i couldnt think of more so

hi @ people in my inbox talking about felix and dan’s statement of intent to speak with him on his recent fuckups. i agree with everything yall are saying about dan’s questionable motivations behind such a conversation and the possibility of him just trying to avert backlash and save their own asses for publicly hanging out with someone that most people agree is ignorant, harmful, and racist. i don’t disagree with any of you, but i also am so tired of always drawing attention to this issue on my blog (just search felix or pewdiepie if u want a full history of posts on the topic). i fully expected dnp would continue at least publicly being cordial with pdp/marzia and the rest of their crew. honestly even an oblique statement from dan in a quiet live show setting about felix’s comments was more than i expected, so in the moment of hearing that i chose to receive it with pleasant surprise. i’d love to say more and answer all your asks with the appropriate level of anger but im just .. tired and largely unsurprised. dnp were never going to publicly lead some kind of crusade against felix, theyre much too entangled with him professionally and even personally. if yall are more angry about it than i am, if it hurts you or makes you uncomfortable, it’s totally understandable to me and i hope you find appropriate venues to voice your feelings (sorry my blog couldnt fully be that today). pls dont think im out here forgiving felix for anything or feeling really happy about dnp hanging with him bc .. like obvi not. but whatevs, didnt even expect this much so i’ll take it, and for today i’ll choose to focus on the things i enjoyed about dan’s ls instead, for the sake of my own sanity and mental wellbeing lol. im sending lots of love and solidarity to anyone feeling hurt or angry <3 you do a world of good by expressing yourselves and being vocal and passionate on behalf of oppressed people and i love you all a lot 


Cheritz hardcore testing my devotion for this route

I think I have finally defeated this enemy of my life

I have finally cut off its hand that still held me

I have finally shed its embrace that surrounded me

I have finally burst through its shadow that kept me from growing

I no longer crave it

I no longer need it

I no longer want it

I no longer have it

I can finally sleep soundly again.

sooooo i found out that in the original version of A Link to the Past, Link has pink hair??? 

also my gf said that link is a nonbinary icon so thats just true

ocean gem

[160829 ISAC] Jikook Masterpost

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( /임별 소애플)- HD

 ( poco a poco. a Jimin)-HD

  ( The Chemistry )-HD         

(Hyde Roy)-HD


♛ “Jikook sitting beside each other” ♛

♛ “Jikook being playful” ♛

♛ Squishy fluffy Jikook ♛

(look at how their arrows crossed lol)

I want to know what she thinks we’re going to do with her.

Because I’m going to do something worse.

sketch that i worked on more than i thought? i saw this and i just lloved it wow

ill probably be doing more screencaps because im just,, not motivated recently

so i wanna talk about the scene where cheryl was telling polly the twins she’s carrying couldnt protect her in this episode. okay so cheryl was starting to cry while twisting pollys wrist and that confirmed what i was thinking

cheryl IS trying to protect polly, but her parents and the blossom family fucked cheryl up so badly that cheryl’s only way she thinks she can do this and deter polly from getting into more trouble would be to scare her 

BECAUSE thats what her parents did to her

physical abuse and fear tactics kept cheryl in line…… that’s obvious

and cheryl does only a little bit of that in hopes polly will understand and stop like my heart really does go out to cheryl this is really fucked up

Klance Valentine Headcanon

• Lance playing it cool but actually internally screaming because he doesn’t know what to get Keith

• Keith actually screaming because what would Lance like???

• Pining Keith

• When Lance passes by Keith he’d make a pickup line and Keith is just a sputtering mess he needs to hold onto the wall or bumps into it and falls back

• Lance loves this stupid dork so much his heart hearts

• Pining Lance

• Keith asks Hunk to help make a big chocolate heart

• Lance asking Hunk on making a chocolate heart cake

• They both try to make it lowkey

• Keith going up to Hunk asking him if the *thing* is ready and Lance coming in and just..

• “Oh! Lance.. What’re you doing here…”

• “Um.. Just came to get something from the fridge..”

• “Well you’re gonna have to come later you can’t open the fridge”

• “Are you hiding something in the fridge?”

• “NO! Are YOU????”

• “ nO!!”

• they’re painfully awkward they can’t even fight

• Hunk just can’t with them

• Keith’s heart doesn’t come out the way he wants it too and is kind of deformed

• Lance accidentally put too much yeast

• They both give it to each other

• They find it the most glorious thing in the universe and treasure it

• Hunk finds it ridiculous but cute too

• They enjoy v-day together ((:

i was actually planning more for this but i got impatient, decided to try out some colors and suddenly here we are. (twitter)

solid proof that breath of the wild takes place in the adult timeline

ya know we got some stuff like “great sea salt is an item” or “koroks and rito are a thing” but that evidence is weak so here I’ve got the real deal

In spirit tracks we met the Anouki, Noko, who says this

(screenshots from AwesomeFaceProd)

Oh man this guy likes bananas where else have we heard this?

oh shit it’s the yiga clan

What we can conclude from this is that Noko ended up founding the yiga clan. There’s more evidence in his appearance.

if you squint really hard and if you pretend that color doesn’t exist you can sort of barely see that Noko and this yiga clan footsoldier almost might look similar

Spirit Tracks takes place in the adult timeline so obviously since Noko goes on to form the yiga clan BotW must be in this timeline

You can’t deny this solid proof. Eat my ass matpat

plant pathology is so wild bc like all the names for the most common plant diseases were invented in like medieval ages and just got kept so sometimes a disease is called like “southern leaf wilt” or something normal and then sometimes u get like “rot of wheat” like come quickly bartholemew, the rot of wheat has tainted this year’s crops once more………it is as the oracle said in the august time that the winter be long and hard for the land……………go fetch the priest for the blessings