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Astro’s reaction to you being a decent dancer

A/N~ I altered the idea a bit, I hope that’s ok :)

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“I’ll be back in like.. 10 minutes. Don’t break anything.” He says before blowing you a kiss across the dance studio. You nod your head and wait till he closes the door to the dance studio, pretending to be preoccupied by your phone. Once he left you, you instantly jumped up and put on his special Jordan’s that were at least five sizes bigger than your actual foot size. You ran over to the stereo in the corner of the room and turned on Jinwoo’s song, Clap Clap. He had showed you the moves to the song earlier as a joke but you actually remembered quite a few steps and were able to recreate it quite well. Towards the end of the song, you heard slow claps from behind you and saw Jinwoo leaning against the wall, side smiling at you and clapping.

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