i couldnt stop looking at her


Hanakumamii Character Challenge

Day 3 A character who looks like you 
Sawakou Kuronuma | 黒沼 爽子 | Kimi Ni Todoke 


Listen, Noora Amalie Sætre. You’re a smart girl. You have to understand that every time you reject me I only want you more and more. So if you really want to get rid of me, just go on a date with me. Stop playing hard to get. Are you done now? No, one more thing… Fucking hell, you’re beautiful. 

I need you, Juggie

Word Count: 1443

Warnings: depression, cursing, alcohol (if that’s a warning haha)

A/N: this one shot was requested and I absolutely loved the idea! I hope you enjoy!

Request: Jughead is battling depression but won’t let his best friend know about it.

    Y/N had been Jugheads best friend for as long as he could remember, but he couldn’t put a finger on when he fell in love with her. Y/N had always been there for him, and at this point, it seemed like she was the only thing keeping him going. Ever since FP, Jugheads dad lost his job and his mom and sister left, Jughead had been depressed. It tore him apart not seeing his sister and mother everyday, and things only got worse when his dad took up drinking all day every day. It didn’t help that Jughead was constantly going through bullying, especially from the football team. Y/N was of course there to pick up the pieces anytime they happened to fall, and to Jughead, she was the glue that held those pieces in place. But lately, the pieces had been falling more and more at a time, but he refused to tell Y/N. She already worried about him enough, he didn’t want to be a burden. No matter how hard he tried to help it though, Y/N knew him too well, and was starting to notice.

    “Juggie!” Y/N yelled, running through the hall to catch up to him. He gave her a small smile, and she beamed back. Oh man, how Jughead loved that smile. He swore it was the light of his life. “Pops after school?” she asked, lightly bumping into him.

    “Isn’t that the plan every day?” he teased and she rolled her eyes.

    “Yeah but as of lately you’ve been kind of distant towards me and I just wanted to make sure.” she said, a hint of worry and a tinge of hurt in her voice. Jughead remained quiet, even though he wanted nothing more but to spill everything to her, to tell her everything that was breaking him slowly. “I haven’t done anything, have I?” she asked.

    “No, absolutely not!” Jughead exclaimed, turning towards her. “Y/N I-” Jughead bit his tongue, not quite ready to admit his feelings for Y/N in fear of losing her. “I’ve just been really tired, that’s all.” He lied. He watched as her face fell, and he knew she could tell he was lying.

    “Okay, well I guess I’ll meet you by your locker after school so we can walk to Pops together.” she said, trying to smile up at him. Jughead could see it was a forced smile, and he hated himself in that moment, because he knew she was upset and it was all his fault.

    “Sure thing.” he said, but it came out harsh. Y/N turned and walked down the hall, and Jughead just stood and watched.

                               • • •

     "Hey Juggie!“ Y/N beamed, walking up to Jugheads locker.

    "Hey,” he mumbled, throwing things into his backpack, and slamming his locker door shut.

    “You ready to go?” she asked tenderly, noticing he was in a mood. Jughead turned to walk towards the door.

    “I can’t go today, I’m sorry.” he called over his shoulder. Y/N felt anger bubble up from her stomach, and in that moment she had no control over what she said or did.

    “Of course you can’t!” she yelled, and people in the hall stared at her. Jughead turned around, and saw tears streaming down her face and her fists in balls. He had never seen her so angry before, so hurt. “First, you lie to me constantly, and now you’re just distancing yourself from me! Jughead, I am trying so damn hard to be there for you, but you make it so impossibly hard that it’s exhausting! What do you want me to do?” she practically begged. Jughead felt tears stinging his eyes, but he refused to show any emotion in front of the tens of kids staring at him.

    “I don’t care what you do Y/N, worry about yourself.” he spat harshly, turning and walking out of the doors. He could faintly hear her start to cry, and Archie calling his name, but soon all he heard was his heart beating in his ears. He could have sworn in that moment, he heard it break, and he hated himself even more for leaving her back there. No matter how badly he wanted to turn around, run into the school and hold her in his arms, kiss her and tell her he loved her, apologize and never leave her side again, his body wouldn’t let him. He forced himself to keep walking, leaving a trail of fallen pieces behind him, because he no longer had the glue to keep him together.

                              • • •

    It had been days since Jughead had last talked to Y/N, and it was slowly killing him. Jughead had snuck into his dads house every night the last couple of nights, and stolen some alcohol. He watched as his dad attempted to numb down the pain with alcohol, he decided he was going to try it too. Living with the pain that he hurt Y/N so badly, and that he lost the one person he truly loved was too much to bear, so he drowned himself in alcohol in the Twilight Drive In after hours.

    There he sat, a bottle of whiskey in hand and tears streaming down his face, he looked at the pictures on the wall. One of him and his sister from when they were little, and one of him and Y/N. He looked at the two girls, and smiled, but drank when he remembered they we’re both gone.


    “Jughead?” a small voice from the other side called. His voice caught in his throat when he realized it was Y/N.

    “Go away.” he called, trying to sound as sober and mean as he could. He heard her sigh from the other side.

    “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.” she said. “You weren’t at your house so I came here. What are you doing here so late Juggie? The Drive In is closed for the night.” she asked, but Jughead ignored her question, hoping if he stayed silent she’d go away.

    “Jughead please,” she sobbed, no longer able to hold back the tears. “I just want to help you. I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately but I’m worried, and I can’t sleep or eat or pay attention in any of my classes because all I can think about is you!” Jughead felt tears roll down his face as he listened to you beg for him. “You are my best friend, you are my most favourite person in this whole damn world! These past few days have been hell without you! I just want you to open up to me again Jughead, I just want you to let me in, to let me help you for fucks sake!” she yelled.

    Jughead opened the door and wrapped his arms around Y/N, and she held onto him for what felt like forever. Jughead forgot to close the door behind him though, and Y/N opened her teary eyes and pulled away from Jughead, pushing past him to see the room filled with alcohol bottles, a makeshift bed, and clothes littered all around.

    “Oh Juggie…” she mumbled, turning to face him. He dropped his head in embarrassment, and she cupped his cheek in her hand. “I’m sorry, I had no idea.” she whispered. Jughead looked up to meet her eyes, and in that moment he couldnt stop himself anymore. He leaned down and kissed Y/N, his hand flying to her face.

    “Don’t be sorry, none of this is your fault.” he whispered, eyes still closed and his forehead rested against hers. “I’m the one who should be sorry, I’ve been living here at the Drive In for awhile, ever since my mom and sister left. I’ve been feeling incredibly depressed and alone and I’ve been pushing you away… and it’s been slowly killing me. Y/N, I love you, you’re are no doubt the best thing to ever happen to me.” He opened his eyes and looked down at hers, to find her crying. She leaned up and kissed him this time, pouring all the love and passion she possibly could into it. When the kiss broke, she pulled him into a hug.

    “I love you too, Juggie. You will never be alone though, and I won’t ever leave you. I need you, Juggie.”

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A Suicide Meeting

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning : Suicidal tendencies

Bucky Barnes sat leaning against the railing of the bridge. The water underneath was violent tonight. His fingers woven through his long chestnut hair, eyes tightly shut - Bucky was in pain.

He wanted to end it all.
He wanted to end it tonight.
But he couldnt find it in him to do so.

He was mentally debating his chances, when he heard it.

It was soft at first, and then it grew louder, more clearer. Bucky opened his eyes slowly, his fingers leaving his hair as he glanced up.

It was dark, but he could make out a figure by the opposite railing. When his eyes finally adjust to the darkness, he saw her.

She was sobbing uncontrollably, her voice cracking with grief.

Bucky sat open mouthed, watching her, almost feeling her pain, on top of his own.

“No…no…NO!” She screamed, before hurling her cellphone into the water.

And the next thing her knew, she was climbing the railing, and he knew this was his cue. He groaned, before jumping up from his position and running towards her.

Just as her hands left the railing, Bucky grabbed her by her waist, almost missing her by inches. She screamed and fought him, as he struggled to pull her back to the bridge.

“Let go !!” She screaming, her hands attacking him.

“Stop it !” Bucky shot back, pulling in one swift movement, and throwing her onto the brigde.

Breathing heavily, he watched her lying on the wooden floor, crying. He crouched beside her, not knowing what to do.

When she finally started breathing normally again, she looked up at Bucky.

“Why did you save me ?” She asked in a whisper.

“I dont know” Bucky said, shaking his head, and looking away. “I just couldnt -”

Bucky stood up again, and helped her to her feet.

“Are you sure you wont try that again?” Bucky asked, narrowing his eyes at her.

“You can never be too sure of that” She said drily.

“Lets get out of here before you get anymore ideas” Bucky said, turning to walk back.

It was so dark, they werent actually able to see eachother clearly, so when Bucky started walking, he felt her walking very close to him, her hand almost touching his.

They walked silently for a while before they reached a more lighted area.

Bucky glanced at the girl, and saw that she was quite smaller than him. She wasnt one of most beautiful girls he had seen, but there was something about her that made his insides tickle.

“Y/N Y/L/N” The girl said slowly. “Thank you, for what you did”

Bucky snapped out of his thought, and nodded.
“Im -” he began.

“James Barnes” Y/N said, her eyes not leaving the road. “I know”

“Well, its not everyday that people recognize me that way - they prefer to call me the -”

“You dont have to say it”

Their eyes met.

“Thank you” Bucky murmured.

He saw a hint of a smile on her face.

“Are you hungry ? We can stop for a snack” Bucky asked, stopping in front of a small cafe.

“Im starving ” Y/N said, nodding.

They entered the cafe, and gave their orders.

“What was the reason ?” Bucky asked.

Y/N blushed, and covered her face with her hands.

“I was stupid” she said, shaking her head. “So so stupid”

“That goes without saying” Bucky agreed, earning a glare from her.

“I ran away from home, with this idiot - whom Im supposed to be marrying tomorrow - ” Y/N began.

“Oh - what happened ?” Bucky asked.

“Well, he took off with someone else, breaking up with me over a text - and not to mention taking all my money”
Y/N said shrugging.

Bucky laughed.

“Im sorry, but seriously -”

“I already admitted I was stupid” Y/N said, her shoulders drooping. “I cant go back home, James”

“Why not ?” Bucky asked.

“Because I ran away !! And stole money from my step-mom !” Y/N said, her eyes wide. “I cannot go back and be Cinderella again”

Bucky nodded.

A middle aged waitress served them their food, and then the table was quiet, except for the occasional clinging and clanging of  forks.

“Seriously, this is the best Ive felt in days” Y/N said, smiling. “Thank you -again”

Bucky smiled.

“Dont worry about it” He said.

They were walking again, slowly.

“So, where are you going now ?” Bucky asked.

Y/N shrugged.

“I dont know” She said. “I have a friend here in the city. Maybe stay with her for a few days, till I figure out what to do”

Bucky remained quiet for a while. Then mustering up some courage, he said, “You can come with me, if you want. I have an apartment, I live alone”

Y/N stared at Bucky with her mouth open.

“I mean, I can understand if you dont want to - but if you do want to - you can stay for as much as you like - ” He was nervous, and he didnt know if he did it right - beacause he had never done it before.

Y/N was about to cry again.

“Im sorry - I -” Bucky took a step back, staring at the girl in front of him.

“Thank you, James ! Thank you so much ! You did so much for me, and you hardly even know me !” Y/N cried.

“Well, ” Bucky shrugged, blushing. “It comes with some risks…”

“What risks ?”

“I could go ‘Winter Soldier’ anytime” Bucky said, “I could end up killing you in your sleep”

“Oh please” Y/N dismissed him with a wave of her hand. “Dont have much to lose anyway”

Bucky laughed.

“Dont be so bitter” he said, “You havent seen anything. Trust me when I say that”

“I trust you” Y/N said with a smile.

“Lets go then ” Bucky said, returning her smile.

“Hey, why were you on that bridge anyway?” Y/N asked, suddenly stopping.

Bucky gave her an embarrassed smile.

“For the same reason you were there” He said.

“How ironic”

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People, still thinking camren didnt happen coz apparently C sings about Michael... explain to me why camren stopped being all cutesy back then and Camila was sad and ignoring Lauren while at exact same time Lauren couldnt stop staring at her looking guilty af. And sad af indirects abt love at the same time? Please coz i wanna believe in what you believe and move on but their behavior doesnt make any sense friendship wise

look I made a meme. Has this been done already? Part of me says yes, but I couldn’t find one anywhere if it has…

Also huge shoutout to @majorfrustration who let me use some of her screencaps for this!

Brendan Gallagher - Number Eleven

anon request:  Brendan Gallagher. Where you meet him at the end of a game and you guys hit it off, something cute like that thankss!

This is the quickest ive ever updates two imagines!!

keep sending in your lovely requests:))

here is part two

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“y/n please” my best friend begged through the phone. her boyfriend bailed on her at then last minute and she decided to call me. where exactly does she want me to go you may be wondering. 

she wants me to go to a hockey game. i am the girl who considers shopping a sport so im not exactly cut out for the cold of the arena. 

“i dont know y/f/n, hockey isnt really my sport” i sighed into the phone. she made a loud huffing noise on the other side of the phone, i heard the sound of a door close. 

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your fave is problematic: lauren jauregui
  • such nice thighs
  • adorable little kid laugh )):))
  • sweet and caring
  • 5'4"
  • so smART
  • gets kinda shy sometimes
  • touches hair SO.MUCH
  • such a strong stand in her beliefs (!!! !!!!)
  • emerald green eyes that sometimes change tone
  • beautiful beautiful HANDS
  • has the power to look like an asshole
  • feminist 
Splinter’s Death, April Fault? And apparently Apritello is dead...What?

So apparently the death of Splinter is April’s fault….and Apriltello is dead….oh the people in this fandom….

Okay, since Im calmer, I can rant more appropriately.

Lets take in onto why April didnt save Splinter…shall we?

Remember back in the chompy episode they talked about the Aeon made April’s powers a little weak? ((I cant really remember what exactly was said.)) Well theres one of the reasons. 

Another reason is, she used up most of her levation during the Shredder fight.

Oh and after you just witnessed your Sensei getting gutted, then Im pretty sure you’d be paralyzed and shocked. After Splinter had fallen, April summoned enough of her last bit of powers to try to end Shredder once and for all. Hear me out, when you see someone die in front of you, something just snaps inside you making everything you do is beyond your bounds. Meaning when April blasted Shredder off the roof, she wasnt in her right mind. That or she didnt know she could even save Splinter, let alone shove Shredder off the roof. 

In the second part of the Finale, SPOILER ALERT!

She stopped Donnie from falling probably to his death since he was gonna land on his head, when he was on his feet, he told April he needed to get back up there. She told him she couldnt levitate him. Which makes me think she has limitation to these powers of hers.

Shes not an all magical goddess who can save people just whenever. She’s also still young, the death of splinter shocked her, she tried to save him by warning him, but sadly that wasnt enough. I mean look at these faces!

 These two were witnesses to this

Now of course she’s not gonna think “Oh let me use my unlimited use of powers to levitate this heavy pound rat to saftey” Plus even if she did, she wouldnt of saved him from death. Look how deep those blade are?

Those blades come out of his back!! They went into his stomach and out of his back. I may not be a doctor but Im pretty sure that would kill anyone. 

Not only the stabbing, but Shredder holds Splinter high, making the blades go deeper into the body. Making the wound worse.

Then theres the fall.

That fall was in slow motion for us audience so we could grasp what was happening. But in reality, it was in a blink of an eye moment. There was nothing April nor anyone could of done. Knowing April, she would of used up so much of her powers to save Splinter. But with those wounds, and the impact a fall can have, he was already dead. That fall from a building that high would of killed him during his falling Im sure. ((Dont quote me on that))

Now lets talk about April’s sudden powers when she puts down shredder.

Right here is where I think she’s gathering all of her powers that she can, her eyes becoming murderous in the process, 

You can see it in her eyes, shes going to take this guy down, shes gonna avenge her sensei, shes gonna make him feel pain and die for what he’s done. You see that murderous look as I pointed out above.

This is probably her last bit of power she has in her before she collapses from using up so much of her powers already.

And dont forget again, the crystal weakened her. So this might be at her most powerful? Maybe. I could be wrong.

With Casey’s help she, they achieved something, at that time. They  avenged Splinter, their teacher, so they thought.

Lets talk about the wound.

Yes, Leonardo’s hand is soaked with blood. It this was on another network, this would be the gory. Im glad this show doesnt show much blood cause I wouldnt be able to stomach it. But Splinter’s top half of his robe would be covered in blood. Mikey probably would have some on him 

As the picture says, notice how Mikey is positioned, he isnt on top of Splinter like he was back in season three, hes holding his father’s hand and laying his head on it, it could be that theres so much blood he doesnt wanna get closer to it. That or, something else I cant really theorize it properly. 

What Im trying to say is, blood. LOTS of it.

Donnie and Leo would at least be sitting in the pool of blood of their fathers, meaning levitation or not, he would of died from the amount of blood. And the impact of that fall.

I do close this subject with this… APRIL IS AND WILL NEVER BE AT FAULT FOR OUR PASSING SENSEI. So whoever started this frenzy need to just really speculate before just blaming.


So is this why April is being blamed? Cause she’s apart of a ship that some dislike? If so, thats obserd! This person who started this was obviously a Capril shipper.

Because gosh forbid, one cant comfort another and not be tied into stupid romance.

Is this why Apriltello is dead? Cause he comforted her? I mean, I dont care either way, Capril is adorable and I do like them, Like all ships. I honestly dont care. What Im getting at is its pretty immature that you try and rub this in Apriltellos face claming that ship is dead.

Apriltello will never die, as long as it has shippers, it wont ever die, just like the ship Capril. That ship wont die cause it too has fans. Do I ever claim that its dead, hell no, cause that would be incredibly rude to the Capril shippers, like its rude to Apriltello shippers.

Most of dont like Caprils cause fans like the ones who are immature ruins it, well atleast that goes for me, I dont mean to speak for all. Its just….incredibly offensive is all.

Ships never die. Canon or Fanon, EVERY ship will live on. Cool it with the immatury, it makes you look like spoiler kid. 

I know im gonna get a lot of flack from this, but this needed to be said before this crap grew worse and more irritating.

If you wanna discuss you can 


Be mature, please, I dont babysit. Also feel free to add onto this. But be respectful to one another. I dont condone with jerks.

so.. i went to dollar tree today to get a drink and see my old manager and this older man was walking up to the door as well, and he had to have been in his 70s or 80s, and since im younger i got to the door first and he starts going ‘no! no! youre a woman!’ once he got closer im like alright whateves so he gets closer and looks me up and down like im a piece of meat and hes like 'mhmmmm youre a woman’ and im not wearing anything to show anybody part off. i have on plaid and jeans with some boots. nothing sexy. and so i hold the door open for him and he walks in.
so i get in after holding the door for a few other people to go out and i find out he looked at a female worker the same way and told her 'mmm you got a nice backside’ and to which she replied 'yes and im happily married’ and he goes 'so am i but thats not gonna stop me’ and he chuckles and so she told my old manager and he ended up doing it to yet ANOTHER female worker. my old manager literally had to keep an eye on him and when we walked to the back, i was looking for a certain candy and she went to go look for it, she couldnt find it so we headed back to the registers and we happened to pass by the man and he looks at us and goes 'hello hello hello’ in a smug gross way and my manager just smiled, because its her job, and when we got to the front of the store to check me out she goes 'what an old pervert. if i could i would handle this very different and have him taken away by the proper authorities.’
all in all, no matter what age you are, catcalling is disgusting. no girl wants it. we are NOT a piece of meat for you to size up. and also, just because someone has fat sacks on their chest does NOT mean we go by the social standards.


honestly these polaroids are iconic:

  • comet drawing devil horns + a tail on mao in every pic
  • apricot’s little blush
  • comet’s tiny teardrop bc he’s always looking sad
  • mao’s hearts between apricot & comet + comet scribbling them out + mao re-drawing them + comet crossing them out again + comet writing “MAO STOP” + mao trying to erase comet’s message but it’s in permanent marker lmao
  • comet writing mao sucks in retaliation + mao crossing it out and writing comet’s name instead + comet accepting defeat
  • apricot’s artwork + the fact she signs her name with a literal apricot

Carl Grimes Imagine requested by anon:

Hi! Loved your last imagine. So I want to to write another Carl Grimes imagine. Can you do a fluffy, that’s not too short, but not too long either about where you and Carl are in the middle of a really steamy scene in the laundry room, when Carol, by accident, interrupts you and can’t keep her mouth shut so she tells Rick? I would really love that!!

Gifs: Not mine

Warnings: Fluff (and very mild smut)

Words: 1113

A/N: I’ll imagine it taking place in Alexandria before Carl lost his eye, and eveyone’s just a little bit happier than in the actual show!


You were throwing all the dark clothes into the dryer when you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist and a head rest on your shoulder and a smile appeared on your face.

“What are you doin’?” Carl asked and you let out a small laugh.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” You asked sarcastically as you closed the door to the dryer.

“Drying clothes,” he said.

“Wow,” you said and turned around wrapping your arms around his neck, looking him in the eyes. “How did you guess that,” he smiled and put his forehead on yours and your smile grew bigger.

Words couldn’t describe how happy Carl made you in these dark times. It made the whole situation better, that even in such a bad place love could still be found. He made you forget what was going on on the other side of the walls surrounding Alexandria.

You couldn’t help but feel lucky. Thinking back to the time they saved you from Woodbury. It took some time before you actually dare to even talk to Carl. But once you did, you hit it off. Sadly, when then the Governour invaded the prison, you were seperated from the group, but you found Carol pretty much right after it happened and she kept you safe.

“So,” he said and his hands slowly went down your waist and stopped at the bottom of your shirt. “What shall we do now?” You laughed as your head fell backwards.

“Is this really the time? Your dad’s in the house,” you said enjoying his fingers slowly stroking the skin under your shirt.

“Makes it more exciting.”

“Never figured you for being that type,” you smiled at him.

“Is that a yes?” He asked starting to put his hands further up your shirt. You didn’t stop him. You closed your eyes as Carl started kissing you in a way you could tell he was lusting for you. He pressed his body against yours as he unhooked your bra under your shirt.

Reaching for his belt, you could feel his bulge against you. Quickly, you removed the belt from his pants, and that was the second you realized how much you really wanted this.

Your hands were about to pull down his pants when the door behind him bursted open. “Hey, y/n are the-” The kiss between Carl and you broke within a second. You both stood staring at Carol standing in the doorway.

Her lips were pressed together trying not to smile. “Okay, I’ll just leave!” She said joyfully as she slowly closed the door behind her.

“Oh my god!” Your hands flew up to your face to hide your embarrassment. You felt your hot skin against the palm of your hands. I heard Carl laugh. “Why are you laughing, Carl?” You asked frustrated taking your hands away from your face and turned towards him.

“Calm down,” he said and stepped in front of you. There you stood. You with your bra unhooked and Carl with his pants open.

“Can you hook my bra?” You asked and turned around. Taking yout hair over your shoulder, you felt his hands go under your shirt and hooking your bra again. You turned to look at him again.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed!” He said holding your hands smiling at you.

“Carol almost caught us having sex! We’re eating dinner with her tonight. What if she tells Rick or Michonne or anyone else?”

“You have to control your nerves and stop worrying!” He said pullung you in for a tight hug.

“You horny son of a bitch,” you laughed as you could still feel his bulge. He started yo laugh along, understanding what you were talking about.


Rick and Michone was having small talk by the dinner table while everyone else sat in complete at utter silence. You filled your plate with food and started to eat it. Your mind was running wild only thinking about if they knew what took place earlier that day.

“So,” Michonne said and raised her voice. “What did you do today Rick?” She asked him.

“Well, I made sure the walls were well protected,” Rick said. The second the last word left his mouth Carl dropped his fork and the sound of it hitting his plate echoed throughout the room and you stopped chewing my food. You dared not look up from you plate.

You could hear soft chuckling in the background. “It’s important to stay protected,” Michonne said. Your eyes closed. This couldnt get any more awkward. 

“We need to make sure,”Rick said. “That we’re always protected. From the desease.”

“And to make sure we don’t get another Judith,” Daryl said, straight out, putting an end to all the badly hidden hints. You took a quick glance at Carl and could see that his face was also red like a tomato. Once again, your hand was again over your face.

“Since the world went straigh to hell, you never got to learn about the birds and the bees… And their consequences,” Rick said.

You put your hands on your cheeks and looked at Carl. He wasn’t looking at Rick. “I can’t believe this is happening!” Carl sighed and rubbed his eyes.

You looked at Carol who seemed to be enjoying her time sitting at the end of the table. She looked up at you and made eye contact.

“I’m full,” you said and took your napkin off your lap and put it beside your plate still full of food. You pushed the chair out and stared exiting the diningroom. When you had reached the bottom of the stairs you heard Carl speak.

“I’m full as well!” He said. His footsteps came closer, and not long after he stood right behing you. He whispered a sorry as you started to walk up the stairs.

“Remember protection!” You heard Michonne yell after you. You stopped in your tracks and turned around letting your head fall on Carl’s shoulder hiding your embarrassment.


A/N: Here you go, anon. Not too short, nor too long. Hope you like it, and thanks by the way. I’m glad you liked my imagine. By the way, happy to take requests. (Please come with requests.) http://imagine-multifandom.tumblr.com/ask


Prompt: Day 2 - Insecurity

Canon. Post 699. The blank period. SFW. Pretty fluffy (a rarity in my writing).

Tumblr: Static-nights

Notes: Things weren’t as they were before, that much was obvious. 

Since returning to Konoha, Sakura had acted peculiarly around him. It was flustered and awkward, and with one too many nervous smiles and jokes that were not funny. 

But this, this was the peak. 

Sasuke glanced around her and saw no one - no Naruto controlling her through some bizarre jutsu, no Ino whom may have pushed her into alcohol in the early afternoon - just Sakura, bowed deeply in the doorway of his temporary apartment.

“What are you doing?” He asked, unable to keep the confusion from his tone. The boy watched as she sighed beneath her breath from her bowed position, before gritting her teeth momentarily, and repeating:

“My name is Haruno Sakura, nice to meet you,” 

“Have you been concussed?” He asked, narrowing his eyes in scrutiny.

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