i count this as meta yes

When will we ever get a Halberd mecha

and no, the Halberd Robobot mode doesn’t count, I still wanted to see a humanoid Halberd Mech.

It being humanoid is probably why they’ll never do it… I settle with my fantasies for now.

Also it’s based of King J-Der DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN


ye look at that deviantart copypaste

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Hi! have you ever read something that just made you sigh and say "by god you are amazing" to the writer of that fic? Coz i felt that way when i read your Celestial Navigations. Seriously i read that one first then i read your other stony works like a higher form of war, gift with purchase, good old fashioned lover boy and poster child and falling into you and many others (sorry word count got in the way)and all i could think was god you are an amazing writer!!

Wow, thank you!  I really, really appreciate that.  So glad you like the fics.  And yes, I do read things in this fandom that make me just absolutely amazed at the talent we have in our authors (and artists, gif makers, meta writers, and thoughtful readers).  Truly, this is a wonderful group, and I am proud to be a small part of it.  Really happy you like the stories.  I’ve had such fun writing them.

Dead Enemies - InsertImaginativeNameHere - A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV), Series of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Count Olaf
Additional Tags: the hook-handed man appears, yes I do know his name, I didn’t feel like using it at any point so I’m sorry, Rambling, Meta-humour, Canon-complicit Anachronism, Anachronistic, Look this may take place in a time period but nobody knows, One-Shot, I don’t know when it’s set either, Presumably during the Wide Window, Meta, Canon-levels of Meta

Olaf considers what he learnt about Snicket being ‘dead’ and how this could be advantageous to him. Even if it is a little annoying.

Hems & Hols [G]

Title: Hems & Hols
Rating: G
Word count: ~1,500
A/N: In response to @corpselover1426’s adorable meta:
“…imagine Albus secretly asking Molly to make the sleeves a bit longer when she knits Scorpius’s Christmas sweaters and Scorpius opening them in delight Christmas morning and Albus blushing and smiling in satisfaction when he sees him pull the sleeves all the way down over his hands.”

“You’re sure, dear?”

“Yes, Nana,” Albus Potter reiterated, shifting uncomfortably on the common room’s stone hearth.  “Just a tad longer on the sleeves. He’s not one to ask for favors, but I know he’d appreciate it.”  

“Goodness knows I’m hardly ‘hip’ these days, but I simply don’t understand the appeal of sleeves flapping about in the wind. Surely your beau’s hit the end of his growth spurt? He’s as tall as a reed, and twice as thin.”  

Albus sighed good-naturedly. If he took the time to explain each and every Scorpius Malfoy idiosyncrasy, they would be here all night. He settled on an abridged version of events.

“You’ve seen Scorpius, Grandma, he’s hardly what you could consider on-trend. Think of it more of a quirk. He likes pulling the jumper over his hands. Saves him the trouble of mittens, actually.”

“Mittens” Molly Weasley’s head in the Floo fire mused. “I suppose he could do with a pair of those too, couldn’t he?”

“Nana, no. You’ve already knit him a trunk-full. He has a pair for every day of the week. I think he’s set for life on mittens. He could really do with those sleeves though…”

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I’m rewatching ‘The Husbands Of River Song’ (yes I have lost the count) and I just realized.

These scene where the Doctor gives River a Sonic Screwdriver as a gift. His expression and excitement is priceless.

Like he is so excited to bring a gift for his wife and see how she reacts. He takes it out and shows it to her and laughs and so does she. How priceless is that ?

The Doctor hasn’t really had chanced to give her gifts (ignoring the Diary) and giving gifts like this to someone is extremely intimate and personal. Even though he knows what giving her the screwdriver means it doesn’t make it any less exciting for bringing a gift for his wife.
It’s like his first gift for his wife as they begin a new journey. Both time travelers settling down at one place for 24 years. He might’ve bought her other gifts as well later but this is very special.

I just .. When I saw how excited The Doctor was while gifting River his Sonic Screwdriver, it just touched my heart. Such a simple gesture yet so intimate and beautiful!

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My current seat on the wedding train

A little clarification on my thoughts about Olicity in the finale this year.  Yes, I’m aboard the train, but I happen to think the trip might be longer than we initially thought.  The second wedding’s trigger has been pulled.  We’re traveling without that particular map right now. Which means… it doesn’t have to be a wedding. But it does have to be something along those lines.

Hence: engagement. I think Oliver proposes in the finale.  

(more beneath the cut)

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Barry Allen Imagine

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader
Word Count: 790
Plot: Team Flash hiding something from Barry and that something has something to do with you.

“Okay, can anyone tell me what’s going on here?” Barry asked as Caitlyn and Cisco fidget in the cortex trying to avoid Barry’s question as best as they could. “Guys! Please stop and tell me what’s up?! And yes I can tell it’s written all over your faces!” Barry said getting a little impatient.

“He needs to know, you should tell him…” Dr Wells said while entering the room. “But…” “Tell me what? What is it? What happened? is there a new meta? Is anyone in danger?” Barry asked cutting Cisco’s protest for hiding the news from Barry.

“Barry, please you have to calm down!” Caitlyn said. “Don’t tell me. Just tell me where’s Y/N I’ll ask her. She’ll let me in on whatever your finding hard to tell me..” Barry said while making his way out of the cortex. “Barry wait…” Caitlyn called but Dr. Wells cut her off saying; “She’s in the pipeline.” With that Barry left to see Y/N.

Barry arrived at the pipeline in seconds calling out for Y/N when he couldn’t find her in sight.”Barry..?” he heard a confused voice from behind the door. Barry opened the door still confused, wondering whether he was hearing things, he came face to face with Y/N who was inside the capsule locked.

“Y/N!” Barry said while running towards her in a flash. “Y/N, what happened? Why are you in there? Did a Meta trick you? Is there a Meta on the loose! Wait a sec I’m going to get you out of there!” Barry said and hurried towards the control already to give commands for release when he heard Y/N “No! Barry, wait! Don’t open it!” Barry turned to look at Y/N confused as hell wondering why someone would want to stay locked up in a capsule on their own will.

“What? Why??” he asked Y/N. “They didn’t tell you…” Y/N said while sadly smiling. “I know they’re not telling me something! And I came here looking for you knowing that you’ll give me some answers. But you’ve got yourself locked up in here and I’m really getting worried and this is all very confusing.” Barry said in a breath while moving his hands all around him trying to get you talking.

“Barry, I’m ….. I’m a Meta..” you said while looking down at your hands not willing to see his reaction on the news. Barry looked shocked at you as you turned your back to him and sat down. You waited for something from him but you heard nothing, not a sound. Suddenly the glass behind you opened up and you saw that Barry had opened up the capsule.

“ Barry! What are you doing!!” you screeched as you panicked that you might hurt someone. “Barry please!” you begged him getting more and more desperate and panicking, worrying you might hurt him, as he made his way towards you and wrapped his hands around you hugging you to his chest to calm you down which worked as your muscles relaxed in his tight grip and you leaned on him.

A few seconds passed as Barry felt your tears on his chest and he looked down to see that you were crying he let you cry while still holding you in his arms comforting you. “why did you do that?” you asked Barry through tears. “Because I trust you..” Barry replied wiping his thumb under your eye. “ You shouldn’t! I’m ..I’m dangerous! I could’ve hurt you! Or someone else in here! I have no control!” you tell Barry. “But nothing happened Y/N. I know you’ll never hurt me or anyone else.” “You don’t know that! You didn’t see what I did.” You said while thinking back to when you almost knocked Cisco out of the cortex with your telekinesis power which you just found out about through that incident.

“I know you.” Barry stated. “Now, will you tell me what your amazing powers are?” you looked up at him to see that loving look in his eyes. “I guess I have telekinesis. As I almost knocked Cisco out of the cortex while we were arguing about something..” you told him feeling guilty. “Hey! It’s okay! In fact it’s awesome!” you looked at him shocked, why would he think that hurting Cisco was something awesome.. “That was the 1st time you got confused and didn’t know what was happening yet you still managed to save Cisco from yourself, right? That’s why this is so cool! You were able to control your powers even when you didn’t know what they were. I’m with you. We’ll get through this.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your temple letting his lips linger there for just a little bit longer.

Author’s Note: Hi guys! I know I’m not a writer or anything but I hope you’ll find what I write bearable. 

Thanks for reading. xxxx


Someone might have already realized this but whatever.

In Mizumono Bella says that Hannibal saved her for Jack and asks Hannibal if he can save Jack for her when she’s gone (note that she said when she’s gone). We don’t know what/if Hannibal answered. However, I personally feel like he has some form of respect for her (yes, I know he disrespected her by not letting her die, but still) and he probably didn’t outright promise to save him, instead maybe he just won’t be so quick to kill him, and thereby betray Bella. You might be thinking “Oh but Hannibal left Jack to die in the pantry” but remember that I asked you to note that Hannibal was supposed to save Jack when Bella was gone and Bella was still alive at that moment.

Contorno is the episode where Jack absolutely beats the living shit out of Hannibal (which is one of the most amazing scenes ever) and I always wondered why Hannibal didn’t even try to fight back. Now, we know that Bella is gone, we know that Hannibal knows that she is gone and now Hannibal was supposed to save Jack for her (assuming Hannibal kept her request in mind). If he did it would explain why he didn’t attempt to kill Jack and just let it all happen. This would also indicate that Hannibal does respect Bella, despide him saving her for Jack and disregarding her wishes.

That’s basically it, I was just amazed at my realization and got really excited because it explains things I didn’t previously understand.