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hi hi could you do some angst of mc breaking up with them? how would they react, would they try to get her back, that things... Thank you!

I freaking love angst and was so happy with this request! But I’m only doing the breakup rn to make it hit your feels lmao
I decided to go all out. But got too excited and wanted to post it right away so Yoosung and Sevens will come later today or tomorrow. But if you like this part and also want me to write Saeran or V let me know!

The breakup part 1

- He thought it he had it all. even though he thought it would never happen it did. Finally he was happy. the company was doing great and he had an amazing wife. He was trying to become more social, more human and thats all because of her. He just wanted to do everything with her. Go on dates, take her to parties, going on holidays. But lately things changed. He didn’t understand why nothing happened. They’ve never even fought before. He came home from work it was a late night so suspected that she was already asleep. All the lights were off and it was so silent, he could feel himself getting tense. He walked into the bedroom and noticed she wasn’t there. In fact all her belongings were gone as well. Except a letter that was laying on the bed. “Jumin, I’m sorry for leaving so suddenly but this has been bothering me for a while now and I couldn’t take it anymore. You can’t expect me to just sit inside all day waiting for you to come home, only leaving the house when you’re with me. I’m not a pet Jumin! I’ve tried to make this clear to you many times but you don’t get it and I’m done. Don’t try to call me, text me or even track me because I won’t come back. You should’ve listened to me - MC” He couldn’t breath. This couldnt be happening his princess couldn’t be gone. He wanted to call his guards screaming how they could’ve let her walk out of the building. But his legs wouldn’t move a muscle. All the saliva in his mouth was gone unable to speak. If she didn’t want him to contact her then that’s what he’ll do. He decided to finally listen to her.

- It was fun at the beginning. Zen was a classical gentleman. He’d do everything for you. Honestly everyone would be jealous of this relationship you had. But when he got a new role things changed. He didn’t pay as much attention to you as he used to. I mean you didn’t really mind since you’ve always been very supportive and you totally understood that you weren’t his top priority right now. But there came more nights where you had to eat dinner alone even though he said he’d be home. Or nights where you had to go to sleep alone. There were even nights where you didn’t even see him in the mornings. He also didn’t call or text at all only to say that he wouldn’t make it so that you should go to sleep. One day you forgot to buy groceries so even though it was already late you went anyway. You passed a bar when you suddenly heard laughter you recognized right away. You walked in and yes there he was, sitting at the bar with some female colleagues. “ hey isn’t that your gf Zen?” He slowly looked turned around to see you standing in the doorway with tears in your eyes. You could see that he had some drinks. He sighed, “ yeah what a burden” and continued the conversation. You stomped out, called a friend and went ‘home’ to grab your belongings. You were gone and sure as hell weren’t coming back.

History-  Stiles Stilinski Imagine

(This was not requested but I really wanted to write it. I will have a part two for I’m Back up soon.) 

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You loved Stiles. You have ever since the day your older brother Scott  brought him home from school to hang out. The thing was he thought of you as a little sister. You dont date your little sister. 

“Hey Scott” you said as you entered your house. There was no response. “Scott?…” Still no response. You walked up to his room and heard voices. 

“I dont know Stiles,” That was Scott. You knew it. “But I love her!” Yoy knew that voice. Stiles. “Dont you think it would be weird for the pack?” You rolled your eyes. You were a werewolf too but Scott barely ever took you on missions because hes so overprotective. 

“I dont care. Im asking her out tomorrow.’ This was about a girl obviously. What if it was you? “we’ll talk about this later Y/N will be home soon.” When you heard that you darted downstairs. 

The Next Day at School 

You stood at your locker, extremely tense. You couldnt stop thinking about the conversation you overheard. You were waiting for Stiles to get to school. “Hey Y/N” you turned around expecting to Stiles but saw Liam.

‘Hey Lee” you said. He laughed at the stupid nickname. “Do you wanna come over to study tonight?” He asked. You shook your head. “Liam…” “No just as friends.” He laughed. “I need help in Pre Cal” You started laughing too. “Okay sure” 

You turned around after he walked away too see Stiles talking to Lydia with flowers. You shook your head as you felt tears coming and ran to the back of the school. You started sobbing. You felt stupid and mad it was just a stupid boy.” 

“Y/N?” you heard the stupid voice. “What do you want?” You turned too face Stiles and wiped your tears. “Whats wrong?” he put a hand on your shoulder. “You Stiles. I love you. I always have. You love Lydia! Im so stupid.” Stiles shook his head. “What about Liam?” he asked confused. “Friend. Lydia?’ “Friend’ he kissed you. 

‘You not friend” You kissed him back. “I love you Y/N”

37. - A Love like Ours. (short)


After closing up the shop early, I dapped my two workers before heading over to my freshly washed Charger. New York weather had been clearing up as each day went by and the layerings of clothings we possessed over the winter slowly started to minimise.

Tugging my snapback around so it was back to front, I jumped into my car and turned up the music as soon as the engine was running. It was a Tuesday and so typically the tattoo shop was usually quieter than most days. Being that we had no booked appointments for after 3 in the afternoon, we decided to call it a night and start fresh tomorrow.

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why do you like katy perry so muchh??

ok get ready cuz this is gonna be be hella long and detailed. 

ok so when one of the boys was released i didnt know that much about her. i heard i kissed a girl on the radio, same with hot n cold. i liked the songs but didnt really think that much of her. to me she was just another pop star.

then when teenage dream came out, i began to listen to her a little more. songs like california gurls and firework i could not get enough of. later on when i graduated high school i basically hit rock bottom, and thats when wide awake came out. that song is my all time favorite because it speaks so much to me. that song helped give me strength and go on with my life, you have no idea.

shortly after i went to go see part of me 3d in theaters and that is when i truely fell in love with her. seeing her for who she really is, a spunk, fun, energetic, creative, talented person.

seeing her on cloud 9 and on rock bottom.

all glammed up, and in sweats with no make-up on. i got to see the real her.

she wasnt just a pop start to me anymore, she was something bigger and much more personal to me. i couldnt get over how much i loved her after seeing the movie. i rushed home and got all her music and listened to all her songs. she has fun party songs but also deep emotional ones too, and i think that is a great balance for an artist to have. it seemed like it was forever between wide awake and roar, but the wait was worth it. 

when i first heard roar on the radio i almost started crying because i waited so long for new katy music and the song was just so amazing and fun and inspirational. i pre-ordered prism, and when it was released i could not stop listening to it. i love how the whole album is about growth and self-empowerment, and it is the most inspirational album she’s done.

katy is herself, she does not put on an image for anyone. she expresses her creativity in ways no one has done before. she has broken boundaries and set new records. shes inspired a whole new generation, and those before ours too. she does not hold back.

although she may seem like a spunky california gurl, inside shes a fierce dark horse. and this is an abridged version of why i love her.

im going to go on and list me favorite songs from her albums now:

one of the boys

  • i kissed a girl
  • hot n cold
  • thinking of you

teenage dream - the complete confection (my fav album)

  • california gurls
  • teenage dream
  • firework
  • wide awake
  • last friday night
  • pearl
  • not like the movies
  • circle the drain
  • who am i living for
  • e.t.


  • roar
  • legendary lovers
  • birthday
  • dark horse
  • walking on air
  • by the grace of god
  • choose your battles
  • unconditionally

It had actually been a while since Kara had seen her fiancé, but she had just chalked it up to him being Kazekage. He was a busy man and if had to go on a mission that lasted longer than she had hoped than the greenette had to suck it up and wait it out. His job was the only reason they were getting married anyway. She couldn’t be selfish with him, not when he had an entire village to protect.

Still, she paced the room wringing her hands together. Gaara was coming home. She had received word that his work was done and he was returning home safely. That’s what she had been told. So why was she so nervous?!

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#1 and jackunzel


Rapunzel stared at the man across from her, the subway train zoomed by them, tossing her hair. Green eyes were wide, her  pink lips slightly open. The man before her looked at her the same way, blue eyes never changed changed in color over the years only this time around he had hair that was a dark shade of brown. With a guitar case at his back and his ears pierced, she knew it was him.

The business woman took the folder he held out to her, the one she had dropped coming out of the train. The London metro station was bustling with people and yet it was as if they were the only two there. She placed the folder back under her arm, her skirt-suit was the opposite of his ripped jeans and hoodie. He looked at her hair and frowned. 

“I liked it better long.” he said softly. She reached back and touched the short brown strands of her hair, “And youre missing the accent.”

She almost smiled but stopped herself, “And you’re missing the uniform.”

Jack shrugged, “Never liked it anyway.”

There were words unsaid, scared to asked, afraid to know the answers. Both looked at each other for another moment, eyes met. The same eyes they had seen all those years ago, the same eyes that they searched for. It was never the same though. Fate was tricky that way and they never though to ask anyone if this, what they had and remembered, was normal. No, people would call them crazy. They wouldve been hung or put into an institution. Instead they always just kept their eyes open.

“Do you want to get some coffee—”

“I’m married.” She blurted out.

Jack felt his heart drop into his stomach. There had been many things over the years, many problems and places but in the 21st century she had married by her own choice. It wasn’t the 1700’s anymore nor were their houses run by men and dowries. He wanted to grab her and shake her, wanted to yell but he stayed calm. He could see the guilt and pain in her eyes and only nodded.

“Just coffee.” he said softly.

Rapunzel looked at him for another moment before she nodded.

They left the subway in silence, their minds running around and trying to figure out what had happened, what had went wrong this time. The universe always had bad timing, but this was far beyond what they had expected. Not that they didnt each have their affairs, neither could go without experiencing love and connection. But they always knew that the other would come and that empty space in their heart and soul would finally fill. It was like having apart of themselves missing, never truly being whole.

The man and woman sat down inside a small coffee shop, the atmosphere was quiet for seven o clock at night. The business district was still bustling as well as the wharf but for them time had stopped. The sat across from each other in silence.

“What do you do now?” he asked her, waiting for her to meet his eyes. she tucked a short strand of brown locks behind her hear only to have it bounce back. A nervous gesture he always recognized.

“Social worker.” she replied, “You?”

“Song writer.” he said with a smirk. She giggled and finally met his eyes, both sharing the same untold joke of their situation, the cosmic joke of their lives.

“A long way from storming in with the Allies.” she said softly, running her hands along the small menu on the table. The man chuckled, 

“You’re one to talk. Have you been back to Paris?” he asked, watching the emotion cross her features. He knew she was thinking of her paintings, of her small home just on the outskirts of the beautiful city. She shook her head,

“No, I heard it’s not the same.”

“Well, the occupation did end.” Jack joked. The woman gave him a look, rolling her eyes with a smile, “I helped with that.”

“You mean you stormed my home with all your American decorum and demanded to search for Nazis?” Rapunzel placed a hand under her chin with a sassy rise her for brow.

Jack put his hands up defensively, “Whoa, just following orders. But I distinctly remember you throwing a frying pan at me and cussing me out in French.” 

“You were in my home!” she laughed.

“Lets not forget who broke in to who’s home in Ireland.” he said leaning forward and raised an eyebrow at her. She gasped,

“In my defense, I was just evicted. The tenant expected me to pay four pounds a month or move with the potato plight infecting towns.” she said, leaning forwards as well, “You didnt mind then.”  

“Finding a pretty blonde Irish girl eating my ration of potatoes? Nah.” he joked.

Rapunzel shook her head, “One word: Vienna.”

“Not that again!” Jack threw his hands up in the air dramatically, “It was your father who occupied my town, it was only fair that you Turks gave me food to feed my family.”

Rapunzel laughed at his annoyed face alone, remembering handing him baskets of bread and meats through the window of their home to the strange boy outside. Of course that was only the beginning of their affair. They had already figured out the universe’s game then, trust the other despite their background because the moment they look into each others eyes, they knew.

The waitress approached and took their orders, both still calming from their jovial reunion. It was something they learned to do around the 1800’s hundreds, sneak off to make sure the other remembered this time around. There was always a fear that the other might forget. They never did.

"The scariest?” Jack inquired, eyes looking into hers.

“Spanish inquisition, definitely.” she replied softly. Jack’s smile fell and a somber air filled the space between them. He reached out and touched her hand, covering it with his own. 

“I’m sorry.”

“For dying or getting caught?” she asked with a sad smile.

“That you had to watch.” he replied.

She flinched at the image of him burning that the stake, her mind pulling back those feelings and pain she felt. She didnt move her hand away but instead used her other hand to gently trace the tattoos he had on his forearm. They were old tattoos. He always seemed to get them as if to remember. Some Chinese art, others Celtic every once in awhile Aztec or Renaissance.

“For you?” she asked, but knew the answer.

“Constantinople.” he whispered, “I had no idea they would come, I thought that since our home was farther away that they—”

“I know, Jack.” she said softly, holding his hand as it shook. The Vikings had attacked and no one was the wiser. Homes were burned down, women raped and people died. He had come home to his wife and child dead after fighting off who he could.

“What about the best?” she asked softly, trying to fix it. She smiled and knew the answer as well.

“Pisa,” he said softly, eyes met her again, “We were at the first university established, you had snuck in dressed like a boy.”

Rapunzel giggled, “But you knew.”

“Way too pretty to be a boy.” he said. He watched her blush before he caught the glint of light on the silver band on her ring finger. He looked at it for a moment before speaking.

“Why did you..”

“He was my first love in this life.” she said softly, taking her hands back, “Eugene was perfect and you never showed up…I couldnt just say no.”

“Eugene?” he scoffed. Rapunzel sighed,

“This was a bad idea. i need to get home.” she said softly, grabbing her bag off the chair. Jack stood, eyes wide in surprise. He didn’t want to lose her again. He just found her, he couldn’t let her walk away. Not now.

“Wait, Rapunzel—” he started.

“My name is Rachel.” she corrected, heading toward the door. As soon as she opened it, she could smell the rain. London was never her favorite place. She stepped out, holding her bag over her head and began down the road. It didnt take long for the sound of hard thumps on pavement was behind her.


“Thats not my name!”

She felt a hand wrap around her wrist and turn her around. She saw those blue eyes again. Those blue eyes she had seen for years, long before the technology, the revolutions and wars. She remembered those eyes looking back at her through the forests of the Amazon, watching her from the center of the Colosseum. God, she had prayed for those eyes and now it was too late.

“Yes it is.” He demanded, strands of brown stuck to his face as the rain soaked him, “To me it is.”

“Not this time, Jack, I cant…I cant leave everything like before! You were late!” she cried, her green eyes stung with tears.

“I love you!”

“I’m not yours to love!”

His hands left her wrist to hold her face, she dropped her bag on the floor with a thud on the concrete. he looked into her eyes and both could no longer feel that emptiness anymore. It had vanished the moment they touched in the cafe.

“You are mine, Rapunzel, you have been for thousands of years. I wont let you go, not this this life time, not in the next." 

His words were direct and full of passion. She gasped and his lips crashed onto hers. It was like fireworks going off along her body, her soul expanded inside her and she no longer felt that ache of longing or hollowness. She grabbed onto his shirt and kissed him with all she was worth. Neither cared about the way their teeth clashed against each others or the stares they got. There had been worse, they had been through worse.

After another moment they finally pulled away, resting wet foreheads against the other. Wet brown locks blended together, eyes closed with chests rising and falling heavily. 

"I missed you, Jack.” she whispered.

The man smiled, “Ive waited so long to hear you say that again.”    

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I can only imagine Connor getting the idea in the morning and getting home early and calling Nicola to help him out to do Fried Oreo's and getting candles and sprinkles and waiting "patiently" for Troye to get home to surprise him with it. And he being proud of everything that Troye has done......

STOP. I can’t stop smiling omg. 

Imagine Con’s call to Nicola and he’s beating around the bush like “Nic… I need your help… What do you know about frying? Because- I was thinking-” and her tone turns sly when she realizes who he’s cooking for. She stays on the phone to coach him through burning the first batch and finally getting one Oreo right. Then when she hangs up, Connor’s alone waiting, bursting with excitement, so he throws sprinkles on it and gets candles, making it perfect for when a very tired Troye comes home.

That Time Of The Month..


I was coming home from the studio expecting to pick up Taylor and go to Charlie´s since today he was having a birthday party and we were alredy late. I tried to call her but she wan´t answering the phone, I figured she must be getting ready or something, so I just left her a message saying that I was coming home.

“Hey babe! Are you ready?” I asked entering in the house. “Ready for what?” I heard her saying slowly behind me and I turned around to find a sleepy Taylor in PJs “Charlie´s party? I told you about it?” “Oh I´m so sorry I tottaly forgot it” She told me not really paying attencion “Well, we´re alredy late so go get ready” “I don´t think I wanna go” She said looking at the floor “Is everything ok love?” There was something weird going on, she looked at me and rolled her eyes “Yes I just dont feel like going, is that so bad!?” She told me raising her voice “It´s okay Tay, we can stay here, I´ll call him” I said sweetly trying to calm her a little “No but you have to go it´s your friend! I can stay here alone, or is that wrong too?” I really didn´t know what was going on with her tonight “No, you can do whatever you want, but.. are you sure you are okay? I can stay here if you want and we can watch a movie or something” I started walking closer and tried to hug her but she just shoved me away “Adam… just… just go to Charlie´s, have fun and we´ll talk later” She said and went upstairs “Tay are you su” I tried to tell her again that I could stay here with her but she cut me off “Just go Adam, I wanna be alone” I heard her screaming, God women are weird sometimes, I decided that the best thing to do was go to Charlie´s and gave her the “alone time” she nedeed.

We were staying in my LA house this week since we both had to work here and also because it was extremly hot and there is a pull in my house, everything had been going really well so I had no clue of what was going on, I tried not to think so much about it and wait till we could talk when I get home.

I arrived to Charlie´s party and it was full of people, all of my friends were there and the music was good, I was having a good time but couldnt help and think about Taylor and what´d happened earlier, I just wanted to go home and talk to her, so at almost midnight I was leaving the party.

I was driving home when my phone started buzzing with an incoming call from Taylor.

“Hi Tay” I answerd quickly

 "Hey babe… how´s the party?“ She asked

"The party was good, I´m going home now, is everything okay?” There was a silence for a few seconds, I was starting to get worried.

“Yes, everything okay… hm.. Adam… can you.. can I ask you a favor?” She asked sounding a little shy.

“Of course babe, what is it?” Another silence came in “Tay, whatever it is, tell me, it´s fine”.

“Can you.. em.. can you buy me some tampons on the way home?” I could tell she was really embarassed about it.

So this is what all of it was about, a sight of relief escaped from my lips “Of course baby” I answered laughing a little “Do you need anything elese?”.

“No it´s okay, thanks babe, and.. sorry” I could see her cheeks were turning red as we talked, she had never asked me this before so I unterstood, I didn´t really care since it wasn´t the first time I was going to buy that since I have a sister and, well, I´ve had other girlfriends.

I went to de drugstore and picked up some of the stuff I thought she´d like as chocolates, some painkillers, her favorite food, some diet coke and gatorade and the tampons she´d asked me to bring her.

“Tay? I´m home!” I said entering to my house and seeing that all the lights were off, I headed to the kitchen and started preparing a tray to bring all the stuff to the bed, then I went upstairs where all the lights were off too and the bedroom door was closed.

“Hi baby” I said slowly opening the door as she might be sleeping.

“Hi” She whispered from under the covers and not moving a muscle, I sat at her side and started stroking her hair.

“I´ve brought you some stuff” I told her as she slowly started to sit on the bed and I handed her the tray. She looked at it and I could see tears starting to form in her eyes.

“Adam, I´m so sorry about earlier, it´s just..” Tears were falling now and I wipped them away

“Shh, it´s okay babe, it´s fine” I huged her and kissed her head.

“No I´m serious, I´m sorry, you´ve done all this for me when all I´ve done is scream at you, I´m so sorry, I love you so much” She said leaning in for a kiss.

“I love you too, so much baby” I leaned in and we kissed. “Are you feeling better now?” I asked her caressing her cheek.

“Yes, a lot better, thank you” She smiled at him. They spent all night in bed watching movies and eating chocolates and the traeats he had brought her until they fell asleep in eachothers arms.



Hey guys! So I saw a lot of request about it and here it is! I know it´s short but I hope you liked it.

Please tell me what you think of it, and if you have any request!

Thanks for reading!

Be a good girl -Liam Payne

Relationships: Liam-Y/N

Summary: Y/N and Liam were at a party and Y/N just couldnt wait to get back home , and Liam knew excactly what she wanted so he didnt hesitate giving it to her as soon as they arrived

Warnings: Umm i dont know some dirty talk?

Notes:  this one’s for janesingsbodyelectric . Ivebeen told she will enjoy this xD

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Liiiiam cant we just go?” i groaned and he turned to look at me with a strict look.

“No. Baby I told you its very importand we stay till the end.” he said

I sighed and as soon as he saw my puppy face he got a sympathetic look and told me

“well be home in two hours just be patient okay?”

“okay” i agreed and let a sigh escape my lips

“thinking what im going to do with you when we get home will be a good way to spend your time” he whispered in my ear cockily before he walked away with simon

i caught a gasp before it escaped my lips and i shifted in my seat, now thinking of how much hed tease me..

“great” i whispered

“whats great?” i hear a voice besides me.

i turned around to see Louis in his suit drinking a glass of god knows what.

“nothing” i sighed “wanna dance?” i suggested

he noded and we left for the dance floor where we spent most of the night

~some hours later~

“Hey Y/N!” i hear Liam shouting at me from our table next to the dance floor

with a last turn and a giggle i turn to Liam just to gasp and open my eyes wide, utterly surprised by the way he was sitting

he was sliding down the chair, wrapped each leg on each side of it, with his hands behind the back of it with a cocky look on his face

“you okay?” he said raising an eyebrow as i went closer

“yeah:” i said, feeling horny again.

he tried to hide a little giggle and quickly asked me

“should we go home?”

i noded and we left the party, saying goodbye to everyone on our way out

the car back home was quiet. the air around us was heavy and i could feel the tension between us and although im sure he did too, none of us said anything.

as soon as we arrived home, i got inside and grabbed a glass of water.

“ill be up in the bedroom” liam said and i nodded slowly.

after five minutes i quickly run up to the bedroom

i stopped behind the door and quickly pulled myself together and relaxed my face so i could look normal.

yeah. so much for that. as soon as i opened the door i saw liam sitting in that exact position that made me gasped earlier but this time dressed with nothing but his tight boxers

my mouth formed a small “o” and a gasp escaped my lips once again. he smiled at me and raising one hand, he signaled me to go closer.

as soon as i was in front of him he grabbed me by my back and pulled me on top of him. i wraped my legs around his waist, and he pulled the clip off of my hair, letting them fall on my back. he hummed and kissed my neck, making a small moan escape my lips. again. and again.

after some minutes, that felt like eternity, he pushed me off his lap and elped me stand up again

i looked at him pzzled and he simply took one of my hands and put it on his chest and took the other one and brought it close to his mouth kissing and biting one finger at a tme. when he finished he simply giggled and went to the stereo. he put on a CD with sxy songs and stopped at Lana Del Rey’s You Can Be The Boss

“I like this one” he murmored and as a response i murmored “you sly son of a bitch” he heard it and smiled “lets just put it on repeat” he smiled and came back near me. 

he grabbed me by my neck and pulled me closer to him. his other hand travelled down to my bum, squizzing it tight making me feel wetter and hum into his mouth. my hands flew to his back and traveled down it leaving red marks behind them. he moaned and kissed me roughly, forcing his tongue in my mouth and putting all of his passion in it. i moaned in response and kissed back to him, thinking that this would be one very very fun night.

he sighed, breaking the kiss and pushed me away from his body. once again i looked at him puzzled and he just smiled and sut on the edge of the bed. 

“strip for me” he simply said and my heart stoped only to start beating faster than ever. i felt a heat spreading on my cheeks, and then slowly on the rest of my body.

i bit my lip and looked at his eyes which were full of lust

“you heard me"he said smiling. "strip for me”

i simply smiled and stepping back a bit, i slowly started dragging my hands up and down my body, slowly massaging myself. as soon as he started biting his lip, i decided it was time to get rid of my dress. pulling my hair to one side, i smiled and turned around slowly moving closer to him

“help me” i said and i could feel him edging closer to me. finally his hands touched my back, and slowly -painfully slowly- unzipped my dress. when he was done he dragged his hands down my bum and let them fall on his lap. i smirked and let out a small sigh

“thank you sugar” i said as i turned around and he giggled 

he again took his previous position and i took amoment to take him in before i started slowly swaying with the music, and dropping my dress to the floor.

he gasped when he discovered i was wearing his favorite black bra with the little bow and his favorite lace underwear.

i could see the lust in his eyes so i decided to tease him a bit more

“now i dont know about you” i said getting closer to him and wrapping my hands around his head “but im really bored of this song now” i continued whispering next to his ear tracing the vein in his neck with my lips

“i think ill go find another” i say moving to kiss his lips and look into his lustfull eyes

i then got off of him and moved to the stereo. 

“Ah voilla!” i said after aminute or two, puttin Skin by Rihanna on replay.

“Now thats better” I said and slowly returned to my position.

“Stop teasing me” he growled and i smiled

“well youve done your fair share of teasing tonight to remember?” i smiled as i unbuttoned my bra and tossed it to the floor

i smirked as i saw his lips part with my move

“but im going to do an exception now because i think youve waited long enough” i said quoting the song and getting my panties off too

i smiled going closer and he grabbed me again throwing me on the bed and roling on top of me. we both smiled at his move and he started kissing me pationately. 

grining his hips on mine he took a fistfull of my hair and pulled them back, exposing my neck and kissing my sweet spot making me moan loudly.

my hands started leaving red marks on his back again but this time he didnt groan instead he got up and whispered

“well you know what? im bored of this song” smiling 

i gasped as he started moving to the stereo. i slowly got out of bed following him as he put on Birthday Suit by Kevin McCall. as soon as he turned aorund i pinned him to the door and kissed him hard, putting my hands in his boxers pulling them down

although he could have pushed me away, he didnt and i smiled deciding to play a little game with him.

so i got down on my knees and taking out his boxers, i exposed full erected penis and licking my lips i got it in my hands and gave it kitten licks. as soon as i got him whimpering i licked the undershaft and took all of him in my mouth, groaning and moaning sending vibrations to him. 

with one of my free hands i rubbed his inner thigh and with the other i touched myself hoping to relieve me a bit. when i felt like he was close i sped up but he pushed me away and helped me up my feet and kissed me hard. he then turned me around and pinned me against the wall.

pushing my back he made me lean against the wal, leaving me exposed to him. he then quickly entered me and with one hand started rubbing my clit. my eyes went wide open and i whimpered and moaned and groaned and begged for him to go deeper, but he instead stopped moving and i whimpered loudly 

“oh dont be melodramatic baby” he said pulling me close to him by a fistfull of my hair. he kept massaging my clit and my mouth opened widely, all kinds of noised escaping my lips. he started moving slowly again and i groaned loudly my head falling to his shoulder.

“fuk”  whispered again and again. 

the room was filled with our moans and the air was a mix of electricity and lust, heavy by the smell of sex

he then turned me to the stereo

“why dont you choose the next song” he whispered in my ear, whilst nibling my ear lobe and i groaned rising my head just to pick Lana’s Burning Desire

“nice” Liam said and then got out of me slowly, and stoped touching me all together

“noo” i protested and he laughed 

he then took me to the bed and he lay down, dragging me on top of him.

“i want you to ride me baby” he whispered to me positioning me correctly

“i want to see your beautiful body on top of mine, i want to see the place where we connect and i want to see your face when i fuck the shit out of you” he said and i gasped, kissing him one last time before positioning my hands on each side of his body.

i started slowly moving my hips against his, but then lust kicked in and i started riding him fast and hard making sure to hit that one spot he always does.

his face was a mixture of pleassure and entertainment by how much i complied tonight

“fuck baby” he said and grabbed my hips, holding them steady as he thrusted faster than ever in me

a war tingling sensation started spreading across my body and soon i felt it exploding, making me shake, and scream out his name loudly whilst everything was blurry and all i could feel was him moving inside me. when i rode offf my orgasm he came too, screaming my name and thrusting deeper. 

when he came he collapsed on the bed but i wanted more. i kissed him hungrilly and he laughed

“baby wants more?” he said and i nodded furiously

“okay” he said and i smiled.

he got off the bed and positioned me in the middle of it.

“where are you going?” i asked and he just shrugged

“putting a appropriate song on” he said and i laughed as Neighbors Know My Name by Trey Songz started playing. My excitiment grew as he slowly came on the bed and positioned himself betwee my legs

“i really want to taste you Y/N” he said kissing my neck again

“but i want you to scream for me” he continued bitting my neck “scream my name loudly” he said licking the spot where he just bit “got it?” he the said lookin at me directlyin the eyes 

“yes” i said kissing him.

“nice. now be a good girl” he said and i felt my whole body twitch

he smiled and trailed a path down to my wetness and kissed my clit circling it with his tongue

i moaned out loud and he bit me making me gasp. he kept teasing me with his tongue, making me moan louder and louder byt the second

“FUCK LIAM” i whimpered very loudly nd as i did he put three fingers in me and started thrusting fastly

“FUCk"i screamed when he did. i threw my head back to the pillows and took a pillow in my hands squizzing it tight

"my name baby” he whispered and as the air hit my clit my whole body twitched and i felt my second orgasm built up. again everything around me became a blurr and the only thing that mattered was Liam touching me and my orgasm took over me and i came hard screaming his name and “fuck"s and "oh my god"s 

when i came down he gave my clit a last kiss making a small moan escape my lips and he then came back up kissing me roughly

"suck” he said putting his three fingers in my mouth and i eagerly did tasting my own wetness

he hummed when i released each one of his fingers with a “pop" 

he then kissed me sweetly and left to turn the stereo off

"this was fun” i said when he came back

“thats why were sure to do this again” he winked at me and i laughed cuddling next to him