i crey while making these sobs

//. so I introduced Colleen ( @watcherandshield ) to riverdale i wanna say a week ago or less ! Caught her up, and now we can love on another show together :’) you know, where the plotline is actually 10/10 — ALSO WE HAVE ANOTHER OTP WE ADORE JUST AS MUCH AS JON x RAMSAY !!! —- JUGHEAD x BETTY ;w; !!!! <3 <3 Literally Colleen is officially the jughead to my betty. and *sobs* !!! You guys, I crey!!! Our babies ;w; <3

— also we’re on rabbit, the audio is weird AF? it’s making the songs fuzzy, BUT we’re still listening to music xD Colleen is playing her game, and I’m working on screencaps while we’re on the phone. GOALS <3