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Naruto grown up so manly and handsome, and Sasuke now even more gorgeous(ultimate beauty), but SP style and designs ruined it too. Kishimoto messy quick sketches looks a lot better than movie itself, so I couldnt resist to color it and edit a little ^___^

To the Four of Us (Part One)

I wrote this Hamilton college AU mostly because I was bored but now I’m really enjoying it and it would be sick if you checked it out!!

The first two parts are v short and I’m trying to lengthen the future parts (unless people like them short and sweet) but it is a continuous story so far!

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{part two}

words: 553

soundtrack song: While We’re Young - Marianas Trench

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starco week day 2!!! i didnt want to make it really sad and i like to draw them kissing so i shoved it into the whole thing ajsjf but i hope to never live to see the day these two seperate!!
some info-
stars last day of earth and shes (wearing marcos hoodie) on the roof with marco and theyre just grieving and she couldnt resist giving him one kiss before she would inevitable leave earth, might as well let him know.

shadowreader2013  asked:

Polymachina prompt: maybe what they like to do together in their spare time? Either as a whole group or when they're with certain people (example: what does Vax do when he's with Keyleth or Grog?)

Scanlan and Vex will sometimes take walks and trade rhymes. He was joking with Kashaw when he said that a sleeping Percy was the solution when his rhythmic inspiration faltered. It’s Vex that’s surprisingly good at coming up with counterpart words, and who frequently manages to turn Scanlan’s limericks around on himself. He jokes frequently that all she has to do now is learn to play an instrument. Vex always laughs and says she already plays a string instrument, and it’s the only bow she’ll ever pick up.

Pike and Keyleth garden together. Sometimes they talk, but mostly they just enjoy the silence. It feels good to do something so simple, and see such an obvious change for the better. Sometimes when Pike is planting something, Keyleth will druid-craft the roots so that they wrap around the cleric’s fingers, and cling to her. Pike will laugh and wave her flower-tangled fingertips under Keyleth’s nose until she sneezes. When they’re done, they’ll lean under a tree and survey their good work–dirt smudged hands twined together.

Vex and Grog spar together with one another. The goliath will chase Vex around the training yard while she tries to run and hit as many targets with her arrows as possible. Grog always, inevitably catches up to her. Sometimes he lets out a roar and feigns his blind Rage, and lifts her off of the ground so that she yelps. He grins, and looks up at her, held aloft over his head. “Just kidding,” he says, and then gingerly sets her down as she laughs.

Scanlan and Percy read. They’re frequently found together in a library, pouring over books. Percy likes to read simply for the sake of knowledge. Scanlan reads for that too, but also because behind every convincing lie is a grain of truth; and he needs to lie frequently to keep Vox Machina from harm. They leave piles of book recommendations on each other’s nightstands. Additionally, they frequently reference book quotes that nobody else in Vox Machina understands.

Vax and Keyleth can talk for hours about absolutely nothing. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s an excuse to skirt around topics that actually need talking about. (In which case, Keyleth loses her words again, or Vax will walk away). But if ever there’s the luxury of time and talking about mundane things, making terrible jokes, and recounting stories, Vax and Keyleth never have trouble filling the silence.

Despite multiple attempts, they have never managed to have a nice family dinner. At least one (1) shenanagin goes down no matter what. It’s usually instigated by, of all people, Pike.

no but zart being the weird ass kid who lives alone in the woods, completely isolated from the rest of the city and being the talk of the town because of it.

Zart having a huge ass plantage of trees and flowers and food he tends with love and care and who gives a fuck if he talks with them.

Minho always jogging past it and waving to Zart because he feels weird always going past without saying something, they know each other at a point.
Minho starting to stop at Zarts because there’s always freshly pressed juice and they talk.

Newt helping Zart with his garden a few times a week because Zart gives him the flowers Newt sells in his quiet successful flower shop.
“They only come to my shop because of your stuff, Zart.”
“Shut up, they don’t.”
(Zart being incredibly snarky once you know him better)

Ben and Gally wandering around in the woods to cut down trees for the furniture they built and getting judgy eyes from Zart the whole time until Gally snaps and asks what he wants and Zart just wanted to show them the right trees.
Ben planting new little trees for every tree they cut down because he’s secretly scared of Zart and he actually likes to work with him.
Gally, being annoyed by the whole thing, starts repairing Zarts house because “you can’t live in this piece of klunk, shank. I can’t watch this anymore.”. Zart planting more tomatoes for gally because he knows he loves them.

Frypan stopping by because he buys vegetables from Zart for his restaurant, and always bringing some leftovers.
They sit in the grass eating cake while having discussions over how they plant their vegetables.
“It’s not growing! I make the same shit that you do!”
“Yeah because you grow it to eat it, I grow it with love!”

Clint getting herbs from Zart or just coming by when he needs a break from his patients.
Clint always having to patch up Zart because he’s always cut in some way.
Both not really talking but having a comfortable silence and Zart giving him huge baskets of fruit to show Clint that he likes having him there.

Thomas stopping by with his best friend Teresa and her girlfriend Brenda to take Zart shopping because they live near and Zart does need other things too except vegetables and trees, doesn’t matter what he says to that.
Brenda and Teresa dragging Zart to pick out their clothes because he has incredible talent in fashion but fails spectacular in shoes.
Thomas taking him to a coffee shop while the girls keep going and they drink hot chocolate, discussion Thomas not existing love life (“I don’t need anyone, I’m perfectly fine with being single right now, Zart, stop.”).
Zart actually laughing at Thomas because he’s a dork who likes to laugh at peoples pain.

They watch Minho and Newt having a coffee date, Gally pining in the other corner of the cafe because he has a huge crush until Zart rolls his eyes at them and shoos them together.
(“Thank me later, Gally.”)

Zart being the weird ass kid who lives alone in the woods and being the talk of the town because he’s afraid of people and likes to talk to plants.

Zart having a big support system of people who like spending time with him and come over every day to talk or just to work in silence with him.

Zart having friends who help him with being himself and showing that there’s nothing wrong with him.

Zart having a little family that came together through him living isolated in the woods, drawn by his beautiful flowers, delicious fruit and vegetables and him being a sarcastic and secretly sassy prick.

Zart giving no shits about being the talk of the town because he is who he is and because he has people who love him and people he loves.



I dont know what to say i’m so turned on right now. I can feel how wet i am and im fidgeting and getting even hornier, i need to get home and get off sooo badly but i need to tell someone what happened while its fresh in my mind….

So im in walmart looking at cereal and one of my sons black friends sees me and comes over to say hi. He’s tall and works out so basically… Sexy as hell! Ive fantasized about him a few times while ive used my toys and he always makes me feel weak if he gets close. So we’re chatting and after a little small talk he tells me he knows my secret. I ask what secret and in the middle of walmart he tells me he knows im a slut for black cock. He tells me i fucked his uncle, which i did but i didnt know they were related, and that theyd both recognized me from a distance a couple of weeks earlier. So they got to talking and it wasnt long before the uncle told him just how submissive i am for a big black cock.

I was terrified, and excited but i couldnt think of what to say, i think i was in shock. He told me he’d wanted to fuck me for years, but now that he knows what i am hes going to make me beg for his big black cock. He took my phone out of my hand and called his own. The last thing he said before walking off was that he was sure i wouldnt be able fo resist for long and that hed text me soon. I nearly collapsed in the aisle as he turned the corner. Can i do this? Can i fuck one of my sons friends? When i inevitably give in and beg will it get out and humiliate my baby? And why is that making me even wetter?


It was around 3:30 A.M. when you got the call. Your phone had begun buzzing under your pillow, quickly waking you up. You knew who it was before you were able to answer and hear his deep voice. Harry was the only person who ever called you at this time. You clicked answer and held the phone up to your ear, “ugh hello?” you say while trying to rub the sleepiness out of your eyes. You heard some sniffing but there was no answer. “Harry?” you asked as you pulled the phone away making sure it was him who had called. It was, but he wasn’t answering which was unusual. Normally he laughed and said good morning. Not today. “Harry are you okay?” you asked again. His silence was waking you up and you had begun to get nervous and worried. “Haz” you said again. Before saying anything he hung up. This is not normal, you thought to yourself. You quickly called him back but it went straight to voicemail. You also called the other boys, but none would answer. You had begun to panic, what if something had happened. What if Harry was hurt. Tears stung at your eyes at the thoughts of him being in pain or upset. You quickly sent him a text that said: hey whts up? r u ok??  You watched the response bubble pop up then disappear over and over again. Finally you received a text back reading: no. need u here now. pls come? What was wrong? Why was he so upset? You quickly typed back: getting stuff now then will head to airport. before throwing a ton of clothes and some toiletries into your bag. You threw on a baggy sweatshirt and some leggings while pulling your hair into a pony tail. Harry hadn’t texted back, but you sent him one last text before running out the door and hopping in a cab to the airport.

Your flight was over 4 hours long. You shifted uneasily in your seat wondering what could have happened. None of the boys were answering their phones and neither was Simon, Lou, Sophia, or Eleanor. Reluctantly you pulled your phone out and connected it to the planes wifi. The only way you were getting info about what had happened was from the internet. You pulled up Twitter and were upset to find nothing had been posted. What is going on? You spent the remaining hour of the flight coming up with the worst possibilities for what might have happened. When the plane landed, you called Harry. Again it went to voicemail. This is getting scary you thought to yourself as you grabbed your bag and headed to the airport entrance. Your phone buzzed in your hand and you noticed Harry had texted you: look left. was all it said. looking up from your phone and to the left you saw Harry. His head was down and covered by a hood. He was in tight sweatpants and his over sized sweatshirt. You couldn’t see his face, but you were almost positive he was crying. You walked over to him, standing in front of him trying to think of what to do or say. Not knowing what the issue was, you didn’t know what to do. He however, had his own idea. He grabbed your arms and pulled you into a tight hug. His head rested on your shoulder and you felt his breathing increase. He was crying, but why? For almost five minutes you stayed like that, not saying any words but gently rubbing circles into his back. Finally he stepped away, grabbed your hand and bag, pulling you towards the black SUV waiting outside. He opened the door for you while throwing your bag in the back. He hopped in and pulled his hood off for the first time since you had landed. His green eyes looked at you through tears, his eyes were red and puffy, and his hair was messy still slightly sweaty from the show earlier. He had put clean clothes and deodorant on, but you could tell he hadn’t showered. You scooted next to him in the back seat and gave him a tight hug while he continued crying and holding onto you. You stayed like this until you reached the hotel he was staying at. He opened the door and pulled you out of the car. He tightly gripped your hand as you waled to the floor he was staying on. “Harry” you said softly.

“hm?” he answered clearly still upset. 

“Are you going to tell me whats wrong?” you said as the two of you arrived at what must have been Harry’s door.

“mhm” was the only answer you got. He opened the door and walked in. You followed him but stood at the door while he went in towards the bed.

“Harry Edward Styles if you plan on breaking up with me, just do it.” You sternly said while tears stung in your eyes. He looked at you like you were crazy.

Finally he said more than one word, his deep voice sounded tired from crying as he responded. “Break up with you? (Y/N) I’m not breaking up with you.”

“Then tell me what’s wrong” you said through tears. You had begun crying and you tried stopping but this was crazy. He wouldn’t talk to you and you were exhausted from the flight. 

Walking towards you he held his arms open and you couldnt resist diving into them, crying into his chest. “I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean to upset you.” He was crying again too. “I’m so grateful that you flew all the way out here for me. I love you so much and I am not breaking up with you.”

Wiping your eyes you look up at him, “Whats wrong then? Why are you upset? And why wont you talk?” He was about to say something when someone knocked on the door. Squeezing you one last time he left to open the door. It was Louis, he had been crying too. His eyes were red and swollen. He also hadn’t showered. You wiped your eyes and walked over. “Hey Louis.” you say.

“(Y/N)!” he says smiling while pulling into him for a hug. “It’s great to see you!” 

“You too Lou” you answer while laughing. 

“Hey get your hands off my girl Tommo” Harry says smiling for the first time all night. He grabbed your waist and pulled it against him tightly. “She’s mine.” he says while planting a kiss on your cheek. You smile and turn around hugging him, glad he’s at least partially back to normal. He kisses your head as Louis interrupts.

“Guys, Simon is calling a meeting which is why I came to get you Harry. i didn’t know (Y/N) was here, but she can come too.” he said while heading back down the hall. 

Harry sighed and turned to look at me. “Do you want to come?” he asked.

“Harry, whats happening?” you asked again.

“Simon will explain. Please just come. i need you. You’re the only one who makes me happy when I’m sad.” his lower lip stuck out like he was pouting and his eyes watched you intently.

“Fine,” you say as he smiles sadly and grips your hand pulling you out of the room and into the hall.

The drive to Simon’s was going to last almost 3 hours. You were sandwiched between Harry and Niall while Louis and Liam were in the seat behind us. Zayn was nowhere to be seen and all the boys were visibly upset. You were exhausted from getting little sleep the night before, an extremely long flight, and not to mention the jet lag you had. You snuggled into Harry’s chest and his arm went instinctively around you. You snuggled your head against his head and fell asleep to the gently pounding of his heart. 

Harry gently shook you awake when you arrived at Simon’s. He stood at the front door and welcomed everyone inside, but even he looked upset and worried. Once inside you ran to the bathroom while all the boys went straight into the meeting. When you walked in harry motioned for you to come over and sit by him, but when you when to take the seat next to him, he pulled you onto his lap. You held you tight as Simon spoke the words everyone was clearly dreading. “Zayn has decided to leave the band.”

Harry dug his head into your neck and you felt the tears falling from his eyes. Niall was crying, Liam was shaking his head, and Louis was looking upset and angry at the picture of the band on the wall. I was too shocked to do anything. It all made sense now. The boys were all upset, Zayn was missing, and Harry immediately needed me. Simon went on explaining that they would continue the tour, the album, and One Direction all together, but everyone was upset. When we left Simon’s house, the boys all broke down. They cried and talked about the fears of them breaking up. Harry held onto me as he cried and I tried assuring them everything would be ok, but nothing was working. I couldn’t do this alone so I called for some back up. Eleanor, Sophia, and Greg flew in and met the boys. They helped their loved ones, while I tried helping Harry. You dragged him back to his room where you both layed down on the bed. Harry cried and you explained that Zayn leaving didn’t mean One Direction was over. You also told him that it didn’t mean your friendship was over. After an hour of crying Harry finally calmed down and sat up on his elbow. “(Y/N) I love you so much. I don’t deserve a girl like you.”

Leaning up on your elbow to look at him you leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. “I love you too Harry.” He smiled and his dimples appeared for the first time since you had arrived. You smiled back at him while moving on top of him. Laughing you kissed his cheeks and lips. He held onto your waist tightly while trailing kisses down your neck. He gently sucked on your neck, causing you to soflty moan. He flipped you over and kissed your neck more while flattening himself on top of you. He had taken his shirt off and thrown it on the floor as he kissed your lips a bit harder. He went to tug your shirt off when someone knocked on the door. Annoyed Harry sat up. He looked at the door, then back at me , then back at the door. “Harry go answer the door.” you ordered.

Sighing he looked at you. “We will continue later love. I promise.” he told you while winking. You immediately blushed and sat up, looking to see who was at the door. Harry turns to look at you, his face bright red. His mom and sister come walking in.

“Harry, dear, we heard about Zayn. How are you doing?” his mom came rushing into the room. “Oh, (Y/N). I didnt know you were here love.” She came over and hugged you before turning back to her son. Harry looked at you, smiled and winked, letting me know he was ok, that he loved you, and that he would try to get his family to leave as quickly as possible. That didnt matter you though. You were just glad you had the normal harry back, that he was happy for the moment, and that he loved and appreciated you.

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