i crave pizza

Text Prompts;
  • [text]: call or text me back please. i’m getting worried.
  • [text]: come round to mine and make me ;)
  • [text]: how drunk was i last night?
  • [text]: you were so wasted last night!
  • [text]: why do i have a stop sign in my living room?
  • [text]: i’m craving pizza… 
  • [text]: wanna grab lunch and a movie?
  • [text]: i can’t tonight, tomorrow?
  • [text]: that cutie is here again. should i talk to them? i won’t know if they like me unless i talk to them… 
  • [text]: i can literally feel my hair turning grey by the second… save me! PLEASE!
  • [text]: GUESS WHO HAS A DATE?!
  • [text]: batman or superman? you know, for science…
  • [text]: team cap or team iron man? our friendship rests on this…
  • [text]: any new book recommendations? 
  • [text]: me. you. a bottle of vodka. my place. now.
  • [text]: i really need a friend right now
  • [text]: i can’t believe what i just overheard in the bathroom…
  • [text]: for the last time, stop fucking texting me
  • [text]: i’m sorry, who is this?
  • [text]: fuck off!!
  • [text]: wanna be my plus one to my exes wedding? and pretend to be in love with me?
  • [text]: i just wanted to say, i love you and i forgive you
  • [text]: we need to talk.
  • [text]: what time you getting home?
  • [text]: word on the street is you got laid last night. i need all the deets!
  • [text]: pretty please? with sugar on top!
  • [text]: you love me really!
  • [text]: i have never in my life been this angry. i can’t believe this has happened!
  • [text]: sorry to miss your call, what’s up?
  • [text]: i got fired! I GOT FUCKING FIRED! :( 
  • [text]: my boss is giving me the eye…
  • [text]: pants are optional.
  • [text]: did you get the thing????
  • [text]: ??????
  • [text]: eww… the grossest thing ever just happened… 
  • [text]: shit shit shit
  • [text]: asshole, much?
  • [text]: don’t need to be a dick about it
  • [text]: wait, what?
  • [text]: how did you get this number?

ok I’m gonna complain about this for a bit because it’s really shitty and annoying??

so like I ocassionally look at the pizza hut website because I get a craving for pizza, you know how it is, but I change my mind because pizza is stupid expensive in the uk for some dumb reason

and like, you know that thing that airline companies apparently do where they increase prices based on your cookies and if you visit their website a lot and stuff?

apparently pizza hut does that too!

I opened an incognito window and put in the same postcode and everything and the prices were the ones in the first picture, but if I just opened my browser normally it’d show the prices at the top, which are anywhere between 4-6 pounds more than usual

I do feel dumb now because I didn’t screenshot two of the same pizzas with the different prices, but yeah

and after I deleted cookies they went back to their regular pricing

what’s most insulting is that they assumed this would work? with plane tickets I sort of get it because you could assume it’s because of the time period and how much demand there is or whatever

but pizza??

fuck pizza hut, like honestly


I was craving pizza and since I wanted something low carb I made a broccoli crust pizza, minus the sauce since I’m not a fan!


I put about 8 large broccoli florets in my ninja until they were a grain like consistency. 

MAKE SURE YOU USE CHEESE PAPER OR SOMETHING TO DRY OUT THE BROCCOLI. It holds a lot of water and if you don’t get the water out the crust won’t get crispy.

I then added 2 eggs, half a stick of softened cream cheese, some grated Parmesan cheese, minced garlic, salt and pepper. 

Mix it all together and then put it in a pan of your choice based with olive oil so it won’t stick.

Before you put on your toppings put your crust in the oven at 400 degree F for 10 minutes, then take it out then put on your toppings and put it back in the oven for 10 more minutes.

Then eat! :) 


Where did Barry get the pizza? Either he (A) stole someone else’s pizza and left the money for it, which means they now have to wait another 20 minutes for their pizza or (B) he checked every pizza place in town to figure out which one they ordered from and then went and got their pizza, leaving behind the cash for it, of course.

I want a scene where a newly-recovered Natasha is at a SHIELD training facility and she gets cornered by a bunch of recruits (a la Gamora in the Kiln in GotG) and just as she’s about to launch herself at her assailants (and take them all fucking apart bc do you really think a bunch of baby agents would stand a chance against the fucking Slavic Shadow? Nah bro) and then Clint shows up

And Natasha might be infamous, but Clint is a legend. Carnie that trained himself to be a sharpshooter and despite preferring a bow and arrow is one of SHIELD’s most prolific agents. So the baby agents just scatter, leaving Natasha and Clint together.

“I didn’t need your help,” she growls, and Clint cocks his head at her.

“What? I don’t have my hearing aids and your accent makes reading lips super hard, so I’m going to assume that you said ‘thank you.’ You wanna get outta here? I’m craving pizza that doesn’t come from a SHIELD cafeteria.”

Bones: You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten pizza with your hands, Spock.

Spock: It is illogical to believe that the quality of the life one lives can be determined by whether or not they eat with their hands, doctor.

I’m always craving pizza so here’s Spock, Bones, and Jim eating pizza. Jim was about to order ham and pineapple but remembered last minute that Spock doesn’t usually eat meat so he panicked and ordered ham and pineapple without the ham.