i crave pizza

Anyone else?

Me: okay no eating today.

Brain: but. Your mom just bought Oreos. Why don’t we eat them all today so then they’re gone and they won’t tempt you

Brain: also. There’s some ice cream left in the freezer. You should finish that up as well

Brain: and if you eat Oreos and ice cream your day is already ruined so why don’t you order pizza. I know you’ve been craving pizza.

Brain: and now that you’re in an all out binge you might as well pour yourself a bowl of cereal. Cereal is your favorite binge item

Some Maybe Not As Common Sicknarios

- we got in a fist fight and now have detention together and I’m only getting you tissues and offering my jacket because your sneezing and shivering is getting on my nerves. I am definitely not concerned

- we play in school band together and your normally long, stunning high trumpet notes sound short and choppy and WOW do you look sick

- I’m your manager at our job at the grocery store and I keep getting customer complaints of an employee coughing all over products in aisle 5. Why did you even come in today??

- we both teach swimming lessons and you come in sick. I watch you take a dive, only to not come up. Oh mY GOD YOU’RE DROWNING.

- we are singing with a choir at a chorus competition and you look really bad but we need your voice. I have to discreetly keep a hand around your waist to keep you from falling over as we sing

- you are my biggest track competitor. We are both neck and neck and the finish line is right in front of us when you suddenly collapse. I should take the opportunity to win but you look terrible! Have you been running while this sick the whole time!?

- I was really craving some pizza and you are my delivery boy and wOW YOU LOOK TERRIBLE. NO PLEASE COME IN. LET ME CALL YOUR EMPLOYER. HOW DID YOU EVEN DRIVE LIKE THAT??

- we walk our dogs at the same time everyday and I spot your dog running around without you. I grab your dog and find you passed out by a tree. ARE YOU OKAY??


OMGGG!!! The Pizza Dough Is Replaced By Chicken With Egg Coating And Crumbs.

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Imagine Endverse!Cas getting high and having hella bad munchies and wanting pizza rolls but there's no pizza rolls in the apocalypse so he starts crying simply because there's no pizza rolls and Dean is just like 😑

listen, no one would ever judge Cas for craving pizza rolls 
Dean secretly wants them too 

Check To The Heart (Part 8)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

CTTH Masterlist

You sit in your office typing an email to your dad about the upcoming promotions for the month, when the sounds of laughter from grown men filled the halls.  The team had been away for three weeks playing in away games and it seemed were finally home.  You try to remove the smile off of your face, and try to focus on the work in front of you.  You were so giddy to see Bucky and Steve.  You missed them both tons, but after what happened in your office with Bucky after his game, you really couldn’t wait to see him.

You had set in your mind that you were going to kiss him, if Steve got in the way, well then on his own head be it.  You and Bucky had been texting daily and talking over the phone when you could.  He had told you they would be home today, you just had no idea what time.  They had done fairly well in their games, so you knew you were getting back two very happy men.

Hearing a pair of footsteps coming toward your door, you suppress your smile and focus on the computer in front of you.  A short knock on your door has you looking up.  Steve had peeked his head in your door, giving you a wide grin. “We’re baaack!”

You roll your eyes at his sing song voice and wave him in, your grin grows as you see Bucky following behind him.  You watch as the corners of his mouth raise up into a broad smile. “Hey sweetheart.  I - We missed you.”

The two plopped themselves on your couch and began telling you all about their trip.  They told you about how some rookie had been pranked the whole time.  Bucky and Steve being the ones responsible for the meanest in your opinion.  On an off day, where they were finally all able to sleep in, Bucky and Steve had ordered three wake up calls for the rookie at 3 AM, 5 AM, and 7 AM.  The poor thing was so exhausted after a long night out, he didn’t have the sense to cancel any others that could have been potentially waiting for him.

You laughed along with the boys, shaking your head at their childishness.  You sneak a glance at Bucky, finding him staring at you with laughter in his eyes, and a fond smile on his face.  “What did we miss around here?”

You pull your eyes from Bucky’s and lick your lips taking a breath, “Well, let’s see I worked.  I got my dad to approve a few things I’ve been bugging him about.  Also Nat and I had a few friend dates, but other than that I just hung out.”

“You’re so boring, you need a boyfriend Y/n”  You look at Steve in disbelief.  Bucky gave Steve a look of horror.  Steve seeming unaffected by both of your stares, gave you both a mischievous grin, clearly pleased with himself.  While you mentally planned how you would murder Steve and get away with it, Bucky was clearing his throat.  

“Why don’t we go to dinner sweetheart.  You should get out of this office, have a little fun.”

“YEAH!  We can head to Vinny’s!  I have been craving their pizza.”  Steve let out a moan after mentioning Vinny’s, it was his guilty pleasure and he wasn’t allowed it too much during the hockey season.  Bucky shot a glance at you and noted your face matched his with a look of annoyance.

“Steve, buddy, I actually just meant me and Y/n.”  Giving Steve a pointed look, Steve’s eyes widen in realization.  Bucky had told him that he was going to ask you out, he had partially wanted Steve to give his approval, as well as getting the hint he needed to back off.

“Oh…OH..Of course you did!”  Steve stands quickly and walks a few short steps over to you and gives you a kiss on the cheek and mutters goodbye.

“Bye Steve and thanks.”  You return his smile and know that he is doing this for the both of you.  Steve hated being left out, you knew you and Bucky would both be getting phone calls later in the evening.

After closing up your office, the two of you headed out to another restaurant instead of Vinny’s.  They last thing you needed was to go there and have Steve sitting with Peggy at the next table.  You both settled on the mexican restaurant down the street from the arena, opting to walk instead of driving.

After a wonderful dinner filled with good food, laughter and conversation, neither of you wanted to go home to empty apartments quiet yet.   You grabbed Bucky’s hand and pulled him behind you, running back toward the side entrance to the arena.

“Where we goin sweetheart?” Bucky gave you a laugh squeezing your hand tighter following closely behind you.  You arrive at the door and release his hand, digging through your purse.

“Breaking and entering really?”  Bucky gives you a look of amusement, while you turn back towards him holding up a key.

“Don’t you remember Barnes, I’m the owner’s daughter.  It isn’t breaking in when you have a key.”  Giving him a cheeky grin you unlock the door and grab his hand pulling him into the building.

You press a finger to your lips and lead him into the main part of the arena where the rink was freshly zambonied.  You walk toward the ice and take a deep breath, Bucky admiring you as you had a little moment to yourself.  “I love the way it smells in here.  It smells like home.  I mean we spent all our time on the ice, from the time we were kids till even now.”

Bucky gives you an indulgent smile and walks towards you reaching his arms out to you, placing his hands on your hips gently, “You’re right, I guess hockey rinks have played a huge part in both of our lives.  So what are we gonna do now doll?”

You give him a small smile and lead him to the locker room door. “Skate of course.”

After grabbing his skates from his locker stall while you grabbed a spare set you hid for yourself in Steve’s locker, he placed them on his feet quickly, moving over to where you sat and began lacing your skates for you.  You let a small smile appear on your face as you watched him lace the skates carefully, he worked almost methodically, making sure they were tight and the laces were tied where you couldn’t skate over them and fall.

“I remember you doing this for me when we were in middle school.”  He looks up at you and the smile he gives you has you grateful that you are sitting.

“You broke your arm during a game, if I remember right.  That seems so long ago.”  He stands and offers you his hand, which you take and pull yourself up.

“It was.  Too long.”

Bucky doesn’t release your hand as he moves toward the rink.  When you both hit the ice, he turns so he is skating backwards and you follow him, he gives you a smile and lets you catch up to him.  You take both his hands in yours and you skate around the arena before Bucky releases one of your hands so he can skate beside you.  You can’t help but feel a jolt in your stomach over the feel of his hand in yours.

“It’s been so long since I skated with a pretty girl.”  You give Bucky a laugh of disbelief and lean closer to him. Bucky gives you a grin and slows to a stop, turning to stand in front of you, placing his hands on your hips.

“Hey it’s one of my signature get the girl moves.”

You skate yourself a bit closer to him and laugh, “Oh really?  Does that actually work?”

“Depends on the girl.   Usually we would skate for a bit.  After a while I’d stop and face her.  Pull her close and rub her arms.  Make sure she is warm enough.”  Bucky rubs your arms slowly as he speaks, warming you slightly, you watch his lips as he speaks eyes darting to his, butterflies erupting in your stomach.

“Then I’d pull her close, look deep into her eyes before leaning in and..”  Bucky pulled you close as he spoke looking into your eyes, the corner of his mouth raising a bit.   He leaned his face close to yours, as he trailed off, meeting his lips ever so softly to yours.  

You return the kiss with equal softness, the two of you breaking apart by an inch, before both of you leaned back in for more.  Just as your lips met again, an angry voice had you jumping apart.

“What the hell are you two doing in here?”  You look to the entrance at the side of the rink finding Joe (head of security for the arena) and your dad staring at you both.  You let out a huff of disappointment that has Bucky chuckling, and skate with Bucky over to your dad and Joe.

“I thought I was done having to fuss at you two over breaking rules when you were kids.  Guess some things never change.”  Your dad gives the two of you a playful glare before giving you both a knowing smile.

“You know Bucky’s always been a bad influence Dad.”  You laugh and sit on one of the stadium seats taking off your skates.

Bucky does the same shooting you a fake glare, “Still throwing me under the bus, huh sweetheart?”

“Yep! It’s why I keep you around Buck.”  He gives you a grin and shakes his head.   Steve was right, he was in way to deep.

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I crave double cheese pizzas with a glasses of iced-tea. I crave starbuck’s tall frappes with your name on the cup. I crave random celebratory dances on the road when no one is watching. I crave tight hugs and unexpected kisses. I crave all these things because they remind me of you.

missing you//nikitagupta

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Haha what about expectant dad!shawn having to deal with your pregnancy mood swings

Pregnancy swing moods

Being pregnant was something weird for both you and Shawn. The weird foods you wanted, the moments “wanting to pee right now”, every single person you know wanted to talk/touch your belly, but the swing moods were the worst.

“Shawn?“You whined when he picked up the phone.
"Hey babe,are you both good?” He asked,and you listen the little worried ton on his voice.
“Yeah,we are good. Baby is sleeping and I’m really hungry! Are you taking to long to come home?”
“Uhm…no babe,I’m just finishing here. But what’s up? Didn’t you take the meat out of the fridge for dinner?”
“I did,but I don’t wanna eat that!!” You whined like a kid and you heard Shawn laughing.
“What do you want me to bring us?”
“Pizza!"you said happily,and Shawn laughed more.
"You got it babe!”
“Thank you,I love you!” You turned the phone down and went back for the Criminal Minds episode.
At the end of the episode,you heard the door opening and Shawn’s voice.
“Did anyone here ordered a pizza with extra cheese?” The first thing you saw was the pizza box,the second,was his smile.
“God,I was craving for the pizza!” You walk towards him and take the pizza box out of his hands.
“Hi darling,I’m good,thank you! Yeah,the writing went great,thank you for asking! I missed you two!” He says ironic making you laugh,putting the pizza box on the counter.
“Hey sweetheart!” You get in his arms,or at least tried too,because the baby belly was in the middle of you too. He smile before touching you stomach and kissing your forehead. “The baby was just waiting for this pizza,I just got a little carried away.”
“The baby, huh?” He chuckles,carrying his hand through you belly,feeling the baby moving around inside you.
“Yep,the baby,and apparently,you just woke him up!”
“I’m sorry my love,but daddy brought you pizza!” He said to your belly,kissing the top of it,making you laugh.
“And we really want that. Now if you could excuse us,we are about to eat the pizza!”
“Fine fine,I’m sorry!” He let you go laughing. “I’ll change my clothes,while you set the table for us!” You just nod,heading to the kitchen,with the pizza box.

When Shawn head back to the kitchen,he finds you crying over the pizza,and his comfy mood immediately change to the worry Shawn.

“Hey babe,why are you crying?” He hold you head with his both hands. “Are you pain? Did something happen? Talk to my babe.”
“The pizza!” You cried nestling on his arms.
“The pizza?” He looks confused. “What do you mean by the pizza?”
“This is my favorite pizza,and it taste so bad!”
“Is something wrong with the pizza? Here,let me taste it!” He takes a slice of the pizza on your plate and bite it. “Honey,the pizza is perfectly normal!”
“It’s not Shawn! It’s different. I don’t like it!” You whip the tears from your face. “The babe wanted the pizza so bad,but now he don’t want it anymore.” He laughed out loud and you looked at him confused.
“Another mood swing babe?” You make a weird face and just nod.
“Does the babe want some dad’s scrambled eggs?” You think for a while and agree with him. Shawn’s scrambled eggs were the only thing that the baby gladly accepted at anytime.
“I think he would like that,and so do I.”
“Good,go finish your series. I’ll take the good for you when I finish here ok?”
“Okay! I love you!” You kiss his cheek and get up to head the sofa again.
“I love you both babe!”

Something like this,maybe?

I’ve Moved On

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This is for @dr-dean​​ ABO Birthday Challenge. I chose the song If I Could Turn Back Time-Cher and pairing John x Reader.

Characters: Y/n, John, OC Emma, Dean

Pairing: John x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Mainly fluff, A/B/O stuff, mentioned smut, all that goodness. Bit of angst, sad abandonment. Just…cuteness and a bit of angst. Male Pregnancy also. 

Word Count: 1737

Summary: Y/n sends John out, but is paid a visit from someone he never thought he’d see again. 

A/N: Ok, now I don’t know much about A/B/O at all. I’ve read a few, but none of it makes much sense to me. I looked for rules, but they all seem to differ, so…this is a collection of different rules all in one. I don’t know if this is completely wrong, but I tried to keep it within the A/B/O rules I read. But yea. I hope this isn’t a load of bullshit and makes some sort of sense. And hope u like it!

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I sighed, stretching out on the couch as I waited for him.

Lord, I was craving some weird shit right now.

Guess that’s what I get for getting pregnant.

Pregnant. How fucking weird?

Sure, I was an omega. But an omega male?

Well, I never really thought I’d find ‘the one’. 

Or ‘my mate’.

But here he was. 

Over 50 years old to my 28 years.

Sure, he was a grown ass man when I was born and I myself found it weird at first. 

But I knew, he was the one.

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I have the weird urge to try pineapple pizza because I've never had it, and I don't know why. WHY DO I CRAVE TO SAMPLE PIZZA WITH FRUIT? WHY, SELENA. WHY??

pineapple pizza is my fave!!!!!!!!!! it’s so sweet and lovely and tbh I don’t think I would like pizza as much as I do if it didn’t have pineapple on it

but same I have an urge to try anchovies on pizza bc I’ve never had it before and my mom keeps warning me it’s disgusting but I need to see for myself

Live a little | Isaac Lahey imagine

Summary: You and some of your female co-workers go to a townfestival where you run into your male co-workers. You had been kinda crushing on one of them, and he returns the feelings.

You had finally agreed to join your co-workers to the townfestival. There was one every Thursday in the summer. One of your best friends at work convinced you to join the party and you were actually kinda excited. 

You were currently at the place of one of your collegues and you where already buzzed. So were the other girls, you were gossiping about the guys at work and the couples that had formed there. You were laughing and having a good time.

When it was around 11 the group decided to hit town. There were some locals bands performing and the club was opened. You had made it to the city without any harm, which was not something you could say about all of them. 

‘’I am so craving pizza right now, can we stop by Pyra?’’ Pyra was a small restaurant that was opened 24/7 and made most of their money at nights like these. Everyone responded excidetly to the idea so we all went into the diner, where coincidentally we found our male co-workers already sitting and eating.

Scott saw the group first and started yelling your names and waving, it was Obvious that the boys had been drinking as well. You and the others made your way over to them and joined them, the girls who wanted something to eat went to order.

You sat down next to Isaac you had Always found him attractive, you didn’t know him that well but you would definitely want to get to know him better.He grinned at you, you mostly talked to him when the two of you were smoking in the little smokeroom you had in back. You smiled at him and tried to follow the conversation that was happening between some co-workers but they were saying random stuff that you really needed the context for. Isaac had noticed that as well and nudged your shoulder ‘’Wanna go for a smoke?’’ 

You nodded and the two of you left to go smoke outside, you had told Isaac but she was so wasted that she probably didn’t remember. You grabbed your pack from your jacketpocket and looked at Isaac lighting his cigarette.

He was really hot, the alcohol in your system not helping your emotions at all. You lit your cigarette. ‘’Are you having a good time?’’ Isaac blew out some smoke and looked at you. You nodded ‘’Yeah, are you?’’ He smirked ‘’Now I am’’ you swallowed thickly, you wouldn’t last if he started flirting with you. ‘’Let’s go for a walk’’ 

The two of you walked through the city Streets seeing groups of mildy intoxicated to drunk people everywhere. ‘’There’s this band performing on citysquare, a friend of mine is in it and they’re cool’’ You just nodded going with what was happening. You made your way to citysquare, which was packed. There were people everywhere drinking or dancing just having a good time. The music was actually good, not the music you had expected him to listen to but good.

He took your hand and took you to the front, closer to the stage. He stopped somewhere, where it wasn’t too busy his hand still holding yours. He leaned closer to you and talked in your ear ‘’You like it?’’ You turned your head and moved to his ear ‘’Yeah, they’re pretty great’’ He smiled and squeezed your hand ‘’You’re pretty’’ He winked at you and started singing along to the song. 

You looked at him, starstrucked.You really were into him. He grinned when he saw the look on your face. He twirled you around and pulled you closer ‘’Come on y/n, let loose. Live a little’’ You smiled, he was right. This was the perfect chance to let go for a while. The two of you danced to the beat of the music, him twirling you around a lot. ‘’Do you want me to puke all over you?’’ He laughed loudly ‘’You just look cute when you twirl’’ You but your lip and grinned at him.

You decided to let loose. You pulled him closer by his neck and kissed him, he was surprised but kissed you back after a second. He rested his hands on your hips and you went through his hair with your hand. You pulled away after some time to breath 

‘’Damn y/n I didn’t expect that from you’’ You smiled ‘’Someone told me to live a little’’ He grinned and wrapped his arm around you. You rested your head on his shoulder and the two of you enjoyed the band. This was a night to never forget.

A/N: hope you like it, don’t forget you can request something!

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Dad you want a PEP-PEP-PEP-PEP-PEPeroni pizza?

I crave spicy pepperoni at the moment but I might have to decline since I already ate some like a minute ago and if I shove more into my stomach I will regret it once nature tells me to go to the bathroom

Pizza, Pizza

Request : Jasonxreader where reader and her friend take a short cut through an alley on their way home and some guys try to corner them and Jason is watching from a rooftop ready to step in when the reader suddenly takes all the guys down ninja style and causally leave and he’s so impressed by that so he followes her home and she almost attacks him cause he tried to do the ‘i hide in the shadows and just appear ’ thingy that Bruce does and from the moment they met they just “clicked”?

A/N : I was really craving some pizza when I wrote this.


Growing up, you had lived in one of the baddest neighborhoods in Gotham. Granted, every part of the city was bad, but yours just happened to house more murderers and psychopaths than all the others. So it was easy to say that it didn’t faze you one bit when you heard gun shots going off every night before bed. It did, however, unnerved you when you didn’t.

At a young age, your parents enrolled you in self defense classes which later turned into karate classes in order for you to protect yourself.

In a place like Gotham, you needed all the protection you could get.

You also learned early on that guns were a man’s best friend and a man’s worse enemy. It really just depended on whoever’s holding it. So you started taking shooting lessons, and ended up carrying a small pistol with you everywhere you go.

On this night, unfortunately — or fortunately, depends on how you look at it after you meet him — you had forgotten it at home. Pretty stupid, but it was the truth.

To try and make it quickly back to your apartment, you and your friend took a shortcut through an alley. Tonight was one of those monthly girls’ night, and the both of you were planning on binge watching movies and eating nonstop junk food.

Your plans were cut short when a group of guys came out of nowhere and cornered you. They looked like your usual thugs, and you immediately knew how to efficiently handle them.

“Beautiful night, am I right, ladies?” One of them asked with a grin on his face. You could tell that he was drunk by how slurred his words were. You interpreted his two other friends were too.

Your friend backed away in fear and hid behind you as she knew you could deal with them yourself.

You narrowed your eyes, “I don’t know what sky you’re looking at, buddy, but the one I’m living under always looks dark and cloudy.” You snarked, not really in the mood.

If you had listened closely, you would’ve heard the amused chuckle coming from above you.

His companion sneered and stumbled towards you. “Watch your mouth, missy. Girls like you should know their place.”

“Yeah, to you it must be at home doing the laundry and cooking the food.” You continued, not caring if you got them mad. They were already unstable enough, it would only be funny to see them try and take you down.

“Y/N, I don’t think it’s a good idea to rile them up like that.” Your friend whispered loud in enough for them to hear.

The one in the middle smirked, “You should listen to your little friend over there. Wouldn’t want a pretty little thing like you getting hurt because she couldn’t keep her mouth closed.”

Seeing them inch closer to you, you immediately altered your stance and swung your right leg at the guy closest to you. He stumbled back and fell onto the ground as he was too drunk to keep his balance.

You couldn’t help but laugh amusingly and punched another in the jaw and pushed him back harshly against the brick wall before simply kneeing the last guy in the area where the sun doesn’t shine.

Grabbing your friend’s hand, you quickly dragged her away from the scene and ran to the direction of your apartment building.

About five minutes later you reached your destination, and you told her to go ahead inside while you headed a few doors down to pick up the pizza.

“Be safe,” she told you and entered the building, just wanting to lay down and forget all about the encounter.

Once you saw that she was inside the elevator, you made your way down to the pizzeria. No one was inside save the two employees who worked the night shift.

The girl raised an eyebrow when she saw you. “Are you Y/F/N Y/L/N? You called in a large pepperoni, cheese, and sausage pizza with extra breadsticks and marinara sauce, right?”

You nodded and gave her the money, and her coworker placed the bread sticks on top of the three pizza boxes before handing them to you.

“Thank you, and have a good night.” She said, absentmindedly. You replied with a ‘you too’ and walked out the door.

As you slowly strolled back to your apartment building, you couldn’t shake off the feeling of being watched. And since you were carrying a total of four boxes, you couldn’t exactly defend yourself if somebody attacked you.

You got a hold of the boxes, and made sure they were secured in your arms as you continued on with your route.

It was quiet tonight for some strange reason. Usually there would be cars honking and music blaring from nearby clubs, but nope. It was so quiet that you could even hear the rats squeaking from behind the trash cans.

“You know, I’m hungry from taking down a couple of low lives too.” A deep, yet oddly attractive voice spoke up out of nowhere. You gasped and was about to drop all the delicious food on the ground when a pair of hands reached out and rescued them.

You were about to raise your knee and did exactly what you had done to the last guy thirty minutes ago before you realized just who the voice belonged to.

“Red Hood?” You said in disbelief. It wasn’t everyday you had the pleasure of meeting a hero — or in this case, an antihero.

Even though his face was hidden behind a helmet, it was obvious that he was smirking. “At your service. Though if you really want your food back, you’re in my service.”

“What?” You said, confused on what he meant.

Red Hood shrugged, “Don’t worry, I don’t need a sex slave. Just wanted you to tell me who you learned those moves from. They seemed oddly familiar.”

Biting your lips, you stared yearningly at the pizza. You just wanted them back in your grasp goddammit!

Seeing this, he turned smug. You could tell by his posture. “Sorry, sweetheart. You’re not getting them back until you answer my question.”

“What if I don’t want to answer your question?” You challenged with a smirk.

Red Hood chuckled, causing shivers to run down your spine. Not in a bad way though, definitely not in a bad way. “Then I guess you’re not getting them back.”

You sighed and decided that no secret was more important than pizza. “She said her name was Selina, but I don’t exactly know her. She taught me a few things after saving me from some pervert a few years ago in a bar, and I never saw her again.”

“What a small world.“ He whistled, “By the way, would you mind sharing some of that pizza?“


What I eat in a day MAY day 4.

Guys why the faaack have I been craving pizza every day?! I never eat pizza and today SURPRISE I had it again. 😩 But whatever I’ve been losing around a ½ pound a day still so maybe the pizza diet should be a thing? Jk, I’m going to start lowering my carb intake tomorrow. 

Idk how low I’m planning to go I’m not really going to count them just gonna avoid things that are high in carbs. Like PIZZA! 😆 

Anywaaaays, on with what I ate: 

Meal one: Breakfast Milkshake: Banana, Kale, Cacao, Pb2, Acai, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Avacado, Vanilla Soy Milk

Meal two: Fired Pie (Marinara, Olives, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, artichokes, mushrooms, basil & cilantro.)

 Meal three: Microwave dairy-free gluten-free Amy’s mac & cheese. 

I HAVE HAD NO DIET SODA TODAY. (Not because I didn’t want it or purposely avoided it but because I ran out and it was too hot to walk to circle k.) 

Wow, I must say I’m a little ashamed. I actually ate like shit today. But tomorrow’s a new day & food is just food. I’m still losing weight, and my calories are still low enough to reach my goals, so it’s all good! 😊