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What if this movie was made in the past?
    — Re-Animator as a 1950s science fiction movie


John Dall as Herbert West
Farley Granger as Dan Cain
Audrey Hepburn as Megan Halsey
Boris Karloff as Dr. Carl Hill

Sormik. “Let’s get you into bed.”

This isn’t exactly a prompt considering no one asked for it, but i wanted to write smth for @shamingcows‘s diplomat au, and here it is! Please go check out this au because this drabble of mine is nothing compared to what nami has created.

I hope you like it nami! It’s inspired by one of the diplomat drawings *___*

The shadows casted by the candlelight were making Sorey dizzy.

He should have stopped when the first traces of a headache had appeared. Night had fallen in Pendrago so long ago that the pressing heat of the day had given way to the refreshing chill of the night, but not even that had helped Sorey to clear his head. And now, sitting at his desk in his room, reading the dozens of documents full of petitions and demands by the light of a half-melted candle, Sorey was starting to feel his eyelids heavy and his skin too warm.

It didn’t matter how he was feeling, though. He had to continue. Sorey skipping a night of sleep meant pushing back the war a day.

He just needed to convince his body of that.


The sudden voice at his left made Sorey jump in his chair, knees bumping the underside of his desk. The whole thing rattled, and Sorey saw the candle start to topple over, the flame precariously close to the paper documents… Until pale, slender hands caught the candleholder and put it back in its place, hot wax falling on a bony knuckle, but managing to save the documents from being burned to ashes.

That would have been a problem.

But Sorey’s eyes weren’t on the documents anymore. They were on the scalded hands, pale and slim and familiar, and on the reddened knuckle covered in melted wax. Sorey scrambled to take those hands in his, gently cupping them and making sure he wasn’t touching the burn with his ink stained fingers.

“Mikleo!” Sorey shouted, moving the hands he was clasping and his own towards himself, inspecting them. “Are you okay!?”

“Shouldn’t that be my line?” Mikleo asked back, gently removing his hands from Sorey’s grasp. Sorey saw Mikleo’s fingers scratch the now dry wax away, leaving am angry red spot on Mikleo’s otherwise immaculate skin. “Have you been sitting here reading since the meeting ended?”

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Calum Hood, son of Dionysus, was known all around the campus as a partier. However, this morning, he was in the library with you. Partying every night didn’t help his grades, and the teacher had forced him to go to tutoring twice a week to bring up some of his test scores–or else get kicked out of the course. Today was the first tutor session, and you may have been dreading it more than Calum. You had to admit, he was extremely attractive, and you didn’t want his first impression of you to be a tutoring session at 8:00. Calum sat there, hungover, with his English class books open, and his head in his hands. “Listen, I really appreciate you trying to help me and my shit grades, but do we need to meet this early? My brain is too tired for any of this,” Calum whined. You looked down and replied, “Well, I mean, Mr. Smith is making me come this early too, and I know it’s not the most convenient time, but if we go through the stuff quickly, we can go back to our dorms, and then maybe–” Calum cut you off, realizing that you might have rambled on for another hour. “Sorry. I didn’t know that Mr. Smith was making you come this early too. Doesn’t that suck? He’s such an ass sometimes. Anyway, let’s get started. I want to get this done quickly. Before people see me in the library, you know.” You rolled your eyes and flipped your book to the lessons that Calum had missed. “The week you didn’t show up to class, we had to read about some Greek mythology…” Calum seemed to perk up when you said this, which seemed strange to you. “…and we started with the story of Hephaestus, which seems a little out of order, but I try not to question Mr. Smith anymore.” Calum smirked and said, “I think this tutor session will go by quicker than we thought.” He then proceeded to tell you about the story of Hephaestus–more than you even knew, and you were the tutor. “How do you know all of this if you weren’t in class?” you questioned when he was done talking. “Well, he’s my uncle,” Calum muttered under his breath. He quickly shook his head and said, “Sorry. I don’t know what I’m saying. My mom, she, uh, used to tell me all of these stories when I was a kid. Yeah. My mom.” While you could see that he was lying, you didn’t know what for, so you shrugged it off. Calum started to get up, and then said, “Maybe tutoring won’t be that bad. Greek mythology and a cute tutor.”

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holiday pt 7

Nick was pretty sure that Jacks eyes were going to pop out of his head when he saw the fox half dressed come out of Judys bedroom.
Nick: “ what do you want?” he said dry and unamsed with the rabbits presents

Jack: “ i need to talk to Judy her mother wants her.” he stated Nick leaned against the wall using his body to block the door so Jack couldn't  barge in

Nick: “ Well shes asleep I would not try wake her up unless you have a death wish.  i was going to have her sleep a little longer we had a rough night “ if you catch my drift.” He said leaning towards him and Nick grinned when Jacks face turned red “ I will make sure she gets up” he said smug then winked at the

jealous rabbit who looked like he was going to explode.
Jack: “ I cant see what she see in you? You know what i think?”
Nick: “ Don’t care.”

Jack: “ I think its some kind of act you two are putting on you being
“ half dressed“ well I’m not fooled!”
Nick was surprised but he didnt let it show

Meanwhile in Judy’s bedroom
when Judy woke up she realized that Nick had left she was surprised normally she had to be the one to wake him up, she sat up and stretched and pushed off the covers thats when she noticed red fur in her bed. Nick must have climbed in during the night.

Judy i can sleep anywhere”she mimicked him and let out a light laugh

  Yea right.“ she got out of bed she was wearing a tank top and plaid pajama booty short, she could hear quite arguing coming from outside her door “ Now what?”  she complained she she grabbed Nicks hoodie that said “COP” in big letters and out it on because she was cold. The over grown hoodie made it look like she wasn’t wearing anything at all but Judy didnt notice. Judy opened her door seeing Nick blocking the way laving a small gap big enough for her to climbed through. Nick glanced down seeing Judy leave the room

Nick: “ Good morning carrots, sleep well?” 

now both Nick and Jack were looking at Judy. Nick was surprised at first but Jacks face started to turn red seeing what looked like all she was wearing as a hoodie. But Nick knew she had her pj’s on under the hoodie

Judy: “ yea just fine…. Oh! you need to clean up that mess you made in my bed.”
he said seriously looking at Just Nick then looked over to see Jack was here.
“ what are you doing here?”
she asked her ex who was having trouble finding words, Nick was trying not to laugh he was purposely messing with Jack But Judy is totally unaware that made it even better!

Jack: “ um…. y-your mom wants you.”
Judy nodded and started walking down the hall
Judy: “ Alright I’m going to take a quick shower then I will go see her.”

JudyOh! and Nick i hope you dont mind that i borrowed your Hoodie?
she asked as she glanced back

Nick:” Its fine with me im going to make us a cup of coffee.”
Judy : This is why i love you”
as she walks into the bathroom and shuts the door Nick looks over to Jack all smug this couldn’t have turned out any better if he had planed it.
Nick: You asked me earlier what exactly I bring to this relationship well i think i got your got you answer or do you thin its all still a act?.”
Nick watched him storm off and he laugh if only  it were true but if it gets this guy to leave her a lone then fine.