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5 hrs later the BBMA’s I began to cry meanwhile listening to 봄날 and realized that I just witnessed one of the most exciting and most beautiful moments in THOUSANDS even MILLIONS of people’s lives on TV.

This award is not just for us (ARMY), but for those 7 boys who became men right before our eyes.

They made history; from being the first Kpop group to be nominated, having the most votes and surpassing JB, to being the first Kpop group to win the TOP SOCIAL ARTIST AWARD!!!

Taehyung almost cried meanwhile standing on stage accepting the award, Yoongi immediately grabbed the award with a big smile on his face, Namjoon (from my perspective) was stuttering- not because of his bad English, because his English is better than mine- out of shock, and Chim, Kook, Jin, and Hobi were absolutely speechless.

They went through the hardest things in life from mental illnesses to leaving their families, being dead ass broke, and growing up under a spotlight; they deserve this award.

I’m glad to call myself an ARMY and be a part of this fandom watching our boys grow.
I’m proud of our boys and I’m 10000000% sure you are too.

Let’s continue flying with our beautiful wings.



yes, Judy reveal…n-nothing…special, Got some weird shadow patches here and there but y’know…eh.

really should’ve added a hat to go with that shadow


yes…a hat would be nice

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Can we talk about how Mai being abused made her how she is? Calling an abuse victim abusive for acting a certain way because of their abuse is victim blaming. Mai isn't a bad person her parents are.

Thank you for sending me this ask, anon, because it’s something I want to talk about.

There are abusers who were themselves abused, and who abuse out of a misguided attempt to cope with their own abuse.  Such abusers absolutely exist, and Avatar: the Last Airbender has a few of these, most prominently Azula.  However, this is not Mai, and I have already written a lot about how Mai’s behavior is not abusive.

But here’s the thing, Zuko, during his time in the Fire Nation before leaving to teach Aang, is not happy, and for that matter, Mai isn’t happy either.  This is only to be expected.  Not only are Mai and Zuko both trying to deal with the abuse their parents heaped, and continue to heap on them, but they are both in a current abusive relationship at the time, with Azula.  Both of them are under tremendous stress from this past and continuing abuse, and neither was magically able to be happy in spite of currently being abused because they had someone who loved them.

This is held up by anti-Maiko shippers as proof that Mai is wrong for Zuko, and even abusive.  Obviously she’s the wrong girl, because if she was the right girl, Zuko would be happy and cured of all his woes, even though all of the troubles he had before are still going on, and out of Mai’s control.  This is both rank sexism, and a wild misunderstanding of what love is like.

In fact, abusers like Azula are corrosive to all the other relationships their victims have, especially the relationships between their victims.  It’s incredibly difficult to sustain a relationship in the face of an Azula.  This is why Mai and Ty Lee’s friendship, and also Mai and Zuko’s romance are so remarkable.

And both Mai and Zuko act in tremendously unhealthy ways throughout their time together before Zuko leaves to teach Aang.  This behavior isn’t abuse, but there are lots of unhealthy behaviors that aren’t abuse.  Both of them are still being abused.  They don’t have the safety to step back and say “is this coping mechanism doing me good?  Is it good for the people around me?  does it work?”  They are both still living in that state of fear and crisis that abuse brings.  Holding Mai responsible for this is the very height of victim blaming.

I’m gonna answer this in the form of what-ifs and personal theories and also based only on the Prime 3 pirates so here goes:

Since their real body is a limbless leech, I don’t think they could have utilized tools on their own. They were probably the weird alien fish equivalent of dolphins. UNTIL

Maybe a certain species of alien bird with no sense of boundaries was watching these little worm guys and seeing their potential. So they decided to show up and be like “hey u guys want limbs and also space travel?”

There’s definitely a pattern in the series of the Chozo being responsible for horrible disasters that kill a bunch of people. Like Metroids, you know because SOMEONE thought virtually-unkillable killing machines were just the dandiest solution to get rid of another unkillable killing machine. And also uplifting the Bryyonians and we all know how that went. So I think it would be perfectly in-character for them to also be responsible for the Space Pirates being a threat, (and also destroying their own Homeworld hey just like Bryyo) when they would have otherwise been harmless alien fish on a perfectly healthy planet.

I mean think about it, they spend their whole lives in the ocean with no arms and then suddenly someone shows up, sticks them on land, gives them hands and is like alright have fun with that sensory overload mate. And then they go crazy developing and dominating every inch of their planet’s surface for no other reason than NOW WE CAN. And then that one planet just isn’t enough, so they use their newfound legginess to make laughable attempts to conquer every other planet too! 

And the rest is history.

Riverdale Asks

Send a number and see what my Riverdale opinions are!

  1. Favorite couple?
  2. Least favorite couple?
  3. Favorite parent?
  4. Least favorite parent?
  5. Who did you want to kill Jason?
  6. Favorite episode?
  7. Favorite moment?
  8. Favorite quote?
  9. Who is the most annoying character?
  10. If you could be one of the Riverdale characters, who’d you pick?
  11. If you had to join football, cheerleading, Blue & Gold, or the party planning committee (?) which would you pick?
  12. Who is more of an asshole: Cheryl or Reggie?
  13. What character makes your skin crawl?
  14. Would you rather have Veronica or Betty as your BFF?
  15. Would you rather date Archie or Jughead?
  16. What is the least likely scenario in the whole show?
  17. Favorite scene at Pop’s?
  18. Favorite sarcastic Jug quote?
  19. Would you rather be trapped in a room with Alice Cooper or Penelope Blossom?
  20. Would you actually befriend any of the characters on the show?
  21. Would you support Archie’s music career?
  22. Who do you think should get more screen time in season two?
  23. Who deserves less screen time in season two?
  24. Any unpopular opinions?
  25. Bughead or Barchie?
  26. Veronica and Archie or Betty and Jughead?
  27. Kevin and Moose or Kevin and Joaquin?
  28. What are your thoughts on Polly?
  29. Any predictions on season two?
  30. If you had to kill off another character, who would it be?
  31. Would you have helped the gang (minus Archie, lbh) investigate Jason’s murder?
  32. Should Hermione be with Fred or stick with Hiram?
  33. Favorite parent-couple?
  34. Was Archie’s relationship with Ms. Grundy actually worth the multiple episodes??
  35. Watch a movie with Jug at The Twilight or drink a milkshake with him at Pop’s?
  36. Who’s the real DILF? 
  37. Who’s the real MILF?

I really enjoyed today’s Ear Biscuits. I love hearing them talk about their business, the creative process and the struggles of being a creator - especially on a platform like youtube. It is so hard, if not to say impossible, to come up with original ideas and as a creator it’s a constant struggle to not feel beat down by the just sheer amount of things that already has been done. Personally, I get inspired by other people and other peoples creations - wether it be music, fiction, video, art or whatever. But, I can also get overwhelmed and just give up because I feel like everyone has already done everything ten million times better than I ever could. I cannot imagine being a youtube creator - it seems like such a crazy world to be in, creative wise.

Also, I love that they’re actually talking about stuff people are critizising them for (and listening and changing as in the EB two weeks ago) and trying to clearing things up. They’re clearly so passionate about this topic and about their creations, brand and business.

@feynites because idiots being soft is everything  (*゚∀゚*)

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Its okay Hypaa we'll love you and cherish you regardless of your pursuits. And if you DO publish an actual book. *starry eyes* PLEASE PLEASE INFORM US!!!! I WANT TO READ WHAT YOU WRITR CAUSE YOU HAVE A BRILLIANT MIND AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL *hugs*


I will most definitely let folks know on here when I’ve done such a massive thing like that. I’m great at building on already established universes, which is why fanfiction is so enthralling to me. Someone else started the idea, and all I have to do is finish it, lol! So the idea of starting from scratch and building my own characters and settings and all that got me like

My bf has really tried pushing me on writing a novel and I’ve been completely reticent on it because I don’t feel like I’m ready. But hell, when was I ever ready to do any of the things that have turned out great in my life?

Welp, until then… lemme just focus on smut. Yes. LOL

The Bidders and Karaoke: headcannon

Ah, here I am shit posting once more. Great. But I couldn’t get this out of my head. 

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Songs: We all know he’s gonna sing some extra ass shit, I’m talking Celine Dion, Cher, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera. And yes, he does the vocal riffs and nails them. Asshole

Performance: Its like he’s trying to seduce the crowd. Definitely some suggestive eyebrow action, and some hip swiveling happening (Shakira, Shakira indeed.) The Bidders and Mc are definitely uncomf. 

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are you looking for any specific cosmic characters to rp with?

            swEATS. i have a list, friend. some gotg some not, all part of the wacky trip that is cosmic marvel : pip the troll, moondragon, kismet, quasar (any), phyla - vell (martyr), death, cosmo, starhawk, bug, vance astro yo, gladiator, any of the eternals ! there are a TON of weird aliens / entities that could be fun to stick your flag in and write for.  


Hyosu with an Eagles aesthetic

Cause I was playing with colours and needed an outlet for the build up of growing AFL feels