My favorite part of Ghostbusters was when they were trying to find the ghost below the concert and Patty walks by the room of mannequins and says “Nope. That’s a room full of nightmares.” And just KEEPS ON WALKING. Like I have been waiting MY WHOLE LIFE for a character to be like “well fuck that” and just not fucking deal with it, like the ghost had to come and get her and she outran the bitch


“I think you are the next little Taylor Swift”– Simon Cowell


-They opened up with DOPE
-JiHope were the MCs
-Jungkook had a bowlcut
-Jimin almost pushed over several cardboard posters
-Each member was given a respective award but Taehyung only cried for Namjoon
-Yoongi was dressed as an ambassador
-Yoongi took over Jimin’s MC spot briefly
-JiKook performed Park Ji Hoon’s Adult Ceremony
-the cameraman literally zoomed so far into Jungkook’s crotch that 80% of the screen was just bulge
-Taehyung solo rapped Cypher Pt 3
-YoonHope sang into each others eyes
-They decorated two cakes and picked out fans to receive the cakes
-Namjoon thought that the whipped cream was hair spray
-Namjoon and Jin both got solo daNCE BREAKS
-There was lots of screaming
-Taehyung did a loT of head whipping
-Jungkook and Taehyung had a brief dab war
-Bang PD nim made a special guest appearance in a video
-Rise Of Bangtan was lit
-They basically closed off with FIRE
-Literally all the members were out of breath as they thanked all the fans