i cried a lot from this film


My friends and I met Peter Capaldi and we cried a lot. I talked to him about the ‘tiny tiny Starbucks’ that stood behind where we were watching the filming from. He is such an angel, who got so excited about the TARDIS, pointing to it and going, “look, have you seen it! ”  and was genuinely kind, lovely and adorable (even when he did his Malcolm Tucker impression!). Once a whovian, always a whovian. So much love for this man, I’m so blessed to be studying where I am, and hope it see him and Matt Lucas again. Love you millions, Capaldi. 

when you remember how lana maria parrilla is literally the best person ever; loves her fans a lot and cries when she meets them sometimes; compliments her fans and kisses rebecca mader on the mouth a lot; how she stole a bra from jc penny and got caught; films herself when she’s drunk and you’ll never know what’s going on; climbed on top of a car to see her fans; makes puns with her name and posts pictures of fred with “ANAL” drawn on his forehead; posts pictures of her boobs and compliments herself; photobombs other celebrities and gets away with it; is best friends with everyone; gets really excited when someone mentions pizza; constantly hugs the ouat crew; doesn’t know how to wink; is great with animals etc.

scattered thoughts about Rogue 1 (mostly rebelcaptain oops) pt. 2:

  • While I would have liked to see more of Jyn’s relationship with her mother Lyra, I think the connection between them is reinforced by the fact that even after all her years of cynicism, she never got rid of the kyber crystal necklace her mother gave her, which she reaches for and contemplates at several key moments in the film. And her relationship with Galen, was of course, beautifully developed. I think we would’ve seen more of her relationship with Saw prior to the reshoots so I’m hoping we get some more footage of their interactions on the DVD - I really liked what we did get to see. In any case, the focus on her father/daughter bonds was something we hadn’t seen much of in the SW movies up to this point - and it all made me deeply emotional (I cried…a lot).
  • From the very beginning, it makes sense to me that Cassian connects with Jyn bc he already knows everything about her from her file so he can’t help but connect - he’s been serving the Rebellion since he was six, she has a history as a child soldier as well, one she’s trying to put behind her. She doesn’t really know how much they have in common until he tells her how long he’s been with the Rebellion during their fight over his mission to kill Galen and then she gets it (up to that point, I think a lot of her attraction to him, besides their obvious physical chemistry, was based in his decision to trust her and maybe an unconscious sense that they were kindred spirits). So as my friend @kafrenes​ pointed out, when she steals the blaster pistol, he gets why she does it because he likely would have done the same in her place, being an intelligence operative trained to approach such situations with a vigilant mistrust of anyone who might put him in such a situation. And through his understanding of her mistrust and his consequent extension of trust to her by letting her keep the blaster, he gains her trust. His feelings for her are compounded when he sees that in spite of her code of self-preservation, she clearly thinks some things are worth dying for, as when she protects the little girl in Jedha. And there’s a recognition there, probably, that because she devotes herself to no cause she is free to choose to follow her own moral compunctions, whereas he often has to put his aside for the Rebellion.
  • Ultimately, Cassian can’t bring himself to kill Galen because of what he means to Jyn, and Jyn is upset when she finds out about this mission objective not just because he might have done such a thing and what she believes that says about him, but because this was a breach of their trust - a compact between them that had come to mean so much to her so quickly because it had been years since anyone had ever extended such trust to her. She’s had no one for so long, and that fragile bond seems to have shattered in the wake of the death of her father, so she’s feeling, perhaps, even more alone in the universe than she was before. She probably doesn’t even realize why his trust is so important to her, just as he has difficulty understanding why he didn’t kill Galen - these are people who haven’t made actual emotional connections for a long time so it’s a bizarre feeling for them they don’t totally comprehend on a conscious level. But when Cassian tells her he’s been with the Rebellion since he was six, that he’s devoted his life to the cause and that really, the cause is all he has and all that can save many similarly isolated and oppressed people like both of them, she realizes how similar they are and how this is a cause worth dying for, beyond her own personal stake in it because of the death of her family. 
  • This is why she’s the one who gives the speech at the Rebel base. Her confrontation with Cassian made her realize this was a mission worth being selfless for, while it made Cassian realize that it was a mission worth disobeying orders and going against pragmatism for - recognizing that his moral intuition was worth following in this instance, like when Jyn protected the little girl in Jedha. Cassian probably knows they can’t convince the Alliance, I think, which is why he assembles a team - and Jyn is taking up his idealism in her speech, reiterating his belief that rebellions are built on hope and adding onto it - they sort of swap roles in that scene. He sees that she’s invested and that gives him the motivation to disobey orders for the mission she envisions, and she finds a reason to believe in the cause beyond just her personal pain bc she knows she’s not alone after Cassian tells her how long he’s been with the Rebellion. For the first time she sees how similar they are and he’s known they were all along. 
  • These two physically and emotionally gravitate towards each other like magnets. There’s something very touch-starved about both of them. I’ve only seen the movie once (so far), but isn’t there a scene where she brushes past him on the ship and they just sort of PAUSE and its so fucking charged what the hell (and this is separate from the ridiculously charged “Welcome home” scene btw) 
  • Imagine being K-2SO on the outside looking in on this relationship. His job is to minimize negative probabilities and HOO BOY is Jyn Erso ever a negative probability, starting with the blaster pistol she steals! He’s protective of Cassian and can probably tell this girl very well might mess him up emotionally, but in the end, he realizes that Jyn often defies his statistical calculations. “You’re a surprising person, Jyn Erso.” (I need so many gifsets about the Jyn/K-2SO/Cassian friendship!)
The Green Inferno: Racism v. Realism

Obviously, I’ve perused the “Green Inferno” tag on here a whole lot. I’ve seen a wide range of negative reactions towards it, most of which claim that the film is racist, shameful, and completely unrealistic and cruel.

I’ve seen multiple attempts at people starting petitions to stop it from being released, as well as people calling others to protest it and refuse to go see it.

Mainly, I’ve seen people point out that the artistic representation of the tribe in the film is the least forgivable part of the entire film. I have read cries against the “savage-like red paint” being used in the film to depict the tribe.

Rather than attack the social justice warriors that are so disgusted with this film, I thought I would correct some of these claims.

For one, the tribe featured in this film is not made up of actors. The Green Inferno uses an actual, recently-undiscovered Peruvian tribe in this film. They were discovered in the Amazon without running water, electricity, and ….well, warrior-like red paint jobs. The photo at the beginning of this post is not taken from the film - it’s a photo taken of the real-life tribe as discovered in Peru.

Eli Roth took this as an opportunity to film his newest film, and traveled deep within the Amazon to meet with the tribe. There, he introduced them to movies, and showed them the film Cannibal Holocaust to give them a vibe of the film that he wanted to create. They tribe thought that Cannibal Holocaust was intentionally a comedy, and were so enraptured with it that they all excitedly agreed to be in his movie, and welcomed him to use their tribe as the basis for his film.

If you ask me, using a real life tribe that knows that they are being painted as “cannibalistic savages” in his film does not make The Green Inferno racist one bit. He had permission, they knew how they were being depicted, and they embraced it and thought it was hilarious. The tribe themselves are in no way offended, and were actually so thankful over the entire experience that they attempted to offer The Green Inferno’s production designer a gift - a small baby - which had to be politely declined.

azureshark  asked:

HELO!! i lov ur art a lot and i was wondering if u had any tips on drawing more fun, interesting poses?? :o

oh thank u so much ! :’O)))))
i’d say other than practicing poses off of sites like posemaniac or pixielovely…what really helps me come up with poses (and i guess with expressions too) is thinking about what action they’re performing ? i usually imagine it as if it’s a snapshot from a show/film lmao

like instead of a normal standing pose think about like…what if i draw them reacting to stepping on a lego ?? balancing 5 drinks…oooor being crammed on a train ???? try thinking of strong emotions or scenarios that gives ur figures a sense of interaction i guess

if u can’t think of any u can even look up ‘list of action verbs’ and pick one to apply to a pose

sooo say i picked confess - if u were drawing someone that was confessing what kind of pose would their arms and legs be in ???? that kinda stuff

also what helps (me at least lol) is to exaggerate ur poses as much as u can..or at least until you’re satisfied ! i had this drawing in a earlier post but i think i can apply it here LOL

obv u don’t have to exaggerate as much as this HAHA but yeah i find this helps me :O) i hope this was useful……!!!

I’m so emotional. It was just Seokjin by himself from the beginning like most of us predicted. He was portraying Sinclair while the rest of the boys we’re Demian (Sinclair’s alter ego). Demian symbolizes his unconsciousness mind and struggles while growing up. In other words, what we watched in the other boys short films, that’s what Seokjin was suppose to had gone through. That’s why his short film was named ‘AWAKE’ because it was time for Seokjin to face reality head on and not look back.

We cried a lot and laughed a lot but it was so beautiful - Move (이사)

A marvel film.

*Lots of loud explosions go off, they’re all happening just off camera*

Steve, grimacing: Buck?
Bucky, off camera: Steve?
Steve, grimacing: You know, I think I remember telling you that you should try to keep the whole ‘explosions’ thing, to a minimal?
Bucky: Well, it wasn’t me
Tony, walking in from behind Steve: Well it wasn’t me, so it was definitely you.
Bucky: No it wasn’t! It was Barton!
Clint, even further off camera: he’s lying.
Steve, head in hands: Barton, what the hell were you doing?
Clint: Well, Barnes informed me that I couldn’t shoot a barrel from the distance we were at so-
Tony: You shot the barrel.
Steve: Clint, you knew the contents of the barel, we actually discussed this earlier, in fact, both of you knew the contents of the bare-
*more explosions*
Natasha, strutting across the screen: I got this.


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A/N: I don’t usually write a lot of angst stuff. Yet here is one. Please grab tissues because I myself cried while thinking of this scenario. clummyhood (sorry for the sad feels)

Trigger Warning though: it mentions death and disease. 

     Bubbles. Air wrapped around in a soap film often times made from water and soap. Sometimes another liquid is involved. The outside of a bubbles surface consists of soap molecules. Two of the layers being soap while a water molecule lies between. It’s what holds the air inside. When the temperature is below freezing 32 degrees F, a bubble could freeze and minutes later pop. They can be in different shapes, but mostly come out spherical. When bubbles are grouped together, they form a train. Sharing a common wall, three bubbles forming together at an angle of 120 degrees. Sticking to one another like gum sticks against the hot pavement. Touching them is like holding air and Calum imagined that’s what clouds would feel like if he ever got close. The rainbow colors in a bubble form from light waves reflecting in the soap films. Bubbles are everywhere. In water soap bottles at a Party City or drug stores, in shampoo, body wash, birthday parties, bubble gum, and sometimes air bubbled chocolate bars. 

Calum had his own type of bubble. The bubble being his family. It had always been bliss being inside the bubble. Taking baths with his wife, shampooing her hair, bubble beards. It was all his sanctuary and he loved it. When the news of a baby coming, Calum got so excited that he blew bubbles from his glass of Sierra Mist in happiness. The baby bump growing each day was nicknamed Bubble. Calum would sit on the side of the tub and watch his wife softly speak to the unborn child. Absentmindedly placing bubbles over her swollen belly. Months later a bouncing, babbling, bubbling, baby boy was brought into the world. Calum’s family bubble growing. Logan was the light of his life. The baby resembling Calum from his pouty pink lips to a full head of dark brown hair. Everything was great and the bubble stayed fresh.

To Calum, bubbles had always meant joy, love, and magic. Yet here he was now, sitting in the doctors office practically seeing his magical rainbow bubble burst into flames. Bubbled flames like the science experiment he witnessed in high school where the chemistry teacher filled a bubble with gas and set it ablaze. It was the same thing that had popped his bubble when his wife died. It had taken years to make that bubble happy again, but it was crashing down once more. This time it was Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), inherited from his mother who suffered from a different type of the same disease. Possibly some “inherited syndromes with genetic changes” the doctor had said. “We should start treating him soon” was the last thing Calum had heard. Tears welled in Calum’s eyes as he looked through the little window at the ten year old boy. He was so young and still had a full life ahead of him. 

“Sir,” the nurse said, breaking through Calum’s thoughts. He bit onto his bottom lip, trying to stop the tears from falling as he looked at the nurse. “Are we scheduling treatment?” she asked. Calum looked back inside the room, staring at the boy who looked just like him, but had his mother’s personality. His gaze looked up at the ceiling as if he was asking his deceased wife for guidance. 

“Yeah. W-we’ll do the treatment,” he sniffed, stepping away from the hospital room door for the first time in hours. It was like all his senses were on high. The squeaking of the cart wheels going down the hallway rang loud and clear in his ears. The flickering of a light bulb going out above creating a ominous feeling in the nearly dark Critical Care ward. It was nearing midnight. Calum and Logan being in the hospital since that afternoon. His son had gotten too ill for it to just be a fever and in a rushed haze, he was brought to the hospital. Ever since then it felt as if Calum’s whole world was crashing down for a second time. Calum hated the hospital with a passion. It had brought good news at one point, when Logan was born, but since then all it had done was fail to save his wife. He feared the same for his son, but had to keep strong. “Why are you up Bubble?” Calum whispered, stroking back the boy’s hair. His eyes were bloodshot and if Calum wanted to stay awake he desperately needed to get coffee.

“This place is creepy,” Logan replied, pulling the wool covers up to his chin. He let out a yawn, eyes drooping a bit. “Am I gonna die like mommy?” the boy questioned. Calum closed his eyes tight at the question. That was it, the one thing that officially broke his heart.

“No, Bud. You’re going to live for eternity,” Calum told him, voice wavering. He wasn’t positive, but there was a chance the treatment will work. “Hey, I’m going to head back home to get a few things. I’ll be back quick alright,” he said, leaning down to place a kiss on the boy’s forehead. Logan nodded, eyes closing once more as he finally succumbed to sleep. “I’ll be here when you wake up,” Calum whispered. He walked towards the door, stopping to look back at his son once more before leaving. When Calum slid into the driver’s seat, he shut the door and stared out into space. He was alone for the first time all day, a cue that meant he could finally let his guard down. That was exactly what he did. Calum broke down in tears, hand hitting against the steering wheel hard as he let out a cry of pain. His body shook as sobs left his lips, head rested against the steering wheel as it all came out. This wasn’t something he could go through again and the only person he could think to talk to at that moment was his sister, Mali-Koa. She picked up on the second ring, “Hello,” she yawned into the phone.

“Logan has leukemia,” Calum sniffled into the phone. This was the first time he actually said the words out loud. More tears welling up in his eyes. The line was quiet for a while. “What do I do?” Calum cried into the phone. 

“You stay strong for Logan, stick by him through treatment, and hope for the best,” Mali-Koa said. She didn’t exactly know what Calum was going through at the moment, but since this wasn’t the first time this disease cursed his family. She knew how he was reacting. Calum nodded at her words, wiping his tears as he started the car up. “You can get through this Calum. Logan is a survivor always has been,” she told him. It was true. The ten year old had gotten in some wacky situations, but always found a way out of it. 

“I can’t lose him,” Calum mumbled, switching over to his earpiece before he drove off. Logan was the only thing he had close to his wife. If he died then there was nothing left. Calum didn’t think he could survive it. 

“You won’t lose him,” Mali-Koa reassured, “Do you want me and mum to visit tomorrow?” He could use all the support he could get right now. 

“Yeah, bring dad too,” Calum nodded. Right now he just wanted his family and friends. That was another thing that occurred to him. The boys didn’t know yet. “Thank you,” he whispered into the earpiece, pulling into the driveway and staring at the now empty house. Mali-Koa said some more encouraging words to her brother. Telling him she’ll be around tomorrow for support. Calum sat in the car for what felt like forever; his mind racing. They were going to make it through this. The treatment had to work. Whatever it took he and Logan would fight. One by one Calum would build his bubble back up again. 

Method Man: Andrew Lincoln

Been wanting to write this post for awhile now. I have mentioned it before but I figured it deserves its own post;

So I watched this video on YouTube

Fact 47 is my favorite and may look familiar to a lot you. Beth’s death was pretty traumatic and I cried during Beth’s death scene. I was pretty fucked up. I can’t say I cared about Beth up until the hospital episodes and then I was Team Beth and couldn’t wait for her to be reunited with Maggie…and then…

R.I.P Beth

Anyway watch Rick AKA Andrew Lincoln during this scene. According to this video the death scene was a very traumatic scene to film and everyone had an emotional reaction to it. This video says Andrew actually turns away from the camera to wipe a tear. I think for this scene everyone is mostly supposed to be stunned/horrified more than sad and that’s why no one was supposed to cry. Norman Reedus actually cried beforehand so he wouldn’t cry during the scene.


To me that’s quite a powerful moment because it’s not an acted or rehearsed reaction. It’s seeing someone have a moment…I can’t describe it. I just loved that moment of pure vulnerability.

Also have never seen AL do this on the show until this moment…and then in 6B, East, when Abraham tells Rick, after Rick inquires on the whereabouts of Michonne, that she still isn’t back yet we get this moment.

(@alwayssodramatic gif)

People immediately proclaimed it was Andy wiping away a tear and I was like nah uh. Ok I was totally wrong and I am basing that on his mannerisms in hiding said tear in Beth’s scene.

Which I love this moment for all the same reasons as I loved the Beth scene but this moment isn’t anywhere near traumatic as Beth’s scene.

So why the tear? I have heard Andrew mention in an interview with Chandler Riggs that he is nearly driven to tears (I am paraphrasing) for some scenes.


Bonus Video: So here is the video, where Andy mentions his famous method acting. My favorite moment from this whole interview is when Andrew asks Chandler about seeing Danai for the first time as Michonne. You should just watch it. It happens around mark 3:25 and its amazing. 


So besides the whole method acting, is there another reason he is so sad? Rick doesn’t know Michonne has been kidnapped. She could be totally fine as far as he knows.

I chalk it up to the method acting. :D I happen to love that Andy’s so emotional for Rick. Romantic vibes are always my fave.


We’re here for a reason, through many, many storms. But today, the sun is shining and I’m about to stand in its warmth, alongside a lot of freedom-loving people who worked hard to get us here. I may not be with them for all the sunny days to come, but as long as there is light ahead for them, it’s worth it to me.

Selma (2014)


a LOT happened this year.
 super wonderful things like releasing my first apparel line in the summer and other new products! collaborating with one of my best friends, @slimegirlsmusic. making a small comic with my favourite @ghostspaces. i’ve also started working on my thesis film, Tapioca this year. (deadline for it is in may) please look forward to that! :)

it’s also been a painful year for me as well. but i’m trying to learn from everything that’s happened. i really feel like a grew a ton this year in different ways. i’m learning to communicate better with friends!

2016 is gonna be amazing! i just know it! i have new stuff planned for my shop, I’ll be graduating school next year too so that’s really crazy! i want to experiment more with my art too and keep developing!!

happy new year everyone~ thanks for sticking with me! i’m gonna try my best and work hard and always share my progress with you.

It’s not like Hong Kong karate and, you know, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. This is the heavy metal in the baking sun, blunt traumas and car crashes, cars rolling over spikes… Everything’s metal. You’re on wires with very little clothing on, and you’ve got a harness. It’s very sweaty and hot and  you’re getting wrenched in the air and trying to bounce, smashed aganst metal day in/day out, for six months. I got battered, I mean, it was bad. 

My harness slung out really slowly from the back of a lorry and my whole body and my legs came up and I crushed my nose on this wire. It caused a lot of damage on my face. And I cried [laughs]. But I could be in much worse places. This is four years ago. I’ve done a lot more films since then. My shoulders are a bit wider than I thought they were. And my [stunt double] Jacob Tomuri did all the dangerous work. I learned a lot about what can happen to a human being when he hits a car from watching Jacob’s body and torso fly across the desert.

- Tom Hardy about Mad Max in SFX, no 261 2015. Photo by, yes, you’ve guessed it, Greg Williams. :)


151001 EXO - Ivy Club Autumn 2015 Interview

KS: Hello, I’m EXO’s D.O.

Q: You’re currently filming a movie, isn’t it difficult?

A: In terms of health, there were some hard parts. But in terms of strength, the people around me are so considerate, and filming is fun, so it’s not difficult and I’m enjoying it.

Q: You seem to become highly immersed when filming. Is there anything you’re into lately? 

A: Lately, I think because I’ve been filming for a movie, I’m most focused on movies. The first time I cried watching a movie was for The Last Blossom [literal t/l: The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World; it was adapted from a drama of the same name that Noh Heekyung, writer for IOIL, had written]. If you watch it, it might make you really sad. 

Please give Ivy Club lots of love, and EXO as well. Thank you!

I just watched my landlord gift his 24-year-old son a PS4 for his birthday and the son cried. It was really nice but also I feel like I could have gotten a lot of ad revenue from YouTube if I filmed it and maybe moved into a better place with all my money

Today, I got to be a part of something very special. After saving up for the past few months, I headed over to Orlando to spend my Saturday at WWOHP for the HP Celebration. And while I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to meet or get autographs from the cast members present and a lot about the event was unorganized, it was my second time going to the park and my first since the Diagon Alley expansion, and it was an AMAZING experience.

For those of you who have never been to the park before, or who haven’t been since Diagon Alley opened, just know that when it came to the train ride from Kings Cross to Hogsmeade, I cried like a baby. Because it’s not just a train ride with compartments set up inside to look like replicas from the film: it’s an experience. It involves digital scenery from the movies being portrayed through each compartment’s window for you, highlighting key places in Harry’s world and adventures (MALFOY MANOR!!), and on the other side, outside the frosted compartment doors, you see silhouettes of the Golden Trio, watch and hear them engage with one another, and see Harry fight off a Dementor that’s broken onto the train. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, and I’m glad I was part of it.

Also, the frozen Butterbeer isn’t half-bad, either. And by half-bad, I mean it’s completely sinful.


As there are still no pics from the con - I’ll post these snaps here! The con itself wasn’t the best but I still got lot’s of fun!! Also I got my performance filmed so I’ll upload it when I’m back home. Highlight of the event - I got hugged AND picked up by this really awesome Thorin cosplayer and I kinda had lot’s of feels and cried a bit. We made a few pics of the two kings (Anna the red Kind and Thorin the king under the Mountain) and hopefully I’ll get them!!!