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Why do you like SasuSaku?

This pair grew on me the same way their relationship did , slowly but firmly . Sasuke became sakura’s strength ,he made her grow up inside and outside  as a shinobi speaking while sakura slowly made sasuke’s frozen heart  shake from her warmth . To see the broken boy who sees love as a weakness and the girl who grew up  because of love  makes me hold them dear . This  couple’s devotion showed  how the different circumtances and the pain are just temporary if the feelings are authentic.

That’s part of it , I’m not really good at expressing my feelings in words but I hope this answer is able to convey even 50% of how much emotional weight this pair has on me . Actually the firstand only  time I cried out of happines in my life was when the spoiler of the last chapter leaking out confirming sasusaku was canon

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what are some of your girl!direction headcanons?


Harry - Girl Harry is not just the mom of the friend group but the new age wine mom. Harry knows how to bake after buying 13 cook books one summer and turning out pies like no ones business. Harry probably asks the sun sign of everyone she meets and inexplicably has pen pals she’s always getting vintage postcards from. Harry has a goodwill 6th sense that allows her to find all the bargains and weird drape-y stevie nicks looks within 20 minutes of entering.

Liam - Girl Liam is the kind of sports girl that makes girls who aren’t even into sports girls kinda stop and nod approvingly. Liam wears yoga pants and baggy tee shirts and those really brightly colored athletic trainers and puts her hair up in high ponytails and does rlly nice makeup. Liam has a golden retriever puppy she named muffin who is in 60% of her profile pictures. Liam read Eat Pray Love in 2013 and then TRIED TO RECOMMEND IT TO HER FRIENDS. 

Zayn - Girl Zayn is one part SEARINGLY UNATTAINABLE INSTAGRAM AESTHETIC and one part HARRY LET ME TASTE TEST YOUR PIE AND CRY OVER THE NEW SPIDERMAN MOVIE. Zayn is the embodiment of those posts that are like “angry looking girl walking around campus listening to one direction” where the outside is this like grungy babe and the inside is candy floss and affection for her friends. I think Zayn’s ideal hang out is everyone in her basement being silly while she paints and makes them listen to Frank Ocean.

Louis - Girl Louis is the answer to all our prayers. Louis is the sister-y-est big sister literally ever, and while also being a complete disaster mess herself. I am sure undoubtedly that Louis still cries when she listens to the Fray and pretends she doesn’t. Louis remembers everyone’s birthdays and makes a really big deal about them, especially Liam’s. Louis DEFINITELY tries to fight all the boys she can and yells things back when she gets catcalled. I think Louis has tried to teach Niall Liam and Harry to skateboard about 50 times and likes to sit on Harry’s counter and try to antagonize her while she bakes.

Niall - Girl Niall is like, every drunk girl you’ve ever met in a bathroom who told you she liked your dress and thought you were beautiful. Niall, like Louis, likes to get in fights with boys, but mostly just boys who think she doesn’t know anything about sports. Niall learned how to make really complex friendship bracelets in summer camp 10 yrs ago and still makes rlly pretty ones for her friends. Niall just wants everyone to be happy !! Niall will bring u ice cream at 2 AM b/c ur sad !! Niall will let you complain about your shitty ex way after everyone else is tired of hearing it !! Niall will bring you soup when you’re sick or even if you’re just cold and tired !!

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My time to shine.

who’s the cuddler: Wasabi is literally Fred’s jungle gym when it comes to cuddling. Wasabi does not mind in the least.
who makes the bed: W A S A B I .
who wakes up first: Wasabi, definitely. Unless it’s a big convention day or something, in which Wasabi just wants to sleep for years while Fred’s bouncing against the walls trying to figure things out.
who has the weird taste in music: Both, just both. Fred’s the one listening to anime openings, though.
who is more protective: I think it’s pretty equal? Maybe Wasabi being more protective in a very nurturing way.
who sings in the shower: Fred fucking busts it.
who cries during movies: Both. They’re both giant fucking babies that need five goddamn tissue boxes every time they decide to watch goddamn Dumbo or Bambi.
who spends the most while out shopping: Fred, but he can afford it.
who kisses more roughly: Wasabi, actually. I think he’s scared to lose what’s closest to him, so his kisses get a little greedier than you’d expect.
who is more dominate: It’s a really good 50/50 compromise, to be honest.
gets jealous the most: Fred’s too chill and Wasabi probably wins that one by, like, the teeniest fraction of a point.
one headcanon I have: Wasabi makes sure to do Fred’s laundry on a daily basis.
nicknames: Wasabi’s first name, Fred’s full name. Wasabi calls Fred “baby” a lot and Fred fucking dies over it.
my rating of the ship from 1-10: It is my goddamn OTP and it doesn’t fit in this puny scale.