i couldnt stop squeeing

Kylo Ren Imagine 6: Babies.



-Imagine the first time you and Kylo get a chance to talk about the future. You blush as he explains the lavish life you will live, how the people of the galaxy will worship you as a goddess, his Queen, ruling with him over the new order and peace.

-Imagine the idea, somehow, comes to one of you that a child could be part of all of that. Kylo is silent for a while, not saying or looking at anything in particular, a blank look on his face. When he returns from his thoughts, he kneels before you, lifts your shirt to expose your stomach, and kisses all of the skin before him as though kissing the child that could one day be.

-Imagine Kylo worried one day, that he wouldn’t be a good enough father. Imagine his fear that he couldn’t do enough to prove himself, and losing his child to his own actions. He knows Snoke is using him, and it’s only a matter of time until he becomes obsolete to Snoke’s plans, but he will not falter, nor will he fail, especially not for you or his future child.

-Imagine Kylo wondering with you if the child will have the Force. You both are powerful in it, it’s almost assured. And both of you have great roles to play, you’re certain a child of people like you would be no different. He wonders if maybe for some reason the child wouldn’t, yet you both would love them all the same.

-Imagine Kylo grinning after another success, more of his enemies wiped out. He asks if you wished to practice for that child with a smirk. You roll your eyes at him.

-Imagine Kylo and you laying in bed, you’ve almost fallen asleep as he runs his fingers through your hair, when a vision of him smiling, face falling suddenly and dropping to his knees as he pretends to be stabbed and die by a stick to the side, held there by a giggling child. Another child runs up and tackles his back, grabbing hair and clothing as suddenly the dead Kylo becomes some form of monster claiming to be capable of tickling them to death. Laughter rings in your ears before it all goes away, as though it never happened.

-Imagine telling Kylo, showing him the memory of the vision and both of you sitting in awe. Neither one of you reminds the other that it could be the future.

-Imagine one day realising that there was indeed a disturbance in the Force, small, insignificant, easily snuffed out, but there. Two of them. You focus for a moment and smile when you realise that they are coming from you.

-Imagine keeping it a secret, waiting for Kylo to pull his head out of his arse and use his senses. It takes longer than expected. You have to physically sit him down, make him meditate, and place his hand on your stomach before he senses the life. If you try hard enough, meditate carefully, you can hear heartbeats. Three of them. Yours, and theirs.

-Imagine Kylo’s tears of joy, the kisses he places all over your body, especially your stomach. He remembers lullabies and songs from his childhood, and tries to sing them all at once.

-Imagine Kylo sticking by your side all the damn time, to protect you, but also because he’s selfish and he wants to make sure that the children can sense him too. They’re aware of their mother, the home in your womb, but not him, because he’s not physically a part of their world yet except for that they could feel his presence. He wants them to know he loves them more than he wants to conquer the galaxy.

-Imagine one day chasing Kylo with his own lightsaber, cursing him for putting these “DEVIL SPAWN! THEY ARE DEVIL SPAWN AND IT’S YOUR FAULT THEY’RE IN ME!”, threatening every Storm Trooper you see that if they don’t tell you where he escaped to, you will end there lives miserably and painfully, then you’d find their friends and- “He’s i-in the 3rd floor barracks, ma’am, please don’t kill me!” 

-Imagine no one faulting any Storm Troopers for siding with you.

-Imagine Phasma doting on you and generally bumbling around you trying to be a support structure but in general freaking out because all of her babies are literally her Storm Troopers and how does one even baby?

-Imagine Hux taking one look at you, smiling and raising his hands in a gesture of peace, and sprinting the fuck away. He heard what you did when you couldn’t get an apple the other day.

-Imagine mentally screeching for Kylo, for him to sprint to you ready for battle only to see you laughing in the mirror, because what the fuck this thing is pushing its hand out like it trying to wave to you and you can fucking see it and it’s so hilarious you had to show Kylo.

-Hux comes in afterwards, Phasma with him. He runs out, shaken as though he has literally seen devil spawn, you were right, those babies were monsters and they were yours and Kylo’s, the universe was going to die.

-Imagine Phasma confused and grossed out, touching your stomach at your command, yelping and just about jumping into Kylo’s arms when the baby on that side kicks at her hand. 

-A few days later, you threaten her to have Kylo forcibly remove her hand with his lightsaber if she doesn’t stop touching you.

-Imagine waddling around, bemoaning that you feel like a whale in size, poking the taught skin of your belly to get a reaction and snickering when you do. The babies have decided that they will be musicians, sportsmen, and fighters all at once, beating on your organs with fists, feet, and sometimes a rhythm. It was funnier when you put a grape on your belly when in bed with Kylo, and watched it bounce around. Kylo hurt a rib laughing.

-Imagine it suddenly being very quite. The babies are sleeping or something, and that is so weird. They’re more hyperactive than Phasma has been since finding out you were pregnant; picking you up to get you off your feet, racing for food or water or whatever you want, basically driving herself into the ground for you.

-Imagine waking up, the babies are still quiet, but you know why.

-Imagine Kylo’s reaction to you saying: “They’re quiet because they know it’s nearly time. They’re quiet because they’re nearly here.”

-Imagine his face when they really were there.