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Hey, sorry for bothering you but I had a question regarding fan letters. When you write to them, do we do it hangul or can we write in english? I know for Namjoon it could be either, but idk about the other members. Sorry if this is a dumb question :/

i think it could be either. i read somewhere that the boys do know how to read in English more than they can speak it. but im not sure about this, sorry i couldnt be of much help :(

it doesnt hurt me you see i planned the end everytime i left you, i kissed other boys and it made me feel alive. maybe you were trying to convince yourself that you wanted to use me but you couldnt because you didnt. but maybe i was using you all along. im not a liar but im really good at making you question yourself. so keep thinking im some whore and that i wasnt special but you will still feel me in your bones and im the first whore keep remembering that. im not a whore i just love being what people dont expect me to be. sorry that i loved myself more than you ever could.
—  taste of your own medicine

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hi! i am really sorry if you already have answered this question, but i tried to look for it in the tags and i couldnt find it. what will you say is the most important to look for in a book? is it the characters, or how they describe a setting? im just really curious about your thoughts

I think it depends completely on the reader. There are no objective qualifications for what makes a book ‘good.’ Whether a book is ‘good’ will depend on your individual taste. Some people prefer plot over character. Some are the opposite. Some don’t give a damn about either and just want a book that’s going to make them laugh. Some hate moral ambiguity and some (like me) revel in it. The reason you’ve never seen me talk about what’s “important to look for in a book” is that what’s important to me might not necessarily be important to anyone else. All art is subjective.

But if you’re asking about what I personally look for in a book, or what I think makes a book good, here are my basic criteria:

  1. It’s well-written. There are a lot of factors that contribute to what makes a book ‘well-written’ but that’s a whole different post. Is the prose good? Mechanically speaking, does the story work? That’s what I’m talking about here.
  2. It’s believable. This doesn’t mean it has to be realistic fiction. You can write a story that takes place on the moon in 1914 if that’s what you want but you still have to convince me that everything that happens makes sense for a story taking place on the moon in 1914. 
  3. The characters are compelling. Read: Just like real people, the characters are not perfect. They’re human. And in spite of all their human flaws, they are still people I want to read about. Note: This does not mean they have to be ‘likable.’ 
  4. There’s enough plot to keep me reading. I love me some literary fiction but if nothing actually happens for 200 pages, I’m going to get bored. I want to see a narrative. I don’t need to know where this thing is going but I need to know it’s going somewhere. If there’s nothing to keep me from closing the book and walking away, I will do exactly that.
  5. It’s amoral. Not immoral. Amoral. Stories where bad always loses and good always wins are for children. As soon as you bring me into a world that is clear-cut enough to have good guys and bad guys you’ve lost my interest. I want to see the ugly, messy, and often unpalatable reality, because that requires much more artistic fortitude than telling fairy tales. (Not to mention, it’s much more interesting.)

That’s about the sum of it.