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I wanted to contribute to the Voltron fandom with some Klance!

cleaning tip!

before vacuuming your carpet, mix some baking soda and essential oil together and sprinkle it onto your carpet. press it in to the carpet by walking over it and let it sit for a few minutes. then, when you vacuum, your carpet will be extra clean and smell extra nice! 

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Would you ever consider putting your brushes from firealpaca online? (there a few that look fun to use!)

Anything for you, anondorf! Ah but I didn’t make them so I’ll include a link to the original posts if they’re still up. Please give them the attention they deserve! 

[original source is gone sorry]

Oil Water Brush by Miss-NerdGasmz [x]

Dry Brush by Frivilosity [x]

Chunky Chalk by Mark Winters [x]

Sketch Brush [x] (I just named it Janky cuz it is)

Cloud Brush by Eggibunni [x] (their example is nicer lmao)