i cried a lot from this film

Dan and Phil’s Liveshow // 4.27.17

First liveshow in the new house

Dan is wearing the pink Sydney shirt

Phil is wearing a new grey/blue/green? hoodie 

Random box of shit that they went through

Many box paper cuts

Moving video recap

The London Apartment was like the F.R.I.E.N.D.S apartment

They’re still going to be making videos and they brought their stuff no need to fret

The new house is a duplex

They’re still renting RIP to the dog dreams for now

They’re drowning in cardboard boxes

There’s a semi transparent glass door in the lounge

Easter baking (Phil still doesn’t know what they’re called)

“Whisk it harder” -Phil

Phil’s bedroom is going to be pretty much the same don’t get too hyped about new interior design

Dan’s bedroom will be almost completely different (apparently it looks like the moon?)

Dan got rid of the bedspread but Phil kept his (he secretly has 2 the entire time)

They are yet to meet the neighbor

“’When will you get a dog?’ I guess when the house is bought and there’s no landlord.”

The gaming background will look weirdly similar 

“Gaming lighting will be dank”

Dan’s filming area is through the door thing through the longue 

Dan didn’t want to play i spy on the flight back from Singapore what a bitch

They watched Fantastic Beasts (3/5 stars), Lion (ugly crying), Hacksaw Ridge (Dan cried the entire second half of the movie) on the flight 

They went to a night zoo in Singapore which was really cool

Phil was convinced an elephant was trying to come after him

Dan wanted to see absolutely everything 

They haven’t listened to the new Fall Out Boy song yet

They’re enjoying the new place a lot just getting adjusted 

Phil will still film in his bedroom (apparently the landlord thought he was going to film a porno)

They have a Lounge and a chill lounge (currently they’re in the chill lounge which is where they’ll film)

Dan got a white piano

Phil is constantly taking creepshots

Maybe they’ll get a fish

The Art Science Museum in Singapore was lit 

Phil the Photographer

Phil’s hood has gone up #news

Dan did a lot of crying on that trip

Basically Singapore was just really cool

Dan stuck his foot through the leg of the ripped jeans

“What is it with Australia inspiring me to paint my nails” 


Phil may attempt to curl his hair for a video at some point

Phil will be away in Florida after Playlist with his family on holiday so he’ll tweet about when he’ll do the next liveshow

The 1D poster is gone #rip

The last gaming video was a good send off

This year is very much about them and their lives

Dan got a bonsai for is desk

Dan has one more dinof video filmed in the old house 

This one isn’t a forever home

“You sneaky weasels” 

“It suits him. Embrace the natural curls.” Phil on Dan’s curls

The new place doesn’t really have a name but Thor is a possibility

Phil probably wouldn’t paint his nails because he doesn’t like having stuff on his (like tattoos or pen marks) just as a personal preference 

DINOF video most likely on Monday and Dan liveshow on Tuesday

“We hope that we’re been two virtual buddies to you”


Alright, so now I’ll get into a bit of detail with what was happening while making these gifs (and don’t worry, I’m fine. Sometimes it’s just fun to talk about what was happening when you acted something out, y’know?) 

1: ACTING: Okay, this day I had a really hard time getting ANY tears whatsoever. I was dry as a bone. So I ended up using eyedrops for this. *sighs*

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february 2017 - dan and phil


first week (1-7): still up on the isle of man for phil’s birthweek! phil goes on a pleasant walk on the beach. accompaniment confirmed by dan howell (and martyn and cornelia). dan fell or something while trying to be an aesthetic hoe (a sprained wrist and knee? sorry my honeybee). dan posts another pic from iom and i don’t know why i’m crying in the club right now? (also he posted a flop of it on twitter…whatever). phil liveshow! (highlights: birthday present haul includes cool shoes from martyn, sock book, rewined candle, cool beetle jumper from parents, sushi gummies from dan (nostalgia from tatinof uk), firefly on blu-ray, terrarium, big lava lamp from dan, basically just spent a lot of time walking on the seaside and stuff for his bday celebrations, dan falling was hilarious and also genuinely concerning, “He’s a tall guy so it’s a long way to fall,” magic 8 ball predicted that a dog is on the horizon ???!!!!???!!!, if he does anything interesting he’ll do more day in the lifes??!!!!?!). another seaside walk picture plz stop. new gaming video: Dan vs. Phil: QUICK DRAW! phil gives us a relaxing video of the lava lamp dan gave him. nailbaiting occurred by phil. dan and nathan zed interacted and i ascended. phil takes pictures of dan a lot and dan likes posting them (aka dan lays on the floor trying to script). new danisnotonfire video: MY EVIL PIANO TEACHER (aka dan playing the piano thank god). phil still has jingle bells stuck in his head. dan liveshow! (highlights: sweaty and sensual dan ://, they help each other film because setting up tripods is for losers when you have your own person, they cried laughing filming the piano video, dan was excited about this sext marcus butler sent him from this video but then realized it was a joke, phil’s birthday week has extended until forever, dan dramatically fell and talked about it for five minutes, has hamilton tickets, he might rebrand to Dan Howell on youtube wow plz, he went to the dentist :/). 

second week (8-15): dan and phil hang out with zoe and meerkats as her wish for make a wish foundation! new gaming video: IS IT PAINFUL TO DIE?! - Dan and Phil play Google Feud #2. phil liveshow! (highlights: dan got phil a signed nude of david boreanaz, when they saw manchester by the sea a man tripped into dans popcorn oops, wow! there were three gas leaks in their house! it’s like the universe is trying to say something! *cough* move, if there are more gas leaks they will have to leave the house for three weeks and they would probs go on holiday…japan plz.., phil has pretty houseplants with pretty flowers, he bought a fluffy coat, loved the meerkats, petbaiting). cute australia pic (i wish i was that kanga). new phil icon which has effectively made me dead? (also accompanying pic) new gaming video: DIL GETS A FREEZE RAY. dan gets wet and sticky with phil in phils bedroom. new amazingphil video: Dan and Phil PASTEL EDITS IN REAL LIFE! (i dont know how to feel? i have been overwhelmed). also dan calls phil hubby but like not really but also really and… why. phil wishes us a happy valentines day with a sloth. dan liveshow! (highlights: i don’t really know dan destroyed gender roles and wore a grey wig and a flower crown and tried to scrape off his tattoos just watch the video plz). another australia selfie :( another belated birthday meal for phil but he ate moss that was attached to his drink (is he just gonna keep turning 30 forever jeez). 

third week (16-23): phil’s parents come to london to visit (no phil liveshow) but during their next liveshows they confirm they saw book of mormon again with the in-laws *cough* parents. new gaming video: IS THIS THE END? Dan and Phil play THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! #6 (twas a good one). there are seagulls outside phil’s windows (side note: hector aka shitty watercolour made a painting of it and the livestream of it was good not that anyone cares). phil spent his weekend watching time lapses of cats when they are home alone. dan threw an entire salad out (aka his agenda to force phil to eat pizza and not get healthy even though phil has signed up for the gym and gone jogging i hate him). new gaming video: HORSE BOYFRIEND SIMULATOR?! - Dan and Phil play: My Horse Prince. phil is a bad lurker irl #confirmed as he tried to watch a couple argue but it didn’t work out that well. dan said chicken instead of ordering coffee at starbucks and now he can’t go to that one anymore. also on the same day someone spotted dan and phil out on a bus wow. dan and phil were watching a property show (moving? stay woke) and saw their merch. dan liveshow! (highlights: pastel beanie: on, curly hair: worn, dick: out, i am forcibly removed from the liveshow, he said chicken because of the cow and chicken theme song stuck in his head what a weirdo, he has a cheeky idea for a video thats important but not really and he doesnt know if hes ready :), he has realized he could murder someone because he just spaces out aka the salad event, they forgot to paint their nails and put in earrings for the pastel edits video wow thats great, asmr, he loves moonlight thank god, he and phil play sing star and are only good at toxic and muse, his reblogs on tumblr don’t mean anything, he had a very long shower). phil keeps buying weird things for their home. phil liveshow! (highlights: storm doris, had a haircut in his house again and it goes without saying dan got one too, liveshow haul, he froze younow is philphobic, seven exo planets and countless universes! phil is so smart, final fantasy is too long for dapg, excited for the oscars, and then that’s it because phil likes to keep his liveshows short). 

week four (24-28): oops i counted the days wrong this week is too short, dan is a sad pimp, new gaming video: BATTLE OF THE BALLS - Dan vs. Phil: Golf With Friends. phil had a cozy day and ate cookies. dan believes moonlight should win for best film as it is the most important (thenks dan howell for my life). phil tries to stay up for the oscars but fails and dan lets us all know. “at least i didn’t fuck up as hard as the 2017 oscars envelope guy”, new gaming video: DIL BURNS THE PANCAKES - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #36, dan didn’t have a liveshow because younow was broken

a nice month. what in februation

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2D realizing that his S/O is pregnant with him! Go you amazing person!

- When you tell him you’re pregnant, he’s in absolute shock. He’s unable to speak, all he does is manage a quiet “What?”
- When you repeat yourself, he gets a huge smile on his face. He’s nervous, of course, but he’s extremely overjoyed at the same time.
- He asks you a plethora of questions. Things like, “When did you find out?”, “Have you told anyone else?”, “What are we gonna name ‘em?”, “Do I need to buy stuff for ‘em yet?”
- He actually wants to name the baby “(Your name) the 2nd”
- He loves kids and he’s always wanted to have one of his own, so he makes sure that he’s much more protective over you than usual for the next couple of months. 
- He draws smiley faces on your stomach all of the time. It’s “for the baby.”

Some bonus headcanons with him and the baby because why not???:

- The baby mostly takes after you in the looks department (aside from their very eye-catching blue hair) but their personality and mannerisms are an absolute mirror of 2D. Once they’re able to talk, they have 2D’s Cockney accent as well.
- When I say they mirror 2D, I mean, like, he got the baby a whale plushie once and they cried over it.
- He’d probably watch a bunch of his zombie films with them while they’re still young enough not to be scared by them.
- If they do so much as to smile at 2D he freaks out and tells you about it. 
- He dresses them up a lot. Sometimes he puts them in one of his cool hats and he thinks they look amazing.
- He tries to teach them how to play piano at such a young age. He also sings and plays it for them a lot to get them to stop crying (it’s just like how he is with the kids in the Dirty Harry music video.)
- He takes the baby everywhere. He shows them to everyone. Everyone has to know about them. He loves his kid.

Today I watched the most beautiful thing ever! Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 1 Reunion (mouthful). This contains spoilers.

I watched it in English. The majority of voice actors return from Adventure and Adventure 02 or sounded the same. I’m sure Gabumon had a different one. I fangirled when I first heard Tai speak so well as Kari.

It was great to see the opening as lot was a normal animé film opening with the slice of life element and Japanese song. It is clear the people who dubbed this knew who this was made for. I will get on that later. I was nearly crying because Tai picked up his digivice and I was just watching with my mouth agape.

When Agumon appeared I cried a little but not as much as I thought I was going too. No tears fell, I just started watering up. It was great to see the ultimate team back together.

The bit that made me cry the most was a bit during the fight against three Kuwagamon. I mean proper crying. Tears were falling! T.K and Kari are about to fight one. I ship them so hard. They were my original OTP. When Patamon started to Digivolve I started crying for two reasons. One, it was adorable and two, the team of T.K, Kari, Angemon and Gatomon was a superb scene. The pairing is canon. It was confirmed in Adventure 02 Japanese Dub so I am told. IT’S CANON IT’S CANON IT’S CANON!!!!!!!!!

It is clear both the writers and translates know who should be aimed at as it is very mature. Matt says ‘pissing me off’. Yes, in a Digimon animé. The game developers and publisher (Bandai Namco) aim at a more mature audience but the animé have always been aimed at a younger audience, it never matured with the audience with a few exceptions but this is promising. It is clearly aimed at people like me who grew up with the Adventure series’.

The other bit that made me cry like that was when Omnimon Digivolved. It was a beautiful scene of Agumon and Gabumon Digivolving and attacking Alphamon in each stage and then DNADigivolving to Omnimon. I was possibly just as much, maybe more. I was in awe.

I can’t wait for Chapter 2.

List of TOP GAY MOVIES to watch

(note: click on a movie, to be redirected to its IMDB profile of the film)
(note 2: My personal favorites will be marked with a star (“ * ”)
(note 3: movies are named originally by the country of releasing except some movies with a different writing system than Latin alphabet)

Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (Score: 8,2 - Brasil, 2014)*
Prayers for Bobby (Score: 8,2 - USA, 2009) / (note: I cried)*
C.R.A.Z.Y. (Score: 8,0 – Canada, 2005)*
Rak haeng Siam (Score: 8,0 - Thailand, 2007) / (3hours long but worth it)*
(Score: 7,9 - USA, 2007)
Beautiful Thing (Score: 7,8 - UK, 1996)
Contracorriente (Score: 7,8 - Colombia 2009)
Get Real (Score: 7,7 – UK, 1998)*
Jongens (Score: 7,7 - Netherlands, 2014) / (note: title photo)*
Mysterious Skin (Score: 7,7 - USA/Netherlands, 2004)*
Out in the Dark (Score: 7,6 - Israel/Palestine/USA, 2012)
Cuatro Lunas (Score: 7,5 - Mexico, 2014) / (note: cried a lot)*
Freier Fall (Score: 7,5 - Germany, 2014)
Noordzee, Texas (Score: 7,3 - Belgium, 2011)*
The Trip (Score: 7,2 - USA, 2002) / (note: my tumblr icon is from this)*
Were the World Mine (Score: 7,1 - USA, 2008)
Broderskab (Score: 7,1 - Denmark, 2009) / (note: very drastic)
A escondidas (Score: 7,0 - Spain, 2014) / (note: no English subtitles)
Viharsarok (Score: 6,9 - Hungary/Germany, 2014) / (note: shocking end)

SPECIAL: Love Is All You Need? (Score: 7,9 - USA, 2011)

(final note: I will be gradually updating this post with new movies)
last update: August 18 2015

Rainy Days

request: A little one shot where you’re Fionn’s girlfriend and you go to set with him one day. You meet the cast and you later overhear how much they adore you.
(or, the one where she visits France just to see Fionn)

author’s note: hiya! so originally this prompt included Fionn proposing but because someone’s requested that already, I’ve decided to just write one based on the proposal! hope that’s okay. thanks everyone for the requests!

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Colin O’Donoghue--OUAT Chicago 6/11/17

Colin O’Donoghue Q&A Panel

Note:  I had some issues with my recordings of this particular panel.  I had to record the panel in 4 separate parts, because my voice recorder couldn’t handle any more than 17 minutes at a time.  A couple of the parts went missing.  I was able to fill in most of the missing segments after hunting through YouTube for videos to supplement what I had, but there are, I think, a couple of minutes I’m still missing.

Announcer:  Welcome Captain Hook himself, Mr. Colin O’Donoghue!

Colin:  Awesome!  A bit of Led Zepplin.  You can’t beat it.  Hello everyone!

Fan (from audience):  Hello, gorgeous.

Colin:  (looks around behind him)  Who you talking to?

Fan (from audience): You!

Colin:  Oh, thank you.  It’s a lot…it’s a lot of people.  Hello.  I guess I’m gonna start with the questions.

Fan: Hi, sorry. (giggles and cries)

Colin:  This is a good start.

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Celebrating 30 Years Of ‘Fresh Air’: Writer/Director Paul Schrader

Schrader wrote the screenplays for Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and The Last Temptation of Christ, and wrote and directed Blue Collar. He spoke in 1988 about his religious upbringing and his work in film.

On writing Taxi Driver:

“I wrote that script in 10 days, in two drafts. It jumped out of my head like an animal. It was a real cri de coeur – it was a cry from my heart. I had fallen into a difficult period in Los Angeles where I was living in my car and was just sort of driving around, and having a lot of trouble sleeping. I had a pain in my stomach, which turned out to be an ulcer, and then while I was talking to the nurse in the emergency room I realized I hadn’t spoken to anyone in several weeks, and when I was in the hospital I realized that’s what I was – I was like a taxi driver. I was this person who was floating around in this car. When I got out of the hospital I wrote that script, like I said, in 10 days.”

current music obsessions

RULES: list the top 10 songs you’re listening to nowadays and tag 10 mutuals!

tagged by the wonderful charlotte @nerhdd

  1. ​buy the stars - marina + the diamonds
  2. the boy who cried wolf - passenger
  3. what would i change it to - avicii
  4. sweet dreams - eurythmics (the remix version from the atomic blonde trailers because that film is my aesTHETIC)
  5. you make my dreams - daryl hall + john oates
  6. in the middle - dodie
  7. praise you - hannah grace (its on the lloyds ads okay i hear it a lot)
  8. fiction - kygo + tom odell
  9. a happening - hyperstory
  10. sober ii (melodrama) - lorde

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From how much you talk about it/generally are really fricking happy about it, you made me ten times more excited for Homecoming and I thank you

Originally posted by warinfinities

You will honestly NOT regret getting 10 times more excited for Homecoming because I swear to god, even the first time you see Peter Parker on the screen, YOU WILL JUST LAUGH. :))) 

This movie is pure comedy from beginning to end with scenes that will make you SO ANGRY, SO STRESSED, SO TOUCHED, SO SO SO SAD that it makes you cry and SO DAMN WANNA GET UP FROM YOUR SEAT AND PROTECT THIS 15-YEAR-OLD because that’s what most of us felt at a lot of scenes. He’s just a boy who wants to do good but keeps making these mistakes because he’s young and naive so he’s not used to these things, but he’s really smart. This is the first time that we’re actually being shown of a smart Peter and I’ve never been so pleased in my life. How does he make his webbing? IT ALL MAKES SENSE HERE.

Most of all, what sets this movie apart from all the past ones is that Peter Parker never lets you forget he’s a kid, not even for a second and you really feel his struggles even with just Tom Holland’s voice.

All the scenes with Tony Stark just make your heart hurt. Oh and not much of a spoiler, but I love how Peter cries here a couple of times. Not just once, but a lot and it’s so relatable because you would cry too if you were placed in such a situation as a kid.

I just really love Spider-Man: Homecoming so much and it’s easily the best Spider-Man film I’ve ever seen and definitely my favorite for so many reasons you will know once you’ve watched it.

I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did!! :D All my friends who have seen it are watching it twice or more. Hope that tells you how amazing this movie is!

The Long And Winding Road (9.07)
The Beatles

January 9th, 1969 (Twickenham Film Studios, London): With John and George yet to arrive at the studio, Mal and Ringo sit with Paul at the piano as Paul tries to figure out the lyrics for the middle-eight of ‘The Long And Winding Road’. 

PAUL: All the pleasure from the many ways I’ve tried / But still they… “I’ve had lots of pleasure but said better,” you know. “I’ve had many pleasure, I’ve had much much more pleasure…” The many times I’ve been alone / The many times I’ve cried…

MAL: Put “waiting here” and “standing there.”

PAUL: Yeah, I was thinking of that. 

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so happy for you that you got to see cmbyn! do you have anything else to share about it?? anything or everything haha :)

thank you!!! i’m from spain and the release date has been pushed until february (which i’m sure is a crime and violates human rights in so many levels) so i don’t know what i would’ve done if i had to wait that long!!

some thoughts under the cut! beware of little spoilers!

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The Green Inferno: Racism v. Realism

Obviously, I’ve perused the “Green Inferno” tag on here a whole lot. I’ve seen a wide range of negative reactions towards it, most of which claim that the film is racist, shameful, and completely unrealistic and cruel.

I’ve seen multiple attempts at people starting petitions to stop it from being released, as well as people calling others to protest it and refuse to go see it.

Mainly, I’ve seen people point out that the artistic representation of the tribe in the film is the least forgivable part of the entire film. I have read cries against the “savage-like red paint” being used in the film to depict the tribe.

Rather than attack the social justice warriors that are so disgusted with this film, I thought I would correct some of these claims.

For one, the tribe featured in this film is not made up of actors. The Green Inferno uses an actual, recently-undiscovered Peruvian tribe in this film. They were discovered in the Amazon without running water, electricity, and ….well, warrior-like red paint jobs. The photo at the beginning of this post is not taken from the film - it’s a photo taken of the real-life tribe as discovered in Peru.

Eli Roth took this as an opportunity to film his newest film, and traveled deep within the Amazon to meet with the tribe. There, he introduced them to movies, and showed them the film Cannibal Holocaust to give them a vibe of the film that he wanted to create. They tribe thought that Cannibal Holocaust was intentionally a comedy, and were so enraptured with it that they all excitedly agreed to be in his movie, and welcomed him to use their tribe as the basis for his film.

If you ask me, using a real life tribe that knows that they are being painted as “cannibalistic savages” in his film does not make The Green Inferno racist one bit. He had permission, they knew how they were being depicted, and they embraced it and thought it was hilarious. The tribe themselves are in no way offended, and were actually so thankful over the entire experience that they attempted to offer The Green Inferno’s production designer a gift - a small baby - which had to be politely declined.

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Vampire movie rec list?


  • Near Dark: Dusty blue collar midwestern outlaw vampire family of my heart. I actively try and seek out vampire media that turns away from the typical aristocratic european vampires and this kind of feels like the “American” answer to that–it’s so very American, in the best sense of use of setting and culture to shape the vampires. Also there’s a lot of unique mythology at play that I found pretty refreshing.
  • The Forsaken: More Americana vampires, but this is a more southwestern roadtrip adventure with a lot of heavy-homoeroticism between the two leads.
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night: This is… the vampire movie of my heart. I don’t know how to describe it, but I thought going in it was about a female vampire protecting women from awful men and there’s elements of that, but I think it’s ultimate thesis is more about connection and the way we all connect, and it feels very John Hughes-y in some respects, but also does something fantastic with the human/vampire romance in the end I don’t want to spoil. Just go watch.
  • Only Lovers Left Alive: I struggle with parts of this movie (mostly the Christopher Marlowe/anti-Stratfordian stuff), but I love the take on how two vampires can mantain a relationship when they live forever and the different ways of dealing with immortality and how human nature doesn’t just get eroded away, but gets more intense–its depiction of depression is really heartrending.
  • Thirst: I heard some Vengeance Trilogy fans hate this movie and THEY ARE WRONG. This is honestly one of the best vampire movies I have ever seen. The main relationship is so fascinating and complex, and just. Vampire priest, ok? Vampire priest.  
  • Interview With The Vampire: Most formative movie of my life. I think most people who are fans of vampire have seen this movie so I won’t say much about it, but I think it gets at the crux of why I love vampires.
  • Byzantium: Spiritual successor to Interview, but from the perspective of working class women. I love its complex look at the relationship between a mother and daughter that’s harsh and overprotective, but ultimately very much about love. There’s a lot of subtle interesting worldbuilding I would like to know more about, and a sweet fucked up vampire girl/fragile human boy romance, and Clara Webb is just a stunning character.
  • Let The Right One In: I don’t have words for this film, it’s so beautiful that it ends up haunting you for a very long time afterwards. Precious baby romances with tiny vicious vampires.
  • Fright Night (1985): I prefer this film to the remake if we’re talking about the depiction of vampires because here I actually hated the human protag and wanted the vampire to win, which was actually the opposite in the remake, so this is why the original makes the list. There’s a lot of interesting dynamics at play in this movie, especially when it pertains to sexuality and the homoeroticism, especially for the 80’s (like the mom makes a reference that Jerry and his human Reinfield, Billy, are probably boyfriends, while the movie removed Billy altogether and made Jerry HYPER-hetero, so).  
  • The Lost Boys: Important to me. 80’s glam vampire gang trying to recruit new pretty teenage boys to join their pretty boy gang. Another quintessential movie everyone has seen, but still needs to be here.
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula: I just like how OTT and flashy and lush everything about this film is. It’s so overindulgent and gratuitous in a lot of ways, but I don’t think it would work any other way. Also I actually like Keanu in this, which seems to be like an unpopular opinion, idk.
  • Shadow of the Vampire: Strange metatextual what-if Nosferatu was actually a documentary of an actual vampire. You kind of just have to go with it. It’s unique, to say the least.
  • What We Do In The Shadows: JUST GO WATCH IT. Loving beautiful satire of vampires that had me laughing non-stop I cried.  
  • Dracula: Untold: I DON’T CARE I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Dracula is a cute married with Mirena and he’s a DAD. DAD!DRACULA. It’s cute, unironically adore it.
  • The Hamiltons/The Thompsons: Creepy, incestuous vampire families with interesting vampire lore trying to fit in with suburbia. These films are kind of low-budget, but for the lack of budget, there’s a lot of interesting ideas, great narratives, and good character work.
  • The Blade Series: Just go watch it. Vampire hunter who is part vampire himself trying to save the world from evil vampires, the reason the MCU even exists. Just go.
  • The Little Vampire: This is the cutest movie that ever was. Like a little boy befriends a little boy vampire and tries to help his vampire family so they can be human again. It’s great.

I’ve been crying a lot today. Logically I know it’s a pregnancy hormone thing, but its left me feeling like an emotional wreck.

I cried while watching Suffragette, a film about the fight for women to have the right to vote.

I cried while watching the Macklemore video for Same Love.

That led to me crying while filling in my same sex survey form.

From there it was logical to wonder what my uncle would make of all this, given he passed away in the 80’s from HIV (we were told it was “blood cancer”), during a time when his partner was only ever referred to as his housemate or friend. So I cried some more.

I still haven’t been able to meet my new baby niece, she’s almost three weeks old now. There’s logical reasons why we haven’t been able to visit yet but it still makes me sad, so I cried a bit more.

Plus it’s the four year anniversary of my younger cousin’s unexpected passing….thinking of how his life was cut so short and the impact that has had on his immediate family always brings me to tears…

Finally I cried in the shower when I realised how much I have cried today.

I feel like it’s just been an emotional day. The weird vivid dreams I had last night didn’t help, as it brought up feelings that have been long since resolved. I guess my day just started a bit “off” and spiralled from there….

How has/was everyone else feeling during the last few weeks of pregnancy? Did you also have days were you felt super emotional?

poor baby probably cried her heart out when the cameras weren't on

from our point of view, courtney cried about duncan for like maybe, one to three episodes in world tour , but after those episodes it looked like she didn’t give a shit about him , immediately, just like that. We know a challenge is set once a week (or every three days idk) so the contestants had a lot of free time when the cameras weren’t rolling. I couldn’t possibly imagine how much Courtney cried when they weren’t being filmed,,,,,