i couldnt stop laughing while making this

For the dear @nekojitachan​ ‘s Black As is the Raven, He’ll Get a Partner in which Ichirou can’t stop fondling dear Neil awkwardly while people are still in the room 

i kid but honestly i cant stop laughing ichirou pls your flirting is making everyone Uncomfortable

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Oh jeez requests are open!!!! Ily mum u r da best mum!!! Could I request rfa reacting to an mc who's a klutz plz? Like constantly tripping/falling/walking into things/falls off chairs etc etc (lolol TOTALLY not a self insert pshhhfff idk what you're talking about) (u don't have to do this if u don't wanna!!!)

i am the most klutzy idiot so lets dive right in


  • even though you trip over something like 5 times an hour, he still flips his shit every time
  • he’d grab your arm and get super concerned
  • “MC!!! are you okay???”
  • “uh, yea, i’m fine! just gotta brush it off haha”
  • his hands hover over you for a second before going back to walking normally
  • “alright…are you sure?”
  • “yes, yes, im sure-”
  • this is when you trip for a second time curse this uneven sidewalk
  • and Yoosung does the same ridiculously protective thing where he puts his hands out to catch you, even though you know full well how to stop yourself from falling down after years of being clumsy
  • he really wishes he could wrap you up in bubble wrap
  • and Yoosung is pretty clumsy himself
  • sometimes while he’s cooking his spoon will just fall on the ground and he’s just kind of like “well there goes that”
  • you love to cook together but theres also a very high chance that most of the food will end up on the ground
  • my clumsy OTP


  • your clumsiness is a big source of stress for him
  • every time you  fall off of a chair, or almost fall flat on your face in public he has a tiny heart attack
  • once you two were on a jog in the park and you fell and scabbed your knee and Zen really almost took you to the hospital
  • it takes him awhile to learn that clumsy people are actually tough as shit, yknow from years of being beat up by the ground
  • “Zen, i swear im alright”
  • “are you sure? do you need me to carry you?”
  • “no”
  • sometimes Zen will ask you to help him practice a dance number with him
  • big mistake 
  • you have two left feel and he daces with the grace of a swan
  • its a terrible idea, but Zen loves dancing with you nonetheless
  • he thinks its kind of cute, and since you’re dancing together he can easily grab you if he sees you falling
  • this way u can fall all over the place without it stressing him out too much


  • she essentially becomes the most prepared person on the planet
  • she starts carrying around a full-blown first aid kit in her purse
  • she’s got band aids of all shapes and sizes, medical tape, gauze, alcohol rubs
  • instead of worrying about catching you as youre falling, she just worries about patching you up afterwards
  • at first she tried to stop it while it was happening
  • but Jaehee quickly learned that you’re a lost cause and there is no way humanly possible to stop you from falling over
  • also, Jaehee doesnt let you bring coffee to customers anymore
  • lets just say you’ve broken multiple mugs and pissed of one or two costumers
  • so you make the coffee and she carries it out
  • she knows from experience that usually your klutzy episodes wont end in a serious injury, so she just lets you live your life and keeps band aids on hand


  • you’ll never forget the first time you were eating dinner with Jumin and you slipped out of your chair
  • he was at your side so fast, holding your hands
  • you were laughing at yourself, and when you looked up and saw how concerned he looked, you laughed even harder
  • “are you alright? how are you feeling? do i need to call an ambulance?”
  • you were laughing so hard you couldnt even answer him, but for some reason he was still convinced that you were seriously hurt
  • he takes out his phone with one hand while still holding yours with the other, and you started pulling on him to try and stop him
  • “im…fine…”
  • “theres no way you’re fine. it sounded like something broke”
  • everything that comes out of his mouth makes you laugh even harder
  • you wipe some tears away from your face and pull Jumin to the ground
  • “this happens all the time, i promise im alright”
  • ever since then Jumin still whips his phone out until you tell him you’re okay
  • now he’s used to it, but he cant help but ask how youre feeling every time something happens
  • he just has to


  • the first time something happened he couldnt stop laughing
  • the second time something happened he couldnt stop laughing
  • it gets him every time
  • “hey, why dont you sit on the floor during lunch today? it will be much safer for you”
  • “woah, watch out for those poles! they move pretty fast”
  • “what happened there? the ground whispered to you and you had to get closer to hear it?!”
  • the one time he trips over something you go HAM on his ass
  • you dont let him live it down for the rest of his life
  • one time he actually wrapped you in bubble wrap
  • like you were sitting at the computer and he sneak attacked you and essentially tied you to the chair with a wide layer of bubble wrap
  • he thought it was a good idea but since you couldnt use your arms he had to wait on you hand and foot
  • it was a terrible day for him but a great day for you
  • “i swear from now of im just gonna let you fall over…”
  • “thats all i ask”

thanks for reading!!!!!!!!! pls show me sum love if u liked it :3

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That moment when Dan was showing the items that the top fans "won"... When he was reaching so far left that their arms were completely entangled... Why am i so emotional about two men making body contact

this is so incredibly relatable, topped only by the way that dan couldnt stop smiling and giggling when phil was putting the various objects in his hands while he had his eyes closed :( like why did they have so much fun playing the most stupid ‘game’ of all time :( why do they turn every mediocre interaction into full on flirting and laughing how do they have so much fun together i will never understand 

BurntPasta Live Stream - Part 2

Paps: Nyeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh!! *powering up*
Undyne and Mettaton: …. :O
Undyne: MTT!! … What does the scouter say about his power level??
MTT: …. *takes off scouter* ….. BZZZZZZZTTTTTT!!! *BOOOOOM*
Undyne: …. OxO;;
Sans: … *Is Frieza* … :D *shrug*

I have no idea how the stream ended up here, but this was a blast! xD We all couldnt stop laughing while making this silly work of art.
Thanks to @super-aids1​ and @inuthekitsune  for hanging out and giving ideas! 

i started making this while on a skype call at about 4 in the morning last night and i couldnt stop laughing which is pretty incredible because its astoundingly not funny


Hey guys i honestly want to ask you to do something if you are on a stop on the youre welcome tour.

Today at the heinz hall youre welcome tour stop there was a scary/ cringey expirence.

When they do a q/a the general consensus is amy and catherine come DOWN to the AUDIENCE and find people to ask question. During this you are the center of attention and the audience and the boys, its a lovely moment. Markiplier made it clear they couldnt take gifts, you couldnt come up to hug them. This obviously for security reasons.

A man even had a cute tiny box tim you could tell he wanted to give as a gift but just changed it saying “ me and tiny box tim wanted to ask you a question”. It was going good everyone was having fun.

After being told she was the last question this woman however decided to put herself above other people and go “ well i guess she said i could come up closer” which i highly doubt considering other goers where polite and didnt step a foot foward and resisted breaking any rules while she was impolite.

She then started walking UP to the stage slowly in strides. Mind you she is wearing a black hoodie and she had a bag on her side.

I bet she wouldve actually walked on stage if (i think) the secruity or boys wouldnt have stopped her.

During this time i think it was quiter than ive ever heard it be that hour (which if youve been to the show you know thats shocking) besides people whispering to themselves and as i saw some people duck and just start to get worried.

While doing this she was saying things such as

“ i work the graveyard shift from 10 pm to 7 am and i did it for 3 years”

And “ i come home and i cant sleep because EVERYONE else is getting there coffee and getting ready for there job”

Repeating this in a hush tone about 10-20 times while walking up to the stage.

The boys quickly as she got closer to the stage and leaned against it hid behind the couch and wade and tyler i believe were cuddling each other acting terrified. i could honestly see they were slightly scared but didnt want to make it a scene and tries to play it off as a joke getting a laugh from the audience. ( as seen in the pic she is circled thats how fucking creepily close she got) while amy and catherine were literally together shocked both of them couldnt stop her because she randomly decided she could walk down. Even dan ( i believe that was his name again sorry) the dj was watching in non belief she actually did this. ( as seen in the pic)

This ended quickly however with her being hurried and her ending her rambling while still leaning on the stage she said “ and your videos help me sleep during that time”

One of the guys joked around saying

“ that had a happier ending than i thought”

And markiplier quickly walking up behind the couch the grab the mic and she walked back after giving one more creepy ass glare.

As she walked back she left the markiplier sign and one of the guys( i believe it was ethan) grabbed it and tried to get her attention because theyre all sweeties. Markiplier tapped his shoulder and told him to forget about it because he didnt want her back up there before he was even able to get her attention.

We all know the events that have been going on around the world and how terrifying it can be to be consolidated in a room with hundreds of people we dont know, minimum ( literally just had a metal wand to wave over we were the last to enter being slightly late but it was honestly sloppy) can be, i’m not the one to exaggerate a moment, especially when its just a nice youtubers tour with his friends. I thought it was a joke and they planted her because i just couldnt believe it but as i looked around i could tell the audience goers, and amy and catherine , and the guys reacted, i honestly dont think it was a joke. when i tell you you couldnt have sliced that tension with a work saw, it was fucking intense.

So please.


Respect the boys when they say you

cant fucking do that shit.

There are rules for a reason and it is not okay to just do what you want to do because you watch them on the internet.

They are not charecters they play they are actual people who want to be protected.

Idk if the lady will see this but it was honestly creepy and not okay.

(Excuse me for any spelling errors literally 1 am as i type this out)


the office aesthetics →  dwight schrute

i am faster than eighty percent of all snakes. 

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evak + bad jokes (hope this cheers you up my love ❤️)

thank u sm bub ❤️

⚫️ even loves annoying isak with his terrible egg jokes when he is making breakfast
      ⚪️ when isak says something moody to even (bc its a saturday morning and even woke him up extra early for breakfast and hes hella tired from last night wink wink) even says “omelette that slide” and isak just groans and stuffs his face with eggs that even so casually slides onto his plate

      ⚪️  “what? cant take a yolk?” even says, keeping a straight face as isak gives him a dead ass look and even chuckles but isaks mouth twitches up into a small smile

      ⚪️ after a few moments of silence, even says “hey isak” “what?” “why cant u tell an egg a joke?” “even please no-” “because it will crack up!” and right now even is the one cracking up and isak just buries his face in his hands

⚫️ dont even get even started on lunch - isak was about ready to go eat his food out in the hallway outside their flat bc evens jokes were so corny but he couldnt help but laugh

      ⚪️ even decided to make his famous spaghetti and in the middle of lunch, even looks at isak, a smirk on his face and isak is already about to say something for even to stop but the joke comes first.

      ⚪️ “hey isak” “even i am trying to eat lunch, i got homework to do” “what to you call a fake noodle?” isak groans, “even no” “an impasta!” and isak tries so hard to swallow his food bc hes laughing so hard and trying not to choke on his spaghetti and even is just the same

     ⚪️ after lunch while even is trying to find something to drink and isak is doing dishes, he spots the ketchup on the side door of the fridge and takes out the bottle, holding it behind his back “Isak, i have something to tell u it’s important” “what is it?“ even pulls the ketchup bottle from behind him and says “you need to ketchup on those dishes!” even laughs, running away from isak as he throws soap suds on him and his hair

⚫️ finally, dinner rolls around and even makes up burgers (trying to remake the ones from the hotel but doesnt go as planned but they are good anyway) and isak expects a flooding of jokes, and hes right

     ⚪️ “isak” “yes?” “wanna know something cool?” “if i say no you’re gonna tell me anyway” “yeah ur right but listen,, where do hamburgers go on new years eve?” “where, even?” isak smiles this time “to a meat ball!” isak shakes his head, laughing, throwing a piece of bread at even as even smiles

     ⚪️  “where do burgers like to go on vacation?” “hm?” “the swiss cheese alps!” “wow, of course” isak rolls his eyes, finishing the last bite of his burger as even leans back into his chair, his laugh echoing through the flat

⚫️ finally, isak praises that is time to go to sleep (only around 2 am pfft) and him and even crawl into bed but even has one last joke (more like pickup line) for isak

     ⚪️ “isak” even whispers as he feels isaks nose nuzzle into the crook of his neck “mm what?” isak mumbles, sleep almost coming over him already “can i tell you one more joke?” “sure, i guess” isak sighs “do you have a map?” even says “to where?” isak adds “your heart” and he can feel the heat rushing to isaks cheeks and isak takes a pillow and lightly throws it on top of even “you already have my heart you doof, now sleep” and isak drifts off quickly as even chuckles, closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep too

you and calum have been kinda dating for at least six months now, there was not really an official label to whatever it was that you had but you definetely had it. he put the stars in your eyes and the feels in your chest and he found in you something he didnt know or think he needed until now. you were at his house, sitting on his bed in front of him going through some funny vines and there was one which made you laugh pretth loudly and make weird noises come out of your mouth and calum didnt find it that much funny but the way you couldnt seem to stop laughing made him laugh as well and you both were a giggling mess until calum grabbed your face and laid his entire body on top of yours trapping you between his bed and him and while his head was buried on the crook of your neck you heard him mumble “god i love you so much” which stopped all the giggles but didnt erase the giant smile on your face and you turned his face to see him slightly blushing but smiling as well making it ectra easy to return those three words hed let slip past his lips seconds ago RIPPPP

First “I Love You” Blurb Night with @puckerupmikey​ and @hemmocrat

preference #1 You get in an intense tickle fight



You were sitting on the couch watching a movie when luke got home from the studio. Luke sat beside you (no pun intended). ”What movie are you watching honey?” he asked. You decided to annoy him and not tell him. So you just kept watching the movie not bothering to even look at luke. He nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck. “Are you angry at me baby?” He cooed. You couldnt help but crack a small smile, but still not answering his questions. You kept watching the movie while he removed his head from your neck. He chuckled and straddled me. He placed his hands at your waist and started tickling you. “Luke, oh my g-HAHAHAHA” You gasped for air as you tried to make him stop tickling you. “Say you love (lohanthony!!!!!! jk this is why you shouldnt give me a computer and internet) Luke Hemmings and that he’s so hot you melt” (tru story lol) You laughed at Luke and he started tickling you again. “Okay! I love Luke Hemmings and he’s so hot I melt!” He smiled. “See, that wasn’t hard to say!” “It was actually.” You giggled and locked youself in the bathroom. “You can’t be in there forever darling!” He yelled, pounding on the bathroom door. “And when you do, I’ll come get you!” 


You woke up wrapped in Calum’s arms, his soft snores fanning your left ear. You tried not to wake up Calum, but since he was a light sleeper, you woke him up. “Goodmorning Y/N” he smiled. “Goodmorning Calum. Sorry I woke you up, its just that you’re a light sleeper and-” He cut you off by placing his lips on yours. “You were rambling.” He said before you could even open your mouth. That was one of the things you loved the most about Calum. You guys knew each other like the back of your hand. “You hungry?” You asked. “Yeah,” he said. “Let’s make pancakes!” he exclaimed, jumping out of bed. You groaned and eventually, rolled out of bed. You went downstairs only to find Calum covered in flour. “Why am i not surprised?” You chuckled. He clenched his jaw and tried hugging you. “No, no, no, no!” You squealed. He pinned you down (why does these tickle fights start so sexual??????? ugh)and started tickling you. “Stop it!” You said inbetween laughs. “Hmmmm, you got dirty, why don’t we take a shower?” He smirked


You were running away from Michael in your house because you may or not messed up Michael’s dye on purpose. “I’ll get you!” He panted. He was always the indoor type of guy. Not the athlete kind of guy. In the other hand, You loved running. And since you weren’t always quite skinny, so the only way to stay fit and healthy was running. “Yeah right, in a million years Mikey!” You giggled. Since you saw a pretty good hiding spot near a tree, and Michael was far behind you and you had been running nonstop for a solid 10 minutes. Someone wrapped their arms around your waist and kissed your neck. Before you could scream, you heard that familiar aussie accent. “You didn’t think I would catch you didn’t you?” You squirmed trying to release yourself from him, but his arms got even tighter around your waist. On one swift move, he turned you to face him and started tickling you. You gasped for air and begged Michael to stop. “Only if you teach me how to run as fast as you.” You smirked and took off running. “Oh not again!” Michael groaned under his breath.


Ashton was making a twitcam while you were on your laptop trying to finish the stupid essay your english teacher made your entire class to do. You were so concentrated on the essay you didnt even notice Ashton wrapping his arms around your waist. “You’re still writing that essay baby?” He asked putting his head in your shoulder. You only hummed as an answer not really paying attention to Ashton, really  wanting to finish this damned essay. “are you mad at me?” he pouted. You sighed, finally finishing te essay. You closed your laptop and wrapped your arms around Ash’s neck. “I’m not mad at you, it was just that I really needed to finish the essay.” You smiled. You leaned in to kiss him but he tickled you instead. “Ashton please! Oh my god stop!” You laughed. “What even is your essay about?” Ashton asked. “Something” You said giggling. He smirked and tickled you again.

I really liked writing this so request here (NO SMUT) so yeah i didnt like ashton’s one it sucked and im sorry ://////////