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Once, when Adam had still lived in the trailer park, he had been pushing the lawn mower around the scraggly side yard when he realized that it was raining a mile away. He could smell it, the earthy scent of rain on dirt, but also the electric, restless smell of ozone. And he could see it: a hazy gray sheet of water blocking his view of the mountains. He could track the line of rain traveling across the vast dry field towards him. It was heavy and dark, and he knew he would get drenched if he stayed outside. It was coming from so far away that he had plenty of time to put the mower away and get under cover. Instead, though, he just stood there and watched it approach. Even at the last minute, as he heard the rain pounding the grass flat, he just stood there. He closed his eyes and let the storm soak him.


dreamt of @dripped‘s vibrant and magical town quartz! this town was stunning and beautifully crafted, the decorating was really gorgeous, and walking through it felt enchanting and inspirational ♡ the layout of the town was put together in a way that made it feel huge and never-ending, which made it more exciting to explore! it was clear that a lot of love went into creating this town! thank you for sharing this with me~!

♡ 5E00 - 0044 - 2A18 ♡


Turnwaysstuck! An au i made with @iburntthetoasthhh where all the kids have non-human guardians but jade, and the trolls have guardians that are also trolls (they’re the ancestors but more modernized and themed like their lusi)

I should get a Twitter account… for the purpose of following Red Barrels. I’ve been missing out on more Outlast 2 news than I’ve realized. Twitter is the only major social media I don’t have.

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I now have to go through this blog and add some new tags with information I’ve learned.

It’s been a wicked exciting but exhausting week. I’m in the process of getting a side business going so I am up to my eyeballs in fleece for handmade fandom themed fleece blankets. I have more ideas than I can afford fabric and more to do than I want to think about. But it is an exciting venture.

Here’s to taking risks, trying new things, carving out a niche and loving what I do!

hey guys! i made an aesthetic fashion blog so if you wanna follow please do @angeliclindvall :) it’s nothing deep or meaningful but it’s filled with things i like, basically all my fashion guilty pleasures. it’s trashy and glam and pink and glittery and everything that my soul is made up of.



(Also I forgot Magenta’s eye shapes hhhhhhhhh sorry purrsia–)

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You've mentioned a few times scenarios where Fire Lord Iroh has to deprogram Zuko. What would that even consist of?

Deprogramming really is a shorthand for slowly, mostly gently, now that he’s in charge and in control, forcing Zuko to think through what his father was and what he did, to Zuko and to the world, what he saw on his travels, and what the consequences of his father’s plans and ideals were. Basically all those things Zuko did for himself in canon when confronted with the extent of his father’s genocidal ambitions. Part of it is also a waiting game. Without the prospect of earning his father’s approval at last hanging over him, it’s easier for Zuko to begin to move away from his father’s beliefs. Also Zuko just seeing the contrast between Iroh as Firelord and Ozai and Azulon as Firelords would do a lot of Iroh’s work for him.

I live for clichés. Sitting on a Parisian rooftop, reading poetry in the early morning when the air is crisp and cold, soft kisses peppered across the face, romantic bouquets, walking as if on air throughout an art museum, every corridor empty except for me, pressing post-it-notes with messages to all the walls of my apartment, being unable keep myself from gasping as the heavy burgundy curtains of a opera house reveals beauty. I want it all.