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Would that Jaime had come with me, she thought… but he was a knight of the Kingsguard, his rightful place was with his king.”


“When I see you, I get angry. But that won’t do. Because when I couldn’t see you, I got even more angry. To the point of going crazy. So, stay by my side.” 

― Jeonha Hyomyeong 

Title: Nightmares of the Dead
Ship: Pietro Maximoff x Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: Twincest? Not so much a warning, but yea.
AN: For the anon whom requested the prompt “Wanda has a nightmare about Pietro dying and he comforts her”. And ohmygosh your prompt tho. YOUR PROMPT. ;A; I love it. It’s awesome. I’ve been wanting to write a fic like this, so yea. :) Again with the grammatical and spelling errors, I am sorry. Hope you like anyway! :D Enjoy! (Fic under the cut).

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Endless List of OTPS [7/?]: Bonnie Bennett & Damon Salvatore

Maybe we can sleep in

Make you banana pancakes

We could close the curtains

Pretend like there’s no world outside