i covered my mouth in shock

Hey!!! This is my first request so thank you so much for requesting!! I think this is a really cute idea and I hope you like it!!

Mark: Mark would look at you in surprise as soon as he heard such a cute moan come out of your lips. You would look at him, in shock that you let it out. You would quickly move to cover your mouth but Mark would grab a hold of your hand, giggling and telling you that he finds your cute moan really hot.

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JB: As soon as he heard you release such a cute moan, this boy would get turned on beyond belief, growling into your ear as he bit your earlobe, telling you to continue making those beautiful noises.

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Jackson: Jackson would definitely probably squeal at the cute moan you made, kinda ruining the moment. But don’t be deceived because at the next moment, he’ll have your hands pinned above your head, demanding you to continue making those cute moans.

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Jinyoung: Oh Jinyoung. That cute moan you made? Oh yeah, it would drive him absolutely nuts. Probably wouldn’t last long. But, lets be honest. You wouldn’t mind because at least you now know what really drives Jinyoung over the edge.

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Youngjae: This little cutie bean wouldn’t be able to hold back a little giggle. You would immediately blush and cover your mouth with your hands. Youngjae would immediately notice that you were embarrassed and he would quickly remove your hands from your mouth, giving you quick and meaningful kisses.

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BamBam: BamBam would definitely use your cute moan against you. He always loved it when you begged him so as soon as you released the cute moan, you immediately knew you screwed up. He would stop whatever he was doing, making you beg in your cute moan.

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Yugyeom: One would think that the maknae of a group would be innocent. But not Yugyeom. As soon as the cute moan came out of your lips, this boy would ravish your body. And by ravish, I mean, increasing the pleasure he gave you by tenfold, wanting to hear you moan that cute moan again.

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"In my defense, punching you was only a little bit on purpose."

“In my defense, punching you was only a little bit on purpose,” Marinette squeaked  covering her burning cheeks with her hands. Chat Noir held his jaw staring at her incredulously.

“Are you kidding me?” Chat balked. “Marinette when someone tries to kiss you, you can just say no!”

“I know! I’m sorry. It was a reflex!” Marinette defended.

“Punching me was a reflex? What do you do in your free time that makes that a reflex!?” Chat said a little too loudly- still in a state of shock over having being nailed in the side of his mouth by the sweet and incredibly strong Marinette.

“You’re right! It’s a bad reflex! We can try again, I promise not to hit you this time,” Marinette said sheepishly.

“What?! No!” Chat shouted looked at her with wide frightened eyes.

“Come on Chat, I didn’t mean it like that, I just- I’m new to this. Let’s just try this again,” Marinette said nervously taking a step towards him. Chat jumped back.

“Nuh uh! Get your fists of fury away from me!” Chat quipped, one hand still gingerly holding his jaw.

Cold Stares JugheadxReader In readers point of view Pairing: Jugheadxreader

Hey guys! So I was inspired by a story I was reading and decided to start a spin off of it. Let me know what you guys think and I’ll finish it. This is part one! 

Pulling the covers around my body tightly I rolled onto my side enjoying the warmth of the sun hitting my face. I was relaxed, warm, and-”y/n it’s time to get up” my mother’s voice drifted down the hall and into my room. Grimacing I could already picture her leaning against my door frame. “Mom, it’s the last day of summer can’t I just enjoy it from my bed?” I questioned shuffling farther under my covers. “No you are not going to spend your day cooped up in your room. You already stayed up all night watching reruns of Friends-” My mouth dropped open in a mix of shock and embarrassment sitting up quickly staring at my mom. “I-” My mom held her hand up stopping me from speaking and said “I could hear you clapping your hands every time the theme song came on don’t even try and lie to me. You have to get up any ways.” she finished crossing her arms smirking lightly. “And why is that?” I ask. “Lily got out again.” “Oh for the lord of-” I cried throwing the covers off my body getting out of my warm bed. “Finally” my mom chuckled pushing herself off the door and walking down the hall. “Talking to you always makes my day” I muttered sarcastically under my breath. “I heard that” She calls from down the hall. “Watch it, I can disown you”. Lily was my dog. She was sweet but somehow always found a way out of the house and roamed around the neighborhood until I found her and chased her back home. Now, I was never worried when she did get out because she never strayed too far. Turning towards my closet I pulled out some comfortable clothes and grabbed my worn out pair of converse pulling my hair into a quick bun letting strands fall around my face. I never really was a fan of dressing up, to be honest. My wardrobe consisted of the same black pants with different shirts consisting of my favorite bands or old camp shirts from over the years. Walking towards the window I pulled the curtains open looking around the neighborhood. Everything was how it’s always been until my eyes landed on a moving truck parked outside the house next to ours. Raising an eyebrow I searched for my new neighbors curiosity bubbling inside me. (I were a very curious person, and it was going to kill me one day)


Running down the stairs I walked into the kitchen where my mom stood raising an eyebrow at me. “Mom,” I asked grabbing at a granola bar “Since when did our neighbors move out?” I questioned her glancing down at the dishes of food she was making. “Isn’t it obvious. They moved out.” Rolling my eyes I took a bite of the bar. “Okay, next question. Why are you cooking?” I said walking over to  mom glancing over her shoulder curiously. “I’m making a dish for the new neighbors” She said pushing past me pulling the oven open. “you’re going to burn the house down” She turned towards me setting her hands on her hips glaring at me. “y/n I will disown you”  Sheepishly smiling I muttered an apology before turning on my heel and running towards the door shoving the last bite on the bar into my mouth. Once outside I breathed in the fresh warm air and started the hunt for Lily. The weather was warm and not windy, just the way I liked it. Turning to my right I took a step only to crash right into someone falling straight onto my butt.

Great I thought as I felt warmth flood my face. Squinting against the light I pushed myself off the ground dusting my hands off “Sorry-” I started staring up at the person I ran into. I stopped talking taking in his appearance. The boy in front of me wore a faded t-shirt with a flannel tied around his waist. Black jeans that folded at the cuff. He had messy dark curls that were tucked into his beanie. tilting my head to the side I stared curiously at his beanie It looks like a crown I thought instantly intrigued by this boy.

And then I realized. I had been staring at him for a solid three minutes. Meeting his eyes I felt the familiar warmth on my face. “Can I help you?” He asked. His voice was nowhere near nice. He looked like he already wanted to end the conversation. The conversation where I stood staring at him for three minutes not saying anything. Yeah that one. “Can I help you” he asked again seething with anger, clearly annoyed. I tend to freeze in the middle of conversations. This being one of them. “Are you going to say something or can you move out of my way?”. Ohh he was a charmer. I thought sarcastically. Shaking my head quickly I finally sputtered out, “Crap sorry, no I was just walking and I turned and next thing you know i was on my butt” laughing awkwardly my eyes met his cold ones. His face clearly looked unamused. “Kay” He simply said brushing past me hitting my shoulder as he walked away. I blinked.  Did he just- staring at where he once was I stood there blinking. He was actually being serious. The nerve! “Why you-”. Turning on your heels I stomped my way over to him grabbing his shoulder turning him around. His face looked surprised for a second then turned back to his basic glare. “What the hell do you want?” He questioned glaring down at me. “Let us recap shall we?”  Despite your major height difference of you only reaching his shoulders you glared up at him just as angrily. “One, you talked to me in a rude manner, two, It takes two to run into each other and three, you didn’t even apologize. So I demand an apology”. Once I was finished I realized what I had done and looked up realizing he was glaring at me even harder. I pursed my lips. “Please and thank you?” He stood there staring at me not saying anything. Crossing my arms I said, “You know you’re not very good when it comes to first impressions. “Oh and you are?” Rolling my eyes I stuck out my hand “y/n, sorry for, um, running into you and, um, yelling at you”. Awkwardly chuckling I tucked a strand of my y/h/c behind my ear. Raising an eyebrow he stared at you silent “whatever” he finally said continuing walking down the road away from me. Scrunching my eyebrows I stared confused at his actions before all thoughts about the mysterious boy were pushed out of my mind when my eyes fell upon my dog. “Lily!” I called running after her. She liked to race me home.

After I got home I showered and ate dinner sitting in my room listening to music. Walking towards my window I left open I stared out looking around the neighborhood wrapping my arms around my body. I stopped suddenly when I saw the boy from earlier walking down the street headphones plugged into his ears.

I wondered where guys like him went this late at night. Shrugging my shoulder I turned around back into my room and turning the light off.

SNSD Reaction to: You Proposing to Them on Stage

Taeyeon: Doesn’t even notice sone’s flashing cameras or loud screams as she asks “Are you sure?” voice not reaching your ears but you read her lips. At your nod, she realises that this isn’t just a stunt you’re pulling, or a media move her manager forced you into. This was serious, this was real. With this realization, she covers her mouth in shock, before nodding softly, too stunned to speak.

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Jessica: “What do you think, Golden Stars, should I accept?” She’s aware of the camera’s on her, knowing to keep up her image but also being a little bit evil, teasing you and all her fans. As the fans’ screams turn to a deafening pitch, she breaks out into a laugh. “I’m only teasing, you guys! Of course my answer is going to be yes!”

She keeps composed for the most part, but was unable to stop a few tears escaping as you slip the ring on and she imagines the rest of her life with you. “Isn’t this such a beautiful ring?” she’ll ask the crowd, holding her hand up.

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Sunny: Screams and freaks out, excitedly accepting and staring at the new ring on her finger in awe. “Sones, you’re going to have to share your Sunny with someone else from now on!” she jokes.

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Tiffany: In that moment, you expressing your desire to love her eternally, with the fans screaming her name in the background, Tiffany is so overwhelmingly humbled. There’s so many things she wants to say, to you and Sones, but her brain can’t conjure up words good enough to express that. Instead she laughs, happiness bursting from her every pore. “Yes, dummy, I’d be honoured to be yours!”

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Hyoyeon: The girls all rush to squeeze you both in between them in the warmest group hug of all time. “Don’t worry, Sones,” Hyoyeon says into the mic, from somewhere in between the group. “I won’t ever forget my first love, which is you guys!”

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Yuri: Breaks out into dance, so happy and overjoyed. As the fact that she would soon be your wife sinks in, that joy is soon replaced with an overwhelming feeling of love. Not caring about the crowd anymore, she pulls you close for a passionate kiss; “I love you so much.”

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Sooyoung: Struts up to you, the screams ringing in her ears. “What are you doing here, jagi?” For some reason, your sudden appearance doesn’t give way to your intentions. Not until you drop to one knee, pulling out a black box. That is when she realizes.

Her coy grin drops, her stage persona melting away until dorky Sooyoung was left, blinking away tears and watching you open the box. She begins weeping as she nods, letting you slip the ring on.

“Dad,” she says, bringing the mic to her mouth. “Look, Dad, your daughter is going to become a wife!”

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Yoona: She jumps on you, knocking the black box from your hand as you both tumble into a heap on stage. She buries her face into your neck, to hide her tears from the audience, but also to be close enough so you can hear her say: “Yes! A million times, yes!”

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Seohyun: Grows emotional, eyes filling with tears that she tries to blink away. “Is this a joke?” She’s not sure why she asks, maybe it’s the shock, but it was just so unexpected.

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“Hey Buck…” I look over to Bucky with a smile, and he looks up from the book he’s reading.
“Yes?” He asks with a curious look, while I try to hold in laughter.
“Do you why Dr. Pepper comes in a bottle?” I ask, my smile growing.
“Um… I can’t say that I do.” He quirks an eyebrow at the question, looking around aimlessly.
“Because his wife died.” I try to keep my tone serious, but burst into laughter!
“(Y/N)!” He exclaims loudly, covering his mouth in pure shock. “That was awful!”
We both start laughing, but someone clearing their throat overly loudly from across the room interrupts us.
I look over and see Steve standing there, Bucky and I forcing ourselves to stop laughing quickly.
“(Y/N)…” He sighs, shaking his head. “Why can’t you tell nicer jokes?”
“Because that’s boring.” I jokingly whine at him, rolling my eyes.
“You two are strange.” He scoffs at Bucky and I, then turns around to walk out. “I’m leaving now.”

College Confession #21

My friend and I walked in to my dorm. I was puttin my stuff down and my friend asked about my roommate. I said “Umm ehhhh she’s annoying sometimes and all she does is sleep. She literally does nothing.” So my friend was curious about my roomie so she started looking at the pictures on her side of the room by her bed. She said,“hmmm she looks like she’s stupid” and I replied, “I mean she is blonde”. Then my friend just sat on my bed while I was changing real quick. 

My back was turned to my roommate’s bed while my friend was facing her bed. My friend suddenly jolted and covered her mouth while her eyes were huge in shock. So I turned around and saw that my roommate was there all along under her blanket. 

She took her head out, she opened her eyes at us, and we had this weird staring contest.  I was in disbelief bc we just talked shit and like how tf does my roommate sleep in such a straight position with her full body under the blanket? Like it was hot that day too..? HOw did my friend and I not notice her body under the blanket like???¿¿¿

- University of Alabama

Dean Ambrose ~ Engagement Party

Dean Ambrose Wedding Series

Seth Rollins Wedding Series

“Babe. I’m so happy!” (Y/N) mumbled against my shirt. I gently pulled her away to kiss her again. Her expression changed, “oh shit. I left Finn downstairs!” she panicked. I laughed and shook my head at my Fiancé. (Y/N)’s attention span really needed to be worked on.

“Heeeey! He was in on it! Wasn’t he?…” her eyes widened. Ding Ding Ding we have a winner. “He knew!” she covered her mouth in shock before attempting to playfully punch my chest.

If anyone had to tell (Y/N) about what was going down today, everyone’s money would’ve probably been put on Finn. He and (Y/N) were best friends - literally told each other everything but he managed to sell his part quite well. I was really impressed.

I handed her a pink box, “go get dressed, everyone is waiting for us downstairs.” she cocked her head at me, “our engagement party.” I answered before she questioned. “Ooooh our engagement party.” (Y/N) beamed. She ran straight for the bathroom. Her excitement was without a doubt the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

“She said yes man!” I screamed into the phone before Roman could even say hello. “Yeah fuck. I still feel nervous, you know?” I played with a rose petal that was on the bed, my hands were still shaking. “She’s just getting ready, we’ll be down in a bit. Thanks.” I ended the call.

Being on the road obviously meant we weren’t going to be in a particular place for much time and schedules could change. I didn’t want to wait till we were homebound so I decided to do the proposal with whatever I could. Downstairs, I managed to get everyone from the locker room – the WWE superstars were like our family, and I flew out my and (Y/N)’s parents and a few of our good friends from back home.

“This dress is beau-“ “nope. You’re beautiful.” I cut her off. She looked absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe she’s going to be my wife. “Did you pick it out?” I raised my eyebrow at her – she knew that I wasn’t much of the shopper, “I had some help.” I winked.


We walked out into the hotel’s garden.. I was taken back. The hotel did an amazing job with such short notice. I mean, I  did sort of have expectations but this exceeded them. I couldn’t pulled this together without the hotel staff and the entire locker room that selflessly offered to help wherever they could.

I looked down at (Y/N) and she was glowing. “CONGRATULATIONS!” everyone screamed at us. We spoke to a few of our guests together until Natalya pulled (Y/N) to the girls and i headed off to thank Roman and Finn for all their help.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time. I picked up a glass on champagne and leaned against the tree. My eyes scanned the room for my Fiancé. There she is. (Y/N) was ecstatic about her parents coming out to see her. I watched from across the room as she showed off her ring to her to whoever asked. My thoughts wondered as I gazed at her, completely disregarding my surroundings as I felt a firm hand on my shoulder. I shifted to look at the person behind me.

“You’re doing a good job kid. I’ve never seen her smile like that.” (Y/N)’s dad patted me on the back.

I turned and followed his gaze to see (Y/N) looking back at me, smiling. “Yeah. I guess I am.”

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  • [Colin and Damian are sitting on the roof of the manor, surrounded by what seems to be every piece of chocolate the Waynes have ever owned. Both are covered in half melted-chocolate, and are still eating.]
  • Colin Wilkes(Trying to wipe his mouth but smearing more chocolate on it): This is the best weekend of my life! It doesn’t even matter that I’m allergic to chocolate!
  • Damian Wayne(Spitting out half of his candy bar in shock): Colin, what!? Stop eating it, then! What happens when you eat it??
  • Colin Wilkes(Shrugging): I don’t know, I’ve never eaten it. I’m not sure what-
  • [He breaks off suddenly, falling backwards and clutching at his throat while making choking noises and gasping for air. Damian, panicking and not sure what to do, grabs at him and shrieks in horror as Colin goes limp and still]
  • Colin Wilkes(Opening one eye to look up at Damian): Just kidding!
  • Damian Wayne(Dropping him and pelting him with candy): DAMN IT, WILKES!

Londyn: If there’s anything I can do to make it up to you, please, let me know.

Audrey: I think you helped enough.

Londyn: I haven’t helped at all. Let make it up to you. I don’t want to lose you.

Audrey: Just like I lost my baby?

Londyn: What are you talking about?

Audrey: Stefan and I had a fight after he told me what happened. I was so stressed from what had happened, and because I was sick at the same time, the stress and the virus got the best of me and I lost Ava. I lost Ava, I don’t have the same kind of relationship with my husband and - and - and I lost my best friend.

Audrey wiped the tears from her face while Londyn stood in shock. Her hands instantly covered her gaping mouth. What had she done?

Londyn: I had no idea that’s why she died.

Audrey: Well, now you do.

EXO Reaction to Blurting Out You Are Their Ideal Type

Ah, so cute. I wish these boys would tell me I was their ideal type. Anyways, I made a BTS Version this morning (x). I hope you like both <3

I do not own these gifs

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Baekhyun: He had not meant to blurt out the words, but he happened to say it in the middle of his conversation. “Yes, and then Chanyeol was slapping Chen on the butt and you are my ideal girl, but then Xiumin came over to scold us.”

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Chanyeol: He stared at you in shock when he said the words. He covered his mouth and tried to glance at you to see if you had heard him.

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Chen: You were both goofing around when he just outright told you. He didn’t want to beat around the bush. “I like you, and I’m sure you like me.”

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D.O.: There is no stopping this boy from blushing. The second he confessed to you, he walked away to try and hide from his embarrassment and simply blushed. Whenever you come by, he would try his best to smile and maybe even attempt aegyo for you.

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Kai: *gif*

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Lay: “Yes, I think I like (Y/N).” He said in a tired voice. You looked at him in confusion. “You do know you are talking to me, right?” You asked with a chuckle. He looked up at you and chuckled at his own stupidity.

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Sehun: He would be a bit sassy about it. “You know you must be pretty special because I think you are my ideal girl.” He mocked with a wink. You rolled your eyes but couldn’t help but blush.

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Suho: He tried to remain confident after the words escaped his mouth. “(Y/N), I like you.” He gave you a flirty look that quickly broke into giggles of embarrassment.

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Xiumin: He would just flirt so much after accidentally saying the words. He hadn’t known how to describe his ideal girl, so he just said your name. He turned to you and just checked you up and down.

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A conversation between a Slytherin girl and a Ravenclaw boy (fighting/flirting)
  • Ravenclaw: I bet I'd be better at fighting a dementor than you.
  • Slytherin: *Scoffs* Yeah, probably because your soul would bore them to death. Or second death, or whatever.
  • Ravenclaw: I'll have you know that my patronus is incredibly strong, stronger than yours.
  • Slytherin: Idiot, it's the strength of the /memory/, and yours can't be that strong.
  • Ravenclaw: I assure you, it is.
  • Slytherin: *Crosses arms* Oh, yeah? What is it then?
  • Ravenclaw: *Crosses arms and smirks* It's the first time I met you. We were in our first year and I was watching you getting sorted. You were just so at home and confident, and I got a crush on you, right then and there. *His eyes go wide and he covers his mouth*
  • Slytherin: *Shocked* Really?
  • Ravenclaw: *Blushes* I mean-It's-Yes. And you know what? I still have a crush on you.
  • Slytherin: *Blushes and smiles* I have a crush on you, too.
  • Ravenclaw: *Grins* We should fight more often.
Anyone else watching the new series of Samurai Jack?

Let’s just say that tonight’s episode left me feeling a certain way. (That cliffhanger, tho!!!) Like, on-the-edge-of-my-seat, covering-my-mouth-half-of-the-episode excited and anxious and shocked. Def looking forward to the rest of the season. They make you forget that the episodes are only ~20 minutes long.

I’m SO glad they brought the show back, even if it’s for a short wrap-up series. I’m definitely getting a Hulu account when I can afford it so I can watch the rest of the show. It’ll be a nice nostalgia trip for me.

I just need to fangirl rn

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ik i had a dream about sana and tzuyu but i forgot what happened, geez i dont like it when that happens ;w; but i remembered i had another dream about Mina! We were hangin with the other members then she faced me and asked "what do you want to do?" in English. Me being me, i got shook by her english and accidentally said "shit" then hurriedly covered my mouth cuz the other members looked at me shocked from the swearing. End of dream lol -🍠

Yeah I hardly ever remember my dreams, but if Mina spoke in English to me I would lose my mind as well

BTS Reaction to Blurting Out You Are Their Ideal Type

I think we can all agree that we would love to hear any of these boys call us their ideal type. Anyways, I hope you like this reaction <3

EXO Version (x)

I do not own these gifs

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Jin: The moment the words escaped his lips he stared up at you in shock. He hadn’t mean to blurt it out like that. He covered his mouth and carefully watched to see your reaction.

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Suga: “Yes, (Y/N) is my ideal.” He said nonchalantly. You stared up at him in shock, but he merely shrugged his shoulder. This boy will be pretty blunt about it, but if you told him that you liked him too, he may become embarrassed.

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J-Hope: He had been talking to one of the boys when he suddenly was asked about his ideal type. He hadn’t thought about it when he blurted out your name right in front of you. You looked at him in surprise and he quickly tried to distract you with aegyo.

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Rapmon: He was at an interview when he was asked if he had an ideal type and he had meant to just say no, but before he knew it he was blurting out every aspect about you. “Wow it sounds like you have a specific girl in mind.” The interviewer said with a smile. Rapmon couldn’t help but look over at you in the audience.

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Jimin: “Come on, everyone has an ideal type. We all know you have one too.” You teased him along with the younger boys. You were all tickling him and he was barely able to breath. “Okay, okay, it’s you!” He screamed out as he laughed. You stopped tickling him but he simply gave you a flirty wink.

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V: He hadn’t realized when he said that you were his ideal type until he saw everyone staring at him from across the kitchen table. You were blushing so much that he realized what he said. He had no words to say and simply stared at you

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Jungkook: *gif*

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Bts reaction

“How would bts react to them raising their hand during a fight and you flinched thinking they were going to hit you”

Jin: Jin wouldn't know what he did until he saw the hurt and fear in your eyes and you stepped back from him, hands trying to cover your face. He would automatically apologize for scaring you “babe lets just stop this fight right now, I would never hit you and that’s a promise” 

Suga: He raised his hand to push back his hair when he saw you flinch back cutting back at your sentence, His eyes would soften upon seeing you like this. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. He was genuinely shocked that you thought he would lay a hand on you. “Hurting you in a physical way never even crossed my mind.. please don think of me as that type of person” 

Namjoon: He was gesturing with his hands when he noticed you flinch as he got closer to you.  He froze in his movement seeing you staring back at him shocked and scared, He automatically stopped fighting with you and pulled you into his arms, “You’re safe with me I would never hurt you, don’t ever think that I would and please don't be scared od me I love you so much” 

Jhope: He was cleaning the house when you both started fighting, he reached to clean something next to you when you cowered away from him, looking at him with scared and intimidated eyes. He stopped and looked down at you “Did you actually think I was going to hit you? I would never do that please don’t look at me like that, I’m sorry” 

Jimin: Jimin would feel guilty seeing you like this because of him, he wouldn’t be mad at you anymore but at himself for making you feel that way. “babe I promise you that nothing you ever say or do will make me hit you I would never cause you pain like that. Don’t be like this.. please” 

Taehyung: He looked at you dead in your eyes, you could see the anger melting away from his eyes when he looked down to see you flinching at him. I’m so sorry y/n please forgive me. Don’t think I would ever lay and finger on you because I wouldn’t… I would never hurt you” 

Jungkook: Jungkook wouldn't know how to react to you being like this, so scared and frightened by him. Jungkook would pull you into his arms gently holding you. He’d press little kisses along your hairline “I don't care how mad I get babe you never ever have to worry about me hitting you because that wouldn't happen I promise you I love you” 

The New Mafia Girl

It was late one evening and I was just getting off work from working a long shift at the Vet Clinic. Walking home after getting off the subway, I heard a ruckus going on about a few feet away from me. I went over to check it out, and what I saw was something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. About 4 thugs were beating up a defenseless elderly man. Screaming at him to give them his money. But the elderly repeatedly refuse to give them anything and before I knew it, one of the thugs pulled out his gun and shot the man point blank in the chest.

The sudden shock of what just happened before me, cause a small yelp escape from my throat. Immediately covering my mouth hoping that they didn’t hear me, the one holding the gun instantly looked my way, pointed the gun at me and shot at me. Dodging it, I ran from the scene but it wasn’t long until they were chasing me. However unbeknownst to me there were 4 beings watching everything. @the-mafia-turtles

“Luke, oh my god!”

“Mmph?” Your boyfriend turns and looks sheepishly at you, mouth crammed full of gingerbread and hands covered in crumbs.

He swallows a huge bite. “I…”

Your eyes are still wide in shock. “Did you just… eat the gingerbread house?”

His cheeks redden. “Well, not all of it.”

You snort. “Not all of it? We just made it! And you could only last for five minutes before you started eating it?”

He bites his lip. “Uh…”

You giggled. “Look, Luke, it’d be fine if this was just a one time thing, but this is the third time you’ve done this-once every year I’ve been dating you.”

And as you’re walking away to get paper towels so you can clean up the mess, you hear a muffled, “sorry.”

And one of your presents that year, like every year, is a gingerbread house. But this time, when you open the box, the house is already built and there’s a ring sitting inside, accompanied by a note written in messy boy scrawl that reads, I’m sorry I eat all the gingerbread houses, but hopefully when we get married we can get a real house and you won’t mind so much anymore.

(P.S. I’ll try my best not to eat this)

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