i crave pizza


Okay, wow. Yesterday was crazy. Work was insane. I had 20k steps. And then SOMEONE ( @gradschoolforty ) jumped me on the leaderboard and I realized I had to act, and fast. Luckily, I got asked out to go for a night walk, and I made up for the difference and then added a couple more thousand, just to be safe. My date thought I was insane, and to be fair. I sort of am.
All that being said, holy fuck. I used to have weeks where I wouldn’t hit 20,000 steps, let alone in one day. This is so crazy, and it’s so amazing. And, just for the record, I’m still winning honestly 😏

Because work was insane and my family (yet again) didn’t plan for me being home to eat with them, they ordered me a pizza. I’m not complaining, I’ve craved pizza for a couple weeks now. And it was so good. So, so good. I deserved it. It was A-mazing.

Here’s a super tired selfie from before my shower and night walk, because I was barely staying awake and I thought I was amusing. So there’s tangible proof that yesterday kicked my ass. Enjoy!

Some Maybe Not As Common Sicknarios

- we got in a fist fight and now have detention together and I’m only getting you tissues and offering my jacket because your sneezing and shivering is getting on my nerves. I am definitely not concerned

- we play in school band together and your normally long, stunning high trumpet notes sound short and choppy and WOW do you look sick

- I’m your manager at our job at the grocery store and I keep getting customer complaints of an employee coughing all over products in aisle 5. Why did you even come in today??

- we both teach swimming lessons and you come in sick. I watch you take a dive, only to not come up. Oh mY GOD YOU’RE DROWNING.

- we are singing with a choir at a chorus competition and you look really bad but we need your voice. I have to discreetly keep a hand around your waist to keep you from falling over as we sing

- you are my biggest track competitor. We are both neck and neck and the finish line is right in front of us when you suddenly collapse. I should take the opportunity to win but you look terrible! Have you been running while this sick the whole time!?

- I was really craving some pizza and you are my delivery boy and wOW YOU LOOK TERRIBLE. NO PLEASE COME IN. LET ME CALL YOUR EMPLOYER. HOW DID YOU EVEN DRIVE LIKE THAT??

- we walk our dogs at the same time everyday and I spot your dog running around without you. I grab your dog and find you passed out by a tree. ARE YOU OKAY??

One and Only pt. 3

Prompt: You need a little bit of T.L.C. after being shot on a mission and that includes a new roommate. You have a massive crush on him and he’s clueless.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,410

Warnings: none

A/N: big healthy dose of fluff. enjoy!

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Part 1 Part 2


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“When was Natasha coming over?” Steve groaned, checking the bedside clock and blinking repeatedly.

“She’s not.” You shook your head, stretching out as much as you could without being overcome by pain.

“She’s not?” His brows furrowed as he yawned.

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I’ve Moved On

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This is for @dr-dean​​ ABO Birthday Challenge. I chose the song If I Could Turn Back Time-Cher and pairing John x Reader.

Characters: Y/n, John, OC Emma, Dean

Pairing: John x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Mainly fluff, A/B/O stuff, mentioned smut, all that goodness. Bit of angst, sad abandonment. Just…cuteness and a bit of angst. Male Pregnancy also. 

Word Count: 1735

Summary: Y/n sends John out, but is paid a visit from someone he never thought he’d see again. 

A/N: Ok, now I don’t know much about A/B/O at all. I’ve read a few, but none of it makes much sense to me. I looked for rules, but they all seem to differ, so…this is a collection of different rules all in one. I don’t know if this is completely wrong, but I tried to keep it within the A/B/O rules I read. But yea. I hope this isn’t a load of bullshit and makes some sort of sense. And hope u like it!

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I sighed, stretching out on the couch as I waited for him.

Lord, I was craving some weird shit right now.

Guess that’s what I get for getting pregnant.

Pregnant. How fucking weird?

Sure, I was an omega. But an omega male?

Well, I never really thought I’d find ‘the one’. Or ‘my mate’.

But here he was. Over 50 years old to my 28 years.

Sure, he was a grown ass man when I was born and I myself found it weird at first. But I knew, he was the one. 

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Jughead & Reader: Late Nights

Summary: Your brother is friends with Jughead, but the two of you have never actually had a real conversation. When Jughead stays the night at your house, the two of you finally connect and end up spending the night together.

Length: 1,852

“Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie” iTunes read as you started to play music while studying for exams. You listened and sang along quietly, trying to remember all of the words on the page. You read somewhere that listening to music helped when studying so you thought you’d give it a try. Granted, it was classical music that was proven to help but you thought Bowie was a great alternative when reading about space.

Just as you finished one paragraph, you heard your brother laughing and turning up the music he was playing in his room. Annoyed, you pounded on the wall. Sometimes that was the only way you and your brother communicated - through violent pounds against the wall.

He didn’t turn down his music, despite your obvious distaste for it. His friend was over, working on a project with him but that didn’t mean he could play his music loud enough to distract you from your own work. After a few more hits to the wall with no resolution, you pushed your book aside and walked over to his room next door.

“Mikey!” You yelled as you opened his door, not caring to knock. “Turn your music down.”

Your brother looked at you and rolled his eyes. “It’s not even that loud.”

“It’s loud enough that I can hear it in my room and I’m trying to study. Just turn it down,” you demanded.

As your brother started to complain to you, your eyes scanned his room. Sitting at your brothers desk on his laptop, was his friend Jughead Jones. He was a grade below you but he was definitely more mature than everyone in his year and your year. Neither of you have ever spoken before so you had no idea what kind of person he actually was but you had imagined what he was like.

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What I eat in a day MAY day 4.

Guys why the faaack have I been craving pizza every day?! I never eat pizza and today SURPRISE I had it again. 😩 But whatever I’ve been losing around a ½ pound a day still so maybe the pizza diet should be a thing? Jk, I’m going to start lowering my carb intake tomorrow. 

Idk how low I’m planning to go I’m not really going to count them just gonna avoid things that are high in carbs. Like PIZZA! 😆 

Anywaaaays, on with what I ate: 

Meal one: Breakfast Milkshake: Banana, Kale, Cacao, Pb2, Acai, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Avacado, Vanilla Soy Milk

Meal two: Fired Pie (Marinara, Olives, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, artichokes, mushrooms, basil & cilantro.)

 Meal three: Microwave dairy-free gluten-free Amy’s mac & cheese. 

I HAVE HAD NO DIET SODA TODAY. (Not because I didn’t want it or purposely avoided it but because I ran out and it was too hot to walk to circle k.) 

Wow, I must say I’m a little ashamed. I actually ate like shit today. But tomorrow’s a new day & food is just food. I’m still losing weight, and my calories are still low enough to reach my goals, so it’s all good! 😊

You eat yet?

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Pairing : Dean x Plussize!Reader.
Word count : 1,047
Author : Mel
Warnings : Nothing really. mentions of sex, feederism, but none written.

Part 1 of Dinner with Dean.

A/N : I tend to fall for those guys. The ones who want to fuck a fat chick but nothing more, and they look good and treat you good in the moment, so you over look it.. So when I get something meaningful, I get scared that’s all they want. I’m glad that’s not a worry anymore. - I felt a need to write it after seeing a few posts on my dash about feeder Dean. I obviously follow the right kinda people.

The first time you saw him was in a bar. Where else would you ever meet a guy like him. He was stunning. You couldn’t help but eye him as he laughed with the man across from him. And when his eyes met yours from across the room, your whole body got warm and tingly. You blushed and quickly turned away downing your beer and signalling for another. “Oh, and a shot of Jack.” You added with a sigh.

When your eyes met his again, about an hour later, he had women fawning over him. They both did, and you couldn’t blame the other women. They were probably the best looking men in the place. Your eyes flittered away again as you looked around for someone else. Someone who might actually be interested in you. These two obviously enjoyed the attention from the more conventional beauties. You weren’t ugly, by any means. But you weren’t thin in the least. You had curves, and rolls, and some guys just weren’t that into it.

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Pizza, Pizza

Request : Jasonxreader where reader and her friend take a short cut through an alley on their way home and some guys try to corner them and Jason is watching from a rooftop ready to step in when the reader suddenly takes all the guys down ninja style and causally leave and he’s so impressed by that so he followes her home and she almost attacks him cause he tried to do the ‘i hide in the shadows and just appear ’ thingy that Bruce does and from the moment they met they just “clicked”?

A/N : I was really craving some pizza when I wrote this.


Growing up, you had lived in one of the baddest neighborhoods in Gotham. Granted, every part of the city was bad, but yours just happened to house more murderers and psychopaths than all the others. So it was easy to say that it didn’t faze you one bit when you heard gun shots going off every night before bed. It did, however, unnerved you when you didn’t.

At a young age, your parents enrolled you in self defense classes which later turned into karate classes in order for you to protect yourself.

In a place like Gotham, you needed all the protection you could get.

You also learned early on that guns were a man’s best friend and a man’s worse enemy. It really just depended on whoever’s holding it. So you started taking shooting lessons, and ended up carrying a small pistol with you everywhere you go.

On this night, unfortunately — or fortunately, depends on how you look at it after you meet him — you had forgotten it at home. Pretty stupid, but it was the truth.

To try and make it quickly back to your apartment, you and your friend took a shortcut through an alley. Tonight was one of those monthly girls’ night, and the both of you were planning on binge watching movies and eating nonstop junk food.

Your plans were cut short when a group of guys came out of nowhere and cornered you. They looked like your usual thugs, and you immediately knew how to efficiently handle them.

“Beautiful night, am I right, ladies?” One of them asked with a grin on his face. You could tell that he was drunk by how slurred his words were. You interpreted his two other friends were too.

Your friend backed away in fear and hid behind you as she knew you could deal with them yourself.

You narrowed your eyes, “I don’t know what sky you’re looking at, buddy, but the one I’m living under always looks dark and cloudy.” You snarked, not really in the mood.

If you had listened closely, you would’ve heard the amused chuckle coming from above you.

His companion sneered and stumbled towards you. “Watch your mouth, missy. Girls like you should know their place.”

“Yeah, to you it must be at home doing the laundry and cooking the food.” You continued, not caring if you got them mad. They were already unstable enough, it would only be funny to see them try and take you down.

“Y/N, I don’t think it’s a good idea to rile them up like that.” Your friend whispered loud in enough for them to hear.

The one in the middle smirked, “You should listen to your little friend over there. Wouldn’t want a pretty little thing like you getting hurt because she couldn’t keep her mouth closed.”

Seeing them inch closer to you, you immediately altered your stance and swung your right leg at the guy closest to you. He stumbled back and fell onto the ground as he was too drunk to keep his balance.

You couldn’t help but laugh amusingly and punched another in the jaw and pushed him back harshly against the brick wall before simply kneeing the last guy in the area where the sun doesn’t shine.

Grabbing your friend’s hand, you quickly dragged her away from the scene and ran to the direction of your apartment building.

About five minutes later you reached your destination, and you told her to go ahead inside while you headed a few doors down to pick up the pizza.

“Be safe,” she told you and entered the building, just wanting to lay down and forget all about the encounter.

Once you saw that she was inside the elevator, you made your way down to the pizzeria. No one was inside save the two employees who worked the night shift.

The girl raised an eyebrow when she saw you. “Are you Y/F/N Y/L/N? You called in a large pepperoni, cheese, and sausage pizza with extra breadsticks and marinara sauce, right?”

You nodded and gave her the money, and her coworker placed the bread sticks on top of the three pizza boxes before handing them to you.

“Thank you, and have a good night.” She said, absentmindedly. You replied with a ‘you too’ and walked out the door.

As you slowly strolled back to your apartment building, you couldn’t shake off the feeling of being watched. And since you were carrying a total of four boxes, you couldn’t exactly defend yourself if somebody attacked you.

You got a hold of the boxes, and made sure they were secured in your arms as you continued on with your route.

It was quiet tonight for some strange reason. Usually there would be cars honking and music blaring from nearby clubs, but nope. It was so quiet that you could even hear the rats squeaking from behind the trash cans.

“You know, I’m hungry from taking down a couple of low lives too.” A deep, yet oddly attractive voice spoke up out of nowhere. You gasped and was about to drop all the delicious food on the ground when a pair of hands reached out and rescued them.

You were about to raise your knee and did exactly what you had done to the last guy thirty minutes ago before you realized just who the voice belonged to.

“Red Hood?” You said in disbelief. It wasn’t everyday you had the pleasure of meeting a hero — or in this case, an antihero.

Even though his face was hidden behind a helmet, it was obvious that he was smirking. “At your service. Though if you really want your food back, you’re in my service.”

“What?” You said, confused on what he meant.

Red Hood shrugged, “Don’t worry, I don’t need a sex slave. Just wanted you to tell me who you learned those moves from. They seemed oddly familiar.”

Biting your lips, you stared yearningly at the pizza. You just wanted them back in your grasp goddammit!

Seeing this, he turned smug. You could tell by his posture. “Sorry, sweetheart. You’re not getting them back until you answer my question.”

“What if I don’t want to answer your question?” You challenged with a smirk.

Red Hood chuckled, causing shivers to run down your spine. Not in a bad way though, definitely not in a bad way. “Then I guess you’re not getting them back.”

You sighed and decided that no secret was more important than pizza. “She said her name was Selina, but I don’t exactly know her. She taught me a few things after saving me from some pervert a few years ago in a bar, and I never saw her again.”

“What a small world.“ He whistled, “By the way, would you mind sharing some of that pizza?“



Where did Barry get the pizza? Either he (A) stole someone else’s pizza and left the money for it, which means they now have to wait another 20 minutes for their pizza or (B) he checked every pizza place in town to figure out which one they ordered from and then went and got their pizza, leaving behind the cash for it, of course.


I was craving pizza and since I wanted something low carb I made a broccoli crust pizza, minus the sauce since I’m not a fan!


I put about 8 large broccoli florets in my ninja until they were a grain like consistency. 

MAKE SURE YOU USE CHEESE PAPER OR SOMETHING TO DRY OUT THE BROCCOLI. It holds a lot of water and if you don’t get the water out the crust won’t get crispy.

I then added 2 eggs, half a stick of softened cream cheese, some grated Parmesan cheese, minced garlic, salt and pepper. 

Mix it all together and then put it in a pan of your choice based with olive oil so it won’t stick.

Before you put on your toppings put your crust in the oven at 400 degree F for 10 minutes, then take it out then put on your toppings and put it back in the oven for 10 more minutes.

Then eat! :) 

in a perfect world I would just fast all the time and only eat once a day foods I crave: sweets, cake, chips, pizza, pasta, biscuits, pie for gods sake anything else than fruit and fucking steamed veggies. these cravings are killing me

I know this is probably so silly, but I posted two updates on my cosplay page yesterday and it’s getting all these notes from people I don’t know (like six each, my friend drjohnwatson and my brother thechaosmaker included) and I even got a new follower and I’m just like.. !!!!!!!

I know it’s not a lot, but like.. I only reblog stuff on my main blog.. so.. thanks a lot ^o^

Cosplay blog is pancakes-cosplays


It’s either I have the power to incept the concept of pizza into other people’s minds or my dad has the power to detect when I am craving pizza

also i have  knack for knowing what my roommates want to eat and will often come into their room like “Hey do you want to go to _____?” and theyre always like, I was about to ask you,