i couldnt make it any bigger


art from stream - thank you to anyone who stopped by!! I wanna try drawing a bigger lineless piece again since it’s been a while since the last time I did that. it turned out average but I had fun. 

til next stream ;)


the girls night out job + favorite lines

anonymous asked:

hi i'm ftm and i'm on the chubbier side of the weight scale but i'm not fat, my thighs are pretty big tho and they cause me major dysphoria. i was wondering if you have any tips on how to look more male when you have thick thighs. (sorry if this didn't make sense)

Lee says:
Chubbier guys also have bigger thighs, and so do really muscular guys, so knowing that might help your dysphoria. Also, compression shorts! (the link below)



 Finally finished this! Originally this was meant as a tribute piece for the kh 13th anniversary, but I didnt get to finish it in time bc i suck and i dont plan on stopping anytime soon. I also originally planned to do what I never do and talk a bit about why kh is so important 2 this little ol gal

Click on the read more for some honey nut feelios, kh flavor (sorry if its a mess!! i never write anything ever so)

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