i cried 10 times while making this

psa i will find time during this hell week of orgo and genetics exams to make an ichiruki playlist WITH a graphic i FUCKING PROMISE okay

My favorite thing about this tour was the intimacy. Before the show I got to meet every one of the band members & they were all so sweet! During the show there was so much interaction with the crowd, unforgettable memories. Seeing everyone do their thing up close was honestly so beautiful. I cried so much because it was a very surreal experience. I’ve already seen SWS 4 times prior but nothing could compare to this tour. Waiting in line for 10 hours through rain & shine was honestly worth it because I ended up getting front & center. I noticed so many things that day like the way Kellin steps on his tippy toes when he hits the really high notes. Or when Jack zones out while he’s playing. Nick mouthing every word to the song. Gabe & I making awkward eye contact with each other then us both smiling at each other. Alex smiling as he plays the keyboard. Or Justin looking out into the crowd & smiling! Great tour, awesome dudes.