i couldnt think of anything for n ok

ok but……how could jackson get to mark n yj’s dorm looking for mark, leave to the pool when he found out mark wasnt home, and get back to his dorm all in the span of only an hour? and…..jinyoung said he saw jackson at the pool AND he found the body at 8:00……so that means either jinyoung had arrived earlier, killed mark, turned off the lights, hid somewhere (jacks said he couldnt see anything), waited for jacks to come in not see anything and leave (if jacks got to the pool and didnt see anything, where would mark be then?) , pretended to run into jackson at the pool (acting major!!!), and then went back inside to report that mark was dead….OR jacks got to the pool around the time of his last text (7:33), killed mark, turned off the lights, sprinted past jinyoung coming in (”i saw him briefly”), and got back to his dorm at 8