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OH SHIT YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT WOULD BE AMAZING?? Who would win a melee fight between Wrench with a sledgehammer, and H2O Delirious with a baseball bat? I mean, it's an open-shut case really, but I'd still love to see it.

(Of course, I’m always going to go in assuming I’ll win. We might need to bring out MythBusters for this one.)

Ann makes the best faces <3 @avatarem

Thank you to @p5anthologyscanlations and everyone who worked on the newest chapter ^^


my beautiful boy Gnoland!!

I tried to get his pupils but just…couldnt get them right…idk maybe I can figure it out later

but this is like….p much done??

let me tell you he is so soft and plush and I just love my soft boy so much and am so proud of how this all came together!

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Heyhey! I really LOVE your art and hcs, but it makes me a little sad that Daichi seems so insecure about being chubby. Dont get me wrong,I love all these hcs, but sometimes I just really need to see him happier! Can I maybe have some confident chubby Daichi and/or supportive and encouraging/comforting Iwa headcanons(or art or whatever you feel like doing really)? I just need to see Daichi being okay with what he looks like, because he’s beautiful ;n; Hope its okay I’m asking, love your blog!

aww of course its ok!! i’m always up for a happy self-confident daichi!! ;v; when i came up with those previous chubby daichi hcs i always pictured it at the time daichi first starts gaining weight so that’s why in those hcs he’s insecure :o

(ok this turned out more to be the progression to self-confident daichi orz)

  • so it takes daichi a while to accept his chubbiness. at first he felt it couldn’t be helped and just accepted reality that he wouldn’t be able to lose any more weight. he tried not to care for it, but in the end he was always reminded of it whenever he looked in the mirror or when he felt his clothes starting to get too tight on him. it was tough, but iwa made the process so so so much easier ;u;
  • though daichi stopped all the rigorous exercise to lose weight, he still took walks to the park with iwa. it felt more like relaxing than exercising because iwa would always try to hold his hands. daichi isn’t too keen on pda so he doesn’t let iwa. iwa tries his best though and most times they end up running around like children playing tag.
  • whenever iwa catches daichi looking upset because of his own chubbiness, he’d hug him from behind and shower him with kisses to his neck. daichi is always surprised and flustered yet smiling wide. he asks him “what’re you doing?” and iwa answers him simply, “loving you”
  • iwa appreciates every bit of daichi. kissing him and constantly telling daichi every day that he loves him. there was one week where daichi felt even more subconscious about his weight than usual. so iwa decided to show how much he adored daichi’s body by kissing him anywhere and everywhere at random times. he’d kiss his forehead in the morning while they’re still in bed, his cheek when he’s eating, the back of his neck while helping him dry his hair after a shower, his shoulder when they’re watching a movie, his fingers and knuckles before falling asleep. by the end of the week, daichi is all smiles. his heart is light and full of happiness and it gets him really thinking how iwa could look at him and say all the sappy loving things he does. he starts wanting to be able to appreciate himself as much as iwa always does.
  • daichi tries the fake it til you believe method, telling himself everyday that he’s fine the way he is. it sort of works for a while. its not until one day while iwadai are hanging out on the couch that daichi finally believes it. they’re teasing each other about whatever and daichi half-heartedly calls himself beautiful. he says it with a joking sort of confidence but iwa doesn’t skip a beat and replies, “yeah, you are.” daichi looks at iwa, who stares back at him, his green eyes so soft and loving and sincere. daichi feels his emotions bubbling up and he feels maybe he might somehow break. maybe its because iwa notices his slightly watered eyes that he continues to speak, “every morning i wake up to your face and i think god you’re so beautiful. i don’t think its possible but i swear i fall in love with you more each day.” daichi ends up sobbing a bit onto his chest while iwa quietly embraces him.

FAST FORWARD to self-confident daichi

  • daichi can now openly joke about his chub and isn’t shy about showing it off. like when he gets buzzed and giddy he’ll draw on his stomach to make a face then squish his chub to make it look like its talking. it gets iwa laughing every time like the kind of laughter that goes from loud to wheezing to no sound coming out, where one hand is smacking the ground and the other on his stomach, eyes brimming with tears as he’s trying to catch his breath. daichi doesn’t think its that funny but since he knows iwa loves it, he’ll do it anytime iwa’s feeling especially down even when daichi isnt drunk
  • daichi starts wearing only briefs (and sometimes a shirt) around the house again and iwa couldn’t be anymore happier and grateful. iwa was dramatic about it the first time, hugging daichi’s chubby thighs then kissing it and saying, “welcome back”
  • clothes are still kind of a downer but the fact that iwa buys clothes that daichi could fit in so they can still share clothes always comforts him.
  • daichi enjoys the fact that he’s now heftier than iwa because he finds its easier to make iwa submit whenever they’re playfully wrestling. jokes on you though daichi because iwa loves being squished by your softness
  • sometimes when daichi can’t fall asleep he’ll pat his belly like drums, enjoying the jiggly feeling and the ‘thap’ sounds. iwa will wake up, squinting one eye open, and hug daichi tight. he’ll murmur “babe i love that you’re loving your belly and all and it’s really fucking cute but pls go to sleep.”
  • though daichi has become more self-confident about himself, he still gets embarrassed whenever iwa shows affection to his chub. they could be cuddling on their couch, iwa laying on top of squishy perfect pillow daichi, as they’re watching a marathon of their favorite tv show and iwa’s hands will just squish squish the belly chub. two squishes? daichi doesn’t mind. he’s practically used to it by now. but then two squishes turn into ten and then iwa’s hand is under his shirt and massaging his chub and eventually he’s smooching it. daichi scolds him because he can’t concentrate on watching and iwa just tells him he can’t resist. you’re so soft, he says as he rubs his cheek to his belly. it tickles daichi and he’s trying not to laugh as he tells iwa to stop. iwa gives him raspberry kisses instead and daichi just hides his face into his hands, embarrassed but happy ;v;

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“Dance with me.” 46 Vichris

thanks bae!i dont really ship them but i do love these dorks so why not? 

ok here goes nothing…sorry if its lame im tired but im making myself write this anyways. @phaytesworld

The party was amazing as Viktor expected. Turns out he loves planning events that bring people together. Surprisingly, Chris joined in on the fun. Viktor had a blast picking out the decor and everything which Chris had a knack for. 

Everyone was having a good time. Almost all of the skaters was on the dance floor except for Chris and Viktor. They sat at one of the round tables decorated with a blue and white cover that shined under the disco ball that spun above them. 

They were admiring the party that they have planned together. Viktor began to wonder how different it would have been without Chris but he then shook the thought out of his mind. 

“For any future party events, I’m definitely teaming up with you again.” Viktor smiled at his friend, winking.

Chris chuckled. “Amen that.” They clinked their wine glasses and drank. He had to admit it was fun working with Viktor. He enjoyed it more than he thought he would. “But enough sitting around.”

Viktor looked up at him. Chris drank the last of his wine before standing, offering a hand to Viktor. “Dance with me.” 

Viktor laughed, taking his hand. “We planned this party, we might as well enjoy it too.”

Chris pulled him to the dance floor and they blended in with the crowd. 


Enjolras should really cut that hair its so fluffy and distracting :D

so i have this really strange idea for what the relationship between the joker and batman is within the DCEU and why its escalated to the death of a robin 

and it has to do with certain shots from suicide squad, particularly the onesies in the knife circle, harley’s hallucination, and the conversation she has with el diablo

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Old Friends

For @lightgetsout who had the audacity to give me feelings about idiots in space. Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers to follow.

              It’s quiet on the mountaintop. It’s been quiet there for years. The sole occupant of the island had never much minded the solitude or the silence before, but now… now he would been grateful to hear anything other than the whisper of the wind, or the cracked shuffle of his own disused voice. But there is nothing on the air except the taste of ocean salt.

              A single stone stands upright amid a small field of grass. It looks an awful lot like a headstone, but the earth beneath it is untouched. The grave is empty because the weight of the dead yet lingers in the heart of a tired old man who can’t seem to bring himself to lay it down. He stands looking over the endless ocean in front of him. Though his gaze skims across the horizon, it never strays too far—the headstone stays in the absolute corner of his peripherals at all times. He won’t let himself forget the consequences of his actions, and inaction. It’s his fault the headstone has a reason to exist. It’s his fault Han Solo is dead.

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It doesn’t have to be this way.


anyway, hc whatever you want about wash’s sibling/family situation but talk to me about his sisters that he mentions in the book and how COOL they probably were

Ok so i dont know if im even allowed to post this but im going to try. When i first sae @bun-bunmuse comic for this i just couldnt get this thought out my head!! Please follow them they have amazing comics and artt!! And @bun-bunmuse if you end up seeing this and dont approve, i will take it down with no hesitation, i apologize if you dont like when this happens, and i wish you a good and happy day/night

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Mum: sweetie are you okay, you’re moping around a little bit..