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for @whistlingwindtree : Robbie saying “If it ain’t silver and black I don’t really give a damn” while goth!Daisy and Daisy’s Quake suit is basically silver and black

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I WANNA KNOW MORE ABOUT THE BABIES!! the maxpres art was sooo cute

first of all, thank you! im glad you like the drawing!

also you bet your ass im gonna make this a full fledged one-shot. (so if you dont want to know the plot for that then ill put it under the cut. ill start writing it tomorrow, it shouldnt take too long as i have a lot of free time and i write pretty fast.)

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  • sakura [picking up the phone]: hey
  • naruto: hey sakura!
  • sakura: oh hi naruto! whats up
  • naruto: nothing much i was just wondering if u wanna hang out on friday!
  • sakura: hell yeah! totally
  • naruto: cool. i just thought, wow its been such a long time since the three of us-
  • sakura: the three of us?
  • naruto: yea. you me and sasuke?
  • sakura: oh..... sasuke is going
  • naruto: yeah! its going to be great to catch up!
  • sakura: im- actually im getting a call naruto hold on
  • [sakura calls ino on the other line like mean girls montage style]
  • ino: hi girl!
  • sakura: INO- HELP ME
  • ino: hey, whats up
  • ino: oh no way. u couldnt pay me enough
  • sakura: i will-
  • ino: u couldnt eat my pussy enough either
  • sakura: pleas-
  • sakura: OK I GET IT. ok. ok, i'll. um. i'll make up an excuse. hang on there
  • [changes line to naruto]
  • sakura: hey naruto?
  • naruto: hey!
  • sakura: ino just called me and shes like... super sick. i mean. shes kinda sick now and its probably gonna get worse so she will be REALLY sick on friday. im sorry i cant go
  • naruto: oh no th-
  • [changes line to ino]
  • sakura: ok he bought it
  • naruto: who bought what?
  • sakura: oh, naruto- i. sorry i was just talking about. uhhh. u know haha. i gotta go now ino needs me bye naruto!!!
Hunger Games! au | Park Woojin

*tell me if you want any other wanna one member/ produce 101 contestants to be done!

*incredibly long prepare for that/ probably going to split this into multiple parts if you want

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

  • you were in district 11 the agriculture district
  • it was the 80th annual hunger games and saying you were nervous was a complete understatement
  • your mom smiled brightly at you, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear, “dont worry sweetie, your name is only in there 5 times. there is no way you will be picked.”
  • you wanted to be positive
  • you honestly did but you couldnt help but feel that knot in your stomach and chest
  • it meant something bad was going to happen
  • but you pushed it aside to give your mom one last smile
  • “well, let’s hope i dont get picked.” you lean down and give her a peck on the cheek before walking out of your front door

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I just watched the last pirates of the Caribbean, and one of the pirates is spanish so the other characters call him Capitán and i couldnt help myself imagine you as a pirate.

that movie though :^) it was so boring Arin had to take a nap and even my leg fell asleep :^)

Grown Up Halloween Day 10: Kitten


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like everything is wrong.(e.d)

My second rerquest. Feel free to request, love you xx

Request: can i request an ethan dolan imagine where he’s been feeling really down lately & the reader comforts him & lets him know that everyone he loves will always be there for him please? thank youuu ❤️

Ethan’s P.O.V.

Lately ive been really down, i didnt have any inspiration, all i wanted to do is stay in bed, watch movies and sleep. Sometimes i wanted to cry, but i couldnt. i just felt like i was about to start crying but my eyes were dry, i dont think that there was a reason why i felt that way. I dont know,maybe i was stressed or tired, but taking rest didnt help me at all, everything was gettiing worse and worse. 

so it was Monday and we needed to make video for tuesday but as i said i had no inspiration. I was so tired of everything that i even broke up with my girlfriend, i messed everithing up, i just didnt want to share my problems with her, she deserved someone better than me, i wasnt even brave enough to break up with her in person, i just texted her.
-can we talk?
-sure Ethan
-we need to break up
-why? is it because of me? did i do somthing wrong?
-please Ethan dont ignore me,  i love you and i dont want to lose you
-you already lost me, bye Y/N

i never wanted to lose her, i  loved her but i was a mess and i didnt want her to fix me 

it happened one morning, i woke up and realised that everything is wrong , i was sad without a reason, i didnt want to do anything. its just happened , you know.

its been a month since i broke up with Y/N, everything felt so wrong. Grayson tried to cheer me up but he couldnt help me, no one could.

-Ethan,come on, we need to make a new video- Grayson begged me, he was in my room for an hour trying to make me go with him.
-Can we do it later?- i wasnt ready to go and put a fake smile on my face again. 
-Ethan you told me this  3 days ago, now is  time to go and film this video-he was  mad at me  and confused caue he didnt understand  what was wrong with me.

i didnt move all day, we didnt film a new video i just stayed in bed and Gray couldnt do anything with it.

-Is it because of your break up with Y/N?-Grayson asked trying to help me-do you want me to talk to her and maybe she can forgive you for whatever you did and you can be together again?
-no, i dont want you to talk to her, i broke up with her and its not because of her- i muttered
-then what’s happened?-he was worried about me, he never saw me like this for such a long time
-i dont know-i said honestly-now, can you please leave me alone, i want to sleep
-okay-he left my room

Grayson’s P.O.V.

i couldnt see my brother like this any longer, ive never seen him like this, he always was happy and optimistic about everything. But i couldnt help him, i tried to make him feel better but i couldnt, but i had a last plan. There was a one person who could make Ethan happy, who shined his life every time he saw her. It was Y/N even though they broke up i knew he loved her and she loved him. I knew that he broke up with her just because he didnt want to bother her. It was really stupid but we’re talking about Ethan he always did something stupid and then regreted about it, he didnt tell me that he regreted about this but i knew he did. i took my phone and texted Y/N
-hey, Y/N can you come over?
-why? is everything okay? is Ethan okay?
-not really and i need your help 
-im on my way
-thank you 

Y/N’s P.O.V.

As i got Grayson’s message i put my shoes on and headed to their house. When i walked inside i met Grayson, he was nervous and worried
-Thank God you’re here-he hugged me
-What’s haappened, where’s E? how is he?- i asked , i was worried about than even though we broke up i stil loved him.
-he’s in is room, i dont know how is he, all i can say that he’s been feeling really down lately.- he sighed , i knew he wanted help  his brother.

i entered Ethan’s room an saw him layingon his bed, i dont know if he was asleep or not.

after a few second i was in his bed right beside him, i i cuddled him, i heard him sobbing, i kissed his back, i  missed it so much. i missed him
-what are you doing here-he turned to me and looked at me
-i missed you-i said
-im sorry Y/N, i dont know whats going on with me.i  just..-he became silent.
-you can tell me Ethan- i kissed his forehead, i knew it calmed him down
-i just feel like im not good enough, like everyone hates me, like im nothing, like everything is wrong.…i thought if i…if we broke up you wil be happier without me-he took my hand and kissed it
-i would never behappier without you, i love you Ethan, i dont know what i would do without you. Baby, everyone loves you, your family, your brother, your fans, i do. You have so many people who think that you are amazing, they love everything about you, they support you and they always here to help you when you’re struggling with something. Come here- he placed his had on your chest and you hugged him, his hands were around you, you kiissed the top of his head 
-i love you Y/N, you are the only thing that feels so right in my life- he placed a gentle kiss on my chest.
- i love you too E-i placed my hand on his head and started playing with his hair.

We were almost asleep as we heard a knock on the door
-Yes?- Ethan asked 
-Do you feel better bro- his voice was ful of hope
-Yeah, much better-he smiled 
-oh i see you’re cuddling, can i join?-he aked and laughed 
-yeah, come here- i said and Gray jumped on the bed and we started laughing.

The laughter was finally back in this house. Sad Ethan was gone, fiinally 

VIXX reaction - you being one of the smartest idols in Korea

N: “Well, there is no single thing she can’t do so…” *quietly proud*

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Leo: *gets jealous and lowkey hates anyone that shows more attention to you when they find out that about you*

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Ken: “Pretty, talented, smart… and all mine~”

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Ravi: “You are smart, I am smart… sort of. I think we were destined to one another.”

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Hongbin: “Y-yes, sure…” *goes back to studying so he can impress you with some knowledge*

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Hyuk: “Smart? Then I have one equation for you… it’s love equation”

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Self Made

I had no clue on how to make one so I had to look it up. So if you have done it and I didn’t do it correctly. SORRY!

Hope everyone enjoys!

Yours and Y/N anniversary was coming up so you wanted to do something for her, but didnt know what to get her. So you went to the guys.
“I need some gift ideas for Y/N for our anniversary”. Happy said taking a swig of his beer.
“How long you been together”. Jax asked
“Going on five years, longest relationship I’ve ever been in”.
“Then you should go all out, make her a dildo of you dick”. Tig said
“What the hell are you talking about”? Asked Juice.
“You know, you take plaster and put your dick in it and let it sit and then when its done you pour silcone or latex in the mode and wait then you have a self made dildo”.
“You know way to much about how to make one”. Juice said shaking his head
“I give them out for christmas presents to the ladies”. Tig winked
“That might be a good gift”. Happy thought about it.
“Your really not going to take advice from Trager are ya”?
“Yeah, maybe”. “Y/N’s always saying she misses my dick when I’m away, so it will be like having me home when I’m not”. Happy said getting up
“If you need any help, I’m your man”. Tig said raising his beer
Happy just looked at him and walked off. “Really”? Juice asked
“He might need some help, I was just trying to be nice”. Tig rolled his eyes.
Happy went to a sex shop that was recommended by Tig. He bought the kit and drove to the clubhouse. He couldnt let Y/N know what he was doing.
“Trager, get in here”. Happy yelled down the hall
“What’s up brother”?
“I read the instructions but I’m not getting it”. Happy let out a huff.
“You mix this with water and mold it to you”. “Then you let it set and pour the silcone and wala you have two of the same dicks”. Tig laughed.
“Okay thanks”. “Now get out”. Happy nodded to the door
Tig closed the door. Happy done what Tig told him to door. It felt like hours for the mold to get hard. He had to keep his erection at his best, so he thought of Y/N. He pictured her on her knees and how she looked squirming at his touch. Finally it was finished. Happy was so proud of himself.
Two  Days Later.
You walked in seeing Happy on the couch with a box with ribbons.
“Hey sexy Daddy”. You kissed his rough lips.
“Damn little Girl, you get more gorgeous every time I see you”. Happy pulled you into his lap
“You pantie dropper you”. You said laughing “So whatcha got in the box”?
“Its for you”. “I was going to give it to you on our anniversary but I’m going to be on a run”. He looked down at his feet.
“What, why does Jax always have to miss shit up”. You got up crossing your arms
“You know the club comes first”.
“Yeah I know that but I thought maybe one time I could come first”. You walked away
Happy followed with the box in hand.
“I’m sorry, we can still celebrate when I get back”. “Here”. He gave you the box.
“I know this is not going to make up for it but its a start”.
You open the box pulling  back the tissue paper, you pulled out the dilido
“What in the world have you done”?
“I made it”.
“You made me this, from what”? You eyed him
“From my dick, you always begging me to come home and fuck you when I’m on a run so I thought you could use this”.
“Umm who helped you”?
“Trager helped with the instructions, no one else is seeing my dick”. “Its your and only yours”.
“Thank god”. You grabbed his shirt and kissed him roughly.
“So you going to try it out”? Happy asked excitedly
“Maybe, only if you watch then come join”. A devilish grin came across yous and Happys face.
Happy couldnt stand him self as he saw you pleasing yourself. He lasted about five mintues and then jumped you. It was a very satisfying part one of your anniversary

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im so sorry i couldnt help but notice yuuri had 6 fingers

My hands feel like lead as I sat on the rough concrete ground outside Manila Airport. One hand clutching a fork with a celestial substance known as spaghetti, the other hand held my phone as the gentle, generous Philippine sun offered its rays to my dry skin. For a moment, my mind goes blank and created an unintelligible thought; 

“God, I just…love the sun’s rays on me.” 

My thoughts skipped mindlessly as I recall the chaotic events of the last few hours. I had boarded a plane, with or without a glass of champagne in my underaged hands is irrelevant. The mild chill to the air had bit my skin as I strolled through the airport gates, whisked away to the world of overly friendly flight attendants and mediocre but rather nice airplane meals. It was a whirlwind of chaos; at some point I had sat on the wrong assigned seat and chatted away a good eight minutes to travelling Italian dude with lovely mid-length hair whose name I did not catch but is destined to be somewhere along the lines of Carlos, no racism intended. He had told me within the matter of only a few minutes that I was like a niece to him, which somewhat touched my cold-stoned heart. It was hardened again as I realised that I was, in fact, on the wrong seat. I tell our Carlos goodbye and pray he finds a babe in London where he is travelling to and we one day meet again for me to be a bridesmaid in his wedding. I steadily moved to my assigned seat and cry about Carlos for the next three hours as I listen to sad anime soundtracks. 

My eyes suddenly avert themselves finally to the phone screen and as I chewed away the celestial substance, my heart sank as lowly as Jack Dawson as I read the word: “im so sorry i couldnt help but notice yuuri had 6 fingers”.

I take a sharp breath, re-reading the words over and over, re-reading the words in Morgan Freeman’s voice and then to Adam Sandler and at some point, Lance McClain. I shut my eyes closed and my heart began to race faster than a Hennessey Venom GT (270 mph). I gulped, whispering to myself in a ritualistic manner that it was okay, that I was at least spared from an ‘lol’.

I couldn’t  quite breath properly, it was only then that I was subjected to staggering flashbacks of the night before; with only four hours sleep in a mediocre holiday inn conveniently next to Melbourne Airport, I had bloodshot eyes as I stared at the computer screen with two infamous gays, my hands yet again quivering as my mind slowly engulfs to the dark void of ‘I don’t have a girlfriend fuck this shit’. I had ignored organising my baggage in favour of the activity and had Usan Bolted my way to the hotel lounge where ‘Jerry’ had given the complimentary one hour wifi for me to upload the piece. 

I sat in the lounge, unashamedly wearing shorts with unshaved legs and wearing my mother’s shoes because I had to restrain myself from a pained Simba cry in the disappearance of my flip-flops. An aged duo of a white man and a black man discuss the future of the Apple company and eventually the economy to my left as I upload the piece, I don’t take any true interest but it’s hard to miss “Fuck off, Henry. I bet two meat pies you’re wrong.”. 

“Ice, let’s go.” my brother nearly exclaims and I’m whipped back into reality. 

I wonder if through it all, I can just say I’m sorry to the anon. But sometimes, we stumble into holes in life’s deepest journeys. Someday I will be a Sokka and someday I will be a Zuko, all in all as I stay in the height of Toph. It’s fascinating to say that I’m so shook by one message that could mean all kinds of things. Possibilities, really. If Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson could be with me in this moment, he would tell me that everything happens for a reason, be it in art or in life. He would tell me to life my dreams just as I live in the belief that he is, in fact, the Tooth Fairy. He would tell me Carlos, in all 15 minutes he was in my life, was a blessing and that two aged men debating whether Apple is going downhill or not is also blessing and that we should appreciate flight attendants who have to force their smiles in a day-to-day basis. And that maybe Yuuri accidentally having six fingers in my drawing was also a sort of fate, a Jerry, a Henry and a Carlos. A kind of destiny that we all face in our lives and hope we know what to do it when it plunges us to the ground. 

So I gently placed my fork down the ground, eyes watering ever so slightly, deep breaths completed,  my thoughts clear and my path in life ahead of me as I slowly began to type my reply to my anon;

‘lol more for victor then uwu’


AU: Girl Meets Bending Arts // Girl Meets Avatar: The Last Airbender

Earthbending: The geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock in all their various forms and demands a special connection with the earth .
Season: Spring

  • seismic sense
  • metalbending
  • lavabending
  • sandbending

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Since the bullet point thingy was so fun last week - by the way thank you for that - can we maybe get one of what boyfriend Shawn entails????? 😬😬(I KNOW I KNOW IM SORRY ILL STOP I COULDNT HELP MYSELF

Oh boy okay

  • First couple of weeks would be a little shy. Hand holding. Forehead pecks. Those caught glances with blushed smiles. Not yet completely comfortable in the affection as he gets used to you being his. 
  • But alone the affection would be easier. Pulling you over to lay against his chest while you watched TV. Playing with your fingers absentmindedly. The kisses slow but excited cause they’re still new. 
  • Reassurance. He wouldn’t be shy to tell you that he’s really happy you’re together now. How much he likes you and wants you there. 
  • After he got comfortable in knowing you aren’t going anywhere the affection would be far more free. Coming behind you. Touching your hip with his fingertips and kissing your hair. Leaving his lips there and wrapping his arms around your shoulders. 
  • He’d lay his head in your lap and want head scratches and back scratches. 
  • You’d sit on the back of the couch with him between your knees to give him shoulder massages while he did his steam breathing treatments. 
  • Lazy nights at his place. Blasting music and helping each other cook dinner. Pausing to whip your faces towards each other and shout lyrics. Dueting with a wooden spoon. He’d wiggle his hips against you dancing from behind while you were at the stove. 
  • Drunk nights in with board games. Laughing at him for getting so competitive he’d start yelling.
  • Piggy backs to bed. 
  • Spooning on the couch. Not always the little spoon. Sometimes he’d curl back against you so you could kiss the back of his neck and scratch his stomach. 
  • Lots of ass attention. Tapping your ass when you got up off the couch to get something or walked by him. Hand in your back pocket while you strolled. Hands on your ass while you stood between his legs. Full palmed spank when you’re teasing and wrestling around.
  • Making hotel rooms home when you’re there. 
  • Laughing at him when you came into a hotel bathroom to find him resting his chin on the top of the shower head cause he’s too big for the stall.
  • Leaving him with a blanket that smells like you and the last shirt he wore coming with you. 
  • Long days spent exploring new cities, holding finger tips or pulled into his side.
  • Being pulled down hallways in arenas and pressed against the cool concrete walls for slow deep kisses. Pulling his body in by his sides. His hands on your face. 
  • Listening to him play guitar and figure out chords and melodies. Knowing you had to stay quiet and let him figure it out himself without giving your opinion and closing your eyes content when he found it. 
  • Holding his hand while he drove and sang to the radio, pulling your knuckles to his lips to kiss and sing against. 
  • Lots of selfies together for him to have when you weren’t there. 
  • Running to him when you haven’t seen him in awhile and letting him pick you up and fling you around. 
  • Arguments that would make you boil over. Cause his voice would stay calm and stern when you’d raise yours and he’d ask you why you’re yelling. But they’d always resolve without walking away. And he’d hug you to him and make sure you understood where he was coming from or that he was sorry if he was wrong. 
  • I love you’s freely and often. 
  • Wanting to take care of him because he takes care of you just as much
  • Missing him like crazy
  • Him not being able to handle it when you called in tears cause it’d been too long
  • Never getting over your pride. Always shouting and clapping and singing along at the shows you attend because it never gets old for you how amazing he is. 
  • He’d listen carefully to every dream or idea or thought you had. But he’d be honest with you always. 
  • Remembering the little things you’ve said to him because everything you say to him is important to him.
  • Getting fed up with how stubborn he can be
  • But so much playfulness and love.
Monsta x reaction when their girlfriend gets a boob job

Hi, could you do a request for monsta x when their girlfriend did a plastic surgery on her Boob’s, cuz she have small boobs. Like they are coming back from a tour or something and she have bigger boobs now? (I don’t know if this make sense, sorry) (and sorry for my bad English too 😬

hello! i hope you liked it! i want to say that no one should feel pressured into plastic surgery and never change yourself for other people. Youre all beautiful.

saying that i hope you enjoy this reaction



When he looked at you in person for the first time in what felt like forever he couldnt help but look at your breasts. “where they that big last time?” he would wonder to himself before you noticed the staring and told him. His face would flush a red colour as he tried to stop staring at them and look at your face. The epression on his face, you could tell he was excited for when you two got some privacy.

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He would start giggling with embarrassment and excitement. “y/n their beautiful ahhh shall we go home now?!” he’ll ask eager.

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“this ..this is a nice surprise” Hed smile walking towards you giving you a hug before taking a step back to look at them again”

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At first when he saw you, he wouldnt notice, running towards you screaming “y/n!!!” as he gave you a big hug swirling you around and kissing you. You would probably have to point it out before he noticed as he was too focused on your face, seeing it in person for the first time in weeks. When he noticed he would scream again with excitment having another excuse to hug you.

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“good job we both dont have plans for the net few days. Youre not going to be able to walk for awhile after tonight”

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He would go all shy, not being able to look at you as his eyes keep being pulled towards your breast. But thats only in public. Once you two get home, you two are in for a night of passion.

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Him being such a sweatheart would try to not act like it was a big deal at first. He would try not to look towards that area, which would only make him nervous and red faced when he did. I.M would not know what to do with himself, only making him even more adorable

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here’s part one of every screenshot of aomine looking SO DAMN FINE i couldnt help myself

this is only the first 30 minutes lord help me i keep stopping to rewind and screenshot it’s been like an hour

aokaga is real everyone

look out for part two and three and etc tbh