shock. It almost told him everything he needed to know about that., but you told him anyway.
“9 months. And yes, she’s yours…” The smile on his face only grew.
“When is she due?” You shrugged.
“Any day now…” And then the tears came, the tears of happiness this time. Barry was back. Your daughter would get a father, you would have a boyfriend again. All would be well again. He clearly didn’t know what to do, clumsily stroking your hair.
“I’m so sorry… I should have been there.” You shook your head.
“It’s ok now, Barry… everything is fine…” He hesitated with his hand above your belly.
“May I?” You nodded, placing his hand there again yourself, immediately feeling the baby kick.
“She’s just as happy as I am to have you back…” The astonishment on his face was wonderful to see.
“I can’t wait to meet her, Y/N.”

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