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jesus fuck i need a button that will make me stop with addictional effects on my drawings

What was the point of drumfred? To break our hearts because daisy’s done a pretty good job of that. Honestly I’m sick of the bury your gays trope,just give us real representation. I can accept Drummond to be brought in with the sole intent of killing him but I can’t accept choosing to make him gay,basically queer bating us,having him die without telling Alfred his feelings and not even getting his death historically accurate. So on that note I’m done with victoria, I’ll watch the Christmas special and support the cast but I’m not going to watch season three.

Reach This Moment: Part One

Summary: Princess Mai didn’t know which was more galling, the fact that she had fallen just short of becoming Earth Queen, or that she could be done away with so easily.  Still, if she was to marry the Firelord, who was she to have a say?

Author’s Note: Written for Fall Maiko Week 2017

Part One: Redirect

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Hey!!! Are you still doing the apprentice ask thing? If not, I understand but I’d really like to know #7 for Fiore!!

7) Talk about your apprentices’ backstory. How did they end up with the shop? What’s their relationship (or lack thereof) with their parents? Traumatic childhood maybe?

Fiore isn’t a Vesuvian native, though one of his parents were. So, while he grew up quite a ways south, he did often stay with his grandmother and eventually came to live with her once tensions surrounding his home rose. It was a decision that eleven year old Fi resented, cool magic shop be damned, but did come to appreciate and understand the reasoning after he grew up.

At said cool magic shop, Fiore was mentored by his nonna. First herbalism and then, when he showed a natural talent for it, magic. The magic part came to him much easier than memorizing plants and remedies. Little by little, Fi took on his grandmother’s responsibilities and role. And, in the end, she passed the shop on to him. 

Don't Put Out The Light - queenjameskirk - IT - Stephen King [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: OT3, Canon-Level Depictions of Violence and Gore, Somewhat canon-compliant, i changed some things lmao, eddie loves his boys and nothing will ever change that, Smut

“Eddie has always loved Bill best, until he meets Richie.”

this fic kicked my ass! it started as a joke between me and a friend and it grew into this almost 15,000 word monster!! anyway, please read my completely self-indulgent ot3 fic!


Pyrrhic Victory – a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat (Wikipedia)

A short what-if comic. Continued under cut.