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5sos 4/4 blurbs


-Can u do a 5sos 4/4 where he finds out you’re extremely ticklish?

-A imagine where you and Mike are play video games

Authors Note: This was so fun to write, the 5sos boys are precious little beans. Anyways I hope you enjoy the blurbs and let me know if I should do more! ❤️

Warnings: none really


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You and Cal were currently just sat lounging around your living room watching the latest tv shows on Netflix.

“ Y/N….” Calum whined from below you, he was sprawled across your body.

“ yeah?” You say not taking your eyes away from the Tv.

“Im hungry..” He says nuzzling his face into your neck, making your heart race.

“ Do you want to make a cake?” I whisper stroking his fluffy hair. He removed his head from your neck and quickly nodded. You smile at his cuteness whilst getting up and head to the kitchen, with a sleepy Calum right behind you.

You pull down the basic cake ingredients eggs, flour, sugar and baking soda from the cupboard. Whilst Calum finds the bowl.

“ what kind of cake are we making?” He questions, handing you the bowl.

“ what kind of cake do you want?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Vanilla” he grins, coming towards you and hugging you from behind. Watching what you were doing over your shoulder. You were just about to pour the flour into the bowl, when suddenly Cal started to tickle your side. You squealed trying to get out of his grip. Then all of sudden you were standing in front of a flour covered Calum. His whole body was covered in it making you burst out laughing, Cal just glared at you playfully.

“Remind me to never tickle you ever again” he mutters to himself, trying to brush the flour out of his hair, you walk over to him and peck his nose.

“Can I bake the cake now?” you say quietly running your hand through his hair. He nods pulling you into another hug.


You and Luke had just arrived at the beach, it was a fantastic day. Blue sky and sunshine, you couldn’t of planned a better day to go to the local beach.

“You get the towels and i will get the bags” your boyfriend Luke tells you as he pulls the car into a parking space. You nod and get out the car. Finally reaching a spot that wasn’t crowded, you lay the towels down. Luke arriving a couple of minuets after you, carrying all of the bags that held sun cream and essentials.

“ Come in the sea with me” he begs, giving you puppy dog eyes, as he puts all of the stuff down.

You roll your eyes, you really didn’t want to but you could never say no to puppy dog eyes.

“Fine” you say in a dramatic way before taking your shorts and t shirt off, exposing your black bikini. Luke did the same with his t shirt and snap back. The all of a sudden you were thrown over his shoulder, with Luke running towards the ocean. You giggled whilst trying to squirm out of Luke’s grip.

“ Let me down!” you laugh.

“Fine” was all he replied before dumping you in the cool water, for a second you panicked but you surfaced a second later. You try to cough out the salty water, and glare at Luke at the same time.

“Are you okay?” Luke laughs helping you up. You just push him, luckily for you his balance wasn’t the greatest and he fell backwards into the water, making you double over laughing.

“its not funny” Luke smirked, with an evil glint in his eye. Then suddenly you realized he was chasing you, he eventually caught your waist and started to tickle you pulling you wards him. You started to giggle uncontrollably.

“ Somebody is ticklish I see” his grins, letting you go and pulling you further into the ocean.


“Why did i agree to this?” you breath out, struggling to climb the steep steps up the hill. Ashton had convinced you to come on one of his nature adventures. You didnt realize how much walking you had to do till you were half way up the “small hill” according to your boyfriend.

“ Because you love me.” Ash states drinking form his bottle of water. You put your hand out and he gave you the bottle which you gladly took and drank the remaining water.

“ Can we sit down for a couple of minuets?” you ask, whilst dumping your bag on the ground and settle yourself on a patch of grass. You took in the beautiful view, a view you would only see on Instagram or Tumblr. You pull your phone out and take a picture, you wanted to remember this moment. You sensed Ashton sit beside you.

“ Can you take a picture of me with the view in the background, so i can put it on Instagram?” he asks sweetly handing you his phone. You nod and tell him where to stand.

“ Little to the left…. No right… face that way… Perfect!” you instruct, before taking multiple pictures.

Ashton goes to take his phone back, but you pull it from his reach. Earning a confused look for Ash.

“ let me post a picture for you” you beg, smiling innocently.

“ No Y/N you will ruin my theme!” he says looking genuinely worried, you roll your eyes.

“ your such a baby” you say sitting back down, clicking on his Instagram.

“Y/n…. dont….” he says siting next to you again, trying to look over your shoulder, you move so that he couldnt. You quickly post one of the pictures you had just took and captioned it: Walking up a hill today :)

You giggle to yourself, then out of nowhere Ash was attacking you sides, tickling you whilst trying to grab his phone.

“stop…sto-…hhpp” you say in between shaky laughs, he eventually gives up and stops.You shoved his phone at him and grinned to yourself. he quickly checks you havent posted anything silly before looking up at you witha smile.

“ I didnt know you were ticklish Y/n” he smirks. Making you roll your eyes playfully, but end up smiling at him.


“ I bet I can beat you” you smirk at your boyfriend, who was currently playing Call Of Duty.

“ Y/n, ive been playing this game since it came out. I really doubt that you can beat me seen as though you have never played it in your life.” he smirks not taking his eyes off the Tv screen.

“Okay then, what harm would it do to let me have a go?” you ask crossing your arms, giving him an unimpressed look. He sighs but hands you the controller. Right, you were going to beat him just to prove a point.

16 kills later you placed the controller down on the coffee table turning to a gobsmacked Michael.

“How?When?How?” he stuttered out, turning to look at you.

“ You now know not to ever doubt my abilities, also…” you say, gesturing him to come closer, he moved. His face was an inch away from yours. “ never forget, that me,Y/n , has just beat your highest score” you grin, quickly pulling away. You get up to go make a drink, only to be pulled back on the sofa, Michael had some how got on top of you and was grinning. What made the moment even more cuter was the fact he was wearing a Pokemon onzie.

“You have to promise to not tell the guys about this” he pleaded.

“Sorry, no can do. Ive already told our group chat” I say innocently with a smile.

“Your going to pay for that Y/n” he says with a smirk before tickling your sides, making you squeal and squirm underneath him. This earned a grin off of Micheal before he stopped and placed his lips onto yours softly.