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if seventeen were trainees on produce 101, how would their self-intros be?

- literally park jihoon’s intro but with a twist
- “i’ve got broad shoulders, strong thighs”
- “and abs but i’ll only show those to you if you vote for me!!”
- raps but kills the viewers with his singing
- unfortunately dabs

- beautiful angel???
- walks in wearing a halo
- “yes you are seeing an angel”
- you know you’re in heaven when you hear his singing

- introduces himself in english….. and korean and japanese and spanish and chinese
- walks in holding a guitar
- sings while playing the guitar and captures everyone’s hearts
- guitar string probably snaps
- laughs on camera but cries backstage

- introduces himself in chinese
- walks in wearing a panda costume
- does martial arts that looks painful in said panda costume
- probably throws a pick-up line in there

- cartwheels into the scene
- screams his signature “WHAT TIME IS IT NOW??”
- “hi it’s 10:10 hoshi”
- dances while introducing himself????
- sweating profusely by the end of his intro

- literally jo sungwook’s intro
- round glasses
- “i will now read you my favorite passage from one of my favorite books”
- (quotes a k-drama)
- imitates a sloth

- walks in with a tiny keyboard
- makes up a song on the spot
- does finger hearts and then cringes
- “i can sing, dance, produce, song-write, play the guitar, piano—”

- most likely wearing a onesie
- blinds viewers with his smile
- accidentally screams his intro and gets told to calm the frick down by the pd’s
- sings too loud and gets told to quiet down

- charms everyone with his beauty
- makes a joke
- laughs at his own joke
- tries to rap but messes up and laughs
- trips on his way out

- backflips into the scene
- introduces himself in chinese
- shows off b-boying and martial arts
- finger hearts
- thinks he’s scary and cool but all the comments say “AW HE’S SO CUTE”

- wears a suit
- “my mom told me to dress nicely”
- jeju
- sings a really sad and emotional ballad
- cries in the middle of the chorus
- intro gets cut off in the end because he talks too much

- yo
- shows off his rap skills
- english rap!!!!
- probably the only normal intro tbh

- dresses up as michael jackson
- moonwalks into the scene
- does an impersonation of michael jackson
- suddenly sings and raps and dances perfectly
- “please vote for michael chanson!!”

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@sapphicgeek: So, I want to tell you all what happened in the store today. It’s probably the single greatest moment I have ever experienced working here. After the usual Saturday rush, a teenage girl comes in. She looks absolutely terrified and when I greet her she jumped. She starts going up and down the new release wall and the poor thing looks completely overwhelmed. So, I make my way over to her and ask if I can help her find anything. She quietly admits that she was looking for Supergirl. We’re walking to the Super area when I ask if she watches the show. She smiles a bit and nods. Says Alex is her favorite. I mention that I’m a huge #Sanvers shipper and the poor thing just breaks down in tears. I’m trying to figure out what the hell I did to upset her. She’s crying and I’m freaking out. After a minute or so, everything clicks. I’m staring down a crying baby gay. One who was having some big issues. I tell her that it was hard for me when I wanted to come out too. She finally stops crying and asks me if it gets easier.  We sit at the coffee bar and talked for a while. She tells me that after seeing it all over Tumblr she binged SG. And when she got to Alex’s coming out arc was when things hit her. She tells me that she’s just wanted to kill herself for so long and that she had tried but just made herself sick. But as Alex’s arc continued she said she realized that she started to see that she could be happy, that she could be loved. She didn’t want to die anymore. For the first time, she didn’t want to die because she got to see Alex be amazing and be queer. She said she came to the store hoping to find something to get her through the hiatus, so she wouldn’t fall back in depression. She had no idea gay comic characters were a thing, but wanted to try. I tell her about Batwoman, Midnighter, and Renee Montoya. I pull out my starters which are Batwoman: Elegy, Midnighter, and Gotham Central. I also dug up a copy of the Adventures of Supergirl, just to get her through. She had enough cash for one and was torn on which to get. She decides on Batwoman and asks if I can hold the rest for a while.  I was having an internal crisis at that time, because this kid was me years ago. I was barely holding off my own tears. I ended up buying the other 3 for her and I make her promise me that in 10 years she’ll help another queer kid. So, I’m out 60 bucks and I cried in the bathroom for an hour but it was damn worth it. 
So, @TheCWSupergirl @SupergirlStaff @chy_leigh and @florianalima the work you do means so much to us. Thank you. So, so, much. 

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Music Series: Happier by Ed Sheeran

I feel like each story is taking a lifetime to write tonight. My concentration is mucky but I’ve worked diligently and I hope my effort shows. 

Thank you, Anon, for the request and I hope you like the story and happy ending! And I appreciate each of you who read and promote my writing through your likes and reblogs, and requests and follows. You are all the flowers and sprinkles on my cupcake!

This is “Happier” by Ed Sheeran, per request, which you can find on my Spotify playlist called, Gloomy Poops, HERE




Walking down 29th and park

I saw you in another’s arms

Only a month we’ve been apart

You look happier

Harry was miserable without you. The conversation when you broke up with him still haunted him.

Harry…you know I love you. That’s not what this is about.’ you said to him, holding his hand.

Please, tell me then. I love you! I don’t want to be without you!’ he begged, feeling like he was about to fall apart.

You looked around the large room at the craziness of his tour life exploding around you…people running around, things still not ready, and a rehearsal long overdue…organized chaos.

I can’t compete with this, Harry,’ you said calmly with an understanding smile. You were sad, but you didn’t want Harry to feel bad about his career becoming such a greater priority than your relationship that he needed to choose. You would never do that to him…so you chose for him. ‘I love you, but…this is your life right now, and it’s an amazing life! But, there’s no room for me in it.

I don’t understand!’ he cried. ‘You are what makes my life so amazing! Please don’t do this.

I need to feel…part…of a relationship. And for a year, I waited at home faithfully, happily, while you did all the preparatory things for your album and tour and everything involved, and I have chased you around the world, hoping for a little time with the man that I love. But all I get is the back of your head as I watch from backstage, your sleeping body next to me in a small jet seat, and if I’m lucky 5 or 10 minutes of conversation a day with only a handful of interruptions.

Babe, I can’t help that my life is so busy right now!’ he said, pulling you closer to him, not wanting to let you go.

I know. I don’t blame you for the life you have. I’m so happy for you that your life is so great. But…I don’t feel like I’m part of it anymore. Not right now, at least. And there is still several months left, and I have no vacation time left with my job now to even come try to follow you around. Harry, I was supposed to meet you yesterday at the last venue and you left before I even arrived.’

Things…were changed…last minute,’ he said sadly. “I forgot to call…

It’s okay, I’m not angry. I just think right now, I need to step aside and let you live your life. This life. We’re not here for each other anymore, Harry. How can we be? Our lives are in two different places. And it’s not fair to either of us.’ you said, trying not to cry.

Saw you walk inside a bar

He said something to make you laugh

I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours

Yeah you look happier, you do

Besides a text every now and then, and a phone call from Harry to you on your birthday, the two of you had quieted communication, both thinking it better for the time being. Absence made the heart grow fonder, or so they say, Harry thought. But now that his tour was finished, and he was taking some much needed time off for awhile, he was eager to come see you. It was nearly your anniversary date, and Harry was hoping the two of you could spend some time together and see if you were as ready to be together again as he was.

But when he saw you in your yard, his hopes diminished as he sat in his car watching. You were washing your car as a man Harry didn’t recognize helped, both of you laughing and throwing wet, soapy sponges at each other. When the man caught one to the face that you threw, he ran, chasing you around the car, and picking you up, making you laugh. Harry was devastated. You looked…happy.

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you

But ain’t nobody love you like I do

Promise that I will not take it personal baby

If you’re moving on with someone new

Harry watched as the two of you finished rinsing the car, cleaning up the mess, and walking toward the house. But when the man put his arm around you and kissed your cheek…Harry couldn’t watch anymore and left.

He had never thought about the possibility of you dating someone else. Harry didn’t expect you to wait for him. Well, maybe he did, but he realized that wasn’t realistic. Harry couldn’t even imagine dating someone else. He was still more in love with you than he could ever explain to anyone. But seeing you having fun with a man that wasn’t him, it hurt like hell.

Cause baby you look happier, you do

My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too

And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth

But I know I was happier with you

Harry decided to go home and spend time with his family for awhile. They could see that he wasn’t himself, regardless of being tired from touring. He didn’t want to go out. He didn’t want to spend time with friends. He didn’t want to visit the usual haunts he tended to frequent when home. His mom became worried when he spent all of his time sleeping and lying on the sofa staring into his phone.

“I know you’re hurting, son,” his mom said, trying to comfort him. “But you didn’t expect her to wait around, did you? Waiting for you was what she was doing already.”

Harry looked at her with a disbelieving look and chuckled. “Thanks for that, mum,” he said, sarcastically.

“I’m sorry, you know I didn’t mean it cruelly,” she said, with a grin. “But breaking up with someone means moving on. And that’s what it appears she’s done.”

“But what if she hasn’t, mum?” he asked, sitting up on the sofa. “What if she still loves me, and is only…going through the motions of life?”

Anne looked at him, thinking about what he said, then raised her eyebrows.

“Then I would say, why are you here in England instead of in California trying to win her back?” she said, smiling slightly at him, standing and touching his shoulder, kissing the top of his head, and walking into another room.

Sat in the corner of the room

Everything’s reminding me of you

Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself you’re happier

Aren’t you?

Harry’s flight back to LA was long and tense, arriving in the middle of the night. He had the driver pass your house, and was relieved to see only your car in the drive and not a second. Not wanting to wake you, he drove home, fixed himself a drink, and sat in the dark and quiet of his large, empty home.

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you

But ain’t nobody need you like I do

I know that there’s others that deserve you

But my darling I am still in love with you

You heard the knock at your front door and opened it as you said goodbye to the person you were speaking to on your phone. When you saw Harry standing in front of you, you were speechless.

“Hello, love,” Harry said with a sweet smile. “How are you?”

You looked at him in complete shock before remembering he asked you a question.

“I…um, I’m fine,” you said, smiling in return. “How are you?”

You invited him in and the two of you sat in the living room, making slightly awkward pleasantries. After a time Harry decided he couldn’t beat around the bush any longer.

But I guess you look happier, you do

My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too

I could try to smile to hide the truth

But I know I was happier with you

“I, sort of, have a confession,” he said, nervously swallowing the lump in his throat.

“Confession?” you repeated.

“Yeah,” he said, nodding. “I saw…you’re dating someone. I’ve sort of been…keeping up with you, through friends, and driving by.”

“Um…yeah,” you said quietly, looking at your hands, feeling slightly ashamed and not knowing why.

“You seem happy,” Harry admitted sadly. You said nothing and looked at him again. “At first I…I couldn’t believe it. Part of me thought you would wait for me. Stupid, I know. But I don’t blame you for getting on with your life.”

“Harry, I…” you tried to interrupt.

“Please, let me finish,” Harry said boldly. “I need to say this.” You nodded as he continued. “I’m happy for you, that you’re happy. That you’ve found someone.”

“Harry…” you tried again but stopped when he looked at you with begging eyes to let him speak. You nodded.

“I wish I could tell you that I’ve moved on,” he said, laying his heart out to you. “But I haven’t and I don’t want to. I’m still very much in love with you, and I would love nothing more than for you to tell me you still want me, too. That you are still in love with me, too. But…if not…I just want you to know, that if things don’t work out for you and him, and you’re willing to give me another chance to make things different from what they were before, know that I’ll be waiting for you. I love you more than my own life, and I hope that someday you’ll love me again.”

Baby you look happier, you do

I knew one day you’d fall for someone new

But if he breaks your heart like lovers do

Just know that I’ll be waiting here for you

You looked at him as a tear fell from your eye. He watched you, confused by your reaction. You walked to him and sat down next to him.

“I didn’t leave you because I stopped loving you,” you said, emotion caught in your throat. “I was afraid of us somehow…coming to resent each other, if I stayed. Me resenting you for not making me as high of a priority as I felt I should be, and you resenting me not being able to be there when you wanted me to because of my job, and you traveling so much. I didn’t want us to get to the point that we hated each other. And I knew you would never break up with me. I wasn’t even sure that you knew how I felt.”

“I didn’t,” he admitted to you. “I didn’t realize how unhappy you were with me.”

“I wasn’t unhappy with you, Harry,” you said, taking his hand in yours. “I was lonely for you, and I love you so much that I was afraid of what would happen between us if I didn’t walk away while you…embraced this wonderful thing happening in your life right now. I didn’t want you to have any regrets, choosing one over the other. I didn’t want you to feel you had to choose. So I did.”

“You still love me?” Harry asked, squeezing your hand.

You nodded, as Harry turned to you, taking your tear-streaked cheek in his hand, caressing the face that he had missed for so many months. You felt his lips softly kiss yours, trembling, the wetness of his own tears leaving it’s dampness on yours. A kiss never felt so right.

My favorite thing about this tour was the intimacy. Before the show I got to meet every one of the band members & they were all so sweet! During the show there was so much interaction with the crowd, unforgettable memories. Seeing everyone do their thing up close was honestly so beautiful. I cried so much because it was a very surreal experience. I’ve already seen SWS 4 times prior but nothing could compare to this tour. Waiting in line for 10 hours through rain & shine was honestly worth it because I ended up getting front & center. I noticed so many things that day like the way Kellin steps on his tippy toes when he hits the really high notes. Or when Jack zones out while he’s playing. Nick mouthing every word to the song. Gabe & I making awkward eye contact with each other then us both smiling at each other. Alex smiling as he plays the keyboard. Or Justin looking out into the crowd & smiling! Great tour, awesome dudes.

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chkotay and seven for the ship hate thing

haha this is gonna be long, because oh god that’s the notp of the notp’s. the short answer to this would be that there isn’t even one positive thing about this thing that i refuse to call ship, but why not make a long list about it, shall we?

● it came out of nowhere
● seriously it happened in the last episode of the entire show
● and there weren’t even any sparks or flirty conversations befor not even once
● the only thing that happened was that seven used his hologramm to cook dinner and make out with (kill me) without his permission to learn how to be more human or something
● and as far as i know did she never even tell him what happened
● the actors had zero chemistry in my opinion
● also the age difference
● don’t get me wrong robert beltran is effing hot but janeway & chakotay where like mommy & daddy to the crew including seven
● it was really gross ok
● and now the most important point and the reason why i was bagging everyone to ask me this:
● captain kathryn janeway
● you don’t have to ship janeway & chakotay but you have to admit that they loved each other at least at some point
● episodes like resolutions, coda, the q and the grey, scorpion, hunters, night, timeless, unimatrix zero, shattered, etc… proved that
● and the chemistry between Kate Mulgrew & Robert Beltran was unbelievable
● they were standing so damn close to each other all the time and she was looking at his lips like 80% of the time
● they looked at each other so damn longingly it hurt
● i’ve been told that this may or may not have something to do with the fact that Robert & Kate were together at some point during the show but even if they were only teasing us god damn these idiots were so in love
● even when janeway got more cold hearted in the later seasons and they didn’t have that many scenes together anymore it was so obvious in shattered which took place in the last season
● because he only shares his very special & rare alcohol with her lol they had to be so drunk after the 2nd bottle they shouldn’t have stopped the ep there
● they were so hot in that ep and young janeway fall head over heels for chakotay after knowing him only for a day but who can blame her?
● did i mention that he build her a bathtube, looked at her boobs while she was only wearing a towel, told her that she was beautiful, the reason why he found peace, that her needs come befor anything else, that he would stay by her side (if he stayed by her side at the last ep i wouldn’t have to make this post), gave her a massage and that they were holding hands like 10 times in ONLY ONE EPISODE!?
● he also cried and screamed that she couldn’t leave him when she almost died in his arms
● oh and he gave her a rose
● and they were drinking champagne on a boat, one lake george, AT MIDNIGHT
● i could give you a million more reasons why she loved him and why they were meant to be but i think you understand why c and 7 are nothing more than bs and this post turned out too long anyways
● and last but not least i’m so sorry for this post but i’m really tired and i broke my foot and it hurts so much i can’t think straight
● byeee

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RULES: Answer these 85 statements and tag 20 people.


1. Drinking: Water

2. Phone call: One of my friends I don’t remember why

3. Text message: My best friend talking about a game

4. Song, you listened to: Carry On Wayward Son

5. Time you cried: I think yesterday while watching my serie lol

6. Dated someone twice: No

7. One kissed someone and regrets it: Never kissed anyone xD

8. Lost someone special: No

9. Was deceived: Uhh I don’t know

10. Been depressed: Yeah everyday I have this moment where I’m depressed 

11. Gotted beached and thrown: No


12. Black

13. Red

14. Grey


15. Make new friends: Yes

16. Fallen out of love: Never been in love

17. Guilt until you have wept: No

18. I found someone was talking about you: No

19. I put someone who changed you: Nuh

20. Find out what your friends are: I don’t know

21. A kissed someone on your Facebook list: No xD


22. How many of your friends do you know in real life: I have no idea lol, I think like more than half of it? Or just half of it I really don’t know 

23. Do you have pets: Yes, two rabbits 

24. Do you want to change your name: I don’t really hate my name, but if I could change it I think I would 

25. What did you do for your last birthday: I don’t really do things for my birthday. I sleep and I eat and I get presents and that’s it

26. What time did you wake up? 7 am

27. What were you doing at midnight last night: Sleeping, I love sleeping

28. Name something you can meet: Something I can meet? I don’t understand this I’m sorry xD

29. When was the last time you saw your mother: About an hour ago

31. What you are listening right now: Carry On Wayward Son

32. Have you ever spoken to a person named tom: Yes

33. Someone thing what you do to your nerves: I always bite my lip when I’m nervous so it’s always ruined and bloody

34. The most visited site: Tumblr & Youtube

35. Hair color: Dark brown

36. Long or short hair: Long hair 

37. Do you want someone else? Sometimes

38. What do you want from you: I don’t know

39. You want piercings: No

40. Type of song: Too many

41. Nickname: Juud

42. Marital status: Single

43. Zodiac: Leo

44. Pronouns: she / her

45. Favorite TV show (s): Game of Thrones, Black Sails, Supernatural, Teen Wolf & The 100

46. Tattoos: No

47. Right or left-handed: Right

48. Surgery: No

49. Piercing: No

50. Sport: Horse Riding

51. Holidays: We go almost every year to Switzerland, and often to Italy

52. Pair of trainers: Don’t know


53. Eating: I love Italian food 

54. Drinking: Coffee

55. I’m about to: Go to sleep

56. Waiting for: Nothing

57. Want: Sleep

58. Get married: Not now

59. Career: Still at school


60. Hugs or kisses: Neither

61. Lips or eyes: Eyes

62. Shorter or taller: Taller

63. Older or younger: Older

64. Nice arms or nice stomach: Nice arms

65. Hook up or relationship: Relationship 

66. Troublemaker or hesitant: Neither?


67. Kissed a stranger: No

68. Drank hard liquor: No

69. Lost glasses / contact lenses: Yes

70. Turned someone down: I don’t know

71. Sex on the first date: Never had sex 

72. Broken someone’s heart: Don’t think so

73. Had your heart broken: No

74. Been arrested: No

75. Cried when someone died: Yes

76. Fallen for a friend: No


77. Yourself: Sometimes

78. Miracles: Yes

79. Love at first sight: Yes

80. Santa Claus: No

81. Kiss on the first date: Yes

82. Angels: Maybe


83. Current best friend’s name: Britte, Kim & Thyra

84. Eye color: Brown

85. Favorite movie: Lord Of The Rings

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1. I haven’t cried in three days and I fucking ache from missing you

2. It’s 2am and my thoughts are swimming of you

3. The girl on the ride home looked like you when she laughed

4. Why don’t you smile anymore?

5. I miss you

6. Do you have trouble sleeping like I do?

7. Are you happy?

8. I wonder if you smell the same

9. I told you I thought God brought us together. I don’t pray anymore

10. We fucked six times that day at the park and you cried my name out. I hope you scream my name while your in someone else’s bed

11. I can’t say the word love without your name coming up in the same sentence

12. I needed you, I fucking needed you

—  N.S // Texts I’ll never send because it won’t make a difference

Hey Taylor! The picture of the left is a selfie of me(lighting makes my face look different colors, it is not), and on the right is a picture of me right before your concert. I went to the East Rutherford concert on 7/10/15, and it was one of the most magically nights of my life. I remember the first time I ever heard your song was when I was about 8 years old, and I was running around a card store when your song come on the radio. It was about Romeo and Juliet which I just recently had learned the story at the time. I sat down in a chair and listened to the words, I loved it. About a year or two later I received my first iPod, and the first thing I did was buy your albums. Your songs were the only ones I listen to for months. I lived by your words. I had a tough time with other kids since I was shy growing up. I usually found myself alone without any friends, but you were always there for me. I really don’t think I would have been the person I am today without your music. If I’m ever alone or sad now, you are one of the things that can automatically make me happy. You just honestly mean so much to me. I can never thank you enough for doing what you do and being there for me through your music. I had waited 5 years to see you live in concert and it finally happened this year(7/10/15). You were so amazing and I cried 4 times throughout the concert. It really was one of the best nights of my life that I will never forgot. Thinking about it now makes me teary eyed. My parents finally understand how much you mean to me when they saw the amount of joy I had on my face, and when I started crying while driving to the arena since I was so happy. But Taylor I will met you one day, and be able to tell you how much you mean to me. Just thank you for changing me for the best. taylorswift


SNSD (singing): Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Our SONE who we love! Happy birthday to you!
SNSD: 1! 2! 3! Hello, we are SNSD!
Sooyoung: It’s SNSD’s 9th anniversary, it’s our 9th birthday!
Yuri: Wowwww~ Already?!
Sooyoung: Sunny, how does it feel?
Sunny: Mmm… I can’t believe it.
Sooyoung: Okay!
Sunny: How has it been this long?
Sooyoung: We’re only 9 years old now! If we’re 9, it means we just started elementary school.
Sunny: That’s right. Really, memories with SONE are coming to me.
Sooyoung: Hyoyeon, how does it feel?
Hyoyeon: Uhhh… This time of 9 years… SONE is… best in universe… I think you’re the best. SONE, I love you and thank you. SONE, you’re mine.
Sooyoung: Yoona, how does it feel?
Yoona: Whenever I see sunbaenims, who are celebrating 9th or 10th anniversaries, I felt like “Wow~ That’s amazing!” and now that time has passed for us too. It’s really unbelievable.
Taeyeon: Is this the truth or a lie?!
Yoona: I’m happy because SONE is together with us.
Taeyeon: And it gives us strength. For me, I recently met a lot of fans while doing fan signs. And there were fans who told me, “I’ve been a fan since I was in elementary school and I’m an adult now”. That’s when I felt, “Ah, a long time has passed for us too”. Yes. It feels like we’ve grown up with all of you? Yes, so I’m very proud and the time we’ll have going forward, I hope we can spend it happily.
Seohyun: I really can’t believe that it has been 9 years. Next year will be our 10th anniversary. Lots have happened, we received a lot of awards and there were many, many unforgettable memories created thanks to our fans so I’m so, so thankful and going forward, since it’s only the 9th anniversary, let’s be together until the 20th anniversary. How do you feel, unnie?
Tiffany: Recently, when I was performing, it felt new. After always performing with members, when I would greet fans alone, it reminded me of the past and just now, when we were coming by car, we talked about, “Guys, what do you think of when you think of your 20s?”. There were lots of enjoyable and happy things, and even things that we didn’t even think of, and going forward, I hope we can do dynamic things together. I really, really want to congratulate the members. SONE, I love you!
Taeyeon: We love you.
Yuri: As expected, I also can’t believe it’s already our 9th anniversary. The fact that time that we’ve spent creating and collecting memories is already nearing 10 years is so, so fascinating. I hope we can mature and grow together and make many, many even more enjoyable memories. I hope you can anticipate even more from us now and I hope we can be together for a long time. You know, right?
Sooyoung: While watching our Tiffany and Taeyeon’s concerts, I almost cried several times.
Yuri: You cried? I didn’t know you cried?
Sooyoung: You didn’t see, I cried. Fans were sitting right beside me. When I saw the fans, their tears were streaming down and I saw them cheering. I thought, “Even when we stand on stage, they must have cheered like that with all of their heart”. The feeling of watching from the fans’ perspective in the audience was so different, so for 9 years, fans who have been by our side no matter what - whether it rains or snows - if we go, they come with us, our fans who’ve been with us for every moment, whenever, wherever, thank you so much.
Tiffany: I’m so touched.
Sooyoung: Thank you so much, and like Yuri said, I hope you will anticipate a lot more from us. Please anticipate a lot from us going forward.
SNSD: Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation. Going forward, it’s Girls’ Generation. Forever, it’s Girls’ Generation.
Hyoyeon: As expected, SONE is…

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^this Now please lay off my friends for writing neilbie fanfiction

Let your USS OTP sail! Pull in the anchor, hoist your flags and wave bon voyage to all the haters in the world! 

I’m gonna say it loud and proud, I’m a fanfic author. I’m an almost-30 year old, professional with a full-time day job, a Master’s degree from a prestigious international university and I. Write. Fanfic. For a long time I didn’t tell people I was writing fic because of the stigma around it. Now I say fuck ‘em

My project’s name is Sirens. I’m re-writing DC’s Gotham City Sirens because I was tired of seeing (what I think are) three of the best characters in comics treated like objects. I was tired of them not having agency and only having the veneer of intelligence and personality. I’m tired of seeing my non-binary/asexual friends not have BAMF characters in fiction to call their own. I was sick and tired of how mental illness, domestic violence, sexism/classism/and other -isms were just glossed over. I got so sick and tired one night I started tossing ideas to TimeLadyKitsune in Googlechat and that’s how this whole thing got started. 

Aside from TimeLadyKitsune, I never told anyone I was writing this because I’d make myself so anxious I’d throw up in my mouth. “It wasn’t real writing,” that toxic voice in my head would say, and I believed it for a long time. Anytime one of my friends asked what I was writing, I’d say, “nothing”. Finally, one day I left my computer open to a page and a friend read it. Let’s just say we both cried a lot, and she spent the next 10 months convincing me to publish it online. I finally did. While most people seem to think it’s okay, there has been some dissent.

I’ve caught a lot of flack for not making Harley and Ivy lesbians. Want to know what I say to that? Fuck no, and here’s why.

  1. Both have had meaningful relationships with men in the past, and I will not discount that, because,
  2. Last time I checked there was a B in LGBTQ. There are plenty of women in same-sex relationships who identify as bisexual. I will not erase that. If you want an out-and-proud lesbian in Gotham, google Kate Kane.
  3. Given the choices I have made in developing these characters, bisexual makes the most sense. 
  4. If the other three reasons aren’t compelling enough, it’s my story.

I’ve received pushback for making a character both non-binary and asexual. Stytch* literally keeps Gotham’s underground running and is an integral part to the story. If I die tomorrow, let my family know I want “Creator of Stytch” on my headstone and that’s she’s copyrighted for the next 25 years. I categorically refuse to compromise her character integrity and identity. Period. Any calls to change Stytch- or any other of my characters- because they upset the status quo will be met with raucous laugher and two crisp middle fingers from me.

I’ve been told I need to update Barbara Gordon because she can walk again. I’ve been told I need to have more sex, less sex, more violence, less violence, and about a dozen other things. I gladly listen to and consider all feedback that I’ve been given. However, it doesn’t mean I’m going to follow it. Good advice- even the advice I don’t always want to hear but I know in my gut will make my story better- always gets followed. The rest isn’t. 

So, for all of you fanfic authors out there, shipping your OTP that everyone else hates on,

Or who’re writing in secret because they’re afraid of what other people will think of you,

Or from groups who are marginalized and ignored, or write to include groups who are marginalized or ignored,

You especially don’t need permission.



*I use feminine pronouns with Stytch because that’s how TimeLadyKitsune, (a.k.a the real-life version of Stytch), wants it and I am respecting that choice. Other characters use masculine or a mix of pronouns, or adjust based upon how Stytch presents that day.


10 months ago I was rear-ended by this semi truck on my way to work.
10 months ago it felt like my life was falling apart.
10 months ago was one of the scariest things I’ve ever dealt with.

Throughout these last 10 months you guys have made me smile and laugh more than I could count. After the accident I would come online to escape the pain and you guys played a big part in that. So thank you so much for being here.

Taylor, if you happen to see this, you played a big part in my recovery too. While I was in recovery, I would listen to 1989 and paint lyrics. It was something I looked forward to every day. You also made me feel like I wasn’t alone. You liked so many posts of mine, and every time you did it made me smile because in that moment I knew we were both smiling about the same thing. This month we bonded over OOTW a whole lot and that is something I will never forget. So thank you for @taylorswift for making my days brighter💕

I’m 10 months older than the broken person I used to be.


I was tagged by justlookatthehearteyes 84 years ago to post my 10 favorite photos of Louis.  I hope you know that this was literally the hardest things I’ve ever been tasked with.  I cheated.  I picked 2 gifs and 11 photos and I considered it a victory to be honest.  I would have liked to post 1000.

Okay-let’s do this:  The first gif~Happy!Louis is everything to me.  This is one of my fav gifs of him ever.  Happy, giggling, beautiful.  It’s perfection. The 2nd gif~ okay he is so HOT.  I can’t.  This is one of the hottest gifs I’ve ever seen in my life.  The first 2 pics~ His “I will fuck you up” stare actually fucks me up. (I bet I’m not the only one…Harry must die on a daily basis). The third~ is an edit and is SO beautiful.  Soft fringe.  That long piece of hair.  Eyelashes.  Tanktop.  UGHHH(I’m so sorry but these were all saved in a folder on my laptop so I don’t know who’s this is…please message me if you’d like me to add credit~I would be happy to). The 4th~ sliding down the hill laughing and smiling like a child~ I adore him.  That is all. 5th~ I died.  6th~ I cried.  Rainbow apple shirt~ never forget. The 7th~ self explanatory~ if you have eyes.  Just beautiful.  8th~Sassy Louis.  I love it. The 9th~ Well, I’ve posted this photo no less than 10 times so I figured I might as well post it again:))  10th~ JFC HIS EYES. FACE. HAIR. EVERYTHING.  11th~Honestly I have no words.  He literally got the dagger and this photo is stunning.  He is too beautiful for words.

Okay so somehow while I was making this post, I managed to delete my fav Louis photos folder from my laptop (cries for a million years).  So I tag literally anyone who sees this and wants to do it.  Please tag me because I truly want to see all the beautiful Louis pics!!!!  And apparently I have to build up my folder again:(

Enjoy the pretty!!!!



Wedding went perfect! Everyone else took pictures so I’ll show them later!

It all went 10 times better than i hoped it would, i loved every minute, nothing even really went wrong!

Everyone laughed at my vows though, i didn’t MEAN to make them super funny but i guess they were!!!

The only thing that went bad yesterday was i got locked out of the venue while taking pictures, and this big muddy dog tried to jump on me, my friend dove in front of it to chase it away cause it REALLY wanted to jump up on my big fluffy dress.

but it all went perfect and i was so happy and i cried and laughed and danced and it was everything i wanted it to be!!!

brokenangelwings83  asked:

I'm not sure if I'm the first to ask but NaLu

who’s the cuddler: Natsu.

who makes the bed: Lucy.

who wakes up first: Lucy.  She gets up to make breakfast while he sprawls across the bed, snoring.

who has the weird taste in music: Natsu.

who is more protective: Natsu.  He’d never let anyone hurt his mate, duh.

who sings in the shower: Lucy, which Natsu & Happy tease her for but Natsu secretly loves.

who cries during movies: Lucy, except for that one time she caught Natsu tearing up.  He denies this ever occurring.  

who spends the most while out shopping: Lucy.

who kisses more roughly: Natsu.

who is more dominate: I think they switch.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: